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Rad Power Bikes vs Lectric XP (Brands Compared)

Rad Power Bikes and the Lectric XP bike brands both have great e-bikes, but they have some key differences you should consider when deciding which electric bike to buy. Rad Power Bikes has many more options to choose from than Lectric, but Lectric may just have exactly what you need.

In general, Rad Power bikes are best if you want an e-bike made for a specific purpose, like transporting cargo or children, city riding, or off-road riding. But the Lectric XP is easy to fold and transport, and goes faster than any of the Rad bikes. 

But, there are several other comparisons to consider.

In this article, I’ll detail the different types of electric bikes offered by these exclusively electric bike companies and compare their specifications. I’ll also look at the warranty and return options for these e-bikes and highlight some additional reviews weighing the pros and cons to help you choose one that’s right for you.

And don’t miss the essential comparison of the Lectric XP and the RadExpand, the most similar brand models!

Rad Power Bike vs Lectric XP
Rad Power Bikes vs Lectric XP 2.0: Brands Compared

Types of E-Bikes Offered by Rad Power Bikes and Lectric Brands

Rad Power Bikes has six different models of e-bikes, and 12 bike options in total, not including the multiple color customization options. But, Lectric only offers one e-bike that comes in a step-thru and a standard version.

RadRunner Utility E-Bike Rad Power Bikes
RadRunner Step-thru Utility E-Bike from Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes 

Here are the models from this top electric bike company, and their different versions and color options, that you should check out.

  • RadCity: There are two options for the RadCity bike, a step-thru that comes in charcoal and white and a standard step that comes in charcoal. You can get the standard frame or step-thru in the regular or Plus version. As the name suggests, this is an electric bike made for commuting and city riding.
  • RadExpand: The RadExpand comes in a step-thru version in either black or white. It’s made to easily transport since it’s a folding e-bike. Take note, the small size doesn’t mean the bike performs any less than the other Rad e-bikes – it has seven speeds and adjusts for smaller riders between 4’10″ and 5’10″ (147 cm and 178 cm). 
  • RadMission: The RadMission e-bike is created for people riding in cities who don’t need quite as much power but want a simple, single-speed drivetrain. But, you can choose between a mid-step, which comes in two colors, and a high-step with three color options. This e-bike is still easy to get moving thanks to the 500W motor, 50Nm of torque, and electric pedal assist. And it’s the lightest weight e-bike coming in at only 48 lbs (22 kg).
  • RadRover: The RadRover has two versions, a step-thru in two colors and a standard in charcoal. This fat tire electric bike is easy for anyone to assemble. The brakes are easy to control, and the battery is removable.
  • RadRunner: This e-bike combines a utility, cargo, and commuter bike with a comfortable seat and two color options. You can opt to put a seat in place of the rear cargo space to take a passenger along.
  • RadWagon: The RadWagon comes in three colors and is an electric cargo bike at its finest. The rear rack lets you carry up to one hundred and twenty pounds (120 lb) of cargo with you wherever you go. With the add-on child seats, you can take up to two kids with you. 

Since Rad Power Bikes has so many e-bikes to choose from, you may need help choosing which one to get. This article offers a comparison of the Rad Bikes brand models and details the reasons one of their electric bikes may be right for you.

Lectric Bikes XP Fat Bike
Lectric Bikes XP Fat Bike with 20″ tires.
Folded E-Bike Lectric XP in White
Lectric XP E-Bike Folded Up

Lectric E-Bikes

This electric bike company specializes in only one model, the increasingly popular Lectric XP 2.0 bike, as compared to Rad’s multiple models.

The XP model comes in three variations:

  • XP 2.0 Black
  • XP 2.0 Step-Thru White
  • XP 2.0 Step-Thru Black

They are all folding electric bikes, so they are easy to fold and transport anywhere you need to go.

So, although there are significantly fewer options than Rad Power Bikes, it might just be the one for you.

If you want a foldable Lectric Step-Thru e-bike, the only decision you have to make is what color you want, black or white. Or, if you do not want a step-thru bike, you can get the XP 2.0 in black. 

The Lectric e-bikes have a lot of speed and offer a smooth ride, thanks to the five pedal assist levels. No matter what type of weather or conditions you are riding in, the mechanical disc brakes on the Lectric e-bikes will help you to brake as soon as you need to. 

Rad Power Bikes vs. Lectric Bikes (Power and Features Compared)

The specifications of the Rad Power e-bikes and the Lectric Bikes also differ slightly. This section compares the battery types, ride times per charge, motor wattages, and weight capacity.

Battery and Range Comparison

First, let us look at the battery capacity and ride times per charge for each electric bike brand overall.

Rad Power Bikes offer ranges for these specifications since they offer multiple bikes. The ride times per charge range from 25 to 50 miles (40 to 80 km) or more per battery charge. The RadRover 6 Plus is on the lower end, offering at least 25 miles (40 km) per charge. The RadCity has the longest range at fifty plus miles per charge. The other four e-bikes have a range of 45 miles (72 km) or more per charge. 

The removable battery typically takes between four and six hours to charge.

