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Aventon Sinch 2 Review (Best Folding Ebike Fat Tire)


So, I recently got my hands on the Aventon Sinch 2, and let me tell you, I’ve been buzzing to give this folding e-bike a spin. I’ve had my eye on it in the hopes that it might just be the folding ebike bliss I’ve been searching for. 

Follow along as I break down the pros and cons of the Sinch 2 folding fat tire ebike, compare costs, and tell you what else you need to know to decide if it’s the best ebike for you!

Starting with an easy step-thru folding frame, and a bit of a rugged look, I’m excited to take you along on my ride in this Aventon Sinch.2 review.

Let’s go!

Folding electric bike in the back of a car
The Sinch 2 folds and fits in the back of the car!

The Pros of the Aventon Sinch.2 Electric Bike

  • Super Easy Unboxing and Assembly

Removing the sustainable packaging was easy… and assembling the Sinch 2 was a breeze. I didn’t need to attach even one component!  I folded up the handlebar, unfolded the ebike frame, used two tools that came with it to tighten up, unfolded the pedals, adjusted the seat to the correct height, added some air to the tires, and I was ready to ride! 

  • Foldable Design 
    One of the biggest highlights! The Sinch 2 ebike folds up neatly. Thus it’s perfect for city-dwellers with limited storage space or folks who wanna toss it in the trunk of their car for some off-the-beaten path riding.
  • Powerful Motor 
    It’s got a 500W sustained hub motor with a 750W peak, which means you get that extra push when you need it. I found it to be plenty powerful and easily rode up hills at 19-20 mph! 
  • Torque Sensor
    If you checked out my review of the Aventon Aventure 2, you already know that I love torque sensors. Having one on the Sinch.2 is a huge benefit, giving me more control over how I ride! Check out the Aventure 2 review to help you learn more about riding with a torque sensor.
  • Integrated Lights with Turn Signals
    The Sinch.2’s front headlight may be standard, but the integrated rear lights with turn signals upgrade the safety factor. Using them to change lanes worked to my advantage and notified others of my intention to turn. 
  • Strong Battery Life 
    After riding it for 1 hour, the 48 Volt battery had lost only 6% of its charge. Thus, if you ride like I did, with low to moderate pedal assist and occasional throttle, then you should be able to ride close to 55 miles on a full charge.

    Some folding e-bikes have a range of only 20 to 30 miles on a single charge. If an electric bike offers 40 miles or more as the Aventon Sinch.2 does, it has a very good range that will satisfy most e-bike riders. Just understand that this distance can vary based on factors such as the rider’s weight, terrain, pedal assist level, and typical usage.
  • Fat Tires
    I love having 4-inch wide tires instead of the 3-inch tires I’ve had on other electric folding bikes. The Sinch’s fat tires gave great traction on my favorite rocky paths.  

    Further, the ride felt stable and secure with the wide contact surface of the 4-inch fat tires and the low-to-ground 20-inch tires. This will be particularly helpful for new ebike riders or those wanting extra assurance on uneven surfaces.
  • Front Suspension
    You’ll get up to 45mm of travel to help reduce bumps on the road and off-road. At first, I found the bumps quite strong and jarring. But once I adjusted the suspension, my ride became much more relaxing.
Front Suspension on the Sinch 2 e-bike
Front Suspension on the Sinch 2 e-bike
Colorful LCD display
Benefits of the Aventon Sinch 2 include a colorful LCD display.
Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike
The Sinch 2 folds tightly and the handlebars fold down.

Other Benefits of the Aventon Sinch.2

  • The Backlit LCD Display
    I appreciate the easy-to-read full-color LCD screen. It provides info like speed, distance, pedal assist, and battery life. And be sure to check out the Aventon iOS and Android app!
  • 4 Levels of Pedal Assist  
    You get to choose how much oomph you want when you’re pedaling. Ride up to 20mph using pedal assist or using the on-demand throttle. I found both easily achievable. Whether you want a light assist or full-on “take me to the top of this hill without breaking a sweat” mode, it’s got you.
  • Frame Size
    Seating riders from 4’11” to 6’2”, the Sinch 2 fits almost anyone. Plus being able to step through the frame makes it accessible for any fitness level as long as you can ride a regular bike. At 5 feet 1 inch, I sit upright and am super comfortable.
  • Adjustable Handlebars
    These are just one more thing that makes it a comfy ebike. Set the height of the handlebars to keep your shoulders comfortable.
  • Bonuses!

A rear rack and dual fenders are included with the Sinch 2 electric bike.

Rear rack and fenders on the Sinch.2
The rear rack and fenders are a bonus!

Cost to Purchase

First, let’s compare its cost with equivalent folding electric fat tire bikes. The Sinch 2 ST (“step-through”) and the first generation Sinch electric bike (“step-over”) frame are priced separately. The Sinch.2 retails for about $200 more, around $1799. This is a great value considering the multiple added and improved features.

It’s important to note that the range of the new Aventon Sinch.2 is 25 miles longer than the original Sinch e-bike. In my opinion, a longer range and the addition of a torque sensor are worth paying a little more for. Plus, most riders will benefit from the low-step frame.

When comparing the Aventon Sinch 2 retail price to other folding electric bikes, it’s in the middle price range. The best value for your money depends on what you prioritize in an electric bike. You might prefer power or top speed to brand reputation, or require features like the Sinch 2’s torque sensor or long range. 

Make sure to check the most recent prices and reviews when shopping around.

Beautiful Aventon Sinch 2 Folding E-Bike
The beautiful Aventon Sinch 2 Folding E-Bike costs less than $1800 (watch for sale)!

Cons Discovered in the Aventon Sinch 2 Review and Test Ride

  • Cost
    Like most e-bikes, the Sinch 2 isn’t exactly cheap. If you’re on a tight budget, this might not be the one for you. But, if it’s in your price range, the quality and value make it a winner. Plus, Aventon Bikes offers sales like the one for $300 off.
  • Handlebar Grips
    Although they’re very grippy, they aren’t the most comfortable, as you can see by the light pattern left on my hand. The upside is that your hands won’t slip… and thankfully, nicer grips are inexpensive, so this isn’t a deal-breaker.
  • Folding Mechanism
    While it’s super handy that it folds, the mechanism took me a bit to get used to. Initially, I didn’t push it hard enough to lock it, and my first attempt at folding it took some time.
Woman's hand with grip impressions
The grips were a little uncomfortable, leaving an impression on my hands. Fortunately, they’re easy and inexpensive to replace.

What Else You Need to Know About the Sinch 2

Weighing in at around 68 lbs, it’s not lightweight, but heavy is pretty standard for a folding fat tire e-bike. Still, it could be a bit cumbersome for some people.

And, even though it’s foldable, it still takes up a bit of space because its chunky frame holds a decent-sized battery. Make sure to check the dimensions to ensure it’ll fit wherever you plan on storing it.

A few other things to know… It has 8 speeds, mechanical disc brakes, and a weight limit of 300 lbs, while the rear rack holds a hefty 55 lbs.

Note of Caution

Be careful when reading the reviews on the Aventon site. Some customer reviews about the original Sinch e-bike are mixed with the new Sinch 2 Step-through, so looking at the specs as stated by customers is a bit confusing.

Aventon Sinch first generation
First Generation Aventon Sinch with Step-Over Frame

E-Bike Review Conclusion

So, what’s my conclusion from the Aventon Sinch.2 review? The Sinch 2 bike is near perfect and qualifies as one of the best folding e-bikes with fat tires, just as I hoped it would. And if you’re looking for a bike that blends urban commuting with off-road adventure, it could be the best electric bike for you.

I hope you’ve learned a lot in my Sinch.2 ebike review.

And, as always, enjoy your ride.

Base Camp Bike Helmet Review: Light Up E-Bike Helmet


Did you know that safety and style can work together? A bike helmet doesn’t have to look ridiculous on your head to protect it from injury.

In this bike helmet review, I’m showing you an unusual light-up electric bike helmet from Base C amp. It’s an affordable and stylish helmet that offers many benefits and looks good!

Discover its best features and what’s unique about it that makes it different from other basic bike helmets in the same price range. 

Plus, find out the one thing this Basecamp helmet got wrong, and how to get an amazing upgrade for a slightly higher price. This might be the ticket if you’re a serious ebike rider. 

Basecamp BC019 Bike Helmet Review

From its reusable packaging to its sleek urban design, Basecamp’s BC019 helmet has a lot going for it.

First Impressions

Here’s what I noticed before even seeing the helmet. It shipped with a layer of bubble wrap around it, inside a soft, cushioned sports bag, and protected by a sturdy cardboard box. 

It’s nice to know that what I’m using to protect my head while I ride has been well taken care of before even getting to me!

As for first impressions… I like its updated urban style. It’s perfect for both city commuters and those riding just for fun. It has a cool denim fabric shell and the material is biodegradable. This is good news for the environment. After all, bike helmets don’t last forever.

Denim Helmet Styles

Blue Ice Denim Bike Helmet
Blue Ice Denim Bike Helmet

Although I’m showing the Blue Laguna denim in this bike helmet review, there are three other denim colors and one smooth matte black helmet to choose from. I love the Blue Laguna… it’s sort of in between the Blue Ice and the Tumbled Rigid colors. But you can also get it in a more rugged Black Camouflage.

Black Camo Base Camp Helmet
Black Camo Base Camp Helmet

Of course, looks aren’t everything. This sturdy bike helmet is perfect for electric bike riders in regard to safety and comfort.

Base Camp Bike Helmet on Female Reviewer
Conducting the Base Camp Bike Helmet Review on Rad Power Bikes RadCity electric bike.

Pros of the BC019 Bike Helmet

First, I appreciate that it weighs less than 1 lb (that’s just 450 grams). It’s easy to ride my ebike 20 miles if I’m comfortable. Wearing a lightweight bike helmet makes me forget there’s anything there at all.

Then there’s the powerful rechargeable tail light! Charged using a USB-C cable, the helmet’s light flashes in 5 different modes, allowing you to adjust to the current situation and increase safety.

Further, the easy-to-use adjustable fit system saves time. Just turn the dial on the back of the helmet until it feels snug around your head. Next, adjust the chin strap so the helmet is seated on the top of your head and tight around the chin.

Before we get into what went wrong with the Basecamp BC019 Helmet and its most unique feature, please take a moment to subscribe to E-Biking Today’s YouTube channel. I’ll keep you updated with timely electric bike reviews and ebike life!

Woman Wearing Urban Style Bike Helmet
I wish Base Camp’s urban helmet fit more snugly on small heads!

Cons of the BC019 Denim Helmet

Despite all of its benefits, I still need to let you know what needs improvement on this stylish bike helmet

First, it only comes in one size: Medium/Large. It will fit average-size heads 22-24 inches (or 56-61cm). But, it’s a little too big for me and other e-bike riders who typically wear a Small or Extra Small. 

However, thicker helmet pads come with it to make the fit tighter and more snug. Let’s just hope a smaller Basecamp bike helmet is in the works!

Whatever safety helmet you choose, measure your head and fit your bike helmet securely to maximize protection while riding your electric bike.

What You Need to Know About This Light-Up Electric Bike Helmet 

Denim Light up bike helmet on woman's head
Denim helmet offers a variety of light options, from, static to blinking, to pulsating.

Retailing around $57, the denim Base Camp helmet is competitively priced. Plus, E-Biking Today is offering an additional E-Biking Today 5% DISCOUNT CODE: “ebiking” on any electric vehicle, bike helmet, or gear.

In regards to safety, this helmet is made with an ABS outer shell and an EPS liner. Along with its strict EU (CE EN) and U.S. (CPSC) certifications, it meets and exceeds bike helmet safety standards.

Additionally, the BC019 helmet is cool in more than one way. There are 6 vents to keep your head cool. And, you’ll look cool wearing a modern urban helmet design.

But this is a winner in the “most unique bike helmet” category because of its design customization. Paint right on the denim helmet to create a DIY design! Of course, you can ask someone with actual talent to do it for you, just as I’ll have to do!

SMART Bike Helmet Upgrade

SF-999 Smart Helmet

Now, I’ve mentioned that you might like to upgrade your bicycle helmet further.

You might remember my previous bike helmet review of Base Camp’s Smart Helmet.

While the BC019 high-quality bike helmet we’ve been looking at costs in the mid-range around $57, the Base Camp SF-999 smart helmet costs about $30 more. This may be worth it for you if you’re a tech lover.

Think Bluetooth speakers, music, or talking on the phone… plus actual turn signal options! There’s also a remote control that attaches to your e-bike handlebars.

There are a lot of awesome things to learn about this smart helmet and everything it has to offer.

I’ve already completed a helmet review for the smart helmet, so be sure to check it out.

Best Bike Helmet for You

Man wearing BC019 Bike Helmet
You choose the best Base Camp bike helmet!

No matter which helmet works best for you, it’s good to know that Base Camp helmets offer Lifetime Customer Support, 24/7, and Worldwide Shipping.

The BC019 is the best bike helmet if you need one that’s affordable, sturdy, and stylish. However, the SF-999 Smart helmet is the best choice if you want to listen to music and talk on the phone while riding.

Grab your new bike helmet and enjoy your ride!

17 Best Gifts for Electric Bike Riders (E-Bike Owner List)


If you have an electric bike rider in your life or are one yourself, you know that riding an e-bike is all about fun, recreation, good health, and exercise. So when you’re ready to give a gift, you want it to be meaningful and reflect what the rider gets out of e-biking.

To make it easy to find the best gift for an electric bike rider, I’ve curated a list of gifts that focus on safety, health, comfort, and/or fun.

Choose from the list below to find the perfect gift for the e-bike rider in your life.

REDSHIFT ShockStop Suspension SeatpostComfort/Safety$230
Pellking Phone Action Camera Chest Mount Fun$19
Giro Isode MIPS Adult Road Cycling HelmetSafety$65
Souke Sports Winter Cycling GlovesComfort$19
REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HDFun$99
Hafny Handlebar MirrorSafety$17
FEISIKE Handlebar Bike Mirror and Rear View CameraSafety$60
FYRE glassesComfort/Safety$219+
Garmin Pro Heart Rate MonitorHealth$129
Bikeroo Padded Bike Seat CoverComfort$15+
Recycled Chain Bottle OpenerFun$8
Whale Fall 360° Rotation Bicycle Phone MountFun/Safety$21
PR Muscle LotionHealth$20-$35
Hiplock Chain LockSafety$84
Ibera PakRak Quick-Release Bicycle BagComfort/Fun$109
Bicycle Repair Bag and Tire Tool KitSafety$25
Polar Breakaway Insulated BottleHealth$17
I’ve updated this list with some gift ideas that I have purchased over the last year for riding my e-bike (Updated November 2022)!

Use the table above to get some gift ideas. Then read below to find out more about why each gift may be the best one for the electric bike owner you know.

You won’t find a typical t-shirt or mug with a canned quote on this list, but if that’s what you’re looking for, Amazon has t-shirts and mugs like this one for e-bikers.

