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Ancheer Electric Bike – The Ultimate Review

Looking for the perfect, budget-friendly electric bike? Whether you require a high-powered electric mountain bike or a lightweight commuter bike, the Ancheer brand might may have the right, affordable ride for you.

In this review, we look at the best features of these 4 selected Ancheer electric bike models:

  • Lightest Portable Folding Commuter E-Bike – Ancheer 16-Inch Wheel 250W Folding City Commuter Electric Bike
  • Easiest to Ride Folding Commuter E-Bike – Ancheer 18-inch Wheel Folding City Commuter Electric Bike 
  • The Best Step-Through Style Electric Cruiser – Ancheer 26-inch Wheel 250W Commuting Electric Cruiser Bike with Removable 12.5Ah Battery 
  • The Most Powerful Electric Mountain Bike With the Longest Range

Ancheer 26-inch Wheel 500W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike with Removable 36V 12.5Ah Battery

Each Ancheer model has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the Ancheer 20-inch Wheel Fat Tire Bike has powerful 500W removable batteries that will take you further than the commuter and cruiser e-bike models that have 250-350W batteries.

Some of their e-bikes have removable batteries, including the Ancheer 26-inch Wheel 350 Mountain Bike and the Ancheer 16-inch Folding Commuter Bike, making the e-bike easier to charge and clean.

Continue reading to find out more about how these selected Ancheer e-bikes differ from each other, especially when it comes to the design of the frame, the position of the handle grip, tire size, and fenders.

Ancheer – Company Background

Ancheer Bikes (established in 2018) are made in China and shipped to the company warehouse in Los Angeles, California. This gives this brand an advantage when it comes to being able to offer lower prices for its products.

Ancheer’s affordable bikes suit the inner city commuter who travels less than 20 miles a day and can live with a 250w to 350w battery. 

The company also makes sophisticated yet inexpensive electric mountain bikes with fat tires and powerful 500W batteries that can go a long distance and handle a rough uphill trail.

Ancheer 16-inch Wheel 250W Folding City Commuter Electric Bike – Lightest Portable Folding Commuter E-Bike

Price: $520

Product Specification

Battery: 36F 8AH Lithium Ion Battery

Derailleur: LED 3-speed; turn-key and press Power Switch

Motor:  250W

Brakes: Back and rear disc brakes

Frame:  Waterproof carbon steel

Weight Capacity:  220 lbs.

Who is This Ancheer Electric Bike Suitable For?

The Ancheer 16-inch Wheel 250W Folding City Commuter Electric Bike is for the urban rider who bikes to work but may have to take the train or subway part way.  

It also appeals to the day-tripper who likes to explore local trails and parks because it packs up so neatly in a car.

Best Features

This nifty portable electric bike has high T-bar handles and strong axles and fenders. It comes in either white or black. The frame is made of strong high, carbon steel that protects the finish from flying gravel and slush.

The wheels are only 16 inches in diameter, so it is better for motoring than pedaling. The small wheel diameter requires extra pedaling to cover as much ground as a 20-inch wheel, but the 250w high-speed brushless motor can easily take over.

The powerful 36 V lithium battery charges in just 4-6 hours. The removable battery can be charged separately from the e-bike, allowing you to store it in a safe, dry place.

Other Considerations

Low battery wattage limits the range of an e-bike. The 250w battery can only reach a maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour. The Ancheer 16-inch Wheel 250W Folding City Commuter Electric Bike AMA5639 can only travel 15 miles before it needs to be recharged.

This e-bike has a weight capacity of 220 lbs, so it’s really not suitable for individuals who weigh over 200 lbs. Also, it is so small that it is not any more powerful than a scooter.


  • Comes in 2 colors
  • Collapses in seconds
  • Lightweight carbon steel frame
  • Removable lithium battery
  • Waterproof


  • A low maximum speed of 15.5 mph
  • Limited range of 15 miles 

Ancheer 18-inch Wheel Folding City Electric Bike– Easiest to Ride Folding Commuter E-Bike

Price: $599

Product Specifications

Battery:  Removable lithium-ion 36V 8AH Battery

Derailleur: 7 Speed Shimano gears, 3-Speed Smart Buttons

Motor: 250W high-speed brush

Brakes: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes

Frame: Aluminum

Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

Who is this Ancheer Electric Bike Suitable For?

