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The Best E-Bikes for a Small Woman: 9 Affordable Low-Step (2023)

Riding an e-bike can be a fun and exciting experience unless you feel awkward and uncomfortable while doing it. So it’s important to choose an e-bike that fits you well, especially if you’re a small woman.

Watch the video and get the detailed list of the best ebikes below!

Here are the best e-bikes for a small woman:

E-Bike ModelE-Bike
Suggested Woman
Rider’s Height
1. RadCity 5 Plus ST64lbsYes21″
(16″ step)
4’8″ – 6’0″$1999
2. Aventon Pace 500 Step-Through E-Bike49lbsYes17″4’11” – 5″8″
(“S/M” E-Bike)
3. Rad Power Bikes RadExpand Folding Step-Thru
(Fat Tire)
62.5lbsYes16″4’10” – 5’10”$1649
4. Electra Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru47lbsYes19″4’11” – 5’11”$1900
5. Ride1Up 700 Series62lbsYes17″5’0″- 6’2″$1695
6. Sixthreezero 500W EVRYjourney64.8lbsYes21″5’0″- 6’4″$1999
7. Aventon Pace 350 Step-Through E-Bike46lbsYes17″5’1″ – 5’11”
(“S/M” E-Bike)
8. Ride1Up Core 549lbsYes 19″5’0″ – 6’1″ $1195
9. Wing Freedom ST39lbsYesApprox. 17″5’0″- 6’1″$1798
Research and compilation by Lisa Sylvester, (updated September 2023)

In general, the best electric bikes for a small woman have lightweight frames, narrower handlebars, a shorter reach, an upright riding position, a lower adjustable seat, and a low, step-through frame.

There are a handful of affordable options that offer the features that a small woman who has shorter-than-average legs and arms needs to ride comfortably.

Being a 5’1″ woman myself, I recognize how important it is to get the right bike. They are NOT one-size-fits-all, no matter what you might be told. To find the perfect bike for my shorter stature, I did some research and compiled the best choices to meet the height requirements and needs of any small woman.

Further, I’ve only included high-quality, affordable models (in the $1000-$2000 range). You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a good bike just because you’re petite or have short legs. There are plenty of good options, but I did have to do some digging.

Now that I’ve already done the research, and I’ve had my own riding experiences, I’m sharing more about the best e-bikes for you as a small woman.

And, I’ll tell you which e-bike I picked that fits me perfectly! So keep reading below.

1. RadCity 5 Plus ST

RadCity Plus Step-Thru E-Bike
Rad Power Bikes RadCity Plus Step-Thru E-Bike

The RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru can fit riders as short as 4’8”! That’s pretty amazing for a full-size electric city bike with a 750W motor.

Besides being step-thru, it fits short women and men alike, even with 27.5” wheels. This is because the standover height is only 16” while the seat height lowers to 25”.

What’s great about the RadCity, in addition to it being designed by a top North American e-bike brand, is that it has everything you need for a day’s ride in the city or on a paved bike path.

It has a powerful hub motor and semi-integrated 672 Watt battery, hydraulic brakes, rear rack, integrated headlight and taillight, 5 levels of pedal assist, and up to 50 miles of range.

Take your inseam measurements to make sure you’ll fit comfortably on the RadCity:

Inseam measurements to make sure e-bike fits small women
RadCity 5 Plus Inseam Chart

Check out the RadCity 5 Plus right here!

Rad Power bikes Measurements for all e-bikes
Rad Power Bikes Rider Height and Size Chart for all models
E-Biking Thumbs UpThe RadCity is ultra utilitarian with a 750W motor and ranges up to 50 miles. Plus, it fits short women who are only 4’8″ and up!
E-Biking Thumbs DownYou might like to add a more comfortable seat.

2. Aventon Pace 500 Step-Through E-Bike

Price- $1699.00

This beautiful, award-winning (per Bicycling 2020) step-through e-bike meets all of the criteria for being perfect for a small woman. It’s affordable, easy to get on and off, relatively lightweight for an e-bike (under 50 lbs), and actually comes in two different sizes… Small or Medium.