But if you want to get an e-bike gift that’s useful and helpful, take a look at this list of the best gifts for e-bike riders!

REDSHIFT ShockStop Suspension Seatpost

Thanks to this amazing Shockstop Bicycle Suspension Seatpost, you can ride smoothly and comfortably for as many miles as your electric bike will take you!

Just adding this simple suspension seat post will reduce vibration and dampen bumps by 60%. But not only will it improve your comfort substantially, but it’ll also help reduce fatigue in your body, help you go faster, and let you stay in control on rough terrain, thus keeping you safer!

With 35mm of tunable responsive travel and four bars of linkage, you can adjust it until it matches your riding style. Plus, your saddle will maintain the same angle throughout your ride!

Get your REDSHIFT Suspension Seatpost on Amazon for $230!

Pellking Phone Action Camera Chest Mount

Woman Wearing PellKing Photo Chest Mount
This is how I use the PellKing Photo Chest Mount!

This was one of my favorite purchases this year! The Pellking Phone Action Camera Chest Mount lets you take video on your mobile phone while you ride!

Just strap it to your chest, insert your mobile phone, and adjust it to fit snugly.

When I was searching, this was the ONLY reasonably priced phone mount that could turn both vertically and horizontally. This is essential if you’re creating YouTube shorts or reels!

What I really appreciate is that it adjusts to your size using multiple straps (and therefore, it even fits me, an extra small person). You will want it to fit tightly to reduce camera movement!

Get the Pellking Phone Action Camera Chest Mount from Amazon for only $19!

Giro Isode MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet

Safety should always be at the top of the list when it comes to riding an electric bike, especially due to the increased speed at which an e-bike rider can go. So if your friend or loved one doesn’t have a high-quality MIPS helmet, make sure to get them one.

MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. It adds a level of protection over regular bike helmets by reducing injury from angled impact, which is typically what happens to your head in a crash.

And the Giro Isode MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet is probably the “safest” gift you’ll ever give.

Besides the head protection, you can choose your gift in six different colors, so you’re sure to find the best one for the gift receiver. As a bonus, there are 24 vents for good airflow, it’s unisex, and it fits most adults. Plus, it’s one of the more affordable quality MIPS helmets out there.

Give the best gift for riding safely for around $65, Amazon.

Souke Sports Winter Cycling Gloves

The Souke Sports Winter Cycling Gloves water-resistant winter gloves are a great gift to provide comfort while riding an electric bike. Temperatures get really cold fast when you’re racing against the wind (which is so easy to do on an e-bike!).

These gloves give your hands warmth while providing superior grip and shock absorption, which are the first things you need from good cycling gloves. What’s even better is that these gloves still allow your fingers to move freely, allow touch screen ability, and offer a micro-fiber thumb to wipe away sweat and moisture.

They’ll keep hands warm while keeping the fingers free to chime a bike bell, use a smartphone, or pull on the brakes.

And they come in 4 colors and 5 different sizes, so they’re sure to fit everyone (men and women ). These are an especially welcome gift for e-bike riders who have cold hands like I do (I won’t ride without them during the fall or winter!).

Give the gift of warm, comfortable cycling gloves for $19

Bike Camera – REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD

REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD and 12MP Waterproof Sports Action Camera

You can’t go wrong with gifts that entertain! The REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD does just that. This gift captures the adventure and fun of every e-bike ride... and those reviewing it are loving it for the great customer service and the price!

And, the receiver of this gift is going to love you (if they don’t already)! With 21 different mounts, you can attach it to an electric bike and just start riding. It’s waterproof to 98ft, anti-shake, and wi-fi enabled. Plus, it captures wide angles, burst photos, and has a remote control, among other things.

This is such a fun gift, you might just want to buy it for yourself… and at this price, you can (The famous Go Pros start at double the price of the Remali HD camera!

Best price for a super cool tech gift at $99 from Amazon!

Rear-View Mirror – Hanfy

Hafny Handlebar E-Bike Mirror

A bike rear-view mirror is one of the top safety devices I recommend. I use mine every time I ride my e-bike, and it’s saved me from veering in front of cars and on street corners on numerous occasions.

This is one of the best gifts for safety-conscious electric bike riders… and might be something they haven’t even thought of, especially if they’re beginner e-bike riders.

Hanfy rear-view mirror attaches to your e-bike's handlebar and makes it easier to see cars and other bicyclists to the side and behind you.
Hanfy rear-view mirror (Amazon) attached to my e-bike’s handlebar… makes it easy to stay out of the way of faster riders and, most especially, cars!

Most mirrors adjust to fit most e-bike handlebars, but I can recommend the inexpensive Hafny Handlebar Mirror from Amazon… it’s worked great for me and my husband.

Buy this e-bike gift on Amazon for $17.

Rear View Camera -FEISIKE Handlebar Bike Camera

FEISIKE Handlebar Bicycle Rear View camera with Night Vision

Ready to step up your gift-giving a bit? How about giving a rear-view camera as a gift, instead of just a rear-view mirror? The FEISIKE Handlebar Bike Mirror and Rear View Camera is a cool and useful gift for its relatively small price.

Why is a rearview camera needed? Not only will it help the e-bike rider to see what bikes or cars are approaching from behind (on a color screen), but it also provides evidence of an accident! And it can see what’s going on at night as well!

This gift can reduce a lot of stress for bike riders… they can stay safe without looking over their shoulder constantly!

Check out this cool rear view camera with 4.3” HD Night Vision for only $60 on Amazon!

Discover other ways to stay safe while riding

Cycling Glasses: Rockbros Photochromic Sunglasses

Cycling Sunglasses
Rockbros Cycling Sunglasses are perfect for e-bike riders.

UV400-protected, photochromic sunglasses are needed to protect an e-bike rider’s eyes. Using electric pedal assistance gives e-bike riders the ability to travel fast! Besides the chance of bugs flying in your eyes (I’ve definitely felt them hit my glasses!), these glasses are impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and unbreakable.

So, not only do they make it easy to see while riding, but they protect cyclists’ eyes from anything that could be blown in them.

I also love that they aren’t the typical thick, ugly cycling goggles. They’re so cool that you can wear them on your e-bike and off. Plus there are eight unisex styles to choose from.

Give one of the best gifts for e-bike riders for around $28 on Amazon.

Heart Rate Monitor – Garmin HRM-Pro

Garmin HRM-Pro Heart Rate Monitor
Garmin HRM-Pro, Premium Heart Rate Monitor

When giving a gift to a health-conscious electric bike rider, you want it to be meaningful, and not some silly little item they couldn’t care less about.

That makes a Garmin HRM-Pro heart rate monitor an essential gift to many electric bike riders. Just strap the Garmin Pro Heart Rate Monitor to your chest and heart rate data is sent to any compatible app, fitness equipment, or Garmin device.

Users can compare various training sessions or simply make sure their heart rate is in the appropriate zone.

Garmin uses ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity with other devices and has a rechargeable battery.

Gift a high-quality heart rate monitor for $117 from Amazon

Padded Bike Seat Cover – Bikeroo E-Bike Seat Cushion

Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion - Padded Gel Wide

Here’s the truth about electric bike riders… we ride longer and farther thanks to our e-bike’s motor, long-lasting battery, and however much pedal assistance we need! So having a comfy seat under the bum is a real treat!

And the cool thing is that you don’t need to buy an entire bike seat post. Instead, a Bikeroo Padded Bike Seat Cover is the perfect gift of comfort.

One note of caution: You will need to know the size of the bike seat you’re buying for. If it’s for an electric road bike or an e-mountain bike, a narrower seat pad might be needed. Otherwise, it’s likely that you’ll need somewhere between 8 inches and 11 inches to fit most wider seats on commuter electric bikes, cargo bikes, and hybrid e-bikes… like this one!

Buy the bike seat cover mentioned here for around $15 from Amazon!

Bottle Opener – Recycled Bike Chain

Boxer Gifts Chain Bottle Opener | Perfect Bike Gift for Cyclists

Looking for something that costs less but is a truly meaningful and fun gift for your favorite cyclist? A Recycled Chain Bottle Opener, made from a recycled bike chain, makes the best gift because it’s one of the tools needed to get refreshment and have fun!

It’s bicycle-themed and promises relaxation after a long ride on an electric bike! But, of course, a rider can also take it with them and use it during a riding break.

Gift the Chain Bottle Opener for less than $8 from Amazon!

Phone Mount – 360° Rotation Bicycle Phone Mount

When giving a gift, basic is just not enough. The Whale Fall 360° Rotation Bicycle Phone Mount goes above and beyond a simple smartphone mount… it’s actually a very compact storage bag that also protects your phone from rain and breakage.

The phone bag has a waterproof zipper and sun-visor, as well as comes with an additional waterproof cover. You can rotate it 360 degrees for easy viewing. Plus, it has a TPU Touch Screen and holds small items such as cash, credit cards, electric bike keys, or even a small power bank.

This phone mount and bag have all the necessities for any bike rider! It’ll protect your phone and make it easy to store other items. And it’s small enough to remove from your e-bike to keep it safe from thieves.

Whale Fall 360° Rotation Bicycle Phone Mount with TPU Touch Screen

Buy it now for $21+ on Amazon!

Muscle Lotion – PR Lotion

PR Muscle Lotion is a “miracle” lotion that releases the essential electrolyte bicarb directly through the skin to the fatigued muscle. It claims to reduce acid build-up from high exertion during exercise.

So, it’s a great gift for those who use cycling as a form of serious exercise or who are often combating soreness from electric bike riding.

Although you’ll get the best value for the dollar by buying a 10.6 oz bottle for $35, getting them in a box of 5 packets (20g each) makes them easy to take on the go!

Amp Human PR Lotion Box of 5 Packets

Treat your friend or loved one to a healthy gift of PR Lotion for $35 from Amazon.

“Wearable” Chain Lock – Hiplock

Chain Lock example for an e-bike

Many people are tempted to get an inexpensive bike lock, thinking it’ll keep their electric bike from being stolen. However, bike thieves have many tactics for breaking and cutting locks.

But you can help out by gifting a sturdy chain lock (or two)! The Hiplock Chain Lock is a high-level secure lock made of 10mm hardened steel covered by a sturdy nylon sleeve. What really makes it unique is that you can wear it around your waist until you need to use it!

The wearable feature is actually super functional when it comes to electric bikes… it won’t harm sensitive electric components by moving around while you’re riding! This is because it’ll be worn around the waist instead of hanging on the e-bike!

Most of the reviewers said they hardly noticed it once around the waist. Wearing it with a snug fit also distributes weight evenly instead of affecting the bike’s balance.

Give this super useful bike gift for $84 and up from Amazon.

Get these other tips for preventing theft!

Pannier Bags – Ibera PakRak

Ibera PakRak Clip-On All Weather Bike Panniers

Every cyclist loves a nice pannier bag! So, it’s not surprising it’s one of the best gifts for electric bike riders! There are a ton to choose from but the Ibera PakRak Quick-Release Bicycle Bag gets top ratings when it comes to an all-weather double-sided pannier that doesn’t break the bank!

Not only does it make it easy to ride to the store, work, or school, but you can also remove it from the bike rack in as little as 3 seconds with its strapless clip-on system! And its multiple compartments each carry up to 20 lbs (so 40 pounds total).

Great gift for both men and women at $109 on Amazon!

Bike Tool and Tire Repair Kit – All-in-One

Get all of these tools and tire inflator in one kit from XCH Robots

Every electric bike rider needs a few tools on hand for basic repairs, in case they get stuck far from home. It’s a matter of safety and convenience! So, if your e-bike lover doesn’t yet have one of these, then this Bicycle Repair Bag and Tire Tool Kit is one of the best gifts you could give.

It comes with tire repair patches, an air pump, and a tool kit for basic maintenance.

You can watch a short video to find out how to use these tools or change a tire tube... or there might even be another cyclist on the road willing to help out. Many times, the tire just needs a simple patch, which comes in a tire repair kit.

This is one of the best gifts for cyclists safety while on the road… under $25 at Amazon!

Insulated Water Bottle – Polar Breakaway

Polar Bottle Breakaway Insulated

This is the best gift to use as an add-on to another gift for an e-cyclist. The Polar Breakaway Insulated Bottle has a cap that self-seals and a high-flow nozzle… it was actually made by cyclists who understand hydration needs!

An insulated water bottle is a healthy gift to share, especially when it’s BPA-free and easy to sip from, without any spills or leaks. Polar brand water bottles are dishwasher safe and even come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Add this to your e-biking gift for just $17 and under on Amazon!


I hope you’ve found the perfect gift in this curated list of the 17 best gifts for your favorite e-bike rider.

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t need to be hard. Just consider what the person you’re trying to find a gift for enjoys or values.

You already know that they love riding their electric bike. Now think about what kind of gift they’d like most. Would it be a gift for safety, health, or comfort? Or maybe it’s just for fun!

The gift options above have you covered! Come back anytime to find another one of the top gifts to give an e-bike owner… for their birthday, a holiday, or just because.

Quick Look: Lectric XP 3.0 (More E-Bike for the Money)


The cool new electric bike from Lectric is here. If you like the Lectric XP 2.0, then you’ll fall in love with the Lectric XP 3.0. And if you’re considering buying your first Lectric e-bike (the 3.0 is my first Lectric bike), you’ll want to know why you should (or should not) buy it. I’ll tell you what you need to know in this quick look at Lectric XP 3.0.

Overall, the Lectric XP 3.0 is more powerful and more comfortable than the 2.0 thanks to increased torque, an improved suspension fork, and a 20 amp controller, among other value-oriented features. The XP 3.0 offers amazing value for a low price.

Read to find out what you should know before you buy one.

Check out my review and test ride of the XP 3!

Quick Look at the Lectric XP 3.0

The Lectric XP 3.0 offers a lot more than other folding electric bikes in its price range. For starters, the new ultra-strong bike rack can hold a passenger!

The XP 3.0 is perfect for you if you’re a budget-conscious buyer, want an affordable folding e-bike, or are a gem-seeker. Once you understand the value offered for the price, you’ll know you found something special! Just the added passenger capability alone hugely increases the value.

Woman in white sweatshirt standing next to white Lectric e-bike
Me with the Lectric XP 3.0 Step-Thru!

What You Get When You Buy the Lectric XP 3.0

The Lectric XP 3.0, step-thru or step-over, has more benefits than any folding e-bike in its price range.

Here’s a list of this electric bike’s pros and cons… as you can see, there are far more advantages than disadvantages!