This e-bike is for commuters or campers who need a bike with a far range that is also light enough to carry anywhere. Fold it up and store it in an office. It only weighs 41 lbs (19 kg).

Riders can use a pedal assist mode rather than switch to full e-bike power, making it great for going up hills without effort.

This Ancheer Commuter Electric Bike is also known for its very comfortable mountain sports saddle seat, which is easier on the spine!

Best Features

This folding electric bike comes equipped with a 36V lithium-ion battery and smart lithium charger. You can get a full charge of the removable battery in 4 hours.

Its larger frame can support a person with a heavier backpack as long as the total weight of the passenger plus any parcel is below 330 lbs. 

It has 3 work modes, including booster riding for going hills, full e-bike riding, and pedaling mode. The 8-speed Shimano gear system assists with going up hills.

Premium comfort and shock absorption are offered by its cushioned front fork and quality anti-slip back tire. 

Other Considerations

It has a range of 15 miles (25 km), but the 250w motor limits your speed to 15 mph.


  • Comfortable, ergonomic mountain rider seat
  • Handle makes e-bike easy to carry when folded.
  • 8-speed Shimano gear system
  • Booster function for going up hills
  • Charges quickly 


  • Maximum speed of 15 miles per hour

Ancheer 26 Inch Wheel 250W Commuting Electric Cruiser Bike – The Best Step-Through Style Electric Cruiser

Price: $759-$809

Product Specifications

Battery: 12.5 Lithium battery

Derailleur: High-speed 6-speed gear system

Motor: 250w motor

Brakes: Hand grip front and rear disc brakes

Frame: Step-through cruiser style

Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

Who is this Ancheer Electric Bike Suitable For?

This cruiser’s most unique feature is its low mid-bar, lower seat, and parallel handlebars associated with a regular women’s cruiser e-bike. It is best suited to riders who have difficulty swinging their leg over the high horizontal bar of a mountain bike or regular electric bike.

The attached front LED headlight makes it ideal for riders who like to cruise around bike paths after dark.

Best Features

The large capacity 12.5 Ah lithium-ion battery allows you a range of up to 22 miles. The 250W motor lets you go as fast as 15 mph.

The 26” wheels and 1.95” high-volume e-cruiser offer riders a smooth, safe ride, and the wide set handlebars and adjustable handlebars allow you to find your most comfortable riding posture.

The handlebars and the seat can be positioned to accommodate people over 6 feet tall.

The high weight capacity of this electric cruiser-style e-bike makes it easy to take grocery shopping or on other errands.

Other Considerations

  • This e-bike comes in both black and white.
  • Even though the battery is 250W, it takes 6-8 hours to charge.


  • Step-through low mid-bar frame
  • Adjustable handlebar stem, handlebars, and seat
  • High-speed 6-gear system
  • Attached front headlight
  • High weight capacity of 330 pounds


  • Heavier at 50 lbs
  • Takes 6-8 hours to charge

Ancheer 20 Inch Wheel 500W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike– The Most Powerful eMTB With The Longest Range

Price: $789

Product Specifications

Battery: 36V

Derailleur: 6-Speed professional gearing; LCD display with 3 modes

Motor: 500W

Brakes: Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Frame: Aluminum frame with high-impact suspension forks

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Who is this Ancheer Electric Bike Suitable For?

The Ancheer 20 Inch Wheel 500W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is meant for riders who like to explore rugged terrain. However, its larger, fat tires also offer commuters a smoother ride over sewer grates and streetcar tracks.

Best Features

Whether pedaling or using the 500W motor, this mountain e-bike takes you further than most and does not limit the rider to any terrain. 

The 12.5Ah battery gives you a range of at least 18 to 40 miles, depending on how often you use any of the 5 levels of pedal assistance.

This high-performance Ancheer electric mountain bike boasts professional-speed gearing and 4.0 fat wheels that assist with riding on sand, snow, gravel, packed dirt, and minor uphill trails.

