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New Ride1Up Core-5 2022 Review and Test Ride

Blue Ride1Up Core-5 E-Bike with tree in the background

If you haven’t taken a look at the Ride1Up collection of electric bikes, the Core-5 is a great place to start. Thanks to its high value and low cost, it might be just what you’ve been searching for.

Discover the pros and cons, my first impressions, testing results, specifications, and more in this detailed Core-5 review.

Pros and Cons of the Ride1Up Core-5

Fortunately, the advantages of the Core-5 well exceed the potential disadvantages. Further, after checking out the pros and cons, you’ll discover that most of the cons mentioned can be easily solved if you have a desire to do so.

So, here is the list of Ride1Up Core-5 pros and cons:

Weighs only 49lbsSlightly lower handlebars mean somewhat less of an upright seated position
Updated with a headlightNo taillight (but comes with reflectors)
Looks like a traditional bike with its narrow frame and integrated batteryNo suspension fork or seat post (upgrade to a suspension seat post inexpensively)
Offered in a step-through or step-over frame
Great value for a 750W hub motor
Class 3 e-bike offers a top speed of 28mph
Uses Shimano components
Customizable pedal assist & advanced display features
All-terrain tires with puncture resistance
Watch the Core-5 unboxing and start getting excited about this high-quality, affordable electric bike!

Ride1Up Core 5 Review: Overview

The Ride1Up Core-5 is meant to be simple and efficient. That is, it’s an entry-level e-bike with all of the essentials to get you where you need to go… and the price is right!

You’ll get a better idea of what I mean by reading my impressions and experiences during the test rides. And you’ll find the answer to whether this low-cost electric bike is right for you!

First Test Ride & First Impressions

The very first thing I discovered about the Core-5 is how lightweight it is in comparison to many other e-bikes (only 49lbs)!

Besides being impressed that I can lift it off the ground with one hand, there’s no doubt that it’s easy to stop as well as much easier to get moving than other e-bikes weighing 60-70lbs.

For comparison, my RadMini weighs 68lbs and gives me trouble just getting it over a curb or into a doorway… I have to get a “running” start and kind of lift it myself as I go. But since the Core-5 only weighs 49lbs, I’m able to roll it right up and over. Plus, the tires are narrow and light, making it that much easier.

Further, its lightweight alloy frame makes it feel nimble and quick. Turning is smooth and easy. In truth, it feels much like a traditional bike. My friend even mentioned that she didn’t realize that it WAS an electric bike, I’m sure in part due to the battery being enclosed in the frame.

Woman standing over a Core-5 Step-Through Frame
The Core-5 step-through frame is easy to stand over and makes it easy to get on and off it!

Week One of Testing

After adjusting the seat several times, I noticed that I am more comfortable with the seat at about 1″ above the lowest point. This makes sense since the minimum seat height is 32″ (one inch higher than the Ride1Up 700 Series I tested and reviewed), I’m 5’1″ and the bike is suggested for riders starting at 5’0″. Thus, the sizing seems to be right on.

Now, I’ve been on several sizes and shapes of bike seats. I was a little concerned about the smaller, narrower saddle that came on this electric bike. However, I was pleased to discover that it’s quite comfortable and super easy to pedal on given its narrow width. So you can pedal hard and fast if you choose to! I’ve ridden my typical 12-mile daily ride without discomfort.

And while I was perfectly comfortable in my seated position (with a low seat), my taller husband Marc decided to tilt the handlebars a bit to help him sit more upright.

When test-riding a new e-bike, my first inclination is to find a steep hill and go up it! Although getting up hills was certainly no problem, I was quite blown away by the throttle. It powered me up as fast as I would drive a car in any neighborhood. Although doing this regularly would lower the range considerably and decrease the battery life overall, it’s good to know you have it when you really need it (late for work, perhaps?!).

Since the Core-5 comes with all-terrain tires, it was important to see how it handles dirt and gravel. Mind you, this isn’t a mountain bike and isn’t meant to ride over rough terrain (it doesn’t have the suspension to support it). But, thankfully, it handles packed dirt and gravel well without any slipping. Therefore, on a typical commute where you need to cross trails or gravel paths, it’ll handle well.

Finally, although this is a great commuter e-bike that can be more easily carried upstairs or onto buses and trains than most electric bikes, I’m looking forward to putting it in the back of my car for a long ride on a distant trail.

Week Two of Testing

After two weeks of exclusive test riding, I’m comfortable in saying that this is a great e-bike for the money. Yes, you could get an e-bike with more features such as hydraulic brakes or a suspension fork, but you’ll pay hundreds or thousands more for it. And if you are a beginning e-bike rider, you will be plenty awed at the fast and smooth ride rather than concerning yourself with these extras.

I’ll admit that I’ve missed my bike rack at times, but you can add one for just $50 from the Ride1Up Shop! This is also true of the Core-5 fenders if you’d prefer to have them (I’d definitely recommend them if you’ll be riding in the dirt or gravel).

Overall, here’s what I’ve enjoyed most about the Ride1Up Core-5:

  • The super lightweight feel and nimble turns
  • The powerful throttle
  • The tall, all-terrain tires
  • Easy-to-step-through frame: I tested the ST (step-through), but you can also get the XR (step-over)
woman riding the Core-5 towards you
Riding the Ride1Up Core-5

Ride1Up Core 5 Review: Performance and Specifications

You can learn everything you need to know about the Ride1Up Core-5 components and performance specifications below.

Check out the review notes in the table for the information on each component that stands out and take a look at the performance rating for each. The Performance rating was determined in conjunction with my expectations based on the $1195 price of the Core-5 as well as the quality and usefulness of each feature.

Ride1Up Core-5
ComponentsReview NotesPerformance Rating (1-10)
Motor750W Sustained Geared Hub Motor (48V Shengyi)Powerful for fast commuting, recreation, and exercise9.3
Battery48V 8Ah Reention Eel Pro with Smart Battery Management SystemSmoothly integrated with the frame9.0
Range25-45 milesThis is a pretty standard range for a commuter e-bike in this price range (and testing revealed that you can get over 45 miles from each charge)8.5
BrakesTektro 160mm Mechanical Disc Brakes w/ Cutoff SensorBrakes are quite capable given the low weight of the bike itself9.6
ForkSmooth Welded AlloyStandard rigid fork: looks nice but there isn’t any suspension to help you glide over bumps8.0
Drivetrain (Gear Shifts)Shimano 7-SpeedEasy to change and make a noticeable difference when climbing hills9.6
Derailleur & CassetteShimano Altus & Shimano 11-32TShifts smoothly9.4
Display & ControllerAdjustable Speed LCD Color Display & 48V22A Lishui Sinewave ControllerBasic functions are all that is needed; however, advanced settings can customize pedal assist levels, strength, and sensitivity as well as turn on/off the throttle9.5
Tires27.5″ x 2.2″ KendaNarrow all-terrain tires ride well on light gravel9.7
ThrottleLeft-Side ThumbReally powerful; a little jammed in on the same side as the controller9.5
SensorCadence SensorPlenty fast take-off on level ground; best to start pedaling before going up an incline9.0
closeup of Core-5 750W Hub Drive Motor
Core-5 750W Hub Drive Motor (& Kenda all-terrain tires)

Rear Hub Motor

The amazing thing about the Core-5 is that, even though it’s offered at a low cost, it still hands you a 750W hub motor that’s quite capable, no matter what hill you’re climbing.

Plus, at this price, it’s hard to remember that this is a Class 3 ebike with a pedal assist maximum speed of 28mph (as opposed to the majority of e-bikes topping off at 20mph)! Like all classified electric bicycles, you’ll be able to speed up to 20mph using the throttle.

It seems that you may be able to get to work or school faster than on comparably-priced e-bikes… or your car if you sit in traffic!

Close-up of the Ride1Up Core-5 Integrated Battery
You can hardly tell the battery is there!

Battery & Range

Although the 48V 8Ah battery is quite capable, you won’t be able to go quite as far as you would with a higher amp-hour battery. But, when compared to the Ride1Up 700 Series, for example, you’re only losing an insignificant 5 miles per charge.

And if you’re a typical rider who pedals and only uses high assist levels or throttle when needed to get up hills, then you should be able to get at least 45 miles per ride. This is quite satisfactory if you don’t commute more than 20 miles each way.

Handlebars with display and thumb throttle on the left side
You can change and view the pedal assistance levels using your left hand.

Pedal Assist and Throttle

Like more expensive models, the Core-5 has 5 pedal assist levels and thumb throttle, so it doesn’t fall short here.

In fact, thanks to its lighter weight, its speed picks up nicely (but isn’t jarring) when you pedal. There is just less metal to get moving, so get moving it does!

But I was really amazed at the power of the throttle. I can easily reach over 20 mph in a matter of seconds while going up a steep hill! You may need some time to get used to the left-side thumb throttle in general… and that it’s pressed up next to the display.

Closeup of New 60 Lumen Light on Core-5
New 60 Lumen Light on 2022 Core-5

Additional Specs and Components

The Core5 has a lot to offer in addition to its performance components.

Here are the additional features you’ll get:

  • Integrated 60 Lux Front Light (no rear light)
  • 2.2″ 2-tone LCD Display with Advanced Metrics
  • 48V Battery Charger with LED Realtime Indicator
  • Promax Adjustable Stem
  • Swept-back Ergonomic Cafe Handlebars
  • Ergonomic Rubber Grips
  • Selle Royal Freeway Plush Gel Saddle
  • KMC 7-Speed Chain
  • Smooth Welded Alloy Fork
  • Black Stainless Steel Spokes
  • Powerwheel Rims
  • Heavy Duty Kickstand for Extra Support
  • Two Keys for Removing the Integrated Battery System

Ride1Up Core 5 vs 500 Series

If you want a nice e-bike at a reasonable price, comparing the Core-5 to the Ride1Up 500 Series makes good sense and will help you decide which is the best e-bike for you.

The 500 Series (priced at $1395) costs $200 more than the Core-5, yet they’re very similar. By looks alone, you’ll see that the 500 Series doesn’t have a fully integrated battery. But to compare fully, let’s look at what the 500 Series offers that the Core 5 doesn’t:

  • 8-speed gears (as opposed to 7-speed on the Core 5)
  • Coil spring fork with 100mm travel
  • Rear Rack
  • Fenders
  • The 500 Series is a classic favorite from Ride1Up

    Thus, if the features above are important to you and you’re willing to spend a little extra money, then you might wish to check out the 500 Series.

Weight, Load Capacity, & Dimensions

 ST (Step-Through) XR (Step-Over)
Bike Weight49lbs49lbs
Load Capacity300lbs300lbs
Rider Height Range5′-6’1″5’6″-6’4″
Stand-Over Height (Inseam)19”28.5″
Seat Height32″-40″32″-40″
Seat Tube19″19″
Handlebar Reach & Height18” & 41″22″ & 42″

Once again, this lightweight ebike doesn’t disappoint with its 300-pound load capacity. This is something I’d expect to see on a more substantial e-bike with bigger tires. Thus, despite the sleek frame, it carries up to 50lbs more than many bikes of its size and cost!

Further, most riders can lift 49lbs when necessary. And even if you need help, two people can easily handle it.

Core-5 Size Chart showing step-over model
Note: The image is of the step-over frame but you can get the step-through frame as well.


Thankfully, the Core-5 has the standard comfort features that Ride1Up is known for. These include:

  • Selle Royal Freeway Plush Gel Saddle– Just as plush as one of Ride1Up’s more expensive models, the saddle is smaller and narrower, meeting more of a road bike styling. This makes it perfect for rapid and consistent pedaling.
  • Promax 350mm Angle Adjustable Seat Post– You can find the right tilt for your riding style.
  • Ergonomic rubber grips– These are surprisingly smooth and soft.


The Ride1Up Core-5 has basic safety features. The rest is up to you!

Safety features include:

  • Front Integrated Headlight– No more riding in the dark!
  • Thumb Throttle– Get moving fast when you need to match traffic or get out of the way of people or dangerous cars.
Man Riding Core-5 Electric Bike
My husband Marc testing the Core-5.

What Other Ride1Up Core 5 Owners Are Saying

On the Ride1Up website, reviews for the Core-5 are excellent! With an overall rating of 4.8, riders had loads of good things to say. In fact (at the time of this writing), the lowest rating is a 3-star, and these account for only 3% of the ratings. Over 81% gave the Core-5 a 5-star review, which is pretty significant.

What Core 5 Owners Like and Don’t Like

Liked by CustomersNot Liked
Price & value for the moneyHandlebar extensions would be nice
Customer support
Pleasing design
Ability to conquer steep hills & wind
Newly added front headlight
Fast and “zippy”

Unboxing the Ride1Up Core 5

Unboxing this e-bike model was pretty easy, as it’s around 85% put together. It came out of the box smoothly and I didn’t have to spend a lot of time cutting zip ties, yanking, and pulling (see my Ride1Up 700 Series unboxing video for that)! And I was excited to see the beautiful blue frame as it appeared (it also comes in a dark gray).

All of the parts were there, along with some other goodies! One of the best things to come in that box is a set of heavy-duty allen wrenches (even sizes you don’t need for assembly). You can keep this in your bike toolkit and use it for other projects!

Assembly Time and Instructions

After assembling the Ride1Up 700 series, the Core-5 was a breeze! I completed the assembly by myself in around one and a half hours. To give you a reference point, my assembly experiences include putting together a couple of other e-bikes (with help from my husband).

Thankfully, this e-bike comes direct to you about 85% pre-assembled. However, if you’ve never assembled a bike, there are still a few areas you can get tripped up on.

Make sure to watch the Ride1Up on-site video in advance so you have an idea of what is expected. There seem to be a few minor steps that are missing in the instructions. But, I’ve listed out a couple of things to watch for:

  • Remove the battery from the bike to make it lighter and more manageable. Plus, it can be getting fully charged while you assemble the bike itself!
  • Before sliding the front wheel on, loosen and remove the bolt and washer already attached to the frame.
  • Make sure you solve the riddle of twisted handlebars: You want to make sure the stem goes into the bike so that you can grab the handlebars while making sure the brake line and other cords have a little “give” and aren’t too taught.
  • Apply some bike grease (you can get it on Amazon) to the pedal bolts and the seat post to help them get seated snuggly but not stick.
  • Headlight: This is a new feature and there weren’t ANY instructions. I found a way to wrap the light cord loosely around another cord so it wouldn’t interfere with the front tire. Then I used the long screw, washer, and bolt to attach it. Complete it by tightening it with a wrench.

Ride1Up Brand Overview

The Ride1Up brand has a variety of high-quality e-bikes to offer buyers. And they have great service and support as well (just ask Ride1Up owners).

Take a look at how easy they make it to buy:

Service and SupportBenefits
1-Year WarrantyStandard
30-Day ReturnsThis is a great guarantee that you will love your e-bike
Free ShippingStandard if you live in the Continental United States
Affirm Payment PlanChoose from 6, 12, or 36 months of payment

Find out more about the Ride1Up E-Bike Brand here!

Review: Wrap-Up

The Ride1Up Core-5 does what it intends to do: Get you where you need to go quickly, efficiently, cleanly, and comfortably.

Truthfully, the only thing that makes this electric bike “entry-level” is the low price. The quality and speed you’ll get from it are anything but entry-level. It’s simple but still has the basic necessities that make it a great commuter vehicle or weekend ride!

If after reading this review, you still have questions about whether this is the best electric bike or brand for you, make sure to check out the Ride1Up Core-5 website!

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Top 6 Best Electric Bikes for Sand: Fat Tire Beach E-Bikes


The best electric bikes for sand riding will have a powerful motor and battery, pedal assistance, wide fenders, and fat tires that can traverse soft or hard-packed sand.

Thus, the 6 best electric bikes for sand are:

ModelMotorBatteryTire WidthPrice
Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus750W48 Volt 14 Ah4.0″$1999
Aventon Aventure750W48 Volt 15 Ah4.0″$1999
Juiced Bikes HyperScorpion1000W52 Volt 15 Ah4.25″$2799
Sondors XS (Save $50 w/ this link)750W48 Volt 17.5 Ah4.9″$2699
Aventon Sinch Foldable E-Bike500W48 Volt 14 Ah4.0″$1799
Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S1000W52 Volt 19.2 Ah4.0″$2699
Top 6 Best Electric Bikes for Sand (Updated 2022)

Fat tire electric bikes are the best way to explore sand and beaches. And buying your own is a worthwhile alternative to renting an e-bike every time you want to ride.

Unfortunately, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find the best electric bike for riding through the sand on the beach.

In this article, I’ll go into detail about the six favorite e-bikes I’ve researched and compiled that’ll get you through the sand and on your way! Then I’ll help you understand why sand can be a problem for e-bike riders and give you the solutions you need.

Top 6 Best Electric Bikes for Sand

Now that you understand what’s important when it comes to riding an electric bike in the sand, you can begin shopping for the best electric sand bike for you.

To reiterate, you should find one with a strong motor, varying levels of pedal assistance, and fat tires with wide fenders covering them.

Here are the top 5 best sand e-bikes I listed above. These are for riders who plan to spend time on the beach or in the desert sand.

1. Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus


Recognized as one of the “Best Electric Fat Bikes” by Electric Bike Review in 2021, this fat tire bike is fast, solid, and perfectly capable of riding in sand.

The RadRover e-bike is a perfect way to get out and explore the great outdoors. With fat tires that can handle any terrain you throw at them, this electric bike will allow you to venture off-road without worrying about getting bogged down in mud or sand!

Electric power

You’ll have plenty of power on hand thanks to the 750-watt motor and 48V, 14Ah lithium-ion battery. In fact, you can typically ride for up to 45 miles on a single battery charge. Plus, you can ride up to 20 mph until the motor stops assisting you, likely getting up to 25 mph if you really try!

Of course, given that sand provides a lot of resistance (and it might be windy on the beach or desert), you probably won’t get quite that far on one ride. Any strain on the battery will reduce its capacity. Still, you can go for a full day’s ride on the beach!

Plus, this Rad Power Bike has 7 levels of gearing along with pedal assistance, which means you have plenty of torque to power through the sand, wet or dry!

Fat tires

With full 4-inch Kenda Juggernaut tires and an internal K-shield tire liner, these tires are puncture-resistant. This means more protection from sharp debris hiding under the sand. Glass, rocks, and metal are commonly found hiding beneath the surface, especially in loose sand.

