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E-Bike Conversion Guide: Converting Your Bike to Electric


If you’ve thought about converting your bike to an electric bike, you’re not alone. After all, you already have a good bike that’ll just sit and collect dust once you have your new, way more fantastic e-bike. So why pay a lot more money to have a second, even more expensive bike, right?

But you probably have a lot of questions as to whether converting your regular bike to electric is really something you want to do and can do yourself.

You can convert your regular bike to an electric bike by purchasing a standard conversion kit or an “all-in-one” electric wheel kit. Converting your regular bike can cost less than buying a new e-bike and is relatively easy but will require time, knowledge, and patience.

Whether you decide to convert your old bike or not depends on a lot of factors. So I’ve researched and pulled together everything you need to know in this conversion guide so that you can make an educated decision. Just know that no matter what you decide to do, having an e-bike will provide endless enjoyment and convenience.

Follow this conversion guide to learn everything you need to know about converting your regular bike to an electric bike. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why Convert Your Bike to Electric
  • How Do I Convert My Bike to an Electric Bike?
  • Where Can I Find EBike Conversion Kits and How Much Will the Parts Cost?
  • Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits
  • What Should I Know Before Converting My Bike to Electric?
  • Making an Electric Bike Conversion

Why Convert Your Bike to Electric?

You may be on the fence about whether to buy a new electric bike or convert your existing one.

Buying an electric bike is easy, but it might not be what you want in terms of style and functionality. Plus, it’ll cost a great deal more to buy a brand new e-bike than to convert your own bike to electric. Converting can also give you the control you want over your ride’s performance.

Then consider that, if you’ve already spent several hundred dollars or more on a nice bike, that adding another $700 to make it completely electric is still less than buying most quality e-bikes.

And certainly, if you want to go faster and farther on your bike or now find that you need electronic assistance to help you get uphills or across long-distances, then converting your current bike to an e-bike makes sense.

But converting also takes time, money, and patience – things that many people don’t have these days! Ultimately you’ll need to weigh out all of this before making any decisions. Besides, as technology for electric bikes continues to advance rapidly we might find even better options for both converting and buying.

Learn more about the purpose of electric bikes here:

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How Do I Convert My Bike to an Electric Bike?

If you’re looking to convert a conventional bicycle into an electric bike, one of the most common methods is by adding a hub motor to the front or rear wheel. This conversion will leave the original components of the bike untouched, while only changing out or adding a few parts including a motor, battery, and controller.

By leaving all other components untouched and only changing up parts such as hubs or controllers (find out if you need a dual mode controller), this method can appear seamless.

Electric bike with a rear Hub Motor
Hub Motor in Rear Wheel

However, taking a conventional hub and converting it into a motorized one isn’t quite as simple as that. For starters, rebuilding wheels after taking them apart can be complicated. You’ll need to reinstall the spokes into your wheel. Not only does this task require patience but precision when matching up spoke lengths and using the right tool to get the correct tension.

Further, you might even need to get an entirely new wheel that can handle the added weight of the motor and the work (or torque) of the engine, which is required to pull the bike forward. If you’re good with mechanics, need a project, or enjoy getting your hands dirty, this may be no problem for you.

But there’s good news for everyone else! Many companies are now selling electric wheels that already contain the hub motor, battery, and of course the rim and spokes… all in one unit! This electric wheel can replace the front or back wheel, making it much simpler to convert your bike to electric.

Although converting to electric with a wheel conversion kit is a good option for many, you might prefer to get an e-bike conversion kit with a mid-drive motor which is more efficient and gives you a better ride, especially if you have a road bike.

However, this is a different type of conversion that doesn’t use the wheel but instead adds a motor in the middle of your bike. This “balance” is why some people prefer a mid-drive motor and why you can get a smoother ride.

You can also do a conversion with a couple of other, less common, types of electric bicycle conversion kits. These are discussed below.

Find out more about the mechanics of an e-bike before converting:

How E-Bikes Work: A Guide to the Basics

Where Can I Find Conversion Kits and How Much Will the Parts Cost?

Conversion kits are easy to find since they’ve become more popular. However, it can still be difficult to choose one. Not only will you look at the price and the general types of kits, but you’ll also want to consider other electrical features that can be added such as an LCD display, headlight, or throttle.

Different Types of Conversion Kits for Electric Bikes

Conversion Kits by TypeAverage Price Range
Friction DriveUnder $300
*Mid-Drive (with or without battery)$350-$1200
*All-in-One Electric Wheel (Hub Motor)$200-$600
*Most common types of conversion kits
  1. Friction Drive Kits
    This is probably the lowest-cost option because it’s simple and not too efficient. But you can still get your bike converted and increase the power of your bike. If you want an e-bike that’s more similar to what you’d buy new, then this is not it.
  2. Mid-Drive Motor Kits
    The great thing about adding a mid-drive motor to your bike is that it attaches low and to the middle of your bike frame. This helps you keep balanced and have a smooth ride. It’s also more like an e-bike you’d purchase. This type of motor is fairly popular on many e-bike models because of its smooth ride.

    However, it isn’t covered and is therefore exposed to rain, dirt, rocks, and sand more easily. So, if you’re a rider who enjoys rough trails, this type of conversion kit may not be the best choice. Instead, it’s often chosen for road bikes.
  3. Concealed Conversion Kit
    This kit can be added to your bike in a way that makes it less noticeable, and perhaps more professional. Both the motor and the battery are hidden inside the seat tube of the bike. So, they are well protected from the elements.

    However, this is probably the most expensive conversion option. After all, you pay for beauty and efficiency. Further, because it’s fitted inside your bike seat, it’s also more difficult to install.
  4. All-in-One Electric Wheel (Hub Motor Conversion Kit)
    Because these replace your bike’s entire wheel with one that includes a hub motor and gears, it’s not surprising that this has become a very common choice in e-bike conversion kits. It’s easy and streamlined and you can even choose a rear or front wheel.

    Generally, choose a rear hub motor wheel kit for good traction and riding your bike off-road. Otherwise, choose a front wheel kit for smoother riding overall, as the weight of the motor is better distributed. Either way, hub motor kits are probably what you’re looking for.

How to Select a Battery and How Much It Costs

Unfortunately, most conversion kits don’t come with batteries, unless you’re opting for the more “concealed” kits. So, you’ll need to figure in the cost of the battery when comparing your options.

E-bike batteries range from around $200 to almost $1000! If you want a reasonably powerful and efficient battery without getting top-of-the-line, you can get one for closer to $500. However, you’ll find many lower-priced options that might work for you.

Prices depend primarily on whether it’s a well-known brand and what the capacity of the battery is.

E-bike batteries are typically lithium-ion and costs go up as the voltage (power and speed; V) and capacity (how far you can go on a charge; Amps or Ah) increase. By multiplying these two factors (V times Ah), you’ll get the total Watt-hours (Wh).

Basically, what you need to know is that if you want to go faster and farther, you’ll want to get a bigger and more powerful battery. So the higher the Volts (V) and Amps (Ah), the better you’ll be able to achieve this. Oh, and this means you’ll need to pay more… unless you have an old battery to rebuild.

Thinking about converting to electric? Compare the cost with new e-bike prices first:

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Although there are different types of conversion kits, this guide will show you the best electric wheel kits with a hub motor and mid-drive kits since they are the most common. If you’re looking for a concealed kit, you should go to professional bike retailers who can give you the best advice.

But for most of us, these are the best ebike conversion kits:

Electric Bike Conversion KitsMotorBattery IncludedPrice
JAXPETY 26″ Front Wheel Kit500W Hub MotorNo$225
EBIKLING 700C Waterproof Wheel Kit1200W Hub MotorNo$379
BAFANG 20″ Rear Wheel Kit 500W Hub MotorOptional$285
BAFANG BBS02B Mid-Drive Conversion Kit750W Mid-Drive MotorOptional$387
BAFANG BBS02B Mid-Drive 44T Chainring500W Mid-Drive MotorYes (for this price)$714
Check each of them out below!

JAXPETY 26″ Front Wheel

These parts are included in the JAXPETY 500W 26" Front Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit
Photo courtesy of Jaxpety

This is one of the less costly wheel conversion kits and it’s actually a front wheel conversion, as opposed to the most common rear wheel. So this is why I’m mentioning it. This, and because of its low price, is why it’s being labeled as one of the “best.

The JAXPETY comes with a 36V 500W front wheel hub motor and can get up to 19.88 mph. It has all of the basic parts you’d need to go electric but also comes with a twist throttle, which is pretty surprising for the price. Otherwise, you’ll get the basics that align with the low price. Getting this kit could be a good way to test out having an electric bike before spending much money.

Overall it has great reviews and lots of questions answered on Amazon, so it appears to be a winner in its price category.

EBIKLING 700C Waterproof Hub Motor Kit

Parts that come with the Bikling conversion kit for e-bikes
Photo courtesy of Ebikling

Substantially more expensive than the JAXPETY, the EBIKLING comes with better quality parts, as well as a powerful 48V 1200W hub motor. In addition, you have the choice of upgrading to an LCD display (from an LED), which I think adds a great deal of value to your e-bike.

It also comes with a torque arm, throttle, and cable ties (so you don’t need to buy any). Individual reviewers suggest that you can get up to 35mph with this conversion, which is super fast! However, it’s important to note that many states and countries don’t allow an e-bike that goes that fast in some places. so, make sure you decide where you’ll want to ride your e-bike before settling on this conversion kit.

Note also that it has 700C size wheels as opposed to 26inch, so know your tire size before buying.

BAFANG Rear Wheel Kit

Parts that accompany Bafang's rear wheel conversion kit
Photo courtesy of Bafang

This is a 500W 20-inch rear wheel conversion kit from BAFANG. This is just one variation of at least 50 options that they have, so it really pays to look closely at what you’re getting. The tire size for this conversion is quite a bit smaller, so it might be just right for a foldable e-bike.

Further, it has 9 speeds, hydraulic brakes, and a thumb throttle, not to mention an optional LCD display and an optional battery.

And best of all, the company claims that you can convert your bike in less than one hour! However, reviewers have said that it takes much longer. Once again, I’m sure it has to do with one’s experience with mechanics.

BAFANG BBS02B Mid-Drive Conversion Kit

parts included in the Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit
Photo courtesy of Bafang

This is the 44T Chain Wheel mid-drive 750W motor conversion kit with an LCD display. It fits 68-73mm bottom brackets, which are compatible for road, commuter, and mountain bikes. However, they discourage its use for fat tire bikes.

This kit comes with a color display, chainwheel, and thumb throttle as well as all of the other basic parts. In addition, you can choose to add the battery if you’d like.

BAFANG BBS02B Mid-Drive 44T Chainring

the parts that come with the BAFANG 500W Mid-Drive Conversion Kit are shown and include the battery.
Photo courtesy of Bafang

The price shown in the chart above may seem to be significantly more than the other conversion kits. However, this is an example of a price that includes the battery and charger. You can get this model without the battery for around $400. So the battery itself is actually priced at over $300… and this is a common lower-priced battery.

This mid-drive motor comes with 500W of power instead of the 750W like the previous model and it fits 68-73mm bottom brackets. It also includes all of the basic conversion accessories as well as a thumb throttle.

Don’t forget about these helpful accessories all under $25!

But take a closer look and they are offering a free headlight as a gift. This is a nice offer since headlights are super important for your safety. I keep mine on even during the day if I’m riding on the road.

Bafang also appears to offer a 1-year warranty on their mid-drive motor kits but make sure to check the specific warranty for the model you choose.

What Should I Know Before Converting My Bike to Electric?

PROS of ConversionCONS of Conversion
You get to keep the bike you loveConversion will require time and patience
Cost-effective: You’ll pay hundreds of dollars less than buying a new electric bikeIt might be challenging
Customization: You get to choose your own partsNewer e-bikes are designed to house the electrical components perfectly
You might enjoy the project, especially if you’re working with a buddyThe “All-in-one” wheels generally use hub motors instead of mid-drive motors
You’ll learn about your e-bike and all of the parts that make it work… that’ll come in handy later on!

Like any mechanical and electrical project, there are advantages and disadvantages to converting your bike to an electric one. And you should know these before you decide to start building a customized e-bike. The pros and cons table above is a general guideline but not exhaustive, as reasons to convert your existing bike may be different for everyone.

It’ll help to get all of the knowledge you can to make the decision that’s right for you. So consider writing down your own pros and cons list, using the ideas from the above table.

Pros of Converting Your Bike to Electric

There are many good reasons to convert your bike to electrical.

Not only do you get to keep the bike you already love and are comfortable riding, but you also get to add exactly what you want to it to make it even better. If you like the idea of just adding an electric wheel to your almost perfect bike, then you can do so quickly and easily.

But, if you’re a tinkerer, you might have a great time overhauling your bike to add all of the components you want. And you get to pick them out, rather than just accepting what comes on the electric wheel or even a new e-bike.

Further, completing this project with a buddy or your child can make the time pass quickly and make it so much more worthwhile.

Of course, the best advantage is that you’ll save a ton of money, likely a thousand dollars or more! Buying an average conversion kit, as discussed previously, will cost around $350. But to get a good quality brand new e-bike you’ll need to spend upwards of $1200-$1500. Additionally, if you already have a high-quality bike, buying a comparable electric one could cost you $5000 or more.

Cons to E-Bike Conversion

There are some downsides to converting your bike.

Not only will it be a little difficult (unless you’re a super handy person) but it’ll also take time and patience as mentioned above. And you won’t be getting a new bike frame that’s built perfectly to house the motor and battery.

But there are still plenty of ways to convert to electric anyways.

Making an Electric Bike Conversion

In this section, you’ll get an idea of how much time it’ll take to do an electric bike conversion, what tools you’ll need, and basic installation advice.

Make sure to follow the conversion kit manufacturer’s advice for specific installation instructions.

How Long Does It Take to Convert a Bike to Electric?

For the very simplest of conversions, you might be able to convert to an electric bike in under an hour. Of course, this also depends on your mechanical skills and confidence in doing it correctly… and whether you read the “how-to” manual beforehand.

Time spent is also determined by whether you’re adding other parts and lots of additional electronic features. In this case, it might take you a full day or longer, depending on your speed, mechanical knowledge, and whether you have the right tools on hand.

What Tools Are Required?

Generally speaking, the conversion kit you purchase should come with the specific tools you need to install it. However, if you’re willing to put your own electric bike together, there may be some tools that you’ll be expected to have or get prior to installation. And they’ll likely come in handy later on when working on your e-bike.

Additionally, the tools that the manufacturer includes may not be of great quality and could actually cause damage to your bike. So you might prefer to have your own since they’re pretty inexpensive and you’ll use them again for tune-ups and repairs.

Check to see if your kit includes these before you begin installation:

  • Free Wheel Removal Tool ($10-$15)- This is not optional! This is used to remove the wheel from the bike. If you’re planning on doing your own tune-ups, you should definitely have this tool at home.
  • Torque Wrench ($25-$50)- Having this on hand can be very useful. It’ll allow you to torque each nut, bolt, and screw to a specific degree. Many bolts require a different torque on your bike and you can actually not tighten one enough or over-tighten and strip the thread. The manufacturer’s guide should tell you exactly what the torque of each nut or bolt should be.
  • Adjustable Wrench ($8-$25)- You can use this to loosen or tighten different size nuts if you don’t have any other tool made specifically for your need.
  • Zip Ties ($7)- These will hold your cables together in place and away from areas where they could get twisted incorrectly or caught.
  • Pedal Wrench ($10-$20)- You’ll want to make sure that, after all the work you do making the conversion, you can pedal your bike effectively. So, your pedals should be tightened appropriately.
  • Bike Specific Multi-Tool (around $20): This tool is great to have on hand for all of your bike’s mechanical needs. It’ll typically include Allen key wrenches, spoke wrenches, open wrenches, a universal chain breaker tool, Phillips head screwdrivers, flat head screwdrivers, and a Torx key. Additionally, bigger kits might also contain a Mavic spline, pad spreader, and even a bottle opener!

