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How To Choose an Electric Fat Tire Bike (With Price Guide)

Buying an electric fat tire bike doesn’t have to be challenging. Although there are many options, there are various aspects to consider (including price) before purchasing. So, how do you choose the best electric fat tire bike for you? 

Here’s how to choose an electric fat tire bike:

  1. Consider your specific riding needs and wants.
  2. Measure yourself to determine the right frame size.
  3. Choose a class one, two, or three e-bike, as best suited.
  4. Research several fat tire e-bikes before buying. 
  5. Shop around to find the best value for the price.  

Make sure to see the price guide for some of the best fat tire e-bikes below.

In this article, I’ve pulled together the research on various electric fat bikes to help you choose, as buying one is a big investment.

First, I’ll discuss how to choose a fat tire electric bicycle depending on multiple factors, including price, features, value, and specific needs. I’ll also discuss the various classes e-bikes can fall into and what they mean, so you understand what you’re buying!

How to Choose an Electric Fat Tire Bike

1. Consider Your Specific Riding Needs and Wants

It’s essential to know what you plan to use your electric bike for before purchasing. There are a large variety of fat tire e-bikes, all with aspects that make them superior to others in specific areas. For example, some electric bikes are better for riding long distances while others excel at riding uphill. 

Here are some common aspects to consider in electric fat tire bicycles:

Long Distance

Fat tire e-bikes are excellent for riding long distances, as they’re battery-operated. Therefore, there is less pedaling effort needed. However, some e-bikes are better than others for long-distance, and this can be because of either the battery life, the class of the bike (which I’ll discuss more in detail later), or the quality of the fat tires. 

For example, the RadRover Plus has a 48V, 14Ah battery with a long-distance range of up to 45+ miles, depending on whether you choose to go fully electric, pedal-assist, or without electric assistance on occasion.

Climbing Hills

If you plan to use your e-bike for a lot of uphill riding, it’s essential to take that into account when purchasing your electric bicycle. Going uphill takes a lot of momentum, so a higher quality motor is necessary. A middle motor or high torque motor system is a better option for going up steep hills. 

Having an excellent, quality set of tires is also essential when riding uphill. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure the e-bike you choose has quality tires as well. Fat tire e-bikes will most likely be of excellent quality for traveling up steep hills. 

An excellent fat tire e-bike for riding up steep hills is the Aventon Aventure. This e-bike has a 750-watt high-speed motor (which is essential for powering up steep hills and is discussed later in the price guide.

Rough Terrain

Although many electric bikes perform in rough terrain better than regular bikes, fat tire e-bikes have features that take their performance to the next level. Rugged terrain can be nerve-wracking to ride on, whether that be in snow, mud, sand, or rocky conditions. However, knowing you have a good quality electric fat tire bike equipped to take on rough terrain will help ease your worries significantly. 

The motor, tires, and frame of the bike can all make a difference in its performance in rough conditions. 

One of the best fat tire e-bikes for riding in rough terrain is the Quiet Kat Ranger. This electric fat tire bike has perfect terrain adaptability- meaning it’s excellent for riding in the snow, on gravel, or even on mountains. It has up to a 1000W motor and up to 4.5″ tires, making it a powerful electric bike.


Comfort is vital when riding an e-bike. Your electric bicycle can have every feature you want and need, but if it’s uncomfortable to ride, none of that will matter. The fat tires, frame, and seat can all make your ride more comfortable.

Because fat tires are wider, they have more connection to the ground, therefore handling bumps and rocks more efficiently than traditional bike tires. This, in turn, provides a smoother ride.

The frame of the e-bike is also vital to consider before purchasing. Every person’s size is different, so not every e-bike frame will be comfortable for you. Be sure to focus on the frame that best fits you.

A step-through frame (like on this best-selling Aventon Aventure) is considered one of the most comfortable frames for an e-bike, as it doesn’t have a top cross-bar. Therefore, it’s easier to get on and off the bike, and it’s more comfortable to sit on or relax back on at resting points. 

Every person is different, so what you think is a comfortable seat on an electric bike might not be suitable for another person. Therefore, testing out various e-bikes and their seats is essential to finding the one right for you.  

Looking for the most comfortable electric bike? Check out this list!