Further, you get two fenders included on the RadRover Plus, front and rear, which not all e-bikes come with. And they’re durable enough to withstand sand and other harsh elements as well as wide enough to protect you and the delicate electric parts.

Take a look at the Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus here!

2. Aventon Aventure

Red Aventon Aventure Step-Through
Aventure fat tire ebike (step-through version)


Relatively new on the Aventon e-bike model list, the popular Aventure has a slight competitive edge over the also popular RadRover, which I’ll discuss below.

Listed at the same retail price, they both make for a great fat tire beach electric bike overall.

Electric power

However, the Aventure’s major advantage is its Class 3 capabilities… the 750W motor can carry you up to 28 mph with pedal assist (20 mph using the throttle). The RadRover Plus is a Class 2 giving you a pedaling top speed of only 20 mph.

In most other ways, the two e-bikes are quite comparable. The Aventure has a 45-mile average range, weighs a hefty 73lbs, has 26 X 4” fat tires, and stops easily with the hydraulic disc brakes.

Even though it’s a power horse, it rides smoothly with an 80mm front suspension fork, helping it to get over sand, gravel, dirt, and rocks. So, it’s great for a sandy beach, desert, or mountain trail!

It’s also worth noting the additional benefits of the Aventure:

  • 8-speed gears and derailleur
  • Resistant to water splashing from all directions (not a jet spray)
  • A payload capacity of 400lbs
  • Three frame sizes fit just about anyone

Fat tires

The tires could be a slight disadvantage to the RadRover Plus. Although they are the same size with a 4-inch width, Aventon describes the tires as “ebike rated”. 

Thus, they aren’t a brand name and there’s no mention of extra puncture protection (my ebike tires have “puncture protection” and I’ve had a few flats anyways).  However, they are solid, knobby tires that can traverse any terrain. We just can’t compare the known quality, other than that the reviewers are happy with them).

You’ll also get front and back fenders, integrated front and rear lights, and an advanced color display that works with Aventon’s own app.

Check out the Aventon Aventure on their website!

3. Juiced Bikes HyperScorpion


Yes, there is a reason the HyperScorpion is “juiced”! Juiced Bikes defines it as a “moped-style” e-bike. This is appropriate given the incredible power of this e-bike.

This is a premium electric bike that comes with an amazing price tag. However, this futuristic ride features the latest technology and brings more than just speed to the table.

Electric power

The HyperScorpion, with its dual suspension, is the ultimate e-bike for those looking to take their ride anywhere… dirt, gravel, trails, and of course sand. It has a 1000 Watt motor and either a 52 Volt 15.6Ah battery or a 52 Volt 19.2Ah battery that lasts 15% longer than most batteries. In fact, you can ride it up to 30 mph and between 50 and 70+ miles (with the 19.2Ah option)!

Additionally, it actually comes with both a torque and cadence sensor (most bikes only have one or the other). This allows for pedaling and traveling at higher speeds, even on the sand!

Other power boosters on this e-bike include its 1000 Watt Retroblade motor, an 8-speed transmission, and an easy-to-use twist throttle.

Fat tires

Even the tires on the HyperScorpion have a slight edge over the RadRover.

They’re not only puncture-resistant, but they’re also 4.25 inches wide (instead of 4 inches). Even this little bit can give the bike more traction in the sand and help you out when you need to get through deep sand to get back to the sidewalk or road.

Find the Juiced Bikes HyperScorpion on their website!

Find out more about what powers your e-bike: Torque Sensors

4. Sondors XS

Sondors XS electric bike
Sondors XS Fat Tire Beach E-Bike


Sondors offers a few different versions of e-bikes that can ride aptly through the sand. However, the XS model is the most powerful version of its all-terrain options.

Electric power

With a 750 Watt motor that speeds up to 20 mph, it uses a 48 Volt 17.5 Ah extended range battery. That gives you a riding range of up to 60 miles on one charge!

Of course, you’ll need to use the 7-speed gears and 12-magnet pedal assist to get over this many miles, especially if you’re riding in the sand. But you might just be tempted to 100% throttle it the whole way.

Fat tires

Just when you thought you’d never afford an e-bike with an even fatter tire, the Sondors XS comes along. These 26-inch wheels come with 4.9-inch fat tires. Sondors proclaim that the tires are their own “signature” tires.

*SAVE $50 on a Sondors e-bike with my personal referral link

One last thing worth mentioning: The Sondors XS comes with a high-performance air suspension to make traversing through sand, dirt, and gravel a breeze.

Check out the Sondors X!

5. Aventon Sinch Foldable E-Bike


The Sinch is the perfect companion to live with if you’re in a small apartment by the beach! So, I just had to throw this one in.

Not only can you ride it on the street to the beach, but it’s also one of the best small, foldable electric bikes to take you on a ride in the sand.

The folding, portable design lets you take it with you anywhere as well as store it under a desk or in a closet!

Electric power

Being a folding e-bike doesn’t mean the Sinch has less power or capability. Like the other sand e-bikes discussed above, it has a 500W sustained motor (750 Watt peak) and a 48 Volt, 14 Ah Lithium-ion battery.

With an average 40-mile range, it boasts 5 pedal assist levels and a throttle that’ll get you started quickly.

Fat tires

Like the RadRover e-bike, the Sinch uses 20-inch Kenda tires. But even this “little” folding e-bike has full 4-inch wide fat tires that are puncture resistant.

Looks like you’ll have to add your own fenders, however. But to get a folding e-bike that can ride in the sand with 4-inch tires for only $1799… adding on a couple of fenders is worth it.

If you decide not to add fenders though, make sure you ride on hard-packed sand only!

Check out the Sinch here!

Read more about foldable e-bikes!

6. Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S


Here’s another super powerful fat tire e-bike from Juiced Bikes. It’s pricier for sure, but there are reasons that just might be worth it.

The RipCurrent S is the ultimate sporty utility e-bike for anyone who wants to get out and explore their surroundings. It can handle sand, hills, dirt trails, and gravel. It truly is a fully-equipped fat tire bicycle that delivers loads of fun and unmatched versatility.

Further, it comes with loads of super functional upgrades that will blow your mind!

Electric power

The RipCurrent S e-bike is the king of performance. It has a massive 52V 19.2 Ah battery, a 1000W motor, and a riding range of 70+ miles!

It also has a thumb throttle, geared 9-speed transmission, and both cadence and upgraded torque pedal assist sensors. With speeds up to 28MPH, you can get where you’re going fast, even if you’re riding on sandy terrain.

Fat tires

All-terrain, 4-inch fat tires are included on the 26-inch wheels. These are puncture-resistant, knobbed Kenda tires that increase stability and comfort on all off-road terrains.

Extra upgraded features include an advanced LCD display with different riding modes and a rear rack. For all the reasons I’ve mentioned above, this could be the #1 best electric bike to ride in the sand.

Take a look at the new RipCurrent S on Juiced Bikes website!

Learn how to ride your e-bike in the sand here!

Can Electric Bikes Ride On Sand? Basic Requirements

First, consider the potential limitations and requirements of riding an e-bike in the sand.

Electric bikes can ride on the sand with a few requirements. They need all-terrain or fat tires, wide fenders, and proper cleaning after each ride. They should also be ridden primarily on hard-packed sand.

Women cyclist with electric bike on the sand

Fat tires

There are a lot of advantages of fat tires ad the right ones will allow you to ride on sand without sinking in. All-terrain or fat tires work best in the sand. The perfect tires are ones that have a lot of surface area to create friction with the sand.

Most fat tires are at least 3-4 inches wide. the more time you’ll be spending riding in the sand, the wider your tire should be. If you’re planning to ride on the beach every day, then a 4-inch tire is best.

But if you’ll be doing a lot of street riding as well, it may be harder with a 4-inch tire.

Some of the more comfortable electric bikes come standard with fat tires and have a lot of clearance so these will be good for riding on any terrain including sand. The truth is, fat tires make riding an electric bike fun!

Wide fenders

Wider fenders will help keep the beach from getting into your drivetrain and gears and damaging it with saltwater, dirt, and other debris. Fenders will also keep the sand from flying up into your eyes while you ride.

Make sure that any e-bike you choose to buy has fenders that are as tall and wide as the tire is.

How to clean sand off your e-bike

After you ride on a sandy surface, be sure to brush any loose particles off of your bike. You don’t want them to get stuck between moving parts like the gears, brakes, or motor.

You may also need to clean down deep under the derailleur if you’ve been riding through wet sand all day long!

Use a dry or very slightly damp rag to wipe down our e-bike, being cautious to avoid sensitive electric components. Not only will this keep sand from falling into unwanted places, but it’ll also help protect metal or aluminum parts from corrosion during long periods of non-use.

Cleaning the sand off your e-bike after each ride will also help limit scratches and visual damage.

Hard-packed sand vs loose sand

Just because you get an electric bike good for riding in the sand doesn’t mean that you should ride it in all sand types. In fact, loose sand can cause quite a few problems.

And when you have that nice new e-bike, you’ll probably think twice about riding it through soft sand.

Hard-packed sand is just better for electric bikes to ride on:

  • It’s less strenuous to ride on
  • You won’t have sand flying into your eyes (which also makes it easier to see where you’re going)
  • Sand won’t be as likely to get into and damage electrical parts and other important components such as your chain and pedals.

Fat Tire E-Bike vs Beach Cruiser

Upon first thought, you might think that you need a “beach cruiser” to ride on the sand, especially at the beach. However, a beach cruiser is really just for “cruising” up and down the boardwalk or sidewalks near the beach and not for strenuous sand riding.

For instance, most tires on an electric beach cruiser are typically just over 2 inches. These tires don’t provide enough contact with the softer ground to help them get over such terrain.

Further, even electric cruisers aren’t typically built with the power you need to get through softer sand. Most of them come with a 250W motor as opposed to a 500W or 750W one.

That being said, e-bike brands are combining all different types of features on different bikes now. But, even if you find an electric bike with a 750W motor and fat tires labeled as a “beach cruiser”, can you really call it a “cruiser”?

So, let’s focus on what electric bike you need to ride in the sand as opposed to what it is called! Here are the five best e-bikes for sand that I researched and put together for you.

Check out the top electric fat bikes made in the USA right here!


I’ve assembled six of the best electric bikes for sand to help you find a great bike that’ll work perfectly for you at the beach. The ones I’ve listed are all top-rated and are in the lower to average price range, so there should be an option that fits your budget and needs.

You can see how they stack up against one another in terms of power, speed, range, tires, and more!

The hardest part will be deciding which fat tire beach e-bike is for you!

Want a fat tire bike that rides well in mountain terrain, as well as the sand?

How Long Do Electric Bike Motors Last? 6 Essential Care Tips

Hub motor and battery add a lot of weight to an electric bike
Hub motor and battery on an electric bike

Something you may be concerned about when making an investment to purchase an e-bike for commuting or recreation is its longevity. So you probably want to know, “How long will my electric bike, and particularly the motor, last?” 

The motor for an electric bike will generally last up to 10,000 miles at its minimum; this could be longer if properly cared for. If you are riding ten miles per day, that means your e-bike motor should last you for approximately three years before it needs replacing. 

So you now know what sort of time frame you’re looking at in terms of how long the motor will last us, but there are other matters, and other essential components to consider. These may need replacing sooner than the motor, and thus we need to consider the overall maintenance and caring of our e-bikes.  

How Long Do Electric Bike Motors Last? 

The motor will be the component that will likely last the longest on your e-bike, and you can extend its lifespan by ensuring that it is properly taken care of. 

This likely comes as quite a surprise, but it’s not too farfetched if you consider how e-bikes actually work. The motor will, most likely, not be running all the time that you are using the bike. Instead, it only comes into play once you are pedaling to propel the bike forward.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do all the work for you but instead offers assistance to the work you’re already putting out.

Depending on your usage amount, you’ll likely find that your motor lasts approximately 10,000 miles or roughly between three and five years. 

Read the Guide to E-Bike Basics (how they work)

How To Make An Electric Bike Motor Last Longer 

As mentioned before, the motor will likely be the last component of the e-bike that you’ll need to replace; however, proper care and maintenance are key to ensuring that it lasts as long as possible.

Three main types of motors may be found on electric bikes, and these are the Direct Drive Hub, Geared Hub, and the Mid-Drive. Below we describe what these terms mean and how best to care for them.

5 Essential E-Bike Motor Care Tips:

  • Avoid allowing your motor to get wet
  • Keep your motor and the rest of your bike clean
  • Don’t allow your electric bike to be exposed to high temperatures consistently (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Oil the moving components regularly, such as the chain, gears, and bearings
  • Ride gently: Use pedal assist and throttle as needed (don’t ride it like a moped or motorcycle!)
  • Take your e-bike to the experts for periodic services and maintenance

Direct Drive Hub Motors Last Longer

The direct drive hub is a motor that you will find mounted on either the front or rear wheel of the bike. It provides assisted forward motion by utilizing magnets on the inside surface of the hub and the stator windings, which are attached to the wheel’s axle. 

What’s great about this type of motor is that it has barely any moving components, except the bearings, which aids in its exceptional durability and longevity.

However, two things can affect the overall lifespan of this type of motor: overheating and rust. You could experience overheating because there is too much power running through the direct drive hub, the motor, and the other components. In some cases, if the motor and controller calibrations are off, it can even result in the elements getting so hot that they melt!

The main thing here is to ensure that the calibrations are correct, and then you shouldn’t have a problem. If you are unsure how to do this yourself, you can always take it to an electric bike dealership or bike repair shop, and they should be able to assist you with this. 

The other issue I mentioned is rust, and this will likely be due to water. Generally, this will only be a concern if you live in a place with a wet climate or if you happen to ride in the rain. The main components here to worry about are the bearings within the motor.

So it’s a good idea to keep the motor dry. But if this isn’t possible, you should dry it as soon as you’re done riding your e-bike. 

Since a direct drive motor tends to last longer than other types of motors, it’s popular on commuter or city bikes like this one:

How to Make Geared Hub Motors Last

A geared hub motor is quite different in that it actually has a motor that spins faster than a direct drive motor. It utilizes gears to transfer the torque to the wheels and will help decrease the motor’s higher speed into torque when one needs to climb hills or inclines. 

When it comes to gears, there will be friction, which will cause wear on them. This means that most likely, a geared hub will have a shorter lifespan than a direct drive hub. 

Unfortunately, this sort of general wear and tear is not something that you can do much about, and you will have to resolve the fact that you’ll need to replace the motor anywhere between 3,000 and 10,000 miles. This will depend on the make, model, and overall quality of your motor, however.

If you use your bike regularly and put many miles on its odometer, you may end up replacing the motor 2 to 3 times throughout the bike’s lifespan. 

Gear Hub motors are a bit more expensive to replace than Direct Drive hubs but less than Mid-Drive motors. They are also easier to replace, so you may even be able to do the replacement yourself.

Mid-Drive Motor Failure

A Mid-Drive motor is connected directly to the crank, resulting in the power being delivered directly to the chain. This type of motor is one that will cause the most strain on the other components of the bike; so elements such as the chain drive, the derailleur system, and the sprockets are going to be put under greater stress. 

This is because the motor and rider are both applying force to the same system. This motor is also capable of greater output than the average rider; where the rider can most likely sustain an output of 100W, the motor can deliver 250W+. All this additional strain on the bike’s parts will cause there to be far quicker wear on them. 

Because of these high demands placed on the other components, many electric bikes come with upgraded chains to help alleviate the potential for too quick a wearing down. Again, here we can see that there isn’t very much that one can truly do to prevent overall wear to certain areas of an e-bike.  

Like the Direct Drive, the Mid-Drive motor is also susceptible to moisture, and keeping it dry is a key component to maintaining it. Also, if you receive warnings from your controller, it’s best to have any issues checked to ensure the device lives out its full lifespan. 

Here’s more information on how long an e-bike controller lasts (and how to test it)!

One real downside to owning an electric bike with this sort of motor is that once they die on you, they are exceptionally difficult to replace. And by doing so, you could damage other parts of the bike. It’s thus most advisable to have a professional replace a mid-drive motor or just purchase a new e-bike altogether. 

Electric Bikes Motor Maintenance

The general lifespan of a motor is something that you do have some control over. The following suggestions will help you in maintaining it to as pristine a level as possible, for as long as possible:

  • Keep your e-bike clean, including removing any dirt or debris that may accumulate in the drivetrain.
  • Oil the moving components such as the chain… this is a very important job that you can easily do yourself. 
  • Take your electric bike in for regular services and make sure that you keep up to date with its overall maintenance. 

The battery and how you charge it are also key aspects of maintaining e-bikes as a whole. How and when you ought to charge it should be in the instruction manual. But if not, there will likely be electric bike service technicians in your city, or if not, you can contact the manufacturer and ask them for additional advice on how to best care for your bike.

Read the step-by-step E-Bike Maintenance Guide!

Key Electric Components Of An E-Bike

Although you clearly wouldn’t get any pedal assistance if your electric bike didn’t have a motor, there are a couple of other components that would make “electric” bicycling impossible.

The Motor

There are various placements for the motor on an electric bike, and there are reasons and benefits for any one of these three. You can have a bike with a front hub, a mid-drive motor, or a rear hub. The main purpose of the motor, as mentioned before, is to offer you assistance when you’re pedaling.

We call this assistance that it gives us ‘torque’. Now the more advanced and powerful the motor is, the more torque it’s likely to generate. Following this, the more torque you can get from the bike, the more power you have at your disposal.

Which is Right for you? Hub or mid drive motor? Find out!

A hub motor placed on the back wheel of an electric bike
Rear Hub Motor on my RadMini Step-Thru E-Bike

The Battery

Like the motor, the battery on an e-bike can be found in various locations, and this will most often depend on the type and size of the bike’s frame. Now the make and type of battery that your bike has will dictate two things: how long it will last before needing charging again and how long it takes to charge before it is ready for use once more. 

On average, though, you are looking at a charging time of between four and six hours. Charging the battery is simple enough, and much like charging your other devices, such as a cell phone, you will likely just need to connect it to a wall socket. Just be sure to charge your battery in time for your next ride.

This is another component that’ll need to be replaced eventually, so you probably want to know after what sort of time frame this will happen.  The general rule of thumb is that your battery should, on average, last you for about 1,000 charges, or like the motor, about three to five years. 

It may be tricky to gauge when it needs replacing, but a good indicator is once it no longer holds its charge for as long as it used to. At this point, you can assume that the battery is beginning to wear out. 

