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21 Best Electric Fat Bikes: USA-Made Brands?

With so many fat tire electric bikes coming on the market in the United States, it’s become much harder to decide which brand and model to buy. Further, because you have to look up each brand and sort through all of their e-bike models to find the fat tire bikes, it’s even more challenging to compare them. 

And, once you do this, you’ll be left with wondering which USA models are the best.

Overall, the best electric fat bikes in the USA have 4” to 5” wide fat tires, a front suspension, a 500W to 750W motor, and a minimum 48 Volt battery. They should be able to ride relatively smoothly over off-road terrain.

What you need to know first is that most fat e-bikes are not 100% USA-made. Parts are typically sourced from overseas and ebikes are typically only partially assembled in US warehouses.

Additionally, each fat tire electric bike may or may not check off your desired features. This article includes a curated and researched list of the USA brands, their models, cost, warranty, and purchase benefits. Plus, you’ll discover the most important features of each model, helping you decide whether it’s the best electric fat bike for you.

Further, I’ll let you know about product return guarantees, trial periods, and warranties so that you know exactly what to expect when you buy one.

Here are the best electric fat bikes in the USA:

USA BrandFat Tire Electric Bike ModelsApproximate
Best FeatureUnited States Shipping, Trial Period, & Warranties
Rad Power Bikes (Seattle, Washington)RadRover 6 Plus

RadRunner 3 Plus

Semi-integrated Battery

Passenger Package Capability
14-Day Free Trial + 1-Year Warranty
Juiced Bikes
(San Diego, California)

RipCurrent S


Knobby 4-inch all-terrain tires
1-Year Warranty + Free Shipping
Sixthreezero (Los Angeles, CA)EvryJourney Fat Tire

EvryJourney Step-Thru


Accommodates short & tall riders
90-Day Test Ride +Free Return Shipping
Ecotric (Oakland, California)Hammer Beach & Snow

Dolphin Fat Tire Portable & Folding

Vintage motorcycle look

30-Day At-Home Trial +Free Shipping 
Quiet Kat (Eagle, Colorado)Ranger


3 sizes to fit all riders

4.5” fat tires
30-Day Risk-Free Test Ride
Lectric Bikes (Phoenix, Arizona)Lectric XP 3 Foldable

Lectric XPremium

Low-cost & fully assembled

Dual 48V lithium batteries
Free Shipping + 1-Year Warranty
Ancheer (Los Angeles, California)Speedrid 26” 4.0 Fat Tire$1010Low cost & weighs less than many fat e-bikes (read below) Free Shipping + 7-Day Returns + 1-Year Warranty
Green Bike USA (Coconut Creek, Florida)GBI 750 Mag Folding E-Bike$150048V, 15Ah lithium-ion batteryFree Shipping + Bike Berry 30-Day + 1-Year Warranty
Aventon Bikes (Ontario, California)Aventure 2$1899Torque Sensor; Top Speed of 28mph; Multiple frame sizes to fit all ridersFree Shipping (Best Buy) + 1-Year Warranty
Hurley (Huntington Beach, California)Mini Swell$1999Unique utility flat seatFree US Shipping + 14-Day Return Policy + Limited Warranty
Emojo Bike (Irvine, California)Ram Sport Step-Thru

Wildcat Pro Mountain

Caddy Pro Fat Tire TRIKE


Step-Thru & Foldable Frame

500W or 750W

3 Wheels!
Free Shipping (Bike Berry) + 7-Day Returns + 1-Year Warranty
Sondors (Malibu, California)Sondors X*$2259
*Get $50 off Use this link!
48V, 17.5Ah extended range batteryFree US Shipping + 1-Year Warranty
FattE-BikesMajor T Cargo Fat Bike$2799+“Built in the USA” & fully customizable$199 Flat Rate Shipping + 2-year (components)/ 1-year (battery) Warranty

Now that you’ve checked out the list above, continue reading below and I’ll answer your questions about each electric fat bike model, its brand, and why you might choose one over the other.