The Lectric XP gives you approximately forty-five miles (72 km) or more per charge. The battery is not removable, but there is an external charging port, so there is no need to remove the battery when you want to power up your e-bike. 

Motor Wattage

The electric motor on Rad Power Bikes typically have a 750 Watt motor, with the exception of the RadMission, which has a 500 W motor.

Lectric e-bikes have a 500 W motor, no matter which version of the XP you choose, which is more than satisfactory for riding on level ground and some smaller hills. You’ll get a high-quality bike motor with either brand.

Weight Capacity (Payload)

The XP has a three hundred and thirty-pound payload capacity and the maximum weight for included bike racks is seventy-five pounds, which is significantly more than the RadExpand with a rear rack weight capacity of 55 lb (25kg).

All of the electric bikes for the Rad brand have a maximum capacity of two hundred and seventy-five pounds (124 kg) except for the RadWagon, which has a maximum capacity of three hundred and fifty pounds (158 kg). 

Returns and Warranties

Now that we understand how the electric bicycles themselves compare, I can compare each company’s return and warranty policies. These are important if you’re unsure of which e-bike you’ll purchase and think you may want to exchange or return it. 

Rad Power Bikes has a fourteen-day return policy which starts from the day your electric bike is delivered. But, there are a few conditions that the bike must meet if you want a refund. You can’t have more than ten miles logged on the odometer, and there can’t be any signs of use, like dirt and scratches. 

Compared to the Rad Power Bikes return policy, Lectric e-bikes are more strict. You can cancel your Lectric XP order for a full refund until it ships, minus the shipping fee. However, once you get the shipping information, or once you receive your Lectric XP, the sale is final, and no refunds or exchanges will be permitted. 

The one and only exception to Lectric’s strict refund policy is for damaged or defective e-bikes. Even then, you must return the bike in the original packaging and have proof of purchase. 

As for warranties, both brands offer a one-year warranty on their electric bicycles. The warranty starts from the purchase date, covering material and manufacturer defects. The warranties are only valid for the original owner, and it’s imperative to have a receipt proving you were the one who purchased the e-bike in order to get the replacement.

So, no matter if you choose a Rad Power Bike or a Lectric XP e-bike, you don’t have to worry about differences in warranties. 

Black RadExpand from Rad Power Bikes
The NEW RadExpand E-Step-Thru folding frame e-bike!

RadExpand vs Lectric XP

As the newest folding e-bike in Rad Bike’s lineup, the RadExpand is the closest model to compare to the Lectric XP. I’ve pulled together this table to give a side-by-side comparison of the two electric bikes:

Bike ModelRadExpandXP
Motor750W takes you up to 20 mph500 (850W) takes you up to 28 mph
RangeUp to 45 milesUp to 45 miles
Pedal Assist Mode4 Pedal Assist Level5 Pedal Assist Levels
Tires20″ X 4.0″20″ X 3.0″
Weight62.5 lb64 lb
Special FeaturesStep-Thru; adjustable handlebarsStep-Thru option; Class 2 & 3 ability

All-in-all, the main difference between the two e-bikes is speed and price. Lectric has an 850W peak planetary geared hub motor that only cuts out once you reach 28 mph (as opposed to 20 mph) and is a few hundred dollars cheaper.

However, the RadExpand has greater adjustability and 1.0″ wider fat tires (4.0″ total), giving it an advantage on rough terrain. Further, Rad Power Bikes is one of the best electric bike brands and has a range of different types of e-bikes to consider.

Read a comparison of Rad Power Bikes and Ride1Up Brands!

White Lectric XP Step-Thru Fat Tire E-Bike
Lectric XP 2.0 Folding Step-Thru E-Bike

Reviews of Rad Power Bikes vs the Lectric XP

This last section has some video reviews of the e-bikes. These reviews go over the good and the bad of the two brands of e-bikes, which will help you decide which type of e-bike is better for you.

First, in this Youtube video, CNET reviews the Lectric XP 2.0, and they highlight the best features of the e-bike and a review of how it was riding for a week. They also go over the purchasing process and the assembly. 

Now, we have a review of the RadExpand by Rad Power Bikes. It’s the e-bike closest to the Lectric XP 2.0, so I have a review of that bike so you can see how they differ. But you should still consider the other types of Rad Power Bikes if you want something specific like a portable e-bike, an e-bike made for the city, or an electric cargo bicycle. 

Here’s an honest review by Russ is Right of the RadExpand and it’s compared to the discontinued RadMini (Update: Price is now at $1499, instead of the $1299 mentioned):

Compare Lectric vs Ecotric brands!

Final Thoughts

Both Rad Power Bikes and Lectric e-bike brands are great e-bikes in the middle price range. But they have certain differences, which is why you would choose one over the other depending on what you want in an electric bike. 

The Lectric XP is most comparable to the RadExpand, but there are a few differences you should check out in the table above.

If you want a variety of e-bikes to choose from, or you know you want a powerful cargo e-bike, you should go with a Rad bike like the RadWagon or RadRunner. Still, the Lectric XP is a versatile folding e-bike that you can take anywhere and goes fast… and it’s the clear winner if your budget is around $1000.

Finally, read about the fastest Rad Power bike here.

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