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Battery placement on the RadMini E-Bike is directly under the seat
Battery placement on the RadMini Electric Folding Bike is directly under the seat

The E-Bike Sensors

There are two types of sensors that one gets, and these are cadence (speed) sensors and torque sensors. Whichever one your bike has, the sensor is another vital part of the electric bike and its functioning. 

The cadence sensor works so that it is engaged once you begin pedaling your bike, which ensures that you are given that desired assistance. 

A torque sensor is slightly more advanced as it responds to merely a small amount of assistance to match your given speed. It is more responsive than the speed sensor and could be considered smarter. It will ultimately aid in your speed output and helps in the overall maneuvering of the bike.  

How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your E-Bike’s Battery

When it comes to batteries, there are generally three available options, which will probably come preinstalled with your electric bike. It’s a good idea to find out what type of battery your e-bike has, as this will indicate how long the battery’s lifespan is. These are the types you may find, although the lithium-ion battery is the most common:

  • Lithium-ion batteries, which last for about 1000 charges
  • Nickle batteries will give you approximately 500 charges
  • Finally, lead batteries offer you the lowest likely amount of charges, sitting at 300.

How Hot is Too Hot for an E-Bike Battery?

There are a few factors that will affect the performance and lifespan of your e-bike’s battery. The main culprit is temperature. Extreme heat or cold affects the battery’s longevity, charging, and even voltage control. 

So don’t let your bike’s battery be exposed to high temperatures for long periods at a time, especially those over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. For instance, don’t leave your e-bike parked out in the sun (unless you’re solar charging it), or in a closed-in shed when it’s super hot, for example. And don’t put your battery on a windowsill in direct sunlight.  

Alternatively, leaving your battery in places below freezing is also a bad idea.

If you want your battery to last as long as possible, it should ideally be stored in temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Store Your E-Bike Battery

Another culprit that may cause your battery’s lifespan to lessen is how you store it. Don’t allow it to be stored fully charged, as this will have a negative impact on the recoverable capacity. Instead, try to leave the battery at between 40 and 80% of its full charge when you’re not using it for long periods. 

A practical way to ensure that it is in this range is by charging it, taking it for a ride, and then storing it. Also, if your battery has the function of lower power storage, then you can switch it to this setting before charging it for storage purposes. 

Learn more about safely storing your electric bike and battery


Although general wear and tear on electric bikes are inevitable, there are simple and practical things you can do to ensure that your motor and electric bike in its entirety last longer. 

One of the main things to avoid is water, so do not use a pressure hose, for example, when routinely cleaning your bike. Also, avoid riding through large puddles and if you do ride in the rain, make sure that you dry the motor and other components properly after use. 

At the end of the day, your motor will likely outlast all the other components of your bike, such as the tires, brakes, chain, battery, and so on. So just be sure to keep it clean, oil the parts which require oiling, and try not to allow your e-bike to overheat. If you keep all this in mind, you should be able to enjoy your electric bike for years. 

18 Best E-Bike Companies: Brands Made in the USA?


With the enormous number of e-bike brands to choose from in the United States, it helps to narrow down your search to only the most unique electric bikes and the best USA brands. 

Although there are many well-known USA brands, there are only a handful of electric bikes both designed and manufactured in the USA.

The three top electric bike brands “made in the USA” are:

  • Bike Friday
  • Optibike
  • Electric Bike Company

These brands claim to build their bikes in the U.S. rather than having them manufactured overseas. However, they’re quite pricey. Optibike’s least expensive model is $2795 but goes up to $18,000+. Bike Friday builds them “by hand” and asks you to contact them for the prices, while Electric Bike Company’s e-bikes are the most affordable, starting at $1699.

Other companies may design their e-bikes in the U.S. but build them overseas. This helps keep manufacturing costs down. Thus, if you decide to buy a 100% USA-made e-bike, you’ll generally pay more.

Fortunately, there are many high-quality brands in the United States that offer well-made electric bikes (even though they may be built outside of the USA).

So, what are the best e-bike brands in the USA? Check out the companies that make the 2022 list based on popularity, affordable prices, and special features:

BrandLocation*Best FeatureCost Range
AventonCaliforniaWide variety; Affordable prices$1200-$1999
Pedego Electric BikesCaliforniaOne of the Oldest USA Brand$1895-$4995
Rambo BikesOregonCustom Assembly Services$1999-$8499
Ride1UpCalifornia30-Day Trial; Integrated batteries$1095-$2295
Vintage Electric BikesCalifornia“Race Mode”-36mph!$5495-$7000+
Rad Power BikesOregonLargest in North America; “Fat” Tire$1199-$1999
Charge BikesConnecticutNewly re-launched$1799-$2699
e-JOE BikeCaliforniaInterchangeable components$1099-$1999
KHS BicyclesCalifornia2022 Models$1999- $5699
Soul Beach CruisersArizonaSonic Stomper$1999-$4895
Lectric eBikesArizona30,000 XP models sold$899-$1999
Trek BicyclesWisconsinLargest US Bike Company$4600-$13000+
Mod BikesTexasOptional Sidecar$2190-$4190
S.A.M.’s BikesIllinois2 e-Trike models$1200-$1700
Montague BikesMassachusettesFull-size foldable model$3995
Quali Sports USACalifornia4.25″ wide fat tires$999-$1499
Electric Bike CompanyCaliforniaCustom colors and options$1699-$2399
Juiced BikesCaliforniaPowerful, fast, long-range$1499- $3499
* Read the detailed descriptions below to find out what makes each electric bike company special.
Watch this video before continuing to look for the best brand!

The best e-bike brands aren’t only defined by using top-quality parts and being the most expensive. Rather, it’s important that it’s the best for your needs. And since all riders have different ideas of what their perfect “family” of e-bikes is, as well as what features they need, you should understand what a company is all about before purchasing from them.

With my research and the detailed list that I’ve put together, you’ll be able to find a USA e-bike company that fits your budget and needs perfectly!

1. Aventon

Aventon is one of the best electric bike brands thanks to the variety of e-bike models, high value, and low prices. Their focus seems to be on making e-biking accessible to everyone.

This is probably why they are a popular brand, as you can find what you’re looking for but pay a reasonable price.

green Aventon Aventure Electric Bike
Aventon Aventure Electric Bike with 26″ X 4″ tires

Brand Features and Benefits

Aventon offers a variety of types of electric bikes. They have a folding e-bike, commuter bike, road e-bike, family bike, and an off-road model.

In addition, each one is offered in multiple frame sizes (S, M, L) and in a step-through model, thus fitting just about anyone.

All of their models are Class 2 or 3 and have a top speed of either 20mph or 28mph, while most offer a 40-45 mile range per battery charge.

An added bonus is that every e-bike connects to their Aventon app which allows you to change your bike’s speed, essentially making it a Class 3.


Aventon Bikes offers direct-to-consumer sales, which is another way to keep costs low, in addition to manufacturing overseas.

The average cost for an e-bike is around $1600, but you can get a great commuter bike, the Soltera) for around $1400 or opt for the popular Aventure fat tire bike for just under $2000.

2. Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego is one of the oldest and largest e-bike companies in America, starting as a small company with just six employees back in 2008. It was started in Southern California by two good friends and business partners who wanted to improve the quality and style of the e-bikes that were on the market.

Since then they’ve grown to become an international brand that’s been featured on HGTV!

Brand Features and Benefits

And, according to Navigant Research, Pedego is a top brand of electric bikes in America. They make electric bikes for adults and young people who are looking for lightweight commuter options and recreation. And they’ve added an e-trike to their line-up which is perfect for the elderly, disabled, or just about anyone who’d prefer to have 3 wheels on the ground instead of two.

Some of their most popular models include the Interceptor, Ridge Rider, and the Latch Electric Folding Bike. One of the things I love about Pedego is the various options they offer for different models. For starters, they have an incredible choice of amazing colors, depending on the model.

Their e-bikes also offer classic or step-thru frames and battery or wheel options.


Pedego’s comfortable electric bikes start at over $1600 for a pedal-assisted model with throttle (like the Element), which is anything but basic, up to almost $6000 for a full suspension electric mountain bike (eMTB).

3. Rambo Bikes

The mission is to provide every American with a safe and effective means of transportation, at prices that are affordable to the average person’s wallet. As such, they offer all levels of electric bikes from their most basic models up through eMTBs designed for hunting or sports use.

Rambo Bikes is located in Portland, Oregon, and manufactures all its e-bikes in the Pacific Northwest.

Not surprisingly, Rambo even has tough e-bikes for people over 6 feet tall!

Camoflauge-styled e-bike with wide tires from Rambo
Rambo Krusader– Photo courtesy of Rambo

Brand Features and Benefits

The company offers a variety of features on some models that include:

  • Front suspension forks for riding comfort
  • Rear hand brake with safety wire cable lock to prevent theft from bike racks or other sources. This also gives you added stability when riding
  • A Shimano derailleur system with a twist shifter for easier gear shifting.

They also strive to make it easy by offering custom assembly services and excellent customer service – what more could you ask for? It doesn’t hurt that each model comes with its own warranty on parts as well as the frame itself–another way Rambo Bikes stands out among other brands!


Their prices start at $1399 for The Cruiser and go up to almost $8000! However, they have a dozen or so models under $5000 and several in the lower price range. And they offer a payment plan, making it hard to say “no”!

They even have an Electric Bike Conversion Kit available in kits ranging from $800-1300 which turns almost any bike into an electric bike.

One last thing… all of their dozen or more models are capable of off-road riding (some specialize in hunting) and even offer various colors and sporty patterns to suit your needs!

4. Ride1Up

Another American-made electric bike company is Ride1Up. They are located in San Diego, California, a perfect place for e-bike riding. Their focus on commuters and encouraging people to ride their e-bikes instead of driving, help them stand out as being eco-conscious and one of the best e-bike companies in the U.S.

Their e-bikes offer a wide variety: From multiple commuter e-bikes, a folding e-bike model, and to a cargo cruiser.

Ride1Up has been around for over 20 years, which is why they’re so popular with their loyal customer base who have grown up riding them!

This brand has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, and many other major publications, just another reason to be confident in their brand.

Note: I have a Ride1Up 700 Series and can’t say enough about it (you can read my 700 Series review here).

Ride1Up 700 step-through frame in blue
My Ride1Up 700 Series Step-Through!

Brand Features and Benefits

The Ride1Up company offers a wide variety of high-value e-bike models that are priced right, most with a step-thorough or step-over frame option. These include commuter e-bikes, folding bikes, and cargo cruisers.

Plus, they come in different sizes such as Large, Small, or Step-Thru, which means that they’ll fit a wide range of people, including those who are shorter than average like me (I fit perfectly on the 700 Series even though it has 27.5″ wheels)!

Colors are somewhat more limited than other companies’ e-bikes, but there are still at least two to choose from in most models.

Another huge bonus… they give you a 30-day trial. If you’re not happy, you can send it back for a complete refund!


The cost of these e-bikes is a huge selling point… they’re all in the lower price range of $1000-$2200. Relatively inexpensive but not so low where you need to be concerned about getting good quality. You might like to check out my 700 Series model… I think it’s one of the best value e-bikes around with features you wouldn’t expect for the price.

5. Vintage Electric Bikes

Vintage Electric Bikes are made in California (check out their stunning showroom in Santa Clara) and promises to give you the fastest e-bikes in the US.

Bright red, vintage style electric bike from Vintage E-Bikes
Tracker- Image courtesy of Vintage Electric Bikes

Brand Features and Benefits

These e-bikes certainly look special! Vintage sells different types of vintage-looking electric bicycles (yes, just like vintage cars), including throttle-powered and pedal assist cruisers, hybrid commuter bikes, and cargo cruisers for carrying groceries or kids.

And, as they claimed, these are fast, powerful e-bikes, especially when you add the optional “Race Mode” feature for an extra boost when riding uphill! In this mode, you can get a speed of up to 36mph!


The various models cost from just under $4000 to over $7000. Well, what can you expect from classic, vintage-looking e-bikes? Additionally, you’ll have to add racks for $300 up.

What can I say…you really have to take a look at this vintage-style brand to see why it’s so incredibly cool.

Is your head already swimming with possibilities? Find out how to choose the perfect e-bike for you.

6. Rad Power Bikes

If you want to know what brand has some of the best electric bikes on the market based on price and quality, Rad Power Bikes has got you covered. This company’s electric bikes are designed in California and then assembled at the warehouse in Eugene, Oregon. The company was only officially launched in 2015 but it’s already trending as one of the best e-bike brands in the United States.

As electric bike companies go, they have one of the most diverse product lines on the market, with models and price points affordable for many riders. Plus, they’ve won numerous awards and have been featured in many well-known publications.

This is one of my favorite brands because, well, they’re “rad”, as the name exclaims. And I can vouch for them personally as a very happy RadMini Step-Thru folding electric bike owner (now called the RadExpand).

RadMini E-bike from Rad Power Bikes
My husband’s Rad Power Bike

Compare top brands: Rad Power Bikes vs Ride1Up!

Brand Features and Benefits

Their models include e-bikes with a range of power, from lightweight city commuters to higher-powered mountain bikes.

But one of their original stand-out features is the fat tire electric bike, which many brands now use as well. The fat tire is a 3-4 inch tire that allows riders to go as far as they want on the road but also to do some off-roading, thanks to the wider tread and grip of the tires.

But this doesn’t mean that they’re too pricey. In fact, not only do they have high-quality bikes at a reasonable cost, but you can also order them online and quickly finish assembling them yourself (they come about 70% assembled). Or check to see if their on-demand delivery service is available in your area.

Plus, they have literally thousands of reviews on bikes, all 4.7 to 5 Stars! And reading them will really help you decide which model of electric bike is for you.

The only unfortunate problem is with their bike weight… at 68lbs for the RadMini, it’s really hard to lift one into a car, bus, or train.

Blue and yellow banner telling veiwers to take a look at the Rad Mini E-Bike
Did you know that Rad Power Bikes has a low-step Rad Mini?! Get on and off easier!


Rad’s electric bikes start at $1099 for their Metro e-bike, up to around $2000 for their Rad Wagon Cargo bike. It’s worth noting also that some of their bikes are on their fourth version, meaning that they have been constantly improving and upgrading their great electric bike for many years.

Read our Rad Mini 4 Review!

Read the list of other fat tire electric bikes made in the USA.

7. Charge Bikes

Charge Bikes started in 2004 with the goal of making affordable but durable and fun e-bikes. However, after years of absence in the American market, it was just re-launched in the US in 2020 by Dorel Sports, a Connecticut-based company.

This small, personal brand wants to make e-biking affordable, fun, and accessible to all. That’s why it has re-emerged with a focus on the electric bike.

Brand Features and Benefits

Charge Bikes is comparable in price and overall ratings to Rad Power Bikes. However, they only have a few models to choose from including a city bike, comfort cruiser, and an eMTB (which won “Best E-Bikes for 2021” in c|net).

But they do offer their bikes in more colors and their models fit a wide range of different heights, averaging 5’0 – 6’3. They even have a couple of low-step frames as well.

Further, they have a list of features that are standard in all of their models, including an almost 50-mile battery range and built-in cargo racks.

So, choosing a model is much easier!


Charge Electric Bikes cost from $1699 to $2499 for the electric mountain bike. These prices include their standard features for all models.

8. e-JOE Bike

e-JOE Bike is another cool brand made in the USA. They’re located in San Diego, California, and have been around for more than a decade. Their goal is to make high-quality, affordable e-bikes that span a range of functionality.

e-JOE Bike actually describes riding their bikes as the “ultimate life hack”. This seems pretty accurate coming from one of the top electric bike companies in California where outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for something new to do!

And this also makes sense given their focus on providing you with whatever type of bike you need, from an easy-riding cruiser to a commuter bike, to a folding step-thru, or to a lightweight city bike. they’ll be sure to find the best electric bike for you!

Brand Features and Benefits

Here’s what makes e-JOE Bikes special: They’re one of the only bike companies that not only fully assemble their bicycles in the USA but also design all components to be interchangeable with each other. This makes it easy for riders to pick up any model from their catalog without having to worry about compatibility issues or parts availability.

Since they’re relatively inexpensive as quality e-bikes go, you may even want one model for short trips (such as the SUNDAY City model) and another type of e-bike for longer distances (like the ONYX Sports model). And then you can easily interchange parts if needed!

Thus, they’re one of the best electric bike brands for flexibility!

You can shop online (shipping is free!) but also visit one of their many dealers throughout the USA.


You can buy any of the e-JOE Bike cruisers or the folding or city e-bike for $1200 to over $1800. Even though the price range is small, the bikes each have their own special features to consider, so take a close look!

9. KHS Bicycles

KHS Bicycles is another one of the true American e-bike companies based in Los Angeles California. They’re a good bike brand overall and have a small selection of bikes in their line-up which can be found all over the US.

Brand Features and Benefits

Even though KHS Bicycles has only a handful of e-bikes available, they include a wide variety, from a commuter e-bike or electric mountain bike to a cargo cruiser. Their 2022 models include the MOVO 1.0E cruiser for men and women (with a small, step-thru option) and an EASY 24 with a one-size step-thru frame. Some of their other bikes also come in Small and Medium, so you can find the size that fits you.

The best part about KHS is that they’re really a lifestyle brand… you can shop for t-shirts and other fun gear and accessories right online.

Find out which step-thru e-bike is the best electric bike for a small woman or person.


Unfortunately, you can’t purchase an e-bike off of the website, but instead, need to find a local dealer. The benefit to this, however, is that you can try out the various models and get direct help answering all of your questions.

10. Soul Beach Cruisers

Soul Beach Cruisers, based in Tempe, AZ, is a bike company started in 2011 with the desire to produce “performance” cruisers that were low maintenance.

Not only did they accomplish what they originally set out to do, but they also developed and now specialize in the oversized fat tire Stomper models that are excellent for bigger riders… and they’ve added this to their list of electric bikes as well.

So, they have some of the best electric bikes for big and tall men and women!

Multiple color choices of e-bikes from Soul Beach Cruisers
Photo courtesy of Soul Beach Cruisers

Brand Features and Benefits

Once they got into electric bike production, they created the Soul Fast Electric Sonic Stomper electric mountain bike with a 1500W peak-output motor.

