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Flyer Via Cargo E-Bike Review- Ultimate Electric Family Bike


Remember the adorable little classic red wagon you had fun with as a child? You may be grown up, but there’s no reason you can’t have just as much fun with a Radio Flyer Electric bike. Enter the new generation of Radio Flyer.

Flyer™ cargo ebikes. These longtail, cargo-hauling electric family bikes are a game-changer. 

The new Flyer™ Via cargo e-bike has an integrated cargo rack that is 26 inches long and holds up to 150 lbs. The Via™ will take you on up to 50 miles of adventure, with one or two kids and cargo, without breaking a sweat.

In this Radio Flyer review, I’ll show you the pros and cons of the Flyer Via electric cargo bike for families, why you’ll want one, and what you need to know before buying this trustworthy family cargo e-bike.

And, I’ll show you how its super-long rear rack can carry your precious cargo, in varying arrangements! I’ve never experienced anything like it.

So, let’s get started!

Flyer Via Cargo Ebike

Pros of the Flyer Via

50-Mile Range

Flyer says you can ride up to 50 miles on this capable 500W motor cargo bike. However, I rode the first 6 miles and watched battery life drop to 90%. So, using minimal throttle, pedal assist levels one and two, and occasionally levels 3-5 on hills, I’d expect to get roughly 60 miles on a full charge. Keep in mind that the battery may drop more quickly as it nears the end of its charge.

No Exhaustion, No Sweat

Just think… if you carried two kids or 150 pounds of cargo on a regular bicycle, you’d be exhausted long before you finished a 10-mile ride. The Flyer Via’s electric assistance lets you enjoy every moment of your ride without the dread of getting up hills or back home.

Weight Capacity

Most electric bikes allow 250-300 pounds of payload capacity.  But, the Via offers up to 400 pounds total weight. So, you’ll have no trouble adding both kids and cargo.

Extra Long Cargo Rack
Extra Long Cargo Rack

Ultra-Long Integrated Rear Rack

The bike rack itself has a weight limit of 150 pounds and is about 26 inches long. In comparison, other rear racks are only around 14-15 inches long. You’ll see how significant this is when I show you its cargo capabilities in a minute.

Efficient All-Terrain Tire Design

These 2.4-inch puncture-resistant tires are two different sizes: 24 inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear. I didn’t feel anything unusual while riding. In truth,  the tires are well-designed for hauling cargo: They lower the center of gravity and enhance stability. My test rides were smooth and efficient, even with a ton of cargo onboard.

All terrain tires on the Flyer Via
All-terrain tires: a 24-inch front tire and a 20-inch rear tire.

Responsive Torque Sensor

The Flyer Via’s torque sensor is intelligently designed to match your pedaling effort, offering the ideal assistance for a smoother ride. This results in a more natural cycling experience, seamless acceleration, and enhanced battery efficiency, allowing you to maximize your adventures. I never felt out of control or jerked forward into traffic.

On-Demand Thumb Throttle

I appreciated picking up speed quickly and smoothly, despite the long body. I reached 20 mph within approximately five seconds, without being limited by individual pedal assist levels.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

I wouldn’t expect anything less on an e-bike that carries valuable cargo. These hydraulic brakes stopped smoothly and efficiently every time, even with a load on the back rack.

Ergonomic Frame and Redesigned Fork

The Via shines with an upright seated position, a higher handlebar, and ergonomic seating and grips. The handlebar grips were comfortable and it was easy to view potential hazards while still enjoying my ride!

Unique Display

The color-coded LCD was a surprise. It provided straightforward control of pedal assist, headlight and taillights, and turn signals. It also allowed me to monitor my speed and distance. 

Flyer Via LCD Display
The unique Flyer Via LCD Display.

Front and Rear Lights with Turn Signals

Good lights and signals are essential for every e-bike owner. You don’t want to get stuck in the dark on your family ride because you enjoyed yourself longer than planned. 

5 Pedal Assist Levels and 7-speed Gear Shift

The Flyer Via electric cargo bike offered plenty of speed and power flexibility. I found it necessary to downshift the 7-speed gears when toting cargo uphill. This made my ride easier, protected the motor, and preserved battery life.

Now, what you’ve been waiting for…

Woman standing next to the Flyer Via
The Flyer Via is the Ultimate Electric Family Bike

The Flyer Via Rocks Cargo Capacity

I’m going to show you how to get the most out of the Flyer Via’s cargo capacity. The Via comes with the Kid & Cargo Hoop. Find out everything that’s included with this Flyer electric bike.

The Kid and Cargo Hoop

You’ll need the Flyer hoop to be able to add on the best cargo accessories. The cargo hoop serves as a sturdy frame for Flyer’s soft-sided cargo carriers. The hoop also lets you add up to two children old enough to hold on while riding. Just add the seat pads!

But more than just taking along your kids or grandkids, you can take a load of cargo at the same time. Check this out…

The Kid and Cargo XL Carrier

You don’t need a slow-moving Radio Flyer wagon anymore! This extra-large cargo carrier is massive! Each side of the carrier can hold up to 55 pounds and still carry a child weighing an additional 30+ pounds. 

Cargo E-Bike panniers
Cargo accessories wrap around the Kid & Cargo Hoop : E-Bike panniers on the Kid and Cargo XL Carrier

Let me lay it out. The opening is around 18X 26 inches. Each side pannier is 24 inches deep and 8 inches wide before it hits the middle rack. And, from the rack to the top of the carrier, there’s about 10 inches. If I could do the math, I would. 

But, seriously, look at everything I put into it… and I still had tons of room. You can fit overnight camping gear, sports equipment, or everything you need for a day at the park.

Just fill each side pannier evenly so the bike is properly balanced.

Cargo Capacity of the XL cargo carrier
Cargo capacity feels limitless!

Carry & Go Tote Bag

This is so much more than a “tote” bag. It’s roomy, soft, and perfect for shopping or carrying equipment for the day. And it’s easily switched out with the XL carrier! You can also attach this tote and carry one kid as well!

Front Basket

What I love about this soft-covered basket is that it’s all you need on short rides or when you don’t have much cargo. I tossed in my sweatshirt and camera equipment and easily dropped my helmet into it after a ride.

Even after all the amazing features discussed, there are a few considerations. It wouldn’t be a cargo e-bike review with them.

Front Basket
The front cargo basket is helpful when you don’t need a lot of cargo.

The Cons of the Flyer Via 

The Via’s saddle isn’t bad. But, I’d like a wider saddle to haul heavy cargo for long distances.

