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Where Are Ride1Up E-Bikes Made? (Why Buy One?)

Ride1Up Turris e-bike
Ride1Up Turris

As a fast-growing electric bike brand Ride1Up has more and more people asking questions about them. One of the first things bike riders want to know when deciding whether to get one is where Ride1Up makes its e-bikes.

Ride1Up electric bikes are designed in both the USA and China, built with parts from the global supply chain, and partially assembled in China. They are sold in the USA and Canada.

All of their electric bicycles have a hub motor, pedal assist, solid build quality, and an accessible price point, making them perfect for urban commutes.

Here are some additional facts that you should know before purchasing a Ride1Up electric bike.

The Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser e-bike
The Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser Cargo E-Bike is built for comfort & practicality!

Where is Ride1Up Located?

The Ride1Up electric bike brand is based in San Diego, California with its main product warehouse in Sparks, Nevada.

However, you can easily contact the company through their US-based online support team.

Online Purchase

You can purchase any of their popular electric bikes online. Not only can you purchase exactly what you want and have it shipped directly to you, but you’ll also get a 30-day FREE trial! So, if you’re not happy, you can get a full refund.

Where to Get a Test Ride?

Good news! You don’t need to be located near the company or its warehouse to get a test ride. Independent shops, dealers, and individual brand ambassadors are located throughout the United States where you can ride various models, including the popular 700 Series and the LMT’D.

You may also be able to rent Ride1Up e-bikes at various locations. If you’re interested in a particular model, be sure to contact the e-bike rental shop beforehand to make sure they have the model you want to test.

Ride1up Turris E-Bike
I like that the Turris has a sleek look with a retro vibe!

check out the Turris e-bike review!

Is Ride1Up a Good Brand?

Beginning in 2019, Ride1Up has been designing affordable e-bikes for commuters and recreational e-bike riders alike.

The fact that their e-bikes can be found throughout the US in such a short time clearly points to their success in making customers happy. High-quality e-bikes at an affordable price make them accessible to many, while a variety of models means there’s an e-bike for everyone.

Get a look at the Ride1Up brand and individual models:

Ride1Up OffersBest for:Motor
Size (Choose Frame Size S or L)Original
Roadster v2 (step over)Commuters & urban riders350W20-30 miles5’3”-6’2”$1095
Revv1Riders wanting a moped-style
e-bike with 20″x4″ tires
750W30-60 miles5’2”-6’4”$2395
Turris CommuterRiders who want more than an
entry-level e-bike but at an
affordable price
750W25-45 miles5’1”-6’4”$1295
Cafe CruiserCargo & comfort lovers750W30-50 miles5’5”-6’4”$1595
700 SeriesThose who want the ultimate classic750W30-50 miles5’0”-6’4”$1695
LMT’DPurveyors of higher-end components750W30-50 miles5’1”-6’4”$1895
ProdigyMore demanding riders250W30-50 miles 5’1”-6’4”$2295

See the full review of the Ride1UP 700 Series!

As you can see, the best value e-bike is the Roadster v2, while the Core 5 comes in under $1200. However, the best cargo bike is the Cafe Cruiser, while the 700 series has some sizeable upgrades from the original 500 series. Finally, if you want the ultimate Class 3 e-biking experience, check out the LMT’D and the Prodigy.

Being that Ride1Up is located in the Southwest, an area in the USA full of sunny days and great weather, it’s no surprise that they design efficient e-bikes built for use as daily transportation or recreation. But there are some other special things about this US-based brand as well.

Dark Gray Ride1UP Prodigy MId-Drive Torque E-Bike
Ride1UP Prodigy Mid-Drive E-Bike

What’s Unique About Ride1Up E-Bikes?

In addition to their super clean look integrated batteries, and mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes, every Ride1Up bike is a Class 3 e-bike, as opposed to a Class 1 or 2. This means that you can ride motor-assisted for a top speed of 28 mph, instead of a top speed of only 20 mph. Therefore, their electric bikes go faster than many other popular e-bike brands out there! That’s just one more way they provide the best electric bikes for transportation.

Plus, on most models, you can choose from a step-over or step-thru frame in two different colors. The step-through frame is the smaller of the two.

Another great thing about Ride1Up electric bikes is that they have lightweight options, including the Roadster v2, weighing only 32 lb, and the Ride1Up Core 5 at only 49 lb. Many electric bikes weigh up to 70 lbs or more!

Check each model to see if you’ll need to purchase any other handy accessories like a rear rack.

And, thanks to the affordable prices, sleek design with integrated batteries, and practical urban style of these e-bikes, they’re easy and fun for daily commuting, running errands, and enjoying a weekend ride, all with a powerful motor to get you up steep hills and through city streets.

Ride1Up Roadster V2
The Ride1Up Roadster single-speed commuter e-bike is their cheapest model.

If you’re considering purchasing a Ride1Up electric bike, there are many ways of finding out what you want to know:

Core-5 Mint Green XR ELECTRIC BIKE
Core-5 Mint Green XR

See our detailed core-5 review!

Where Can Ride1Up E-Bikes Be Shipped?

Currently, Ride1Up can only ship to limited countries including:

  • Continental United States
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Canada

You can ship any e-bike for free, only within the Continental US. You must pay a shipping fee to locations outside of the contiguous US between $100 and $400.

However, if you’re not located in these countries you can purchase an e-bike from the US or Canada and import it to your location as long as you follow the destination’s regulations and pay the required shipping costs and fees.

Find out more information here about shipping internationally.

Ride1Up Revv1 Moped-Style E-Bike
Ride1Up Revv1 Moped-Style E-Bike

How Much Assembly is Needed?

Fortunately, 85% of each electric bicycle is already assembled. The front fork and handlebars will need installation and tightening of bolts and screws, as will the crank, seat post, pedals, and front wheel.