The bike’s most unique feature is that the 20″ fat wheels and tires have a high-quality anti-slip surface, which makes it more of an all-weather bike.

The professional 6-speed Shimano transmission on this e-mountain bike guarantees a smooth ride. Front and rear disc brakes allow precise stopping, even during wet conditions or descending steep slopes.

Other Considerations

Despite its power, strong frame, and fat wheels, this Ancheer Electric Mountain bike is not recommended for extreme sports, as it will not handle slopes at more than 10 degrees.


  • Fat tires provide safety and stability.
  • 500W motor goes the distance
  • 6-speed Shimano transmission
  • 5 levels of pedal assist and throttle
  • LED display


  • Limited color choice
  • The slope must not be more than 10 degrees.
  • Longer 6-8 hour charging time

Check out my review of the eagle electric fat bike!

Ancheer Warranty

All Ancheer electric bikes, including the Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike, have a one-year warranty with a return within 7 days and a guarantee to replace defective parts or parts damaged by shipping within 15 days.

The warranty period for 16 different e-bike parts is described in full on the Ancheer warranty website page. 

Ancheer Electric Bikes Summarized

If you are a commuter, you don’t need an Ancheer electric mountain bike. You’ll be happy with one of their electric commuter bikes

Assuming you don’t travel more than 20 miles a day, a less expensive e-bike with 250-watt battery life will serve you well. Thus, you should consider the Ancheer 16-inch or 18-inch Wheel 250W Folding City Commuter Electric Bike.

Check Electric Bike Reviews

Before you buy an electric bicycle with an electric motor, be sure to check out the electric bike reviews, as they offer great value when it comes to assessing any Ancheer product.

Below is our review of the Ancheer electric bike!

Fenders Matter

If you live in a rainy city or plan to ride along muddy trails, be sure to buy an Ancheer e-bike with fenders to protect it from the snow, rain, and splashes of dirt.  

This Ancheer electric bike review found that the Ancheer 26-inch Wheel 250W Commuting Electric Cruiser Bike and Ancheer 20-inch Wheel Folding City Commuter Electric Bike are good value, offering protection from the mud when off-road riding.

Consider A Removable Battery

If you are planning on riding your Ancheer e-bike in all kinds of weather or simply just like to wash your bike a lot, it is recommended to buy an e-bike with a removable lithium battery such as the Ancheer 26-inch Wheel 250W Commuting Electric Cruiser Bike with Removable 12.5Ah Battery (AMA5685), and the Ancheer 26-inch Wheel 500W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike with Removable 36V 12.5Ah Battery (AMA5688).

Watch Out for Weight Capacity

Consider your weight and height before buying an Ancheer e-bike and if you will be carrying any backpacks or groceries on it. 

Some electric bikes such as the Ancheer 26-inch Wheel 500W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike, and the Ancheer AE4 20-inch Wheel Folding City Commuter Electric Bike have a greater weight capacity than others.


If affordability is an issue, this Ancheer electric bike review found that a mini e-bike, rather than a full-size electric cruiser bike or a mountain bike is a better choice. The motorbike batteries are smaller, making the electric bike less expensive.

More expensive electric bikes have additional features, such as a lighter aluminum alloy frame, a bright led headlamp, and mechanical disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. 

They also tend to have several modes of pedal assist, a rear hub motor, and an adjustable, removable down tube.

Long Or Short Range

If you want an Ancheer electric bike with the most range, our electric mountain bike review found that the Ancheer 26-inch Wheel 500W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is a good choice. 

Usually, the more powerful the Ancheer electric bike battery is, the more you are going to pay.

Comfort and Control Matter Most

Finally, consider what kind of bicycle frame, seat position, and seat height makes you feel the most at ease on an e-bike. 

Everything, including the position of the hand brakes, the styles of the pedals, and the position of your e-motor bike digital display, is very important, especially if it is your first e-bike.

Once that Ancheer electric bike is powered on, you need to be in as much physical control of it as possible. Luckily, this affordable manufacturer of e-bikes offers many ergonomic commuter and mountain bike frames that provide comfort whether you have it in pure electric mode or are riding it like a regular bike.



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