Although the tires gripped well on light off-road paths, the Flyer Via lacks front suspension. Thus, if you occasionally traverse off-road paths, I’d recommend getting a good suspension seat post to smooth out the bumps. I’ve pointed you to the one I use in the description below the video.

You might also look at the Flyer Via Pro which offers suspension and other upgrades.

And, last, the Via is around 76 inches long. So, consider storage space and whether you need to transport it in your car.

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Flyer Via Electric Bike

Unboxing and Assembly

Flyer Via Box
Flyer Via Shipment

I was impressed with the packaging. The Flyer Via was well-packaged with multiple squares of ultra-thick cardboard. And I didn’t find dings, scratches, or bike parts popping out of the shipping box.

Although assembly wasn’t hard, a couple of unusual steps were needed to complete it. 

  1. You’ll have to add a steering spring. Use pliers to hook each side of the spring and ask for help… that spring is tight.
  2. Even if you don’t plan on carrying little ones, attach the running boards… they look sharp and can be used as support for the extra large cargo panniers.
  3. You need to read the instruction manual before assembling the bike if you’re adding the front basket. The headlight will be attached differently… and you won’t want to do it twice!
  4. Finally, adding the cargo accessories is straightforward. But plan on spending an additional hour or so before riding.
Flyer Electric Bike Assembly
Preparation for Flyer Electric Bike Assembly

Who is the Via Electric Bike Best For?

First, it’s a perfect ebike for individual riders determined to replace their car. At $2199, it’s far less expensive than a car! Riders can run errands, carry equipment, or commute to work with everything they need in tow.

And, during my Flyer Via Cargo E-bike Review, I discovered why the Flyer™ Via™ is a must-have for families seeking convenience and outdoor adventure. 

This unique electric bike is more than just a mode of transportation. With its solid performance and exceptional cargo capacity, the Via e-bike by Radio Flyer has redefined what it means to ride together as a family. 

So, take your kids, cargo, and promise of happy memories and enjoy your ride on the ultimate electric family bike!

Incredible Mooncool TK1 Electric Trike Unboxing and Review


Ride into the exhilarating world of the great outdoors with ease! Whether you’re navigating balance or mobility challenges, or simply seeking a smooth ride along the open road, Mooncool stands out as a top choice.

When it comes to electric trikes, the Mooncool TK1 folding trike caught my attention. Engineered with precision and comfort in mind, the Mooncool electric trike boasts stability and maneuverability, making it an ideal option for a traditional 2-wheeled electric bike.

I’m Lisa from E-Biking Today. In this incredible electric trike unboxing and review, I’ll show you the Mooncool TK1 tricycle’s pros and cons, unboxing and assembly tips, how to ride a difficult trike, and everything else you need to know before deciding if this is the best 3-wheel e-bike for you. 

Check out the Mooncool TK1 Electric Trike (and get your E-Biking Today special discount under “Price”)!

Let’s start with the pros and cons.

Mooncool Trike carries a lot of cargo
The Mooncool Electric Tricycle carries a lot of cargo with its included baskets!

Pros of the Mooncool TK1 Tricycle

Helical Geared Motor

This 500W, Peak 750W, helical motor helps you effortlessly cruise down the road, enjoying the scenery without the strain of traditional pedaling. What’s unique about the Mooncool TK1 motor is that it uses a helical gear system to convert rotational motion into linear motion. Thus it gives a peak 55 Newton Meter torque output yet it’s quiet. So, while the TK1 turned heads, it was only because of the unique look and cool color.


I tested for maximum speed and speeds at each pedal assist level. My rides maxed out at just over 15 mph… this was using pedal assist five and my pedal power on a straight flat road. This is less than the typical 20mph max on 2-wheel electric bikes. However, this top speed, and my careful driving, assured me I was safe from tipping over.


You’ll get up to 60 miles per single charge using pedal assist with a range from 35 to 60 miles. You’ll get a much shorter range if you primarily use the throttle.

Expect the 48V*14.5Ah battery to get a full charge in 6-8 hours. But instead of charging it overnight, safely charge it when you’re awake. I set a timer or phone reminder to unplug the battery.

Speed Differential System

This rear differential mechanism enhances stability and control on turns. You’ll find out just how vital this feature is on an electric tricycle when I show how to learn to ride a trike below… yes, it’s harder than you think.

Electric trike Rear Differential System
Mooncool TK1 Rear Differential System

Front Suspension Fork

Here’s a benefit I didn’t expect an e-trike to have: a front suspension. But, the front suspension fork proved its value when riding over small bumps and dips in the road, making them nearly nonexistent.

Parking Brakes

I loved that there’s NO kickstand getting in the way here! You can pull both handlebar brakes tight while pressing down the parking brakes and releasing the hand brake. My smaller hands found it easiest to do one at a time. Further, setting one brake was enough to keep this heavy trike from rolling away. The parking brakes had the added benefit of keeping the trike steady while getting on and off.

Folding Electric Trike

Although still sizeable after folding it, being able to fit it into a corner or in your car or truck, makes it special. But don’t expect to lift it by yourself, if at all.

Added Safety Features

The Mooncool TK1 electric trike offers turn signals, a horn, a large headlight, and three taillights to keep you safe. Don’t forget to use them!

Large Comfortable Saddle, Ergonomic Grips, and Riser Handlebars

The vacuumed foam seat, adjustable handlebars, and natural grips made this Mooncool electric tricycle a pleasure to ride. I rode without any discomfort on my 10-mile ride.

Blue Mooncool TK1 Electric Folding Bike
Mooncool TK1 Electric Folding Bike has many comforts and safety features.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes with Electric Cut-off 

What does this mean? When you stop, the bike stops. When I applied the brakes, the electric motor cut off and I stopped moving immediately, instead of continuing to roll forward.

20-inch x 3-inch Tires & Stainless Steel Spokes

I really liked the 3-inch wide tires. They made more contact with the road so I felt stable on such a large, heavy trike. 


Get this cool electric tricycle on sale for $1599 minus my special E-Biking Today discount. Click on my TK1 affiliate link and use the code: “EBIKING100” at checkout. You’ll save $100 off the sale price (on any Mooncool purchase)!

Mooncool Electric Trike
The Mooncool TK! is a Fair Price Electric Trike. It has all of the features you need to go anywhere you want.


An included rear rack, front and rear baskets, and fenders are a valuable benefit. These would likely cost $300-$400 to buy separately. Plus, they’re heavy-duty and easily carry your cooler, bike bag, and supplies.

Ready for the Cons of this Mooncool Trike?

Twist Throttle

Okay, this is both a pro and a con. Yes, a throttle on a heavy e-trike gives you confidence you can make it home, even if you’re tired or aching. However, if you’re a senior or have arthritis or joint pain in your hands, a twist throttle can be uncomfortable to use for a long period.