You will either need to have the rest of the e-bike professionally assembled (which Ride1Up recommends), or have it looked over by a bike mechanic before you ride, to make certain it is correctly and safely assembled.

Be aware that any damage done during assembly may void the warranty. Fortunately, you can view their assembly videos to assist you.

Warranty and Returns

Ride1Up has a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects for the original owner.

As warned above, the warranty won’t cover damage due to incorrect assembly, which is a typical electric bike warranty regardless of the brand. This includes failure to install, adjust, or tighten components properly.

The warranty may also be void if you make certain modifications or repairs to the e-bike. This won’t be an issue for most people who just want to get a great e-bike and ride it!

It’s always a good idea to read the entire warranty agreement if you have any concerns.

Along with every pedal assist e-bike purchase comes a 100% money-back guarantee. Specifically, you get a 30-day trial period in case you decide to return your e-bike. There are a few requirements that must be met to qualify for this benefit.

Ride1Up Parts & Accessories

Thankfully, Ride1Up has its own online parts and accessories shop where you can find battery chargers, digital controller displays, replacement keys, passenger kits, and more.

You can even get a cool-looking pannier bag to carry bike tools and supplies. You can get the all-important bike tool kit from Amazon.


Ride1Up electric bikes are easy to find and buy with the click of a button, even without leaving your home. And they’re worth it, both in cost, utility, and value!

Make sure to check out the various models and read customer reviews to find the best e-bike for you since all of them are high-quality, reasonably priced, and have a top speed of 28 mph using pedal assist (Class 3). And don’t forget to check for special Ride1Up offers.

Still not sure what e-bike you want? Compare Ride1Up to Rad Power Bikes!

Ride1Up 700 Step Through Review (Tested!)

Light blue Ride1Up 700 Step-Through E-Bike

Having been intrigued about Ride1Up brand e-bikes for a couple of years, I was super excited to get a Ride1Up 700 Series Step Through for review and testing. I’d had my eye on the 700 Series since it seemed to offer so many cool features for a surprisingly low price.

When I started this review, I was hopeful that it would be everything it appeared to be. Read to find out if the 700 Step-Through lived up to my quality and features expectations and whether it might be the right e-bike for you.

Watch this review!

Pros and Cons of the Ride1Up 700 Series Step-Through

So here it is… the low-down on the Ride1Up 700 Series Step-Through, tested over a 2-week period.

After reading these pros and cons, the clear takeaway is that the Ride1Up 700 Step-Through offers great value through impressive features and quality components, with only a few drawbacks that can be easily overcome.

Sleek look of the frame with an integrated battery (instead of a clunky battery attached to the outside of the frame)Assembly was more difficult than it needed to be… a few added details in written and video instructions would be helpful
Impressive use of high-quality components, with brand names from Tektro & ShimanoThe pedal assist cadence sensor takes off rather quickly when barely pressing the pedal (you may get used to this quickly… or read below for how to reduce sensor sensitivity)
8-speed gear shifts (most drivetrains are only 7-speed, at least in this price range)Pedal assistance lags a bit when climbing
hills (increase the pedal assist level before starting up an incline to solve this)
Hydraulic brakes make it much easier to stop than mechanical disc brakes
The front suspension fork makes a huge difference in ride quality and comfort.
Class 3 e-bike with a higher maximum speed of 28mph while pedaling (as compared to most Class 2 motors that cut out at 20mph)
A powerful 750W hub motor gets you moving fast
Ability to customize pedal assist levels and functions (read in detail below)
The step-through frame makes it easy to get on and off (you can also choose the step-over frame)

Ride1Up 700 Series Step-Through E-Bike Review: Overview

The Ride1Up 700 Series, Step-Through or Step-Over frame, is styled as a higher-end electric bike for a lower-than-expected cost, one that performs so well that you’re ready to get rid of your car. So, the ultimate question is… does this e-bike model live up to these expectations?

My answer is an easy “yes”! After spending two weeks riding the 700 Step-Through exclusively, I still can’t believe I’m getting all of the features and quality components on an e-bike priced at $1695. I’d expect to pay over $2000 for an electric bike package like this.

Woman riding away on Ride1Up 700 Step-Through Electric Bike
Riding in an upright comfortable position!

First Test Ride & First Impressions

On my first ride, I was amazed at how comfortable I was getting on this step-thru and fitting easily on it despite my small size (5’1″).

The next thing I noticed was how smooth and easy the ride was. Not only did I feel like I was gliding down the road, I easily passed my riding partner while we were both riding at a pedal assist level of 1 with gears set to 8 (and at the same pedal cadence or rhythm).

My positive first impressions were in large part due to the 700 Series 27.5″ x 2.4″ wheels (as compared to my RadMini ebike with 20″ X 3″ tires). But even without a comparison, I’ve loved everything about the tall wheels and WTB Groov-e tires… from the fact that I can cover a great distance quickly to the ability to ride easily on hard-packed dirt and slide over curbs.

Not to mention the ability to roll the Ride1Up 700 e-bike right into my house, as opposed to needing a running start with a front wheel lift.

Watch this video for a sneak peek at what you get with the Ride1Up 700 Series!

Week One of Testing

After a week of riding on smooth pavement, bumpy sidewalks, and steep hills, I found myself abnormally impressed by the added front suspension fork and hydraulic brakes. To me, these are huge bonuses that have increased my riding pleasure immensely (I’m still blown away at the price for all of this)!

Although I added a suspension seat post to my previous e-bike, I can take it or leave it with the 700 Series. Yes, a suspension seat post would be nice, but then surely Ride1Up would have to increase the price!

