Essential E-Biking Tips (Beginner E-Bike Rider!)

New to electric biking? Or maybe you’re even new to the idea of electric bikes? Awesome!

Welcome to the fast-growing trend of electric bicycling! When my husband and I were thinking about buying an e-bike and then started riding, we had a ton of questions. I spent a lot of time researching and had to do some serious digging at times to find the answers.

And some of it was confusing or just plain wrong! E-biking today is different from a few years ago thanks to a new understanding of electric bikes as well as new regulations and laws and even more new brands popping up.

To help you learn about e-bikes and electric biking, I’ve compiled easy but essential tips to help answer your questions as a beginner. Find the perfect e-bike, learn how and where to ride, and discover ways to stay safe and have fun!

Tip #1- Should I Ride an Electric Bike Instead of a Standard Bike?

Yes, you should definitely consider riding an e-bike! It’s faster, easier to ride when you need it to be, and it’s way more fun than a regular bike! And almost anyone can ride it.

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Tip #2- What is the Best E-Bike for a Beginner?

The best e-bike for a beginner is one that fits your body and size, has all of the features you need (depending on where you’ll be riding), and is the right price for your budget.

Take a look at these articles to help you determine the best e-bike for you.

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Tip #3- Do I Need an E-Bike With a Throttle?

  • YES- You need a throttle if you plan on riding far and fast, or will be riding around the city ( a throttle will help you pick up speed quickly at traffic lights or to get out of the way of danger).
  • NO- You don’t need a throttle if you’ll just be riding casually around your neighborhood or a bike trail.

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Tip #4- Where Can I Ride My E-Bike?

You can ride your e-bike just about everywhere these days, including on the road, in the city, on dirt paths, and even in National Parks. With new laws and regulations, riding an e-bike wherever you go has become a lot easier.

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Tip #5- How Do I Take Care of My E-Bike?

You can take care of it with regular ongoing maintenance, just as you would with any other bike. However, an e-bike has additional electric components to think of, which means that taking care of it happens every time you ride.

An electric bike battery requires proper care to keep it in good shape. Since it’s expensive to replace, learn how to use it and store it when you won’t be riding for a while.

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Tip #6- How Much Exercise Do You Get on an E-Bike?

Don’t listen to the people who say you’ll get lazy on your electric bike. Instead, find out how to get fit, increase your heart rate, build muscle, and feel great by riding your electric bike.

I’ve compiled all of the e-bike exercise and fitness research here! Plus, I’ll let you know how exercise and electric bikes work together for me.

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Tip # 7- What Are the Best Electric Bike Brands for Beginners?

You’ll know the best e-bike brand for you when you see it. What attracts one person isn’t always right for another. With the deluge of new E-bike brands, it’s important to look around to find the perfect brand and model for you.

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