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2023 Popular E-Bike Brands List (by Price and Types)

Electric bikes are a pretty big investment, even though they’re typically cheaper than cars. Still, you probably have a budget, or at least know how much you’re willing to pay. Therefore, in your search for the best e-bike brands, it’s a good idea to start by looking at the popular brands and types of bikes in each price range.

Generally, electric bikes cost between $600 and $9000, with a majority of popular e-bike brands selling in the $1000-$3000 range. The most popular brands often have a range of prices and several types of e-bikes to compare, although some specialize in only one or two different styles.

Here’s what I’ve done to make it easy to find the best electric bike brands at the right price. I’ve created an e-bike brand list showing the range of costs and types of electric bicycles sold by the most popular e-bike brands. This list will help you find the electric bike companies that are within your budget and have the e-bike models you’re interested in.

Take a look at the extensive table of popular e-bike companies, listed alphabetically. You’ll find each brand showing a price range from the lowest to the highest cost and an “X” under each type of electric bicycle they offer (an electric bike manufacturer may sell e-bikes that fall in more than one category). A quick glance should help you pinpoint the best brands for you to check out.

Then continue reading to take a look at the most popular e-bikes sold from the best electric bike brands in each price category.

Aventon Aventure 2 With Torque Sensor
Aventon Aventure 2 has a superior torque sensor as opposed to a cadence sensor!

Important Note: The companies included in this list specialize exclusively in electric bikes so you can be assured of the best design and build.

Plus, they can all be purchased and shipped in the USA as well as some in Canada, the UK, the EU, and additional countries.

Best Electric Bike BrandsLowest
Off-Road &/or
Fat Tire
Aventon Bikes$1200$2000XXXXX
Blix Bike$1700$2000+XXXX
Bluejay Electric Bikes$4000$4000XXX
Bunch Bikes$4000$7000X
Buzz Bicycles$950$6000XXXX
Charge Bikes$1800$2700XXX
e-JOE Bike$1400$2000XXX
Electric Bike Co$1800$3000+XX
Himiway Bike$1700$4000XX
Juiced Bikes$1700$3000XXX
KBO Bike$1100$1700XXX
Lectric Bikes$800$2000XXXXX
Magicycle Bike$1600$3600XX
Mod Bikes$1900$3900XXXX
Pedego Electric Bikes$1900$4500XXXX
Qualisports USA$1000$1500XX
Rad Power Bikes$1200$2000XXXXXX
Rambo Bikes$2000$8500X
Soul Beach Cruisers$1900$5000+XX
Vintage Electric Bikes$4500$7200+XX
Wing Bikes$1100$1600+XXCompact,
not folding
Zize Bikes $1050$7500XXXX
Zooz Bikes$2000$2900X
Popular Electric Bike Brands by Price Range and Types of E-Bikes

Most Popular E-Bikes Under $1000

Truthfully, there aren’t a lot of high-quality e-bikes under $1000. However, there is a brand that takes its affordable e-bike models seriously and one that I’d recommend as the best electric bike in this price range:

Lectric XP and XP Lite

Fortunately, there is one hybrid electric bike, the Lectric XP, that is a fat tire, folding bike perfect for commuting, recreation, and carrying cargo.

The Lectric XP is the most popular e-bike brand under $1000. With near 5-star customer reviews from thousands of riders, it can carry cargo and rider weight up to 330lbs, with the rear rack alone capable of up to 75lbs. The 20″ x 3.0″ tires and 850W Peak motor make it off-road riding capable, while it still rides nicely on the pavement.

A truly amazing feature for the price is its Class 3 abilities. You can ride with pedal assist up to 28mph. With the price starting at $999, you really can’t beat the level of satisfaction customers are getting.

Plus, you can also buy the newer XP Lite for $800. It weighs 18lbs less than the original XP, coming in at only 46lbs, which makes it tremendously easier to fold and go!