  • Plenty of power that lets you take off fast (honestly, I had to adjust a little to how fast it takes off).
  • Speeds of up to 28mph with pedal assist (faster than many e-bikes)
  • Speeds up to 20mph using the twist throttle
  • Plenty of power-assist flexibility (5 levels of pedal assist and an adjustable speed controller)
  • 7-Speed Gear Shift to help dial-in pedaling difficulty and save battery life
  • Range of up to 45 miles/72 km (or 65 miles/105 km for the Long-Range XP 3.0)
  • Great stopping power with new hydraulic disc brakes (180mm as opposed to 160mm)
  • Choice of a step-thru or step-over model (priced the same)
  • Comfort: The customized saddle and hydraulic suspension fork will protect your body from bumps
  • Long Range XP 3.0 option offers 40% more range for only $200 more (or up to 65 miles/105km)
  • Very capable, knobby 20″ X 3″ tires (good for off-road riding)
  • Folds easily (put it in your car without dealing with installing an expensive bike rack)
  • NEW passenger capability- 150lb (68kg) rated integrated rear rack can hold a child or much larger person
  • Everything you need for your daily commute or leisure riding
Hand on twist throttle
Lectric XP 3.0 Twist Throttle & 7-speed shifter


  • You won’t find any top-of-the-line components on this budget e-bike (but you will get name-brand parts, such as Shimano, that work just fine)
  • The XP 3.0 weighs 64lbs (29kg) (but it’s not heavier than most e-bikes… and it’s actually lighter than my previous folding e-bike with the same size wheels)

Lectric XP 3.0 vs. XP 2.0 (Why is the 3.0 so much better?)

The XP 3.0 is a sizeable upgrade over the Lectric XP 2.0. Many features and components have been improved! And that says a lot for an electric bike that already had thousands of positive customer reviews.

The truth is, Lectric has sold tens of thousands of XP 2.0 electric bikes for less than $1000 since 2019. So they must be doing something right… their e-bikes are wildly popular, even though they’re priced on the low end.

Lectric XP 3.0 Controller Display Turned On
Lectric XP 3.0 Controller Display
close up of Lectric XP 3.0 Gear Shifters
Lectric XP 3.0 7-speed Gear Shifters

Differences between the Lectric XP 3.0 and XP 2.0

The XP 3.0 still has a 500W motor, like the 2.0, but it offers much more power. The new 3.0 includes all of what you see listed below in the basic package, as well as upgrade packages (which may be free with purchase)!

Take a look at the table to see the differences between the XP 2.0 and 3.0.

Feature/ComponentXP 2.0XP 3.0
Motor500W (800W peak) with 35nm torque500W (1000W peak) with 55nm torque
Controller18 amp20 amp
Brakes160mm mechanical disc brakes180mm hydraulic disc brakes
Suspension Fork40mm travel50mm travel
Freewheel14-28 tooth11-28 tooth
SaddleRegular bike seatCustomized for a sportier look (see upgraded seat)
GripsErgo rubber with a hard durometerErgo rubber with a squishier, softer durometer
Passenger CompatibilityRear rack weight capacity of 75lbs (not passenger safe)150lb (68kg) rear rack weight capacity (passenger-friendly)
Lectric XP 3.0 is even better than the XP 2.0!
Lectric XP 3.0 Ergo Soft Grip
Lectric XP 3.0 New Ergo Soft Grips

Reasons to Buy the Lectric XP 3.0

To summarize the table above, many components have been improved upon to make the XP 3.0 more comfortable and more powerful than before.

For instance, a 55nm motor gives you faster acceleration, while the 20 amp controller pushes more battery energy to all of the electric bike components. Improved hydraulic brakes help you stop easier and protect your brake pads, while the greater freewheel range helps you pedal consistently and maintain fast speeds.

The Lectric XP 3.0 also gives you a more comfortable ride than the XP 2.0. From the custom-designed saddle to the softer handlebar grips, and the smoother front suspension (10mm more travel makes the ride even less bumpy and more fun).

Finally, one of the best reasons to buy the new Lectric XP 3.0 is its ability to carry a passenger. Now that the rear rack is fully integrated into the frame and twice as strong, you can carry a passenger under 150 lbs (68kg)! Plus, you can set your e-bike (using the display) to “Passenger Mode”. This will limit the e-bike’s top speed to 10 miles per hour (16 km) for safety.

Closeup of Lectric XP 3.0 Rear Rack
Lectric XP 3.0 Rear Rack is now capable of holding up to 150lbs instead of 75lbs… and it can carry a passenger!
Closeup of Lectric XP 3.0 Big Headlight
Lectric XP 3.0 Big Headlight (comes with a bundle)!

Lectric offers a passenger package as well that includes a cushioned rear rack bench seat, a passenger handlebar, and footrests (when I got my XP 3.0, this came for free with purchase, so be sure to check if that Lectric offer is still available).

Click to See Lectric’s Special Offers on their website.

Finally, check out how easy it is to unbox and assemble the Lectric XP 3.0… another great reason to get one!

Watch to see how I quickly unboxed and assembled my Lectric 3.0!

Reasons Not to Buy the Lectric XP 3.0

I had to dig deep to find reasons not to buy the Lectric XP 3.0. It’s such a great value at an amazing price.

But, here are a couple of reasons you perhaps shouldn’t buy the XP 3.0:

  • If you are comfortable spending over $2000, you can find an electric bike with higher-quality components.
  • If you’re afraid of having too much power, you can find Class 1 or 2 e-bikes with a smaller motor, less torque, and a smaller battery.
  • If you’ll need to lift your e-bike and the XP 3.0’s 64 lbs (29kg) is too much to handle, a lightweight e-bike can be found (but will almost certainly cost you more or be of lower quality compared to the XP 3.0).
Woman riding white electric bike
Riding My Lectric XP 3.0

Final Thoughts

Overall, there’s a lot to impress buyers of the Lectric XP 3.0, whether you choose to have the standard or the Long-Range XP 3.0. The great value of the features, as compared to the price (around $1000), makes it stand out from the crowd.

So, if you’d like a folding electric bike with power, speed, comfort, and added features at an affordable price, the Lectric XP 3.0 may be the best electric bike for you!

18 Cool E-Bike Accessories for Adults Who Want to Have Fun

bike camera screen

As an e-bike rider, you have needs above and beyond a regular bike rider. E-bikes are faster, more stylish, and ridden for many reasons, including commuting or just having fun!

If you want to have more fun riding your electric bike, you can improve your riding comfort and enjoyment with these really cool e-bike accessories that include:

  • Stylish Helmets
  • Action Photography and Video Equipment
  • Technology Gear and Accessories
  • Essential Riding Gear
  • Cargo and Storage Essentials
  • E-Bike Bling

I’ve put together a list of the best electric bike accessories for adult men and women who want to kick up their cycling adventure a notch. Discover the coolest bike gear that suits e-bike riders who want to have fun, whether it be on a daily commute, a trip to the market, or a long recreational ride on the best trails.

5 cool bike accessories for electric bikes that you can get right on Amazon! These are accessories you want… and might just need to live your best ebike lifestyle!

Check out all 18 of these bike accessories right here…

Stylish Helmets

Just because a helmet is essential to safety doesn’t mean it has to be standard and boring. So, take a look at these high-quality safety helmets for both men and women.

Coolest E-Bike Helmet for Men

The Thousand Heritage bike helmet is a unique helmet that’s not only fun but is also functional. The Heritage has a minimalist urban biker design inspired by vintage motorcycle helmets.

The Thousand Heritage helmet has high-end features including a one-hand magnetic buckle, a secret “poplock” for securely storing it with your e-bike, and three adult sizes with an adjustable fit system. The Thousand Heritage bike helmet is also available in over a dozen different colors. You can even personalize your helmet with a monogram.

This helmet will have you looking like you’re ready to hop on and ride into the sunset.

Stylish Ladies E-Bike Helmet

Good news ladies! You can ride an e-bike, protect your head, and look stylish doing it. Nutcase Helmets has a huge line of unique helmets to fit your personal style. Choose from three different collections, with your choice of colors, delicate flowers, cool stripes, polka dots, and scenery designs.

Thankfully, you won’t be giving up safety and function for style, however. And, each helmet from the Vio and Adult collections has MIPS protection and is dual certified, not to mention that all of their electric bike helmets are made with either a strong polycarbonate shell or ABS, a durable and versatile plastic.

Nutcase Helmets light blue with pink flowers
Octoblossom Nutcase Helmet with MIPS head protection

Plus, don’t miss out on personalizing your bike helmet with reflective helmet stickers from Thousand Helmets.

Action Photography and Video Equipment

What’s an adventure without equipment to capture it?! Riding your electric bike fast doesn’t give you an option to slam on your brakes and record video when there’s something to see. Instead, just mount a camera to your e-bike and capture it all as you go. This will make a huge difference in your cycling experience.

Action Camera

Never miss capturing another moment of excitement on your ride. The REMALI CaptureCam shoots in 4K with an extra-wide angle lens of 170 degrees. Get every action shot on video or 12MP photos in single shots or cluster shots. There’s even an automatic timer that lets you get selfies from up to 30 feet away. Connect to the mobile app with wifi to control all of the action.

One of the reasons this is one of the best electric bike accessories is the price. For under $100, you can get the camera, carrying case, batteries and charger, remote control, 21 mounts, and other accessories. It’s a must-have for any adventure.

Technology Gear and Accessories

If you own an electric bike, you’re likely interested in other technology that will make your ride time even more exciting. Check out the extra gear and cool accessories to help you do just that.

Bike Mirror Camera

Better than a basic rearview mirror, the Antook 1080P Bike Mirror Camera (Amazon) lets you see what’s behind you at every turn of the wheel. With regular mirrors placed on the side of your e-bike, you have to glance over to one side… and you can only see what’s coming on that side.

With clear day and night vision and a 130-degree viewing angle, you can see what’s directly behind you and what’s coming on either side, helping you to relax and enjoy your electric bike ride.

It’s rechargeable, with the battery charge lasting up to 5-6 hours. However, since you have an electric bike, you can wire it into your existing lithium battery with the help of a local bike shop technician.


Not only can earbuds make your ride more fun, but they can also protect your delicate ear canals from the cold wind. The Skullcandy Push Active Wireless Sport Earbuds on Amazon do more than just let you listen to your favorite music for up to 44 hours between charges.

Although they let you quickly tap them to activate, the greatest thing about them is that they also include hands-free voice activation that let you control your audio instantly, without removing your hands from your e-bike’s handlebars. You can use your voice to activate your favorite music, take a selfie with your phone, or share music with a friend.

And, they’re perfect for active e-bike riding for fitness thanks to being sweat and water-resistant and reviewers say they’re super comfortable and have excellent sound quality (which you need when you’re riding against the wind.

Just make sure they don’t cancel out all noise and keep your music or entertainment volume low enough to hear emergency vehicles and traffic.

Skullcandy Push Active True Wireless Sport Earbuds


If your electric bike didn’t come with a headlight, you probably shouldn’t be riding at night. You can probably find a headlight from the bike manufacturer. But, if you want something easy to clamp on with a cool Retro vintage look, then this battery-powered headlight will do the trick.

The GOODKSSOP Retro Bike Headlight is a battery-operated LED light with a cool vintage style. Just add 3 AAA batteries, lock it onto your e-bike, and you’re good to go. No fussing with wiring it into your e-bike’s electrical system. It has a special lens for optimal brightness and can even be used as a flashlight when needed.

Essential Riding Gear

Taking a leisurely stroll around the park on a regular bike just isn’t the same experience on an electric bicycle. With your e-bike motor assisting you, you can go as fast and as far as you want (well, sort of). And, since you’ll be riding your e-bike faster and going longer distances, there are a few things you need to stay comfortable.

Although they are recommended gear, you can still choose some really awesome designs. Check them out.

Neck Gaitor

If you’ve never heard of a neck gaiter, it’s probably because you’ve never ridden against the icy wind at 20mph on your electric bike. Here’s the perfect selection of neck gaiters and what you need to know about them.

These amazing neck gaiters on Amazon are made from a soft, breathable microfiber that stretches to comfortably fit your face. Without any irritating sewn-in edges, you can smoothly pull it up from around your neck and over your nose and mouth to protect you from cold or dry wind or harmful sun rays.

Or you can use them in other ways including as a head wrap, face mask, beanie, headband, and more. These are good for men and women, providing many designs to choose from (see just one example in the image below). Plus, you get 6 pieces in any design you choose.

Neck Gaiter Face Mask in space designsdesigns
Venswell Neck Gaiter Face Mask for Men and Women (on Amazon)


Having a water bottle with you when you ride is a no-brainer, but it can liven up your ride when you have multiple bright colors to choose from. The ZORRI Sports Water Bottle comes in 4 different sizes and 9 cool colors. But it’s more than just pretty to look at. It has a filter, a one-click pop-top, and a secure lockable lid that prevents leaks.

Best of all, it’s BPA-Free and doesn’t leave a plastic taste in your mouth.

Coffee Cup Holder

You don’t have to choose a morning bike ride over your essential cup of coffee. Take your coffee with you in the MIZATTO Bike Cup Holder (2-pack from Amazon).

Keep your 12oz to 32oz coffee mug warm with a layer of PEVA thermal insulation. Or keep your water bottle or other beverage cool. With easy velcro strap installation on your e-bike’s handlebars, it’ll hold your mug tightly thanks to the drawstring straps at the top.

Bicycle Wine Rack

The Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack on Amazon is a one-of-a-kind idea. Just strap it onto your e-bike frame and take it to the park or a friend’s house.

Handmade from leather, it uses antique-looking brass fasteners and holds bottles 2.5″ – 3.25″ (6.4cm – 8.3cm) in diameter. The downside is that it only attaches to frames up to 1.5″ thick, which might be a problem for many heavier e-bike frames.

If this is a problem for your bike, you might rather use a basket on your rear rack to tote your wine and other beverages. Okay, so this wine holder is really more of a cool idea than an essential one, depending on who you ask. And you’ll still need to figure out how to carry the wine glasses.

Stylish Riding Glasses

You don’t have to be a pro cyclist to want to look cool and protect your eyes from UV light and wind with wrap-designed glasses.

These Tifosi Optics Unisex Davos bike riding glasses on Amazon come with 3 interchangeable lenses: two colored composite lenses and one non-polarized. So, you can ride day and night. Plus, choose from other colors and options.

E-Bike Bling

Whether or not you’re a serious rider, when you want to have a little fun and get noticed, you can bling up your e-bike with these colorful and cool electric bike accessories. You might also want to hint to your friends and family that they make perfect gifts for electric bike owners.

Best Bike Bells

You might not have thought about using a boring bike bell to add bling to your e-bike. But, these bike bell styles from Nutcase are certainly not boring.

The Nutcase bike bells offer a classic bicycle bell look but a choice of almost three dozen designs. From goofy faces to animals, fruits, and ones you just have to see for yourself, you’re sure to find one(or several) just right for your electric bike. The design below has a matching helmet (seen previously in this article).

Blue bike bell with pink flowers
Nutcase Octoblossom Bike Bell

Portable Air Compressor with Power Bank

Check out the CYCPLUS electric tire inflator that’s small enough to take with you everywhere! Easily put it in your gear bag or pannier or put it in a tall pocket.