That’s right! Forget “one-size-fits-all”! The Small claims to fit women as short as 4’11” and going up to 5’8″. So, if you’re hovering around 5′ tall, you should have no problem with this bike.

Because it’s a step-through model, you won’t have to throw your leg over a tall bar to get on and off. In fact, you can easily slide off the seat if you need to get off quickly at a light or for a quick stop!

Take a look at the size differences for the Small vs the Medium e-bike:

Fit guide for small woman and man
Size Chart for the Pace 500

As you can see, the standover height and the reach are significantly shorter, making this model more comfortable for anyone with a smaller frame. But I think that the fact that it also has a cushy wide saddle, an upright riding position, and wide tires makes it perfect for any small woman to ride.

See the Pace 500 at Aventon!

E-Biking Thumbs UpThe Pace’s powerful motor (500W), speed (up to 28mph), and range (40 miles average) make it as competitive as any e-bike out there, regardless of the size of its rider!
E-Biking Thumbs DownEven though the wide 2.2″ tires make for a comfortable ride on most surfaces, they aren’t “fat” tires and may not ride through softer dirt or sand as well as a fat tire would.

3. RadExpand Folding Step-Thru from Rad Power Bikes

Black RadExpand from Rad Power Bikes
RadExpand folding step-thru e-bike! Comes in black and white!

Price- $1599

I can testify to the Rad Power Bikes having great e-bikes. As a small woman, I bought its predecessor the RadMini, which I’m super comfortable on (as I mentioned earlier, I’m about 5’1″… and that’s probably stretching it)!

But the Rad Expand fits riders from only 4’10” tall. So I love that it’s comfortable for a short rider. You should be able to easily step onto it and reach the handlebars. And you can always bring the saddle to its most forward position if desired.

With a standover height of only 16″, I never feel like I won’t be able to get off quickly if I need to. I’ve been on my husband’s Rad Power Bikes RadMini “step-over”, and frankly, I’m not comfortable with being able to maneuver it.

Numbers on a chart showing inseam measurements
This chart tells you if you’ll be able to fit on the RadExpand based on your inseam measurement.

Here’s what else I love about the RadExpand Step-Thru:

  • 750 Watt Motor (so it’s powerful, and yes it goes fast!)
  • Gets up to 45 miles per charge
  • Easy twist throttle
  • 4″ Fat Tires… so you can ride off-road easily, in sand, dirt, or mud (but still ride on any street or paved trail)!
  • It’s foldable… so you can take it anywhere to ride without messing around with interior car space or a special bike rack and locks!
  • Comes with an integrated rear rack carrying 55 lb (25kg)

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find a fat tire bike that folds and comfortably fits a small woman that isn’t heavier than the other lightweight e-bikes talked about in this article.

So, you’ll have to decide whether it’s worth having a 63 lb e-bike in order to get these features and a bike that fits you.

If you have a riding partner that can help lift it into the car, then weight might not be an issue. Or, if you plan to only ride around town and your neighborhood, then weight doesn’t need to be a concern either.

However, if you want to travel and trail-ride, then you’ll have to be able to lift it, either folded or not.

Check out the RadExpand here!

E-Biking Thumbs UpFits a small woman with short legs very well and still has all of the other cool features you might want your e-bike to have.
E-Biking Thumbs DownAt 62.5lbs, this is not a particularly lightweight bike, so it may be hard to maneuver into the car if you don’t have any help.

4. Electra Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru

Mint green, lightweight e-bike perfect for small women
Electra Townie Go 7D

Price- $1900

The Electra Townie Go 7D is perfect for you if you want a fun, easy-to-ride, colorful, lightweight bike that’ll get you down the road in comfort.

It’s got 2.35-inch wide tires, an ergonomic shock-absorbing seat, and pedals that allow proper leg extension so you can put your feet flat on the ground whenever you need to.

And, with a 250W motor, you’ll get to where you need to go, but you won’t have to worry much about starting off too quickly.