But thanks to the front fork’s 100mm suspension travel, which removes a majority of the shock from hard bumps, adding a suspension seat probably isn’t necessary.

I did have to adjust the hydraulic disc brakes a bit after installation (Ride1Up suggests you will need to do this simple task… you can watch a two-minute video if you don’t know how). But, once I used the brakes down every test hill and around corners, I was pretty certain I didn’t want to go back to mechanical disc brakes.

The Tektro dual piston hydraulic brakes on the 700 Series come to a complete stop smoothly and efficiently, without any jarring or feeling as though you’ll be thrown off your bike, even when stopping on a downhill (at a reasonable speed). This is why hydraulic brakes are typically found on higher-end e-bikes… because they provide more stopping power.

But yet again, Ride1Up isn’t charging you extra for this beneficial feature. Paying $1695 for all of the other features on the 700 Series would be worth it, even without the hydraulic brakes.

Light blue Ride1Up 700 Step-Through E-Bike
Ride1Up 700 Series in Blue; also in Gunmetal Gray

Week Two of Testing

By week two, I was already beginning to wonder whether I’d ever go back to riding my old e-bike, which just seems slow and clunky in comparison.

It has been so easy to ride the 700 Series, that I nearly forgot that I used to be happy riding another e-bike.

By far, I’ve been most impressed with the:

  • integrated battery (super easy to take on and off)
  • advanced settings in the display (to adjust pedal assist, etc.)
  • front suspension fork
  • hydraulic brakes
  • powerful 750W motor
  • 27.5″ wheels and tires
Ride1Up 700 Series LCD Display turned on
Adjustable LCD Display

Ride1Up 700 Step-Through Review: Performance and Specifications

To truly decide if the Ride1Up 700 is the best electric bike for you, look closely at the specs and how each component performs.

Read the review notes in the table below for the most notable information and check out the performance rating for each. The Performance rating was determined in conjunction with expectations based on the $1695 price of the 700 Series.

700 Series Performance ComponentsReview NotesPerformance Rating (1-10)
Motor750W Sustained Geared Hub Motor (48V Bafang)More than powerful enough for commuting and riding for pleasure9.5
Battery48V 15Ah Reention Rhino with Samsung CellsPlenty powerful but not unusual; extra points for frame integration9.2
Range30-50 milesPretty standard for an e-bike in this price range (testing revealed that you can get 40-50 miles from a single charge…see below)8.5
BrakesTektro Dual Piston 180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/ Cutoff SensorSmooth, capable stopping & easy to dismount e-bike while braking 9.7
ForkMozo Hydraulic Lockout with 100mm Suspension TravelAlmost unbelievable to get a front suspension hydraulic fork on an e-bike at this price!9.8
Drivetrain (Gear Shifts)Shimano Acera 8-Speed Trigger ShifterEasy to change; 8 gears make a difference over the standard 7-speed gearing9.6
Derailleur & CassetteShimano Acera Derailleur (RD M3000) & Shimano 11-30TSmooth-shifting transitions9.4
Display & ControllerAdjustable Speed LCD Color Display & 48V22A DMHC Sinewave ControllerBasic functions are easy and intuitive; Large # of advanced settings to customize your ride (follow this video if desired) 9.5
Tires27.5″ x 2.4″ WTB Groov-EProvide a smooth, comfortable ride (may also get Schwalbe Super Moto X tires, depending on frame and color choice)9.8
ThrottleLeft-Side ThumbSomewhat unusual to be on the left side; not as much motor power as I’d like going up steep hills (but it does the job)9.0
SensorCadence SensorTakes off a little too fast on level ground and lags a bit when riding up an incline8.8

Rear Hub Motor

As a Class 3 electric bike with a throttle and 750W geared hub motor, you can easily reach your destination while still riding legally (in most places). The rear hub motor is powerful enough to take you to the top speed limit of 28mph and get you where you need to go fast.

Just understand that the geared hub motor will cut out (stop producing power) once it reaches 28mph (while pedaling) and 20mph (using the throttle). But if you continue to pedal, you can reach a higher speed limit. Many electric bicycles have motors that stop working at 20mph with pedal assist.

So, the extra speed you get with the 700 Series is a bonus. It’s also why this e-bike is perfect for daily commuters.

Battery & Range

The 700 Series battery capacity is typical for an electric commuter bike at this price level, although it does have quality Samsung cells (which should give it a long-lasting battery life). It has a range of 30-50 miles, depending on the following:

  • road conditions
  • weather
  • riding style
  • cargo load
  • rider weight
  • overall use of throttle and pedal assist

In general, the 48V15Ah battery’s capacity is more than enough for a 40-mile+ daily commute or weekend ride (as long as you use the throttle sparingly and pedal primarily at the lower pedal assist levels).

During one range test, I completed a 10-mile relaxed ride on which I lost one-fifth of my battery charge. I used the throttle freely (as needed) and had an average pedal assistance level of 3. This suggests that you should get a good 40-50 miles out of your new 700 series battery without sacrificing power or ride quality (the actual range will be lower the more boxes you check off above).

Next, I completed the same 10-mile ride on Level 1 the whole way, only using throttle a few seconds at a time to get up a couple of rolling hills. After this ride, there wasn’t any notable drop in battery charge!

What does make this removable battery special is its position on the bike… centered on the frame and locked inside. This battery integration improves the stability of the ebike and protects the battery from weather, debris, and battery thieves, not to mention it makes the bike look nice.

closeup of Ride1Up 700 Series Crank

Pedal Assist

The 700 Series starts you with 5 assistance levels, more than enough to give you lots of speed and riding flexibility. However, at times it can either be too sensitive, moving you forward when you’re not prepared to do so or continuing to move ahead a bit once you’ve stopped pedaling.

This isn’t unusual on any electric bike with a cadence sensor rather than a torque sensor.

