The 6 Best Electric Bikes For Tall Guys

If you are taller than the average Joe, you have probably found that throughout your life, you have needed to find clothes, beds, showers, and without a doubt, sporting equipment that match up to your size.

This is not always easy, though, and if you’re looking to buy yourself an electric bike, you may be wondering, “What are some of the best electric bikes for a tall guy?” 

There is not really a particular one that is ‘the’ best electric bike for taller guys, but rather there are certain brands that tend to cater to those above the 6-foot mark. These include the likes of Tern, Rad Power Bikes, Haibike, and Pedego.     

So, if you are anything above 6 feet, you are probably wondering if electric bikes are even for you. But rest assured, there are plenty of options available to accommodate your specific needs. I’ve done the digging and found the top contenders in terms of e-bikes for tall guys.  

Things You Need To Consider When Buying Your E-Bike

You need to think about the type of frame size that will suit you best. Along with this is the type of material that the frame is made of. For a larger and taller person, you will preferably want to go for a frame made from either steel or titanium. These are not the only durable options, though, so don’t be afraid to stay open-minded about other alternatives. 

Another component is how much the seat can be raised. Then, once the seat is raised, will you be able to reach the handlebars comfortably enough without having to lean over and put a strain on your back?

Many manufacturers will gauge the size of their electric bikes by the size of the seat tube. This can be misleading, though, as you may find that this component size is adequate for you, however as mentioned before, the height difference between the handlebars and seat then comes into play. So you want to get a bike that has a good-sized top tube, as well as a good seat tube. 

Additionally, the distance between the seat tube and the handlebars is also important. This is because you want to be able to stretch your arms out a bit and not have to bend your arms in awkward angles to accommodate the bike’s measurement. You want to have some sort of equilibrium and evenness of the spacing between the front and rear axle. 

Something which can help you, though, is the modification of your electric bike by using something like a seat post that would allow you to adjust your seat, not only on the Y-axis but the X-axis as well. However, this could lead to more weight being put on the bike’s rear and therefore put you off balance.

Electric bike measurements needed for tall guys
Rad Power Bikes– What you need to know to find the best electric bike for a tall guy

When it comes to bikes for tall guys, a very important aspect is the wheel size, as this will also come into play when determining the overall size of the electric bike. With larger wheels, you may only need a large frame instead of an extra-large frame for argument’s sake. 

You may already have a brand and price in mind; however, being taller puts you in more of a niche market, particularly where smaller companies are concerned.

You are, therefore, likely going to end up spending a bit more money on your bike. This is due to supply and demand and the additional materials that go into making a bike a better fit for you.

Figuring Out Which Frame Size Is Best

Below is a table that demonstrates which electric bike frame size will be the best fit for you. You need to consider your height and your inseam (from your crotch to the floor) to determine which frame ought to be most suitable. 

Your HeightInseam LengthBike Frame Size
5’6” – 5’9”29.5” – 31”20” – 21”
5’10” – 6’1”31.5” – 33”22” – 23”
6’2” – 6’5”34.5” – 36”24” – 25”
6’6” – 6’9”37” – 38.5”26” – 27”

How to measure yourself for the correct frame size

  • Stand with your feet roughly a foot apart
  • Measure from the ground to your crotch (this is about where the seat of the electric bike will be)
  • Convert the measurement you get from inches to centimeters
  • Do the following calculation: Inseam measurement in centimeters X 0.685
  • Then you need to convert this number back to inches, and you will have found your frame size.

What Is The Best Electric Bike For Tall Guys?

As mentioned, there is not one particular winner as there are many factors to consider, but the main deciding factors will probably be personal taste and budget. Below is a list of some of the best electric bikes for you to choose from. 

Rad Power Bikes- RadMission High Step

Priced at approximately $999

Rad Mission E-Bike for Tall Men

The RadMission electric bike is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship and is sure to help you not break the bank. It is similar to a few others in their range, and this one comes at the right price and height.  So, it’s one of the best bikes for tall riders.

This e-bike is made for riders up to 6’5” tall, and although it does not offer all the bells and whistles as some of its fancier counterparts, it does come with a whopping 500W high-torque motor. 

You’ll manage to get up to speeds of 20mph, and it is capable of trips as long as 20 to 45+ miles, with the likelihood of some pedaling needed to assist in preserving the battery power. 

One drawback, though, on this electric bike is that it has a single-speed drivetrain, which may mean low maintenance, but it might not give you everything that you are looking for, especially if you are not a novice. 

One bonus, though, is that the frame is incredibly light and comes in under 50 pounds, making it easy to carry if need be and for ease of maneuvering. 

Overall, you can’t beat the price for an e-bike that fits tall guys!


Priced at approximately $3,600

Haibike e-bike is one of the best electric bikes for tall guys

Haibike is definitely a reputable brand that has made its name as one of the top companies for e-bikes. This is because their frame sizes are many and varied. They accommodate riders of up to 6’6” tall, making them one of the best contenders.

Their most popular model among taller riders is this one. This is because not only is it a comfortable ride, but it also offers a durable Aluminum 6061 frame and Shimano gears and brakes.  

If you are above the 6-foot mark, it is advisable to opt for the XL frame, specifically designed with you in mind. 

Apart from the height conveniences, it also sports a 500W battery by Yamaha, and it is, in fact, capable of speeds of up to 20 mph. 