Ready to find out all about the best electric fat bikes? Watch the video overview first:

1. RadRover Plus – Rad Power Bikes

Always one of my personal favorite e-bike brands, Rad Power Bikes includes wider-than-normal tires on most of their models. But their flagship electric fat bike model, the RadRover, has been given even greater refinements to become the RadRover Plus.

Rad Rover Plus Electric Fat Bike from Rad Power Bikes
RadRover Plus Electric Fat Bike from Rad Power Bikes

Features and Benefits

With new hydraulic disc brakes for greater stopping power (super important on a fat tire e-bike), 26” X 4” puncture-resistant tires, a custom 750W geared hub motor, and a 48V, 14 Ah lithium-ion battery, you’ll have plenty of power to get over any rough terrain. 

Further, the improvements such as automatic lights, sleek covers for wire cables, and preloaded suspension, will get you up to speed faster, let you ride in a wider range of terrains, and enjoy a smooth ride.

Best Feature

Although the RadRover Plus has so many new and refined features, I think that the most noticeable one is the semi-integrated battery. 

They’ve designed it so it blends into the bike’s frame seamlessly for a super sleek design. But it’s also easier to remove with only one hand, making it easy to stop anywhere and take your battery with you. 

Check out this model and price!

2. RadRunner 3 Plus – Rad Power Bikes

Now with 4” wide tires, it deserves even more attention. Plus, it meets a completely different need than the RadRover… it’s a utility e-bike with an optional passenger seat!

RadRunner Plus E-Bike showing back seat option
RadRunner Plus has options for a back seat or full cargo rack

Features and Benefits

The step-thru design still boasts a 750W rear hub motor and powerful 48V battery, as well as 4.0” wide tires and hydraulic brakes. The long-range battery will take you up to 45 miles with the average use of the electric motor assist.

Just a thought… I have a RadMini that has the same battery capacity but can get well over 45 miles by staying on the lowest pedal assist levels (1-3). However, I’m a small adult and more weight can drain the battery faster.

Best Feature

You can easily have your adult friend or grownup child ride on the back. They’ll have to hold onto you but they can sit comfortably on the extra-wide platform seat and rest their feet!

This easy on-and-off makes it super ideal for shopping and running errands.

Check out this model and price!

Need more reasons to buy a rad bike? Take a look!

3. HyperScorpion – Juiced Bikes

Another Juiced Bikes model that’ll take you up to 70+ miles on a single battery charge, the HyperScorpion has 4.25” wide tires on its 20” wheels. 

Juiced Bikes Hyperscorpion in silver
The Hyperscorpion uses both a cadence and a torque sensor!

Features and Benefits

Pegged as a moped-style e-bike, it doesn’t fall short on what makes it an amazing fat bike. Not only can you throttle without pedaling, but it also has both a torque and a cadence sensor, hydraulic disc brakes, dual suspension (both front and rear), and a powerful 1000W retro blade motor.

Thus, it can zoom down the streets at up to 30 miles per hour or tackle off-road terrain easily.

Best Feature

The dual suspension really is the most impressive benefit of this electric fat bike… because it’s not an electric mountain bike but rather a moped-style e-bike with only 20” wheels!

Check out this e-bike on the Juiced Bikes website!

4. RipCurrent S – Juiced Bikes

With a 52V battery, this upgraded Juiced Bikes favorite has power and torque that lives up to its name.

Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S Step-Through
Juiced’s RipCurrent S comes in a step-through model as well!

Features and Benefits

With a 1000W hub motor and both cadence and torque pedal assist, you can ride anywhere, on-road or off-road! As if that weren’t enough, this Class 3 e-bike gives you powerful motor assist right up to 28mph, a 70+ mile range, and a thumb throttle.

Plus, you’ll get hydraulic disc brakes, a 9-speed transmission, and a front air suspension. You can also set your own parameters in the advanced display and get real-time metrics.

Best Feature

Although it’s a toss-up with this powerful fat bike, I’d say the best feature is the “true” knobby 4-inch all-terrain tires. After all, all that power wouldn’t go anywhere without tires that can conquer every rocky bump, dirt, and even sand!