But here’s where I gave the pedal assistance feature extra credit… the sensitivity and amount of motor power it gives you at each level can be modified using the adjustable display! This customization ability is something that makes it stand out above other comparably priced models with controllers that aren’t programmed for these adjustments.

Here’s what you can modify using the 700 Series display:

  • Set each of the 5 levels to start at a slower or faster speed.
  • Change the battery voltage available at each level, perhaps making level 4 more powerful to help you get up hills easier.
  • Add assist levels (factory set at 5 levels).
  • Change the “Sensitivity” to a lower number- this will make your Ride1Up 700 Series start and stop more quickly. This is a game changer, as e-bikes with cadence sensors don’t require you to pedal hardly at all to move forward. So, e-bikes can start off suddenly and won’t stop right away once you’re no longer pedaling, which can be dangerous.
  • Modify the “Slow Start” setting- this will allow the powerful motor to come on slower.


Admittedly, I’ve gotten used to a right-hand twist throttle. So, remembering to use a left-hand thumb throttle has been a small adjustment.

But if you’ve never used a throttle, you will be quite impressed at how easily you can accelerate up to 20mph without pedaling at all.

That being said, the throttle is quite easy to use and the acceleration is plenty powerful in most instances, giving an adequate speed burst to get up hills or through traffic. It also works well when getting the 700 series started on a slight incline or crossing the street quickly.

The throttle doesn’t have as much power as I’d like to get up my steep test hills. You’ll get to the top, but not quickly.

And, quite frankly, I really don’t have any problems with it being on the left handlebar instead of the right.

700 Series Throttle and Display
Easily use your left thumb to push down throttle

Additional Specs and Components

I believe that the 700 Series performance features are worth the price you pay for the e-bike itself (for either the step-through or step-over frame). But add in the other quality parts and benefits and you get one of the best electric bikes for the money.

Here’s what else you get:

  • Integrated Front Light (Buchel 50 Lux) Plus Rear Light
  • Front and Rear Alloy Fenders
  • Rear Cargo Rack
  • 48V Battery Charger with LED Realtime Charging Indicator Light
  • Promax Adjustable Stem
  • Upright Handlebars
  • VELO Faux Leather Grips
  • Selle Royal Freeway Saddle (Plush Gel)
  • KMC Professional 8-Speed Chain
  • Wellgo Alloy Pedals
  • Stainless Steel Spokes
  • 33mm Double Wall Rims
  • Heavy Duty Kickstand for Extra Support
  • Two Keys for Integrated Battery System Removal
black 700 Series Rear Rack
700 Series includes a rear rack

Ride1Up 700 Step Through vs Regular Step Over Frame

Since I rode and tested the Ride1Up 700 Series Step Through, it may be helpful to understand how it’s different from the regular step-over 700 Series XR.

There are only small differences between the step-thru frame and the regular frame, primarily the size of the frame and how you get on and off. With the step-thru, you only need to lift one leg up just over 17″ to get into riding position. With the regular frame, you must lift one leg up and over the top tube to get on and off. On the regular 700 Series (XR), you’ll need to get your leg over a 29.5″ top tube.

Truthfully, you can simply choose to ride the 700 Step-Through instead of the regular frame, unless you are taller than 6’2″. But, if you are over 6′, there’s a good chance that you will be more comfortable riding on the 700 Series XR frame.

Here are the reasons you might choose to ride the 700 Step-Through:

  1. You are under 5’5″ (or your inseam is too short), in which case, the step-thru is recommended
  2. You are not physically able to lift your leg up and over the bike’s frame to mount it
  3. You want to be able to dismount quickly (or get on your bike quickly)
  4. You want to be able to ride if you get injured or have sore hips, back, etc.
  5. You are a senior citizen
Ride1Up 700 step-through frame in blue

Weight, Load Capacity, & Dimensions

To be truly comfortable on an electric bike, it’s essential that you find the right fit for your body and needs. I was honestly surprised to find that I fit extremely comfortably on the 700 StepThrough (ST) even though I’m at the bottom end of the rider height range at 5’1″. And there is still room left to lower the seat.

Here’s a look at the 700 Series’ weight, sizing, and load.

700 Series ST (Step-Through)700 Series XR (Step-Over)
Bike Weight62lbs62lbs
Load Capacity300lbs300lbs
Rider Height Range5′-6’2″5’5″-6’4″
Stand-Over Height (Inseam)17”29.5″
Seat Height31″-38″33″-40″
Seat Tube18″19″
Handlebar Reach & Height18” & 40″22″ & 41″

Both the 700 Series Step-Through (ST) and Step-Over (XR) models are quite capable with their 300lb load capacity, carrying 25-50 lbs more than many comparable e-bikes. This is more than enough to carry yourself and the gear you need for your daily commute or weekend ride. What you carry on your rear rack is included in this, but keep in mind that the rear rack itself is rated at 50 lbs maximum load.

A 62-pound bike is still quite heavy, but I’m thrilled because it’s 6 pounds lighter than my previous e-bike! Plus, many electric bikes weigh even more than 70 lbs.

The 700 Series will fit just about anyone, as long as you choose the correct frame, ST or XR.

Those under 5′ may struggle to reach the ground. However, thanks to the 700 Series step-through version, there’s a little bit of leeway here if you don’t mind sliding off the saddle when stopping. I can lower my seat an additional 2.5″, which means that someone 4’11” may fit on it.

Be sure to measure your inseam if you’re concerned about being able to comfortably reach the ground or stand over the XR frame.

How Much Does the Ride1Up 700 weigh?

I’ve mentioned that the Ride1Up 700 is not exactly lightweight at 62 lbs. However, this weight does include the rack, fenders, and battery. This is a pretty average weight for an electric bike, as most weigh between 55 lbs and 70 lbs without a rear rack or fenders.