Find out more about maintaining your e-bike correctly:

How to Care for Your E-Bike: A Step By Step Guide

How to Install a Rear Wheel Hub Motor Conversion Kit

Once you buy your conversion kit, you’ll want to follow the specific instructions from the manufacturer on how to install it.

And, this is very important… check your kit to make sure you have ALL of the parts that are supposed to be included. Don’t start unless everything is accounted for!

In general, to install a rear wheel conversion kit with a hub motor you’ll need to do this:

  1. Remove your bike’s rear wheel.
  2. Install the electric hub motor on the rear axle of your bike frame and lock it into place.
  3. Remove the handlebar grips to remove the shifters and brakes.
  4. Connect your bike’s wiring harness to the controller.
  5. Install the electric brakes and throttle while your handlebars are removed.
  6. Put the battery pack under your seat or in a bag hanging off the handlebars.
  7. Install a pedal-assist sensor.
  8. Install any other parts you’d like to connect to the electrical system, such as front or rear lights.
  9. Connect all wires to their respective connectors (either by plugging them in or using wire nuts).
  10. Use zip ties to keep your cables organized and from being snagged.

Are E-Bike Batteries Universal and Interchangeable?

Electric bike battery

Traveling fast and far (and having fun) on your e-bike is hugely dependent upon your electric bike battery. The battery can make or break the electric bike experience. So what should you do if you need a new battery or your battery has lost its charge (and what if you’re far from home)? Can you put any battery on your e-bike as long as it seems to fit?

Unfortunately, e-bike batteries are not universal or interchangeable. An electric bike requires a specific type of battery based on its voltage (V), amps/capacity (Ah), and other features such as size and weight. For example, you can’t put a 48-Volt battery on an e-bike built for a 36-Volt one.

The biggest mistake you can make about e-bike batteries is believing that they’re all the same… even though they look similar.

But this is far from the truth! If you’re trying to replace the battery in your e-bike, you’ll need to make sure you get one that has the correct specifications. Otherwise, your bike won’t work or you’ll cause serious damage to the battery and motor.

In this article, I’ll help you figure out how to replace an old battery with a new one that’s right for your e-bike.

Battery volts multiplied by Amp-hours results in Watt-hours
Watt-hours equals the total energy output of the e-bike battery

Why Aren’t E-Bike Batteries Universal?

Having one universal battery for all types of electric bikes is certainly ideal. Wouldn’t it be nice to just grab an emergency battery anywhere they sold electric bike batteries? You wouldn’t have to be worried about your battery dying while you were riding because you could pick up a new one in a pinch. And you could even borrow a battery from another e-bike for the day.

Unfortunately, this isn’t how it works. There are so many different kinds of lithium-ion batteries, all with unique specifications. They may differ in voltage (V), capacity (Ah), energy/watt-hours (Wh), size, and weight.

For a quick understanding, what’s ultimately important to know is that Voltage x Amp-hours= Total Watt-hours. Therefore, a battery with a different amount of volts or amps would produce totally different Watt-hours. Further, the volts and amp-hours must not only match the battery charger you’re using (generally the one that comes with the battery) but also the total wattage of the e-bike itself.

4 different battery chargers
These different battery chargers are built to give out the same amount of volts and amps

For example, a 48V lithium-ion battery may already be slightly larger and heavier than a 36V lithium-ion battery. And, even if it had the same amp-hours as the 36V bike, it still wouldn’t give out the same Watt-hours. And, there are several other potential problems as well that can be answered by understanding what voltage and amp-hours are best for your e-bike.

What Voltage is Best for an Electric Bike?

Generally, the average voltage (V) for e-bike batteries is 36 volts. This is because the maximum speed of an average human pedaling is around 20 km/h (12 mph). So, a 36-volt battery will help maintain a reasonable and safe speed for someone riding an e-bike. Depending on where you live, a manufacturer is required to follow laws about how fast an electric bike can go… and some laws set maximum speed limits for an electric bike.

However, more and more electric bikes are using a 48-volt battery (in places that the law allows higher speeds, like in the US), especially on higher-performance bikes and/or e-bikes that have a throttle. Why? Because bike riders want more speed!

Let’s not get confused about higher voltage meaning more power (at least not on its own). By itself, higher voltage just offers higher speeds.

But, if you use a battery with a higher voltage than your electric bike needs, it runs the risk of overcharging and may stop working sooner than usual. This is a really good example of why e-bike batteries aren’t universal.

Back side of ebike battery showing battery specifications.
This battery has 614 total Watt Hours, whereas other e-bike batteries may have more or less.

Is a Higher Ah Battery Better for an E-Bike?

Unlike Volts, Amp-hours (Ah) measure a battery’s capacity. In general, that’s how long your battery will last and what range it can travel. But there’s a little more to it.

Higher Ah isn’t necessarily better for an e-bike. Whether or not you need a battery with high Ah really depends on how long and how far you intend to ride. Amp-hours will determine how long your battery will last on a single charge.

Basically, an e-bike battery with 36V and 8 Ah, as compared to one with 46V and 15Ah, won’t speed as fast or be able to go as far on a full battery charge.

Man holding large electric bike battery.
Lithium batteries come in different sizes. This one has a typical voltage (48V) but has a larger capacity of 21 Amp Hours than some.

Are E-Bike Batteries Interchangeable?

Now that you have a basic understanding of Voltage and Amp-hours, it’s really important to put the two together when considering if electric bike batteries are interchangeable (even though they’re not universal).

Generally, lithium batteries can’t be shared between electric bikes because each bike’s allowed wattage and the Watt-hours (Wh) of the battery may differ.

Just imagine trying to put a C battery in your computer mouse instead of a double AA battery? It simply won’t fit and therefore you know it wouldn’t work. However, batteries on electric bikes may not fit as tightly when bolted onto the outside of the frame.

So, it might appear that you’d be able to replace your old battery with a similar-sized battery on your e-bike.

Two different e-bike batteries sitting side by side.
These two electric bike batteries are different sizes and won’t fit into each other’s frame.

Why can’t I interchange e-bike batteries?

This question can be answered with a simple calculation (sounds tricky but it’s not). You need to calculate e-bike watt-hours (Wh) so that you can compare the total energy of the battery to your electric bike’s capacity.

Again, remember this simple formula: V x Ah = Wh

48V times 14 Ah equals 672 Watt-hours
Example of total Watt-hours calculated

Here’s an example of what could go wrong if you use the incorrect battery:

If a battery is 48V, 14Ah then it puts out 672 total Watt-hours (48 X 14= 672)… like my Rad Power Bike battery. And since my e-bike has a 750 Watt (max) geared hub motor, the battery Watt-hours fall right under the maximum wattage of the bike.

Now, if I were to put a 52V, 18Ah battery on my e-bike (52 X 18= 936), it would overpower my bike’s maximum 750 Watt capacity and quite likely damage the battery and the motor! Then I’d have to buy new parts or replace the bike entirely (which would be a reasonable option given the hundreds of dollars I’d need anyways to replace just the battery and motor).

This is just one example of why you shouldn’t swap one e-bike battery out for another without knowing what’s correct for your e-bike model. Truthfully, there are numerous combinations of volts, amp-hours, and watts that can go wrong if your e-bike wasn’t designed for that combination!

Find out everything you need to know about taking care of your e-bike battery!

What Type of Batteries Do E-Bikes Use?

Battery packs can have so many different characteristics that it would be extremely difficult to have a universal battery for all electric bikes.

Typically, an electric bike uses a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery as its main power source. Lithium-ion batteries generally have a long lifespan and a quick recharge time. This makes electric bikes with Li-ion batteries ideal for riding frequently and for long distances. This type of battery lasts for approximately 1000 charges.

So, in other words, they’re perfect for cycling regularly.

Hand pulling ebike battery out of frame.
This Ride1Up integrated battery is small and slender. It fits inside the bike’s sleek frame. Plus, lower Watt hours mean less power and range than a larger battery.

And lithium-ion batteries are also much lighter than lead-acid batteries, which will only give you about 300 total charges anyways.

If you’re purchasing a newer e-bike, you’ll find that it typically comes with a lithium-ion battery. So you won’t have to make a big decision about the type of battery, but you’ll still need to choose an e-bike based on the battery output.

Focus on getting an electric bike with a battery that lets you go as fast as you want (voltage) and as far as you want to ride on a single charge (Amp-hours).

And don’t charge using a car battery, solar panel, or generator without learning more first!

Rad Power Bike external battery
My Rad Power Bike’s external 48 Volt lithium battery.

How Can I Replace My E-Bike Battery?

You can get a new battery to replace a non-working or damaged battery by matching its specifications. It must have the same Volts, Amp-hours, and Watt-hours, as well as be the correct size and weight as your old one.

The best way to buy a new e-bike battery is to talk with your bike’s manufacturer or a reputable e-bike shop.

Both Aventon E-Bikes and Rad Power Bikes are reputable dealers who can answer such questions.

And since a battery will cost you about a third of the total e-bike’s cost, make sure you ask the right questions so that you end up a happy bike rider with a high-quality battery that’ll last you for years.

E-Bike Battery questions to ask before you buy

  • How far can a lithium battery go on a single charge?
  • How long will it take to charge it?
  • What is the warranty and how long does it last?
  • What should I do to take care of it properly?
  • Do you offer any discounts?

Find out: Is it safe to charge your e-bike battery overnight?


I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but electric bike batteries aren’t universal or interchangeable. Therefore, it’s best to understand what your needs are as an ebike owner and how to find a lithium battery that works for your e-bike.

Make sure you’ve read the article in detail to learn what you need to know about your own electric bike battery and how to replace an old or damaged battery.

18 Best E-Bike Companies: Brands Made in the USA?


With the enormous number of e-bike brands to choose from in the United States, it helps to narrow down your search to only the most unique electric bikes and the best USA brands. 

Although there are many well-known USA brands, there are only a handful of electric bikes both designed and manufactured in the USA.

The three top electric bike brands “made in the USA” are:

  • Bike Friday
  • Optibike
  • Electric Bike Company

The three brands above claim to build their bikes in the U.S. rather than having them manufactured overseas. However, the first two are quite pricey. Optibike’s least expensive model is $2795 but goes up to $18,000+. Bike Friday builds them “by hand” and asks you to contact them for the prices, while Electric Bike Company e-bikes are the most affordable, starting at $1699.

Other companies may design their e-bikes in the U.S. but build them overseas. This helps keep manufacturing costs down. Thus, if you decide to buy a 100% USA-made e-bike, you’ll generally pay more.

Fortunately, there are many high-quality brands in the United States that offer well-made electric bikes (even though they may be built outside of the USA).

So, what are the best e-bike brands in the USA? Check out the companies that make the 2023 list based on popularity, affordable prices, and special features:

BrandLocation*Best FeatureCost Range
AventonCaliforniaWide variety; Affordable prices$1200-$1999
Pedego Electric BikesCaliforniaOne of the Oldest USA Brand$1895-$4995
Rambo BikesOregonCustom Assembly Services$1999-$8499
Ride1UpCalifornia30-Day Trial; Integrated batteries$1095-$2295
Vintage Electric BikesCalifornia“Race Mode”-36mph!$5495-$7000+
Rad Power BikesOregonLargest in North America; “Fat” Tire$1199-$1999
Charge BikesConnecticutNewly re-launched$1799-$2699
e-JOE BikeCaliforniaInterchangeable components$1099-$1999
KHS BicyclesCalifornia2022 Models$1999- $5699
Soul Beach CruisersArizonaSonic Stomper$1999-$4895
Lectric eBikesArizona30,000 XP models sold$899-$1999
Trek BicyclesWisconsinLargest US Bike Company$4600-$13000+
Mod BikesTexasOptional Sidecar$2190-$4190
S.A.M.’s BikesIllinoisTwo e-Trike models$1200-$1700
Montague BikesMassachusettesFull-size foldable model$3995
Quali Sports USACalifornia4.25″ wide fat tires$999-$1499
Electric Bike CompanyCaliforniaCustom colors and options$1699-$2399
Juiced BikesCaliforniaPowerful, fast, long-range$1499- $3499
* Read the detailed descriptions below to find out what makes each electric bike company special.
Watch this video before continuing to look for the best brand!

The best e-bike brands aren’t only defined by using top-quality parts and being the most expensive. Rather, it’s important that it’s the best for your needs. And since all riders have different ideas of what their perfect “family” of e-bikes is, as well as what features they need, you should understand what a company is all about before purchasing from them.

With my research and the detailed list that I’ve put together, you’ll be able to find a USA e-bike company that fits your budget and needs perfectly!

1. Aventon

Aventon is one of the best electric bike brands thanks to the variety of e-bike models, high value, and low prices. Their focus seems to be on making e-biking accessible to everyone.

This is probably why they are a popular brand, as you can find what you’re looking for but pay a reasonable price.

green Aventon Aventure Electric Bike
Aventon Aventure Electric Bike with 26″ X 4″ tires

Brand Features and Benefits

Aventon offers a variety of types of electric bikes. They have a folding e-bike, commuter bike, road e-bike, family bike, and an off-road model.

In addition, each one is offered in multiple frame sizes (S, M, L) and in a step-through model, thus fitting just about anyone.

All of their models are Class 2 or 3 and have a top speed of either 20mph or 28mph, while most offer a 40-45 mile range per battery charge.

An added bonus is that every e-bike connects to their Aventon app which allows you to change your bike’s speed, essentially making it a Class 3.


Aventon Bikes offers direct-to-consumer sales, which is another way to keep costs low, in addition to manufacturing overseas.

The average cost for an e-bike is around $1600, but you can get a great commuter bike, the Soltera) for around $1400 or opt for the popular Aventure fat tire bike for just under $2000.

2. Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego is one of the oldest and largest e-bike companies in America, starting as a small company with just six employees back in 2008. It was started in Southern California by two good friends and business partners who wanted to improve the quality and style of the e-bikes that were on the market.

Since then they’ve grown to become an international brand that’s been featured on HGTV!

Brand Features and Benefits

And, according to Navigant Research, Pedego is a top brand of electric bikes in America. They make electric bikes for adults and young people who are looking for lightweight commuter options and recreation. And they’ve added an e-trike to their line-up which is perfect for the elderly, disabled, or just about anyone who’d prefer to have 3 wheels on the ground instead of two.

Some of their most popular models include the Interceptor, Ridge Rider, and the Latch Electric Folding Bike. One of the things I love about Pedego is the various options they offer for different models. For starters, they have an incredible choice of amazing colors, depending on the model.

Their e-bikes also offer classic or step-thru frames and battery or wheel options.


Pedego’s comfortable electric bikes start at over $1600 for a pedal-assisted model with throttle (like the Element), which is anything but basic, up to almost $6000 for a full suspension electric mountain bike (eMTB).

3. Rambo Bikes

The mission is to provide every American with a safe and effective means of transportation, at prices that are affordable to the average person’s wallet. As such, they offer all levels of electric bikes from their most basic models up through eMTBs designed for hunting or sports use.

Rambo Bikes is located in Portland, Oregon, and manufactures all its e-bikes in the Pacific Northwest.

Not surprisingly, Rambo even has tough e-bikes for people over 6 feet tall!

Camoflauge-styled e-bike with wide tires from Rambo
Rambo Krusader– Photo courtesy of Rambo

Brand Features and Benefits

The company offers a variety of features on some models that include:

  • Front suspension forks for riding comfort
  • Rear hand brake with safety wire cable lock to prevent theft from bike racks or other sources. This also gives you added stability when riding
  • A Shimano derailleur system with a twist shifter for easier gear shifting.

