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Incredible Mooncool TK1 Electric Trike Unboxing and Review

Ride into the exhilarating world of the great outdoors with ease! Whether you’re navigating balance or mobility challenges, or simply seeking a smooth ride along the open road, Mooncool stands out as a top choice.

When it comes to electric trikes, the Mooncool TK1 folding trike caught my attention. Engineered with precision and comfort in mind, the Mooncool electric trike boasts stability and maneuverability, making it an ideal option for a traditional 2-wheeled electric bike.

I’m Lisa from E-Biking Today. In this incredible electric trike unboxing and review, I’ll show you the Mooncool TK1 tricycle’s pros and cons, unboxing and assembly tips, how to ride a difficult trike, and everything else you need to know before deciding if this is the best 3-wheel e-bike for you. 

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Let’s start with the pros and cons.

Mooncool Trike carries a lot of cargo
The Mooncool Electric Tricycle carries a lot of cargo with its included baskets!

Pros of the Mooncool TK1 Tricycle

Helical Geared Motor

This 500W, Peak 750W, helical motor helps you effortlessly cruise down the road, enjoying the scenery without the strain of traditional pedaling. What’s unique about the Mooncool TK1 motor is that it uses a helical gear system to convert rotational motion into linear motion. Thus it gives a peak 55 Newton Meter torque output yet it’s quiet. So, while the TK1 turned heads, it was only because of the unique look and cool color.


I tested for maximum speed and speeds at each pedal assist level. My rides maxed out at just over 15 mph… this was using pedal assist five and my pedal power on a straight flat road. This is less than the typical 20mph max on 2-wheel electric bikes. However, this top speed, and my careful driving, assured me I was safe from tipping over.


You’ll get up to 60 miles per single charge using pedal assist with a range from 35 to 60 miles. You’ll get a much shorter range if you primarily use the throttle.

Expect the 48V*14.5Ah battery to get a full charge in 6-8 hours. But instead of charging it overnight, safely charge it when you’re awake. I set a timer or phone reminder to unplug the battery.

Speed Differential System

This rear differential mechanism enhances stability and control on turns. You’ll find out just how vital this feature is on an electric tricycle when I show how to learn to ride a trike below… yes, it’s harder than you think.

Electric trike Rear Differential System
Mooncool TK1 Rear Differential System

Front Suspension Fork

Here’s a benefit I didn’t expect an e-trike to have: a front suspension. But, the front suspension fork proved its value when riding over small bumps and dips in the road, making them nearly nonexistent.

Parking Brakes

I loved that there’s NO kickstand getting in the way here! You can pull both handlebar brakes tight while pressing down the parking brakes and releasing the hand brake. My smaller hands found it easiest to do one at a time. Further, setting one brake was enough to keep this heavy trike from rolling away. The parking brakes had the added benefit of keeping the trike steady while getting on and off.

Folding Electric Trike

Although still sizeable after folding it, being able to fit it into a corner or in your car or truck, makes it special. But don’t expect to lift it by yourself, if at all.

Added Safety Features

The Mooncool TK1 electric trike offers turn signals, a horn, a large headlight, and three taillights to keep you safe. Don’t forget to use them!

Large Comfortable Saddle, Ergonomic Grips, and Riser Handlebars

The vacuumed foam seat, adjustable handlebars, and natural grips made this Mooncool electric tricycle a pleasure to ride. I rode without any discomfort on my 10-mile ride.

Blue Mooncool TK1 Electric Folding Bike
Mooncool TK1 Electric Folding Bike has many comforts and safety features.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes with Electric Cut-off 

What does this mean? When you stop, the bike stops. When I applied the brakes, the electric motor cut off and I stopped moving immediately, instead of continuing to roll forward.

20-inch x 3-inch Tires & Stainless Steel Spokes

I really liked the 3-inch wide tires. They made more contact with the road so I felt stable on such a large, heavy trike. 


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Mooncool Electric Trike
The Mooncool TK! is a Fair Price Electric Trike. It has all of the features you need to go anywhere you want.


An included rear rack, front and rear baskets, and fenders are a valuable benefit. These would likely cost $300-$400 to buy separately. Plus, they’re heavy-duty and easily carry your cooler, bike bag, and supplies.

Ready for the Cons of this Mooncool Trike?

Twist Throttle

Okay, this is both a pro and a con. Yes, a throttle on a heavy e-trike gives you confidence you can make it home, even if you’re tired or aching. However, if you’re a senior or have arthritis or joint pain in your hands, a twist throttle can be uncomfortable to use for a long period.

Not Easy to Ride an Electric Trike for the First Time

A 3-wheel electric trike rides very differently than a two-wheel bike. Talk about feeling like a kid on a tricycle… Marc and I were both new to riding 3 wheels and it took a couple of hours of slow, cautious riding to get a feel for it. So, plan time to learn before heading out on a big ride! I’ll show you important riding tips after discussing the Mooncool TK1 electric trike unboxing.

