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Are Trek E-Bikes Waterproof?

A Trek electric bike is ideal for heavy riders and commuters who need a little boost and don’t want to sacrifice performance. But they are a substantial investment, so many people want to know if they’ll be able to protect it from the rain, snow, and even during washing.

Trek Bikes doesn’t specifically state that their electric bikes are waterproof. However, they clearly indicate that their batteries are waterproof. And they tell you not to submerge electronic components in the water or you may lose your warranty.

So what does this mean exactly? It means that there are a few more questions that need to be asked in order to protect your expensive electric bike from being damaged by water.

I’m answering them here, so keep reading.

Are Trek E-Bikes Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

It’s not easy to determine if Trek E-bikes are technically waterproof or not.

Trek uses lots of high-quality parts (such as Bosch and Bontrager) and their reputation is staked on providing bikes people love. So, they’ve sealed all of the important parts and typically use better-than-average components to build their bikes.

This ensures that Trek e-bikes are water-resistant and weather-proof.

Red and black Trek Domane+ LT9 E-Bike
Photo Courtesy of Trek Bikes

If you’re concerned that you’ll be riding in a rainy or snowy area, you can be certain that Trek expects your e-bike to get wet. So, you can ride comfortably knowing that you have one of the best electric bikes there is.

You only have to check out the shop on their site and you’ll find any number of waterproof accessories to go along with your e-bike. And there are a number of apparel products to keep you from getting wet (such as waterproof shoe covers and gloves).

If you’re looking to waterproof your bike riding, take a look at these goodies from Amazon… waterproof pannier bags, phone wallets, and apparel (such as waterproof shoe covers and cycling gloves).

I recommend that you shop for waterproof bike accessories on Amazon (and not just because I’m an affiliate). You’ll definitely save money over shopping on an e-bike retailer site and loads of reviews can help you decide exactly what to get.

And then there’s the battery…

Is the battery on a Trek electric bike waterproof?

Trek Bikes claims that each electric bike has a waterproof battery. And, in all of my e-biking research, I haven’t found anything to suggest otherwise.

Trek e-bike batteries charge quickly and have an intelligent battery system that securely locks in all the power while you’re riding. This also suggests that the battery on any Trek bike is waterproof.

Check out all of the high-quality, sleek, & sporty Trek e-bike models like the one below!

Black with red and yellow E-Caliber 9.8 XT electric bike
Super cool Trek E-Caliber 9.8 XT… Love the colors!

Most of their bikes even have batteries sealed in a case which gives me more confidence that they are indeed waterproof. Being enclosed in the frame also helps the battery blend in and looks pretty sleek… definitely a perk!

But, a couple of their least expensive models, the Trek Verve+2 and the Verve+2 Low-Step, don’t have these cases. This doesn’t mean that the batteries aren’t waterproof, however. It just means that they look like batteries attached to your e-bike.

In other words, they’re just like many other electric bike brands on the market who want to offer less expensive bikes by lowering the costs of manufacturing.

Get the tips you need to take care of your e-bike’s battery

Can You Ride a Trek E-Bike in the Rain?

Riding a Trek e-bike in the rain is totally acceptable. High-quality Trek bikes have electric systems built to handle getting wet.

For example, Trek tells you that their bikes, like the Domaine+ models, can handle rain and snow. But it does come with a warning… just make sure you don’t submerge any of the electric components, including the battery, motor, and controller.

Doing so can break your warranty as well as leave you with a rusting electric bike and battery that has non-working electric parts. Every Trek e-bike will have this stipulation, so it’s good to keep in mind.

Purple high-end electric road bike
Trek Domane Electric Road bike

Riding safely in the rain

You’ll also want to make sure you stay safe when you ride your e-bike in the rain. Rain can cause roads to be slippery, especially if you’re riding where cars have left oil and grease in your path.