Best Electric Bikes Under $2000

There are so many high-quality e-bikes to be found in the under $2000 price category in 2023. After separating them by type, I’ve narrowed the list down to the best e-bikes based on popularity and excellent customer reviews. Here they are:

Woman on Ride1Up Turris E-Bike
Ride1Up Turris E-Bike

City E-Bikes and Commuter Bikes

These are both amazing Class 3 e-bikes with fast pedal assist speeds of up to 28mph. Excellent reviews, long battery ranges, and comfortable frames also put these models at the top of the list of the most popular commuter e-bikes.

Ride1up 700 series commuter e-bike
Ride1up 700 series city bike
Aventon Level Step-Through Commuter E-bike
Aventon Level Commuter E-bike (Step-Through Option)

Off-Road, Fat Tire (including Electric Mountain Bikes)

These off-road fat tire electric bikes fall just under $2000 but they have great value. Almost identical in their features, the main difference is that the Aventure is a Class 3 e-bike and can go up to 28mph with pedal assist, as opposed to the RadRover Plus with a top speed of 20mph. But either of these fat tire ebikes can get you over those bumps, rocks, sand, and dirt when riding rough terrain.

White RadRover Plus Step-Thru
RadRover Plus (Step-Thru)
green Aventon Aventure Electric Bike
Aventon Aventure Step-Through version with 26″ X 4″ tires

Cargo E-Bikes and Cruisers

For families, pet owners, and those in need of hauling cargo, these electric bikes will get you and your precious cargo where it needs to go in style, sometimes with both front racks and rear racks. Both the PackaGenie and RadWagon are extended cargo bikes that carry up to two passengers (or a whole lot of cargo). This makes them extremely popular cargo e-bikes.

The RadRunner only carries one passenger but has a rear rack that converts into a passenger seat… or you can add a child seat or cargo to the back.

Green Blix Packa Genie extended cargo e-bike
Blix Packa Genie cargo bike
Orange RadWagon Cargo E-Bike
RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

Electric Road Bike

Road e-bikes don’t seem to be as popular as the many other types of electric bikes. Overall, electric bike riders aren’t as concerned with a racing geometry style of bike.

However, these three models from Ride1Up and Aventon Bikes offer the road bike look and feel with the practicality of electric power for those who still want to keep it traditional. In fact, both the Roadster and Soltera are single-speed with 5 pedal assist levels. As a bonus, all of these models have integrated batteries for a sleek look.

Red Ride1Up Roadster Best Overall E-Bike with thinner frame and tires
Ride1Up Roadster single-speed commuter
Aventon Soltera in Salmon
Aventon Soltera -lightweight commuter only 43 lbs

Folding E-Bike

All of these foldable e-bikes are also step-through, which makes them easy to get on and off, no matter what size you are. Although the RadExpand is new in 2023, it replaces the extremely popular RadMini (my very first ebike ever); now it has 4.0″ fat tires and weighs 5 lbs less, among other things.

The Sinch and Vika+ are also compact folding e-bikes that have great performance, convenience, and great reviews. If you’re looking for a narrower tire, the Vika+ folding electric bike may be perfect for you.


Truthfully, there aren’t a lot of trikes under $2000. Thankfully, the Cerana Tricycle is affordable. With a wide padded seat and lots of storage space, this trike has a surprisingly long battery range of around 40 miles, low, oversized tires, and a step-through frame for easy on and off access.

Most Popular Electric Bikes $2000-$3000

If you’re willing to pay just a little more, buying an e-bike in the $2000 and up price range gives you some really great options (and often a bit more unique).

City and Commuter

Zooz’s Ultra Urban is an electric bike unto itself. With a range of up to 40 miles and a max speed of 26mph, the unique “motorcycle” look of this urban-style bike leaves you with even more of a shock when you realize you can perform tricks and jumps with this BMX-style e-bike.