Riding small inclines will probably be okay, but if you plan on riding big hills, 250 Watts of power may not be enough.

The reach is just under 13 inches, so it should be easy for small women with shorter arms to reach the handlebars.

Measurements for Woman's e-bike
Townie Go 7D Size Chart: Fits small women as short as 4’11”.

Take a look at the Townie Go 7D at REI!

E-Biking Thumbs UpLots of pretty colors to choose from!
E-Biking Thumbs DownNo throttle… but this might be a good thing if you don’t want to worry about getting started too fast.

5. Ride1Up 700 Series

Ride1up 700 series commuter e-bike
Ride1Up Electric Bike 700 Series… I’m 5’1″ short and this is what I ride!

Without a doubt, comfort is at the top of the list for every small rider, as we rarely fit well on standard-sized equipment.

Fortunately, my own Ride1Up 700 Series Step-Through e-bike makes riding comfortable, fun, and fast! I admit I was skeptical at first glance… I thought I’d feel like a tiny mouse sitting on top of huge 27.5” wheels. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

With its step-through frame, adjustable saddle, and tilting handlebars, it’s an incredibly comfortable full-size e-bike that’ll fit you if you’re 5’0” or over.

It doesn’t hurt that the 750W motor can propel you up to 28 mph and take you up to 50 miles, depending on terrain, incline, body weight, and the level of motor power you use.

Plus, the 700 Series has additional benefits that are hard to match for the price:

  • 100mm suspension fork
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 8-speed Shimano shifters
  • Integrated front and rear lights
  • Adjustable color display with advanced features 
  • 50 lb capacity rear rack
  • Alloy fenders
  • Read my Full Review of the 700 Series ST

Take a look at the size dimensions to make sure you can fit on this great e-bike.

700 Series Step-Through Frame Dimensions
700 Series Step-Through Frame Dimensions

Get the 700 Series on the Ride1Up website!

Woman riding away on Ride1Up 700 Step-Through Electric Bike
Me riding my 700 Series.
E-Biking Thumbs UpThe 700 Series is a great choice for a comfortable and easy-to-maneuver electric bike. With plenty of power and a top speed of 28mph, it’s truly feature-packed and an amazing value for the price!
E-Biking Thumbs DownNot built to ride on rough terrain (but it gets over gravel just fine).

Find out more about how to choose the best women’s e-bikes here!

6. Sixthreezero 500W EVRYjourney

Powder blue electric bike with low-stepframe
Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Woman’s electric bike!

One thing to love about the Sixthreezero brand is that they offer lots of colors and optional accessories… and they separate their models into men’s and women’s e-bikes if you’re interested in that distinction.

And the 500W EVRYjourney doesn’t disappoint in other ways as well. The pedals are moved forward while the ebike sits closer to the ground. So you can be closer to the ground but still get good leg extension (which will protect your knees).

This model can also carry up to 300lbs and has a range of up to 40 miles. Plus, they’ll even tell you if a model is good for riders with back pain or knee pain.

On their website, you’ll see examples of riders with different heights, inseams, and arm lengths, so you can be sure of the fit you’re getting. In general, their e-bikes fit short men and short women starting at 5’0”.

Just check out their personal fitting system. When on the website, enter basic information about your size (such as “do you have short arms?”) and needs (“do you want to ride on paved roads?”), and you’ll get an instant suggestion on the right ebike for you.

E-bike dimensions for woman's EVRYjourney
Sixthreezero 500W EVRYjourney women’s size chart

Check out the Sixthreezero website and the EVRYjourney here!

E-Biking Thumbs UpThe EVRYjourney has moved its pedals forward slightly, making it more comfortable to pedal and easier on your knees. Plus it has a wide, cushioned seat!
E-Biking Thumbs DownA little pricey for what you’re getting.

7. Aventon Pace 350 Step-Through E-Bike

Price- $1399

A less expensive model than the Pace 500, this is still a great e-bike for a small adult woman who doesn’t need quite as much power and speed. It has a 350W Motor and goes up to 20mph with the throttle or pedal-assist.

