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Where Are Ride1Up E-Bikes Made? (Why Buy One?)

As a fast-growing electric bike brand Ride1Up has more and more people asking questions about them. One of the first things bike riders want to know when deciding whether to get one is where Ride1Up makes its e-bikes.

Ride1Up electric bikes are designed in both the USA and China, built with parts from the global supply chain, and partially assembled in China. They are sold in the USA and Canada.

All of their electric bicycles have a hub motor, pedal assist, solid build quality, and an accessible price point, making them perfect for urban commutes.

Here are some additional facts that you should know before purchasing a Ride1Up electric bike.

The Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser e-bike
The Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser Cargo E-Bike is built for comfort & practicality!

Where is Ride1Up Located?

The Ride1Up electric bike brand is based in San Diego, California with its main product warehouse in Sparks, Nevada.

However, you can easily contact the company through their US-based online support team.

Online Purchase

You can purchase any of their popular electric bikes online. Not only can you purchase exactly what you want and have it shipped directly to you, but you’ll also get a 30-day FREE trial! So, if you’re not happy, you can get a full refund.

Where to Get a Test Ride?

Good news! You don’t need to be located near the company or its warehouse to get a test ride. Independent shops, dealers, and individual brand ambassadors are located throughout the United States where you can ride various models, including the popular 700 Series and the LMT’D.

You may also be able to rent Ride1Up e-bikes at various locations. If you’re interested in a particular model, be sure to contact the e-bike rental shop beforehand to make sure they have the model you want to test.

Ride1up Turris E-Bike
I like that the Turris has a sleek look with a retro vibe!

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Is Ride1Up a Good Brand?

Beginning in 2019, Ride1Up has been designing affordable e-bikes for commuters and recreational e-bike riders alike.

The fact that their e-bikes can be found throughout the US in such a short time clearly points to their success in making customers happy. High-quality e-bikes at an affordable price make them accessible to many, while a variety of models means there’s an e-bike for everyone.

Get a look at the Ride1Up brand and individual models:

Ride1Up OffersBest for:Motor
Size (Choose Frame Size S or L)Original
Roadster v2 (step over)Commuters & urban riders350W20-30 miles5’3”-6’2”$1095
Revv1Riders wanting a moped-style
e-bike with 20″x4″ tires
750W30-60 miles5’2”-6’4”$2395
Turris CommuterRiders who want more than an
entry-level e-bike but at an
affordable price
750W25-45 miles5’1”-6’4”$1295
Cafe CruiserCargo & comfort lovers750W30-50 miles5’5”-6’4”$1595
700 SeriesThose who want the ultimate classic750W30-50 miles5’0”-6’4”$1695
LMT’DPurveyors of higher-end components750W30-50 miles5’1”-6’4”$1895
ProdigyMore demanding riders250W30-50 miles 5’1”-6’4”$2295

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As you can see, the best value e-bike is the Roadster v2, while the Core 5 comes in under $1200. However, the best cargo bike is the Cafe Cruiser, while the 700 series has some sizeable upgrades from the original 500 series. Finally, if you want the ultimate Class 3 e-biking experience, check out the LMT’D and the Prodigy.

Being that Ride1Up is located in the Southwest, an area in the USA full of sunny days and great weather, it’s no surprise that they design efficient e-bikes built for use as daily transportation or recreation. But there are some other special things about this US-based brand as well.

Dark Gray Ride1UP Prodigy MId-Drive Torque E-Bike
Ride1UP Prodigy Mid-Drive E-Bike

What’s Unique About Ride1Up E-Bikes?

In addition to their super clean look integrated batteries, and mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes, every Ride1Up bike is a Class 3 e-bike, as opposed to a Class 1 or 2. This means that you can ride motor-assisted for a top speed of 28 mph, instead of a top speed of only 20 mph. Therefore, their electric bikes go faster than many other popular e-bike brands out there! That’s just one more way they provide the best electric bikes for transportation.

Plus, on most models, you can choose from a step-over or step-thru frame in two different colors. The step-through frame is the smaller of the two.

Another great thing about Ride1Up electric bikes is that they have lightweight options, including the Roadster v2, weighing only 32 lb, and the Ride1Up Core 5 at only 49 lb. Many electric bikes weigh up to 70 lbs or more!

Check each model to see if you’ll need to purchase any other handy accessories like a rear rack.

And, thanks to the affordable prices, sleek design with integrated batteries, and practical urban style of these e-bikes, they’re easy and fun for daily commuting, running errands, and enjoying a weekend ride, all with a powerful motor to get you up steep hills and through city streets.

Ride1Up Roadster V2
The Ride1Up Roadster single-speed commuter e-bike is their cheapest model.

If you’re considering purchasing a Ride1Up electric bike, there are many ways of finding out what you want to know:

Core-5 Mint Green XR ELECTRIC BIKE
Core-5 Mint Green XR

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Where Can Ride1Up E-Bikes Be Shipped?

Currently, Ride1Up can only ship to limited countries including:

  • Continental United States
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Canada

You can ship any e-bike for free, only within the Continental US. You must pay a shipping fee to locations outside of the contiguous US between $100 and $400.

However, if you’re not located in these countries you can purchase an e-bike from the US or Canada and import it to your location as long as you follow the destination’s regulations and pay the required shipping costs and fees.

Find out more information here about shipping internationally.

Ride1Up Revv1 Moped-Style E-Bike
Ride1Up Revv1 Moped-Style E-Bike

How Much Assembly is Needed?

Fortunately, 85% of each electric bicycle is already assembled. The front fork and handlebars will need installation and tightening of bolts and screws, as will the crank, seat post, pedals, and front wheel.

You will either need to have the rest of the e-bike professionally assembled (which Ride1Up recommends), or have it looked over by a bike mechanic before you ride, to make certain it is correctly and safely assembled.

Be aware that any damage done during assembly may void the warranty. Fortunately, you can view their assembly videos to assist you.

Warranty and Returns

Ride1Up has a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects for the original owner.

As warned above, the warranty won’t cover damage due to incorrect assembly, which is a typical electric bike warranty regardless of the brand. This includes failure to install, adjust, or tighten components properly.

The warranty may also be void if you make certain modifications or repairs to the e-bike. This won’t be an issue for most people who just want to get a great e-bike and ride it!

It’s always a good idea to read the entire warranty agreement if you have any concerns.

Along with every pedal assist e-bike purchase comes a 100% money-back guarantee. Specifically, you get a 30-day trial period in case you decide to return your e-bike. There are a few requirements that must be met to qualify for this benefit.

Ride1Up Parts & Accessories

Thankfully, Ride1Up has its own online parts and accessories shop where you can find battery chargers, digital controller displays, replacement keys, passenger kits, and more.

You can even get a cool-looking pannier bag to carry bike tools and supplies. You can get the all-important bike tool kit from Amazon.


Ride1Up electric bikes are easy to find and buy with the click of a button, even without leaving your home. And they’re worth it, both in cost, utility, and value!

Make sure to check out the various models and read customer reviews to find the best e-bike for you since all of them are high-quality, reasonably priced, and have a top speed of 28 mph using pedal assist (Class 3). And don’t forget to check for special Ride1Up offers.

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