As a brand that has e-bikes with mid-drive motors focused on speed and power, as well as being BMX-inspired, their cruisers are anything but slow and dainty. And considering their models have 750W motors and up, they aren’t the best electric bikes for kids or the elderly.


Although these bikes start at an average price for electric bikes ($1899), they quickly go up to $5000+ for their Sonic SS Stomper Race Edition!

Looking for the best e-bike brand for kids? Read this article!

11. Lectric eBikes

Lectric eBikes is a relatively new e-bike company in Arizona, having only been started in the USA since 2018.

What is interesting about Lectric eBikes? They designed the Lectric XP e-bike that almost immediately earned the Electric Bike Review Top Choice Award for “Best Folding Electric Fat Tire Bike of 2020”.

Brand Features and Benefits

Their Lectric XP e-bike and their dedication to giving customers what they want have helped them grow quickly in the United States.

Further, they only use proven quality parts from companies like Shimano, Tektro, LG, and others, yet pride themselves on keeping the prices down. And they even have step-thru folding electric bike models.


It’s kind of hard to believe that their popular XP model has sold over 30,000 times… until you hear the price.

At just $899-$1999, these bikes have all the best features, but are more affordable than most! So, this is the best electric bike for affordability!

12. Trek Bicycles

Trek Bicycles is one of the largest US bike companies and is located in Waterloo, WI. They’ve manufactured endless types of bikes and now cater to electric bike riders with around a dozen models of super high-end, high-quality bikes.

They can tout numerous professional reviews and awards including the MBR E-Bike of the Year 2021.

Brand Features and Benefits

One thing that’s unique about this company is that its models come in a variety of options and colors, making the brand’s e-bikes very unique. With Bosch motors and parts, as well as integrated battery systems (which means that it looks nicer and is fully protected by the frame), there’s no doubt you’re getting the absolute best electric bikes.

You’ll just have to check out their website to get a full feel for the immense value of them.


So yes, you guessed correctly… Trek bikes are a bit more expensive. They start at $4600 and go up to well over $12000. But, if you want the best, Trek is definitely one of the best electric bike brands!

13. Mod Bikes

Mod Bikes designs and builds its best electric bikes in Austin, Texas. They’re all about you getting where you need to go in style, while also encouraging you to have fun.

Black Mod Easy E-Bike
Mod Easy

Brand Features and Benefits

Mod Bikes has a beautiful line of bikes to fit everyone’s needs. Their sleek yet vintage look gives you the sense that riding one would really feel special.

And here’s what’s super unique to their brand… they have a model, new in 2021, called the MOD Easy that offers an optional sidecar (or even a side basket if you’d like)! The sidecars have a payload of 120lbs so that you can carry your child, cargo, or even your dog. It’s the perfect country bike ride!

What makes this company even more awesome, besides their cool e-bikes and sidecars, is that they give free returns and a 5-year limited warranty, both of which are practically unheard of.


I think you’ll be surprised at the prices here like I was, especially given their offer of a sidecar. You can get the powerful, long-range, multi-terrain MOD Easy with sidecar (and throttle) starting at just over $3300 while it’s available for pre-order. All of their e-bikes fall in the price range of $1900-$3900.

14. S.A.M.’s Bikes

S.A.M.’s Bike Company is a family-owned company in Illinois that was founded in the early 2000s by Goldie and Andy, a couple who wanted to enjoy outdoor time with their grandchildren. After searching for the best electric bikes built in the United States that was also affordable, and not finding what they wanted, they started manufacturing their own brand.

Brand Features and Benefits

You won’t find a spectacularly detailed website from this little company. But what you will find is a solid line of e-bikes including electric mountain bikes with wide tires, trikes, and foldable options. As seniors themselves (as well as one being a lung cancer survivor), they’ve focused on providing bikes that’ll overcome physical limitations from medical conditions and aging.

What really makes this brand special is that very few companies in the USA offer electric tricycles, but this company offers two different models, which shows a commitment to their focus. And their prices are extremely reasonable as well.


You can get one of their best electric trikes for as low as $1200 (trikes are considered specialty bikes!). Further, their lowest-priced model starts at only $900 while their highest goes up to $2300.

NOTE: Because their web presence isn’t very strong, I’d definitely give them a call at the number listed on their website instead of placing an order online.

15. Montague Bikes

A long-standing US bike brand based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Montague Bikes claims to have made the best folding bike frame (and strongest). After all, they’ve been making folding bikes since 1987.

Montague M-E1 folded up
Montague M-E1

Brand Features and Benefits

What makes this company interesting, is that, although they’ve been selling bikes for many years, they only have one electric bike model, the M-E1.

However, what’s unique about this e-bike is that it’s a full-size folding e-bike that focuses on performance… “the world’s first” according to Montague.

If you’re looking for a folding bike, you’ll typically find one with smaller than average wheels (20″ is common) to accommodate the need to fold. But the M-E1 has full-size 700c tires and STILL folds up easily! And it gives you the same quality ride as any of the other best electric bikes (non-folding).


The cost of this special folding bike is $3695 and you can have it shipped directly to your home (but expect some minor assembly). Otherwise, you can find a local shop and just pick it up!

16. Quali Sports USA

Another electric bike company from Ontario, California, Qualisports USA is all about “Smiles per Mile”, their way of telling you how much fun it’ll be by riding their e-bikes. Not only are their bikes designed to look great, but they also want them to be an affordable method of transportation.

Further, they use the word “quality” in their name to show their commitment to building their e-bikes with quality parts.

Brand Features and Benefits

When you visit their website, the first thing you’ll notice is the distinct look of their entire fleet of e-bikes. They’re all foldable with only 16″ tires. This makes them easy to fold, easy to move, and easy to store. These practical models are perfect if you’re living in an apartment, dorm room, or other small space. Plus, they’re easy to take with you on a bus or train (the least expensive NEMO model is only 30 lbs!).

And, for a serious fat tire ride, the 4.25″ wide tires on the BELUGA will seriously get you over some rough terrain.


These handy e-bikes are priced very well… from $899- $1399, so getting an e-bike is much more accessible. Plus, you can make payments starting as low as $82/month!

Learn more about folding electric bikes and if they’re any good.

17. Electric Bike Company

The Electric Bike company, one of the few true ebike brands made in the USA, has a simple goal…. To offer the best USA-built electric cruiser. 

They make their custom cruisers using local bike builders and high-quality materials. Plus, they test them in their own US factory and deliver them fully assembled, right to your door.

Customized purple Electric Bike Company Model S
Electric Bike Company Model S

Brand Features and Benefits

With a nice selection of cruiser and commuter e-bikes, you can pick what works best for you. Choose from beach cruiser style to a foldable model or even one with more rugged tires.

But their best feature is clearly the ability to customize your own. Custom design yours by choosing the frame color, trim, spokes, rims, drivetrain, wheel size, and more (depending on the model).

You can even choose your battery, which means you decide how far you want to go on a single battery charge!


Although their e-bikes don’t start at the lowest cost, prices are affordable and don’t go over $2400. This is impressive considering the level of customization you get!

18. Juiced Bikes

Another California-based company, Juiced Bikes started in 2009 by a U.S. Olympic high-jumper named Tora Harris, who also happens to have a degree from Princeton in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Not surprisingly, Tora was able to produce his first high-performing electric bike with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery shortly thereafter.

black e-bike
Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S has both a cadence and torque sensor!

Brand Features and Benefits

Juiced Bikes stands out as a leader in the industry due to its upgraded features and affordable prices.

With a huge 52V battery pack and a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour, it’s not surprising that e-bikers choose a Juiced bike for its powerful performance.

Another huge bonus is you’ll get a riding range of up to 100 miles!


I’m actually surprised that they offer their lowest cost e-bike at only $1499 given that it has a 52V battery and can be upgraded to Class 3. Their most expensive model, the HyperScrambler 2, is even well worth the cost of $3499, having dual batteries, 30+ mph speeds, and a 100+ mile range.


Now that you’ve read through the 15 best electric bikes company list, you’ve probably realized that there are brands included that are big and super small, expensive and inexpensive, and stylish or classic.

This isn’t your standard list of e-bike companies because I dug deep to find all of the great brands that have something unique to offer, some of whom you’ve never heard of.

Finding the right electric bike company to purchase from is a personal thing. It’s a big investment! And, after all, you’ll be happy with finding the best electric bike brand that’s made in the USA and built just right for you!

Still not sure which brand is for you? Take a look at the most popular e-bike brands (updated list!)!

7 Best E-Bike Storage Solutions (Ideas for Home and Garage)


There are many storage ideas for bikes. However, you need to find the right one for your particular bike, especially if it’s an electric bike. Bikes with electric components require special care and shouldn’t be stored in the same manner as a regular bike. 

Therefore, proper storage of an e-bike is essential to keep it safe and in working condition as long as possible.

Choose from these top ideas for the best storage solutions for your electric bike:

  1. Waterproof Storage Covers
  2. Wall Storage Racks – Vertical or Horizontal
  3. Garage Floor E-Bike Racks
  4. Outdoor Bike Sheds (Resin, Tent, and Metal Storage)
  5. Ceiling Storage Racks and Bike Pulley Systems
  6. Bike Storage Furniture
  7. Storage Cleaning Solutions for Electric Bikes

In this article, I share the best storage solutions for one e-bike or several! I’ve researched and found the top-rated storage options and compiled them to help you find the custom system that’ll work for you.

Take a look at the recommended product tables and the “pros and cons” chart for each type of storage solution. You’ll quickly find the one that works best for you.

I’ll also point out other important storage considerations for electric bikes. Learn about battery care, safety, and the differences between storing an electric bike and a standard bike.

Continue reading to learn more about the best storage solutions for your e-bike!

1) Waterproof Storage Covers for Your Electric Bike

It’s very important to store your e-bike somewhere that’s cool and dry in order to avoid rusting and damage to the electrical parts! This is especially important during the cold winter months or long periods of rain, snow, ice, or humidity.

The best temperature to store your electric bike in is between 32F-68F (0C-20C).

If home or garage storage isn’t an option, and you must store it outside, you can place a solid cover over it to keep out as much moisture as possible. A good one will keep the bike mostly dry. However, if there’s a lot of humidity, you may find moisture building up inside the cover. So, it’s a good idea to check it periodically.

For storage inside your house, use a light cover to keep dust off of your bike. You might even just use a household sheet if you don’t mind the way it looks.

Here are some of the best bike covers for long-term or seasonal storage from Amazon:

Name:Firsttour 210D Oxford Fabric
Bike Cover
Waterproof Outdoor StorageIndeed BUY Bike CoverPuroma Bike CoverRoctee Waterproof XL
Bicycle Cover
Rating: 4.4/54.7/54.6/54.4/54.5/5
Other Details:Covers 1-2 bikes, Heavy Duty, Dustproof
Covers 1-3 bikes, Heavy Duty
Covers 1-3 bikes, Heavy Duty
Includes a lock hole
Covers up two 2 bikes.

2) Wall Storage Racks – Vertical or Horizontal

You can purchase different types of racks for different types of e-bikes, although some won’t work as well for your electric bike. Take a look at these floor racks, wall racks, ceiling rack systems, and outdoor bike sheds to get an idea what will work for you!

Here are some of Amazon’s best options for storing your e-bike:

Name:JAPUSOON Bike Stand
(1 Bike)
Steadyrack Bike Racks
(1-2 Bikes)
Vibrelli Bike Wall Mount
(1 Bike)
Type:Vertical RackVertical RackWall Rack (Adjustable)
Approximate Price:



Best E-Bike Storage Solutions for Wall Mounted Racks

Wall mounting your electric bike is a great option if you use the correct wall racks. You need to consider the weight rating of any rack you’re considering and determine whether it’ll fit your heavier and bulkier electric bike.

This is especially important given that most e-bikes are an average of 20lbs heavier than standard bikes. They also have a bigger frame and possibly wider handlebars. So, when a bike brand states that their rack “holds most bikes”, assume that your e-bike is the one it does not “hold”. Make sure you check all the specifications for size and weight before buying one.

Find out what the lightest weight electric bike is!

That being said, you should be able to find a wall rack that works for your e-bike. Wall racks can be very useful.

Wall racks could possibly be the best option if you have only one electric bike. First, this is a very efficient way to optimize space. Further, wall-mounting will help keep your e-bike from damage due to cars, lawnmowers, and other objects moving around in the garage (or kids running around your house!).

Be sure to check on what materials were used to build the rack to determine if it is strong enough to hold your bike.

An aluminum rack that is lightweight will most likely be the easiest to install and still hold your electric bike well. And a rack with soft, padded hooks will prevent damage to your bike. Keep in mind that you may need someone to help you mount a wall rack.

Vertical Bike Racks

These are racks that can be used to stand your bike up against a wall or surface vertically. Vertical bike racks can be mounted to wood or masonry, so they’ll work inside your home or in the garage.

The great thing about these racks is that you can generally mount the entire family’s bikes. Some of these racks hold up to 6 standard bikes. However, the same rack may only hold 4 electric bikes due to their bulkiness from the extra thick frame, motor, and battery.

But no matter how many e-bikes you mount in your garage, hanging them vertically uses less wall space than other options. This is why many apartment dwellers use a vertical rack to hang their bikes inside their homes. They can hang it behind a door so that it’s completely out of the way (although you might not be able to open the door quite as far).

However, unlike a horizontal wall rack, your bike will stick out of the wall a few feet, so you should have room for this in your home (but again, could work well behind a parallel door). If placing the rack in the garage, you might not have enough room to continue to park one or more cars.

Another problem with vertical racks is that it’ll be harder to lift a large electric bike up high to hang it. And, it might be impossible for your kids to hang up or remove even a standard child-size bike high up on the wall.

And again, as E-bikes can be pretty heavy, be cautious when mounting and lifting. 

Common storage choice: Many options to choose fromTakes up more space inside the home or garage
Uses less wall space than other storage optionsKids probably can’t reach to hang up their own bikes
Stores the most electric bikes in one spaceMore difficult for an adult to hang up their heavy e-bike
Works for any wheel size

Horizontal Bike Racks

Place your e-bike horizontally on your garage wall and it’ll be easy to take on and off, as long as the rack is placed low enough. If you hang your rack too high up on the wall, you could struggle with getting your heavy electric bike off of it.

So, like a vertical bike rack, you can hang your bike mostly out of the way in your home or garage. But because your e-bike hangs horizontally, it’ll take up more than twice the wall space than if you hang it vertically.

Easier to lift bikes horizontallyUse a lot of wall space
Can fit better in your house or apartmentWide handlebars may get in the way
Can fit smaller bikesMay not fit large electric bikes
Can find wall-mounted or free-standing options May be hard to lift bike onto garage or house wall
Can’t store as many bikes as a vertical rack

3) Garage Floor E-Bike Racks

Floor racks are perfect for heavy electric bikes. You don’t have to worry about the ability of the rack to hold the weight. And you won’t hurt your back lifting your e-bike up onto the wall.

(Up to 6 Bikes)
(1-3 Bikes)
Type:Floor RackFloor Rack
Approximate Price:


These garage floor stands are easy to use and may even be adjustable. Just slide the front wheel of your bike into the bottom of the rack. You can get stands that hold up to 5 bikes for your family or roommates.

Keeping your bike on the floor is also incredibly helpful for frequent and active riders. You can pull it right off the rack and head out on your ride. And because electric bikes make getting anywhere you need to go easier and faster, a floor rack makes a lot of sense.

However, floor racks will not save you space or keep your e-bikes out of the way of moving garage equipment. Thus, they’re really only useful if you already have a lot of space, either inside your home or in a large, accessible garage.

And, as you might have guessed, your tire needs to fit in the wheel slots. This can be problematic for many electric bikes that come with fat tires that are 3 inches or wider.

Easy access for frequent ridersRisk of damage to bike from other garage equipment
Can easily use in the garage or spare room of the houseMight not be big enough for tires wider than 2.5″
No risk of injury due to liftingMight be too big for small kid’s bikes
No risk of a heavy e-bike falling off a wall or ceiling
Can put multiple bikes in one rack.

Looking for an affordable car bike rack for your electric fat tire bike? Take a look!

4) Outdoor Bike Sheds (Resin, Tent, and Metal Storage)

For obvious reasons, a bike shed can only be a useful way to store e-bikes if you have a space to put one outside your house or even in a garage.

What’s nice about a bike shed, as opposed to a common backyard shed, is that it’s just big enough to store one bike (or several). So it’ll likely keep them secure and out of the elements without being an obnoxiously huge eyesore. You can find the perfect size to hold your own bike or a walk-in shed for up to 8 regular bikes (so perhaps only 6 electric bikes due to their bigger frames).

Also, a shed will keep your electric bike protected and out of the way of other dangers. Plus, it’ll allow you to keep the space you have in your home or garage for other things.

A high-grade metal storage box or durable resin shed should be theft-proof and protect your e-bike from the weather. But it never hurts to add another lock and check it regularly for water leaks.

However, a tent storage shed (check price on Amazon) is considerably less expensive and movable! So this option could work for you!

Large Tent Bike Storage Shed
Large tent storage shed from Amazon is perfect for multiple electric bikes
Allows for secure outdoor storageNeed a flat surface to put it on
Can get a high-grade, virtually unbreakable oneNeed space to set it up
Can include storage space for other bike equipmentCan be ugly
Choice of an easily movable storage tentStorage tents could be easier to break into
Greater chance of damage to electrical components

5) Ceiling Storage Racks and Bike Pulley Systems

As far as getting your bikes completely out of the way, hanging them on the ceiling might seem like the best option.

However, besides it is difficult to install a ceiling rack or pulley system, electric bikes are super heavy. So not only do you need to make sure the system you purchase is using high-quality parts, you need to make absolutely sure it’s installed securely.

Based on the many reviews I’ve read, buyers have added 2x4s to their ceilings before installing to enhance security. They’ve also replaced several cheap parts that come with their purchase, including screws, washers, bolts, and ropes.

In other words, installation is tricky and should only be done by someone qualified to put a 70-pound electric bike above your head or car. This alone makes me wary of these systems for something as heavy as even a 50lb e-bike.