This mini pump has a big output of 150PSI, allowing you to fill electric bike fat tires in an emergency or any time.

hand holding air compressor and charging phone
Charge your mobile phone and keep your tires filled all-in-one!

Handlebar Grips

Even handlebars can use some bling. Check out these colorful handlebar grips from Rad Power Bikes. So, not only are they made of rubber to help you hold your grip, but they’re also ergonomically designed to make riding your e-bike comfortable for long distances.

HINT: The green grips even match the gnome fenders mentioned above.

Rad Power Bikes Colored Handlebar Grips in Green and black
Rad Power Bikes Colored Handlebar Grips: See the other color options on their website!

Wheel lights

Add some front and rear wheel lights to your electric bike and you’ll get noticed! Amazon has a huge selection of cool wheel lights and spoke lights. Pick from one-color, multi-color, and spoke designs, many for under $20!

Green Wheel lights
Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights on Amazon

Cargo and Storage Essentials

No matter whether you want a cute basket or modern crate on your e-bike rack, the options are endless. But here are two of the best storage accessories to meet either specification:

E-Bike Baskets

How often do you see a bike basket on an e-bike’s rear rack? This adorable rattan basket was specially designed to fit a rear bike rack and look cool doing so. The Nantucket Tuckernuck rear storage basket is perfect for picking up groceries or holding riding gear.

Rattan Bike Basket
Rear Rack Bike Basket from Aventon Bikes

Handlebar Bike Bags

If you need a small and stylish bag to ride on quick trips, the Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag is perfect. It comes in two solid colors, a bright blue and black, and a fun, tropical pattern. Plus, it has lots of small pockets and zippered sections, so it can easily fit your phone, keys, earbuds, and more.

You’ll find multiple ways to attach it to your electric bike while it doubles as a small purse when it’s not on your bike. Further, it’s waterproof and reflective!

Brightly colored tropical print on small bike bag
Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag REI

Pannier Bag

Need a lot of rear storage for your e-bike? The TOURBON Double Cycling Bike Bicycle Pannier Bag on Amazon not only looks cool but provides ample space for groceries, travel gear, tools, food, books, and more. Further, because it’s made of water-resistant canvas, it rolls up easily when not in use and converts to an over-the-shoulder bag when you get off your electric bike. Take a look:


Electric bikes are great for getting around town, but they can be even more fun with a few cool accessories that make riding more comfortable and enjoyable. These aren’t your standard bike necessities but rather ones that will enhance the time spent riding… and perhaps get you a little attention as well.

Is It Easy to Ride an Electric Bike? 12 Riding Tips for Beginners


Looking into buying yourself an electric bike but unsure how complicated it will be to ride? Don’t worry! 

Riding an e-bike is almost as easy as riding a traditional bike. However, there are several differences beginners should be aware of that can make riding an electric bike more challenging. Primarily, these have to do with the electrical components, heavier weight, and riding style.

Once you understand the differences and learn how to manage them, riding an e-bike will be easy.

So, I’ve compiled some tips from experience and additional research that will help beginners learn how to easily ride an e-bike.

Watch this to get 5 Essential Tips on riding your new ebike… and what NOT to do!

Here are 12 tips to make e-bike riding easy (and fun!) for beginners:

1. Ride an E-Bike That Fits Your Weight and Size! 

Finding the right physical fit for you is the first thing you should consider, as riding will be so much easier if you’re comfortable on your e-bike.

So, pick one that fits your size. If you’re a tall electric bike rider, make sure the seat and handlebars can adjust high enough so you don’t have to ride hunched over or can’t stretch your legs out when you pedal. Alternatively, if you’re on the shorter end, you’ll want to make sure the pads of your feet can touch the ground when seated but that you can still comfortably reach the handlebars.

You can also pick out a bike with a low step that lets you easily get seated without having to swing your hips and legs up and over. Step-through e-bikes also make it easier to balance when getting on and off the bike and provide more stability while riding. 

Read this article to find out more about e-bikes for shorter riders:

The Best E-Bikes for a Small Woman: 5 Affordable Low-Step Options

You’ll also want to consider the weight of the bike. E-bikes are definitely heavier than standard bikes and they can be a bit bulkier. Most e-bikes range from 45-70 pounds, so if you are a smaller person on an e-bike or lack strength, you might want to consider getting and riding one that weighs less.

2. Don’t Get an E-Bike That’s More Powerful Than You Need

Be aware that some e-bikes can have a lot more power than others! Their wattage can be as low as 250W and high as 1,000W, with the higher-watt e-bikes being faster and more powerful. The higher the wattage, the more careful you should be when starting out on one, as it can take off very quickly and you can end up going much faster.

If you just want to take leisurely rides or don’t like to go fast, you may need a bike with only 250W. But, even if this is the case, you might want to go up to a 500W e-bike if you’ll be riding hills or fighting the wind.

However, if you plan on going fast and far, you might consider an e-bike that has 750W. I have an e-bike with 750W and have no problem getting up any hill I need to. Be careful going any higher than a bike with 750W because you may be limited where you’re allowed to ride it legally.

Find out more about where to ride legally in the USA:

Legal E-Bike Riding: Where to Ride in the USA

3. Practice Using Pedal Assist Around Your Neighborhood

E-bikes can have a bit of a learning curve, as traditional bikes would! However, it may take more time to get used to pedaling and adjusting to the different speed settings on an e-bike.

Further, because of the speed and weight of the bike, braking can be a bit more difficult than on a standard bike. And you’ll need some time to test out the different pedal assist modes and gear shifting. It might be hard to believe it, but you’ll probably need some time to adjust to the speed as I did… it feels really fast at first!

This is why it’s a great idea to take your bike for a spin around your neighborhood, or somewhere less populated where you don’t have to worry about traffic while you get used to the feel of the bike. You can always take riding the bike in steps as well and eventually progress your way up to riding on a busy street, as long as you feel comfortable and take basic safety precautions.

4. Ride With Others 

Riding with others on any type of bike can always make the experience more enjoyable! Having a riding partner can also make things feel safer, as you’ll be more visible to cars with two of you and it’s helpful to have someone there to help if things go wrong… like if your battery runs out or you get a flat tire!

It’s also nice to ride somewhere together to pick up dinner or run errands. This can also help to pass the time or motivate you to get the full e-bike workout that you want.

Want to get more exercise on your e-bike? Read here:

Do You Get Any Exercise on an Electric Bike?

5. Remember Basic Safety 

While e-bikes can feel almost like small motorcycles and you may get caught up in the speed and ease of pedaling, it’s very important to remember your basic safety!

  • Always wear a helmet while riding, especially with e-bikes since they are much heavier and are a bit harder to brake smoothly
  • Make sure to stay hydrated and bring plenty of water on your ride, even if you think you’ll be going for a short ride
  • Check your tire tube pressure before and after riding to ensure the best ride
  • Ride in low pedal assist modes more often to prevent injury.

Find out now if you should wear a special helmet for electric bike riding!

6. Pay Attention to the Battery!

As mentioned above, some bikes have less battery power than others and will need to be charged slightly more often.

This e-bike battery sits under the seat
Image of an e-bike battery that attaches under the seat.

Most e-bikes can travel for 22-50 miles on a single charge and will need about 3-6 hours to fully charge. Make sure you know just how far yours can go on a single charge.

One of the good things about e-bikes is that if it does run out of battery, you can always continue to pedal like you would a standard bike. However, it will be much more difficult and take a lot more strength to pedal without the electric assist.

It’s always best just to remember to charge your bike after each ride and keep track of the miles you travel. 

7. Make Turning Easy Instead of Cludgy

Electric bikes tend to have a lower center of gravity than standard bikes. Because of the extra weight of the bike and the motor being low on the bike, it makes tighter turns more difficult. And, if you’re going at a fast speed, turning a corner will take much more caution because you can end up more toward the middle of the road you’re turning onto.

One of the best ways to do this is to stop pedaling as you enter the curve and try and gently apply the brakes before you go into it… just as you would when taking a tight turn in a car.

Another way to make a turn is to carefully take your bike out away from the turn coming up (but first check traffic on either side), which then allows you to turn tightly onto the road or path you’ll end up on. This can be compared to how a large truck or trailer makes its turns.

Just be aware of how fast you’re going when a curve is visible in front of you, so you can slow down as you need to. Practicing turns in low-traffic areas will make it easy to venture into traffic eventually.

8. Brake Slowly and Early on an E-bike

Be careful braking as well, as braking too suddenly while going downhill or going at a high speed can cause you to be thrown over the front of the handles or the bike to skid. Brake earlier than you might think as well! 

This is especially true if you’re riding on dirt or gravel. Braking while going downhill may cause an unwanted skid (this happened to me the first time I rode downhill on dirt and it was a little scary). And if it’s a steep hill, or you’re going fast, this could lead to an accident.

9. Go Easy on the Throttle

Some e-bikes will have a throttle, which is a tool that will allow you to accelerate without pedaling. This can be very useful if you are struggling to make it up a large hill, if you just need a break, or if you need to accelerate quickly to get out of the way of a car.

Twist throttle on an Electric Bike
Twist Throttle

However, keep in mind that using this too much will wear the battery down quicker and you won’t be able to go as far on a single charge.

The throttle can also cause the e-bike to make a sudden lurching motion, so it’s best to have a light hand and be aware of jerky motions when first using it (and be careful not to accidentally rest your hand on it if it’s a twist throttle… it may take off without you being prepared).

But there’s no doubt that using a throttle makes riding an e-bike super easy!

Learn more about using a throttle and riding without pedaling here:

How to Ride an E-Bike Without Pedaling: Pedal Assist vs Throttle

10. Read Your LCD Display as You Ride!

If you have an LCD display on your e-bike, then use it! It’ll show you your current speed, total miles traveled, and the battery power that remains, at the least. 

This is a great way to keep track of how long you’ve been riding or how far you’ve gone. If you want to push yourself to ride a certain amount of miles, you can use the trip odometer to show your progress! 

The LCD display can also showcase the watts your e-bike is putting out. So, when your bike says it puts out up to 750 Watts (e-bike Watts usually range from 250-1000), you can see if you’re maximizing the bike’s power. Watch the display as you continue to pedal up a hill and you’ll quickly see how fast you can accelerate.

And finally, the LCD display can tell you how fast you’re riding (current miles per hour), which is really just for fun.

11. Adjust Your Seat and Handlebars Before You Take Off

Getting comfortable makes riding an e-bike easy.

Adjusting your seat and handlebars to fit your legs, arms, and torso will allow you to maintain better posture while riding. As for the handlebars, you’ll be most comfortable in an upright position, so you see if you can reach your hands to the handlebars just below your shoulders. Many e-bikes allow you to adjust the height of handlebars as well, making riding even easier.

If your seat doesn’t adjust properly or is still uncomfortable, you can always buy a new seat and replace it yourself.

12. For an Easy Ride, Know Your Terrain

Before you head out, consider where you should take your e-bike out for a ride. Some bikes are built to take on more rocky and bumpy terrains while others are only built for standard street or concrete riding. Many electric bikes are a hybrid of both and have tires that can easily be ridden on most terrains.

So, if you take out an e-bike meant for the road but instead try to ride it on a rocky dirt trail, it won’t be easy!

Further, you might enjoy riding more if you can avoid large crowds of people or other fast-moving bikes or vehicles. Not only will you be more relaxed, but you also won’t worry as much about having to brake suddenly, especially since e-bikes are much larger, heavier, and more difficult to stop than a standard bike. 

Riding an E-Bike is Easy Once You Learn How

In conclusion, yes, riding an electric bike is easy but somewhat different than riding a traditional bike. You just need to know how the electrical parts help you to ride, how to handle a heavier-than-normal bike, and how to ride in comfort.

But if you follow the 12 tips for beginners above, you’ll be pedaling around your city in no time.

17 Best Women’s Electric Bikes List (How to Choose!)

Rad Power Bikes side by side
Me with my Rad Power Bikes.

How often do you go shopping and buy one-size-fits-all jeans or a T-shirt? Like women’s clothes, electric bikes should fit the rider like a comfortable pair of jeans.

So, when you’re looking for the perfect electric bike, you’re probably wondering, “What are the best electric bikes for women?” and “Which one makes sense for me”?

The best women’s electric bikes are from brands that cater to ladies’ sizes, practical needs, comfort, and style but don’t sacrifice power and features. These include electric cargo bikes, fat tire e-bikes, step-thru frames, hybrids, and cruisers built just for women or with a woman in mind.

Electric bikes for women often include smaller frames and ones that you can step-thru, an upright riding position, comfortable seats, cargo areas that carry children or groceries, and a greater variety of beautiful color options.

Some of the best women’s e-bikes can be found at brands including Rad Power Bikes, Sixthreezero, Blix, Trek, Bunch Bikes, Liv Cycling, and others.

To make e-bike shopping easy, I’ve made a comprehensive list of the electric bike brands and models that will meet your needs as a woman.

I’ve considered comfort, practicality, style, e-bike frame, and special features that women, like myself, are looking for.

Check out the best women’s electric bikes in the list below. Keep reading to get other important details for each model, learn how to get the perfect e-bike fit, and discover what you need to consider when buying the best electric bicycles for women.

BrandModelMotor PowerFeatures Women LovePrice
1. Rad Power BikesRad City 5 Plus Step-Thru 750WFits women riders as short as 4’8″ and has an integrated rear rack$1999
2. Rad Power BikesRadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru750WGreat Balance and Adventurous 4″ Fat Tires$2099
3. Rad Power BikesRadExpand 5 Step-Thru Folding750WCool style with a foldable frame and 20″ X 3.0″ Tires$1649
4. SixthreezeroEVRYjourney Womens500WBuilt for a woman’s comfort, comes in multiple colors, and fits ladies 5’0″ & up$2000
5. EcotricDolphin Folding Fat Bike500WLow-step frame and 4″ fat tires with 20″ wheels; offers free accessories$939
6. Nakto Camel Women 26″350WIncludes a woven basket, rear rack, and low-step frame$779
7. AventonPace 500500WLightweight (52 lbs) and agile$1799
8. Pedego Electric BikesInterceptor350WTwo different size step-thru models with integrated rear rack and 8 color options (for 26″ wheels)$3000+
9. Trek/Electra BikesTownie Go! 5i EQ Step-Thru250WIntegrated Matching Cargo Rack$2950
10. Trek/Electra BikesTownie Go! 7D Step-Thru250WMultiple Bright Color Options$1900
11. Trek BikesCruiser Go! Step-Thru250WClassic American Cruiser with Modern Style (only 42 lbs!)$1599
12. Lectric BikesXP 3.0 Step-Thru500WFoldable with 20″ X 3.0″ wide tires & easy to step through$999
13. Bluejay BikesPremiere Edition Bluejay350WVintage style comes in 2 sizes for petite ladies and women of average heights$3295
14. Ancheer (Amazon)Commuting Electric Cruiser Bike250WInexpensive step-thru model that comes in black or white & rides up to 45 miles on one charge$439
15. Bunch BikesThe Original Electric Cargo Bike500WFits the whole family with 4 removable benches & seatbelts in the cargo area!$4965
16. Liv CyclingTEMPT E+Giant Sync Drive CoreAll of their e-bikes are built specifically for women$2800+
17. Blix BikesPacka Genie750WFits TWO child seats!$2000
View each e-bike model below and get other important details!