Not Easy to Ride an Electric Trike for the First Time

A 3-wheel electric trike rides very differently than a two-wheel bike. Talk about feeling like a kid on a tricycle… Marc and I were both new to riding 3 wheels and it took a couple of hours of slow, cautious riding to get a feel for it. So, plan time to learn before heading out on a big ride! I’ll show you important riding tips after discussing the Mooncool TK1 electric trike unboxing.

95% Pre-Assembled?

Hmmm. Let’s take a look…

Electric Trike Unboxing and Assembly Tips

Unboxing and assembling the TK1 wasn’t difficult. Still, there are several add-ons, so you should allow a couple of hours to unbox the e-trike, assemble it, clean it up, and learn how to use the controls. And, not everything in the Mooncool Owner’s Manual was accurate for the TK1, so keep reading and watch the video above if you haven’t.

Electric Trike Being Unboxed
The Mooncool TK1 electric trike unboxing was easy.

Electric Trike Unboxing

You can easily lift the top of the box off the trike after removing the 4 plastic locks by pushing in and pulling out. Now, start unboxing by taking out the battery charger box on top. Underneath that, remove the extra parts, tools, and manual. 

First things first… check to see you have all of the parts you need, down to each screw and bolt. You can use the top of the box to lay them out. Once you have the parts laid out, pull off the additional foam and snip each plastic tie with wire cutters, careful not to cut anything but the ties. Now your e-trike is unboxed.

Electric Trike Assembly
The TK1 Electric Trike was easy to assemble, but it took a couple of hours to complete it and add the free rack and baskets.

Assembling Your Electric Trike

Assembly was a relatively easy 7 out of 10 (10 being the easiest). You can follow Mooncool’s written electric bike unboxing and assembly instructions but I have a few assembly tips you should follow.

  • First, if you intend to attach the included front basket, don’t put on the headlight as the manual shows. Instead, attach the rack, basket, and headlight, in that order.
  • You can, however, attach the front fender before attaching the front wheel. But, you’ll discover they don’t tell you how to put on the front fender. So here goes. Using the bolt above the tire that’s already secured to the front of the trike, screw on the top of the fender. The fender’s short end goes on the front of the tire. Then, pull down each fender arm until it reaches the stand-alone bolt. Use the bolt already on the e-trike to attach each side.
  • And, don’t forget to fill up each tire to a maximum PSI of 35. I’d suggest around 25 PSI to keep your ride comfortable.
Tire Close-up of PSI
Follow the recommended air pressure or go a little lower for a softer ride.

So, did it look 95% pre-assembled? I’d say it feels like there’s more left to do than just 5%. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Essential Electric Trike Riding Tips

  1. Learn to ride an electric tricycle with the pedal assist off if possible. If you can’t do this because of physical limitations, find a level street without traffic or parked cars and start on pedal assist level one. You’ll feel a bit of a kickoff if you’re not already pedaling.
  2. Sit upright, relax, and move slowly. Next, try wide turns and ride slowly over dips in the street. 
  3. Initially, Marc and I found it difficult to control the front wheel over dips and turns. I discovered that it was helpful to switch off pedal assist before turning or when crossing the street with cars present. 
  4. If riding an electric trike feels odd, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get used to riding with practice.
Woman sitting on electric folding trike
It’s hard to believe that the Mooncool TK1 Electric Trike folds up!

What Else You Need to Know About the Mooncool Electric Trike

  • I’ve mentioned how heavy this electric trike is, but here’s the nitty gritty. It weighs around 116 lbs with all the baskets and the battery included… or 90 lbs without. So, don’t expect to pick it up fully loaded. However, you can remove the baskets and battery before transporting it. 
  • The TK1’s load capacity of 350 lbs is notable and this incredible trike fits most riders 5 feet and taller (I’m 5’1″ for reference).
  • I also like having room to attach a rearview mirror, phone mount, or GPS on the handlebar.
  • It’s also good to know that Mooncool’s electric trikes and bikes come with an expandable 1-year warranty… just post on social media and enjoy a two-year warranty.
  • A final thought. If you’re concerned about physical limitations getting in the way of comfort, consider adding the Mooncool adjustable seat with a backrest.
Mooncool Trike Seat with Backrest
Mooncool Trike Seat with Backrest

Who is the Mooncool TK1 Tricycle Best For?

This electric tricycle is best for riders seeking outdoor adventures who couldn’t ride a bike otherwise. If you have physical limitations, poor balance, or don’t know how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle, the Mooncool TK1 tricycle is perfect.

And, although riders over 50 and seniors love electric trikes, younger riders can enjoy them for all of the same reasons.

Why Buy a Mooncool Electric Trike?

The Mooncool TK1 electric trike’s unique motor ensures a smooth and effortless journey, allowing you to explore the outdoors with confidence and ease. Whether you’re running errands around town or embarking on a leisurely adventure, this incredible electric trike promises an unforgettable and enjoyable ride every time. Be sure to use the E-Biking Today discount with code “EBIKING100” to get $100 off ANY purchase from Mooncool of $1200 or more.

Still thinking about getting an electric trike? Hop onto the Mooncool TK1 and enjoy your ride!

Learn about other electric trikes.

Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Bike: How to Choose the Perfect E-Bike


Hey there e-bikers! Are you considering purchasing an electric bike, but don’t know where to start? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to find the perfect e-bike for your needs.

To choose the best electric bike for you, you’ll need to understand the different types of electric bikes, the key features to consider, how much to spend, and warranty information.

Women with bike helmet on standing next to RadCity E-Bike
Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus

Why Choose an Electric Bike?

Before I dive into the nitty-gritty details, let’s talk about why you might want to choose an electric bike in the first place. Not only do they offer a fun and eco-friendly way to commute or explore the outdoors, but they also provide an excellent combination of exercise and electric assistance.

With e-bikes, you can conquer hills and long distances without breaking a sweat, making them a great option for people of all fitness levels.

Types of Electric Bikes

Now let’s talk about the different types of e-bikes available. There are mainly four types – commuter, mountain, folding, and fat tire electric bikes, each with unique features and suited for specific purposes.