Red Aventure Step thru Hybrid E-Bike
The Aventure Fat Bike offers a Step-Thru so that it can fit more people comfortably.

2. Measure Yourself To Determine the Right Frame Size

If you’re purchasing an electric bicycle online and you’re not sure what frame size you need, it’s crucial that you do some measurements beforehand.

An excellent way to determine which size frame on an e-bike is right for you is to measure your regular bike’s frame. However, this is only a good idea if your bike is entirely comfortable to ride. 

Measuring the frame and matching those measurements to the frame of an electric bike online will ensure you receive an e-bike that fits you. 

Some bikes, such as road bikes, are only measured in centimeters. So, depending on the bike, you might have to convert your inches to centimeters for accurate measuring. 

However, if you don’t have a standard bicycle to measure, you can always measure yourself. 

How to measure yourself

  1. Start with your height and inseam. 
  2. Ensure you’re barefoot before doing any measuring, as it will give you the most accurate results. 
  3. After your height, measure your inseam by spreading your legs shoulder-width apart and measuring from the floor to your crotch. 

Then match these measurements with the size charts typically found on each e-bike’s website. Rad Power Bikes has some of the best sizing charts for each e-bike model.

3. Choose a Class One, Two, or Three E-Bike, As Best Suited

There are three classes that e-bikes fall into, and each class determines the speed, as well as throttle availability on the bike. Class one e-bikes can reach 20 mph (32 kph), class two 20 mph (32 kph) with a throttle, and class three 28 mph (45 kph). 

These electric bike classes can also help on the legal side of things– notably, with speed. However, e-bikes (of any class) aren’t allowed everywhere, so it’s essential to look up if a specific class is legal in your area.

Let’s look at each class in more detail: 

What Is a Class One Electric Bike?

A class one electric bike is a pedal-assist-only e-bike. Therefore, the motor doesn’t work until the rider pedals. Class one e-bikes can reach a maximum speed of 20 mph (32 kph) and are generally allowed in most places.

Class one e-bikes may be a good choice for riders new to electric bicycles. 

As class one e-bikes don’t have an electric throttle option, they’re the least powerful of all classes. Thus, they’re allowed in most areas. The pedal-assist feature on class one e-bikes makes this class the closest to regular bicycles, therefore the safest for newcomers. 

Rad Rover Plus Electric Fat Bike from Rad Power Bikes
All Rad Power Bike Models are Class 2, whether or not they have fat tires!

What Is a Class Two Electric Bike?

A class two electric bike is an e-bike with pedal-assist and throttle-powered modes. Class two e-bikes are very similar to class one e-bikes, as they both only reach up to 20 mph (32 kph). However, as the class two e-bike has a throttle-power mode, you don’t have to pedal for motor assistance. 

Class one and class two e-bikes are so similar that they’re usually allowed in the same places. Although pedaling isn’t needed on a class two e-bike, it still only reaches 20 mph (32 kph), similar to a class one electric bike. 

What Is a Class Three Electric Bike?

A class three electric bike is a pedal-assist-only e-bike that reaches up to 28 mph (45 kph). However, some class three e-bikes may also have a throttle, although this isn’t legal everywhere and can vary from state to state. Some places may also require a speedometer on a class three e-bike. 

For example, California is a popular area for electric bicycles. Because of this, their laws can be a bit more strict. 

A class three e-bike in California must have a speedometer, be pedal-assisted only up to 28mph, and requires the rider to be at least 16 years old and wear a helmet. Not every state (or even country) will have the same laws regarding electric bikes, so it’s best to look into your area’s laws before riding. 

If you’re ready to go super fast on a class 3 e-bike with 3″ to 4″ fat tires, take a look at the Biktrix Juggernaut Hub Duo!

4. Research Several E-Bikes Before Buying

Not every electric fat bike will be the same. Some have 3-inch wide tires while others have 5″ tires. Additionally, some will have 20″ wheels while others will have 26″ or 27″ wheels. Therefore, depending on your wants for a fat tire e-bike, you’ll need to research exactly what it is you’re looking for.