They also strive to make it easy by offering custom assembly services and excellent customer service – what more could you ask for? It doesn’t hurt that each model comes with its own warranty on parts as well as the frame itself–another way Rambo Bikes stands out among other brands!


Their prices start at $1399 for The Cruiser and go up to almost $8000! However, they have a dozen or so models under $5000 and several in the lower price range. And they offer a payment plan, making it hard to say “no”!

They even have an Electric Bike Conversion Kit available in kits ranging from $800-1300 which turns almost any bike into an electric bike.

One last thing… all of their dozen or more models are capable of off-road riding (some specialize in hunting) and even offer various colors and sporty patterns to suit your needs!

4. Ride1Up

Another American-made electric bike company is Ride1Up. They are located in San Diego, California, a perfect place for e-bike riding. Their focus on commuters and encouraging people to ride their e-bikes instead of driving, help them stand out as being eco-conscious and one of the best e-bike companies in the U.S.

Their e-bikes offer a wide variety: From multiple commuter e-bikes, a folding e-bike model, and to a cargo cruiser.

Ride1Up has been around for over 20 years, which is why they’re so popular with their loyal customer base who have grown up riding them!

This brand has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, and many other major publications, just another reason to be confident in their brand.

Note: I have a Ride1Up 700 Series and can’t say enough about it (you can read my 700 Series review here).

Ride1Up 700 step-through frame in blue
My Ride1Up 700 Series Step-Through!

Brand Features and Benefits

The Ride1Up company offers a wide variety of high-value e-bike models that are priced right, most with a step-thorough or step-over frame option. These include commuter e-bikes, folding bikes, and cargo cruisers.

Plus, they come in different sizes such as Large, Small, or Step-Thru, which means that they’ll fit a wide range of people, including those who are shorter than average like me (I fit perfectly on the 700 Series even though it has 27.5″ wheels)!

Colors are somewhat more limited than other companies’ e-bikes, but there are still at least two to choose from in most models.

Another huge bonus… they give you a 30-day trial. If you’re not happy, you can send it back for a complete refund!


The cost of these e-bikes is a huge selling point… they’re all in the lower price range of $1000-$2200. Relatively inexpensive but not so low where you need to be concerned about getting good quality. You might like to check out my 700 Series model… I think it’s one of the best value e-bikes around with features you wouldn’t expect for the price.

5. Vintage Electric Bikes

Vintage Electric Bikes are made in California (check out their stunning showroom in Santa Clara) and promises to give you the fastest e-bikes in the US.

Bright red, vintage style electric bike from Vintage E-Bikes
Tracker- Image courtesy of Vintage Electric Bikes

Brand Features and Benefits

These e-bikes certainly look special! Vintage sells different types of vintage-looking electric bicycles (yes, just like vintage cars), including throttle-powered and pedal assist cruisers, hybrid commuter bikes, and cargo cruisers for carrying groceries or kids.

And, as they claimed, these are fast, powerful e-bikes, especially when you add the optional “Race Mode” feature for an extra boost when riding uphill! In this mode, you can get a speed of up to 36mph!


The various models cost from just under $4000 to over $7000. Well, what can you expect from classic, vintage-looking e-bikes? Additionally, you’ll have to add racks for $300 up.

What can I say…you really have to take a look at this vintage-style brand to see why it’s so incredibly cool.

Is your head already swimming with possibilities? Find out how to choose the perfect e-bike for you.

6. Rad Power Bikes

If you want to know what brand has some of the best electric bikes on the market based on price and quality, Rad Power Bikes has got you covered. This company’s electric bikes are designed in California and then assembled at the warehouse in Eugene, Oregon. The company was only officially launched in 2015 but it’s already trending as one of the best e-bike brands in the United States.

As electric bike companies go, they have one of the most diverse product lines on the market, with models and price points affordable for many riders. Plus, they’ve won numerous awards and have been featured in many well-known publications.

This is one of my favorite brands because, well, they’re “rad”, as the name exclaims. And I can vouch for them personally as a very happy RadMini Step-Thru folding electric bike owner (now called the RadExpand).

RadMini E-bike from Rad Power Bikes
My husband’s Rad Power Bike

Compare top brands: Rad Power Bikes vs Ride1Up!

Brand Features and Benefits

Their models include e-bikes with a range of power, from lightweight city commuters to higher-powered mountain bikes.

But one of their original stand-out features is the fat tire electric bike, which many brands now use as well. The fat tire is a 3-4 inch tire that allows riders to go as far as they want on the road but also to do some off-roading, thanks to the wider tread and grip of the tires.

But this doesn’t mean that they’re too pricey. In fact, not only do they have high-quality bikes at a reasonable cost, but you can also order them online and quickly finish assembling them yourself (they come about 70% assembled). Or check to see if their on-demand delivery service is available in your area.

Plus, they have literally thousands of reviews on bikes, all 4.7 to 5 Stars! And reading them will really help you decide which model of electric bike is for you.

The only unfortunate problem is with their bike weight… at 68lbs for the RadMini, it’s really hard to lift one into a car, bus, or train.

Blue and yellow banner telling veiwers to take a look at the Rad Mini E-Bike
Did you know that Rad Power Bikes has a low-step Rad Mini?! Get on and off easier!


Rad’s electric bikes start at $1099 for their Metro e-bike, up to around $2000 for their Rad Wagon Cargo bike. It’s worth noting also that some of their bikes are on their fourth version, meaning that they have been constantly improving and upgrading their great electric bike for many years.

Why would you want to buy from Rad Power Bikes? Here are 13 reasons!

Read the list of other fat tire electric bikes made in the USA.

7. Charge Bikes

Charge Bikes started in 2004 with the goal of making affordable but durable and fun e-bikes. However, after years of absence in the American market, it was just re-launched in the US in 2020 by Dorel Sports, a Connecticut-based company.

This small, personal brand wants to make e-biking affordable, fun, and accessible to all. That’s why it has re-emerged with a focus on the electric bike.

Brand Features and Benefits

Charge Bikes is comparable in price and overall ratings to Rad Power Bikes. However, they only have a few models to choose from including a city bike, comfort cruiser, and an eMTB (which won “Best E-Bikes for 2021” in c|net).

But they do offer their bikes in more colors and their models fit a wide range of different heights, averaging 5’0 – 6’3. They even have a couple of low-step frames as well.

Further, they have a list of features that are standard in all of their models, including an almost 50-mile battery range and built-in cargo racks.

So, choosing a model is much easier!


Charge Electric Bikes cost from $1699 to $2499 for the electric mountain bike. These prices include their standard features for all models.

8. e-JOE Bike

e-JOE Bike is another cool brand made in the USA. They’re located in San Diego, California, and have been around for more than a decade. Their goal is to make high-quality, affordable e-bikes that span a range of functionality.

e-JOE Bike actually describes riding their bikes as the “ultimate life hack”. This seems pretty accurate coming from one of the top electric bike companies in California where outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for something new to do!

And this also makes sense given their focus on providing you with whatever type of bike you need, from an easy-riding cruiser to a commuter bike, to a folding step-thru, or to a lightweight city bike. they’ll be sure to find the best electric bike for you!

Brand Features and Benefits

Here’s what makes e-JOE Bikes special: They’re one of the only bike companies that not only fully assemble their bicycles in the USA but also design all components to be interchangeable with each other. This makes it easy for riders to pick up any model from their catalog without having to worry about compatibility issues or parts availability.

Since they’re relatively inexpensive as quality e-bikes go, you may even want one model for short trips (such as the SUNDAY City model) and another type of e-bike for longer distances (like the ONYX Sports model). And then you can easily interchange parts if needed!

Thus, they’re one of the best electric bike brands for flexibility!

You can shop online (shipping is free!) but also visit one of their many dealers throughout the USA.


You can buy any of the e-JOE Bike cruisers or the folding or city e-bike for $1200 to over $1800. Even though the price range is small, the bikes each have their own special features to consider, so take a close look!

9. KHS Bicycles

KHS Bicycles is another one of the true American e-bike companies based in Los Angeles California. They’re a good bike brand overall and have a small selection of bikes in their line-up which can be found all over the US.

Brand Features and Benefits

Even though KHS Bicycles has only a handful of e-bikes available, they include a wide variety, from a commuter e-bike or electric mountain bike to a cargo cruiser. Their 2022 models include the MOVO 1.0E cruiser for men and women (with a small, step-thru option) and an EASY 24 with a one-size step-thru frame. Some of their other bikes also come in Small and Medium, so you can find the size that fits you.

The best part about KHS is that they’re really a lifestyle brand… you can shop for t-shirts and other fun gear and accessories right online.

Find out which step-thru e-bike is the best electric bike for a small woman or person.


Unfortunately, you can’t purchase an e-bike off of the website, but instead, need to find a local dealer. The benefit to this, however, is that you can try out the various models and get direct help answering all of your questions.

10. Soul Beach Cruisers

Soul Beach Cruisers, based in Tempe, AZ, is a bike company started in 2011 with the desire to produce “performance” cruisers that were low maintenance.

Not only did they accomplish what they originally set out to do, but they also developed and now specialize in the oversized fat tire Stomper models that are excellent for bigger riders… and they’ve added this to their list of electric bikes as well.

So, they have some of the best electric bikes for big and tall men and women!

Multiple color choices of e-bikes from Soul Beach Cruisers
Photo courtesy of Soul Beach Cruisers

Brand Features and Benefits

Once they got into electric bike production, they created the Soul Fast Electric Sonic Stomper electric mountain bike with a 1500W peak-output motor.

As a brand that has e-bikes with mid-drive motors focused on speed and power, as well as being BMX-inspired, their cruisers are anything but slow and dainty. And considering their models have 750W motors and up, they aren’t the best electric bikes for kids or the elderly.


Although these bikes start at an average price for electric bikes ($1899), they quickly go up to $5000+ for their Sonic SS Stomper Race Edition!

Looking for the best e-bike brand for kids? Read this article!

11. Lectric eBikes

Lectric eBikes is a relatively new e-bike company in Arizona, having only been started in the USA since 2018.

What is interesting about Lectric eBikes? They designed the Lectric XP e-bike that almost immediately earned the Electric Bike Review Top Choice Award for “Best Folding Electric Fat Tire Bike of 2020”.

Brand Features and Benefits

Their Lectric XP e-bike and their dedication to giving customers what they want have helped them grow quickly in the United States.

Further, they only use proven quality parts from companies like Shimano, Tektro, LG, and others, yet pride themselves on keeping the prices down. And they even have step-thru folding electric bike models.


It’s kind of hard to believe that their popular XP model has sold over 30,000 times… until you hear the price.

At just $899-$1999, these bikes have all the best features, but are more affordable than most! So, this is the best electric bike for affordability!

12. Trek Bicycles

Trek Bicycles is one of the largest US bike companies and is located in Waterloo, WI. They’ve manufactured endless types of bikes and now cater to electric bike riders with around a dozen models of super high-end, high-quality bikes.

They can tout numerous professional reviews and awards including the MBR E-Bike of the Year 2021.

Brand Features and Benefits

One thing that’s unique about this company is that its models come in a variety of options and colors, making the brand’s e-bikes very unique. With Bosch motors and parts, as well as integrated battery systems (which means that it looks nicer and is fully protected by the frame), there’s no doubt you’re getting the absolute best electric bikes.

You’ll just have to check out their website to get a full feel for the immense value of them.


So yes, you guessed correctly… Trek bikes are a bit more expensive. They start at $4600 and go up to well over $12000. But, if you want the best, Trek is definitely one of the best electric bike brands!

13. Mod Bikes

Mod Bikes designs and builds its best electric bikes in Austin, Texas. They’re all about you getting where you need to go in style, while also encouraging you to have fun.

Black Mod Easy E-Bike
Mod Easy

Brand Features and Benefits

Mod Bikes has a beautiful line of bikes to fit everyone’s needs. Their sleek yet vintage look gives you the sense that riding one would really feel special.

And here’s what’s super unique to their brand… they have a model, new in 2021, called the MOD Easy that offers an optional sidecar (or even a side basket if you’d like)! The sidecars have a payload of 120lbs so that you can carry your child, cargo, or even your dog. It’s the perfect country bike ride!

What makes this company even more awesome, besides their cool e-bikes and sidecars, is that they give free returns and a 5-year limited warranty, both of which are practically unheard of.


I think you’ll be surprised at the prices here like I was, especially given their offer of a sidecar. You can get the powerful, long-range, multi-terrain MOD Easy with sidecar (and throttle) starting at just over $3300 while it’s available for pre-order. All of their e-bikes fall in the price range of $1900-$3900.

14. S.A.M.’s Bikes

S.A.M.’s Bike Company is a family-owned company in Illinois that was founded in the early 2000s by Goldie and Andy, a couple who wanted to enjoy outdoor time with their grandchildren. After searching for the best electric bikes built in the United States that was also affordable, and not finding what they wanted, they started manufacturing their own brand.

Brand Features and Benefits

You won’t find a spectacularly detailed website from this little company. But what you will find is a solid line of e-bikes including electric mountain bikes with wide tires, trikes, and foldable options. As seniors themselves (as well as one being a lung cancer survivor), they’ve focused on providing bikes that’ll overcome physical limitations from medical conditions and aging.

What really makes this brand special is that very few companies in the USA offer electric tricycles, but this company offers two different models, which shows a commitment to their focus. And their prices are extremely reasonable as well.


You can get one of their best electric trikes for as low as $1200 (trikes are considered specialty bikes!). Further, their lowest-priced model starts at only $900 while their highest goes up to $2300.

NOTE: Because their web presence isn’t very strong, I’d definitely give them a call at the number listed on their website instead of placing an order online.

15. Montague Bikes

A long-standing US bike brand based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Montague Bikes claims to have made the best folding bike frame (and strongest). After all, they’ve been making folding bikes since 1987.

Montague M-E1 folded up
Montague M-E1

Brand Features and Benefits

What makes this company interesting, is that, although they’ve been selling bikes for many years, they only have one electric bike model, the M-E1.

However, what’s unique about this e-bike is that it’s a full-size folding e-bike that focuses on performance… “the world’s first” according to Montague.

If you’re looking for a folding bike, you’ll typically find one with smaller than average wheels (20″ is common) to accommodate the need to fold. But the M-E1 has full-size 700c tires and STILL folds up easily! And it gives you the same quality ride as any of the other best electric bikes (non-folding).


The cost of this special folding bike is $3695 and you can have it shipped directly to your home (but expect some minor assembly). Otherwise, you can find a local shop and just pick it up!

16. Quali Sports USA

Another electric bike company from Ontario, California, Qualisports USA is all about “Smiles per Mile”, their way of telling you how much fun it’ll be by riding their e-bikes. Not only are their bikes designed to look great, but they also want them to be an affordable method of transportation.

Further, they use the word “quality” in their name to show their commitment to building their e-bikes with quality parts.

Brand Features and Benefits

When you visit their website, the first thing you’ll notice is the distinct look of their entire fleet of e-bikes. They’re all foldable with only 16″ tires. This makes them easy to fold, easy to move, and easy to store. These practical models are perfect if you’re living in an apartment, dorm room, or other small space. Plus, they’re easy to take with you on a bus or train (the least expensive NEMO model is only 30 lbs!).

And, for a serious fat tire ride, the 4.25″ wide tires on the BELUGA will seriously get you over some rough terrain.


These handy e-bikes are priced very well… from $899- $1399, so getting an e-bike is much more accessible. Plus, you can make payments starting as low as $82/month!

Learn more about folding electric bikes and if they’re any good.