95% Pre-Assembled?

Hmmm. Let’s take a look…

Electric Trike Unboxing and Assembly Tips

Unboxing and assembling the TK1 wasn’t difficult. Still, there are several add-ons, so you should allow a couple of hours to unbox the e-trike, assemble it, clean it up, and learn how to use the controls. And, not everything in the Mooncool Owner’s Manual was accurate for the TK1, so keep reading and watch the video above if you haven’t.

Electric Trike Being Unboxed
The Mooncool TK1 electric trike unboxing was easy.

Electric Trike Unboxing

You can easily lift the top of the box off the trike after removing the 4 plastic locks by pushing in and pulling out. Now, start unboxing by taking out the battery charger box on top. Underneath that, remove the extra parts, tools, and manual. 

First things first… check to see you have all of the parts you need, down to each screw and bolt. You can use the top of the box to lay them out. Once you have the parts laid out, pull off the additional foam and snip each plastic tie with wire cutters, careful not to cut anything but the ties. Now your e-trike is unboxed.

Electric Trike Assembly
The TK1 Electric Trike was easy to assemble, but it took a couple of hours to complete it and add the free rack and baskets.

Assembling Your Electric Trike

Assembly was a relatively easy 7 out of 10 (10 being the easiest). You can follow Mooncool’s written electric bike unboxing and assembly instructions but I have a few assembly tips you should follow.

  • First, if you intend to attach the included front basket, don’t put on the headlight as the manual shows. Instead, attach the rack, basket, and headlight, in that order.
  • You can, however, attach the front fender before attaching the front wheel. But, you’ll discover they don’t tell you how to put on the front fender. So here goes. Using the bolt above the tire that’s already secured to the front of the trike, screw on the top of the fender. The fender’s short end goes on the front of the tire. Then, pull down each fender arm until it reaches the stand-alone bolt. Use the bolt already on the e-trike to attach each side.
  • And, don’t forget to fill up each tire to a maximum PSI of 35. I’d suggest around 25 PSI to keep your ride comfortable.
Tire Close-up of PSI
Follow the recommended air pressure or go a little lower for a softer ride.

So, did it look 95% pre-assembled? I’d say it feels like there’s more left to do than just 5%. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Essential Electric Trike Riding Tips

  1. Learn to ride an electric tricycle with the pedal assist off if possible. If you can’t do this because of physical limitations, find a level street without traffic or parked cars and start on pedal assist level one. You’ll feel a bit of a kickoff if you’re not already pedaling.
  2. Sit upright, relax, and move slowly. Next, try wide turns and ride slowly over dips in the street. 
  3. Initially, Marc and I found it difficult to control the front wheel over dips and turns. I discovered that it was helpful to switch off pedal assist before turning or when crossing the street with cars present. 
  4. If riding an electric trike feels odd, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get used to riding with practice.
Woman sitting on electric folding trike
It’s hard to believe that the Mooncool TK1 Electric Trike folds up!

What Else You Need to Know About the Mooncool Electric Trike

  • I’ve mentioned how heavy this electric trike is, but here’s the nitty gritty. It weighs around 116 lbs with all the baskets and the battery included… or 90 lbs without. So, don’t expect to pick it up fully loaded. However, you can remove the baskets and battery before transporting it. 
  • The TK1’s load capacity of 350 lbs is notable and this incredible trike fits most riders 5 feet and taller (I’m 5’1″ for reference).
  • I also like having room to attach a rearview mirror, phone mount, or GPS on the handlebar.
  • It’s also good to know that Mooncool’s electric trikes and bikes come with an expandable 1-year warranty… just post on social media and enjoy a two-year warranty.
  • A final thought. If you’re concerned about physical limitations getting in the way of comfort, consider adding the Mooncool adjustable seat with a backrest.
Mooncool Trike Seat with Backrest
Mooncool Trike Seat with Backrest

Who is the Mooncool TK1 Tricycle Best For?

This electric tricycle is best for riders seeking outdoor adventures who couldn’t ride a bike otherwise. If you have physical limitations, poor balance, or don’t know how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle, the Mooncool TK1 tricycle is perfect.

And, although riders over 50 and seniors love electric trikes, younger riders can enjoy them for all of the same reasons.

Why Buy a Mooncool Electric Trike?

The Mooncool TK1 electric trike’s unique motor ensures a smooth and effortless journey, allowing you to explore the outdoors with confidence and ease. Whether you’re running errands around town or embarking on a leisurely adventure, this incredible electric trike promises an unforgettable and enjoyable ride every time. Be sure to use the E-Biking Today discount with code “EBIKING100” to get $100 off ANY purchase from Mooncool of $1200 or more.

Still thinking about getting an electric trike? Hop onto the Mooncool TK1 and enjoy your ride!

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