With this less expensive model, you’ll also get a battery that averages 35 miles on a charge vs 40 miles with the Pace 500.

So, saving $300 on this model really comes down to it being somewhat more of a leisure e-bike rather than a sporty one.

This e-bike still comes in “Small” and weighs a little less than the Pace 500 (46lbs).

Size specifications for Pace 350
Aventon Pace 350 Sizing

Get the Pace 350 at Aventon!

E-Biking Thumbs UpSave $300 over the Pace 500 e-bike and still fit well on it if you’re a small person
E-Biking Thumbs DownNot enough power to climb hills

Wondering if step-through e-bikes are unisex? Take a look!

8. Ride1Up Core 5

An E-bike model with a really short step-through.

Price- $1195

This is a Class 3 e-bike with a 750W motor and throttle. So it’s powerful and will get you moving fast. And, a small woman will fit on this e-bike if they’re 5’0″ or taller.

I’ve tested this ebike myself and fit very comfortably on it (and I’m 5’1″). It actually feels smaller than any of the other bikes I’ve tested, which is partially due to its lower weight.

Make sure to read my full Core 5 review here.

The Core 5 is worth checking out if you’re looking for an e-bike in its price range. It comes with a lot of great features for smaller women, including customizable pedal assist, adjustable angle seat post, and all-terrain tires, in addition to the low step-through frame. Plus, it’s pretty light at 49lbs.

So, if you can fit on it, it’ll be a comfortable ride at a very value-oriented price!

It’s also a good commuter electric bike for riding long distances. Depending on the terrain, rider weight, and incline, you can get up to 45 miles on one full battery charge.

Core-5 Size Chart showing step-over model
Note: The image is of the step-over frame but the dimensions are of the step-through (ST) frame!

Check out the Core 5 at the Ride1Up website!

E-Biking Thumbs UpThe Core 5 has a low stand-over height at 19 inches… you don’t have to lift your leg very high to get on or off!
E-Biking Thumbs DownAs a Class 3 E-bike, you may not always be allowed to ride on certain trails. Decide where you’ll be riding and make sure this is okay with you before purchasing.

9. Wing Freedom ST

Wing Bikes new Freedom Step-Through E-Bike can fit a small woman
Wing Bikes Freedom Step-Through

The original Wing Freedom e-bike only fit riders 5’6” and up, so it wasn’t even on my radar until now. But, it has gotten great reviews!

So, I’m happy to see that they’ve developed a low-step version that fits short riders starting at 5’0”! One of the unique things about the Freedom Step-Through ebike is that it comes with anti-theft detection and an alarm with optional location tracking.

You’ll get up to 25mph and 60 miles on this cool ebike, not having to give much thought to the safety of your bike (you still need to lock it up!).

Another great thing is that it only weighs around 39lbs, which is practically unheard of for electric bikes. This is a huge help for a small woman and other short riders when it comes to managing and lifting. Take a look at how it can fit you as a short rider:

Chart to help determine if this e-bike will fit you.
Wing Freedom ST Sizing

It’s worth checking out the Freedom ST on their website!

E-Biking Thumbs UpUltra low-weight for an electric bike; also, the Freedom ST gives you the freedom to worry less about your e-bike being stolen, thanks to its anti-theft features!
E-Biking Thumbs DownTheir website doesn’t have as many specifics about sizing, so be sure to check with them before you purchase.

Do Electric Bikes Have a Weight Limit? (when height doesn’t matter)

I’ve talked about the best e-bikes for a small woman, focusing on height and leg length.

But you might also like to know more about the overall weight requirements for an e-bike before you purchase one.

Almost all e-bikes have a “payload” of 250 lbs (115 kg). This means that it can withstand carrying up to 250 lbs, including body weight and cargo.

All of the e-bikes mentioned above state that they can withstand a weight of up to 250 at the least. However, the RadExpand Step-Thru has a load capacity of 275 lbs, while the Ride 1Up Core 5 and 700 Series, Pace 350, and Pace 500 Step-Throughs can hold up to 300 lbs of body weight and cargo combined.



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