17. Electric Bike Company

The Electric Bike company, one of the few true ebike brands made in the USA, has a simple goal…. To offer the best USA-built electric cruiser. 

They make their custom cruisers using local bike builders and high-quality materials. Plus, they test them in their own US factory and deliver them fully assembled, right to your door.

Brand Features and Benefits

With a nice selection of cruiser and commuter e-bikes, you can pick what works best for you. Choose from beach cruiser style to a foldable model or even one with more rugged tires.

But their best feature is clearly the ability to customize your own. Custom design yours by choosing the frame color, trim, spokes, rims, drivetrain, wheel size, and more (depending on the model).

You can even choose your battery, which means you decide how far you want to go on a single battery charge!


Although their e-bikes don’t start at the lowest cost, prices are affordable starting as low as $1699 (some customization options are at an additional cost). This is impressive considering the level of customization you get!

18. Juiced Bikes

Another California-based company, Juiced Bikes started in 2009 by a U.S. Olympic high-jumper named Tora Harris, who also happens to have a degree from Princeton in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Not surprisingly, Tora was able to produce his first high-performing electric bike with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery shortly thereafter.

black e-bike
Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S has both a cadence and torque sensor!

Brand Features and Benefits

Juiced Bikes stands out as a leader in the industry due to its upgraded features and affordable prices.

With a huge 52V battery pack and a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour, it’s not surprising that e-bikers choose a Juiced bike for its powerful performance.

Another huge bonus is you’ll get a riding range of up to 100 miles!


I’m actually surprised that they offer their lowest-cost e-bike at only $1499 given that it has a 52V battery and can be upgraded to Class 3. Their most expensive model, the HyperScrambler 2, is even well worth the cost of $3499, having dual batteries, 30+ mph speeds, and a 100+ mile range.


Now that you’ve read through the best electric bikes company list, you’ve probably realized that there are brands included that are big and super small, expensive and inexpensive, and stylish or classic.

This isn’t your standard list of e-bike companies because I dug deep to find all of the great brands that have something unique to offer, some of whom you’ve never heard of.

Finding the right electric bike company to purchase from is a personal thing. It’s a big investment! And, after all, you’ll be happy with finding the best electric bike brand that’s made in the USA and built just right for you!

Still not sure which brand is for you? Take a look at the most popular e-bike brands (updated list!)!

10 Best Electric Bikes For Tall Guys and Gals

Black RadCity Plus E-Bike
RadCity Plus E-Bike

If you are taller than average, like my brother Dave at 6’3″, you’ve probably struggled to find clothes, beds, showers, and without a doubt, sporting equipment that match up to your size.

This isn’t easy, though, and if you’re looking to buy yourself an electric bike, you may be wondering, “What are some of the best electric bikes for a tall guy or gal?” 

Having reviewed the top e-bike brands, the best ebikes for tall riders are:

  1. Ride1Up 700 Series
  2. Rad Power Bikes RadCity Plus High Step
  3. Aventon Soltera
  4. Aventon Level
  6. AddMotor Motan M-560
  7. Nakto Super Cruiser
  8. Pedego City Cruiser
  9. Tern Vektron S10 Folding Electric Bike
  10. Juiced Bike RipCurrent S

There isn’t really a particular bike that is ‘the’ best ebike for tall riders. Instead, there are certain brands that tend to cater to those above the 6-foot mark. These include the likes of Juiced Bikes, Aventon, Tern, Rad Power Bikes, Ride1Up, and Pedego.      

If you are near or above 6′ tall, you’re probably wondering if the right-sized electric bike is out there for you. Since my brother is over 6 feet, I was determined to find the best ebikes for him to choose from. So, I’ve done the digging and found the top contenders of e-bikes for tall riders. Check out the details of each model below! 

The 10 Best Electric Bikes For Tall Riders

As mentioned, there is not one particular winner as there are many factors to consider, but the main deciding factors will probably be personal taste and budget. Below is a list of the best electric bikes for you to choose from. 

1. Ride1Up 700 Series

Priced at approximately $1695

Ride1up 700 series commuter e-bike
The best Ride1Up Electric Bike for a tall person is the 700 Series!

The Ride1Up 700 Series is a great value for any tall e-bike rider up to 6’4”. It offers above-average features for the price, including front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and high-quality components from Shimano, Tektro, and other top brands.

The XR Frame reaches a maximum seat height of 40” with a handlebar height of 41”, thus allowing anyone with long legs and arms to fit comfortably. Plus, it comes with full-size 27.5” tires, making it a welcome electric bike for a tall man or woman!

The 700 series also has a maximum speed of 28mph and a range of up to 50 miles.

This is the ebike I’d choose for my 6’3” brother Dave based on its value, comfort, and price. It helped that I ride the 700 Series and wrote a review on it, so I can testify to it being a solid, high-quality electric bike. 

The only difference between the two 700 series models (ST vs the XR) is the frame size. The XR frame should be chosen if you’re anywhere near 6 feet tall like my brother.

There are so many features you’ll love in this value-packed e-bike that I’ve listed them here:

  • Easy on and off integrated battery
  • Advanced display settings
  • Front suspension fork with 100mm travel
  • Hydraulic disc brakes as opposed to basic mechanical disc brakes
  • Powerful 750W geared hub motor
  • 27.5″ wheels with Schwalbe Super Moto X tires (or WTB Groov-E depending on the frame)
  • Shimano 8-speed gears

Additionally, the Ride1Up LMT’D and the Prodigy can fit rider heights of 6’2” and 6’3” respectively. These are also worth checking out if you’d like your ebike to have a torque sensor or a mid-drive motor.

Discover the Ride1UP 700 Series here!

2. Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus High Step

Priced at approximately $1999

White RadCity Plus High-Step Electric Bike
RadCity Plus High-Step Electric Bike

The RadCity Plus electric bike (see RadCity 5 Plus Review) is a tried-and-true piece of craftsmanship that has all of the features you need in an electric commuter bike. Accommodating riders up to 6’5″, it’s one of the best bikes for tall riders.

With a 750W high-torque hub motor, front suspension, 27.5″ tires, 7-speeds, and 5 levels of pedal assist, it can take you where you need to go efficiently and comfortably.

You’ll manage to get up to speeds of 20mph, and it is capable of trips up to 50+ miles. It comes with a twist throttle but you’ll still need to do some pedaling to preserve the battery power for long rides. 

Other advantages include hydraulic disc brakes, integrated front and rear lights, fenders, and a rear rack.

Overall, you can’t beat the quality of an e-bike that fits tall guys and gals!

Take a look at the Rad Power Bikes RadCity Plus High-Step here!

3. Aventon Soltera

Pricing starts at $999

Yellow Aventon Soltera 7-Speed
The Soltera 7-Speed falls way below other road bike prices but is high in quality and value.

The Soltera, with its traditional 700c road bike tires and single-speed option, is a great option if you want simplicity and a low price… and you’re not more than 6’4” tall.

With a max weight capacity of 300 lbs, and weighing only 41 lbs for the single speed (43 lbs for the 7-speed version), it’s easy to get where you want to go as well as take what you need with you.

The Aventon Level, however, also has a load capacity of 300 lbs but weighs a bit more at 54 lbs. However, it offers more advanced features such as a front suspension, 750W motor, torque sensor, and 8-speed shifters.  

It also has a 60-mile range, as opposed to an average 40+ mile range for the Soltera.

Get more details on the Aventon Soltera (and the Soltera.2 with a torque sensor).

4. Aventon Level

Prices Starting at $1599

Aventon Level electric bike
Aventon Level commuter e-bike

The Level, like the Soltera, also has a load capacity of 300 lbs but weighs a bit more at 54 lbs. However, it offers more advanced features such as a front suspension, 750W motor, upgraded torque sensor, and 8-speed shifters.  

It also has an up to 60-mile range, as opposed to the average 40+ mile range for the Soltera.

Both of the above Aventon models offer a “Large” frame carrying tall riders up to 6’4”, so it’s really a matter of your preference for the more affordable Soltera or the feature-enhanced Level. Plus, the Level comes with a rack and fenders.

Get more details on the Aventon Level (or the Level.2 e-bike with a torque sensor).


Priced at approximately $3,100 (2,549 GBP)

Haibike e-bike is one of the best electric bikes for tall guys

Haibike is definitely a reputable brand that has made its name as one of the top companies for e-bikes. This is because their frame sizes are many and varied. They accommodate riders up to 6’6” tall, making them one of the best contenders.

Their most popular model among taller riders is this one. This is because not only is it a comfortable ride, but it also offers a durable Aluminum 6061 frame and Shimano gears and brakes.  

If you are above the 6-foot mark, it is advisable to opt for the XL frame, specifically designed with you in mind. 

Apart from the height conveniences, it also sports a 500W battery by Yamaha, and it is, in fact, capable of speeds of up to 20 mph. 

Its tires are Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27.5 x 2.4 inches, and they are awesome for both commuting and trail riding. So, in this case, you get an all-in-one. 

Check the SDURRO TREKKING out at Haibike.

6. AddMotor Motan M-560

Priced at approximately $1,599

Tall guys can ride this Motan e-bike

Another great choice is the Motan M-560, which can accommodate riders who are up to 6’6″ tall. AddMotor has been selling electric bikes since 2006 and is becoming increasingly known in the e-bike community. 

If you are also a slightly heavier rider, then this comfortable electric bike will definitely be the one for you, as it can support a weight of up to 300 pounds.

This bike has an even beefier set of tires which come in at 26 inches x 4 inches, also known as fat tires. They make cruising on the tarmac or sidewalk a walk in the park and can easily tackle the rugged terrain as well. You can lock the front suspension while commuting and then unleash it when you want to head off the beaten track. 

It comes with a rather sizable 5-inch LCD display that works flawlessly. Plus, it offers the ability to charge mobile devices via a USB connection. The battery will last for long trips and takes roughly 3 to 4 hours to charge.  

You can clock speeds of up to 23mph on this electric bike while also traveling up to 25 miles without pedaling. 

Learn more about the Motan M-560 here!

7. Nakto Super Cruiser

Priced at $1,299

The Nakto Super Cruiser E-Bike is built for tall people at a lower price than most bikes
With a recommended rider height of up to 6’8″, the Super Cruiser is ready for any super tall person!

This is another very well-priced e-bike that comes from a company you may not have heard of, as they tend to ship directly from the manufacturer. The reason they do so is, in fact, for your benefit, and that is to ensure a cheaper price tag. 

This is one of the electric bikes for tall riders that offer even more versatility in accommodating the rider’s height in that the recommended user height is between 5’6” and 6’8”. It can also bear a load of up to 300 pounds, so this one is definitely designed with the big boys in mind. 

This monster has a 500W brushless motor and is powered by a waterproof 48v12a lithium battery which means that you can go faster for longer. You will be able to clock speeds of up to 35mph and travel as far as 35 to 50 miles. 

You can get moving with either the use of a twist throttle or by pedaling your way along. And this momentum will be displaced via a set of 26-inch x 4-inch fat tires. 

The frame is also fairly light and exceptionally durable as it is made from carbon steel.  

Check out the Super Cruiser!

8. Pedego City Commuter

Prices start at approximately $3,000  

the Pedego City Commuter Electric Bike is one of the best electric bikes for tall people

This cruiser-style e-bike is something that any stylish city commuter would love to get their hands on. What’s more, it comes with 28-inch tires and an adjustable handlebars and seat. All these elements combined make it a ride suitable for anyone sitting in the 6’3” – 6’4” height range.

It has a marvelous 48V, 500 W rear hub motor with impressive torque being fed to the wheel. Powering this stylish ride is a quality lithium-ion battery. 

What is lovely about this e-bike, compared to similar types in this style, is that it offers a smooth ride and allows you to get there quicker.

You can cruise at a maximum speed of 20mph with pedal assistance with five different levels. All you need to do is twist the throttle and go. 

As specified in the name, this is a city commuter. Thus it is designed for cruising. This means that you will not be able to take your treasured ebike off-road. However, you are in for a wonderfully comfortable and sleek ride. 

Take a look at Pedego Electric Bikes.

9. Tern Vektron S10 Folding Electric Bike

Priced at approximately $3699

Tall People can ride the Tern Vektron E-Bike

One major dilemma that taller and larger people often face is that their belongings are often bigger and take up more space, and this is generally no different when it comes to e-bikes; however, there is an answer to that problem. The solution comes from Tern, with their folding e-bike.

This is a savvy investment for anyone who lives in a small flat or apartment, and there is not much space to store a bike. 

So we have the convenience covered, but what about the comfort and accommodation for the tall rider? Well, this ingenious electric bike will amaze you as it can easily be readjusted to suit riders as short as 4’10” and as tall as 6’5”.

This novel device does not stop giving there. It also happens to have an adequate-sized 400Wh battery and a 250W mid-drive motor that will see you traversing the streets at 20mph. The awesome thing about this is that it is one of the longer-range electric bikes, coming in between 31 – 62 miles. 

Take a look at the Tern Vectron.

10. Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S

Priced starting at around $2399

black e-bike
Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S has both a cadence and torque sensor!

Juiced Bikes brand offers electric bikes with frame sizes that include Large and X-large. In fact, the RipCurrent S2 is one of the few ebikes for riders at a height of 6’0” and up wanting all-terrain fat tires!

With 26″x4” fat tires and a 300 lb weight capacity, this bike can handle you if you’re both a tall and heavy rider.

The size chart says it all:

E-Bike Size chart showing RipCurrent specification
Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S Size Chart

Notice how much greater the XL maximum seat height is than the Large frame, not to mention the greater lengths and heights of other size specifications such as the handlebar height.

And what’s more, the RipCurrent is packed with great features for all tall guys and gals! 

You’ll get 28” tires, hydraulic brakes, both cadence and torque sensors, a front air suspension fork, a 9-speed transmission, a 1000W rear hub motor, a 52 Volt battery (and a 70+ mile range), and a thumb throttle.

Plus, as a Class 3 e-bike, the motor power can take you up to 28mph!

Check out the RipCurrent S and other large-framed electric bikes at Juiced Bikes right here.

What a Tall Person Should Consider When Buying an E-Bike

You need to think about the type of frame size that will suit you best. Along with this is the type of material that the frame is made of. For a larger and taller person, you may want to buy a frame made from either steel or titanium.

These are not the only durable options, though, so don’t be afraid to consider other alternatives. More importantly, pay attention to the total payload capacity of each ebike. As long as your body weight (plus cargo) stays below this maximum, any type of frame should be suitable.

Another consideration is how much the seat can be raised. Then, once the saddle is raised, will you be able to reach the handlebars comfortably enough without having to lean over and put a strain on your back?

Brands Size Guide

Many manufacturers will gauge the size of their electric bikes by the size of the seat tube. This can be misleading, however, as you may find that this is adequate for you. However, as mentioned before, the height difference between the handlebars and seat then comes into play. So you want to get a bike that has a good-sized top tube, as well as a tall seat tube. 

Additionally, the distance between the seat tube and the handlebars is important. This is because you want to be able to stretch your arms out a bit and not have to bend your arms in awkward angles to accommodate the bike’s measurement. You want to have some sort of equilibrium and evenness of the spacing between the front and rear axle. 

One thing that is helpful is the modification of your electric bike by using something like a seat post that would allow you to adjust your seat, not only on the Y-axis but the X-axis as well. However, this could lead to more weight being put on the bike’s rear tire and put you off balance.

Electric bike measurements needed for tall guys
Rad Power Bikes– What you need to know to find the best electric bike for a tall guy

When it comes to ebikes for tall guys, a very important aspect is the wheel size, as this will also come into play when determining the overall size of the electric bike. With larger wheels, you may only need a large frame instead of an extra-large frame.