There are some ways to be cautious, however:

  • Water certainly won’t hurt the tires and it’s best to lower your tire pressure if you’ll be riding in the rain or snow. This will help your tires have more contact with the ground, thus giving you more grip. Velonews suggests you decrease your tires by 10 psi or so if you’ll be riding a road bike fast.

    Of course, this depends on your bike and its tires and inner tubes and inner tubes. I can decrease my own Rad Mini e-bike’s tire pressure from 30 psi to 10 psi and still ride it… but I only do this when riding on bumpy or slippery terrain. This seems like a whole lot but don’t confuse electric bike tires with auto tires (they’re not the same).
  • Make sure you have a working headlight and brakelight (Amazon)
  • Be prepared with the waterproof gear you need to stay safe and comfortable. For instance, have a good pair of rain-proof non-slip gloves (Amazon) so you can keep in control of your electric bike.
Black waterproof bike riding gloves
These waterproof gloves by ShowersPass will keep hands warm and dry. And your grip won’t slip, even in the rain (Amazon link)

Concern over riding your Trek electric bike in the rain is as much about keeping you and your bike safe from accidents as it is about being waterproof!

Learn more e-bike safety tips here!

How Do You Wash a Trek E-Bike?

Even though Trek E-Bikes, like most electric bikes, are water-resistant, they require caution when washing.

If you want to wash down your e-bike, the main thing you should know is to avoid using high water pressure. Don’t directly spray any electric parts and only use a light spray on the rest of the bike.

Check your hose nozzle before you point it towards your e-bike. And DON’T wash it with a high-powered hose as in the picture here:

Electric bike being washed with high-pressure pump, which isn't a good idea
Never wash your e-bike like this! High-pressure water can damage the electrical components.

However, the best way to clean your electric bike regularly is without water. Just take a dry or slightly damp rag and wipe down your bike after each ride. Use only light pressure on delicate parts.

As an alternative to hosing down your e-bike, you can just purchase a bike wash that can be easily sprayed (Amazon) on selected areas.

Trek suggests using a chain cleaner and lube (Amazon) instead of washing your chain with water. And find brushes made specifically for bikes so that you don’t scratch or damage your frame or any parts.

This is the proper and safe way to wash your electric bike: Wipe it down instead of spraying it with a high-pressure hose.

Find out more about taking care of your e-bike in our step by step maintenance guide!

Are Electric Bikes Waterproof?

In general, electric bikes are not considered waterproof. But, like any traditional, non-electric bike, they are weather and water-resistant.

Most e-bikes can withstand moderate rain and light spray thanks to having sealed electric components.

You can be sure this holds true with higher-quality electric bikes, like Trek. But each e-bike is built differently and with variable quality parts. Some are very cheaply made and may not be as durable when getting wet as others.

And even though parts are protected, large amounts of water (such as a splash from a huge puddle) could still damage the electrical system on your bike.

After all, the real concern is about protecting the electric components. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Make sure your e-bike is in good working order and that the motor and battery are free of cracks and chips so that no water, or moisture, can enter
  • Avoid large puddles formed by rain
  • If you need to use water (such as after you’ve been riding in the sand and salt spray at the beach), wash your e-bike carefully. Do not wash using direct water pressure (instead, follow the instructions on washing your Trek e-bike above).
  • Dry off your bike immediately afterwards with a soft rag, paying particular attention to the electric components and metal parts, such as the chain

Are Trek e-bikes any good? Even if they’re not waterproof?

Even though Trek e-bikes aren’t really waterproof, they’re built to withstand water-damaging elements, including rain, snow, or small amounts of water during washing.

Trek seals all important parts, including bearings in the bottom bracket and cables.

The benefit of having sealed bearings is they will stay cleaner for longer because there is less dirt and dust getting in them. So your e-bike will be a little easier to maintain too.

The truth is, Trek is a high-quality bike brand, so it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed getting one, even it’s not completely waterproof!

Choose your Trek e-bike here!



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