Ride1Up Portola Folding E-Bike on a dirt path
Ride the Ride1Up Portola Folding E-Bike on trails and gravel paths: This e-bike is easy to lift and very compact!
  • Commuter e-bikes: These are designed for city riding, with a focus on comfort and efficiency. They often have features like fenders, racks, and lights to make your daily commute a breeze.
  • Electric mountain bikes (eMTB): eMTBs are perfect for off-road adventures. With powerful motors, rugged frames, and suspension systems, they’re built to easily conquer rough terrain.
  • Folding e-bikes: ideal for those with limited storage space or who need a portable option for multimodal commutes. These compact electric bikes can be easily folded up and carried under public transportation or stowed away in tight spaces.
  • Fat tire e-bikes: designed for all-terrain riding, with wide, high-volume tires that can handle sand, snow, and mud. Electric fat tire bikes are perfect for those who want to explore without limitations.
Ride1Up Rift Electric Fat Bike
Ride1Up Rift Electric Fat Bike Fits Most Riders 5 feet and up!

Key Features to Consider

When buying an electric bike, there are several key features to consider:

  • Motor: Choose a rear-hub or mid-drive motor, each with its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Battery: Look for higher battery capacity measured in watt-hours to ensure longer rides between charges.
  • Range: Range is the distance an e-bike can cover on a single charge. Be sure to choose one with the longest range that meets your daily needs.
  • Frame Material: Common materials include aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber, each with its own trade-offs between durability and weight.
  • Components: Prioritize quality components such as brakes, gears, throttle, and front suspension to ensure a better overall riding experience.
Woman on Full suspension electric bike
Heybike Horizon Full suspension electric bike

Getting the Right Fit

One of the most important steps when purchasing an electric bike is making sure you can ride it comfortably. Take the bike for a test ride to determine if it’s easy to handle and meets your expectations in terms of power and performance.

Alternatively, check size specifications on a brand’s website, and measure your inseam to ensure you’ll be comfortable when sitting and pedaling.

Dimensions and Size measurements for the 700 Series Step-Through
The Ride1Up brand offers detailed sizing charts for each e-bike: Check your measurements in a chart like this on the website you’re visiting.

Pay attention to the fit of the bike, including the saddle height, handlebar reach, and overall frame size to make sure they are the best size for your body. A well-fitted electric bike will ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Budget and Where to Buy

Regarding budget, e-bikes can range from affordable models under $1,000 to high-end options costing several thousand dollars. Determine your budget and prioritize the features that matter most to you. Remember, investing in a quality electric bike can save you money in the long run with reduced maintenance costs and a longer lifespan.

When purchasing an e-bike, one option is visiting a local electric bike shop. Local shops can offer personalized service, expert advice, and ongoing support for maintenance and repairs.

Alternatively, you can buy ebikes online from reputable retailers such as Ride1Up, Rad Power Bikes, and Aventon. Shopping online will give you a huge range of options and features. However, make sure to read expert reviews and customer feedback, compare specifications, and double-check the warranty and return policy before making your purchase.

Woman on fat tire electric bike
I’m riding the Aventon Aventure 2 Electric Fat Bike!

Warranty and After-Sales Support

Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of warranty and after-sales support. Look for a comprehensive warranty that covers the frame, motor, and battery for at least one to two years (one is standard, so two or more years makes it that much better).

After-sales support ensures you have access to maintenance and repair services when needed. Choosing a reputable brand and dealer with a proven track record of excellent customer support can make a big difference in your overall e-biking experience.

Blue Tenways CGO800S
The Tenways CGO800S is a smooth-riding, low-maintenance belt-drive electric bike with a 2-year warranty


Buying an electric bike doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Start by considering the type of e-bike that suits your needs, the features that matter most to you, and your budget. Don’t forget to test ride the bike to ensure a comfortable fit and prioritize quality components such as the motor, battery, and frame material.

When purchasing an e-bike, consider the after-sales support and warranty to ensure peace of mind and protect your investment. With this guide, you’re well on your way to finding the best electric bike for your needs. Enjoy your ride!

A Comprehensive Guide to E-Bike Sensitivity Control


Have you ever had that thrilling (read: terrifying) moment when your electric bike decides it’s a racehorse and leaves you clinging on for dear life? Yeah, me too. But don’t worry, I’ve got some pro tips to help tame that wild steed of yours. Let’s dive into how you can stop your e-bike from lurching forward and enjoy a smoother ride.

Why Your E-Bike Acts Like a Teen in a Sports Car

First things first, let’s chat about why your e-bike might be a bit too eager. E-bikes come equipped with motors that assist your pedaling, but sometimes, they can get a bit overexcited. This could lead to sudden surges that make you feel like you’re not in control. Imagine trying to take a leisurely turn and ending up doing a wheelie instead – not cool, right? This issue usually boils down to the sensitivity settings of your throttle or pedal assist system being cranked up a tad too high. Typically, an e-bike’s computer and cadence sensor are the culprit.

Thus, you might experience one of these frightening problems:

  • Your initial acceleration is too sudden and/or too fast
  • You feel out of control when accelerating
  • You lurch forward when trying to control a turn
  • You unwillingly catch air when pedaling or throttling over a bump
  • Or, you might accidentally pop a wheelie when using the throttle

Not only is this startling, but it can also be dangerous, especially if you’re in a crowded area or navigating through traffic. As a new e-biker, my husband Marc accidentally did a wheelie getting up a steep dirt hill using the throttle. Thankfully, he caught the bike before it toppled on top of him. And, once when my e-bike lurched forward, I ran over a curb and ended up with minor injuries (and it was also quite embarrassing).

It’s also worth noting that new riders, particularly those who are older or have slower reaction times, might be startled by a pedal assist system at first. Some may prefer to use throttle only, which may feel more predictable and controllable.

Orange electric bike
Riding an e-bike that takes off fast isn’t for everyone! The Haoqi Leopard Pro is powerful and starts fast.

The Fix: E-Bike Taming 101

Now, onto the good stuff – how to keep your bike in check:

Adjust Your Bike’s Settings

first, check your electric bike’s settings. Many ebikes have adjustable sensitivity settings for the throttle and pedal assist. By lowering the sensitivity, you may be able to reduce the likelihood of sudden lurches. You might also be able to limit the speed of each pedal assist level.

One way to change sensitivity settings is through the controller on the bike itself. Take a look at your e-bike’s manual or contact the manufacturer to find out which buttons can get you to these settings, if available. Online manuals sometimes provide more information than the short manuals that come with the bike.

Also, if you know what type of display is on your ebike, you can research how to change the speed and sensitivity settings.

Hand adjusting Ride1Up Rift Display/Controller
Modify your e-bike display

E-Bike Apps

Additionally, some e-bike brands offer apps that let you modify assistance. But, to be honest, Marc and I have made modifications on different e-bike apps without seeing any change.

For example, Heybike has a nice-looking app. And, while changing the number of levels of pedal assist and turning on and off the bike from the app works great, nothing seems to change when we use the sensitivity slider. But, hey, many ebikes don’t offer apps at all.