You may already have a brand and price in mind; however, being taller puts you in more of a niche market, particularly where smaller companies are concerned.

You may, therefore, be likely to end up spending a bit more money on your bike. This is due to supply and demand and the additional materials that go into making an e-bike a better fit for you.

Figuring Out Which Frame Size Is Best

Below is a table that demonstrates which electric bike frame size will be the best fit for you. Consider both your height and inseam (from your crotch to the floor).

Your HeightInseam LengthMinimum Bike Frame Size
5’6” – 5’9”29.5” – 31”20” – 21”
5’10” – 6’1”31.5” – 33”22” – 23”
6’2” – 6’5”34.5” – 36”24” – 25”
6’6” – 6’9”37” – 38.5”26” – 27”
Measure your Inseam

How to measure yourself for the correct frame size:

  • Stand with your feet roughly a foot apart
  • Measure from the ground to your crotch (this is about where the seat of the electric bike will be)
  • Convert the measurement you get from inches to centimeters
  • Do the following calculation: Inseam measurement in centimeters X 0.685
  • Then convert this number back to inches, and you will have found your frame size.

Conclusion: Choosing one of the Best Electric Bikes for Tall Riders

To reiterate, when it comes to choosing your ideal ebike, be sure that the measurements you are being told or are reading are, in fact, correct. You don’t want to be in a situation where you purchase an XXL electric bike and assume it will fit you. This purely refers to the size of the frame and nothing else (this holds true if you’re buying a smaller adult e-bike as well).

It’s wise to get the full specifications of any electric bike that you are looking at purchasing. Ensure that the measurements are accurate and not misleading. The easiest way to make sure you’ll be comfortable is to go into a store and test out the feel and fit of the ebike before you make the purchase.

This is not always possible, though. Therefore, get educated on what the measurements mean. When in doubt, ask for help. Contact the manufacturer or dealer and have them give you a proper rundown of what you will be purchasing. 

So, there are options available for taller riders like my brother Dave; you’ve just taken a look at the best e-bikes for tall riders. Not only are they from high-quality or well-known brands, but they each fit riders well over 6 feet. Some of these electric bike models fit up to 6’7″ tall.

You don’t have to feel like you’re riding a child’s bicycle. Now you can confidently purchase your desired e-bike knowing that cycling will be a pleasurable experience.

Best Holiday Electric Bike Deals 2023 (The List)

White Rad Power Bike sitting on sidewalk.

If you’re looking for an electric bike, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the end-of-year holidays, are some of the best times to find the best e-bike at a great price.

E-Biking Today can help you save money on the right e-bike and additional gear, whether it’s for yourself or an upcoming holiday gift. Although electric bike brands offer sales throughout the year, Black Friday deals are typically the best, as they expect buyers to look for steep discounts on e-bikes and accessories.

To help you find an incredible electric bike at the best price, I’ve put together a huge list of Black Friday and holiday electric bike deals from top brands in 2023. Check out the list of the most popular gear and accessories on sale below the electric bike list.

Please note: Deals may end at any time. However, I’m expecting each brand will continue to offer new sales on Black Friday and into the holidays. Plus, I’ll be adding new deals I find throughout the holidays (check back frequently).

Best Holiday and Black Friday Electric Bike Deals 2023

Some of the best electric bike deals happen long before Black Friday. In fact, good offers will happen year-round in 2023. Yet, the sales will really pump up in November and December. Deals change frequently during Black Friday and holiday sales, so click on the link to any of the electric bike companies below to see their current and best offers.

How to Find a Good E-Bike Deal

  1. Start your search by deciding on the type of electric bike you want
  2. Then, see if the starting price is within your budget
  3. Take a look at the awesome deals and benefits for that brand
  4. Click on the brand’s link next to your deal (deals change quickly, so be sure to take a look at the current offer).
BrandFall/Holiday DealsType of E-BikeStarting
Lectric eBikesAll bikes on sale + save up to $490 in FREE accessoriesBudget Folding e-bikes$799
Ride1UpUp to $400 off new & popular e-bike styles! Best all-around value (even before discounts)$995
Rad Power Bikes ***Save up to $300 off ALL electric bikes! Off-road, folding, cargo, e-trike, and commuter e-bikes$1299
Wing Bikes ***Save $450: Use code FLASH50Unique urban styles$1600
Blix BikeUp to $500 off!Commuter, cargo, folding, & fat tire
Electric Bike CompanyChoose your price with Customizable options!Create your own USA built e-bike$1599
SixthreezeroSave 30%-50% off!Customizable cruisers & commuters$1999
Juiced Bikes ***Up to $700 off ALL ebikes!Moped-style, off-road, commuter, and
fat tire e-bikes
AddMotorUp to $900 off Off-road, commuter, fat tire, and cargo
HeybikeUp to $500 off on best-selling modelsMultiple styles: folding, fat tire, city$1199
KBO BikeSave up to $500Cargo, commuter, and folding bikes$1069
Vvolt ***Save up to $800 (see my review on
the Alpha S)
Lightweight, belt-drive e-bikes$1399
Radio FlyerCheck for the current dealFat tire, cargo, folding$1699
Buzz Bikes$500 off select modelsAffordable Trikes & e-Bikes$1199
Aventon ***Huge model selection + AffordableOff-road, folding, cargo, road, and
commuter e-bikes
Charge Bikes ***55% off ALL e-bikes until Fri 11/24!Cross-Country, City & Comfort e-bikes$1799
NaktoUp to $300 offHuge model selection + affordable$699
Murf Electric Bikes$400-$600 off each bikeLightweight, cargo, step-through, fat tire and more$2195
Bike BerryShop current sales (+ loads of
kits and bike parts discounted)
Wide selection of e-bike brands and conversion kits$300 kits
QualisportsShop current dealsSmall wheel folding e-bikes$999
VelowaveShop current discountsHuge model selection + Affordable$899
Specialized BikesCheck the “Sale” link for discounts!
Gear & apparel on sale.
High-end bikes$1800- $10,000+
Trek BicyclesCreate your own USA-built e-bikeHigh-end electric bikes$2800
This is updated regularly but Holiday deals change fast! Click on the link to the e-bike brand you’re interested in and check out the latest special offer.

Black Friday Electric Bike Accessories

I’ll be watching for Black Friday offers on essential gear and cool gadgets and list them as they come in. Keep these products in mind as gifts for electric bike riders other than yourself!

BrandBlack Friday/Cyber Monday DealType of Accessory Price Starts at…
AmazonHoliday Deals!Here’s an idea: Neck Gaitor (protects
the neck and face from wind, rain, and cold during your e-bike ride…
my winter must-have!)
Club Ride ApparelRotating Black Friday/Holiday DealsBike shorts & cycling apparel$44
Backcountry20% off full-price itemCycling Gear & Clothing$6
REIDeals: Up to 50% offBike Accessories, Components, & Clothing
(& Co-op e-bike)
iHood20% off ALL helmets (code: HOLIDAY20)Winter Ride: Heated jackets, heated vests, and gloves$75
Competitive CyclistUp to 50% off Bike components, clothing, & accessories$4.50
Base CampCheck out holiday dealsBoards, Electric Scooters, SMART helmets & more$56
Thousand Helmets30% off HelmetsBicycle helmets, headlights, & accessories$69
Bikase15% off everything in the store with code (EBIKINGTODAY15 FOR 15% OFF)All styles of high-quality bike bags, baskets, and
Bike BerrySitewide SpecialsConversion kits, motors, bike bags, & more$4

When is Black Friday (and When Do E-Bike Sales End)?

Black Friday falls on Friday, November 24th, 2023. But don’t assume that great electric bike deals don’t happen before then! This year, I’ve seen amazing deals all year. Further, good deals tend to start before the end of October, with many others following shortly thereafter. However, the best electric bike sales may end by November 27th.

However, some e-bike brands have sales that last for 1-3 weeks or longer. They typically offer deals throughout the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. Other electric bike companies are offering sales on different e-bike models on and off throughout November 2023 and some into December and through Jan 1st, 2024!

Is Black Friday the Same as Cyber Monday?

Historically, Black Friday sales have focused on physical products and retail store sales, whereas Cyber Monday was designed to offer online sales. This line has been blurred, however, and pretty much anything goes. When it comes to trending electric bikes, there are sales going on all the time, which means you really have to weed through the best brands and deals.

In general, Black Friday sales continue through Cyber Monday, if not longer. Further, I’d expect electric bike sales to continue throughout the 2023 holidays, although the deals offered may change.

Are E-Bikes Cheaper on Cyber Monday?

Don’t expect to get a better e-bike deal on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday. In other words, don’t wait to buy the electric bike of your dreams on Black Friday, hoping you’ll get a bigger discount on Monday than Friday. It’s unlikely, and the best e-bikes may be sold out before then.

How to Save Money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023

The quickest way to save money on Black Friday is to shop for e-bikes online. You’ll be able to compare deals and bike specifications directly and find the perfect electric bike for you or a loved one.

Plus, you won’t need to shop in crowds! Get online early before the best electric bikes and top accessories are sold out.

Start looking at offers before Black Friday. If you find a good deal, don’t wait to purchase. Some sales are going on long before the big sale weekend and e-bikes could sell out (or you’ll be able to buy but your e-bike will be on backorder and you may have to wait a few months to get it).

Fortunately, almost all e-bike brands will ship directly to you. I recommend that you read customer reviews on models you’re interested in and don’t just assume that a good deal means that you’ll get a good quality e-bike. I hope that I’ve helped you start your search by listing popular brand deals.

Check back on updates to these lists of Black Friday deals throughout October, November, and into the Holiday season… I’ll make important changes as they happen!

I hope this Black Friday electric bike deals guide can help you find what you’re looking for a bit easier. Make sure to subscribe to E-Biking Today on YouTube to stay current with the best electric bikes, accessories, and information for new e-bike riders.

Check out E-Biking Today’s YouTube Channel!

Mokwheel Asphalt ST Review – A New E-Bike Contender

Mokwheel Asphalt ST

Hey e-bikers! Here’s a surprising find – the Mokwheel Asphalt ST electric bike. Now, Mokwheel might not be the first name that springs to mind when you think of e-bikes. But, the Asphalt ST makes a statement… Mokwheel is ready to compete with the big brands.

In this Mokwheel Asphalt ST review, I’ll show you what makes the Asphalt ST stand out. From its impressive LG battery that promises long rides to its robust ride quality, Mokwheel has packed a lot in for the price… along with a few surprises.

I’m Lisa at E-Biking Today and I’m sharing what I’ve learned about the Mokwheel Asphalt Step-through electric bike. In my Asphalt ST review, you’ll discover the pros and cons and what makes this ebike unique. Plus, find out what I like best about it and get help deciding if the Mokwheel Asphalt or Asphalt ST is for you.

Watch this video and read the article to learn all of the Asphalt’s features.

Let’s start with the pros.


1. Battery Performance

Mokwheel Asphalt ST LG Battery
Mokwheel Asphalt ST LG Battery

The LG 48V 14.7 Ah battery offers a substantial range of 50-60 miles per charge, making it ideal for long rides or commuting.

2. Multiple Speed Options 

With 5 speed levels reaching up to 28mph, the Mokwheel Asphalt caters to various riding needs, whether for leisure or faster commuting. In fact, level 5 felt like a thrill ride. Once I started pedaling at this level, I took off fast, without much effort! This surprised me given the middle-of-the-road motor power.

Pedal Assist System shown in display
Pedal Assist System has 5 levels

3. Motor Efficiency

The Asphalt may only have a 500W motor. But it’s powerful enough for moderate hills and accelerates smoothly, making it great for recreation and commuter-friendly.

4. Sensor

Ready for another surprise? This electric bike has a torque sensor, which greatly adds value. It performs well and gives me a feeling of control over my ride. The Asphalt ST doesn’t take off on its own free will as some cadence sensor e-bikes do. 

The Asphalt ST with Torque Sensor
The Asphalt ST has a Torque Sensor instead of a Cadence Sensor

5. Payload Capacity

The Asphalt has a substantial payload capacity of 300 lbs. This allows for carrying additional weight without affecting performance, which is super important if you’re commuting to work or school.

6. Quality Tires

The 27.5″ x 2.4″ tires provide a good balance of speed and stability on pavement. However, I was still surprised that I rode comfortably on packed dirt and gravel.

7. Braking System

The TEKTRO HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes were reliable and responsive. I was always able to stop as quickly as needed.

Asphalt electric bike rear tire and brakes
The Asphalt electric bike has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

8. Suspension

The Asphalt offers a 100mm adjustable front fork suspension. I noticed it immediately when hitting bumps… and combined with the comfortable saddle, it made for an enjoyable ride.

9. Swift Gearing

The Shimano 7-speed gearing system offers flexibility and smooth shifting.

Now, Let me share what I enjoy most about this ebike. But first, please subscribe to e-biking Today if you want more electric bike reviews and helpful e-biking information. 

10. Riding Position & Adjustable Handlebar

Here we go… what I enjoy most about the Mokwheel Asphalt ST is my riding position. Besides the comfortable leather saddle, the fact that I can ride sitting straight up is determined by the Adjustable handlebar stem. I rotated the stem to bring it higher and closer to me and easily gripped the swept-back handlebars.

11. Convenient Extras

Features like an integrated LED display, thumb throttle, and rear rack, add to the overall riding experience.

E-Bike Rear Rack and Saddle
It holds up to 300 lbs, including both rider and gear.


1. PAS Display Controller 

I don’t love that the buttons to change the pedal assist levels are in between the on/off and headlight buttons. This design makes it harder to increase or decrease the PAS level. Further, the cable connecting it is pretty tight. So it doesn’t allow the controls to sit as close to my left hand as I’d like.

2. Rear Tire 

The rear tire was slightly off-center, as shown by the white line and I couldn’t entirely fix it by deflating and adjusting the tire. However, this corrected itself after a short ride.

3. User Manual

Mokwheel’s user manual isn’t updated exclusively for the Asphalt e-bike. So, some details are incorrect, such as the tire pressure and rear rack payload. Thankfully, I emailed Mokwheel who let me know that the Asphalt requires a max PSI of 30. But, I’ve found that having a PSI of 25 is quite comfortable.

Also, note that the Mokwheel Asphalt carries up to 300 lbs, according to the website, whereas the manual says it’s 400 lbs.

4. Lack of Advanced Features 

While it has basic features, the bike lacks advanced technological integrations like GPS and app connectivity. Although I don’t expect to see these features on an e-bike priced at $1799 retail, they’d be nice to have.

7 Shimano Gears
7 Speed Shimano Gears

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Asphalt

At 60 lbs, the Asphalt e-bike is an average weight for a city commuter e-bike. So, that’s no surprise.

The Asphalt step-through comes in 2 frame sizes that suggest it fits riders between 5’2” and 6’6”. However, being shorter than 5’2” myself, I believe it can fit shorter riders as well. I set the seat up a few inches and rotated the handlebars upward. So, I was perfectly comfortable riding at all times.

Mokwheel Asphalt e-bike Size and Fit chart
Mokwheel Asphalt Size and Fit chart

And, it’s also nice to know that Mokwheel offers a 2-year limited warranty when the e-bike standard warranty is only 1 year.

Mokwheel Warranty 2 year
Mokwheel offers a Limited 2-year warranty, a year more than the standard brand warranty.

But here’s what you’re itching to find out…

The Asphalt ST comes in three beautiful color options while the Asphalt Step-over offers a bright orange instead of white.

Mokwheel Asphalt Orange
Mokwheel Step-Over Asphalt in Orange

So, Is the Mokwheel Asphalt right for You?

The Asphalt ST is right if you want to easily get on and off your e-bike and take long, comfortable rides without recharging the battery. If you’re more of a traditionalist, you might prefer the step-over Asphalt.