Further, if you use a pulley system, you need to make sure it’s strong enough to hoist your bike up and down. So, if hanging your ebike on the ceiling is the only option due to lack of storage space, consider using a system made for extra weight like this Kayak Hoist System from Amazon that holds up to 125-pound bikes as well as other equipment.

pulley system to hang bikes on
Hang your electric bike from this 125lb rated pulley system.
Fits more wheel sizes than floor racksDifficult to install (need to add 2×4?)
Space! Doesn’t take up any!Kids can’t reach or access
Easy to pull up and down (pulley system)Weight rating may not be high enough for electric bike
Not easily accessible for a quick ride (might ride less)

6) Bike Storage Furniture (What is it?!)

shows bike hanging on a decorative wall rack

This is one of the most interesting bike storage ideas ever! It truly is household furniture or even wall decor that doubles as a place to keep your bike secured.

But, first, where do you even find such a thing? You can find it in creative e-commerce stores like Etsy or build a custom one yourself!

They can be as simple as a nice piece of wood used as a decorator shelf that holds a bike in between or a floor cabinet that a bike sits securely in the middle of. If you like this type of storage solution, plan on spending some time searching for the right one or having one custom-built to meet your needs. Let’s leave this up to the imagination!

Once again, however, consider that your e-bike is very heavy and whether there is a storage furniture solution that will support it.

Very unique!Might not be attractive to you
Custom built for perfectionMight not securely hold a heavy e-bike
Useful solution for apartments and small spaces

7) Storage Cleaning Solutions for Electric Bikes

The best electric bike storage solutions always include cleaning your bike before storing it.

E-bikes are definitely more difficult to clean than traditional bikes but there are proper and effective ways to do it. Check your e-bike user’s manual to see if it has any specific cleaning recommendations for your brand of e-bike and how water resistant it is.

In general, there are a few basic tips for cleaning electric bikes:

  • First off, don’t use a power hose or jet spray to wash off your electric bike! This can damage the electrical ports and leave the bike prone to rusting. Instead, use a slightly damp rag and specific bike shampoos that are safe to use on plastic. Or use a soft brush or rag to gently scrub your bike.
  • The best practice is to wash or scrub off any dirt immediately after a ride, which will keep the filth from sticking hard to the bike. You can opt to use very light water pressure to clean your e-bike, but be careful to avoid too much water on or around the electrical components, bearings, hubs, seals, and motors.
  • Make sure to remove the battery and controller display if you do decide to give it a gentle wash. 
  • Use waterless cleaner and degreaser (see products below)
  • Keep the bike chains clean and be sure to use lube, degreaser, or other rust prevention methods so pedaling remains smooth. Make sure it’s fully dry before putting it in storage!

Top Electric Bike Maintenance & Cleaning Products (Use Before Storage)

All bikes require quality care to maintain their value and functionality. And electric bikes simply need a little more, as well as added caution when it comes to cleaning important components.

You need at least two of the following products, one for cleaning and one for chain lubrication maintenance. Always use them before and after storage of your electric bike for a long period.

  1. Finish Line E-Bike and Exercise Bike Cleaner Aerosol– 14 oz, Amazon

Rating: 4.6/5

Approximate Price: $7.99

What it is: E-bike cleaner: A spray to safely remove grime from your electric bike before it gets deep into the electrical components. It’s safe to use on batteries and all bike surfaces. Just spray and wipe it off! No rinsing with water required. 

Bottle of Finish Line E-Bike and Exercise Bike Cleaner Aerosol
  1. Finish Line E-Bike Chain Lube, 4 oz, Amazon

Rating: 4.6/5

Approximate Price: $11.99

What it is: Bike Chain lube specially formulated for electric bikes. This product is a wet chain lube created specifically for lubricating electric assist chains that are subject to high pressure and torque. Prevents rust and other premature wear on your e-bike’s chains. 

Black bottle of Finish Line E-Bike Chain Lube
  1. Muc-Off MOX-904 Nano Tech Bike Cleaner– 1 Liter, Amazon

Rating: 4.8/5

Approximate Price: $19.42

What it is: Bike cleaner. This product is great for removing deep dirt that is stuck on your ebike without ruining the finish. It works on any type of bike and is easy to use. Spray it on and lightly rinse off (or for an electric bike, just use a damp rag to wipe it off).

Large bottles of Muc-Off MOX-904 Nano Tech Bike Cleaner
  1. PELLI Premium Bike Care: All-in-One E-Bike Cleaning and Maintenance Kit, Amazon

Rating: N/A 

Approximate Price: $74

What it is: E-bike Waterless Cleaner set. This is a complete set of formulas that are simple to use and don’t leave any streaks or scratches. Use the EcoClean to remove dirt and grease, then protect your ebike from the elements with CeramicProtect, and finish off with the E-BikeCleaner to maintain your clean bike.

Plus, you’ll get a microfiber towel, applicator, and sprayers. Just spray a few times and wipe it off! No water is required.

three e-bike cleaners and accessories
PELLI Premium Bike Care: All-in-One E-Bike Cleaning and Maintenance Kit
  1. WD-40 Specialist Bike Wet Chain Lube- 4 OZ, Amazon

Rating: 4.7/5

Approximate Price: $9.38

What it is: Chain Lube. This is a wet lube formula designed to make your ride smoother and keep your bike chains healthy in wet, muddy, and other extreme conditions that e-bikes are likely to find themselves in. Prevents friction and doesn’t require any wax. This is appropriate to use on any type of bike! 

Bottle of WD-40 Specialist Bike Wet Chain Lube- 4 OZ
  1. Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner & Lubricant – #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $9.25

What it is: Bike Lube. This product cleans and lubricates your bike chains in one step. Prevents friction and premature wear, and removes any grime that has built up on the chains. This is great for bikes being stored long-term near the coast or during the winter. 

Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner & Lubricant
  1. Finish Line Gear Floss, Amazon

Rating: 4.6/5

Price: $6.75

What it is: Detailing Tool. This is a detailing tool designed to clean your chainrings, hubs, brake arms, rear cassette or freewheel, and more. The microfiber floss captures dirt and grime in hard-to-clean crevices or the outside of your bike. The rope is washable and highly tear-resistant. 

Box with bike chain cleaner
  1. MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Amazon
    Pack of 12, Size: 12.6″ x 12.6″

Rating: 4.7/5

Approximate Price: $12.99

What it is: Cleaning Cloth. Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning any type of bike. They have an ultra-soft and non-scratch material and get rid of dust very efficiently. They are great for drying your bike, removing dust, and cleaning off dirt and grime with one of the sprays mentioned above. 

More Electric Bike Storage Ideas

It’s best to learn everything you can about storing your electric bike so that you can preserve your investment. Here are some additional tips and ideas you should know before storing your e-bike.

Store the battery separately (even if in the garage)

Storing your battery separately can make it easier to store your bike as well as keep the battery protected. Most e-bike batteries are lithium-ion and need to be stored in a cool, dry place for the safest and most efficient usage. If batteries are left outside in the heat or humidity too long, it can cause shorter charges and lower electrical resistance.

However, batteries should be warmed up to room temperature before popping it back on the bike.

In addition, your battery will be safer stored indoors even though your bike (and the rest of the electric components) are in the garage or a bike shed. Not only will keeping it inside protect the battery from damage, it’ll also be protected from thieves. Theft of e-bike batteries is common since it is typically the most expensive part (and it’s easily removable from an electric bike).

Another battery storage tip is to never keep your battery on the charging port for too long. It’s actually a good idea to remove it before it hits fully charged. This will preserve the overall life of the battery. If you continuously keep the battery on the charger in between uses, it will slowly damage the battery. Also, make sure your battery ports are clean and rust-free before attaching them back to the bike.

Learn more about caring for your e-bike: Read the complete guide!

Keep your e-bike safe during storage

Just as you wear a helmet to protect yourself during riding, you’ll want to protect your e-bike when you’re not riding.

But if you have no room to store your bike indoors, it can be a bit nerve-wracking to leave it outside, even if locked to a bike rack. A bike shed or garage storage is the next best option.

Still, a good storage idea is to use a bike cover with a strong, efficient lock to give you peace of mind, even if you’re storing your e-bike in the garage. Or lock your bike to something sturdy, like a metal pole, fence, or bike rack.

Again, bring your battery inside to prevent thieves from stealing it. In other words, use several storage ideas instead of just one to keep your e-bike safe.

If you don’t ride your bike too often, you can also rent out a storage unit to keep your bike safe from thieves and bad weather conditions. Look up storage units in the area near you for the best pricing and space options. 

Read this article on preventing theft!

Store your electric bike inside your home if possible

Storing your e-bike inside your home is most likely the safest option, especially if you ride it often. However, it may be slightly annoying or frustrating to store your e-bike indoors if you live in a smaller house or apartment.

Consider using a wall rack as discussed above to allow more space in your home. 

If you don’t have a rack, try finding a corner of your home that is the least used and lean it up against a wall. You can remove the wheels, battery, and handlebars to make the bike less bulky as well, although this would be more of a hassle to remove and reinstall before every ride. 

When you need to store it outside, be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and away from any spraying water sources like sprinklers or even a pool. A bike cover is the best option to prevent corrosion and deterioration but you can also use a porch or overhang temporarily to block the electric parts from harsh sun, wind, and rain. 

Comparison and Conclusion: Storage for Electric Bikes vs. Standard Bikes

Keep in mind that e-bikes are much heavier, bulkier, and have more parts than traditional bicycles. They will require more caution when mounting on racks and lifting. They’ll also take up a bit more space in your home, which is why it’s a good idea to get one of the best e-bike racks discussed above to store it!

With electric bikes, remember that you’ll also need a safe place to charge your battery. So if you ride frequently, you may wish to have the battery charger near your e-bike. Of course, this isn’t a concern at all with a standard bike.

E-bikes will also take up more space in general than a regular bike due to their larger frame, motor, wider wheels, and battery. Thus, it can be harder to figure out the best storage solution for an e-bike.

Finally, when looking into the best electric bike storage solutions, you should always prioritize concerns with the electrical components and how it needs to be stored differently than a standard bike. Better cleaning, proper battery care, and caution with electric components are all things to consider.

Overall, there are plenty of efficient solutions to storing your e-bike anywhere that works for you. While the safest option is to keep it inside your home, you can also store it outdoors under a waterproof cover, on a hanging bike rack strong enough for the weight of your e-bike, in a garage floor rack, or in a bike storage shed.

Just remember to further protect your investment by keeping your e-bike clean and greased up while it’s in storage!

By properly storing your electric bike, you can continue to use it for many years and enjoy every ride! 

11 Best Electric Bikes With Belt Drive (2022)

Raleigh Grand Centros E-Bike is one of the best e-bikes with a belt drive

Why would you want a belt-driven e-bike when a chain-driven one is the most common?

A carbon belt offers significantly less maintenance than a standard chain drive while offering the same or better performance. Belt drives are cleaner, don’t require lubrication, and last much longer than chains. So they’re definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new electric bike.

The best belt-drive electric bikes in 2022 are:

  1. Ride1Up Roadster v2
  2. KBO Hurricane
  3. Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH
  4. Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 Step-Through
  5. Schindelhauer Heinrich Enviolo
  6. Riese & Muller Supercharger GT Rohloff
  7. Luna Cycle Fat BABE (Bad Ass Belt ebike)
  8. Stromer ST2
  10. VanMoof S3
  11. Pedego Latch

Ready to find out more about each of these models and which e-bike brand is right for you? I’ve gathered all of the stand-out details as well as some of the disadvantages.

You’re sure to find the best bike equipped with a Gates carbon drive that fits your lifestyle.

1. Ride1Up Roadster v2

The Ride1Up Roadster is by far the least expensive and sleekest of all of the belt drive ebikes. At a price of $1095, this 33 lbs super lightweight model is hard to compare to others. With a fully integrated battery, ultra-quiet motor, and simple design this single-speed is one of the best belt bikes for the value.

Red Ride1Up Roadster Best Overall E-Bike with thinner frame and tires
The Ride1Up Roadster single-speed commuter e-bike

Its powerful Class Three 350W (500W peak) geared hub motor can take you up to 24 mph with pedal assist and a range of up to 30 miles with its 36V 7.0 Ah Samsung battery (35e Cells).

Surprisingly, despite its simplicity, it can still handle a payload capacity of up to 300 lbs. Even though it comes at an affordable price, it boasts a 5-level LCD display and an ergonomic road saddle. Plus, the frame comes in two sizes, fitting riders from 5’8″ up to 6’3″.

The downside is that shorter riders under 5’8″ won’t be able to reach the ground comfortably.

While it may be lightweight and fast, it can actually handle light off-road riding with its mechanical disc brakes and gravel-friendly tires, if you choose the gravel bike option.

Truly the only other electric bike with a Gates carbon drive in this price range is the KBO Hurricane (read about it below to compare further).


KBO Hurricane Electric Bike
KBO Hurricane Electric Bike

2. KBO Hurricane

The KBO Hurricane has made it onto this list because it’s unique in the category of belt-driven electric bikes. The Hurricane is designed to be a “stealth” urban bike. Meaning that it’s made to be as sleek and stealthy as possible, with minimal signs to indicate that it’s electrically powered.

This is achieved by a very simple design, an integrated battery pack, and an integrated rear hub one-speed motor.

And, the Hurricane features no transmission because it’s a single-speed electric bike. However, it does have 3 power modes that determine how much pedal assist the rider is provided with.

This is one of the most well-priced e-bikes made to this high level of quality, as it only costs $1099. 

The Hurricane is lightweight, equipped with a 345Wh Panasonic battery pack, and 350W hub motor, and has a range of 45+ miles. 

This bicycle may seem very simple, but it’s a very capable electric road bike that is comfortable for almost every rider.


Red Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH with belt drive
Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH with Gates Belt Drive

3. Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH

Besides rocking a Gates Carbon Belt Drive, the Turbo Vado is unique in that it has advanced pedal technology not found in most other electric bikes.

The Como 5.0 internal geared rear hub motor allows you to predetermine your pedal cadence with its enviolo AUTOMATiQ stepless shifting. And because this system also uses a belt drive instead of a chain drive, you’ll get a smooth ride without messing with a chain or derailleur.

Thus, the Vado continuously adjusts itself to keep you pedaling at your preferred pace.

You’ll also get:

  • A 250W hub motor
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • A suspension seat post
  • DRYTECH Fenders
  • Rear rack with pannier mounts
  • Turbo System Lock
  • And a Garmin Radar available through the display


BLACK Specialized Turbo Como 4.0
Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 with belt drive

4. Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 Step-Through

With a 250W motor, hydraulic disc brakes, and three frame sizes to choose from, a relaxed, comfortable ride on the Turbo Como 4.0 is in your future.

The Turbo Como uses the same stepless shifting technology as the Vado, but one feature might make this the perfect e-bike for you. With a step-through frame, you can get on and off easily, whether you need to dismount quickly or simply find it more comfortable to do so.

Plus, it has upright seating that allows riders to be comfortable throughout the ride with less stress on your hands, shoulders, and back.

Another benefit of the Turbo Como is the included Turbo System Lock that disables the motor and activates an alarm when motion is detected.

Other bonuses include:

  • DRYTECH Fenders
  • LED headlight and taillight
  • Rear rack compatible with child seats
  • Capable of pulling a thru-axle trailer 


Heinrich Enviolo E-Bike with Belt Drive
Heinrich Enviolo with Belt Drive

Find out where Ride1Up ebikes are made here!

5. Schindelhauer Heinrich Enviolo Electric Bike

The next bike on the list of best electric bikes with belt drive is the Heinrich Enviolo by Schindelhauer.

Schindelhauer is a German e-bike manufacturer that was started by two friends right after leaving university in 2008. This is important to note because their idea was to create electric bicycles with belt drives right from the very start.

This means that all Schindelhauer bikes are designed from the ground up to function perfectly with belt drives, and without having been later adapted as a belt drive e-bike. This results in every component being as optimized as possible.

One of their bikes, The Heinrich Enviolo or the Hannah Enviolo, if you would prefer the e-bike designed for women, is their top-of-the-line model.

It features 8-speed automatic stepless transmission, a powerful Performance Line motor from Bosch, a 500Wh Bosch PowerTube battery, an Enviolo rear hub gear system, and a Bosch Kiox full-color control panel display and control system.

The battery pack is integrated into its frame and is equipped with lights, mudguards, a pannier rack, and a kickstand. Another huge benefit is that this model comes in three different frame sizes to perfectly suit riders of any height.

The belt drives on these e-bikes are the Gates Carbon Drive. The bike’s frame is aluminum to keep the weight as low as possible, and it features hydraulic brakes to ensure maximum safety.

This electric bike is the first on the list, not necessarily because it tops the list in terms of power or performance, but because this is the best all-around e-bike on the market that features a belt drive system.

The Heinrich/Hannah by Schindelhauer is an urban cruiser with a ton of heart and excellent craftsmanship. It’s a well-designed and well-thought-out bike with plenty of features.

There’s only one real disadvantage… this model costs $5015 USD (5195 EURO). Other than the high price, this is the perfect urban e-bike.


Riese & Muller Supercharger with Belt Drive System
Riese & Muller Supercharger GT Rohloff with Belt Drive

6. Riese & Muller Supercharger GT Rohloff

The Supercharger GT Rohloff is described as a heavy-duty electric bike. It’s a rugged bike that is capable of handling almost any situation.

Riese & Muller is another German brand and they produce some of the most versatile electric bikes in the world. 

The Supercharger is their flagship model, and it’s so named because of its extra-large battery capacity. It’s actually equipped with dual in-frame 500Wh Bosch battery packs, combining a total of 1000Wh of power and superb battery life! Dual batteries with 1250Wh are also now available!

This is significantly higher than most commercial electric bikes.

Additionally, the Supercharger features a 14-speed internal transmission system by Rohloff with a 1:5.6 gear ratio. This system allows the rider to change gears even while stopped. But it does also require the rider to stop pedaling to change gears, which can take some getting used to.

The stand-out features of this bike are the exceptionally large battery pack that affords it a 100-mile range, top speeds of over 50 miles per hour, heavy-duty tires and wheels, front wheel and seat suspension for extra ride comfort, two luggage racks, and high-end component quality.

However, there are some major drawbacks of the Supercharger… the e-bike’s 65-lb weight and the $9500+ price tag!

Otherwise, this ebike is perfect for all those who enjoy riding tours and long-distance adventures. It’s rugged both in looks and construction, and the all-terrain tires make it far more capable than most other e-bikes.

The Supercharger is equipped with a belt drive that is as tough as its other components.


Luna Cycle Fat BABE E-Bike
Luna Cycle Fat BABE E-Bike

7. Luna Cycle Fat BABE (Bad Ass Belt e-bike)

The Fat BABE by Luna Cycle is the sleekest and most understated fat e-bike on the market. However, the sleek looks and design are not an indication of performance.