So, unfortunately, changing these settings doesn’t always work. So, instead, let’s talk about other ways of taming your electric bike.

Practice Gradual Acceleration

One way to maintain greater control is to practice gradual acceleration. Start from the lowest pedal assist setting or with the assist off. This way, you can ease into the speed without any surprises.

When you’re starting from a stop, begin by pedaling without using the throttle. Within a couple of turns of the crank, the motor will kick in. But since you’re already moving, you’re less likely to experience a sudden ‘wheelie’ effect. Once you’re moving, slowly dial up the power as you feel more comfortable. Assuming the e-bike software is speed-based at each level, this should help.

You might also try gradual acceleration by riding without any pedal assistance. However, it’s hard to start pedaling a heavy electric bike without pedal assist. So, make sure you’re up to the task before trying.

Me standing over the Cafe Cruiser in a park
Riding the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser in the park.

Smart Turning Techniques

When making a low-speed turn, try easing off the pedal assist or even turning it off momentarily. It might feel like a dance move at first, but it’ll keep your bike’s enthusiasm in check. Assuming the e-bike software is speed-based at each level, this should help.

Here’s my biggest concern… Making a U-turn at a low speed, like 4-6 mph. Be aware that with a cadence sensor, your ebike might try to accelerate to 8 mph or more with barely a quarter turn of the pedals. So try this. Ride a little faster when approaching a turn but stop pedaling before going into the turn. This can help you make it through a U-turn safely without pedaling.

Additionally, you might shut off the pedal assist or the controller entirely before making a tight turn.

Another idea… lean into the acceleration. This can help counteract the power kick and give you a smoother start.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you maintain better control and prevent unexpected lurching. But there are still other ways to control your electric bike.

Start with Zero Pedal Assist

You might also choose an ebike that requires you to turn on the pedal assist system if you want to use it. Not all e-bikes have this feature. But, one example is the Model R e-bike from the Electric Bike Company. 

Torque Sensor Electric Bikes

If you’re in the market for a new ride or simply curious, e-bikes with torque sensors are known for their smooth assistance. They match your pedal power instead of overwhelming it, leading to more natural acceleration. Thus, you won’t lurch ahead by barely putting your foot on the pedal.

Here’s a list of torque-sensor e-bikes worth checking out:

Woman riding Aventure.2 Torque Sensor E-Bike
Aventon Aventure.2 Torque Sensor E-Bike

Keeping It Smooth and Safe

While adjusting your ride’s settings or practicing your start technique can work wonders, don’t forget the basics. Keep your e-bike well-maintained, and if you’re facing unresolved wild rides, a professional e-bike technician might be your next best friend. E-biking should be about enjoyment, not the unexpected!

And there you have it – your guide to reigning in a sensitive electric bike. Whether you’re new to the e-biking world or a seasoned pro seeking smoother rides, these tips should help make your journey safer and more enjoyable. Remember, it’s all about finding that perfect balance for you.

I hope these tips help you feel more in control of your ride, turning your e-biking experience from wild to peaceful. So, the next time your e-bike gets a bit too spirited, you’ll know just what to do. Now, go out and enjoy your ride!

Exploring the Aventon Level.2 Electric Bicycle: Review, Pros, Cons, and Assembly Tips


Hey there, e-bike enthusiasts and curious commuters! Today, I’m zooming in on the Aventon Level.2 Electric Bicycle, a marvel on two wheels that promises to make your commute a breeze and turn heads while you’re at it.

From its surprising power to its sleek design, I’ll give you the insider scoop on what makes this e-bike a must-have for city riders and recreational riders alike. Plus, I’ve got some handy assembly tips up my sleeve to get you on the road faster.

So, buckle up for a ride through the pros and the cons. Plus, I’ll tell you what you need to know before making a buying decision and share assembly tips to help you decide if the Aventon Level.2 is the perfect electric bike for you. 

The Aventon Level.2: A Speedy Overview

Aventon Level.2

Imagine cruising through the city with the wind in your hair, effortlessly overtaking those sluggish morning traffic jams. That’s the reality with the Aventon Level.2 e-bike.

Out of the box, it’s a Class 2 powerhouse, offering pedal assist and throttle modes up to 20 mph. But hold onto your helmets; with the Aventon app, you can unlock the Level 2 to reach a breezy 28 mph. Whether you’re facing a no-throttle zone or tackling an uphill battle, the Shimano 8-speed gearshift has your back.

Why You’ll Love the Level.2: Pros of the Aventon Level.2

White Aventon Level.2 Electric Bicycle outdoors
Discover the Pros and cons of the Aventon Level.2 Electric Bicycle in this review.

Hub Motor Power

Jumping into the saddle of the Level.2, I was a little shocked by the 500W motor’s gusto. It gave me the oomph I needed to climb hills, even though it’s not a 750W motor. The torque sensor made my ride feel smooth as silk, with no pesky lurching to spoil the fun.

LG Cell Battery

And the 672Wh LG battery? After a 14-mile test ride using throttle and pedal assist levels 4 and 5, the battery was still at 93%. I was pretty amazed since Aventon reports the range as up to 60 miles. This suggests it could go further. Plus, the Level’s battery comes with a 48V 3 Amp charger so you’ll be on the road fast.

Hybrid Tires

The 27.5″ x 2.1” Kenda hybrid tires with safety reflective sidewalls handled every twist and turn of my urban adventure with grace, proving themselves on the occasional gravel detour as well.

Hybrid Kenda Tire
Hybrid Kenda Tires let you ride on easy gravel and dirt paths.

Visible Lights

Although integrated front and rear lights are becoming more common in new electric bikes, Aventon gets bonus points for placing the lights where they can be seen, even with a pannier bag attached to the rack.

Ease of Use

Finally, you can do everything on one control panel, so forget searching for pedal assist levels, lights, or speed and distance. There’s not much more dangerous than taking your eyes off the road to find the right function.

Backlit LCD Display

The intuitive color display tracks the pedal assist level and remaining battery charge, but also useful data including trip distance and time traveled.

But Wait, There’s More!

Other benefits of the Aventon Level 2 electric bicycle include hydraulic brakes, a rack and fenders, ergonomic grips, a comfortable Aventon by Velo seat, and a solid kickstand. I found the stand a little hard to push down but that’s why it stays put. I should also mention that the bright little yellow keys are super easy to find if dropped!

Level 2's comfortable seat and rear rack
A comfortable seat doesn’t have to be plush… it has to be well-designed!

But, No Electric Bike is Perfect: Cons of the Aventon Level.2

Now, for a bit of a reality check.