Either way, you’ll be getting a well-priced electric bike that offers enough adjustments to get you seated comfortably. And, if desired, you’ll benefit from worthwhile exercise while pedaling consistently with the torque sensor and 44T crankset. However, you can always fall back on the thumb throttle when you’ve had enough.

Despite your preference, thanks for checking out my Mokwheel Asphalt ST Review. Enjoy your ride!

Ride1Up Portola Electric Bike Review

Woman riding the Ride1Up Portola Electric Bike

Craving a manageable folding ebike that traverses all terrain? One that packs in the features you’d never expect for a budget-priced electric bike?

To say that the Ride1Up Portola has massive value for a fold-up electric bike is an understatement. But is it just another affordable but cheap ebike?

In this electric bike review, you’ll discover everything the Ride1Up Portola offers. Learn the pros and cons and get help deciding if this compact ebike is worth your money. Further, I’ll share something shocking you have never seen in one of my reviews!

I’m Lisa from E-Biking Today and I’m geared up to show you everything you need to know about this budget folding bike in the Ride1Up Portola electric bike review.

The first thing you should know is that its retail price of only $995 is competitive with the Lectric XP3 at $1095. Even comparing sales prices, the Portola beats its competition by around $100. Check the Portola’s best price in the link I’ve provided below the video.

However, whether Ride1Up’s first-ever folding ebike offers greater value than the competition is another thing entirely. Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of the Ride1Up Portola to find out.

Ride1Up Portola Folding E-Bike on a dirt path
Ride the Ride1Up Portola Folding E-Bike on trails and gravel paths!

Pros of the Portola Electric Bike

750W Geared Hub Motor

For a smaller folding ebike, I was surprised that the Portola had so much power. With a 750W sustained geared hub motor and 65 Newton Meters of torque, the motor kicks off quickly and keeps its speed.

Class 1-3 Electric Bike 

The Portola speeds up to 28mph with 5 levels of pedal assist or up to 20mph using the left thumb throttle. I appreciate that the throttle put out as much juice as I wanted, when I wanted it, rather than limiting its power by pedal assist level. 

You can change between classes using the display by pressing the Plus and Minus buttons at the same time. Changing your ebike’s classification is handy when riding in National Parks or other locations that restrict Class 2 or 3 ebikes. 

Additionally, you can modify pedal assist sensitivity in these settings.

Pedal Assist Class 3 Electric Bike
Pedal Assist E-Bike with Class 1-3 settings lets you change as required.

Dual-Piston Hydraulic Brakes 

These add way more value than the mechanical disc brakes put on most inexpensive electric bikes. Yes, I love that this ebike is going to stop when I need it to, especially when riding dirt and gravel. 

20”x3” Cross-Country Tires

Even though they’re not 4-inch fat tires, the 3-inch wide tires have chunky knobs that made me feel comfortable riding over dirt and gravel. So, I never felt like I was slipping.

Cross Country Tires
3-inch Cross Country Tires with knobs to prevent slipping.

80mm Suspension Travel with Hydraulic Lockout

Trust me, this suspension makes all the difference. When I first got on the Portola, I thought I must have overinflated the tires because the ride was so hard. As it turns out, the suspension had been in lockout mode since I assembled it, allowing for no suspension at all! So, let me suggest that you unlock it before riding.

Suspension with Lockout
Suspension with Lockout

Shimano Parts

Another sign of good value is the use of a Shimano Altus 8-speed shifter, cassette, and derailleur. It’s promising that Ride1Up didn’t use cheaper parts just to make it’s ebike affordable.

Rear Rack

With a pannier side mount and a weight capacity of 130 lbs, you can add a child seat, heavy cargo, or even a passenger to the rear rack.

Rear Rack on Portola e-bike
The Rear Rack holds up to 130 lbs. Put a large load on it, a child seat, or a passenger seat.


Additional Advantages of the Portola E-Bike

You can see that the Portola electric bike has lots of value for the price. But there are still other advantages that add even more value. Before I mention these, I’d appreciate you taking a second to subscribe to E-Biking Today on YouTube. You’ll get to watch more helpful reviews and learn everything you need to know about electric bikes.

Now, other pros of the Ride1Up Portola include hardened alloy fenders and a taillight that doubles as a brake light. There are even connector cables that are easy to manage at the top, as opposed to threaded through the bike frame.

Another huge pro is that the Ride1Up Portola is a manageable folding e-bike! What I mean by that is this… Even with its hefty payload capacity, the Portola weighs only 60 lbs! Compare that to the 64-pound Lectric XP3 and the 68-pound Aventon Sinch 2.

But here’s what was most shocking! I lifted the folded Portola into the van all by myself, which I’ve never done with an electric folding bike! Not only is it lighter than similar electric bikes, but it also has an attached strap to hold together the folded frame. I was surprised that all 5’1 inches of me could manage it! This should assure smaller riders and those concerned about lifting an ebike that they can probably manage the Portola.

Portola folding e-bike
The Portola folds up small and weighs only 60 lbs!

Cons of the Ride1Up Portola

Overall, this Ride1Up ebike is great value for the money. However, I did find a few considerations.

The Comfort Saddle

Honestly, I didn’t find the bike seat to be particularly comfortable. It’s okay. But this is really more of a personal opinion. And you can easily replace the seat with some of the money you’re saving on the Portola in the first place.

Lack of a Protector Bar on the Derailleur

This is a little disappointing, especially on a folding bike that’s going to be hauled to other places or stored folded up. So, you may want to use a blanket and some bungees to further protect your ebike during travel.

No Protection on the derailleur

No Preload Adjustment

As I mentioned earlier, the suspension has a lockout. But, you can’t adjust for the load. So even though the Portola can carry up to 300 lbs, a large load may cause the seat to bottom out.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Overall, the Ride1Up Portola is a solid electric folding bike with better features than other ebikes at the same price point. But let’s check out other important details.


You can ride a range of 20-40 miles with the $995 e-bike or 25-45 miles with the optional 13.4 Amp Hour battery upgrade, for about $100 more. 

screenshot of optional battery size
Choose the bigger battery if you want to be able to ride a little further.

Sizing and Fit

Make sure you’ll fit comfortably by checking out the sizing chart on the Ride1Up website. I put the seat up higher than typical for myself, so I question whether it would fit a rider over 6 feet tall.

Portola e-bike size specifications
Check to make sure you’ll fit comfortably on the Portola folding e-bike.


I’m happy to say that Ride1Up has figured out that we don’t want to assemble our new e-bikes! In fact, the Portola was completely assembled except for the header tube and handlebars. Front wheel, check. Pedals, check. Rack and fenders, check. 

Plus, it comes with a step-by-step card showing you what’s left to assemble (although I noticed they forgot to mention attaching the seat and tightening up the display)! Regardless, bike assembly is quick.

Open box with Portola ebike
Thanks to the included assembly instruction card, assembly was fast!

Color Choices

Okay, come on, the Sea Turquoise color that I tested is a ton of fun. But if that color isn’t right for you, check out the Indigo or Charcoal options.

Woman standing next to  Sea Turquoise E-Bike Color
Riding the Portola Sea Turquoise E-Bike

Is the Portola Electric Bike Right for You?

It may be the best electric bike for you if you want one that travels with you. Whether you are an RVer or live it up in posh hotels, this foldable bike can go with you.

It’s also a great choice if you want to ride on any terrain, especially if you need to pack it up to get to a trailhead.

The Portola may not be right for you if you don’t have any need to fold a bike. Alternatively, if you have an extra $500 or more in your budget, you may want to take a look at the Ride1Up LMT’D e-bike with a torque sensor and a longer range.

To conclude the Ride1Up Portola electric bike review, I’d have to say that Ride1Up has done it again, but even better! The Portola is a quality, feature-filled electric bike at a ridiculously affordable price.

It’s definitely worth checking out! But whatever you decide, enjoy your ride!

Are Juiced Bikes Any Good? (Brand Review)

Juiced Bikes Scorpion X Moped style e-bike
Juiced Bikes Scorpion X moped-style e-bike

Juiced Bikes have been around for many years and are a reliable, well-known California-based e-bike brand. If you’re in the market for an e-bike, you’ve likely come across Juiced Bikes and wondered if they’re worth the investment.

Juiced Bikes are good because they offer affordable, high-quality electric bikes with long-lasting 52-volt batteries. They also have an average charge of 50 miles (80 km). You can choose between moped-style, fat tire, commuter, and adventure electric bikes. Each style offers speeds up to 30 MPH (48 kph).

In this article, I’ll give you a detailed brand review of Juiced Bikes, including their pros and cons, some general details about the e-bikes, and more. I’ll also address some commonly asked questions about the brand, its bikes, and what you should know before buying one.

Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S Step-Through
The Juiced RipCurrent S is offered in a step-through model!

Pros and Cons of Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes are generally quite good and have very few downsides. They’re known for their mechanical innovation, power delivery (with speeds up to 28 mph), reasonable prices, high-quality components, and mid-tier features, making them great for e-bike enthusiasts of all levels.

While their cons are relatively minor, it’s always good to know the ups and downs of an electric bike before investing in one.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the pros and cons:

Pros (Reasons to Buy)

  • Its e-bikes come with larger batteries than other brands in the same price range. Most comparable e-bikes offer 36V or 48V batteries, but Juiced comes with a 52V battery. The large batteries make them more powerful and long-lasting.
  • Juiced Bikes claims their e-bikes can go up to 100 miles (161 km) per battery charge. Most Juiced Bikes manage 50 miles (80 km) per charge, but that’s still far more than most competing brands. The mileage can change based on pedaling speed, pack weight, terrain, and more.
  • Juiced Support offers excellent customer service from experienced cyclists. You can contact them via a phone number, email address, or a customer service ticket on their website. Juiced Bikes headquarters are in San Diego, California.
  • Each fat tire e-bike comes with puncture-resistant tires. These durable tires are designed to handle ever-changing terrain, including dirt, mud, rocks, asphalt, and more. The company offers multiple warranty options for mechanical and electrical parts as well.
  • Juiced Bikes come with many customization options. They can be modified according to each rider’s needs, so you can use many e-bike accessories to enhance your Juiced Bike.
  • The Juiced brand offers both a cadence and a torque sensor on their e-bikes. This allows pedal assist to feel effortless and offers you a smooth ride.
  • Advanced Display. You can improve your riding performance and overall experience with the extensive functionality of their advanced LCD display.
  • Juiced Bikes uses Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and a suspension fork. These improve comfort and help you stop smoothly and safely, also saving wear and tear on your tires.
  • These electric bikes come with additional perks. These include a rear rack and fenders, a USB charging port, a bright headlight, and an integrated brake light with turn signals.
Juiced Bikes Hyperscorpion in silver
The Hyperscorpion uses both a cadence and a torque sensor!

Cons (Reasons Not to Buy)

  • The battery weighs more than expected, which could negatively affect the stability and maneuverability of the electric bike. Not only do the batteries weigh up to 20 pounds (9.1 kg) in some models, but they’re also quite bulky and awkward to handle.
  • Some models are super heavy. The Scorpion models weigh around 100 lbs, while the dual-battery HyperScrambler is 119 lbs.

Keep in mind that the user experience changes based on the model. For example, the moped-style Juiced Bike can’t navigate difficult terrain as easily as their adventure model, the HyperScrambler.

man and woman on Juiced Bikes RipRacer
The RipRacer

Different models might have more specific advantages and disadvantages, so it’s always better to research your preferred model.

What Types of E-Bikes Do Juiced Bikes Have?

Juiced Bikes carries a wide variety of electric bike styles. They manufacture powerful commuter, fat tire, moped-style, and cargo e-bikes at low to mid-range prices. Each model has a top speed of 28 mph or more, some offer off-road capabilities, and others have step-through frames.

Here’s a list of each primary electric bike model:

Juiced Bike ModelOff-RoadFat TiresOffers Step-ThroughRiding Range
Scorpion X2YesYesYes70+ miles
HyperScramblerYesYesNo100+ miles
RipRacerYesYesLow-step55+ miles
CrossCurrentNoNoYes65+ miles
RipCurrentYesYesYes45+ to 70+ miles

How Long Do Juiced Bikes Last?

Juiced Bikes last between 33 to 100 miles (53 to 161 km) per charge. Their batteries last between three to five years, but the whole e-bike is covered by a one-year warranty. The Bafang motor can work for up to ten years, which is the average time it’s supposed to last.

The shelf-life of an e-bike depends on multiple factors. Anything from weather to rough terrain could affect the electric bike’s life.

Here are five factors that affect how long a Juiced Bike lasts:

  • Rain can damage any e-bike, including a Juiced Bike. While you can ride electric bikes in the rain, you shouldn’t store them outside when exposed to the elements.
  • The battery life depends on how fast you pedal and ride. Slower speeds require less power, so each charge will let you go further. The company explained that a Class 3 Juiced Bike at race track speeds (maxing the speed at 28 mph) could last as little as 33 miles (53 km).
  • The terrain impacts how long the tires, battery, and Bafang motor will work. For example, cruising on flat pavement is less damaging than riding over roots, rocks, and mud. Smooth, flat terrain will bring you closer to the 70-100 mile (113-160 km) limit.
  • The ambient temperature changes how long a Juiced Bike’s battery lasts. The brand claims its batteries work more efficiently in warm weather, around 80°F (27°C). Colder temperatures will deplete its batteries faster.
  • Constant strain from wind, elevation changes, and rider weight can affect the electric bike’s longevity. Riding against the wind or uphill with a heavy pack can limit the e-bike’s potential. Juiced ebikes claim their mileage estimates assume the rider is on a semi-smooth surface with slight increases in elevation (and using a low to mid-range pedal assist level).
Red Juiced Bikes Hyperscrambler 2 Dual Battery E-Bike
Juiced Bikes Hyperscrambler 2 Dual Battery E-Bike

What Motors Do Juiced Bikes Use?

Juiced Bikes use 750-watt and 1,000-watt motors, making them some of the most powerful within their price range. They also offer high-end motors that go up to 1,800 peak watts, though that’s not the standard option. The 750-watt motor peaks at an impressive 1,300 watts.

One of the main reasons Juiced has bigger rear hub motors is that they need to pull a lot of power from the 52V battery to get up to 28 mph. Pairing a low-end hub motor with a large battery just wastes the potential of both. Thankfully, the company pairs both components without increasing the price by much, keeping their electric bikes in the affordable range.

Juiced Bikes Website
This e-bike brand offers adventure!

What To Know Before Getting a Juiced Bike

Before getting a Juiced Bike, you should know the following details:

  • They use hydraulic disc brakes. These braking systems are more efficient than traditional mechanical disc brakes. They require less pressure, so you can stop sooner without wearing down your tires. Plus, hydraulic brakes lead to a smoother stop.
  • Juiced Bikes was founded by Tora Harris, a former Olympian and Princeton University graduate, in California in 2009. If you’re looking for a company that knows about e-bikes and can offer expert advice, Juiced should be at the top of your list.
  • They’re also designed with modifications in mind. You can attach smartphones, additional headlights, panniers, and other e-bike accessories. Furthermore, the company offers battery upgrades, making the stock battery interchangeable, and tire upgrades without voiding the warranty.
  • Each Juiced Bike includes a one-year mechanical warranty, a one-year electrical warranty, and a 14-day money-back guarantee. These warranties are limited manufacturer agreements that ensure you won’t have to pay for any defects.
  • Juiced Bikes uses beginner-friendly features with expert-level results. For example, the simple three-button LCD display lets you check the battery life, speed, and more. The screens also have adjustable brightness settings, letting you view them while cycling at night.