This is among the quickest and most powerful fat e-bikes on the market. The Fat BABE is equipped with a Bafang M600 800W motor, a 48V 13.5ah Panasonic GA battery pack, and a 5-way internal Sturmey Archer RSX-RK5 gear hub. 

All of these features are internally mounted but fully accessible for repairs and replacements, which means that you can be as rough as you want on the Fat BABE without fearing the difficulty of making repairs.

This electric bike features a Gates Carbon belt drive, which is very simple to maintain. Notorious for their rugged simplicity and effective power transference, these belt drives are more efficient than chain drives and require far less maintenance. Carbon belt drives also last significantly longer than chain drives, which just adds to this fat e-bikes toughness and versatility.

The Fat BABE is equipped with piston hydraulic disc brakes and 4-inch thick fat tires for all-terrain.

The full-spec Fat BABE has a starting cost of $2750 and can be upgraded with a full-color display and quieter drive.


Stromer ST E-Bike with Belt Drive System
Stromer ST E-Bike with Belt Drive E-bike

Check out this list of US made fat tire e-bikes!

8. Stromer ST2

The ST2 is one of the most well-equipped, modern, and efficient electric bikes on the market. This model is equipped with features that almost no others have and is the ideal choice for those who seek the most technological versatility from their commuter e-bike.

The ST2 is equipped with a low-maintenance and durable Gates carbon belt drive, which sets it apart from other e-bikes in the Stromer range.

It’s unique among the others on this list (and placed at number 4 in the ranking) due to its clever digital connectivity. The Stromer ST2 is equipped with wireless connectivity to the OMNI app, which allows the rider more control of their bike than any other.

The app provides the rider with the ability to make individual adjustments to the motor settings, track mileage and personal performance, and localize the bike via onboard GPS. It even allows the ST2 to be locked and unlocked automatically via Bluetooth.

All of this is done via the riders’ smartphone, and the system is intuitive and simple to use.

Further, the ST2 has a 75 – 110 mile range (depending on the battery life), a rear hub-mounted electric motor that offers pedal assist up to 28mph, and a fully customizable riding position.

One of the major advantages of this Swiss-made bike is that it is fully configurable. You’re able to select the exact features that they require and choose from the list of compatible parts provided by Stromer.

This means that you can customize the range, power, and feature specifications of your own Stromer ST2 before purchasing it. Very few electric bike manufacturers offer this feature, and it’s a major plus for the ST2 overall.

As the lowest-priced ST model begins at around $5700 MSRP, be prepared to make a substantial investment.




The lightweight CGO600 is an electric commuter bike that’s hard to even recognize as an e-bike!

Weighing only 33lbs, its slim frame is super agile and able to maneuver through crowded city streets. 

Besides likely being able to lift it with one hand, the CGO has the features most discerning e-bike riders wish for, a magnetic torque sensor and a Gates carbon belt. Not only can you set your pace, but the belt drive also offers more than 18,000 miles of worry-free riding!

The CGO performs with a 250W motor and up 43 miles of range. In the US, the motor is adjusted to a top speed of 20mph (while maxing out at the required 16mph in Europe).

With Medium and Large frames sized for riders 5’4” to 6’6”, you can get this belt drive bike in the US, EU, and the UK! Choose from four beautiful colors starting at $1699.


VanMoof X3 Electric Bike with belt drive
VanMoof X3 Electric Bike with Belt Drive

10. VanMoof X3

The VanMoof X3 is really something special. This is one of the most sought-after electric bikes in the world. These e-bikes are meant to be elite and for the discerning bike rider, but they are growing in popularity due to their high build quality and unique design features.

Although this bike isn’t designed to be the most powerful model on the market, it is built to be the most well-suited for city commuting. The X3 has a small, compact design but is also one of the most comfortable rides out there. Interestingly, it fits riders as small as 5’0″ and tall riders ups to 6’5″.

The X3 is also equipped with modern features such as temper detections, theft defense, and a lockdown mode that will shut down the bike in case of theft.

It also features a smart electric motor, an electronic shifting system, and a hydraulic braking system. But the shining feature of the X3 is the 504Wh battery with a 90+ mile riding range.

You can get this sleek e-bike for around $2500.


Bright, lime green Pedego Latch e-bike model
Pedego Latch Folding E-Bike

11. Pedego Latch Folding Bike

The Pedego Latch is a unique find in the e-bikes with a belt drive world… it is also a folding e-bike by one of the leading e-bike manufacturers.

It’s equipped with many subtle features and is one of the most rugged-looking models on this list.

It features a brushless geared front hub 250W motor, a 36V 15ah battery pack with fast charging capabilities, 5 levels of pedal assist, a twist and go throttle, mountain mechanical disc brakes, and a full-color backlit LCD display. It also features a headlight and a taillight.

The drive belt on the Latch is a Gates CDN and is fitted to a Gates drive sprocket as well.

Additionally, it’s very versatile and useful for more adventurous riding as well as city commuting.

The price of the Latch starts at a price of $2795 and increases with an optional battery upgrade. But given the quality and notoriety of the Pedego brand overall, it might be the best belt-driven e-bike for you, especially if you want one that is foldable!



As electric bikes become more popular, the features that are available on the market are also increasing quickly.

The use of belt drives, rather than standard chain drives, is a huge part of this advancement in electric bicycle technology.

Belt-driven ebikes are still not as commonplace as many would like, but this is simply because belt-driven bikes are much more expensive than the alternative. For now!

However, if you are seeking one of the best belt drive electric bikes, the models on this list are the best ones to consider.

Interested in comparing these top e-bike brands before choosing?

The Best E-Bikes for a Small Woman: 9 Affordable Low-Step (2022)

A small woman standing next to an e-bike you can step-through instead of swinging your leg over

Riding an e-bike can be a fun and exciting experience unless you feel awkward and uncomfortable while doing it. So it’s important to choose an e-bike that fits you well, especially if you’re a small woman.

Here are the best e-bikes for a small woman:

E-Bike ModelE-Bike
Suggested Woman
Rider’s Height
1. RadCity 5 Plus ST64lbsYes21″
(16″ step)
4’8″ – 6’0″$1999
2. Aventon Pace 500 Step-Through E-Bike49lbsYes17″4’11” – 5″8″
(“S/M” E-Bike)
3. Rad Power Bikes RadExpand Folding Step-Thru
(Fat Tire)
62.5lbsYes16″4’10” – 5’10”$1599
4. Electra Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru47lbsYes19″4’11” – 5’11”$1900
5. Ride1Up 700 Series62lbsYes17″5’0″- 6’2″$1695
6. Sixthreezero 500W EVRYjourney64.8lbsYes21″5’0″- 6’4″$1999
7. Aventon Pace 350 Step-Through E-Bike46lbsYes17″5’1″ – 5’11”
(“S/M” E-Bike)
8. Ride 1Up 500 Series55lbsYes
15″5’1″ – 6’1″ $1499
9. Wing Freedom ST39lbsYesApprox. 17″5’0″- 6’1″$1798
Research and compilation by Lisa Sylvester, (updated September 2022)

In general, the best electric bikes for a small woman have lightweight frames, narrower handlebars, a shorter reach, an upright riding position, a lower adjustable seat, and a low, step-through frame.

There are a handful of affordable options that offer the features that a small woman who has shorter-than-average legs and arms needs to ride comfortably.

Being a 5’1″ woman myself, I recognize how important it is to get the right bike. They are NOT one-size-fits-all, no matter what you might be told. To find the perfect bike for my shorter stature, I did some research and compiled the best choices to meet the height requirements and needs of any small woman.

Further, I’ve only included high-quality, affordable models (in the $1000-$2000 range). You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a good bike just because you’re petite or have short legs. There are plenty of good options, but I did have to do some digging.

Now that I’ve already done the research, and I’ve had my own riding experiences, I’m sharing more about the best e-bikes for you as a small woman.

And, I’ll tell you which e-bike I picked that fits me perfectly! So keep reading below.

1. RadCity 5 Plus ST

RadCity Plus Step-Thru E-Bike
Rad Power Bikes RadCity Plus Step-Thru E-Bike

The RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru can fit riders as short as 4’8”! That’s pretty amazing for a full-size electric city bike with a 750W motor.

Besides being step-thru, it fits short women and men alike, even with 27.5” wheels. This is because the standover height is only 16” while the seat height lowers to 25”.

What’s great about the RadCity, in addition to it being designed by a top North American e-bike brand, is that it has everything you need for a day’s ride in the city or on a paved bike path.

It has a powerful hub motor and semi-integrated 672 Watt battery, hydraulic brakes, rear rack, integrated headlight and taillight, 5 levels of pedal assist, and up to 50 miles of range.

Take your inseam measurements to make sure you’ll fit comfortably on the RadCity:

Inseam measurements to make sure e-bike fits small women
RadCity 5 Plus Inseam Chart

Check out the RadCity 5 Plus right here!

Rad Power bikes Measurements for all e-bikes
Rad Power Bikes Rider Height and Size Chart for all models
E-Biking Thumbs UpThe RadCity is ultra utilitarian with a 750W motor and ranges up to 50 miles. Plus, it fits short women who are only 4’8″ and up!
E-Biking Thumbs DownYou might like to add a more comfortable seat.

2. Aventon Pace 500 Step-Through E-Bike

Price- $1699.00

This beautiful, award-winning (per Bicycling 2020) step-through e-bike meets all of the criteria for being perfect for a small woman. It’s affordable, easy to get on and off, relatively lightweight for an e-bike (under 50 lbs), and actually comes in two different sizes… Small or Medium.

That’s right! Forget “one-size-fits-all”! The Small claims to fit women as short as 4’11” and going up to 5’8″. So, if you’re hovering around 5′ tall, you should have no problem with this bike.

Because it’s a step-through model, you won’t have to throw your leg over a tall bar to get on and off. In fact, you can easily slide off the seat if you need to get off quickly at a light or for a quick stop!

Take a look at the size differences for the Small vs the Medium e-bike:

Fit guide for small woman and man
Size Chart for the Pace 500

As you can see, the standover height and the reach are significantly shorter, making this model more comfortable for anyone with a smaller frame. But I think that the fact that it also has a cushy wide saddle, an upright riding position, and wide tires makes it perfect for any small woman to ride.

See the Pace 500 at Aventon!

E-Biking Thumbs UpThe Pace’s powerful motor (500W), speed (up to 28mph), and range (40 miles average) make it as competitive as any e-bike out there, regardless of the size of its rider!
E-Biking Thumbs DownEven though the wide 2.2″ tires make for a comfortable ride on most surfaces, they aren’t “fat” tires and may not ride through softer dirt or sand as well as a fat tire would.

3. RadExpand Folding Step-Thru from Rad Power Bikes

Black RadExpand from Rad Power Bikes
RadExpand folding step-thru e-bike! Comes in black and white!

Price- $1599

I can testify to the Rad Power Bikes having great e-bikes. As a small woman, I bought its predecessor the RadMini, which I’m super comfortable on (as I mentioned earlier, I’m about 5’1″… and that’s probably stretching it)!

But the Rad Expand fits riders from only 4’10” tall. So I love that it’s comfortable for a short rider. You should be able to easily step onto it and reach the handlebars. And you can always bring the saddle to its most forward position if desired.

With a standover height of only 16″, I never feel like I won’t be able to get off quickly if I need to. I’ve been on my husband’s Rad Power Bikes RadMini “step-over”, and frankly, I’m not comfortable with being able to maneuver it.

Numbers on a chart showing inseam measurements
This chart tells you if you’ll be able to fit on the RadExpand based on your inseam measurement.

Here’s what else I love about the RadExpand Step-Thru:

  • 750 Watt Motor (so it’s powerful, and yes it goes fast!)
  • Gets up to 45 miles per charge
  • Easy twist throttle
  • 4″ Fat Tires… so you can ride off-road easily, in sand, dirt, or mud (but still ride on any street or paved trail)!
  • It’s foldable… so you can take it anywhere to ride without messing around with interior car space or a special bike rack and locks!
  • Comes with an integrated rear rack carrying 55 lb (25kg)

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find a fat tire bike that folds and comfortably fits a small woman that isn’t heavier than the other lightweight e-bikes talked about in this article.

So, you’ll have to decide whether it’s worth having a 63 lb e-bike in order to get these features and a bike that fits you.

If you have a riding partner that can help lift it into the car, then weight might not be an issue. Or, if you plan to only ride around town and your neighborhood, then weight doesn’t need to be a concern either.

However, if you want to travel and trail-ride, then you’ll have to be able to lift it, either folded or not.

Check out the RadExpand here!

E-Biking Thumbs UpFits a small woman with short legs very well and still has all of the other cool features you might want your e-bike to have.
E-Biking Thumbs DownAt 62.5lbs, this is not a particularly lightweight bike, so it may be hard to maneuver into the car if you don’t have any help.

4. Electra Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru

Mint green, lightweight e-bike perfect for small women
Electra Townie Go 7D

Price- $1900

The Electra Townie Go 7D is perfect for you if you want a fun, easy-to-ride, colorful, lightweight bike that’ll get you down the road in comfort.

It’s got 2.35-inch wide tires, an ergonomic shock-absorbing seat, and pedals that allow proper leg extension so you can put your feet flat on the ground whenever you need to.

And, with a 250W motor, you’ll get to where you need to go, but you won’t have to worry much about starting off too quickly.

Riding small inclines will probably be okay, but if you plan on riding big hills, 250 Watts of power may not be enough.

The reach is just under 13 inches, so it should be easy for small women with shorter arms to reach the handlebars.

Measurements for Woman's e-bike
Townie Go 7D Size Chart: Fits small women as short as 4’11”.

Take a look at the Townie Go 7D at REI!

E-Biking Thumbs UpLots of pretty colors to choose from!
E-Biking Thumbs DownNo throttle… but this might be a good thing if you don’t want to worry about getting started too fast.

5. Ride1Up 700 Series

Ride1up 700 series commuter e-bike
Ride1Up Electric Bike 700 Series… I’m 5’1″ short and this is what I ride!

Without a doubt, comfort is at the top of the list for every small rider, as we rarely fit well on standard-sized equipment.

Fortunately, my own Ride1Up 700 Series Step-Through e-bike makes riding comfortable, fun, and fast! I admit I was skeptical at first glance… I thought I’d feel like a tiny mouse sitting on top of huge 27.5” wheels. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

With its step-through frame, adjustable saddle, and tilting handlebars, it’s an incredibly comfortable full-size e-bike that’ll fit you if you’re 5’0” or over.

It doesn’t hurt that the 750W motor can propel you up to 28 mph and take you up to 50 miles, depending on terrain, incline, body weight, and the level of motor power you use.

Plus, the 700 Series has additional benefits that are hard to match for the price:

  • 100mm suspension fork
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 8-speed Shimano shifters
  • Integrated front and rear lights
  • Adjustable color display with advanced features 
  • 50 lb capacity rear rack
  • Alloy fenders
  • Read my Full Review on the 700 Series ST

Take a look at the size dimensions to make sure you can fit on this great e-bike.

700 Series Step-Through Frame Dimensions
700 Series Step-Through Frame Dimensions

Get the 700 Series on the Ride1Up website!

Woman riding away on Ride1Up 700 Step-Through Electric Bike
Me riding my 700 Series.
E-Biking Thumbs UpThe 700 Series is a great choice for a comfortable and easy-to-maneuver electric bike. With plenty of power and a top speed of 28mph, it’s truly feature-packed and an amazing value for the price!
E-Biking Thumbs DownNot built to ride on rough terrain (but it gets over gravel just fine).

Find out more about how to choose the best women’s e-bikes here!

6. Sixthreezero 500W EVRYjourney

Powder blue electric bike with low-stepframe
Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Woman’s electric bike!

One thing to love about the Sixthreezero brand is that they offer lots of colors and optional accessories… and they separate their models into men’s and women’s e-bikes if you’re interested in that distinction.

And the 500W EVRYjourney doesn’t disappoint in other ways as well. The pedals are moved forward while the ebike sits closer to the ground. So you can be closer to the ground but still get good leg extension (which will protect your knees).

This model can also carry up to 300lbs and has a range of up to 40 miles. Plus, they’ll even tell you if a model is good for riders with back pain or knee pain.

On their website, you’ll see examples of riders with different heights, inseams, and arm lengths, so you can be sure of the fit you’re getting. In general, their e-bikes fit short men and short women starting at 5’0”.

Just check out their personal fitting system. When on the website, enter basic information about your size (such as “do you have short arms?”) and needs (“do you want to ride on paved roads?”), and you’ll get an instant suggestion on the right ebike for you.

E-bike dimensions for woman's EVRYjourney
Sixthreezero 500W EVRYjourney women’s size chart

Check out the Sixthreezero website and the EVRYjourney here!

E-Biking Thumbs UpThe EVRYjourney has moved its pedals forward slightly, making it more comfortable to pedal and easier on your knees. Plus it has a wide, cushioned seat!
E-Biking Thumbs DownA little pricey for what you’re getting.

7. Aventon Pace 350 Step-Through E-Bike

Price- $1399

A less expensive model than the Pace 500, this is still a great e-bike for a small adult woman who doesn’t need quite as much power and speed. It has a 350W Motor and goes up to 20mph with the throttle or pedal-assist.

With this less expensive model, you’ll also get a battery that averages 35 miles on a charge vs 40 miles with the Pace 500.

So, saving $300 on this model really comes down to it being somewhat more of a leisure e-bike rather than a sporty one.

This e-bike still comes in “Small” and weighs a little less than the Pace 500 (46lbs).

Size specifications for Pace 350
Aventon Pace 350 Sizing

Get the Pace 350 at Aventon!

E-Biking Thumbs UpSave $300 over the Pace 500 e-bike and still fit well on it if you’re a small person
E-Biking Thumbs DownNot enough power to climb hills

8. Ride 1Up 500 Series

An E-bike model with a really short step-through.

Price- $1395

This is a Class 3 e-bike with a 750W motor and throttle. So it’s powerful and will get you moving fast. And, a small woman will fit on this e-bike if they’re 5’1″ or taller, according to the manufacturer.

So if you’re shorter than that, consider the models discussed above, speak to the manufacturer before purchase, or see if you can try it out in person.