The 700 Series actually weighs around 6 lbs less than my first e-bike, so I’m pretty happy about this.

Dimensions and Size measurements for the 700 Series Step-Through
700 Series Step-Thru Frame Dimensions

Finally, keep in mind that these size guidelines are just that… guidelines! Getting the perfect fit on any bike is a personal thing and also has to do with your riding style and how often you ride.

But, based on my experience with the 700 series, I’m pretty confident that you’ll get a great fit if you fall within the stated guidelines.


Ride1Up boasts that the 700 Series is built for the “most comfortable ride ever”. And if you’re commuting or riding pretty much every day, then comfort is essential.

Now, I haven’t ridden every electric bicycle out there, but there’s no doubt that this commuter bike is full of comfort features. And I’m super comfortable when riding. Not only that it’s an improvement over my Rad Power Bikes RadMini/RadExpand that’s currently selling for only $100 less than the 700 series.

So, what will make you comfortable riding on the 700 Series?

  • Selle Royal Freeway Plush Gel Saddle– the seat definitely has some give and is extra plush where your sit bones typically rest on the saddle
  • Promax Adjustable Angle Seat Post– you don’t want to feel as though you’re sliding off your seat… this allows you to adjust the angle to your comfort
  • Adjustable Upright Handlebars – rotate them to give you the best grip (I rotated mine up fairly high so I can get a better grip on the brakes with my small hands)
  • Hardened Alloy Fenders – protects you from flying debris (and protects e-bike components from damage)
  • And, of course, the hydraulic lockout front suspension fork– this will save you from countless hard bumps and provide a smooth ride
Black 700 Series Plush Saddle
Plush gel saddle


Fitting comfortably on your 700 Series electric bike is just one important thing keeping you safe while you ride.

There are several additional features that Ride1Up adds to the 700 series to protect you:

  • Integrated Front and Rear Lights– Controlled from your handlebar display
  • Hydraulic suspension fork– Keeps you from launching off hard bumps (I crashed my first e-bike in this way… it did NOT have any suspension)
  • Hydraulic disc brakes– greater stopping power than mechanical disc brakes (which is really important for a commuter bike that can go as fast as the 700 Series)
  • Thumb throttle (as opposed to a twist throttle)- you can’t accidentally wrap your hand around it when grabbing your handlebar

What Other Ride1Up 700 Owners Are Saying

Don’t just take my word for it that the Ride1Up 700 series offers great quality and value.

With an overall 4.8-star rating and over 658 customers leaving a review on the Ride1Up site, I was able to get a good feel for how other 700 series riders view the e-bike. First, note that 85% of the reviewers gave this model a 5-star rating while 12% left a 4-star rating. So, overall, 97% of 700 series buyers rated it excellent or above average!

The value (components and features) you get for the price is excellent!

What 700 Series Owners Like and Don’t Like

Liked by CustomersNot Liked
Customer supportAssembly instructions*
Quality and workmanshipPrefer a lighter e-bike
Pleasing design
Ability to conquer steep hills
Easy-to-read color LCD display screen
Battery life
Value for the money
*Note on assembly: Some customers found the e-bike easy to assemble while others did not.

Unboxing the Ride1Up 700 Series

Unboxing the 700 Series would have been impossible for me alone. I’d suggest having at least one other person help you get it out of the box. And if you’re lucky enough to have a third helper standing by, have them hold the box down while you and your partner pull out your new electric bike.

That being said, the Ride1Up 700 Series commuter bike is well-packed and protected, so there’s nothing to worry about there! You will spend quite a bit of time unpacking and cutting zip ties before you actually begin assembling.

Assembly Time and Instructions

Although the Ride1Up 700 Series is mostly pre-assembled, some people reported taking around 2 hours to assemble it. I’ve also heard of more experienced e-bike assemblers taking a little over an hour. Truthfully, it took me around 3 hours with about 75% help from my husband, Marc. But not being a professional bike technician, this includes a few mistakes I made that had to be redone.

That being said, if you’re willing to put in the time, you can do it yourself, even if you’re not super handy. Otherwise, take it to your local bike shop.

One other thing I should mention, my husband and I put together 2 e-bikes a couple of years ago, if you call that having previous experience.

If you intend to put it together on your own, I’d strongly recommend that you follow the assembly video as well as read the instructions. However, the video moves really fast and leaves out a few details that owners with zero or little e-bike assembly experience need. I believe that this lack of detail also contributed to the amount of time I spent assembling the electric bike.

Here’s one way to save time in the long run: be sure to list and count all of the assembly components before you begin. It’s no fun being in the middle of building an e-bike only to discover you are missing parts. Contact Ride1Up’s customer service as soon as you have any concerns.

700 Series Components spread out on floor before assembly
Here are the parts that must be assembled, in addition to the handlebars and other components attached to the frame.

Ride1Up Brand Overview

Service and Support
1-Year WarrantyStandard
30-Day ReturnsThis is a great guarantee that you will love your Ride1Up e-bike
Free ShippingStandard if you live in the Continental United States
Affirm Payment PlanChoose from 6, 12, or 36 months of payment

Choosing an electric bike should be as much about the brand as the e-bike model itself. Brands that aren’t helpful or responsive to questions aren’t worth buying an e-bike from. After all, you’re bound to need help at some point, whether it’s during assembly, learning how it functions, or with adjustments and repairs.

Thankfully, Ride1Up is a quality brand and purchasers report satisfaction with their customer support and electric bikes. And with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (and 30-Day Return policy), you can be comfortable buying one of Ride1Up’s high-quality, value-oriented e-bikes.