Check out this model and price!

5. EvryJourney Fat Tire – Sixthreezero

What I love about Sixthreezero’s electric fat bikes is that they’re designed for comfort, first and foremost. So, if you’re looking for a comfortable ride that still gets you where you need to go fast, this could be one of the best electric bikes for you.

Sixthreezero EvryJourney Fat Tire E-Bike
The Sixthreezero EvryJourney Fat Tire E-Bike weighs slightly less than other fat bikes

Features and Benefits

The EvryJourney Fat Tire is essentially a hybrid cruiser e-bike perfect for leisurely rides, cruising, and commuting. With a 500W rear hub drive motor plus throttle, you’ll have enough power to get you up to 20mph (but you can still relax while you ride).

The battery will take you 20 miles to 40 miles depending on how much pedal assistance you use. For a cruiser-style e-bike, this should be more than enough.

Plus, Sixthreezero states that “sitting has never been so comfortable”… yes, it’s like sitting on a cloud.

Best Feature

Although this fat tire electric bike doesn’t have as much power as those with 750W motors, the throttle can get you moving fast and give you a break from pedaling if needed.

Check out this model and price.

Not sure of the advantages and disadvantages of a fat tire electric bike? I tell you here!

6. EvryJourney Fat Tire Step-Thru – Sixthreezero

This e-bike is essentially the same as previously mentioned. However, with a low-step frame, nearly every person can fit on this fat tire bike. In fact, it accommodates riders from 5’0” to 6’4”.

Features and Benefits

You’re getting a 500W rear hub motor and simple thumb throttle, just like with the regular frame EvryJourney fat bike. 

The main difference is that it has a step-thru frame, making it ultra-easy to get on and off. This is especially important for shorter riders, as it makes it easier to contact the ground at a moment’s notice.

Being a 5’2” woman, I have never regretted owning a smaller e-bike with a step-thru frame. I can quickly jump down off my bike seat and don’t have to swing my leg up and over a tall frame.

Best Feature

You’ve probably guessed that the best feature here is the step-through frame!

Check out this model and price.

7. Hammer Beach & Snow – Ecotric

The name of this fat tire electric bike fits it perfectly. Its sort of retro look will remind you of a powerful motorcycle, but it still maxes out at 20mph.

As its name implies, it’s built to master rugged terrain and loose ground, making it an affordable electric fat bike to ride in the snow or in the sand.

Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire E-Bike
Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire E-Bike

Features and Benefits

A 750W rear hub motor, 48V battery, 26” X 4” fat tires, hydraulic disc brakes, and throttle give you everything you need to ride away on this cool-looking electric bike.

Just note that their size guide doesn’t tell you what size person can ride this bike. However, take caution… the reviewers note that only a tall person can fit on it (over 6’).

Best Feature

Its vintage motorcycle look really makes this model stand out!

Take a look at this model and its price.

8. Fat Tire Portable & Folding -Ecotric

A versatile little fat bike with 20” wheels, it can conquer tough terrain but still let you ride through town to pick up groceries.

Features and Benefits

It has a 500W brushless geared hub rear motor but only a 36V, 12Ah lithium-ion battery. This means that you won’t be able to ride quite as far as if you had a 48V, 14Ah battery. But, you still have an average range of 20 miles, which is more than enough for many riders.

Further, this 56-pound e-bike’s speed still tops out at 20mph and you’ll have more than enough power to ride the distance.

Best Feature

Without a doubt, the foldable nature of this fat tire e-bike is what makes it so ideal. It’s easy to throw in the back of a car, bus, or train and ride on rough trails.

Check it out here!

Compare Ecotric to Lectric XP!

9. Ranger – QuietKat

QuietKat is known for its line of rugged e-bikes. And the Ranger won’t let you down. It’s built to ride smoothly, even when you’re off-roading.

Ranger Fat Tire E-Bike from Quiet Kat
Ranger Fat Tire E-Bike from QuietKat

Features and Benefits

This powerful e-bike comes in 750W and 1000W options and gives you a range of up to 48 miles from just one battery charge. With 26” X 4.5” tires, it can carry a load of up to 325lbs.