What Is The Best Electric Bike for a Woman?

As a woman, you’re probably looking for an electric bike that is comfortable, easy to ride, and practical. Perhaps a little stylish. But you also want one that has the power to get you where you need to go!

The best women’s electric bike for you will be one that fits your body shape and size and meets your specific needs. Maybe an electric bike can help you commute to work, carry children or cargo, get exercise, and just have fun.

Best Women's Electric Bikes List
On my RadMini Step-Thru E-Bike from Rad Power Bikes

Riding Comfort

When looking for the best women’s electric bikes, pay attention to the seat size and density, handlebar reach, height of the top tube (standover height), and overall frame size. Getting the right fit will make a huge difference in your overall comfort while riding.

Seats should be plush and wide for long-distance riding comfort (an exception would be if you ride an electric mountain bike). If the e-bike doesn’t have the perfect saddle, you can replace it with something more suitable.

Find out more about getting the right fit below.

Commuting to Work or School

If you’re commuting to work, high school, or college, you’ll want an e-bike with a battery range that can easily handle the ride to and from, with potential detours along the way.

If your ride is 10 miles each way and your bike’s battery range maxes out at 20 miles, then you might not make it home. Further, you would need to pedal the entire time so the battery doesn’t discharge too quickly. It would be wise to buy an electric bike with double the range that you anticipate needing.

And, unless you want to carry a heavy backpack the whole way, you’ll definitely need a sturdy cargo rack. I’d suggest making sure to have one in the rear of the bike since it can typically carry more weight than a front rack. Also, added weight in the front of the bike can make it harder to balance and steer.

Finally, consider buying an e-bike with a throttle. It comes in handy when you need to get started up a hill or at a stoplight. Throttling will also make it easier to keep up with the traffic to cross the street. But keep in mind that using a throttle will drain your battery more quickly.


If you have small children to carry on your e-bike, then this is a top consideration.

Not only might you want a strong bike rack so that you can put a child seat on it, but you’ll also want a bike with good balance that you can control. This again comes down to finding the best fit (find your measurements below). For instance, if your legs are too short to stop the bike quickly, you won’t feel safe with your child on the back.

You might also need to put two or more kids on an e-bike. And thanks to modern technology, there are some options. Be sure to check out Bunch Bikes Electric Cargo Bike and the Packa Genie by Blix.

Recreation and Exercise

If you’re looking for the best electric bike for recreation or fitness, finding a woman’s e-bike that fits you (and you love riding) will help you ride more often and longer. Not only can you get great physical exercise on an e-bike, but your mental health can also improve.

Further, riding an electric bike with pedal assist can be easier on your joints and help you ride a bicycle again if you have injuries or disabilities.

E-Bike Style

Let’s face it… colors and style are important in the best women’s electric bikes… they help us enjoy ourselves more. Apparently, some electric bike brands have figured this out and offer fun styles and/or brighter and prettier frame colors (see the list).

You’ll also find e-bikes that are vintage or retro cruiser style. Or you may find one that looks fun or sleek. And, of course, you can typically add accessories that make riding even more pleasurable or practical.

For example, the electric bike brand SixThreeZero offers customizable panniers and bags that match your e-bike, like for the EVRYjourney Women’s!

How To Find Your Perfect E-Bike Frame Size

Even though all of the e-bikes listed in this article are either built specifically for women or have features women need, there is still quite a variety in electric bike sizes. So, don’t just assume you’re an XS because you’re a small woman. Getting the right fit is essential to your comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

You’ll need to consider the e-bike model’s geometry and your body measurements. To do this, take these simple steps to measure and fit an e-bike to your body:

Chart showing how to measurements needed to fit on an electric bike
Rad Power Bikes– How to Size an E-Bike
  1. Measure your inseam– This is the distance from the ground up the full length of the inside of your leg. When measuring, wear your typical riding shoes and stand up straight with your back against a wall and your feet shoulder-width apart.

    This measurement will give your Inseam Length.
  2. Now find the Standover Height on the e-bike model that you’re considering. You can typically find this under “Geometry” or Specifications” on the e-bike’s product page. Compare your inseam measurement (leg length) with the standover height to make sure you can stand over the top bar on the bicycle.

    For many of the best women’s e-bikes, you’ll have a step-thru (or “low-step”) frame. In this case, you won’t have to worry about the standover height. Your bike should also have an adjustable seat post to help you get comfortable.
  3. Next, compare your leg length to the minimum and maximum seat height (also listed on the e-bike product page). It should fall between the minimum/maximum seat height listed. If so, you can comfortably reach the pedals when seated on the bike and maintain a good riding position.
  4. Then find the measurement for the e-bike’s Reach. This is the distance between your body and the handlebars. Measure your arm from the top of your shoulder to the knuckles of your fingers. This will tell you whether you can reach the handlebars from your seat position (based on the manufacturer’s size specifications).

    You probably don’t need to worry about this if you have long arms. Further, adjustable handlebars will give you some wiggle room as well.
  5. Measure Your Height. Once again, stand and put your back and heels against a wall… but this time without shoes on. Measure the distance from your heel (the floor) to the top of your head.

    Many electric bike brands. will tell you what height range can typically fit on each model. Knowing this will help you confirm that you are buying an e-bike that will fit you.

    But always use your standover height as your primary measurement when buying an electric bike online. You want to stand over your new e-bike comfortably!

So, by now you know there isn’t just one e-bike that’s right for female riders. There are many things to consider. Some considerations will be based on need while others will be based on personal preference.

Taken from the extensive list above, here are the best electric bikes for women. Check out the important specifications and special features. Additionally, discover who each e-bike model is best for.

1. Rad City Plus

RadCity Plus Step-Thru Women's E-Bike
RadCity Plus Step-Thru Women’s E-Bike

Perfect for: Commuters, long-distance city riders, and short women

How Far You Can Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 50+ miles!

Weight of E-Bike: 64 lb

Special Features & Extras: Powerful 750W motor, low-step frame, integrated rear rack

Reviews: 4.8/5.0 ⭐️

The RadCity (see the RadCity 5 Plus Review) is simply one of the best electric bikes for women thanks to its ability to fit shorter women and girls (height 4’8″ and up). With its small 15″ step-thru frame, even young women and teen girls can get on and off easily and fit comfortably.

It’s a great e-bike for commuting to school or work or just zooming around town. Its powerful 750W motor and 7-speed drivetrain (gears) will get you up every hill. And, it has an extended battery range of up to 50+ miles. Thus, you can ride just about anywhere you want.

It already has a rear cargo rack, so it’s ready to carry books, backpacks, lunch, and projects. Plus, easily add a front basket.

Buy The RadCity from Rad Power Bikes!

2. RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru

RadRover Plus Step-Thru
RadRover Plus Step-Thru

Perfect for: Women who want power and the ability to go over any type of terrain

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 45+ miles

Weight of E-Bike: 72.5 lb

Special Features & Extras: Powerful 750W motor, step-thru frame, 4″ fat tires, and semi-integrated battery for a sleek look

Reviews: 4.9/5.0 ⭐️

There’s no denying that the RadRover is awesome! You can ride on the street or ride off-road, all the while feeling the spectacular balance and tire grip from having super-wide tires. Although there isn’t a rear rack included, you can get one that fits perfectly from the website.

You need to be at least as tall as 5’2″ to comfortably fit on this e-bike. It’s also quite heavy… so if you need to lift it for storage or into a car, make sure you’ll be able to get some help.

Buy From Rad Power Bikes

3. RadExpand Folding Step-Thru

White, foldable e-bike with fat tires and a low step-thru with rear hub motor
RadExpand folding step-thru from Rad Power Bikes

Perfect for: Female riders who want a little adventure and are excited to fold it up and explore new trails

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 45+ miles

Weight of E-Bike: 62.5 lb

Special Features & Extras: Powerful 750W motor, step-thru frame, 4.0″ wide tires, and cool fenders

Reviews: 4.8/5.0 ⭐️

One of the best folding e-bikes for women 4’10” to 5’10”, this is a cool e-bike with 20″ wheels that are 4″ wide, giving it the ability to handle a wider variety of terrain than an electric city or road bike (with the right tire pressure).

My personal experience: I’m a smaller-than-average e-bike rider (5’2″) and love my RadMini (predecessor to the RadExpand)! I’ve ridden it up to 40 miles in one day and only lost around 40% of my battery charge. So it can go a lot farther than 40 miles if you’re mostly pedaling. Plus, I ride it on mega hills in my neighborhood and it zips right up!

Buy From Rad Power Bikes

4. EVRYjourney Womens Electric Bike

Sixthreeszero EvryJourney Woman's Electric Bike
Sixthreeszero EvryJourney Woman’s Electric Bike

Perfect for: A woman who prioritizes comfort and easy, relaxed riding (but still wants to go far!)

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: 25-40 miles

Weight of E-Bike: 64.8 lb

Special Features & Extras: Low-step electric bicycle with Shimano 7-speed gears and cargo rack

Reviews: 4.5/5.0 ⭐️

Ride up to 40 miles with the 500W motor and “most comfortable bike ever” in pedal assist mode. Or easily ride 20 miles on electric power alone with the simple thumb throttle.

Not only is this ergonomically designed bike as comfortable as it gets, but it can also fit e-bike riders as short as 5’0″. So almost every woman can ride smoothly on its 26″ X 1.95″ wide semi-slick tires on paved roads and hard-packed dirt trails.

Buy from SixthreeZero

5. Dolphin Folding Fat Bike

Ecotric Fat Tire Folding E-Bike
Ecotric Fat Tire Folding E-Bike

Perfect for: Fat tire lovers who want to ride through sand, dirt, or snow but don’t want to pay too much

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 48 miles with pedal assist (18-23 using just electric power)

Weight of E-Bike: 55.0 lb

Special Features & Extras: Folding, step-thru frame, 4.0 inch super fat tires, low cost, and free accessories

Reviews: 4.5/5.0 ⭐️

For a women’s e-bike under $1000, it has what you need to go off-road. With a 500 Watt motor, 36V 12.5 Ah lithium battery, and 20″ X 4″ fat tires, you’ll be able to get to town no matter the weather or terrain.

But it’s also portable… just fold it up, put it in your car, or take it on the subway. You’ll also get an 18month warranty and 30-day trial, which is super helpful when buying a cheaper e-bike.


6. Camel Step-Thru

Nakto Camel Women 26
Nakto Camel Women s electric bike

Perfect for: Casual riders who want to get on and off easily and tote goodies in the included front basket

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 22 miles

Weight of E-Bike: 72.0 lb

Special Features & Extras: Step-thru frame with an attached wicker basket, half-twist throttle

Reviews: 5.0/5.0 ⭐️

What’s cool about this e-bike clearly designed for women with its adorable wicker basket, is that it provides an easy-going ride but still gives you plenty of power (and 6-speed Shimano gears) to climb hills.

In fact, you can choose between a 250 Watt or 350 Watt motor. Both options give you a 36 Volt, 10 Ah lithium battery with a range of up to 22 miles, which is less than most women’s electric bike options in this article. But if you ride casually and aren’t concerned about riding long distances every day, this bike might work for you.

Buy from Nakto!

7. Aventon Pace 500

Woman standing next to blue electric bike
Aventon Pace 500.3

Perfect for: A female rider who needs a nimble, lightweight electric bike

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 60 miles

Weight of E-Bike: 52.0 lbs

Special Features & Extras: Step-over or Step-thru frame, each in two sizes, so it fits almost anyone. Plus, it has a top speed of 28mph, a payload capacity of 300 lbs, and integrated lights with turn signals.

With a 500W motor and accessible phone app, the Pace 500.3 is ready to ride! See the full Pace 500 review here.

Buy from Aventon Bikes

Need some casual women’s padded bike shorts for a comfy ride? Check out my list of affordable ones!

8. Interceptor

Pedego Interceptor
Pedego Interceptor

Perfect for: Women looking for just the right frame size and fun color choices

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 40 or 60 miles (depending on 10Ah or 15Ah battery choice)

Weight of E-Bike: 58+ lb (depends on frame selected)

Special Features & Extras: Four different frame sizes and two unique wheel options; exclusive 5-year warranty

Reviews: 5.0/5.0 ⭐️

A sturdy e-bike that comes with an integrated rear cargo rack and front/rear LED lights, its 500W brushless hub motor and 48V battery will get you far quickly. It comes with hydraulic disc brakes, Schwalbe tires, and Slime inner tube sealant to protect from flats.

A bit more expensive than the other models, it shows in quality!

Buy from Pedego Electric Bikes

9. Townie Go! 5iEQ

Perfect for: An easy trek across town to grab some groceries or meet up with friends for coffee

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge:

Weight of E-Bike: 55.0 lb

Special Features & Extras: Carries up to 300 lb cargo, including rider; color-matched fenders

Reviews: 5.0/5.0 ⭐️

Accommodating women from 4’11”, this 250W Shimano Nexus mid-drive motor powered by Bosch provides stability and balance, making it easy to ride. Name-brand puncture-resistant Schwalbe tires make for a smooth ride while carrying your groceries on the included cargo rack.

To add to the quality, you’ll find Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and Trek’s own patented “Flat Foot Technology”.

Buy from REI!

10. Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru

Perfect for: Any woman wanting a sleek design and bright colors to choose from

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: 16-40 miles

Weight of E-Bike: 44-46 lb

Special Features & Extras: Upgraded LED display and patented Flat Foot Technology for riding control and comfort

Reviews: NEW/5.0 ⭐️

A 250W rear hub motor, Hyena battery, and balloon tires make up this fun, colorful e-bike. Choose from several bright colors and get a color-matched painted chain guard. This feature and the fully integrated battery give this electric bicycle a truly cool look.

Check out the colors: Tahiti Blue, Guava, Cintron, Mango, and Lunar Grey! Plus, there are some unique matching accessories, like a dome-shaped bike bell and a Sun Rays bike mirror.

Buy from REI!

11. Cruiser Go! Step-Thru

Trek Cruiser Go! Step-Thru
Trek Cruiser Go! Step-Thru

Perfect for: Women appreciating American classic beach cruiser design with modern technology

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: 16-40 miles

Weight of E-Bike: 44-46 lb

Special Features & Extras: Vintage cruiser appeal, fully integrated 250Wh battery, and unique riding technology

Reviews: NEW/5.0 ⭐️

The in-tube battery (an upgrade from the rack-mounted battery) and controller help give this electric bike its sleek, vintage look. It includes a T47 torque sensor and 26” x 2.35” tires, making this e-bike reliable enough to ride wherever you need to go.