All of their bikes can be customized with upgrades for new batteries, controllers, headlights, tires, and high-speed charging ports. The customization options allow you to modify your e-bike according to your own needs without spending much on expensive upgrades.

You also no longer have to purchase separate warranties, as they come with each purchase.

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X Commuter E-Bike
The CrossCurrent Commuter

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer their long battery life, their speed limits of 28 mph, or their unique designs, Juiced Bikes are an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. The weight issues might be a slight drawback, but they’re overshadowed by their electric bikes’ overall performance, 5 pedal assist levels, and capacity for customization.

Heybike Mars 2 Review (Folding E-Bike All In One)

Black Heybike Mars 2.0

Wish you had an electric bike that does it all? Today, I’m introducing the revamped and reimagined Heybike Mars 2.0 – an affordable folding e-bike for demanding riders!

In this Heybike Mars 2 Review, I’ll show you why the newest addition to Heybike is not just another cool-looking ebike with fat tires that folds up for storage and travel. After test-riding it, I discovered it has much more to offer.

Watch the Mars 2 Review below:

Introduction to Heybike Mars 2.0

For starters, the Mars 2 electric bike (best price on Amazon) has unique features that upgrade it from Heybike’s original bestselling Mars model. Not only does it have more power, greater speed, a longer range, and a higher maximum payload, it has other unique features worth checking out. 

In this e-bike review, we’ll take a look at the advantages of the Mars 2 electric bike and its cargo and folding bike performance. Then, I’ll point out one disadvantage that might put it on the chopping block!

Advantages of the Heybike Mars 2

So, what are the advantages of the Heybike Mars 2? I have lots to show you. And, watch for a feature that I think is both practical and fun!

Rear Hub Motor
750W rear hub motor with a 1200W peak!

Upgraded 1200 Watt Peak Rear Hub Motor

With an already powerful 750-watt motor, the Mars 2 is simply out of the universe when it hits its peak output of 1200W. Honestly, I didn’t ever use the highest pedal assist level for more than a few seconds, just to test it out… it was already screaming fast.

Higher Torque

The hub motor performance, combined with 80 Newton Meters of torque, ensures this ebike is capable of reaching its top speed of 28 mph. Let me clarify… this 20-inch tire electric bike takes off fast! And I easily sped up to 20 mph on long climbs and steep hills.

Woman riding Mars 2 Electric Bike
The adjustable handlebar helps different riders fit perfectly on the Mars 2 Electric Bike!

Adjustable Handlebar

Raise the handlebar to your desired height. Doing so improves the fit and comfort of the Mars 2 for different riders.

Compact Folding

The Mars 2 folds up easily within seconds, which makes it perfect to take with you on your travels and store in a small space.

Mars 2 Fat Tires
Mars 2 fat tires and full-coverage fenders

Fat Tires with Fenders

On a folding electric bike, there’s really nothing better than 4-inch fat tires. You can take the Mars with you everywhere. Drive it to an off-road trail, pop it in your camper van, or take it for a spin on a long, leisurely bike path. On my off-road test ride, the knobby tires gave me a smooth and stable ride without slipping on loose dirt and rocks.

Spring Suspension Fork

Front suspension with 65mm travel is definitely a benefit for off-road riding on the affordable Mars 2 (Amazon). It lessened the impact of jolts and bumps, making for a pretty comfortable ride on rough terrain and paved roads. The suspension includes preload adjustment and lock-out.

And, finally, here’s what makes the Mars 2.0 stand out from other foldable electric bikes.

Enhanced Rear Rack

I love the functionality of this unique rear rack. Not only does the rack itself support up to 120 lbs of cargo, but the expanded rack length facilitates the attachment of large bags, baskets, or passenger seating.

Heybike Enhanced Rear Rack
Heybike Mars 2 Enhanced Rear Rack

Plus, the pegboards on each side are tailored for optimal storage solutions. Effortlessly arrange essentials such as panniers, water bottles, and bike locks with convenience. 

Check these compatible connectors on Amazon or check the Heybike website.

Disadvantages of the Heybike Mars 2

First, like all high-speed ebikes, the Mars 2 may be faster than you prefer.

But the only real disadvantage of the Heybike Mars 2 surprised me a bit. The Mars 2.0, weighing 75 lbs, is notably heavier than its Mars predecessor, weighing 66 lbs. Adding a longer and more functional rack would undoubtedly add weight. However, this might pose challenges for riders looking for a lightweight e-bike experience.

What You Need to Know (Before You Buy)

If you’re a short or tall rider, listen up. The suggested height range is 5’3” to 6’1”. However, this is the first ebike that I’m comfortable riding even though I’m 2 inches shorter than what’s recommended. Keep in mind that it could be a struggle to get on the bike if you’re carrying cargo.

Or, if you’re over 6 feet, you may find the Mars 2 frame too small. In this case, the original Mars e-bike fits riders up to 6’3”. I’ve included links to the options in the description below.

Mars 2 Integrated Headlight
Mars 2 has an integrated headlight and taillight

Additional Features (Add Value)

There are several other important features on the $1499 Mars 2.0 (check here for the current price). There’s a Shimano 7-speed shifter, 5 levels of pedal assist, a right-hand thumb throttle, and an LED headlight, taillight, and display.

Further, the 600-watt-hour lithium-ion battery offers up to 45 miles of riding, which is pretty average. Most riders won’t need more than this on a single battery charge.

Finally, check out the Heybike app for iOS and Android. It’s able to synchronize with your ride, tracking details such as distance, speed, battery charge, and calories.

Is the Heybike Mars 2.0 the Best Ebike?

If you want an electric folding bike that doubles as a cargo e-bike, then the Mars 2.0 is a great e-bike for you! Its cargo space and attachment options make it suitable for bikepacking, camping, or even road-tripping.

Further, if power and speed are on the top of your checklist, this Heybike does the job easily. 

However, it might not be the best electric bike for you if you don’t want or need so much power or would have an easier time managing a step-through e-bike. And, if you need to be able to lift it yourself, make sure you are fully capable without risking injury.

Heybike Company Box
Your Heybike Mars 2.0 ships in a box like this!

Heybike (Conclusion)

A little about the Heybike brand… it offers a 30-day trial and a 1-year all-inclusive warranty on any of its electric bikes.

What’s important to know is that the new Heybike Mars 2.0 is a great value for its price and a huge upgrade from its predecessor. It can meet the needs of any rider dreaming of power, speed, and extra cargo capacity all in a folding electric bike.

If you missed it, watch my Heybike Mars 2 Review. And enjoy your ride!

25 E-BIKE ACCESSORIES UNDER $25: Cool or Must-Have?

A mix of electric bike accessories, including a bike bag, and wheel lights

You’ve spent a good deal of cash on your electric bike already, so it’s totally natural that you’d want to save as much money as possible on extra gear, maybe even doing without it. But you don’t have to break the bank to get what you need.

Check out this list of 25 e-bike accessories under $25. This researched and carefully selected accessory list includes products for safety, comfort, and pleasure, all having great customer reviews.

We hope you love the products we’ve selected here! All of them were chosen by myself and my husband based on our research. experience, and detailed reviews from others.

Watch this video for 5 cool e-bike accessories that’ll help you get the most out of your electric bike!

1. Scratch-resistant e-bike mirror because e-biking should be fun and safe

E-Bike Mirror Accessory on handlebars of bike

Your e-biking experience will be fun and safer when you can see what’s behind you. This is a high-definition, “blast-resistant” mirror that will give you a clearer view of what’s coming from behind. Its anti-glare makes it easy to see on sunny days and the mirror is scratch-resistant so it’ll stay “like new” for years to come!

A rearview mirror is the first accessory I bought for my e-bike, with zero regrets.

Promising review: “I just put this on my RadRover eBike and it has become my favorite of several I have tried. Stiff enough to not be blurry over bump roads I ride on; plus stick out farther to my left for easier rearview glance than my previous favorite. I get a quick glance visual for when I will be riding further out into the road while passing garbage cans or bushes that will push me into the road. IMO: It is way safer to have a mirror on your bike. I ride a motorcycle too, and know mirrors and mirror glancing habits save lives! … like keeping the rubber side down.”Safer Bike Rides

Over 4,000 positive reviews (“Amazon’s Choice”)
Get it from Amazon for $22.99

2. Handlebar mirrors with a sleek look

Flanagan mirror e-biking accessory

These cool-looking mirrors attach to your handlebars. They have a concave surface to make it easier to see what’s coming up behind you. The mirrors are fully adjustable and you can mount them at the perfect angle.

These were an excellent purchase for our folding e-bikes and easy to install too.

Promising review: “Absolutely fabulous! Easy to install – I had to slice off the end of my handlebar grip, but that’s not the mirror’s fault! Thought I could slice an “X” into the end of my handlebar grip, but no – still too much material in the way… So what! I sliced the end of the grip flush with the end of the handlebar; the mirror installed flush, covered the hole – it looks like it was always there! These are sold in pairs, but the wide-angle aspect of these mirrors are so perfect, I can see directly BEHIND me, with just ONE mirror on my left side! The OTHER mirror I put on my wife’s bike, left side – and SHE’S just as THRILLED as I am! We BOTH highly recommend this mirror!”Charlie H.

Get it from Amazon $15.99

3. Water-resistant bike pouch with velcro straps

BV Bicycle Y-Series Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

This e-bike accessory pouch is perfect for when you don’t need larger pannier bags or don’t have a rear rack. It’s easy to install and with mounting straps.

One of the best things about this little bike bag is that it comes in four sizes, so it fits most e-bikes. You’ll want to consider how much room there is underneath your seat as well as how much interior cargo space you need. When in doubt, go bigger!

It’s also water-resistant (not waterproof, however) and easy to access with a big zippered opening. Plus, the reflective trim helps keep you safe!

Promising review:Large capacity: flexible bag that can go up and down as my drop post moves. Long enough to fit Crank Brother mini pump, a mini tool, and mid-size phone.T. Lee

Get it from Amazon: $18.99+

4. Shock-absorbing cycling gloves to keep your hands happy

shock absorbing cycling gloves

Because of their extra thick shock-absorbing “3-panel” palms, these gloves keep your hands comfortable without the e-bike rider sacrificing control. You can easily take these gloves off because they have pull tabs on the fingers.

If you ride hard and ride long-distance, this accessory is a must!

Promising review: “These gloves fit perfectly (my palm measures between 20cm -21cm) and I bought a large.
The gel pads feel really good on the handlebars of my scooter, lots of grip too.
The little “tabs” on the inside of the two middle fingers make it so much easier to pull the gloves off.
The graphics look kool too…I’m stoked… a great deal; quick shipping from amazon Prime…

UPDATE: after a week of wearing these gloves I have found out why they said “shock absorbing” because so after just a short week of riding with these on ( I ride every day) I have noticed something different when I use my computer to type…my fingers don’t have that tingly feeling and numbness like before…which I am sure came from the vibration of my hands being on the handlebars of my 2 motorcycles…where have these been all my life ?? I just threw out my 2 pairs of other riding gloves and they were in good physical shape…buying a 2nd pair of these for sure
.” – Brian J.

Get them from Amazon for $15.99:

5. Padded bike shorts for those long rides

Black bike shorts with blue seat

These bike shorts are actually made for mountain biking (here are some padded bike shorts for women). But for those of us who ride our e-bikes long distances, these bike shorts are great! 3D padding is included in just the right place. Plus, the thickness will keep you comfy in your electric bike saddle while riding.

The 3D padding helps prevent ride-ups and you can wear them alone or under other cycling clothing.

Promising review: “Pretty great, inexpensive padded briefs.

I never thought I’d end up writing a review for what are essentially padded underwear, but here we are. I recently (within the past 3-4 months) started cycling for exercise. Initially, I had trouble getting used to the rather unforgiving seat on my new bike, so I replaced the seat with a more padded model. This worked for a while, but on longer rides (20 miles+) I noticed that the padding was too firm and actually caused some pretty major pain. As an experiment, I bought these and one other (cheaper) pair to see if they’d make a difference. Boy did they ever make a difference, and because I had another pair to compare them with, I found that these are vastly superior. They stay up and wear pretty much like a normal pair of boxer briefs. They’re so comfortable that I often forget that the padding is even there. Best of all, no more pain while riding. These things are great.”Ryan C.

Get it on Amazon for $19.99+ (check price for sales)

6. A two-in-one bike bag for holding stuff with a handy phone pocket

2 in 1 bike bag attached to handlebars of e-bike

Having your mobile phone front and center (instead of in your pocket) while you’re riding is a huge plus. I use my GPS all the time and having an easy view of my iPhone provides easy access. Thus, this is one of the most important e-bike accessories under $25! Afterall, you pay hundreds of dollars for your phone.

Velcro straps on the bottom of the top bar grab it firmly, and a Velcro strap on the fork keeps it centered. The straps were too long and I had to cut them. As you don’t want them to unroll, leave them a little long so you can tuck them in.

Sometimes the bag shifts because of the weight, but not much, maybe a half-inch or so. No big deal.

Promising review: “.

“This is a great top tube bag! If you like a top tube bag to store this and that and want to see and touch your iPhone screen while you ride and keep your screen protected from water and bugs, maybe you ride in the rain sometimes like me…this is the bag you’re looking for.

It holds a nice amount of stuff besides your phone like a wallet or keys or a bike tube etc…” – Jason R.

Get it on Amazon $23.99

7. High-quality USB rechargeable bike lights

Ascher rechargeable bike lights

This is a small, but very bright LED bike light, to keep every path well-lit. Pick white for the front headlight or red for the rear taillight. Of our 25 e-bike accessories under $25, this is our top recommendation for safety.

Charging the lights is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Plug the micro USB cable into the Bike light’s micro USB port
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to an AC adapter (not included) or an active USB port on your computer
  3. When the front light is fully charged, the LED indicator will turn green and the rear light will turn orange.

Promising review: “Just ordered my third set of these [have a few bikes and I will not ride without lights]. The absolute best; and I’ve tried a few. All more expensive by the way. They’re rechargeable, fit most head tubes as well as handlebars and they give you extra straps. They are remarkably bright [can be seen from the side too] with three bulb patterns and the charge lasts quite a while. Lastly, they look cool ~ round chrome-like shape. Don’t even think about others…” – PJ Jenkins

Get it on Amazon $19.99

8. Classic bike bell (just one ring will get attention)

Accmor Classic Bike Bell

Bells are a must-have bike accessory for any e-biker riding on a path with people.

It has a loud warning bell. This aluminum bicycle ring bell is specially designed for mountain bikes but attaches easily to your e-bike. They’ll produce a crisp ringtone that’s easy to hear. And it comes in lots of colors!

Promising review: ” I ordered the gold/yellow one. It gives a very loud, crisp ring. It’s easy to use, unlike some other bells at this price that get stuck. For the price, it’s pretty heavy duty and I don’t think it’ll break easily. It should be simple to install. It looks like I just need to loosen the screw and slide it on. The plastic circle part (second picture) stretches pretty far In case the handlebars are too wide.” – Sarah

Get it on Amazon for $6.99

9. The Titanker Bike Chain LockYou can wear it!

Titanker Bike Chain Lock

For your first, second, or third bike lock! I’ve always recommended a U-Lock or heavy chain lock (Amazon) to protect your electric bike. But, customers (and lots of them) rated this inexpensive chain lock with over 4.5 stars.

So, it’s an accessory that can be used as an additional lock to deter thieves (using 2 or more bike locks is always a good idea for your expensive e-bike). Who wants to break through two locks?! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

It’s about 3 feet in length with 6mm thick heavy chain links. It’s made of heavy-duty steel for maximum strength and flexibility. As a bonus, the protective cloth sleeve will keep the chain clean and rust-free while avoiding ebike scratches.