The Level.2 motor, while powerful, can be a tad noisier than you might expect, and there’s a small vibration at lower speeds. And then there’s the price tag – sitting at $1,699, it’s not exactly pocket change. However, considering the premium features and robust build, I found the investment justifiable.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

The Aventon Level 2 has a pretty average weight of 62 pounds for a full-size electric bike with a payload capacity of 300 lb. Not bad for a commuter e-bike.

I always appreciate having the option of a step-through frame that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability, size, or age. The step-over frame Level 2 is still perfect for taller riders and those who prefer a more traditional bike.

Speaking of size, Aventon offers both frame styles in two sizes. So, the Level 2 can fit riders from 4’11” to 6’4. Being 5’1” myself, the small step-thru frame fits me perfectly. Just check their sizing tool to choose the perfect fit.

Woman standing next to Level.2 to show size
The Level 2 offers different frames and sizes

Now, here’s what you need to know about unboxing and assembling the Aventon Level 2.

Getting It Road-Ready: Assembly Tips

Fear not, assembly novices! Unboxing the Level 2 was easy with all the reusable, eco-friendly packaging, much of which could be just pulled off.

Overall, assembly difficulty was better than average. However, I have a few tips that’ll save you time, especially if you lack bike assembly experience.

  • First, use the box to hold the front tire while dropping on the frame. Because the frame sits a little differently on the tire, you’ll get it done more easily if you have someone to help guide it. 
  • When you insert the thru-axle in the front tire, push it in slowly, keeping the release handle loose, so it doesn’t get stuck and you can’t close the lever. This mistake set me back about 10 minutes, getting it unstuck and starting over.
  • Rub a little bike grease on the pedals and seatpost to make them easier to put on.  
  • Move the display out of the way to finish tightening the handlebars, using a criss-cross pattern between the 4 screws.
  • And, if you want to be ready for a ride when you’re done, remove the battery and fully charge it while assembling your Level ebike. My battery had a 65% charge out of the box.
  • Final Tip… Aventon has a good assembly video on its site, so be sure to watch it before starting to assemble your new e-bike.
Level 2 e-bike ready for Assembly
The Aventon Level 2 Assembly wasn’t too difficult but these assembly tips should help.

Is the Aventon Level.2 the Best Commuter E-Bike for You?

If you yearn for a seamless, controlled ride and won’t compromise on quality or features, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’. Whether zipping through city streets on your way to work or enjoying a recreational ride, the Level 2 is a fit for nearly every rider out there. For those with a thirst for off-road thrills, though, you might want to check out Aventon’s catalog for something more rugged.

If you’re in the market for a ride that combines power, innovation, and style, this could very well be your next big e-bike love. Just imagine all the places you’ll go, the sights you’ll see, and the sheer joy of leaving traffic jams in your dust. Remember, every ride is an adventure waiting to happen, and with the right e-bike, you’re already halfway there. So, gear up, charge up, and let the good times roll. Here at E-Biking Today, we live by one simple motto: “Enjoy your ride.”

New E-Bike Safety Campaign: Raising Awareness for Enhanced Rider Safety


Spurring E-Bike Safety: Raising Awareness Through a New Campaign

As the sun rises in the world of tech-driven transportation, e-bikes have found their way into the heart of city commuters, offering a cleaner, healthier, and more efficient means of travel. But as the number of e-bike enthusiasts grows, the need for safety measures grows with it. That’s where our story begins.

A Sudden Surge in E-Bike Popularity

In the past year, the streets of New York City have seen a significant surge in e-bike rides. With the pandemic pushing city dwellers to find less crowded means of transportation, and technology offering a pocket-friendly, eco-friendly solution, e-bikes have become the new cool kids on the block. But with great popularity comes great responsibility. As more e-bikes zip through traffic, new concerns about safety and regulations emerge.

Addressing The Safety Concerns with a Bang!

A new campaign has been launched recently to address these pressing concerns and ensure that e-bikers ride safely. This innovative initiative aims to educate e-bike riders about safety protocols while also tracking and addressing the rising number of accidents involving electric bikes.

This campaign is more than just a bunch of pamphlets and informational videos. It involves conducting workshops, offering training sessions, and providing safety equipment to e-bike owners. What’s even cooler? The campaign organizers are also striving to reach out to e-bike manufacturers encouraging manageable speeds and more safety features on their bikes.

Woman putting on electric bike helmet
Wearing an electric bike helmet is just one way to improve safety.

An All-Encompassing Endeavor

This campaign isn’t just for New York – it is setting a precedent for other cities around the globe. Considering the burgeoning popularity of e-bikes worldwide, this campaign could not have come at a better time. From new riders to seasoned electric biker riders seeking more awareness of their vehicles’ safety, this campaign stands tall as a beacon of hope.

The campaign is a direct effort toward assuring safe and enjoyable e-biking adventures for everyone. By implementing these safety measures and educating riders, the campaign aims to transform the quick ride to the office or trip to the grocery store into a safer experience for everyone.

Next Stop: A Safer E-Bike Community

With this wave of change, each city’s electric bike community is gradually shifting towards a safer environment. Ensuring that every e-biker is well aware of their vehicle’s capabilities and the rules of the road, we can look forward to safer streets and happier bikers.

This is certainly a move in the right direction. It’s a great time to be an e-biker, especially when you know that there are initiatives like this keeping safety as their top priority – your safety.

Get more information about the campaign.

And remember, whether you’re new to the e-bike community or a seasoned rider, always prioritize safety. Brightened paths, tightened helmets, and timely brakes are modest steps to a safer ride. Remember, every ride counts, every ride is a memory, let’s make it a safe one.

Enjoy your ride!



A peaceful ride…that’s how I’d describe my ride experience on the Tenways CGO800S electric bike. If you’re searching for a natural riding experience that’s smooth and relaxing, consider this high-performing, stylish city e-bike. 

I’m Lisa from E-Biking Today and in this electric bike review, I show you what makes the Tenways CGO800S unique and help you decide if this is the urban e-bike for you. I’ll go over the pros and cons, share assembly tips, and tell you what you need to know before you buy.

Plus, keep an eye out for the performance features I love… and you might not want to live without.

So, let’s take a look at the CGO800S.

Tenways CGO800S Review
Tenways CGO800S Electric Bike

Pros of the Tenways CGO800S

There are many benefits worth considering in addition to the sleek frame and clean look.


It weighs only 46lbs with the battery included. Or, if the bike is fully loaded with Tenways CGO accessories including the pannier and rear rack, it weighs around 51lbs.

Quiet Motor

This U.S. model Class 1 e-bike has a Mivice 350W rear hub motor that’s super quiet but will assist you up to 20mph. I only heard a slight hum when riding at high power. Overall, it sounds and feels like a regular bike.