700 Series Step-Through E-Bike on brown grass
My Ride1UP 700 Series E-Bike.

Ride1Up 700 Step-Through Review: Wrap-Up

The Ride1Up 700 Series Step-Through is an excellent value for the money and an overall great electric commuter bike. It gives you unexpected features and perks such as brand-name components, hydraulic disc brakes, a front suspension fork, 8-speed shifters, and an integrated battery.

As if that isn’t enough, the Ride1Up 700 series comes with integrated front and back lights, fenders, and a solid rear rack, at no additional charge.

Even though most people will be able to fit on the 700 Step-Thru comfortably, Ride1Up makes it easy to double-check your fit using its size chart. There’s always the regular high-step frame as an option.

Plus, you can easily order any Ride1Up e-bike online and have it shipped directly to you. There’s no risk with their 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

Looking for a less expensive e-bike with solid features? Check out my review of the Ride1Up Core-5!

Additional reading:

Ride1Up vs. Rad Power Bikes (Brands Compared)

Ride1Up vs Rad Power Bikes: Brands Compared

E-bikes have skyrocketed in popularity, with more unique and efficient models released every year. This increased demand has driven up the competition, with many new brands introducing electric bikes to the market. But how do competing top e-bike brands, such as Ride1Up and Rad Power Bikes, compare?

Overall, the Ride1Up brand offers better value if you want more torque and need a fast e-bike for your daily commute. However, Rad Power Bikes is a more established brand and a better choice if you need a hybrid or utility e-bike to take on road trips and uneven terrain. 

However, there are numerous features and benefits to compare, especially if you’re uncertain as to how these brands differ. In this article, I’ll compare Ride1Up and Rad Power Bikes’ unique brand styles and functions in-depth, as well as consider some popular models and features from both. And I’ll show you the benefits offered by each brand and any downsides of specific models.

By comparing two of the top e-bike brands in the market and their best models, I’ll help you choose the electric bike that best suits your needs. I think you’ll be surprised to discover how perfect one of these two brands will be for you over the other.

Read on to find the best e-bike for you and take a look at the comparison charts below!

Ride1Up vs Rad Power Bikes: Brands Compared

General Overview of Each E-Bike Brand

Before we stack individual models side by side for comparison, let’s first dive into a brief overview of each brand. 

Both brands are based in the U.S. state of California and have production facilities worldwide. Rad Power Bikes is the largest and one of the best e-bike brands in the USA as well as North America. It’s also the more established brand of the two. However, Ride1UP is not far off (learn more about where Ride1Up ebikes are made) and is growing quite rapidly to take advantage of the 300% increase in e-bike demand during the pandemic.

Since both electric bikes are designed in the United States, both are made with the requirements of the U.S. market in mind. However, each brand has different selling points. While Rad Power Bikes are targeted toward recreational use, Ride1Up has marketed its e-bikes as a practical daily transport solution. Hence, Rad Power Bikes are more rugged, while Ride1Up bikes are more urban and have a slender, road bike design

Both brands provide excellent quality, and both have similar prices, although Ride1Up has a lower starting price for their basic e-bike. Both brands also offer excellent customer support, although Rad Power Bikes has a more established after-sales service.

Now that we’ve established that both brands have a similar standing in terms of general factors, let’s look closer at each brand to see what they offer, starting with Ride1Up. 

Ride1Up Turris Electric Bike
Ride1Up Brand Electric Bikes are sophisticated with their integrated batteries and sleek style

Ride1Up E-Bikes (Pros and Cons) 

Pros Cons 
More Affordable Rear Rack or Fenders May Be Optional
Lighter-Weight Frames Not Good For Off-Road Riding
Step-Through Frame OptionsLess Established Customer Support 
Better Torque 
Sleeker Designs
Higher Pedal Assist Speed (28 mph vs 20 mph)
Pros and Cons of Ride1Up Brand E-Bikes

Ride1Up electric bicycles are generally designed for use as electric road bikes or commuter e-bikes. They’re lightweight, have decent torque, and even offer a single-gear model for a short-distance daily commute. Ride1Up e-bikes are also more affordable than many, with the cheapest models starting at just over $1000!

The sleek design of these comfortable electric bikes also makes them ideal for daily inner-city commutes or paved road riding. These e-bikes are designed in the same pattern as regular bicycles and do a great job of blending in. One thing that really stands out is that the e-bike’s battery is integrated into the bike’s frame, giving it a smooth, slender design.

They may also pack a less powerful motor (350W to 750W depending on the model) than Rad Power Bikes of the same price range. The wheels are larger but not wider, and they don’t carry any additional add-ons such as rear racks or fenders. If you need a utility e-bike, this may be a disadvantage, but if you need a commuter bike, you don’t need fancy add-ons or wider tires. And, of course, you can always add a bike rack.

While it’s important to remember that different models may have different specifications, many e-bikes will sacrifice utility for style and ease of use. In short, Ride1Up e-bikes do a great job of fitting their purpose and giving you the best bang for the buck.

Rad Power Bikes side by side
Wide Tires improve Rad Power Bikes’ off-road performance

Rad Power Bikes (Pros and Cons) 

Pros Cons 
Stronger Frame Slightly More Expensive
Step-Through Frame OptionsHeavier Frame 
External Battery (easily removed to protect from theft)External Battery (design isn’t as sleek)
More Motor Power 
More Add-ons Including Rear Racks and Fenders 
Better After-Sales Service 
Better Off-Road Performance 
Pros and Cons of Rad Power Bikes Brand E-Bikes

Rad Power Bikes is the most established and popular e-bike brand in the U.S. These electric bikes are known for their quality and durability, and the company’s customer support network is known to be much more efficient than others. They also have a wider range of e-bikes to choose from. Although, as a result of all this, Rad Power Bikes models are more expensive than other e-bike brands. 