The 500 Series is worth it, however, as it comes with a lot of great features for smaller women, including a “plush” comfort seat, adjustable angle seat post, 2.2in wide tires, and a low step-through. Plus, it’s not too heavy at 55lbs.

So, if you can fit on it, it’ll be a comfortable ride!

It’s also touted as a good touring electric bike for riding long distances. Depending on the terrain, rider weight, and incline, you can get up to 45 miles on one full battery charge.

500 Series Dimensions Chart
Ride1Up 500 Series Dimensions

Check out the 500 Series at the Ride1Up website!

E-Biking Thumbs UpThe 500 Series has a super low stand-over height at only 15 inches… you don’t have to lift your leg very high to get on or off!
E-Biking Thumbs DownAs a Class 3 E-bike, you may not always be allowed to ride on certain trails. Decide where you’ll be riding and make sure this is okay with you before purchasing.

9. Wing Freedom ST

Wing Bikes new Freedom Step-Through E-Bike can fit a small woman
Wing Bikes Freedom Step-Through

The original Wing Freedom e-bike only fit riders 5’6” and up, so it wasn’t even on my radar until now. But, it has gotten great reviews!

So, I’m happy to see that they’ve developed a low-step version that fits short riders starting at 5’0”! One of the unique things about the Freedom Step-Through ebike is that it comes with anti-theft detection and an alarm with optional location tracking.

You’ll get up to 25mph and 60 miles on this cool ebike, not having to give much thought to the safety of your bike (you still need to lock it up!).

Another great thing is that it only weighs around 39lbs, which is practically unheard of for electric bikes. This is a huge help for a small woman and other short riders when it comes to managing and lifting. Take a look at how it can fit you as a short rider:

Chart to help determine if this e-bike will fit you.
Wing Freedom ST Sizing

It’s worth checking out the Freedom ST on their website!

E-Biking Thumbs UpUltra low-weight for an electric bike; also, the Freedom ST gives you the freedom to worry less about your e-bike being stolen, thanks to its anti-theft features!
E-Biking Thumbs DownTheir website doesn’t have as many specifics about sizing, so be sure to check with them before you purchase.

Do Electric Bikes Have a Weight Limit? (when height doesn’t matter)

I’ve talked about the best e-bikes for a small woman, focusing on height and leg length.

But you might also like to know more about the overall weight requirements for an e-bike before you purchase one.

Almost all e-bikes have a “payload” of 250 lbs (115 kg). This means that it can withstand carrying up to 250 lbs, including body weight and cargo.

All of the e-bikes mentioned above state that they can withstand a weight of up to 250 at the least. However, the RadExpand Step-Thru has a load capacity of 275 lbs, while the Ride 1Up 500 and 700 Series, Pace 350, and Pace 500 Step-Throughs can hold up to 300 lbs of body weight and cargo combined.

10 Best Electric Bikes For Tall Guys and Gals

RadMission e-bike in blue
Rad Power Bikes RadMission

If you are taller than average, like my brother Dave at 6’3″, you’ve probably struggled to find clothes, beds, showers, and without a doubt, sporting equipment that match up to your size.

This isn’t easy, though, and if you’re looking to buy yourself an electric bike, you may be wondering, “What are some of the best electric bikes for a tall guy or gal?” 

Having reviewed the top e-bike brands, the best ebikes for tall riders are:

  1. Ride1Up 700 Series
  2. Rad Power Bikes RadMission High Step
  3. Aventon Soltera
  4. Aventon Level
  6. AddMotor Motan M-560
  7. Nakto Super Cruiser
  8. Pedego City Cruiser
  9. Tern Vektron S10 Folding Electric Bike
  10. Juiced Bike RipCurrent S

There isn’t really a particular bike that is ‘the’ best ebike for tall riders. Instead, there are certain brands that tend to cater to those above the 6-foot mark. These include the likes of Juiced Bikes, Aventon, Tern, Rad Power Bikes, Ride1Up, and Pedego.      

If you are near or above 6′ tall, you’re probably wondering if the right size electric bike is out there for you. Since my brother is over 6 feet, I was determined to find the best ebikes for him to choose from. So, I’ve done the digging and found the top contenders of e-bikes for tall riders. Check out the details of each model below! 

The 10 Best Electric Bikes For Tall Riders

As mentioned, there is not one particular winner as there are many factors to consider, but the main deciding factors will probably be personal taste and budget. Below is a list of the best electric bikes for you to choose from. 

1. Ride1Up 700 Series

Priced at approximately $1695

Ride1up 700 series commuter e-bike
The best Ride1Up Electric Bike for a tall person is the 700 Series!

The Ride1Up 700 Series is a great value for any tall e-bike rider up to 6’4”. It offers above-average features for the price, including front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and high-quality components from Shimano, Tektro, and other top brands.

The XR Frame reaches a maximum seat height of 40” with a handlebar height of 41”, thus allowing anyone with long legs and arms to fit comfortably. Plus, it comes with full-size 27.5” tires, making it a welcome electric bike for a tall man or woman!

The 700 series also has a maximum speed of 28mph and a range of up to 50 miles.

This is the ebike I’d choose for my 6’3” brother Dave based on its value, comfort, and price. It helped that I ride the 700 Series and wrote a review on it, so I can testify to it being a solid, high-quality electric bike. 

The only difference between the two 700 series models (ST vs the XR) is the frame size. The XR frame should be chosen if you’re anywhere near 6 feet tall like my brother.

There are so many features you’ll love in this value-packed e-bike that I’ve listed them here:

  • Easy on and off integrated battery
  • Advanced display settings
  • Front suspension fork with 100mm travel
  • Hydraulic disc brakes as opposed to basic mechanical disc brakes
  • Powerful 750W geared hub motor
  • 27.5″ wheels with Schwalbe Super Moto X tires (or WTB Groov-E depending on frame)
  • Shimano 8-speed gears

Additionally, the Ride1Up LMT’D and the Prodigy can fit rider heights of 6’2” and 6’3” respectively. These are also worth checking out if you’d like your ebike to have a torque sensor or a mid-drive motor.

Discover the Ride1UP 700 Series here!

2. Rad Power Bikes RadMission High Step

Priced at approximately $899

The RadMission electric bike is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship and is sure to help you not break the bank. It is similar to a few others in their range, and this one comes at the right price and height.  So, it’s one of the best bikes for tall riders.

This e-bike is made for riders up to 6’5” tall, and although it does not offer all the bells and whistles as some of its fancier counterparts, it does come with a whopping 500W high-torque motor. 

You’ll manage to get up to speeds of 20mph, and it is capable of trips as long as 20 to 45+ miles, with the likelihood of some pedaling needed to assist in preserving the battery power. 

One drawback, though, of this electric bike is that it has a single-speed drivetrain. This will mean low maintenance, but it might not give you everything that you are looking for, especially if you are not a novice. 

One bonus, though, is that the frame is incredibly light and comes in under 50 pounds, making it easy to carry if need be and for ease of maneuvering. 

Overall, you can’t beat the price for an e-bike that fits tall guys!

Take a look at the Rad Power Bikes RadMission here!

3. Aventon Soltera

Pricing starts at $1299

Yellow Aventon Soltera 7-Speed
The Soltera 7-Speed falls way below other road bike prices but is high in quality and value.

The Soltera, with its traditional 700c road bike tires and single-speed option, is a great option if you want simplicity and a low price… and you’re not more than 6’4” tall.

With a max weight capacity of 300 lbs, and weighing only 41 lbs for the single speed (43 lbs for the 7-speed version), it’s easy to get where you want to go as well as take what you need with you.

The Aventon Level, however, also has a load capacity of 300 lbs but weighs a bit more at 54 lbs. However, it offers more advanced features such as a front suspension, 750W motor, torque sensor, and 8-speed shifters.  

It also has a 60-mile range, as opposed to an average 40+ mile range for the Soltera.

Get more details on the Aventon Soltera.

4. Aventon Level

Priced around $1949

Aventon Level electric bike
Aventon Level commuter e-bike

The Level, like the Soltera, also has a load capacity of 300lbs but weighs a bit more at 54lbs. However, it offers more advanced features such as a front suspension, 750W motor, torque sensor, and 8-speed shifters.  

It also has a 60-mile range, as opposed to the average 40+ mile range for the Soltera.

Both of the above Aventon models offer a “Large” frame carrying tall riders up to 6’4”, so it’s really a matter of your preference for the more affordable Soltera or the feature-enhanced Level.

Get more details on the Aventon Level!


Priced at approximately $2,700 (2,549 GBP)

Haibike e-bike is one of the best electric bikes for tall guys

Haibike is definitely a reputable brand that has made its name as one of the top companies for e-bikes. This is because their frame sizes are many and varied. They accommodate riders up to 6’6” tall, making them one of the best contenders.

Their most popular model among taller riders is this one. This is because not only is it a comfortable ride, but it also offers a durable Aluminum 6061 frame and Shimano gears and brakes.  

If you are above the 6-foot mark, it is advisable to opt for the XL frame, specifically designed with you in mind. 

Apart from the height conveniences, it also sports a 500W battery by Yamaha, and it is, in fact, capable of speeds of up to 20 mph. 

Its tires are Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27.5 x 2.4 inches, and they are awesome for both commuting and trail riding. So, in this case, you get an all-in-one. 

Check the SDURRO TREKKING out at Haibike.

6. AddMotor Motan M-560

Priced at approximately $1,599

Tall guys can ride this Motan e-bike

Another great choice here is the Motan M-560, which can accommodate riders who are up to 6’6″ tall. The company has been going since 2006, and they are increasingly known in the e-bike community. 

If you are also a slightly heavier rider, then this comfortable electric bike will definitely be the one for you, as it can support a weight of up to 300 pounds.

This bike has an even beefier set of tires which come in at 26 inches x 4 inches, also known as fat tires. They make cruising on the tarmac or sidewalk a walk in the park and can easily tackle the rugged terrain as well. You can lock the front suspension while commuting and then unleash it when you want to head off the beaten track. 

It comes with a rather sizable 5-inch LCD display that works flawlessly and also offers you the ability to charge mobile devices via a USB connection. The battery will last you for long trips and takes roughly 3 to 4 hours to charge.  

You can clock speeds of up to 23mph on this electric bike, and you should be able to travel distances of up to 20 to 25 miles without the need to pedal. 

Learn more about the Motan M-560 here!

7. Nakto Super Cruiser

Priced at approximately $1,300

The Nakto Super Cruiser E-Bike is built for tall people at a lower price than most bikes
With a recommended rider height of up to 6’8″, the Super Cruiser is ready for any super tall person!

This is another very well-priced e-bike that comes from a company you may not have heard of, as they tend to ship directly from the manufacturer. The reason they do so is, in fact, for your benefit, and that is to ensure a cheaper price tag. 

This is one of the electric bikes for tall riders that offer even more versatility in accommodating the rider’s height in that the recommended user height is between 5’6” and 6’8”. It can also bear a load of up to 300 pounds, so this one is definitely designed with the big boys in mind. 

This monster has a 500W brushless motor and is powered by a waterproof 48v12a lithium battery which means that you can go faster for longer. You will be able to clock speeds of up to 35mph and travel as far as 35 to 50 miles. 

You can get moving with either the use of a twist throttle or by pedaling your way along. And this momentum will be displaced via a set of 26-inch x 4-inch fat tires. 

The frame is also fairly light and exceptionally durable as it is made from carbon steel.  

Check out the Super Cruiser!

8. Pedego City Commuter

Priced at approximately $3,495  

the Pedego City Commuter Electric Bike is one of the best electric bikes for tall people

This cruiser-style e-bike is something that any stylish city commuter would love to get their hands on. What’s more, is that it comes with 28-inch tires and has adjustable handlebars and seat. All these elements combined make it a ride that is suitable for anyone sitting in the 6’3” – 6’4” height range.

It has a marvelous 48V, 500 W rear hub motor with some impressive torque being fed to the wheel. Powering this stylish ride is a quality lithium-ion battery. 

What is lovely about this e-bike, compared to similar types in this style, is that it offers you not only a smooth ride, but allows you to get there quicker.

You’ll be cruising around at a maximum speed of 20mph with a pedal-assist that has five different levels; all you need to do is twist the throttle, and you’re off. 

As specified in the name, this is a city commuter, and thus it is designed for cruising which means that you will unfortunately not be able to take your treasured ebike off-road. However, do not be dismayed; you are in for a wonderfully comfortable and sleek ride. 

Take a look at Pedego Electric Bikes.

9. Tern Vektron S10 Folding Electric Bike

Priced at approximately $4,199

Tall People can ride the Tern Vektron E-Bike

One major dilemma that taller and larger people often face is that their belongings are often bigger and take up more space, and this is generally no different when it comes to e-bikes; however, there is an answer to that problem. The solution comes from Tern, with their folding e-bike.

This is a savvy investment for anyone who lives in a small flat or apartment, and there is not much space to store a bike. 

So we have the convenience covered, but what about the comfort and accommodation for the tall rider? Well, this ingenious electric bike is one on the list that will amaze you as it can very easily be readjusted to suit riders from as short as 4’10” and as tall as 6’5”.

This novel device does not stop giving there. It also happens to have an adequate-sized 400Wh battery and a 250W mid-drive motor that will see you traversing the streets at a pretty decent 20mph. The awesome thing about this electric bike is that it also has one of the longest ranges, coming in at between 31 – 62 miles. 

Take a look at the Tern Vectron.

10. Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S

Priced starting at $2399

black e-bike
Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S has both a cadence and torque sensor!

Juiced Bikes brand offers electric bikes with frame sizes that include Large and X-Large. In fact, the RipCurrent S2 is one of the few ebikes for riders at a height of 6’0” and up wanting all-terrain fat tires!

With 26×4” fat tires and a 300 lb weight capacity, this bike can handle you if you’re both a tall and heavy rider.

The size chart says it all:

E-Bike Size chart showing RipCurrent specification
Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S Size Chart

Notice how much greater the XL maximum seat height is than the Large frame, not to mention the greater lengths and heights of other size specifications such as the handlebar height.

And what’s more, the RipCurrent is packed with great features for all tall guys and gals! 

You’ll get 28” tires, hydraulic brakes, both cadence and torque sensors, a front air suspension fork, a 9-speed transmission, a 1000W rear hub motor, a 52-Volt battery (and a 70+ mile range), and a thumb throttle.

Plus, as a Class 3 e-bike, the motor power can take you up to 28mph!

Check out the RipCurrent S and other large-framed electric bikes on the Juiced Bikes website.

What a Tall Person Should Consider When Buying an E-Bike

You need to think about the type of frame size that will suit you best. Along with this is the type of material that the frame is made of. For a larger and taller person, you may want to go for a frame made from either steel or titanium.

These are not the only durable options, though, so don’t be afraid to consider other alternatives. More importantly, pay attention to the total payload capacity of each ebike. As long as your body weight plus your cargo stays below this maximum, any type of frame should be suitable.

Another consideration is how much the seat can be raised. Then, once the saddle is raised, will you be able to reach the handlebars comfortably enough without having to lean over and put a strain on your back?

Brands Size Guide

Many manufacturers will gauge the size of their electric bikes by the size of the seat tube. This can be misleading, however, as you may find that this is adequate for you. However as mentioned before, the height difference between the handlebars and seat then comes into play. So you want to get a bike that has a good-sized top tube, as well as a tall seat tube. 

Additionally, the distance between the seat tube and the handlebars is also important. This is because you want to be able to stretch your arms out a bit and not have to bend your arms in awkward angles to accommodate the bike’s measurement. You want to have some sort of equilibrium and evenness of the spacing between the front and rear axle. 

Something which can help you, though, is the modification of your electric bike by using something like a seat post that would allow you to adjust your seat, not only on the Y-axis but the X-axis as well. However, this could lead to more weight being put on the bike’s rear and put you off balance.

Electric bike measurements needed for tall guys
Rad Power Bikes– What you need to know to find the best electric bike for a tall guy

When it comes to ebikes for tall guys, a very important aspect is the wheel size, as this will also come into play when determining the overall size of the electric bike. With larger wheels, you may only need a large frame instead of an extra-large frame.

You may already have a brand and price in mind; however, being taller puts you in more of a niche market, particularly where smaller companies are concerned.

You may, therefore, be likely to end up spending a bit more money on your bike. This is due to supply and demand and the additional materials that go into making an e-bike a better fit for you.

Figuring Out Which Frame Size Is Best

Below is a table that demonstrates which electric bike frame size will be the best fit for you. You need to consider both your height and your inseam (from your crotch to the floor) to determine which frame is the most suitable. 

Your HeightInseam LengthMinimum Bike Frame Size
5’6” – 5’9”29.5” – 31”20” – 21”
5’10” – 6’1”31.5” – 33”22” – 23”
6’2” – 6’5”34.5” – 36”24” – 25”
6’6” – 6’9”37” – 38.5”26” – 27”
Measure your Inseam

How to measure yourself for the correct frame size:

  • Stand with your feet roughly a foot apart
  • Measure from the ground to your crotch (this is about where the seat of the electric bike will be)
  • Convert the measurement you get from inches to centimeters
  • Do the following calculation: Inseam measurement in centimeters X 0.685
  • Then you need to convert this number back to inches, and you will have found your frame size.

Conclusion: Choosing one of the Best Electric Bikes for Tall Riders

To reiterate, when it comes to choosing your ideal ebike, be sure that the measurements you are being told or are reading are, in fact, correct. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are purchasing an XXL electric bike and assume it will fit you. This purely refers to the size of the frame and nothing else (this holds true if you’re buying a smaller adult e-bike as well).

It’s wise to get the full specifications of any given electric bike that you are looking at purchasing and ensure that the measurements are accurate and not misleading. The easiest way to make sure you’ll be comfortable is to go into a store and test out the feel and fit of the ebike before you make the purchase.

This is not always possible, though. Therefore, it’s a good idea to be educated on what all the given measurements pertain to and how these will translate into reality. When in doubt, ask for help. Contact the manufacturer or dealer and have them give you a proper rundown of what you will be purchasing. 

So, there are options available for taller riders like my brother Dave; you’ve just taken a look at the best e-bikes for tall riders. Not only are they from high-quality or well-known brands, but they each fit riders well over 6 feet, some of them up to 6’6″ or 6’7″ tall.

No longer do you have to worry that you’ll feel like you’re riding a child’s bicycle. Now you can confidently purchase your desired e-bike knowing that cycling will be a pleasurable experience.

What Electric Bike Has The Longest Range? Revealed!