The Hyperscorpion is one of the true moped-style bikes. In fact, it’s such a popular e-bike model that it’s often out of stock. With a 1000W motor, 52-volt battery, and hydraulic disc brakes, you’ll zoom fast and far (up to 70+ mile range).

Chrome Looking Zooz Ultra Urban 750 Electric BMX Bike
Zooz Ultra Urban 750 Electric BMX Bike
Juiced Bikes Hyperscorpion in silver
Juiced Bikes Hyperscorpion uses both cadence and torque sensors!

Off-Road, Fat Tire (including Electric Mountain Bikes)

The off-road electric bikes in this price range are typically more powerful both in motor wattage and range. With 1000W+ motors and ranges of up to 60-70 miles, these e-bike models can traverse just about any type of difficult terrain, providing more bang for your buck along with great adventure.

Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S Step-Through
Juiced’s RipCurrent S even comes in a step-through model!

Cargo and Cruiser

Step-through e-bikes are quite popular with electric bike riders, especially if you’re a small person or a senior citizen. That’s what makes the Kommoda step-thru fat tire cargo bike one of the best. Plus its top speed of 26mph and peak motor wattage of 1000W doesn’t hurt either.

And there are lots of color choices in the Model S and EVRYjourney to satisfy everyone. Plus, you can choose your battery range in the model S, allowing you to go up to 190 miles.

Electric Road Bike

This Class 3, up to 50 miles range road e-bike with a torque sensor and a mid-drive motor (most electric bike options give you hub motors) has more value for its price than expected. With a smooth look and integrated battery, it has the electric power you need to ride fast but also get a little help from pedal assist when you need it.

Folding E-Bike

Although these are both folding e-bikes, what makes one popular is different than the other. The foldable Mod City+ is fast, sleek, and multi-terrain with 3.0″ wide tires. On the other hand, the XF690 Maxs has a cool-looking frame and design, but more importantly, it is a full-suspension electric mountain bike. So, it’s perfect for mountain biking if you need one that folds.


Riding electric trikes is perfect for anyone wanting to ride on three wheels, especially if you don’t know how to ride a regular bike. You won’t have to worry about balance and you can take along everything you need for a day’s ride, which is what makes e-trikes so popular.

Popular E-Bikes Over $3000

Once we get into this higher price range, you’re probably looking for more specialized electric bikes. For example, you’ll find more e-trikes, hunting e-bikes, and the best electric mountain bikes here, as well as those with specialized designs.

Electric Mountain Bikes, Hunting, and Sport

Many of the electric bikes in this category are powerful enough to get through mud and snow. But you’ll pay for that ability. Prices range up to $9000 but you can find several options for just over $3000. With these e-bikes, you can hunt, fish, ride mountain trails, and go all-terrain just for sport.

Ranger Fat Tire E-Bike from Quiet Kat
Ranger Fat Tire E-Bike from QuietKat

Electric Trikes

These electric tricycles are more unique than most. The M-360 lets you ride in a semi-recumbent position, while the Zize Supersized trike is designed and built exclusively for heavy electric bike riders. In fact, it has a load capacity of up to 550lbs, which is unheard of in a two-wheel electric bike.

Which Company is Best for an Electric Bike?

The best electric bike brands typically are the ones that meet your needs… and that’s also what makes them the most popular. It also has a lot to do with what you’re able or willing to spend as well as the type of electric bicycle you’re looking for. As you can see in the detailed brand and bike information above, there’s a great deal of variety and many 2023 popular e-bikes.

Overall, the best electric bike company is probably Rad Power Bikes. They’re the largest e-bike brand in North America (the USA and Canada combined). They also have thousands of excellent reviews by both customers and publishers and a large variety of different types of e-bikes, having been around for more than a decade.

Several of the Rad Power Bikes models are some of the most popular e-bikes, including the RadRover Plus and the RadRunner Plus.

You’re likely to see them every time you’re out for a ride… I just might be one of them.

Ready to compare the most popular brands side-by-side? Take a look:



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