It comes with an integrated battery and rear rack so that you can stash your gear during your adventure. Plus, I like that it comes in 3 sizes to fit just about anyone!

Compare QuietKat brand electric bikes to Rad Power Bikes in this review!

Best Feature

This tough e-bike has a lot of great features but having the additional ½ inch wide tires than most fat tire bikes really gives it an edge in riding over rough terrain.

Take a look at this model and its price.

10. Apex– QuietKat

Likely the best fat tire electric bike for hunting and sport as far as power goes, the Apex comes with a 750W or 1000W motor. So, it doesn’t leave any need for speed behind.

Features and Benefits

In addition to a powerful motor, it comes standard with a 4-piston hydraulic disc brake system, 48V 16Ah battery, and 26” X 4.5” tires! These power-hungry upgrades help mark up the price to a hefty $5499-$5799.

But, if you want the ability to ride over any terrain for fishing, hunting, or just for fun or sport, the Apex is one of the best fat electric bikes for you.

Best Feature

The best overall feature for this e-bike has to be a tie between the 4.5” fat tires and the specialized sport trailers you can add on.

Take a look at this model and its price.

11. Lectric XP 3 Folding E-Bike – Lectric Bikes

Although this brand is relatively new (since 2018), it was quickly recognized to be an affordable, popular electric bike for just about anyone.

Now, the newest and most-featured packed Lectric 3.0 is here. Check it out in my full Lectric XP 3 electric bike review here.

This USA company began in Arizona and originally featured only 1 primary model with two variations, the Lectric XP. These both had fat tires and a range of up to 45 miles. Now, they have multiple models but the XP 3 is still the favorite.

Woman standing next to white step-thru Lectric e-bike
Riding My Lectric XP 3.0

Features and Benefits

The XP 3 comes as a standard bike frame or as a step-thru model, either in black or white. This cool folding e-bike has an 850 “peak” geared motor, “adjustable” front fork suspension, 28mph top speed, mechanical disc brakes, throttle, and five levels of pedal assist. 

Plus, it’s foldable, thanks to its design and 20” wheels. Note: The XP comes with 3-inch “fat” tires, so these are a little narrower than standard 4.0” fat tires. However, this makes it easier to fold the bike and may be quite satisfactory if you won’t be riding hard in the snow or mud.

Best Feature

The price-to-value ratio of this versatile fat tire electric bike is definitely the best thing about it. Starting at only $999, you may also be able to get a special bundle offer. And, you can add a passenger seat so that two of you can ride!

Take a look at this model and its price.

12. Lectric XPremium Foldable Step-Thru – Lectric Bikes

The XPremium is essentially the same electric bike as above, but with a huge punch… it has a dual battery system and a mid-drive motor to give you power when you ask for it.

Lectric XPremium Black
Lectric XPremium Black

Features and Benefits

The XPremium fat tire electric bike gives you everything you want and more, starting with a low-step frame that makes it easy to get on and off. This makes it a lot more comfortable for many riders who want to have greater control over their e-bikes, or who have a hard time lifting their leg up and over to mount them.

It also comes in either black or white with a 500W (850W “peak”) geared motor, 160mm hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension fork, throttle, and five pedal assist levels. 

And, of course, it’s foldable, even with 4.0” wide tires.

Best Feature

By far the best thing about this e-bike is the 100+ mile range, which is practically unheard of in an electric bike under $2000! Plus, it comes with a rear rack.

Take a look at the XPremium model here.

Find out more about folding electric bikes!

13. Speedrid 26” 4.0 Fat Tire – Ancheer

Ancheer is a USA discount brand that is sold through multiple retailers, as well as its own website. Prices can be found for around $1000 and even lower for a variety of different types of e-bikes.

So, it’s pretty awesome that you can get a fat tire electric bike for this amount, although it won’t be of the highest quality.

Blck Ancheer Speedrid 26 Fat Tire E-Bike
Ancheer Speedrid 26 Fat Tire

Features and Benefits

What’s important to know is that their electric fat tire e-bikes have mostly the same features as more expensive fat e-bikes.