Good Range

With a sleek, integrated 374-watt-hour 36V 10.4Ah) lithium-ion battery, I’m surprised it has a range of up to 53 miles. Your achieved range will depend on body and cargo weight, wind, hills, and other factors.

Upright, Step-Through Frame

The step-through frame makes it easy for riders to get on and off, which I found very helpful when stopping and going in the city. Plus, it is much easier to check out the surroundings when seated upright. You don’t want to miss a thing when riding with city traffic!

However, if you prefer a more traditional frame, take a look at the Tenways CGO600Pro model.

Me reviewing the Tenways CGO800S electric bike.


The CGO800S was comfortable and easy to maneuver, in part due to its lightweight design. Additionally, the suspension fork softened urban street bumps and the ergonomic handlebars prevented wrist soreness.

GATES Carbon Belt Drive

I didn’t feel any slippage or hear any noise on this single-speed belt-drive e-bike. What I love about carbon belt-drive bikes is that they look clean, stay clean, and don’t require constant maintenance like a chain drive. And, there isn’t a risk of grease on pant legs or hands.

GATES Carbon Belt Drive on Tenways ebike
The GATES Carbon Belt Drive is clean and low-maintenance!

Magnetic Torque Sensor

I prefer a torque sensor over a cadence sensor. I felt the intuitive pedal assist and smooth ride as soon as I pressed the pedals. With a torque sensor, this Tenways ebike provides an instantaneous but natural ride, rather than lurching forward without you. 

Wider Tires

I liked the 700 48C puncture-proof tires. They felt sturdy and comfortable. Plus, they’re wider than other 700-size tires (around 2 inches wide) thus offering greater traction and stability.

Other benefits that add to the safety and comfort of the Tenways CGO800S include an integrated headlight and taillight that are a snap to turn on, an SR Suntour Front Suspension Fork, a modern-looking, password-protected Smart LCD, and Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

Cons of the Tenways CGO800S

Assembly tips are coming, but first, let’s check out the cons. While the CGO800S is a fantastic e-bike, it has a few potential drawbacks. 


Although it’s a high-quality cruiser electric bike, the $1999 retail price is high when compared to other fully geared electric bikes. Thus, budget-conscious buyers may feel left out. However, what the CGO800S lacks in gears and throttle, it makes up with a belt drive and torque sensor. So, I believe it is a fair price.

Check out the Current Price.

No Throttle

Some riders might wish they had a throttle or gears for more assistance riding uphill.

Confusing Turn Signals

This might just be me, but knowing which turn signal button to push wasn’t intuitive. I signaled left while turning right more than a couple of times. I eventually got used to it, but you should know which button is which before you ride.

Pointing out turn signals
Confusing turn signals… my brain is thinking these images look opposite to what they should.

Assembly Tips

The CGO800S was well-packaged and assembly was fairly quick. However, it will take longer than it should with only the Tenways assembly directions and images if you have little experience putting together a bike.

So, here are some additional helpful tips and directions.

First, note that you should install the kickstand with the top edge behind the frame. Then you can put the kickstand down to help with further installation.

Assembly Tips

When installing the handlebar, it’s helpful to have someone hold the handlebar in place when tightening the screws. Or, turn over the bike. This step took me longer than necessary because the handlebar kept shifting and sliding out of place. And, the bottom half was hard to hold on while also tightening.

When following the assembly manual to connect the instrument cables, you should connect yellow to yellow and red to red. 

Also, you won’t be able to install the front wheel until you remove the large piece of black plastic and gently pull out the tiny, hard-to-see protector sheet. 

Finally, get help holding the front fender and headlight during installation so you can hold the nut with your 10mm wrench while using the hex key to tighten the bolt.

What To Know Before You Buy

Now, you may wonder whether the CGO800S has enough power to get up hills. Even though it’s designed for city street riding, Tenways states it can climb hills up to 15 degrees. So, I tested it on small, moderate, and steep hills.

After hill testing, I was confident it could get me over small and moderate hills and an occasional steep hill. I had to pedal vigorously using pedal assist level 5 to get up the steep hill and got a workout without a throttle to assist me. So, yes, the CGO800S can make it up hills. But whether or not you choose to tackle hills on this e-bike will be determined by your fitness level and desire to do so.

Step-through Electric Bike Fits Most Riders 5’1”- 6’3”

As a 5’1” rider, I felt quite comfortable on this e-bike. There was about 1 inch left to lower the saddle. I preferred to tilt the handlebars a bit so the brake levers could be more easily accessed. 

I recommend that you check your measurements with the size specs before buying.

woman standing over Tenways CGO800S
Check out how the size is on a 5-foot, 1-inch rider.

Customer Service

It’s also good to know that Tenways offers an active global community nearing 14,000 members, which provides an easy way to get support. Tenways also promises to get back to you within 24 hours and provides batteries and other parts long after your 2-year warranty. They also offer a 14-day test ride to be sure you are satisfied.

Another reason I appreciate the Tenways e-bike brand is that it gives discounts to teachers, students, the military, medical providers, and first responders. This makes electric bike riding more accessible to many.


Plus, the Tenways app lets you record your real-time ride, use navigation, and get support through the integrated help center, among other features.

Tenways app
Tenways app

Color Options

Finally, the CGO800S comes in three colors: Midnight Black, Sky Blue, and Pebble Gray.

Is the Tenways CGO800S the Best Electric Bike for You?

The Tenways CGO800S is ideal for urban commuters, casual riders, and anyone looking for a stylish, easy-to-use e-bike. Its step-thru design makes it accessible for riders of all abilities. 

However, this e-bike might not be the best fit if you’re on a tight budget or you are an experienced rider who prefers a range of gears. And if you plan on riding off-road, this isn’t the electric bike for you.

In conclusion, this Tenways model is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a stylish, comfortable, and reliable electric bike for urban commuting or leisurely rides. 

Thanks for checking out the Tenways CGO800S e-bike review. Here are more E-Biking Today electric bike reviews. Ride safely and enjoy your ride!

The Ultimate Guide: The True Motivation for Owning an E-Bike


E-Bikes: Cleaning Up the Climate and Boosting Your Health

A Ride to Cut Emissions and Boost Wellness

As avid e-biking enthusiasts at E-Biking Today, we’re always looking to catch the next big wave in cycling trends. Electric bikes have been making substantial ripples in the biking community and beyond. And not just because they offer a swift ride. But, more importantly, they are a beacon of hope for a healthier, cleaner planet.