Its tires are Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27.5 x 2.4 inches, and they are awesome for both commuting and trail riding. So, in this case, you get an all-in-one. 

Motan M-560 by Addmotor

Priced at approximately $1,699

Tall guys can ride this Motan e-bike

Another great choice here is the Motan M-560, which can accommodate riders who are up to 6’6″ tall. The company has been going since 2006, and they have certainly made themselves known in the e-bike community. 

If you are also a slightly heavier rider, then this comfortable electric bike will definitely be the one for you, as it can support a weight of up to 300 pounds.

This bike has an even beefier set of tires which come in at 26 inches x 4 inches, also known as fat tires. They make cruising on the tarmac or sidewalk a walk in the park and can easily tackle the rugged terrain as well. You can lock the front suspension while commuting and then unleash it when you want to head off the beaten track. 

It comes with a rather sizable 5 inch LCD display that works flawlessly and also offers you the ability to charge mobile devices via a USB connection. The battery will last you for long trips and takes roughly 3 to 4 hours to charge.  

You can clock speeds of up to 23mph on this electric bike, and you should be able to travel distances of up to 20 to 25 miles without the need to pedal. 

Learn more about it here!

Nakto Super Cruiser

Priced at approximately $1,300

The Nakto Super Cruiser E-Bike is built for tall people at a lower price than most bikes

This is another very well-priced e-bike that comes from a company you may not have heard of, as they tend to ship directly from the manufacturer. The reason they do so is, in fact, for your benefit, and that is to ensure a cheaper price tag. 

This is one of the electric bikes for tall riders that offer even more versatility in accommodating the rider’s height in that the recommended user height is between 5’6” and 6’8”. It can also bear a load of up to 300 pounds, so this one is definitely designed with the big boys in mind. 

This monster has a 500W brushless motor and is powered by a waterproof 48v12a lithium battery which means that you can go faster for longer. You will be able to clock speeds of up to 35mph and travel as far as 35 to 50 miles. 

Can You Ride An Electric Bike Witho... x
Can You Ride An Electric Bike Without A License

You can get moving with either the use of a twist throttle or by pedaling your way along. And this momentum will be displaced via a set of 26-inch x 4-inch fat tires. 

The frame is also fairly light and exceptionally durable as it is made from carbon steel.  

Check it out here!

Pedego City Commuter

Priced at approximately $2,995 – $3,995  

the Pedego City Commuter Electric Bike is one of the best electric bikes for tall people

This cruiser-style e-bike is something that any stylish city commuter would love to get their hands on. What’s more, is that it comes with 28-inch tires and has adjustable handlebars and seat. All these elements combined make it a ride that is suitable for anyone sitting in the 6’3” – 6’4” height range.

It has a marvelous 48V, 500 W rear hub motor with some impressive torque being fed to the wheel. Powering this stylish ride is a quality lithium-ion battery. 

What is lovely about this e-bike, compared to similar types in this style, is that it offers you not only a smooth ride, but allows you to get there quicker.

You’ll be cruising around at a maximum speed of 20mph with a pedal-assist that has five different levels; all you need to do is twist the throttle, and you’re off. 

As specified in the name, this is a city commuter, and thus it is designed for cruising which means that you will unfortunately not be able to take your treasured ebike off-road. However, do not be dismayed; you are in for a wonderfully comfortable and sleek ride. 

Tern Vektron S10 Folding Electric Bike

Priced at approximately $3,999

Tall People can ride the Tern Vektron E-Bike

One major dilemma which taller and larger people often face is that their things are often bigger and take up more space, and this is generally no different when it comes to e-bikes; however, there is an answer to that problem. The solution comes from Tern, with their folding e-bike.

This is a savvy investment for anyone who lives in a small flat or apartment, and there is not much space to store a bike. 

So we have the convenience covered, but what about the comfort and accommodation for the tall rider? Well, this ingenious piece of modern engineering is one on the list that will amaze you as it can very easily be readjusted to suit riders from as short as 4’10” and as tall as 6’5”.

This novel device does not stop giving there. It also happens to have a fairly sized 400Wh battery and a 250W mid-drive motor that will see you traversing the streets at a pretty decent 20mph. The awesome thing about this electric bike is that it also has one of the longest ranges, coming in at between 31 – 62 miles. 

Conclusion: Choosing one of the 6 Best Electric Bike for Tall Guys

To reiterate, when it comes to choosing your ideal ebike, be sure that the measurements you are being told or are reading are, in fact, of the correct bike component. You do not want to be in a situation where you are purchasing yourself an XXL electric bike, but this purely refers to the size of the frame and nothing else (this holds true if you’re buying a smaller adult e-bike as well).

It’s wise to get the full specifications of any given electric bike that you are looking at purchasing and ensure that the measurements are accurate and not misleading. The best thing to do obviously would be to rather go into a store and test out the feel and comfort of the bike before you make the purchase.

This is not always possible, though. Therefore, it is a good idea to be educated on what all the given measurements pertain to and how these will translate in reality. When in doubt, ask for help, contact the manufacturer or dealer and have them give you a proper rundown of what you will be purchasing. 

So as we have seen, there are options available for taller and bigger riders in general; the ones we have looked at are only a few examples, and the market really is starting to cater to a broader consumer base. 

Gone are the days of having to fear that you will feel like you are riding a child’s bicycle. Now you can confidently purchase your desired e-bike knowing that cycling will be a pleasurable experience.

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