For example, it has 26” X 4” fat tires along with a 500W rear hub motor and 48V battery. However, it has only 10Ah, which is slightly less than many e-bikes in this category. This just means that your battery capacity is lower and thus won’t take you quite as far as a battery with 12Ah or 14Ah.

Further, its maximum speed is 15mph, instead of the typical 20mph (let me assure you that this is an adequate speed in most situations and for many riders).

Still, it claims to offer a range of 22 to 40 miles and has other nice features such as an updated LCD display, mechanical disc brakes, a front suspension fork, and a 7-speed transmission system.

Best Feature

At a net weight of 59 lbs, this is less than most fat tire electric bikes, which is what impressed me!

Check out this model on Ancheer’s website.

14. GBI 750 Mag Folding E-Bike – Green Bike

Well, the name says it… it’s got a powerful 750 Watt brushless motor and it folds up so you can take it wherever you want to go.

Green Bike E-Bike from Bike Berry
Green Bike E-Bike

Features and Benefits

From Green Bike USA, this 4.0” fat tire folding model has quite a bit of power and battery capacity. Along with the 750W of power, you’ll get a 48V, 15Ah lithium battery which will take you up to 50 miles.

It even has a color LCD display showing speed, pedal assist level, distance ridden, battery charge, and more.

Best Feature

What’s amazing about this model is that it has full 4.0” fat tires but is still a foldable electric bike!

Check out this model and cost at Bike Berry!

15. Aventure 2 – Aventon

Here’s a fat tire electric bike with an ultra-powerful 48V, 15Ah lithium-ion battery and 28 mph top speed to get you where you need to go fast!

Aventon Aventure 2 Electric Fat Bike with step-through frame in Cobalt Blue
Aventon Aventure 2 Electric Fat Bike in Cobalt Blue

Features and Benefits

With 4” tires, a 750W rear hub motor, and a high-capacity integrated battery, and a torque sensor, you’ll be able to climb hills and ride over rugged terrain. This e-bike also comes with fenders, a front suspension fork, a throttle, and integrated lights.

See my full Aventon Aventure 2 review and ride experience!

What’s really great is that there are 4 different frames. The step-over version (in Regular or Large) easily fits tall riders up to 6’4”. The step-through (in Regular or Large) fits adults as short as 4’11″… so it fits pretty much everyone! Plus get three color choices for each version.

Best Feature

Its power plus its Class 3 top speed of 28mph make this sturdy e-bike stand out above many!

Check out this model and its cost!

16. Mini Swell – Hurley

Like so many other brands, this one is full of adventure (being based in Southern California)! However, this company isn’t exclusive to e-bikes but you can tell about the quality of their bikes from all of the other amazing products they sell.

Hurley Mini Swell Electric Bike with Fat Tires
Hurley Mini Swell Electric Bike with Fat Tires

Features and Benefits

A 500 Watt motor and 48-volt pedal assist and throttle will take you along the streets, while the 4” tires will get you quickly over the sand at the beach. This is a perfect electric bike for anyone cruising the beach, city, or off-road trails.

Best Feature

By far, the coolest thing about these fat tire e-bikes is their flat and long utility seat. It gives you the feeling that you can just hop on and off at every fun stop, wherever you’re cruising.

Take a look at this e-bike model!

Take a look at the best fat tire sand electric bikes!

17. Ram Sport Step-Thru – Emojo

Emojo is a brand that carries multiple fat tire electric bikes, which gives you a lot of options to best meet your e-biking needs.

Plus, they often have added specials on their site, so be sure to check out what you can get with a purchase (at the time of this writing, they’re offering a free bicycle lock).

Emojo Ram Sport Step Thru Fat Tire E-Bike
Emojo Ram Sport Step-Thru Fat Tire E-Bike

Features and Benefits

With 5 levels of pedal assistance, 7-speed gears, a 48V, 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery, and an LCD display, you can be sure you’re getting what you need in this 750W, 4-inch fat tire “street edition” e-bike.