Plenty of electric bikes on the market are great for smooth rides, speed, or transporting cargo. But what if you’re looking for an electric bike with the longest range? You’ll need to balance your distance needs with practicality and budget.

The longest-range e-bike is the Optibike R22 Everest Edition Electric Mountain Bike with a 300-mile range.

Other top long-range electric bikes include:

  • Bulls E-Stream EVO AM 4 with an estimated range of 150 miles
  • Raleigh Centros Tour with an approximate 128-mile range
  • Lectric XPremium with a 100+ range
  • Elby 9-Speed Electric Bike at 80 miles per ride
  • Trek Allant+ 9 Stagger taking you a distance of 124 miles
  • Fuell Flluid E-Bike with a 125-mile range
  • S-Works Turbo Creo SL with an estimated 80-mile range

Take a look below at these long-range e-bikes and what they have to offer. Then continue reading to find out what determines an electric bike’s range.

8 Best Long Range Electric Bikes

Considering all the above factors, here are eight of the best electric bikes with the longest range.

1. Optibike R22 Everest Adventure E-Bike

Red and black Optibike R22 Everest Adventure E-Bike

Looking for an electric bike that can go the distance? The Optibike R22 Everest Edition eMTB is a fantastic choice for those who want to take longer rides.

This 1750-watt machine has a dual crown fork with full suspension, a powerful mid-drive motor, and a Rohloff 14-speed hub, giving you all the control you need.

With a light carbon fiber frame and swingarm, the R16C is also easy to maneuver, making it a great choice for riders who want a bike that can handle long rides, 45% grades, and tough terrain.

The Everest has a 3260Wh, 52V Removable Dual Battery battery with an estimated range of 300 miles. It also has a top speed of 36 mph and a maximum torque of 190 Nm. With all these features, the Optibike R22 is the best choice for an electric bike that can go the distance.

The only downside of the Everest electric mountain bike is its price tag. At $18,900, it’s the most expensive long-range e-bike on the market. What can you expect from an electric bike that lets you ride for 300 miles without stoppin?!

2. Bulls E-Stream EVO AM 4

Bulls always deliver on quality and performance when it comes to electric bikes.

The E-Stream EVO AM 4 is no exception. It has a 250-Watt Bose Drive motor providing plenty of torque and a 12-speed Shimano XT transmission for a smooth ride.

The battery life is also impressive and is able to be charged in just 6.5 hours.

The bike is also lightweight, weighing only 53.25 pounds. Overall, with an estimated range of 150 miles, this bike is ideal for long-distance riding.

3. Raleigh Centros Tour

The Raleigh Centros Tour is a hybrid electric bike with an impressive range of 128 miles, making it a great option for commuters.

The bike comes in two styles – a classic crossbar geometry or a low step – and is equipped with a Bosch Power Tube 500Wh battery and a Bosch Active Line Plus motor.

Many useful accessories come with the bike, including mudguards, pannier racks, and a kickstand.

This particular bike is available in the UK and Ireland, costing £2,700/€3,300. The Raleigh Centros Tour is an electric bike with a long range.

4. Lectric XPremium

Lectric XPremium Black
Lectric XPremium Black

I think you’ll be surprised to discover that this folding e-bike has a 100+ mile range… even though it costs under $2000! So, while it’s not the highest quality electric bike you can get, it’s a solid competitor when it comes to price and range.

What’s the reason this inexpensive e-bike has such a great range? It comes with two lithium 48v 10.4Ah batteries, instead of just one! Generally speaking, you’ll get a 100-mile range if you remain on pedal assist level 1. The range decreases by about 12 miles on pedal assist 2 while decreasing to only 50 miles if you ride throttle only.

That being said, the typical range for many e-bikes in this price range is only 35-50 miles… and would be much less if using the throttle.

Further, the Lectric XPremium is a “premium” model based on the very popular and highly rated Lectric XP. Not only can it take you far on 4″ fat tires, but it also has plenty of power (500W/800W peak) to get you up hills and over difficult terrain.

Plus, you can ride up to 28mph motor-assisted in this Class 3 e-bike, carry up to 330lbs, and you’ve got the stopping power of hydraulic disc brakes, thankfully.

5. Elby 9-Speed Electric Bike

This long-range electric bike has a range of 80 miles; it can take you almost anywhere you want to go on a single charge. And with a top speed of 28 mph, it’s perfect for getting around town or taking on longer rides.

It also has a unique frame design and is made of quality materials like aluminum. The Elby also has several great features, including long battery life, hydraulic disc brakes, and a smartphone App.

The hydraulic brakes are more responsive than standard mechanical disc brakes, and the Elby App allows you to track your speed, battery, and distance progress.

Although it is quite expensive, the features and performance of this bike make it worth the price.

6. Trek Allant+ 9 Stagger 

The Trek Allant+ 9 Stagger takes the cake when choosing the longest-range electric bikes. It has a battery size of 625 Wh, and the bike itself weighs 51.5lbs (23.4kg). The cost of this electric bike is around $6,349.99

As well as its long range, the Allant+ 9 Stagger has several other features that make it a great choice.

It has a comfortable and upright position that makes it easy to pedal for long periods. It also has wide tires that provide stability and traction, even on rough roads.

This electric bike has a maximum distance of 124 miles, making it ideal for commuting or leisure riding. It is fitted with a long-life battery and a Bosch Performance Line motor and comes with hydraulic disc brakes as standard. Optional accessories include mudguards, pannier racks, and lights.

The Trek Allant+ 9 Stagger is a great option if you’re looking for long-range electric bicycles.

7. Fuell Flluid E-Bike

The Fuell Flluid E-Bike has a max speed of 28 MPH and 125 miles of range due to its two 1008Wh batteries. This bike also features five pedal-assist levels, making it easier to ride for those who are not used to biking up hills.

Another great feature of the Fuell Fluid E-Bike is its ability to go off-road. With its high max speed and long range, you’ll be able to take this bike on any adventure you can dream up. Whether you want to explore a new trail or get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Fuell Fluid E-Bike is the perfect companion.

With a sleek, futuristic aesthetic, the Flluid will turn a few heads (the e-bike as well as the name!) as you go about your day in the city.

8. S-Works Turbo Creo SL 

In the world of high-performance e-bikes, few can match the S-Works Turbo Creo SL. This e-bike has a maximum speed of 28 mph and a range of 80 miles, making it ideal for long rides.

This makes it a great option for road biking enthusiasts who want the ability to ride farther.

The bike is also lightweight at only 26.5lbs (12kg) and has an integrated 320Wh battery neatly positioned within the down tube.

Additionally, there is an LED display on the top tube and Bluetooth smartphone compatibility to control the bike’s power modes and settings.

One drawback, however, is the cost; it starts at a whopping $13,600 (£11,500).

What’s The Range Of A Long-Range Electric Bike?

This is a million-dollar question, but unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. Many factors determine how far an electric bike can go on one charge—everything from the bike’s weight to the terrain you’re riding on to the amount of pedal assist mode you use and your average speed.

Major Factors To Consider

Electric bike range varies based on several factors, including the battery, motor, tires, rider weight, wind resistance, and terrain. You’ll need to consider all of these factors to get an accurate idea of how far you can ride on a single charge.

Battery Power

The first thing to consider is the battery. The battery is what powers the motor, and it’s what gives the bike its range.

There are two primary types of batteries used on e-bikes: lead-acid and lithium-ion (Li-ion).

Lead acid batteries aren’t used much in electric bikes anymore because they offer a shorter range than lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are the way to go for high-capacity battery options. They are much lighter than other batteries, have a range about twice that of lead acid, and are quite durable, typically lasting around 1000 full battery charges.

You need to pay attention to the battery size and capacity to determine your range. Thus, a 52V battery will typically have a longer range than a 48V battery.


The second thing to consider is the motor. The motor is what propels the bike, and it’s what uses the power.

There are two main types of motors: hub motors and mid-drive motors.

Hub motors are the most typical motor used in electric bikes. They’re less expensive than mid-drive motors but not quite as powerful. Overall, a hub motor has a shorter range compared to a mid-drive motor.


The tires on an electric bike can greatly impact the range.

There are two main types of tires: tubeless and tubed. Tubeless tires are more expensive than tubed tires but are also more efficient. A tubeless tire should also give you a longer range than a tubed tire.

Further, tire pressure that is too low will decrease your range.

Type of E-Bike

Another potential factor in determining an electric bike’s range is the type of e-bike.

For example, a smaller folding e-bike can have a shorter range than a standard-size electric bike. This is because there is less space for a larger battery with a greater capacity.

Similarly, an electric mountain bike or fat tire e-bike will likely have a shorter range than a lighter-weight electric city bike, as it will be heavier and require more power to ride up steep hills.


Another key factor in determining range is the terrain.

E-bikes ridden on flat terrain will have a longer range than e-bikes ridden on hilly terrain, as the motor will not have to work as hard to propel the bike uphill.

Riders’ Weight And Riding Style

The weight of the rider is also a key factor in range. A heavier rider will require more power and the e-bike will have a shorter range.

Additionally, riding at higher speeds or using throttle will shorten the range significantly, as you’re using more power to accelerate.

Final Thoughts

By considering max speed, battery life, and pedal assist levels, you can find the best range e-bike for your needs.

With so many great options on the market, it’s important to do your research to find the perfect fit. Whether you’re looking for a long-range bike for commuting or an off-road machine for your next adventure, there’s an electric bike out there that’s perfect.

5 Best Bike Racks For Electric Bikes (Hitch-Mounted)


You probably did a lot of research when choosing your dream e-bike, so why wouldn’t you do the same when buying a bike rack? Picking the best electric bike rack requires research and attention to detail, the same as when buying an electric bike.

I’ve done the research for you and here are the top 5 electric bike racks for your vehicle:

  1. Thule T2 Pro XT/ XTR (Amazon)
  2. Kuat’s Piston Pro X Hitch Rack (REI)
  3. Hollywood Racks Sport Rider (Amazon)
  4. Saris Door CountyAutomated 2-Bike Hitch (REI)
  5. Hollywood Racks RV Rider HR1700 E Bike Rack for RVs (Amazon)

The rest of this guide will take you through the details of the best bike racks for electric bikes on the market today, what features make them the best, and what you should be looking for in an electric bike rack.

Why Does An Electric Bike Need A Special Bike Rack?

car-with-two-bicycle-mounted-bike-with-bikepackin mountain-snow-capped

An e-bike rack makes it easy to transport your electric bike(s). The added weight of electric models over traditional bikes requires special consideration when choosing a bike rack. Trunk-mounted racks or other traditional racks that solely rely on straps to keep your bike in place will not be able to support the extra weight of your e-bike.

Racks for electric bikes also have an array of features that will make the mounting and demounting process easier while also ensuring that your bike is safely transported.

What Type Of Rack Works for an Electric Bike?

bike siting on a hitch bike rack

The simple answer is that you can’t go wrong with a hitch-mounted bike rack. 

There are two types of hitch-mounted racks: The platform hitch racks and hanging bike racks. As the name suggests, platform bike racks for e-bikes have a platform where the cargo is secured. They are great for securely transporting bikes.

Hanging hitch racks are designed for you to hang your bike on them at the rear of your car. I don’t recommend this type of rack for electric bikes, even if they are light enough. There’s more concern over damage to your e-bike’s components.

And, although you may have heard of roof racks and trunk-mounted racks, these should be avoided due to the heavy weight of e-bikes and their sensitive components.

5 Best Electric Bike Racks

Thule T2 Pro XT/ XTR

Thule T2 Pro XT/ XTR is one of the best hitch-mounted bike racks and is perfect for carrying heavier electric bikes. The platform bike rack has lots of storage space and its zero-contact design protects your bike from damage along the way.

The Thule rack has two holders that can carry heavy electric bikes with fat tires. The racks have 1.25 to 2-inch hitch sizes that can accommodate a wide variety of vehicles. While the car rack is generally used to carry two bikes, it can hold up to four bikes with its separately sold add-ons. It also has rooftop cargo boxes for extra storage.

This Thule hitch-mounted rack has a total weight capacity of 120 pounds, supporting tires with widths of up to 5 inches through its long sliding arms. It can accommodate a wide range of front and rear wheels. This bike carrier is best for transporting fat tire e-bikes.

The rack will keep your bike upright and in place and has rolling wheels for easier transport. Thule is very popular among cycling enthusiasts for its high-quality products. While it might be on the pricier end, it is the e-best bike rack out there.

Check out this Thule T2 Pro Hitch Rack on Amazon!

Kuat’s Piston Pro X Hitch Rack

Kuat Piston Pro 2-bike rack attached to back of white car

Kuat’s Piston Pro X Hitch Rack is at the top of every perceptive biker’s list of great bike racks. It practically and purposefully tackles all issues cyclists usually face when it comes to choosing racks for e-bikes.

Among the many bike racks, it is one of the few with touchless arms that hold your bike in place by the tires and not the body, which preserves the finish and paint of your e-bike. Of course, premium features mean a higher price, but the provisions and premium build are definitely worth it.

This Kuat hitch-mounted bike rack can hold wheelbases up to 53 inches and tires up to 5 inches wide. It can carry bikes that are 67 lbs each. The two-bike-holder rack easily expands into a bike carrier with its optional add-on.

The innovative OneTap levers allow the arms to open automatically and secure your bike from trailhead to garage. To ensure visibility, you have tail lights that are LED and low profile, and they’re just another added plus point.

The best thing about the Kuat is that it is completely tool-free, meaning there is no struggle with assembly. The loading ramp also has a foot pedal that folds the rack up and down without you having to get your hands dirty.

Take a look at the Kuat Piston Pro rack at REI!

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider

two Rad Power Bikes sitting on Hollywood Sport Rack

Hollywood Racks is a one-of-a-kind e-bike car rack. If you’re looking for an affordable heavy-duty rack to carry your electric bike, then Hollywood Racks is the one. The 50-year-old company has been specializing in producing high rack weight carriers and has gained a positive reputation for its high-quality products.

A heavy e-bike or fat tire bike over 60 pounds is easily supported by this hitch-mounted rack and has a maximum capacity of 160 pounds. Cargo bikes, mountain bikes, and fat tire bikes of tire widths up to 5 inches (and pretty much any road bike) are able to be carried by this rack.

You should note that the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider is only compatible with 2-inch hitches, using the locking hitch pin to secure everything in place. Taking secureness one step further, the rack also has dual wheel-clamping hooks that ensure fat tires stay in place.

The loading and unloading process is extremely simple. You must place your e-bike on the wheel tray and secure the straps around the bike’s wheels. Then use the swing levers to lock the middle tube. The Sport Rider also has a locking cable to secure your bike, so you won’t need to worry about your precious cargo being stolen.

Take a look at the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider on Amazon!

Saris Door CountyAutomated 2-Bike Hitch

2-Bike Hitch Rack on the back of a hatchback car that fits electric bikes

Perhaps the feature that stands out the most about this electric bike rack is the automated lift. That’s right- this rack lifts the electric bike for you so you don’t have to worry about the weight or placement. Plus, you can release the lift for unloading.

This pretty amazing rack has “claw-like bike holds, which allow room for fenders and a tube-mounted battery. In addition, you can use your car’s 7-pin connection to keep your e-bike’s lights and signals running. Thus, other cars will be able to clearly see you have bikes protruding off the back of your car.

It boasts a 10.5-inch lift and a rack tilting lever as well. This Saris Door County rack can carry up to 2 electric bikes (up to 60 lbs each) and has integrated bike locks to keep your e-bike secure and in place.

Of note, you must have a 2″ hitch receiver. And it can fit up to a 48″ wheelbase and 3″ wide tires. Therefore, it’ll fit a lot of electric bikes but won’t carry 4-5″ fat tire e-bikes. 

Check out the automated Saris Door County rack at REI!

5. Hollywood Racks RV Rider HR1700 E Bike Rack for RVs

Hollywood Racks RV Rider HR1700 2 Hitch Mounted E Bike Rack for RVs

If you have an RV, 5th wheel, or flatbed, there is a rack for you. The well-known Hollywood racks will take care of you with their rack designed for RVs.

Just like any Hollywood hitch rack, this one is built to attach securely to the back of your RV with a keyed hitch pin. It’s perfect for electric bikes with a double-walled receiver and hitch tightener to reduce unwanted motion.

One thing that’s really impressive… you can carry two e-bikes up to 80 lbs each… that’s 160 pounds total, which is very generous. So, you can even use this rack with your heavy-duty fat tire ebikes (or standard-sized tires)! Plus, the bikes are tightly held in place by the locking frame holders.

Note that you’ll need a class 3, 2″ receiver on your RV.

Take a look at this RV Rack on Amazon!

What To Look For In An Electric Bike Rack?

With hundreds of racks to choose from, making any attempt to rank them would be pointless. While most bike racks offer a wide range of features, there are some you should be on the lookout for. Here are some criteria to keep in mind while picking out a special rack for your electric bike.

Weight capacity per bike: The first thing to consider is whether your rack will be able to handle the weight of your e-bike and accommodate tire widths. E-bikes generally lie on the heavier end of the scale, with the starting point being around 50 lbs. A bike rack with a high weight capacity is a better fit for your electric bike.

Total Weight Capacity: 2 trays on a rack does not necessarily mean you can load it with any two electric bikes. The number of trays is not equal to the number of bikes you can carry, especially when considering the total weight capacity. You don’t want to overload your rack and the tongue that goes into the hitch receiver.

Lock features: You don’t want to take the risk of your bike being stolen; e-bikes aren’t cheap. A good safety mechanism with extra safety features will ensure that your electric bike won’t budge an inch.

Accessibility: Choose a rack that folds down and is easy to mount bikes onto. A rack with a ramp makes the lifting, loading, and unloading process easy.

Of course, if you find a rack with an automated lift (like the Saris rack mentioned above), you will be in even better shape when mounting and dismounting your heavy e-bikes.

Fail-Safe Measures: This is a major factor to take into account when selecting a car rack for your bike. A rack should be able to withstand road conditions but also have fail-safe measures such as redundancies for securing the rack to the hitch and an integrated cable lock.

You should also ensure that your rack has a limited lifetime warranty.

Final Thoughts

There are many racks out there that can carry bikes, but my curated list includes only the best electric bike car racks that all feature innovative solutions to your transport concerns.

Take a look at the high-quality and durable racks I’ve mentioned to safely and securely transport your e-bike from one place to another.