Fortunately, you can generally find all the details you need to make your buying decision online, including features, extras, and costs. Buying directly from an e-bike brand typically ensures that you will get all of the details you need. However, you can typically buy less expensive fat tire e-bikes on Amazon, which you might consider if your budget is tight.

You may also wish to test out several e-bikes before committing to any purchase. Not only does this help you ensure the e-bike fulfills your needs, but it also helps you find the best fat tire e-bike for you. You can do this by finding a brand with a local shop or renting an electric bike model you’re interested in.

5. Shop Around To Find the Best Price

Lastly, price is a massive factor for many when it comes to purchasing an electric bicycle. Electric fat tire bikes can cost anywhere from $700 to $5,000 or more, depending on the motor, battery power, tires, and even frame of the e-bike. 

However, if you’re looking for an e-bike with a strong-powered motor for a price of $700 or so, you most likely won’t be able to find it. So, it’s best to determine what features are important to have on the electric bike and decide what price fits in your budget from there.

The following is a price guide to help you find the best fat tire electric bike in your price range.

Overall Best Electric Fat Tire Bikes With Price Guide

Some of the most popular fat tire e-bikes aren’t always the most expensive. Therefore, choosing an e-bike that fits your budget shouldn’t be challenging as there is a wide range of prices.

Below, I’ll list some of the overall best-rated fat tire e-bikes, both from major brands and on Amazon, from the lowest to the highest price point.

Best E-Bikes Between $600 and $1000

If you’re looking for a simple electric bicycle that’s most likely a class one or two, the price will typically be around $600 to $1000. These e-bikes will likely have a basic motor; therefore, they probably won’t reach very high speeds. The battery life on many of these e-bikes also won’t be the best of the best but should get you where you’re going.

It’s hard to find a good fat tire bike from a well-known brand in this price range, but there is one:

Lectric XP E-Bikes

The Lectric XP is a highly rated foldable fat tire electric bike for under $1000. It comes in a step-thru or step-over version with a powerful 500W motor (850W peak) and 48V lithium battery. Even better, it has class 2 and 3 capabilities, so it can take you up to 28 mph motor-assisted with 5 pedal assist levels. The tires are 3″ X 20″, giving you a good feel of connecting to the ground.

Just read the reviews and you’ll realize that this bike is hard to beat for the price.

They also have an XP Lite which is worth checking out if you want to save a couple of hundred dollars.

For the least expensive electric fat bike options, take a look at this one on Amazon:

Speedrid Electric Bike

This fat tire electric bicycle is a much lower price than many other e-bikes. The Speedrid e-bike has a 500W motor speed that can get you up to 23 mph (37 kph). It’s also equipped with both pedal assist and throttle. 

The charging time is around 6-8 hours, and there are five different pedal assist options to choose from. So, although this e-bike is on the cheaper side, it gives you a lot of value for your money. 

Best E-Bikes Between $1000 and $3000

E-bikes within the price range of $1000 and $3000 are the most common, and typically the best options to go with for the average e-bike rider. These electric bikes will generally have a good motor that reaches speeds of 20-30mph (32-48 kph) and will be pedal-assist, throttle powered, or both.

You’ll most likely find the perfect fat tire e-bike in this price range, as quality and value are both high. Here are a couple of great options from top brands:

Aventon Aventure

There aren’t a lot of 8-speed, 750W (1130W peak) powerful electric bicycles with 4″ wide tires that are motor-assisted up to 28 mph (45 kph), have an average 45-mile range, come in 3 frame sizes (and multiple color choices), and fall in the under $2000 price range. But the Aventure does just that! Not surprisingly, Forbes calls it the “Most Bang for Your Buck”.

And even though it’s a class 3 e-bike, it comes equipped with an on-demand throttle, letting you ride without pedaling at all.

Plus, over 11,000 five-star customer reviews guarantee you’re getting one of the best value fat tire e-bikes around!

See the details for yourself.

Rad Power Bikes RadRover Plus

The RadRover is a popular electric fat bike comparable in price to the Aventure. With a 750W brushless geared hub motor, 5 levels of pedal assist, and a 48V battery with up to a 45+ mile range, it’s hard to go wrong.

It boasts 26″ X 4″ puncture-resistant tires, an ergonomic seat, and a twist throttle, ensuring that your ride is smooth and fast. You can choose from a step-thru or high-step option and two sleek colors.