Promising review:Great lock for low-risk areas. The combination is set and cannot be changed. This is an economic but durable solution for situations when you want to lock your bike in a public place. The section of the cable is by no means thick enough to deter anyone who really wants your bike. I would not let my bike with this lock overnight in critical areas, but this lock is fantastic when you stroll downtown and stop for a coffee or lunch somewhere. It comes with a fixed combination, meaning you cannot set a more memorable one for yourself. Make sure you mark the four digits down somewhere (phone, maybe?) so you do not look like an idiot trying to steal your own bike!” – Team Leader 100

Get it on Amazon: $16.99-$24.99

10. Super Bright 5 LED Headlight Set

This bright headlight mounts easily to the handlebars or seat posts of your e-bike or regular bike. It offers visibility of more than 1500 feet. In addition, there are five LEDs that light up the road for a distance of more than 40 feet, and the handlebar mount doesn’t require any tools. 

It has a quick-release system for removing the headlight from its mount once it’s mounted. You can change the angle and remove the taillight with its easy quick-release clip. It’s got up to 80 hours of light! (batteries not included).

Promising review: “5.0 out of 5 stars Headlight Was Good, But The Customer Service Was Amazing!

I purchased the BV Light Set from Bikepak USA on a recent Lightning Deal. The price was very attractive, so my expectations were not that high. The package arrived a few days later. Installed the headlight on my wife’s bike…it fit well and was bright enough for nighttime riding. Tried the taillight……it didn’t work.

I figured it was another one of those “you get what you pay for” things, so I didn’t complain.

A couple of days later, I received an email from Bikepak USA, asking if I was satisfied with my purchase. Decided to reply and tell them the taillight didn’t work. The next day I received a reply, along with a tracking number for a replacement. To say I was impressed was an understatement!

Two days later the replacement product arrived. I opened the package to find a complete set of lights. Both worked perfectly.”Racer Randy

Get it on Amazon: $9.95

11. Speaking of bright, how about this Tail light, (that’s ultra-bright) and USB Rechargeable!

This LED bike light is a must-have if you plan on cycling at night. Whether you’re riding on a busy road or a dark path, it’ll make you really visible in an environment of stoplights and neon signs.

Don’t avoid adding this essential accessory to your electric bike, even if you already have a headlight! Tip: Make sure your bike rack and pannier bags don’t block the light.

Promising review: “Love this thing!!!! Looks amazing on my bike. I was initially dismayed at the rubber clasp was really short and looked like it would not wrap around the bike stem. Took a lot of effort to stretch it but eventually, it barely clasped at the biggest loop. Once it was clasped the light could be tilted upwards or downwards. The light is super bright!!! Love the way it looks and it’s a small thin footprint.” – Mocosonino

Get it on Amazon: $17.99

12. Tail light with turn signals AND a Wireless Remote

Bike tail light with turn signal

Since we’re speaking of safety in this article, I really want to stress the importance of letting the cars, people and other riders around you know you’re around them!

Sending signals as you drive, like having an actual turn signal on your e-bike, is really a must-have. It’s suitable for all types of bicycles, such as e-mountain bikes, electric road bikes, fat tire e-bikes, hybrid e-bikes, etc. You can easily control the turn signals, emergency lights, and warning lights as you ride your bicycle.

The bicycle tail light kit combo can be attached to virtually any electric bike. Another plus… This light has a long battery life of up to 10 hours when flashing!

Promising review: “These are excellent, bright, signal lights. As the seller says, they can be paired with another remote by long-pressing the on/off switch. The red power indicator starts flashing until it is commanded by a remote. Then it synchronizes with that remote, and the power indicator stops flashing. Wonderfully simple! Pair both the front and back signal units with the same remote. Works great!” – T. Marshall

Get it on Amazon: $19.99

13. Loud bike alarm wireless vibration motion sensor

Bike alarms have become popular e-bike gadgets.. With up to 113 dB of loud alarm sound, this anti-theft bike alarm can help deter thieves, provide additional security, and give you peace of mind when your electric bike is parked outside.

The sensitivity can be adjusted from ‘gentle touch’ to pushing. The alarm makes a sound when you press the ringtone key too! Find your bike in the crowd fast and easy.

Promising review: “I was not sure what to expect for such a low price, but I was pleasantly surprised with it… I just bought my first electric bike, I paid $1500 for the thing, you can imagine I really want to protect it from thieves. Ebikes are a super hot item for thieves from what I am told.
It is super sensitive, just touch the bike and it goes off. I was able to hide it inside of a plastic box that holds my electric motor controller.
Between having this alarm, a disc brake lock, and a chain/lock set up I feel secure leaving it outside of the mall for a 2-hour movie at the theatre.
People are amazed when they see me activate the alarm… They have no idea how simple it really is… I love it, and will put one on my next bike too.
” – Mike-n-Kady

Get it on Amazon: $16.99

14. Bicycle repair bag & tire pump

Bicycle Repair Bag & Bicycle Tire Pump

Considering the price, this is a nice tool kit. It doesn’t have the most pieces, and they’re not the best quality, but you’re also not forking over $75 for it. And this tool bag has the things you need most if you get stuck on the side of the road, like tire levers to fix flat tires.

Plus, you can put your e-bike keys and phone in it too!

Promising review: “Well, this was a pleasant surprise find. The case is well made, even the stitching is finished nicely though I think a 3rd strap on one of the ends would help to keep it from flopping on the frame while pedaling, just a thought. A small variety of tools, well.. they cover every need I would have on my bike, so unless you’ve got some crazy custom stuff going on, it’s likely this will cover your needs as well. The tools feel solid, the patches are glueless and the pump is nice and compact with an adapter. Overall, great value for the price, recommend!” – Toddles “OmniFox” D

Get it on Amazon: $24.95

15. Neck gaitor and face mask (or headwear)

Neck Gaiter Face Mask in space designsdesigns
Venswell Neck Gaiter Face Mask for Men and Women

I can’t even begin to describe the number of design choices you have with this helpful accessory! For men and women, use one as a face mask (not medical grade), neck wrap, or headband while riding your e-bike. Keep the dust and bugs out of your mouth and nose, and the cold, drying wind or hot sun off your face and neck.

Because these scarves are made of soft microfiber, they’re comfortable, breathable, and stretchable. While they will give you some warmth in cool weather, they’re not made for really cold weather!

Promising review: “Love these for face covering requirements and being out and about. Lightweight, stretchy, and breathable & has other uses like a headband or scarf. They will be even better for when the weather cools down a bit.” – Nadine B.

Get it on Amazon: $14.90

16. Dual BV Bicycle Panniers for your rear bike rack

Bike accessory bag

I bought these for my husband’s Rad Power Bike so he could tote around our bike tools, water, jackets, and some snacks for full-day rides. What’s great about them is that there are two bags, one for each side of your bike rack.

There are four separate sections that make it easy to organize your belongings. And the price is unbelievable for this much cargo space! Most panniers cost over twice as much and you only get a bag for one side.

I was even surprised when we rode in the dark and noticed the reflective trim all the way around the bags. My thoughts… by far the most useful accessory for an e-bike rider!

Promising review:I just got an E-bike and these panniers are the perfect addition to the bike–they fit well on my rear rack, the tapered design prevents your legs from bumping the bag while pedaling. Very roomy and seem to be very water resistant” – Semake

Get it on Amazon: $23.98 (Check Amazon prices for changes)

17. Skull Cap Helmet Liner Winter Hats Fleece Beanie Ear

Skull Cap Helmet Liner Winter Hats Fleece Beanie Ear

It’s a long-standing problem when cycling in the winter – most cycle helmets have various holes and vents to stop the e-bike rider from wilting in the summer. But when winter rolls around, those same holes let in a deathly chill. If you’ve ever tried to put a beanie hat or a headscarf under your helmet, you know how bulky that can feel.

This cap is an extra layer under bicycling helmets. The cap is thin enough to fit under most bike helmets.

Promising review: “Just completed a 2-day cyclocross race weekend with temps just above freezing. This cap was great. It fit my head very snuggly (I have a large head) and never felt like it would come loose, even without a helmet on top. The ear flaps kept my ears from getting cold, without blocking out too much sound, but you can easily fold them up if you don’t need them covered. There is a ponytail opening at the back if you have long hair, which I don’t, but still found it helpful to see where the “back” of the cap was without staring at it for too long.”Greg C

Get it on Amazon: $12.99

18. Women’s Skull Cap with a Ponytail Hole

Womens Skull Cap with Ponytail Hole
The skull cap fits nicely under your bike helmet!

Wear this thermal women’s winter hat and let your pony loose!

NO MORE NUMB EARS IN WINTER! Running or cycling in winter can be a pain. You’d better grab a comfy, soft, windproof women’s skull cap to keep your head and ears warm.

This cap is made of water-resistant and durable polyester and spandex fabric. It has thickened thermal fleece inside to keep you warm and protected. Plus, it has a really nice size ponytail opening! Fits head sizes 20″-24″.

Hint: This makes a nice e-bike accessory gift for a woman e-bike rider.

Promising review: “This is my first skull cap, and I love it! I didn’t use to like biking in cold weather, but with the right equipment, it’s great to get outdoors and get some exercise! The cap is warm and comfortable, completely covering my ears which is key as I tend to get earaches while biking in cold or windy weather. It fits well under my helmet, it’s not too tight but snug enough to not let the wind in. I think it would also work well under a snowmobile helmet although I haven’t tried that yet (no snow yet, luckily!) Actually, it would be a great winter cap to use for any reason, especially if active.” – Luanne I.

Get it on Amazon: $12.98

19. LED bike wheel lights with batteries included

LED Bike Wheel Lights with Batteries Included

You’re going to be cool! Be the center of attention and get compliments everywhere you go, especially at bike events. Each box is for 1 wheel so you can mix or match colors. Get ready to ride in style! Front and back lights leave you vulnerable from the sides.

But you’ll be seen from all directions with these wheel lights! This is also a perfect gift for an e-bike rider who is all about having fun!

Promising review: ” Takes about 5-10 minutes to install. We have only had them on for 1 day but they look awesome; very bright and seem to be good quality. Great idea for safety while riding too!” – Justin S.

Get it on Amazon: $13.99

20. Double Cylinder Foot Pump

Double Cylinder Foot Pump

If you’ve used a regular hand pump to pump up your e-bike’s fat tires in the past, you know how tiring (pun intended) it can get. Try this foot pump instead.

It has a large, non-slip pedal with four non-slip bottom rubber pads that make the frame stable. And because it lays flat, it’s always ready to use!

Promising review: “Wow…this thing is heavy duty. So many of these foot pumps are lightweight and bend too easily, but this thing is heavy and tough. Not often do I get an item that I am this impressed with. The gauge is very solid and a nice large size…easy to read. I used the pump to inflate a soccer ball and while most of these pumps with a built-in gauge aren’t at all accurate in the low range, this one worked perfectly and registered even at just a few psi.

The design of the “foot peddle” is super nice in that I could use it without a shoe on and it was very comfortable. … I certainly recommend this one.” – Dman7

Get it on Amazon: $17.99

21. Waterproof Cycling Shoe Covers

Waterproof Cycling Shoe Covers

No matter what the weather throws at you, you can be assured that the shoe covers will keep your feet warm and protected so that you can continue your riding adventure. It uses waterproof high elastic PU material fabric and has wind and rain protection functions.

This is a way better option than riding long distances with cold, wet feet! Works for most shoe sizes.

Promising review: “A size L fits nicely over my size 44 road shoes. Though the material is thin, they held up very well this winter and they are totally windproof. With a pair of wool socks under my road shoes and another pair of wool sock tips over the top, I was fine with these covers on a one-hour ride in 28 F. 35-50 F and the wool socks under the shoes are enough.” – RScott

Get it on Amazon: $17.99

22. Waterproof outdoor bicycle covers

Waterproof Outdoor Bicycle Covers

This bike cover is designed to keep your electric bike safe and sound. The durable design gives you protection against rain, wind, snow, dust, and whatever else mother nature may throw at you. A helpful buckle at the bottom stabilizes the cover, keeping it secure even on windy days. It’s easy to pack up and transport with you, as well!

However, if you’re going to be storing your e-bike for a while, make sure to remove the battery first to protect its battery life!

Promising review: “I read quite a few positive reviews on this item before I purchased it but many of them were written by people who received this item free. However, I paid full price for this bike cover and think it is one of the best $15 purchases I could make... can’t believe you can get such a nice cover for so little money. I bought a new bicycle while we were spending the winter in South Texas and I wanted something to keep the dust and rain off. This cover fit the bill perfectly. It gets very windy where we were and I was afraid the cover wouldn’t hold up but it did. Also, the black top part makes it easy to see exactly how to put the cover on. Thank you for offering such a nice cover at such a reasonable price.” – Sandeelee

Get it on Amazon: $14.99

23. An anti-dust high elastic bicycle wheel bag

Anti Dust High Elastic Bicycle Wheel Bag

With this cover, you’ll be able to completely cover your two electric bike wheels and protect them, as well as the area around them, from dirt marks, dust, and rust.

It’s perfect for storing e-bikes indoors or for transporting them on trains or airplanes.

Promising review: “It came in on time. Great quality material. Fits perfectly on the cruiser-style bike as well as the mountain bike (I purchased 2). Having these makes it easy to keep the bikes inside the house without the hassle of the dirt. They are easily machine washable also! Great product!” – Courtney

Get it on Amazon: $19.99

24. Hydration backpack for those long rides

Hydration Backpack

This 2L BPA-free bladder keeps you hydrated during long rides and it’s easy to drink from. The insulation layer also keeps the water fairly cool. And bonus: The front pocket can hold wallets, keys, phones, small tools, etc.

This is a great alternative to using pannier bags on a bike rack… and it’s the perfect gift for an e-bike rider who doesn’t have a bike rack!

Promising review: “I have been very happy with this hydration pack. It is lightweight and comfortable. I used it while hiking on vacation in Utah (desert area and very dry) and it was perfect. If you fill the bladder early and put it in the freezer for an hour or so before setting it out, the water will stay cold for many hours.
There is enough extra space to pack some snacks and the lacing on the outside is perfect for securing a jacket or extra clothing. The price was definitely great for what I got.

The bladder and hose are rather “plastic” tasting. I just cleaned it first very well before using it
, letting it soak about 15 min with light bleach water first. Then followed that with baking soda water. Then I made sure to rinse the bladder and hose out very well.” – Brenna25

Get it on Amazon: $21.99

25. Last fun and helpful e-bike accessory under $25, the Pellking Mobile Phone Chest Mount

Black chest strap shown on dummy wearing white t-shirt
Pellking Mobile Phone Chest Mount Camera Holder, Amazon

You can have your own action camera when riding your e-bike! This harness and phone mount fits my iPhone as well as any other smartphone (as long as it’s not in a thick case). Once the phone is secure, you can tilt it as needed and switch the view from vertical to horizontal.

Recording video as you ride is fun and easy. Plus, since your phone is secured, you don’t need to use any other bag or pocket to carry it!

Promising review: “This is the only chest strap phone mount I could find for under $20 that lets you turn the phone vertical for recording YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, etc. Not sure why no one else is keeping up with the times, but in 2022, there should be more of them. The strap is adjustable and very stretchy and it holds my phone for recording nicely, as long as I’m on a smooth road. Off-road, it’s a little bumpy! – Lisa from E-Biking Today 🙂

Get it on Amazon: $18.99


There you have it… our list of 25 interesting and cool e-bike accessories under $25!

I’m sure a few of these products will come in handy whether you choose to ride long distances, take short trips or you’ve parked your electric bike outside to do some shopping or sightseeing.

These electric bike accessories are also perfect gift ideas for birthdays or the holiday season!

If you have other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Happy e-bike riding everyone!