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What Are Electric Bikes Good For? 16 Reasons Why They Are Popular

Electric bikes are an increasingly popular mode of transportation and enjoyment in many parts of the world. 

People buy electric bikes for many good reasons. In general, the motor assistance that e-bikes provide allows almost anyone to ride one, and increased popularity resulted.

In this article, we will explore some reasons why they have become so popular, and what advantages they offer over traditional pedal bicycles.

Read on to find out 16 reasons why electric bikes are so loved by their owners and what they’re good for!

1. Electric bikes are good for tackling hills

With electric bikes, those who live in hilly areas can easily handle the inclines. There is no need to worry about breaking a sweat or getting tired from trying to make it up the hill!

Basically, the motor on an e-bike will power your bike uphill with ease so that you can enjoy the ride without any extra effort.

So, if you’re a recreational rider or use it as an alternate form of fitness, they’re super easy and fun to ride. There’s absolutely no stress that you won’t be able to get back home because you’re tired or can’t make it up an incline.

For instance, I live in a neighborhood with steep hills required to get in and out of it. Since I’ve had my e-bike, I ride all of the time because I can get up the hill to ride wherever I’d like (and I don’t have to walk my bike up a hill to get back home).

My other very lovely bike sits in the garage collecting dust.

2. E-bikes are good for commuting to work or school

Let’s face it… electric bikes are much cheaper than cars, and who doesn’t like saving money?

You can purchase a quality e-bike (Amazon link) for around $900- $1200 and ride to work every day without spending money on gas or expensive car repairs.

Plus, you’ll be much less stressed about traffic. You can easily ride to work without having to worry about a crazy commute or sitting in traffic. For these reasons, electric bikes are quite popular in countries with very big congested cities, like China and India.

And, you’ll certainly get to work or school much faster (and easier) than if you were on a regular bike.

Commuters using e-bikes to get to school

Another big benefit of cycling on your daily commute is that it is a great way to exercise: It can energize you for the work or school day while also helping you to relax once you get home for the day.

Riding an electric bike instead of a regular bike is also perfect for those days where you might not feel 100%. If you are feeling under the weather you’ll have a much easier time riding your electric bicycle instead. 

3. Electric bikes have a positive impact on the environment

They’re environmentally friendly and help save the environment by decreasing pollution from cars.

Electric bikes are a great way to replace car trips, which have an enormous negative impact on the environment. They produce zero emissions so they’re better for our environment than cars or gas-powered vehicles.

A study in Portland, Oregon found that electric bikes can significantly reduce carbon emissions as more people ride them.

To those who are more conscious about the environment, e-bikes are a popular way to contribute to a healthy environment.

And with major environmental issues like climate change on our doorstep, even small changes can add up over time. Electric bicycles offer a way for people to make these changes without having to make a huge commitment.

Not sure what types of electric bikes are good for you? Watch this!

4. Electric bicycles are popular for those with limited mobility or disabilities

Cycling is much more accessible for just about everyone now, which has increased electric bike popularity overall. Riding a bike is possible for people with disabilities, seniors with limited mobility, and adults with injuries. Almost anyone can get the assistance they need to get around.

Even though a majority of e-bikes require pedaling to assist the motor, most disabled individuals can maintain a constant rhythm (also called “cadence”) to their pedaling. This is all they need to do to ride… besides holding on.

Therefore, if they can pedal, then they can ride an electric bike. It’ll help to get them from point A to point B, go up steep hills, ride much farther, and do it much faster! All despite physical demands.

E-biking is a great way for those with disabilities (who otherwise can’t drive a car or move slowly) to maintain their independence!

What about kids? Can they ride an electric bike too?

5. Electric hybrid bikes are good on different terrains

They’re very versatile in terms of riding wherever you need to. Most hybrid e-bikes can cross from gravel or dirt paths to paved roads with ease! This makes hybrids super popular.

Think of it this way… you can commute to work over roads but also cross through parks and hiking paths on your way. This is generally because of the fatter tires made for all road conditions.

Woman on fat tire electric bike
More and more e-bikes are like the cool Aventon Aventure 2… they ride on pavement and off-road!

6. Electric bikes are good transportation (without a driver’s license)

In many states, you don’t need a license to ride an ebike, although there are other restrictions and laws in the United States that you should be aware of and follow. However, only a handful of states require a license.

They’re also exempt from registration fees and insurance requirements in most countries (except for Canada)!

Further, although some states have no age restrictions for riding an electric bike, many do. If they do have a minimum age, it’s generally at least 14 (which is still below the driver’s license age).

Find out how old your child needs to be to ride an e-bike in your state!

7. Electric bikes are great for saving money on transportation

In general, an electric bike is a great option for people who want to save money while commuting (or even getting around town). If you don’t mind riding to work every day, you can save quite a bit of money on gas or on bus or train fare.

And you’ll probably even enjoy the ride!

It also helps that you won’t get stuck in traffic or have to wait for public transportation with no guarantee they’ll arrive on time.

An e-bike can get you where you need to go quickly and efficiently without any big expense.

8. No worry about finding a parking space for your e-bike

It’s much easier to park a bike than a car, which makes this form of transportation popular with commuters. Electric bikes just don’t take up much space at all.

And this can be a big deal if you live or work in an area where parking permits cost money and spots are limited.