With Rad Power Bikes, you’ll get every dollar’s worth of value. These e-bikes are designed to provide additional features and are generally more powerful. Even though the battery isn’t integrated into the frame, many RAD e-bikes have a chic look. Depending on the model, they can be used as either electric commuters, road, or utility bikes, as well as off-road e-bikes. 

Rad Power Bikes usually have thicker, wider tires, making them perfect for off-road terrain. Some models even include 3″-4″ fat tires. They also have excellent balance and decent torque, especially the bigger models. And Rad Power Bikes utilizes seamless gear transition technology, which provides a smooth riding experience. 

My own Rad step-thru e-bike is all of this and more. With its 3-inch tires, it’s quite capable of moving from a paved trail or road to a dirt or light trail as needed. Plus, it’s a folding e-bike that’s also powerful and sporty… so I can take it anywhere!

If you’re searching for hybrid or utility bikes with an outstanding variety of features, there’s a perfect Rad Power Bike for you. While they may be a bit heavier and won’t look as sleek as pure commuter e-bikes, they make up for it with additional benefits like integrated racks or fenders. In short, they’re the ideal multi-purpose e-bike. 

Woman Riding Electric Bike RadMini
Riding My RadMini Folding Step-Thru E-Bike!

Ride1Up 700 Series vs. RadCity Plus: A Detailed Comparison 

Now that we know the basic factors that separate Rad e-bikes from Ride1Up e-bikes, let’s compare two of the most popular ones: the RadCity Plus and Ride1Up 700 Series. Comparing these two electric bikes is appropriate since they are both built for urban road riding and are the most similar.

We’ll look at the basics such as motor capacity, price, weight, design, and battery specs. We’ll also dive deeper into the comparison by looking at display systems, braking efficiency, and additional accessories.

Motor Power

Ride1Up 700 Series: 750w capacity with 60 nm torque 

RadCity Plus: 750w power with 40 nm torque 

While both motors advertise the same power capacity, it’s essential to look at the range and torque and understand how this relates to the bike’s performance. 

The 700 Series has more power, and the maximum peak motor capacity is 800W. With this, it can reach maximum speeds of 28 mph (45.06 kph), making it a Class 3 electric bike. However, you’ll hardly be using the motor at full capacity. In most cases, it will have a sustaining power of 500W. 

On the other hand, the RadCity has a motor wattage of 750W and a maximum speed of only 20 mph (32.18 kph), making it a Class 2 e-bike. Since the sustained capacity of 750W is higher than the 700 Series, it may be better for long-distance drives. However, it just may be the fastest Rad Bike due to its tall wheels and narrow tires!

However, the motor performance advantage goes to Ride1Up in this case, but only because of much higher torque. If you need an affordable e-bike with a high-performance motor, the Ride1Up 700 series is a great option. 

700 Series electric bike in the sunset
700 Series electric bike in the sunset

Get the Ride1Up 700 Series full review right here!

Battery Performance 

Ride 1 Up 700 Series: 48V, 14Ah with 672Wh (Watt-hours) battery charging 

RadCity Plus: 48V, 14Ah with 672Wh charging

Both e-bikes have a lithium-ion battery and the same battery capacity. However, the RadCity has an edge with over 800 charge cycles and thus may have a longer battery life than the 700 Series. It’s a negligible difference but still something to consider. 

The range for both e-bikes varies from around 30 miles to 50 miles, depending on how much power assistance you use while riding (both pedal assist and throttle).

Weight and Frame Design 

Ride 1Up 700 Series: 62lbs (28.12 kg) with both step-through and standard frames. 

RadCity Plus: 64 lbs (29.02 kg) with both step-thru and standard frames. 

The 700 Series is 2 lbs (0.9 kg) lighter than the RadCity, which is negligible as both are on the higher end of the e-bike weight range. Both offer slender frames and have an aesthetically pleasing design. However, the RadCity has the battery attached to the frame externally. In contrast, the 700 Series has it integrated into the frame, giving it the edge in design. 

Additional Accessories 

Ride 1Up 700 Series: Integrated Rack/Fenders and LED headlight and taillight; LCD screen (adjustable speed color display); heavy-duty kickstand

RadCity Plus: Integrated Rack/Fenders and headlight with brake light; backlit LCD display; heavy-duty aluminum kickstand

Both e-bikes include integrated racks and fenders. The RadCity also comes with a backlit LCD with unique control options. For example, you can manually overrun the top speed limit on this e-bike to reach max speed. So, overall, the RadCity electric bike has the edge when it comes to accessories (but keep in mind that you are paying for these within the higher purchase price).


Ride1Up 700 Series: $1695

Rad Power Bikes RadCity Plus: $1999

As you can see, both e-bike models are around the same price range. However, you can also get the less expensive 500 Series for around $300 dollars less without rack and fenders, as compared to the 700 Series, which is why the Ride1Up brand is considered a more affordable option. 

Further, you may be able to get an earlier RadCity model starting at around $1599.