This model comes with a kickstand but you’ll need to add a rear rack if desired.

Buy from Trek Bikes

12. XP 3.0 Step-Thru

White Lectric XP 3.0
Lectric XP 3 folding e-bike

Perfect for: A quality and price-conscious young woman who’s ready to tackle any adventure (see the XP 3 Full Review)

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: 45+ miles (or 65 miles with the optional long-range battery)

Weight of E-Bike: 64 lb

Special Features & Extras: Fully foldable + 3-inch tires + integrated rear rack that offers a Passenger Package!

Reviews: 4.9/5.0 ⭐️

You won’t miss out on any power with the Lectric XP 3.0 500W brushless geared hub motor (1000W peak!) and 5-level pedal assist! Plus, you can ride up to 45 miles (or more if you pedal) and traverse multiple terrains with 20″ X 3″ wide tires. It even has hydraulic disc brakes and a maximum payload capacity of 330 pounds!

And because you can travel anywhere with its foldable frame, it’s truly a fun and capable e-bike, especially for the price.

Buy from Lectric E-Bikes!

Compare the Lectric XP 3 to Ecotric Dolphin E-Bike!

13. Premier Edition Bluejay


Perfect for: Riding on any paved bike path legally and looking great while you do it (check out the “blush pink” color and retro look)

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 75 miles

Weight of E-Bike: 49.5 lb

Special Features & Extras: Two frame sizes for shorter and taller women + integrated rear cargo rack + vintage style lights and bell + child seat compatible

Reviews: 5.0/5.0 ⭐️

Chic and capable, this e-bike has a 350W motor and a Samsung 48V high-capacity battery. You’ll ride comfortably up to 75 miles on one battery charge as well as feel secure with an included USB charging port and a fully functional display showing your speed, lights, battery life, and mileage.

Choose from two frame sizes in this beautiful blush pink color (one for petite women under 5’5″). And because it’s a Class 1 electric bike, you can ride it anywhere non-motorized bikes are allowed, with no sweat.

Buy from Bluejay Electric Bikes (and check out the other vintage colors here)

14. Commuting Electric Cruiser

Perfect for: A college student or young adult who doesn’t have a lot to spend and needs an inexpensive e-bike that rides up to 45 miles in pedal assist mode

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 45 miles

Weight of E-Bike: 50 lb

Special Features & Extras: Load capacity of 330 lbs and throttle for total electric assist

Reviews: NEW/5.0 ⭐️

Three different riding modes help you get where you need to go. Pedal with help, pedal on your own or use the throttle alone to tackle those last few miles.

Another great thing about this model is that it’s light (for an e-bike) and has a high-capacity 12.5Ah battery, 6-speed gears, and mechanical disc brakes.

Buy from Amazon

15. The Original Electric Cargo Bike

The Original Electric Cargo Bike by Bunch Bike
The Original Electric Cargo Bike by Bunch Bike

Perfect for: Women with small children or two or more dogs

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 35 miles

Weight of E-Bike: 152 lb

Special Features & Extras: Large cargo box fits up to 4 kids secured safely + anti-tip technology

Reviews: 5.0/5.0 ⭐️

There really isn’t an electric cargo bike more unique than this. Yes, it has a rear rack, but it also has a humongous front cargo carrier! You can put up to 4 small children on the benches with seat belts. Or, take them out to carry whatever cargo you’d like… dogs, camping supplies, and more.

This amazing cargo bike isn’t cheap at around $5000, but it’s the best electric cargo bike for a woman with a family or who wants to carry cargo.

Plus, the 500W motor puts out 45 Nm of torque and the powerful 48V 13.6Ah Samsung battery will help you conquer hills and deliver all the precious cargo up to 35 miles from home!

Buy from Bunch Bike

16. TEMPT E+

Liv Cycling Tempt E+
Liv Cycling Tempt E+

Perfect for: Anyone who wants an e-bike built exclusively with women in mind

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 93 miles under the best conditions

Weight of E-Bike: Ask in store

Special Features & Extras: Four frame sizes to choose from

Reviews: 4.5/5.0 ⭐️

Part of the Giant brand of e-bikes, many of the components used to build this model are from Giant themselves. But it also has a Shimano 9-speed derailleur and Tektro brakes.

With a powerful integrated battery and SyncDrive Core motor, it’s smooth riding all the way. And you’ll get the best fit thanks to the four different frame sizes! Although you can’t buy one online, they are sold by retail shops near you.

Buy from Liv Cycling

17. Packa Genie

Blix Packa Genie
Blix Packa Genie

Perfect for: Moms who want to powerfully haul two kids in car seats (not included) on the rear cargo rack

How Far Can You Go on One Battery Charge: Up to 80 miles with dual battery option!

Weight of E-Bike: 67-75.5 lb (one or two batteries)

Special Features & Extras: Dual battery option + extra long cargo rack + automatic power cutoff

Reviews: 5.0/5.0 ⭐️

This is one of the best electric bikes for women because it can carry up to 200 pounds in different combinations with multiple front and rear mounting points. You’ll need the powerful 750W motor and 48V battery to get where you need to go fast… up to 40 miles. But just add the second bike battery and never run out of charge for up to 80 miles.

Go day and night with the integrated front light and brake light. Safe riding is also boosted with an automatic power cutoff when braking!

Buy from Blix Bike


Finding the best women’s e-bikes doesn’t need to be hard. With this extensive list and help with choosing the right e-bike for you, you’re on your way to enjoying a fun ride.

Whether you’re a woman who commutes to work or wants to ride with the family, you can find a stylish e-bike that suits your needs and improves your lifestyle.

10 Best E-Bike Brake Pads on the Market

Best E-Bike Brake Pads on the Market

When it comes to heavy electric bikes, good brakes are one of the most important safety features. So even if you purchase a new e-bike, the brakes get worn down over time. Thus, you’ll need to replace the brake pads to make certain they won’t fail.

When replacing the brake pads on your e-bike, choose brake pads that are compatible with your brake system. Shimano, Magura, Tektro, and SRAM are among the most popular braking systems for electric bikes.

Generally speaking, you’ll be able to get compatible new pads from your own e-bike manufacturer or from other companies that make parts for multiple brands of bikes.

Take a look at the compatible brake pads for each brand of e-bike brakes (and get the details of each below):

Shimano BrakesMagura BrakesTektro BrakesSRAM Brakes
Shimano brand brake padsMagura brand padsTektro brand brake padsSRAM brand
Top Brake padsTop Brake padsCorki brake padsTop Brake pads
Jagwire brake padsCorki brake pads

From the lifespan of e-bike brake pads to the best options currently on the market, I’m going to break down everything you need to know. Once I’ve explained the factors that influence brake pad wear and how to determine whether your brake pads need to be replaced, watch the video that follows!

Then I’ll guide you through the 10 best replacement options!

Watch to find out about brake pad compatibility and the top brands of brake pads!

The Lifespan of E-Bike Brake Pads 

Having the best brakes is crucial to help your e-bike perform optimally and be safe to ride. Therefore, it’s important to monitor brakes and brake pads for wear and tear.

The best brake pads generally have a long lifespan. Unfortunately, there isn’t a set rule for when your brake pads should be replaced. It could be sooner or later than expected, depending on various factors like weather conditions (I list these below). 

After all, in many ways, an e-bike is more akin to an electric vehicle than a regular bicycle. Essentially, you’ll need to routinely maintain or replace the components, like your motor, battery, controller, and even the best brakes over time, similarly to the way you would maintain a car. After all, you’ve invested a considerable amount of money in your e-bike! 

Understanding the factors that influence the lifespan of your e-bike brakes is crucial to maximum performance over time. And being aware of these various factors will allow you to assess whether or not your brake pads have experienced substantial wear.

Most e-bikes use disc hydraulic brakes, as opposed to rim brakes. This is because they have more braking power and thus better brake performance.

Get your step by step e-bike maintenance guide here!

How Long Do Electric Bike Brake Pads Last?

Disc brake pads on an electric bike can last from about 1000 miles to 6000 miles. This discrepancy is because there are many factors that affect brake pad wear and tear.

This list includes several factors that determine how long your e-bike brake pads will last!

  • Weather Conditions

    The weather has a large impact on your e-bike’s braking system – particularly bad weather. In wet climates, disc brake pads are known to wear out faster. In fact, during wet seasons with consistent rainfall, e-bike riders will want to inspect their brake pads once a week. 
  • Road/Route Conditions 

    Weather isn’t the only factor that impacts your brake pads. The condition of the road or routes you travel on will also impact the lifespan of your brake pads. If you enjoy exploring rocky terrain, your brake pads will typically have a shorter life. Hilly terrain is also known to cause increased wear and tear of e-bike brake pads, especially if the rider tends to use the brakes going downhill a lot.
  • Frequency of Riding 

    How often you use your electric bike plays an important role in how long components will last. The more you ride your bike, the sooner you’ll need to replace the brake pads. With disc brakes, e-bike riders are looking at an estimated 6000-mile lifespan. However, this estimation will also be influenced by the other factors on this list. 
  • Riding Style 

    Another factor that influences the lifespan of your bike brakes and other components is your personal riding style. Of course, I’m not necessarily telling you to change the way you ride! But here are a few helpful riding tips.

    However, just be conscious that being rough on your bike (such as slamming on the brakes frequently or braking hard while riding down steep hills) will play a role in how long your brakes and other e-bike parts last. Trail riding will be particularly hard on brake pads and will reduce brake performance over time.
  • Weight of the Rider

    In relation to your riding style, it’s helpful to note that, if you’re an obese or overweight rider, the brakes will have to provide more braking torque to stop your electric bicycle, especially if riding downhill at higher speeds.
  • Maintenance of E-Bike 

    Like cars, e-bikes need to be regularly maintained. Improper maintenance can result in increased wear and tear of all bike parts, including hydraulic ebike brakes. Getting your e-bike regularly serviced and maintained by a mechanic will ensure that your components are in good order. And that they last as long as possible! 
  • Quality of E-Bike Components 

    As I mentioned earlier, e-bikes will need to have components replaced. Ultimately, replacement part quality plays a crucial role in their expected lifespan.

    For this reason, ensure that you use high-quality replacement parts. To assist you, let’s look at the best electric bike brake pads.
Close up of Tektro Hydraulic Brakes
Even quality electric bike brakes, like Tektro, need brake pad replacement maintenance.

How Often Should You Inspect E-Bike Brake Pads?

Before replacing your e-bike’s brake pads, you should inspect them. By doing this, you’ll be able to verify that a replacement is actually necessary. I’ll guide you through this simple process in a moment. However, did you know that you should be inspecting your disc brake pads regularly? 

As a golden rule, you should inspect your e-bike’s brake pads at least once a month. To do this, you will need to remove the brake pads from your bike. When inspecting the brake pads, you’ll be assessing how much the previously discussed factors have impacted brake pad wear and tear in the last month. 

Brake Pad Wear and Tear

When you keep the factors that affect your brake pads in mind while regularly inspecting them (like weather, riding style, riding frequency, and quality of parts), you’ll be able to see how and why your brake pads have become worn over time – and whether you need to replace them.

If you discover that they’re getting worn quickly or the wear has formed a certain pattern, you might need to inspect your brake pads more than once a month. 

Here are a few examples of why uneven wear might occur…

Has the weather been particularly bad recently? Have you been riding more frequently or in more hilly areas than usual? Did you purchase substandard replacement parts for your e-bike?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then you should inspect your E-bike’s brake pads more frequently than others might need to. 

This is a crucial aspect of maintaining your electric bike. When you ride with brake pads that are worn out, you risk causing lasting damage to your e-bike’s brake rotor and caliper. As your brake pads become worn, the steel backing plate of your brake pads could make contact with the rotor, thus damaging it.

Regularly inspecting your brake pads will help avoid further harm.

How to Inspect E-Bike Brake Pads 

To inspect your e-bike’s brake pads, you’ll need to remove them to get a proper assessment. Once you’ve removed the brake pads, measure the width of the pads. When measuring the width of the pads, include the brake pad’s backing plate in your measurement. 

When it comes to the width of the brake pads and backing plate, any measurement less than 1/8th inch means that you’ll need to replace your brake pads. Fortunately, you’re about to get guided through the best brake pad options available on the market today! 

If you’re not quite sure how to remove your electric bicycle brake pads, this handy video will guide you through the simple process (using Corki Brake pads)! Alternatively, you can always have a bike mechanic or repair shop replace the old brake pads with the best brake pads for you.

Main Types of Disc Brakes for E-Bikes

There are those that are hydraulically operated and those that are cable-actuated.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Systems vs. Mechanical Brakes

These utilize cables filled with fluid, whereas mechanical disc brakes (cable-actuated) utilize cables with air inside.

Many electric bikes today utilize mechanical brake systems instead of hydraulic brakes. Ultimately, use brake pads that are suited to the braking power that your e-bike uses and the braking torque required. You should see your current brakes marked with the brand name (such as Shimano, Magura, or Tektro).

It’s important to select brake pads that are compatible with your e-bike’s brand of brake system. However, when you need to replace your brake pads, the process is rather simple. Do it yourself with help from a video or go to an electric bike mechanic or knowledgeable bike shop

Either way, you should learn what the best brake pads are for your e-bike braking system! Here are ten of the best for three major brands of disc brakes: Shimano, Magura, and Tektro.

Closeup of Pace 500.3 tires and brakes.
Nimble tires and hydraulic brakes give the Aventon Pace 500 (read the review) an advantage on the road.

The 10 Best E-Bike Brake Pads 

When compared to traditional bikes, e-bikes are a lot more powerful. Due to this, you’ll need brake pads that will effectively slow you down. However, traditional bicycle braking systems, like rim brakes, will not always suffice with the power of an electric bike. For this reason, disc brakes should be considered a necessary component of your e-bike. 

Regardless of the condition of your other braking components, such as the levers of pistons, high-quality brake pads are required to transfer the needed braking force to the discs.

Check out the following compatible brake pads (you can get them all on Amazon… I may receive a commission).

Shimano Compatible Brake Pads

Shimano has many popular braking systems, including XTR, Saint, Zee, Deore, and more. If you’re looking for the best brake pads that are compatible with these systems, these are your top options and you can even get them all through Amazon (paid links).

#1: Official Shimano Brake Pads 

If you’re using a Shimano brake system with your e-bike, then your best option would be to get OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts from Shimano. There are 2- and 4-piston brake pads, as well as options between metal and resin.

You’ll find brake pads that are compatible with XTR, Deore, Deore XT, Dura-Ace, SLX, Saint, and Zee braking systems. For more information, you can visit the above link! 

Top Brake Disc Brake Pads  

These brake pads from Top Brake were made with e-bikes in mind! Designed to withstand wear and tear for longer, these brake pads are made with a heat-resistant formula. You’ll have optimal braking performance with these brake pads, regardless of the weather outside.

Both a ceramic compound and a specialized e-bike compound are available. 