Check out this bike from the biggest brand in North America.

Cyrusher XF800 Electric Bike

The Cyrusher e-bike has massive tires. Therefore, you get the extra grip and balance needed for off-roading, whether that’s on snow, on the beach, or mountain trails. This e-bike can reach top speeds of 31 mph (50 kph) and can be used in pedal-assisted mode or throttle.

There are also extra safety features on this electric bike, including hydraulic disc brakes. Therefore, you never have to worry about not stopping quickly enough. 

Although there are various electric bicycles, some of which are much more expensive, the Cyrusher e-bike is as high-quality as some e-bikes of more value. 

You might also like to check out this powerful e-bike on Amazon:

W Wallke X3 Pro Electric Bike

The Wallke Electric bike has various remarkable features, including being foldable for easy transportation and storage. The Wallke brand is dedicated to creating the best quality electric bicycles at affordable prices. Therefore, with this e-bike, you’ll receive excellent quality. 

This e-bike has a 750W high-speed motor, which can assist you in reaching up to 28-30mph (45-48 kph). The charging time is around 5-7 hours, and the e-bike includes three different speed-assistance levels. 

Therefore, you can choose between thumb throttle mode, pedal-assisted mode, and regular bike mode (normal pedaling). The tire is also 26 inches (66 cm), which is excellent for all types of terrain. 

Interested in a cargo e-bike? Learn how to choose one here (get one with fat tires too)!

Best E-Bikes Above $3000

The electric bicycles above $3000 will typically have the best possible motors and batteries. The more expensive e-bikes will reach higher speeds, and are often class three e-bikes. However, the higher price of the e-bike can also be because of the frame style or type of brake.

Therefore, before purchasing a more expensive bike, it’s recommended that you ensure it has all of the essential components that you’re looking for.

Quiet Kat Ranger

If you want the ultimate in power and durability, and aren’t afraid to spend a little more, the Ranger e-bike can be purchased as a 750W or a 1000W fat tire bicycle. With a tough frame and front suspension fork (with an adjustable coil), it can handle rough terrain while carrying a load up to 325 lbs (147.42 kg).

This e-bike can be chosen in 3 sizes… the largest frame actually comes with 4.5″ tires (instead of 4.0″), so you can be assured that it can handle every bump.

With all of these unusual options, a $3500+ purchase price is quite reasonable.

Rambo Rebel

If you’re looking to splurge for the best of the best, I recommend checking out this massive e-bike. It’s the most expensive option but there’s a reason why. To begin with, it has a 1000W (1500W peak) high torque mid-drive motor, meaning it’s powerful enough to take you up steep hills and down challenging rocky paths. It reaches up to around 28 mph (45 kph) motor-assisted, which means it can go even faster with greater exertion or when going downhill.

With 26″ X 4.8″ fat tires, air suspension, and hydraulic disc brakes, safety is clearly a priority. Therefore, although the price is high, you get a beast of an electric fat tire bike with loads of power. 

Check out this amazing bike if you dare!

Get a list of the best fat bikes made in the USA here!

Are Fat Tire E-Bikes Better Than Regular E-Bikes?

Electric bikes are handy to have, whether you use them for transportation, recreation, or exercise. However, people often don’t understand the difference between an electric bicycle and a fat tire electric bike. So, are fat tire electric bikes better? 

Overall, fat tire electric bikes are better than regular electric bikes because the wide tires offer a sturdier design. Fat tire e-bikes are typically better to ride off-road, as the tires are more dependable when encountering rough terrain. The fat tires on e-bikes also assist with balance and comfort. 

Having a fat tire e-bike rather than a regular electric bicycle can result in more outings on the e-bike, no matter the weather. The tires are sturdy and can hold up in any weather or terrain, making them the preferred choice. 

In Conclusion: How to Choose an Electric Fat Tire Bike

Choosing an electric fat tire bike doesn’t have to be challenging. The first step is knowing what features best fit your riding needs, including long-distance or steep hill abilities, comfort, and style.  After that, it’s essential to know your measurements to know which frame will be most comfortable for you.

Then your final choice will be dependent on the cost, which can vary greatly. So be sure to check out the pricing guide!

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