And, thankfully, it weighs around 55 lbs which is a lot more manageable than 70 lbs.

Best Feature

The fact that this is a foldable step-thru makes it a perfect electric bike for ease of getting on and off.

Check out this model and its cost.

18. Wildcat Pro Mountain – Emojo

A lower-priced option than the Ram model, it still has what you need but comes with a 500W  DC brushless motor instead of a 750W one.

Features and Benefits

In this fat tire e-bike, you’ll get 26” X 4.0” tires, disc brakes, and a battery that’ll take you up to 25 miles. You’ll also get 7-speed gearing and a 48V, 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery. Upgrade for about $70 more to get hydraulic brakes for true electric mountain bike stopping power.

Best Feature

Choose one of these fat tire electric bikes with a 750W motor or 500W motor. Recommendation: Get the 750W if you’ll be riding up steep mountain trails with this fat tire bike.

Check out this model and its cost.

Want to learn more about the best USA brand e-bikes?

19. Caddy Pro Fat Tire TRIKE – Emojo

There are few top USA electric bike brands building 3-wheel tricycles for all ages of adults. Fortunately, this is one of them!

Features and Benefits

The combination of being an electric trike and having fat tires makes the Caddy Pro genuinely unique. So, you can still get over rough terrain but don’t have to concern yourself with losing balance.

Plus, this trike has a 500W motor and greater battery capacity than the others (48V, 15.6Ah). This is nice because the heavier 90lb weight of the trike will make it lose battery charge more rapidly. The battery range will take you up to 35 miles. 

This fat tire electric trike is all about comfort and ease of riding!

Best Feature

Obviously… the best thing about this model is that it has three wheels so you don’t have to worry about balancing or knowing how to ride a bike.

Take a look at this cool tricycle!

20. X – Sondors

Located in Malibu, California, you can only imagine the adventures Sondors can take you on. They have a sizable selection of e-bikes and price ranges. What I love about the X model is that you’re getting a fat tire electric bike for a reasonable price.

Features and Benefits

This 500W e-bike will get you through the mud, snow, sand, and then some with its 4.9” super fat tires. You’ll also get everything else you need including a throttle, high-capacity battery (see below), and 7-speed gears.

Best Feature

Although I’ve mentioned the battery as being one of the best features in a couple of other e-bikes (that had 15Ah batteries), this electric bike wins hands-down at being one of the best electric fat bikes made in the USA when it comes to going the distance… literally. 

It’ll be hard to beat its 48V, 17.5Ah extended-range battery (up to 60 miles) if taking long rides is your thing!

Take a look at the Sondors X model here.

21. Major T Cargo – FattE-Bikes

Built in the USA with loads of customizations, this massive fat cargo bike has an extended frame with a long rear rack.

FattE-Bikes Major T Cargo E-Bike with bright blue paint
FattE-Bikes Major T Cargo

Features and Benefits

Its 750W motor and choice of 48 Volt battery (16Ah or 21Ah) give you a range of up to 80+. Plus, you’ll get a top speed of 26+ mph and a huge weight capacity of 400 lbs. So, you’ll be able to carry pretty much any load you need to!

To carry a passenger, it comes with foot runners (running boards) and a cruiser seat on top of a wood deck. You will also get mechanical disc brakes, Shimano 7-speed gearing, and an LCD headlight.

Best Feature

But the coolest thing about this e-bike, and the FattE-Bike brand itself, is the ability to customize it to your personal taste. Choose frame and fender colors from around 15 options. Then choose options among tires, handlebars, batteries, grips, seats, and pedals (some options include an increased price)!

Check out this model and price!


There you are… the ultimate list of the best fat tire e-bikes “made in the USA”… or rather, from a USA brand.

If you haven’t already, the best way to use this article is to check out the long list of fat tire e-bikes at the top and choose the ones you’d like to look further into, depending upon the brand, price, best features, and purchase benefits.

Then you can use the table of contents to jump to the electric bike you’d like to get more information on.

You’re sure to find the perfect fat tire electric bike for you and your riding partner.



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