Plus, bike racks are typically close to your work or apartment building, so you don’t have to park far away and walk several blocks (just keep your e-bike securely locked up with one of these from Amazon).

You might even be able to bring your bicycle inside without parking it at all.

A woman has an easy time parking a bike in a bike rack.
It’s much easier to park a bike than a car!

9. Electric bike riding is a fun and healthy way to get exercise

Exercise is easy and manageable on an electric bike. Since it’s battery-powered, riding an e-bike doesn’t have to be strenuous, so you can work out longer and have more fun doing it.

Electric bicycles are also good for people who want to exercise but not get super sweaty (especially in public!).

The good thing about electric bikes is that they provide motor support whenever needed during pedaling.

So you can ride as long and far as you’d like while knowing that you can get more assistance on the way home or when you get tired. Just make sure your battery is charged!

You might even find that riding a bike is more pleasant and less intimidating than joining a gym, especially when on an electric bike. You’ll be able to go at your own pace without pressure. And you can hop on and ride whenever you want to (heck, you could even ride to the gym!),

All black Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike for kids
You can have fun on any type of electric bike, even this one from Amazon: Swagtron EB-6 Bandit

Check out the guide to getting fit on an electric bike!

10. Electric bikes are good for speed (up to 20 miles per hour)!

Love speed? Well, an electric bike has you covered! No more lazy bike rides! If you love to go fast, you can. And most go up to 20 miles per hour. Not only is it super fun, but you can also get where you need to go without it feeling like a chore.

You’ll also be able to go much farther. With an electric bike, you won’t have as hard of time climbing hills quickly. And you’ll be able to go long distances on flat ground thanks to moving quickly.

Besides having it get you where you want to go fast, my husband and I ride after working on a computer all day just to feel the stress melt away.

An electric bike has advantages over regular bikes because they are much faster than traditional bicycles for most of us (unless you’re a serious cyclist).

11. Folding electric bikes are also popular (for a good reason)

A foldable e-bike (Amazon) makes storage and transportation easier (and they aren’t necessarily more expensive because they fold up)

For one, you can fold it to fit in smaller storage areas, which really comes in handy if you live in an apartment or small house.

how a foldable e-bike fits in back of car

You can also put it in the back of your car once it’s folded, instead of hassling with a car bike rack or scratching the interior.

Further, having a folding electric bike helps to avoid theft since you can take it more easily with you or put it away securely. It’s much riskier to leave it on your car’s bike rack than to bring it inside a hotel room with you while you’re traveling.

This makes them good for taking along on your next adventure!

Learn more about buying a foldable e-bike.

12. Less effort required (you don’t even need to pedal)

It’s easier to pedal an electric bike than it is to ride a regular bicycle because it’s powered by a battery. You don’t have to exert as much energy when the bike does some of the work for you. This makes riding an electric bike less strenuous, which means that it’s good for both your body and your mind.

The first thing to know about electric bikes is that they can be powered by a battery or by pedaling for propulsion (generally referred to as pedal assist). When using the battery-powered option, you never need to worry about getting sweaty or out of breath when riding up hills because you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Another benefit is that you might not even need to pedal when you don’t want to. If your e-bike comes with a throttle, you can use it to get moving and stay moving without doing a thing!

Learn how to ride an e-bike without pedaling here!

13. Electric bikes use popular technology

When you ride an electric bike, you’re literally riding a bike with a computer. Its artificial intelligence automatically tracks your distance, speed, and tells you what you need to know about each trip.

Some can even be integrated with your mobile phone to provide trip planning and fitness tracking.

As we’ve all gotten used to having data about ourselves readily available, it’s nice to know that we have access to it when riding an ebike as well.

Check out this article on GPS trackers for your e-bike!

electric bike controller showing battery level

14. Ride farther on an electric bicycle (than on a regular bike)

The range and battery life offered by most electric bikes are usually plenty enough for your daily needs. Batteries have between 20 and 50 miles per charge. This makes them perfect for commuting to and from work every day as well as for long-distance rides.

Therefore, you can fairly easily ride a 20-mile bike path loop, which you could probably never do on a standard bicycle (honestly, I’ve never even thought of trying).

15. Ports to charge your cell phones are a popular feature

Many newer e-bikes have a port in which to charge your cell phone. Yes, you ​can actually charge your phone while riding!

So, not only can you go faster, farther, and ride easier on an electric bike, you can have access to your phone for its GPS or to stay in touch with work or family. And because it’s electric, your phone charger will work as long as your battery does.

Sorry, but regular bikes don’t have this feature!

16. The ultimate reason electric bikes are popular: They’re easy-peasy!

Whether it’s a road bike, e mountain bike, commuter, or hybrid electric bike, you just plug it in when you get home from riding, charge it a few hours, and then you’re ready to hop on and ride again!

No need to think about where you’re going to buy gas. And, although you do need to check the tire pressure occasionally and maintain your e-bike, it’s easier and less expensive than a car for sure!

And, you can do a lot of it at home with inexpensive tools such as a small air pump and Allen wrenches.

We hope these 16 reasons why electric bikes are popular have helped answer your questions about what they are good for. And, perhaps it has made the case for buying an e-bike more compelling than ever before!

Get help buying an e-bike with this Guide!



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