These brake pads are compatible with many Shimano e-bike brakes, including Saint, Zee, and Deore systems. They’re also compatible with certain Tektro e-bike brakes. For more information, visit the above link! 

#3: Jagwire Disc Brake Pads 

If you’re looking for high-quality brake pads that can rival the performance of OEM parts, you’ll want to check out these brake pads from Jagwire. These brake pads combine the best elements of both resin and metallic brake pads for optimal braking performance. Both sintered pads and metallic material options are available. 

These brake pads from Jagwire are compatible with Shimano’s Alfine, Deore, Deore XT, SLX, Saint, and XTR braking systems. See the above link! 

Magura Compatible Brake Pads

#4: Official Magura Sport Brake Pads  

If your e-bike uses a Magura braking system, your top option might be to get official Magura parts. Their Sport Brake Pads are designed to provide optimal braking performance for ebike owners. Luckily, these are easy to find.

These brake pads are compatible with the 8.P variety of Magura braking systems. Make sure to find the correct size for your brakes.

#5: Top Brake Disc Brake Pads 

Top Brake doesn’t only make pads compatible with Shimano brakes, but also with Magura brakes! These low-abrasion brake pads are designed to last longer. With heat-resistant properties, these brake pads will offer optimal braking performance in any weather condition! 

These brake pads are compatible with many Magura brakes, including MT2, MT4, MT6, MT8, and more. Get more information at the link above. 

Tektro Compatible Brake Pads

#6: Official Tektro Disc Brake Pads 

If your electric bike uses a Tektro braking system, your top choice would be using official Tektro brake pads. Whether your e-bike has a 2- or 4-piston caliper, or you want a metal or resin pad, Tektro has got you covered!

There are many great OEM brake pads available from Tektro on Amazon. Find the brake pads compatible on your e-bike by visiting the above link! 

#7: Corki Brake Pads 

If you’re looking for brake pads that are compatible with Tektro braking systems, then these brake pads from Corki are a great choice! You can choose between resin, semi-metallic, and sintered metal. There’s even a copper-based option. Regardless of your preference, Corki has got you covered! 

Not only are these Corki brake pads compatible with Magura brakes, but they are also compatible with certain Shimano brakes. Check out the link above! 

Corki Brake Pads
Corki Brake Pads

SRAM Compatible Braking Pads

#8: Official SRAM Brake Pads 

If your e-bike has an SRAM braking system, you’ll want to consider using official SRAM parts. Not only are these disc brake pads specially designed to work with SRAM brakes, but they’re also high-quality and will deliver great braking performance.

Check out the link above to see SRAM Road Hydraulic Disc BrakePads!

#9: Top Brake Disc Brake Pads 

Top Brake also designs electric bike brake pads that are compatible with SRAM brakes. Not only are these disc brake pads noise-resistant, but they deliver incredible braking performance come rain or shine. There are two pad compound choices: ceramic or electric bike. For e-bike owners, the second compound will be the best suited for you. 

These brake pads are compatible with a large variety of SRAM braking systems. For more information, you can visit the above link! 

#10: Corki Disc Brake Pads

Corki also makes great brake pads that are compatible with SRAM brakes. Whether you prefer sintered pads, resin, or semi-metallic brake pads, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. There is also a copper-based option. These brake pads will deliver fantastic braking performance – even when you are going downhill. 

These are also suitable for a variety of SRAM brakes. Learn more at the above link! 


Using the best brake pads on the market today will improve your enjoyment and safety while riding your electric bike in the USA or anywhere.

You should treat your e-bike like you treat your car! Understanding that your brake pads need to be maintained, and eventually replaced, will ensure that you don’t ignore them until they suddenly don’t work at a bad time.

Consider the lifespan of your brake pads and inspect them regularly. And when they need to be replaced, only do so with the best brake pads for your particular e-bike braking system. Check out the ten best brake pads above and match your current brake brand with the new pads. This way, you’ll make sure to get the ones that are right for your electric bike.

Rad Power Bikes vs Aventon (Brands Compared)

Rad Power Bikes vs Aventon

Rad Power Bikes and Aventon Bikes are two of the most popular brands of electric bicycles on the market. They have similar offerings and prices, making it hard to choose which brand is better.

While Rad Power Bikes is the largest North American e-bike brand with a dedicated following and top-notch customer service, Aventon has remained a popular choice thanks to features including mobile app integration, higher pedal assist speeds of 28mph, and multiple frame sizes to fit everyone.

The fact is that both electric bike brands offer riders a variety of options when it comes to powering their rides. And they both have their pros and cons. So which one is right for you? Read on to find out.

The only way to fairly compare these two top e-bike companies is to compare like models side by side, which I’ll do for you in this article.

Is Aventon Better Than Rad?

Whether you’re looking for an e-bike to take you on long rides, a relaxing cruise in nature, or to get you to work every day, there is a lot to consider. And both Aventon Bikes and Rad Power Bikes have a lot to offer. This makes it difficult to decide whether one brand is better than the other.

In general, Aventon has an edge over Rad when it comes to speed, having the Pace 500, Level, and Aventure with a top pedal assist speed of 28 mph (as compared to 20 mph). However, unlike anything Aventon has, Rad Power Bikes has The RadWagon, a huge electric cargo bike that can hold two passengers, and the RadRunner utility electric bike with an optional passenger seat.

So, if you need a utility e-bike to tote kids or large amounts of cargo, the choice of the RadWagon is obvious. Otherwise, you’ll need to compare your needs and wants in choosing the best brand and bike for you.

Woman on fat tire electric bike
Me riding the Aventon Aventure 2 Electric Fat Bike!

The Brands in Comparison

Both companies are highly regarded and have been around (and are still growing) for years. Both offer a throttle on each model and a step-through (or mid-step) frame option.

Aventon has been in business since 2012 when they started with just a delivery van and a one-room warehouse. Since then, they’ve grown to become one of the leading e-bike brands. Their bikes are known for their quality, style, and performance, which is why many riders choose to ride them.

Rad Power Bikes began in 2007 when owner Mike Radenbaugh first built an e-bike to ride to school. Then, after converting regular bikes into e-bikes for individuals, he joined up with Ty Collins in 2015, a college roommate, to start selling e-bikes to everyone. They combined their knowledge of bike technology and design with their passion for electric bikes, the result being a great selection of e-bikes at affordable prices.

As similar as both Aventon and Rad Power Bikes are, it’s best to look at what makes each company special, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Woman Riding Electric Bike RadMini
About to ride my RadMini Electric Bike in one of my favorite canyons.

Rad Power Bikes: Pros and Cons

Rad Power electric bikes have plenty of advantages and few disadvantages as one of the best electric bike companies.


  • Largest e-bike company in North America
  • USA brand
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Award-winning
  • Exceptional customer service
  • High-quality, reliable parts
  • Affordable (starting prices at $1199)
  • Offers every type of electric bike
  • Long-range (up to 45+ miles)
  • High-watt motors (only one model under 750W)
  • Throttle on every model
  • Include front and rear lights
RadCity Plus Step-Thru E-Bike
RadCity Plus Step-Thru E-Bike


  • Doesn’t offer multiple frame sizes (other than a step-thru version of each model)
  • Heavy (only one model weighs under 64 lbs)

Aventon Bikes: Pros and Cons

Aventon has just as many advantages as Rad Power Bikes, with lower prices and e-bike weight being among the top pros.


  • Well-loved, popular e-bike brand
  • USA-designed and based
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • The fastest e-bikes have a top speed of 28 mph (Class 3)
  • More models with lower prices ($1199 and up)
  • Fits more people with multiple frame sizes for each model
  • Most e-bikes weigh under 63 lbs
  • Fully integrated batteries for a sleek look
  • Optional app integration
  • More models come with hydraulic disc brakes
  • Throttle on every model
  • 5 levels of pedal assist


  • Don’t offer a large electric cargo bike for families with more than one kid
  • Only one model with a 750W motor
  • Range may be less depending on the model
Aventon Aventure 2 with step-over frame
Aventon Aventure 2 with step-over frame

Rad Power Bikes vs. Aventon Bikes: Price

Overall, Aventon has the lowest-priced e-bikes, such as the Soltera, starting at $999, with three bikes under $1600. Rad Power Bikes models are priced starting at $1499 (before sales or discounts). Both brands’ highest-priced e-bikes are $2199 and $2299 respectively. Further, they each have a similar price for their hybrid fat tire electric bikes, the Aventure.2 and RadRover 6 Plus, respectively.

As you can see, their electric bikes fall within the same price range, with Aventon having more lower-cost models (but not cheap) to choose from.

You can follow below to see how similar brand models compare in price and features.

How Fast Do Rad Power E-Bikes Go vs. Aventon?

If riding as fast as the motor will take you is important, then Aventon is the speed winner with its Class 3 e-bikes. The fat tire Aventure.2, the Level.2 electric commuter bike, and the Pace 500.3 cruiser are the fastest electric bikes among both brands. The electric motor offers pedal assist up to 28 mph.

Read my Aventon Aventure 2 review and Pace 500.3 review for detailed information!

That being said, any Rad power bike is incredibly fast for most people, e-bike commuters, and recreational riders alike. All of its electric motors will assist you up to 20 mph… and you can make them go faster with your own pedal power. Take a look at the fastest Rad Power Bike and discover how to hack one to make it go faster.

Both brands’ e-bikes have throttles that will assist up to only 20 mph.

Now let’s compare similar models of each brand side-by-side.

Women standing next to white RadCity 5 Plus e-bike
Rad Power Bike RadCity Plus

RadCity vs. Aventon Pace 500 vs. Aventon Level

There are two Aventon e-bikes that can be compared to Rad Power Bikes RadCity Plus, the Aventon Pace 500, and the Level.

All three e-bikes are great for commuting and urban riding with their hydraulic disc brakes. There are a couple of main differences. The RadCity Plus has a 750W rear hub motor with electric assist up to 20 mph while both the Pace 500 and Level have a 500W rear hub motor but have a top assisted speed of 28 mph.

This is what they look like in comparison:

E-BikeMotorTop SpeedBattery RangeTire SizeWeightPrice
Rad Power Bike RadCity Plus750W20 mphup to 50 miles27.5″ x 2.0″64 lbs$1999
Aventon Pace 500500W28 mphUp to 60 miles27.5″ x 2.2″52 lbs$1699
Aventon Level500W28 mphUp to 60 miles27.5″ x 2.2″62 lbs$1799

At the highest cost, the RadCity Plus goes far with its long-riding range, backlight LCD, and integrated rear rack capable of holding over 59 lbs. It’s made for taking comfortable e-bike rides in the city, whether for a long commute or just having fun.

Although the Pace 500 and Level don’t have as long of a range, their pedal assist speed of up to 28 mph can’t be topped, all while saving $200-$300 over the RadCity. The Level comes with integrated rear racks and fenders, while these are optional for the Pace.

White Aventon Pace 500 Step-Thru E-Bike
Aventon Pace 500 Step-Thru
Aventon Level 2
Aventon Level 2

Thankfully, all three models are available in a step-through version. Both the Pace 500 and Level are available in two frame types and two sizes per frame. Although the RadCity doesn’t have individual sizes, it does have a step-over and a step-thru model, which does a good job of fitting even the smallest bike riders, down to 4’8″.

If range and electric power are more important than overall electric speed and cost, then choose the RadCity Plus. If you’re all about speed and don’t mind saving money, then the Pace 500 or Level e-bikes are for you.

Green Aventon Sinch Folding E-Bike
Aventon Sinch Step-Thru

Aventon Sinch vs. RadExpand

Comparing the folding electric bikes for each company is a no-brainer… they each have only one. And, in this case, choosing between them might not be so hard.

The Aventon Sinch.2 and the RadExpand are pretty similar, both being Class 2 e-bikes having comparable top speed, range, tire size, and weight. Upon first glance, the primary differences are the Sinch’s lower motor wattage but higher price.

E-BikeMotorTop SpeedRangeTire SizeWeightPrice
Sinch.2500W20 mph40 miles average20″ x 4″68 lbs$1799
RadExpand750W20 mphUp to 45+ miles20″ x 4″62.5 lbs$1649
Black RadExpand from Rad Power Bikes
RadExpand E-Step-Thru folding e-bike!

Let’s look at what makes the Sinch more expensive and whether it’s worth buying it over the RadExpand. First, the RadExpand only comes in a step-through, while the Sinch.2 also offers a step-over frame. But what else does the Sinch offer that the RadExpand doesn’t:

  • Unique colors
  • Integrated battery for a much cleaner style
  • mobile app synchronization
  • 300 lb payload capacity (as opposed to 275 lb)

Are these details worth the additional price? If style and colors are ultra-important, then the Sinch.2 could be for you. Otherwise, the RadExpand is the better choice when it comes to overall value… plus, it includes an integrated rear rack.

RadCity Plus Step-Thru E-Bike
Rad Power Bikes RadCity Plus Step-Thru E-Bike

RadCity Plus vs Aventon Soltera

Both the RadCity and Soltera are both electric commuter bikes. Once again, the Aventon brand has a lower motor wattage of 350W compared to 750W on the RadCity, smaller tires, and a lower range, which could account for the price difference.

E-BikeMotorTop SpeedRangeTire SizeWeightPrice
RadCity 5 Plus750W20 mphUp to 50 miles27.5″ x 2.0″65 lbs$1999
Soltera 7350W20 mphUp to 41 miles700c*35c43 lbs$1199

The Soltera e-bike is designed more like a traditional road bike with racer-style geometry (so you won’t be sitting upright). The RadCity comes in a high-step and low-step, whereas the Soltera offers a low-step and step-over version in multiple colors as well as the choice of two frame sizes.

A primary benefit of the RadCity is its higher-capacity battery pack. It’ll let you ride farther on a single charge than Soltera’s 345 Wh battery system. Plus, this Rad Power Bike has a 50mm travel suspension fork while the Soltera has a rigid fork. But the Soltera 7 still gives you everything you want in a zippy electric bike.

Read a detailed review of the RadCity 5 Plus here!

Yello Aventon Soltera 7-Speed
The Soltera 7-Speed
Silver RadRover 6 Plus E-Bike
RadRover 6 Plus

Aventure vs. RadRover 6 Plus

When comparing the Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus and the Aventon Aventure 2, it’s almost like you’re getting the same powerful e-bike with fat tires for off-road riding and hill-climbing.

But upon closer look, the Aventure has some advantages over the Rad Rover. These include higher pedal assist speed, a 400lb load capacity, a fully integrated battery for a sleek look, three frame sizes (small, medium, large), and three color choices.

E-BikeMotorTop SpeedRangeTire SizeWeightPrice
Aventure 2750W28 mphUp to 60 miles26″ x 4″73 lbs$1999
RadRover 6 Plus750W20 mphUp to 45+ miles26″ x 4″73.4 lbs$2099
Woman Riding the Aventon Aventure 2
Riding the Aventon Aventure 2!

However, both models have 4-inch fat tires, hydraulic brakes, and optional step-thru frames. They can tackle steep hills and ride over rough terrain. Plus, their weight is almost identical, as is the price.