Reducing Carbon Footprints, One Pedal at a Time

E-bikes tick off a significant box by reducing one’s carbon footprint. A recent study showed that electric bikes emit 90% less carbon per kilometer than a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle. This shift to a more sustainable mode of transport can be a game-changer in our fight against climate change. Moreover, frequent e-biking can also mean less time spent in traffic and more time savored outdoors.

No Sweat Commute Yet a Road to Wellness

One might argue – what about the good old traditional bikes for avoiding emissions? Well, as much as we vastly appreciate a regular bike, e-bikes bring a little more to the table. For example, on those climactic uphill battles or hot summer commutes, an e-bike prevents you from needing a change of clothes upon arrival. It’s the no-sweat commute we’ve all been dreaming of.

But don’t think this means you won’t reap the health benefits. Contrary to some misconceptions, riding an e-bike does equate to exercise. Riders still burn calories and get the heart rate up, particularly people not typically engaged in regular physical activities. Electric bikes have proven beneficial in improving cardiovascular health and overall fitness levels.

Break Barriers. Expand Horizons.

E-bikes also come packaged with the delightful benefit of exploration. With an electric bike, your biking radius can radically expand. That distant farmer’s market or the elusive hilltop view suddenly came within reach. Plus, it breaks age barriers! Elderly people and those with physical constraints who otherwise could not cycle can join in the fun, making biking a truly inclusive sport and recreational opportunity.

The Final Word

In the face of environmental and health crises, e-bikes provide hope. They offer a unique combination of benefits – reducing carbon emissions, enhancing physical wellness, promoting inclusivity, and enabling further exploration. With e-bikes, the future of transportation looks a lot more sustainable, and frankly, exciting.

Remember to always treat every bike ride as an adventure and a step towards better health and a cleaner planet. So, hop on, pedal on, and as we say here at E-Biking Today, “Enjoy your ride!”

California Legislation Proposes Banning Children Under 12 from Operating E-Bikes


California Considers Age Restrictions for E-Bike Riders

it looks like the sunny state of California is heading towards setting up a regulatory speed bump for our young e-biking aficionados. A proposed bill may soon ban children under 12 from buzzing around on e-bikes. Strap on your helmets, because we’re digging into this developing story!

Doubts Hover over the Golden State E-Bike Rules

In an effort to ensure the safety of the younger generation, California lawmakers are pedaling a bill that may keep kids under 12 firmly on the sidelines when it comes to e-bikes. The bill, announced recently, has drawn mixed reactions from cycling enthusiasts and safety advocates alike. Some argue it’s a necessary measure to keep kids safe, while others see it as an unwarranted restriction on their little pedaler’s freedom.

The Ins and Outs of the Proposed Regulation

The legislation, AB 530, was sponsored by Assemblymember Tasha Boerner, and aims to add electric bikes to the list of vehicles children under 12 are prohibited from operating. Currently, the list primarily includes motorized cars and motorcycles; with the bill seeking to place e-bikes in the same category.

This move comes after growing concerns about the safety risks posed by electric bikes, especially for children. Advocates for the bill argue that e-bikes potentially reach speeds that are far too dangerous for young kids to handle.

Child on electric bike
Should a child ride an electric bike?

A Mixed Bag of Reactions

Reactions to AB-530 have been as diverse as the array of e-bike brands on the market. Supporters of the bill hail it as a necessary measure to prevent avoidable accidents and injuries among children. They call for more safety and restraint when it comes to introducing kids to e-biking.

On the flip side, critics see the bill as a regulatory blow to maintaining young people’s enthusiasm for outdoors and physical activities. They argue that properly supervised and guided e-bike use can provide children with an essential experience in learning about balance, motor coordination, and even sustainable transport earlier in life.

What’s Next for the Golden State

The future of California’s youth electric bike ridership is in the legislators’ hands. With the law still spinning its way through the wheels of government, no final decision has been reached.

In the meantime, parents and guardians are encouraged to ensure their children’s safety by providing thorough guidance, wearing proper gear, and instilling a sense of respect for speed and the surroundings while out on a ride.

Regardless of how this bill progresses, one thing is for sure: our devotion to electric bikes and the sense of freedom, sustainability, and joy they bring to our lives is here to stay.

So, enjoy your ride!

U.K. Government Breaks Away from E.U.- Suggests Removing Pedaling Requirement for E-Bikes


Pedal-Free E-Bikes: Embracing the Future of Cycling

The cycling world is spinning into fresh territory, driven by innovation and the pursuit of inclusivity. In a bold shift from traditional views, it seems the UK government is proposing a new approach to electric bikes that could rewrite all the rules we know. So let’s unchain our minds and ride into this new possibility.

Diverging E-Bike Requirement: UK vs EU

Innovation doesn’t function in isolation, and the surprising call to potentially remove the pedaling requirements from e-bikes is a prime example. As against its EU counterparts, where pedaling is an absolute must-have on e-bikes, the UK government sparks a different perspective. The proposal seeks to streamline e-bikes into a class that no longer requires the cyclist’s legs to power it, a drastic divergence from the previously applauded EU e-bike legislation.

Turning the Wheels of Change

While many of us carry a nostalgic love for traditional bicycles and the familiar push-and-pull of pedals, the government suggests this pedal-free approach could “encourage a wider range of people to make cycling journeys.” And riders won’t have to stand as on a traditional scooter. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate a comfortable seat with a gentle tailwind on those uphill stretches, or a day out cycling when you’re feeling a bit weary?

Pedal free electric scooter
A pedal-free electric scooter makes you stand up… a pedal-free electric bike would provide a comfortable seat.

E-Bikes: Beyond Recreation

E-bikes have long since left the realm of pure recreation into the practical world of commuting and transportation. But this wouldn’t be the first time cycling has been revolutionary. Remember the penny-farthing bicycles or the first mountain bikes? Cycling has always been about progressing and adapting, so why not embrace these pedal-free e-bikes?

Legislation for Modernization

Of course, any significant change isn’t without its fair share of hill climbs. The proposed legislation on pedal-free e-bikes brings along a bundle of technical and legal hurdles. But isn’t this the essence of progress – pushing through challenges to arrive at a smoother road ahead? Only time will tell if this UK e-bike directive will shift gears globally.

Embracing the Future of Cycling

Let us be real, cycling isn’t just about sweating it out or conquering that unyielding hill. It’s about the freedom, the joy of movement, and the embrace of innovation. The UK Government’s revolutionary proposal could make e-bikes accessible to many who may have otherwise remained on the sidelines. Hats off, we say, to a future of embracing change and pedaling – or perhaps not pedaling – into a new realm of possibilities and inclusivity.

Enjoy your ride!