An interesting comparison is that the RadRover is on version 6 with a newly designed ergonomic frame and an improved 750W geared hub motor providing greater power than previous versions. The Aventure, on the other hand, is relatively new to Aventon’s line-up.

Orange RadWagon Cargo E-Bike
RadWagon Cargo Bike fits two passengers

Rad Power Bikes vs. Aventon: Other Models

Believe it or not, there are still other models from both electric bike companies that might be perfect for you.

E-BikeMotorTop SpeedRangeTire SizeWeightPrice
RadWagon750W20 mphUp to 45+ miles22″ x 3″76.7 lbs$1999
RadRunner Plus750W20 mphUp to 45+ miles20″ x 3.3″73.4 lbs$2099
Aventon Pace 500500W20 mphUp to 60 miles27.5″ x 2.2″52 lbs$1799

Both the RadRunner Plus and RadWagon are outstanding cargo e-bikes that can carry children, cargo, and even your dog or cat!

What’s nice about the RadRunner Plus is that it has a rear rack that converts into a flat seat for second riders. And the RadWagon is so long that it can carry two child seats on the back. Plus it has a load capacity of up to 350 lbs.

RadRunner Plus E-Bike model
RadRunner Plus with rear seat is styled like a moped but can be ridden on bike paths!

The Aventon Pace 500.3 is an affordable, classic comfort e-bike that is as sleek-looking as the other Aventon bikes. With integrated lights and battery, a throttle, and a color LCD display, its five pedal assist levels and seven speeds will get you where you’re going. And, not only is it less expensive than its counterpart the Pace 500, it weighs less too.

Woman riding the Aventon Pace 500.
I enjoyed riding the Pace 500.3… it’s lightweight, nimble, kept me seated fully upright, and it was easy to reach the swept-back handlebars.

Conclusion: Is Aventon or Rad Power Bikes the Best E-Bike Brand?

Choosing your electric bike from two well-known, high-quality brands is a challenge. That’s why this article looks at each model side-by-side, Aventon vs. Rad Power… right after the two brands themselves are compared.

Take a look at the comparison tables to find the best options for you. Read what makes them each special and you’ll be on your way to getting your new electric bicycle!

Need more help choosing an electric bike from Rad Power Bikes or Aventon? Read:

Interested in other brand comparisons as well? Take a look:

5 Cool Gadgets for Electric Bike Riders (Tech 2023)


Ever wonder what helpful accessories you are missing that could improve long electric bike rides and increase riding enjoyment? I’ve hand-picked five cool gadgets that will do just that. It’s a sure thing that these electric bike accessories will provide your e-bike lifestyle with a burst of exciting new tech… and a little fun!

Discover the benefits of these five 2023 cool gadgets for electric bike riders. I’ll show you how I use them and point out the best e-bike accessory in this list.

Cool Gadget box next to electric bike

Watch the YouTube video above to see these e-bike-friendly gadgets in action. Then continue reading for all of the essential details!

Cool Gadget #1: Multifunction Portable Rechargeable Waist & Neck Fan

woman wearing portable fan
Get up close and personal with the portable cooling fan!

I recently took the Multifunction Portable Rechargeable Waist & Neck Fan for a spin during one of my e-bike adventures, and boy, did it exceed my expectations. Here’s how this cool e-bike gadget added value to my rides:

  1. Adaptable Wearability: One of the standout features is its multipurpose design. Whether I preferred it around my waist (using the included belt) or my neck, it delivered a constant breeze during a hot day. Hands-free cooling while riding? Yes, please!
  2. Powerful Yet Quiet: The powerful airflow, clocking in at 5.6m/s, is surprisingly strong for such a compact device. Even more impressive is its quiet operation. This was especially true during sunny uphill climbs.
  3. Marathon Battery Life: Its 6000mAh battery is a powerhouse. Cool Gadget states that it offers a generous 7-21 hours of working time (I didn’t test it that long). That’s a whole day’s ride without needing a recharge.
  4. Compact and Featherweight: Weighing just 9.52oz, it’s so light that half the time I forgot I was even wearing it. Make sure to attach it to both the included belt and lanyard… otherwise, it does pull into the neck a bit). Plus, its size made it super easy to store in my bike bag.
  5. Versatility: While it’s perfect for e-bike rides, it’s equally handy for various other activities. From outdoor gardening to sitting at my computer, it’s been used in many ways.
Woman wearing portable fan around neck on electric bike
Wear the portable fan around your neck and waist.

For e-bike enthusiasts, this portable personal fan offers a refreshing solution, especially during those warm, sweat-inducing rides. Imagine the relief of a steady, cool breeze hitting you as you explore the outdoors. Plus, with the added belt and lanyard in the box, securing it while on the move is a breeze (pun intended).

Whether you’re on a long scenic ride or simply running errands, this fan ensures you stay cool and comfortable.

Get your Portable fan on the Cool Gadget website.

Cool Gadget #2: 4-in-1 100W USB-C Cable Monster

Plugging the cable monster into a Go Pro camera
Cool Gadget #2- 4 in 1 Cable Monster

This has been a game-changer, especially as an electric bike enthusiast. Let me break down why it is a must-have:

  1. All-in-One Charging: Gone are the days of carrying multiple cables for various devices. This cable simplifies the charging game, catering to both lightning and USB-C devices. So, I can charge my iPhone, smart helmet, Go Pro, and other equipment during the ride.
  2. Speed is Key: Fast charging means quicker charging of devices on the go or on pit stops.
  3. Rugged Durability: Out on the trails or the city streets, durability matters. With zinc alloy and nylon braided construction, this cable can withstand the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of an e-bike rider.
  4. Case-Friendly Charging: Often, I’ve had to remove my devices’ protective cases for charging. But with the Cable Monster’s 2mm connector extension, it’s hassle-free.
  5. Quick Data Transfers: After capturing scenic rides or tracking my routes, transferring data quickly is essential. The Cable Monster doesn’t disappoint with its 480 Mbps speed.

For e-bike riders, the Cable Monster is an incredibly handy gadget. Whether you need to quickly charge your GPS, transfer scenic ride photos, or keep your bike’s electronic components powered, this cable is the solution. Its durability ensures it’ll withstand outdoor use, and its rapid charging means less downtime. Plus, with its compact design, it easily fits into my e-bike’s storage, making it a ride essential.

Get the 4-in-1 Cable Monster here or on Amazon.

Cool Gadget #3: Ultra-thin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

Showing magnet features of the Wireless Magnetic Power Bank
The Wireless Magnetic Power Bank attaches to phone without even trying!

After trying out the Ultra-thin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank, it’s safe to say my e-biking journeys have taken on a new dimension. Here’s why every e-bike rider should consider this gem:

  1. Slim and Sophisticated: One of the key highlights is its ultra-thin design, making it 18% slimmer than similar models. This translates to hassle-free portability, fitting seamlessly in my pocket during my e-bike rides.
  2. Magnetic Mastery: The snap-and-charge feature is ingenious. No wires, no fuss. The added magnetic ring ensures even a phone with a case latches on securely, offering peace of mind when I’m traversing bumpy terrains.
  3. Sturdy Battery Performance: With a robust 5000mAh battery, it fully juiced up my iPhone 11 with ease. It’s perfect for an e-biker, ensuring that essential devices never run out of power during those long, explorative rides.
  4. Multi-Device Charging: I loved the fact that I could wirelessly charge my phone while simultaneously charging my husband’s iPhone 12 with a wire. This feature is also helpful when I’m out with fellow e-bikers, allowing us to share the power bank.
  5. Speedy Refills: The charging speed, up to 15W wirelessly and 20W wired, is commendable. Charging my iPhone to over half its battery in just 30 minutes through wired means is astonishingly fast.
  6. Simultaneous Boost: The pass-through charging feature is a neat addition, allowing me to recharge both the power bank and my phone concurrently—a time-saver for sure.
How Wireless Magnetic Power Bank Charges your phone without any cords!
Wireless Magnetic Power Bank Charges your phone without any cords!

For those who ride electric bikes, the Ultra-thin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is more than just a charging solution; it’s a ride companion. While navigating routes or capturing scenic moments on your phone, the last thing you want is a drained battery. This power bank keeps you connected, letting you focus solely on the journey. The inclusion of a Type-C cable and magnetic ring in the package makes it even more electric bike-friendly.

Truly, this Magnetic Wireless Power Bank has taken a permanent spot in my e-bike essentials kit. Its blend of sleek design, amazing charging capabilities, and user-friendly features makes it indispensable for e-bike adventurists.

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Cool Gadget #4: Ultralight Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Ultralight Rechargeable LED Headlamp
The headlamp stretches lightly over your head, e-bike helmet, or hat and charges inside the case!

The Ultralight Rechargeable LED Headlamp could be a game-changer for nighttime e-bike rides. For riders who cherish the serenity of night cycling, or have an e-bike commute home after dark, this headlamp is an essential companion. Here’s why:

  1. Featherweight Champion: Weighing in at a mere 0.98oz, this is one of the lightest headlamps I’ve ever used. It almost feels like it’s not there, ensuring I can focus solely on the road ahead.
  2. Super Compact: The storable headband and accompanying mini charging case are super cute and don’t require any significant amount of storage space.
  3. Dual Mode Brilliance: The two modes – for outdoor activities and indoor reading – are very thoughtfully designed. While the outdoor mode ensures your path is well-lit during rides, the indoor mode serves as a handy tool for map reading or even a quick pit-stop book read under the night sky.
  4. Enduring Illumination: The 8-hour battery life is a boon for long, adventurous rides. No need to worry about the lamp dying midway through your e-bike journey.
  5. Built to Last: Made from shock-resistant ABS material and with an IPX4 waterproof rating, this headlamp withstands the occasional jolts and unpredictable rain showers. Plus, it’s drop-resistant up to 1m—perfect for those occasional clumsy moments!

For electric bike riders, the Ultralight Rechargeable LED Headlamp offers an efficient solution to the challenges of night cycling. It’s crucial to have a clear view of the path ahead and to ensure you’re visible to others. Used in conjunction with your electric bike headlight and taillight, this headlamp fulfills these needs but does so without adding any noticeable weight to the rider’s head. The bonus charging case ensures that the lamp is always ready for the next adventure.

Overall, the Ultralight Rechargeable LED Headlamp is more than just a source of light—it’s an e-biker’s trusted ally for nighttime rides. It seamlessly combines functionality with style, ensuring rides are safer and enjoyable.

Check out the Ultralight Rechargeable LED Headlamp.

Best Cool Gadget #5: Mini Electric Air Pump (Pro Version)

Best Cool Gadget #5: Mini Electric Air Pump
I’ve named the Pro Version Mini Electric Air Pump the Best Cool Gadget!

After using the Mini Electric Air Pump Pro Version, it’s evident that it’s a tool designed with the e-bike rider in mind. And this is why I’ve picked it as the best cool e-bike gadget of 2023! Here’s a breakdown of why this is a noteworthy addition to an e-bike rider’s arsenal:

  1. Multifunctional Marvel: This isn’t just an air pump; it’s a multi-purpose gadget. Beyond pumping my e-bike tires, I’ve used it for car tires, air beds, and other inflatables. Its versatility is a major plus.
  2. Speedy & Safe Inflation: With a powerful 150 PSI inflation capability, my e-bike tires were back to optimal pressure in mere seconds. Plus, the auto shut-off function is a subtle yet invaluable feature, ensuring I never over-inflate.
  3. Precision at its Best: The accurate gauge removed the guesswork from the inflation process, allowing me to hit the sweet spot for my tire pressure every single time.
  4. Portable Powerhouse: What sets the Pro Version apart is its powerful 2000mAh power bank, ensuring the pump is always charged up and ready. Plus, the fact that I can use it to juice up my devices on the go is an undeniable bonus.
  5. Compact Convenience: Its sleek design, coupled with a built-in hose, makes it easy to handle and store. The fact that the Pro Version is lighter than the sports variant while packing in more battery power is impressive. I love that it’s easy to pack with my essential e-bike gear!
  6. Comprehensive Kit: Everything I needed was right in the box—from the storage bags to valves and even an inflation needle. The inclusion of a Type-C cable adds a modern touch.
Portable Mini Air Pump inflating flat e-bike tire
The Portable Mini Air Pump inflates electric bike tires fast, even flat tires!

As one of my favorite e-bike gadgets, the Mini Electric Air Pump is invaluable for those unplanned moments when your tires get a tad deflated, or even when you need emergency air for a punctured tire. Instead of searching for a manual pump or the nearest gas station, you have a quick, efficient, and precise solution right in your bike bag or backpack. The extra features, especially the power bank and flashlight, mean you’re prepared for more than just tire emergencies.

In summary, the Pro Version of the Mini Electric Air Pump is more than just an e-bike tire pump—it’s total peace of mind for e-bike riders. After using it, I can confidently say it’s a ride essential I never knew I needed. Every e-bike rider should consider this as a necessary investment!

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Cool Gadgets for E-Bike Riders: Review

After testing out these five hand-picked ebike gadgets, I believe they can all be helpful for all electric bikers. They are good quality and will improve the use of technology during your ride or in preparation for it.

More Cool Electric Bike Accessories

You might be wondering where these e-bike-friendly tech products come from. Cool Gadget is an online store that picks out what it believes to be helpful and innovative products. Then, it performs multiple tests on each accessory in its own “Cool Lab” to ensure high quality. 

In addition, discover more than the e-bike tech gadgets that I’ve shown you here. Find products for the outdoors, your lifestyle, and sustainable electric bike accessories. You’ll even find personal care accessories to help you feel good while you ride!

Cool Gadget also offers a variety of payment options, 7-day shipping, simple customer support, and a 30-day return period.

Cool Gadgets next to Cool Gadget Shipping Box
Purchased products come shipped in a cool box!


In 2023 and well into 2024, e-bike riders will be overwhelmed with a range of innovative gadgets tailored to enhance their riding experience. But these 5 cool e-bike accessories are at the top of the list.

The Cable Monster, a versatile 4-in-1 USB-C cable, ensures devices remain charged throughout the journey. The Multifunction Portable Rechargeable Waist & Neck Fan delivers adjustable airflow, vital for riders in warmer climates. Additionally, the Ultra-thin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank offers a lightweight solution for on-the-go charging, allowing for simultaneous charging of two devices.

Next, the Ultralight Rechargeable LED Headlamp ensures safe nighttime journeys with its durable, long-lasting illumination. Lastly, here is the best e-bike gadget per my review. The Mini Electric Air Pump (Pro Version) is a compact yet versatile accessory for electric bike riders, ensuring optimal tire pressure with the added perk of a 2000mAh power bank.

Besides being among the best gifts for electric bike riders, these cool gadgets collectively offer functionality and innovative technology for modern e-bike enthusiasts.

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Check out these e-bike-friendly tech products on the Cool Gadget website.

Now go out and enjoy your ride!