Ride1Up vs. Rad Power Bikes: Models Compared

There are two major differences between all Rad Bike and Ride1Up models:

  • All Ride1Up models are Class 3 (which means the electric motor will assist you until you reach 28mph) while all Rad Bikes are Class 2 (which means motor power will assist you until you reach 20mph)
  • The former brand offers a thumb throttle while the latter offers a twist throttle

To see how some of the other unique models compare between brands, take a look at the following charts:

Brand & ModelMotorBatteryDrivetrainBrakesWeightSpecial FeaturesPrice
Rad Power Bikes 3-Wheel
750W geared hub; 50nm torque48V 10 Ah (480 Wh)Single-speed chain driveMechanical
Disc Brake (Front) + rear coaster
82 lb3-wheel stability; fold-down handlebars; step-thru design$2499
Ride1Up Roadster V2 350W geared hub; 40nm of torque36V 7Ah (252 Wh)Single-speed belt driveTektro Mechanical
Disc Brakes
32 lbPedal assistance to 25mph; integrated battery; belt drive$1095
Rad Power Bikes RadTrike or Ride1Up Roadster V2?
Rad Power Bikes RadTrike
Rad Power Bikes RadTrike
Red Ride1Up Roadster Best Overall E-Bike with thinner frame and tires
The Ride1Up Roadster V2 commuter e-bike
Brand & ModelMotorBatteryDrivetrainBrakesWeightSpecial FeaturesPrice
Rad Power Bikes
RadRover Plus
750W brushless geared hub; 50nm torque48V 14Ah (672Wh)7-speed chain driveHydraulic
Disc Brakes
73lb12-magnet cadence sensor; twist throttle; semi-integrated battery$1999
750W geared hub; 100nm of torque48V 14Ah (672Wh)8-speed chain drive4-piston hydraulic disc brakes53lb100nm of torque; pedal assist to 28mph; 27.5″ X 2.4″ tires$1795
Rad Power Bikes RadRover Plus vs Ride1Up LMT’D
RadRover 6 Plus E-Bike
RadRover Plus E-Bike
Ride1Up LMT'D electric bike
Ride1Up LMT’D with torque sensor

Finally, here are some reasons to check out other e-bikes from each brand:

Additional Ride1Up Models

  • Core 5– A simple e-bike with all of the essentials, built to “replace and outlast your car” (get our detailed Core-5 review right here)
  • Turris– A Ride1Up upgrade that’s bound to be one of the most popular models designed for riding long distances
  • Cafe CruiserCargo-style e-bike that carries up to 130 lbs on its integrated rear rack
  • Prodigy– Built to impress, this electric bike will take your riding to a new level with unbeatable value
  • Revv1– A cool moped-style electric bike with a rugged design made for thrills!
The Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser e-bike
The Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser Cargo E-Bike with 48V 15ah battery

Additional Rad Power Bikes Models

  • RadRunner– With a simple seat adjustment, this bike can be used like a traditional bike, cargo bike, or utility e-bike that carries a second rider on the back
  • RadWagon– Just like it sounds, it’s built to bring your kids along for the ride
  • RadExpand– All new in 2022 and the most affordable model that mimics the RadMini but is lighter and has fatter tires
RadRunner Plus E-Bike model
RadRunner Plus with back seat added for additional rider

Ready for more? Discover the many reasons for buying an e-bike from Rad Power Bikes and get a side-by-side comparison of each model!

Rad Power Bikes vs Ride1Up E-Bikes: Final Thoughts 

Both Rad Power Bikes and Ride1Up brands have some of the most popular e-bikes available, both due to their quality and affordable prices. Still, when you compare the specs of similarly priced electric bicycles in-depth, you’ll find noticeable differences. 

Rad Power Bikes offers e-bikes with more accessories, wider tires, and more stability, making excellent utility and off-road bikes. Ride1Up offers bikes with a sleek design, more torque, and a lightweight frame, making them the perfect electric bike for commuting to college classes or work, or just to get around town.

In summary, if you want to use your e-bike for more than an inner-city commute, go for Rad Power Bikes. Otherwise, Ride 1Up electric bicycles are an excellent choice. 

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Rad Power Bikes Brand: 13 Reasons to Buy Its E-Bikes (Models Compared)

White folding Rad Power Bike with hills in the background

As a Rad Power Bikes owner, I know firsthand how much fun my RadMini is to ride. But this isn’t the only reason one of this brand’s electric bikes might be perfect for you (and honestly, there is one reason why you may not want to buy one of their e-bikes… I’ll tell you about this as well).

Overall, Rad Power Bikes is one of the top electric bike brands, as you’ll find out in this article.

Here’s a list of the 13 reasons to buy an electric bike from the Rad Power Bikes brand:

  1. Largest e-bike brand in the USA
  2. Wide selection of models (see Comparison chart)
  3. Exclusively sells electric bikes
  4. Sells direct to consumer
  5. Affordable prices
  6. High-quality e-bikes
  7. Reliable components
  8. Powerful batteries and motors
  9. Value-added features 
  10. Excellent customer ratings
  11. Great support
  12. Award-winning
  13. Accessories to fit Rad Bikes

As this list shows, Rad Power Bikes offers high-quality and great value for your money… but you’ll find out even more to help you make your electric bike buying decision.

In fact, there are reasons each Rad e-bike model is special that you won’t know about just by viewing this list.

Continue reading and you’ll discover which Rad Power Bikes e-bike is best for you in an easy-to-read side-by-side comparison chart of all of their e-bikes.

Plus, get your questions answered about this brand of electric bicycles!

1. Rad Power Bikes is the Largest E-Bike Brand in the USA

When I bought my Rad bike, I can’t deny that one of the top reasons I chose it was because Rad Power Bikes had some of the most complete and trustworthy information online as compared to the majority of brands out there.

This is evidence of the fact that they are the largest e-bike manufacturer in the United States. Rad Power Bikes has been selling e-bikes since 2015, but the brand has really been around since 2007 when founder Mike Radenbaugh built his first electric bike to ride to high school. Subsequently, he worked for years converting regular bicycles into e-bikes for individual customers.

But in 2015, he and his former college roomie, Ty Collins, decided it was time to offer this new brand of pedal assist e-bikes to everyone. Thus their flagship model, the RadRover fat tire e-bike, was born!

All black RadRover Electric Bike
RadRover 6 Plus Fat Tire Electric Bike

2. Rad Power Bikes Offers a Wide Selection (Compare E-Bike Models)

When you buy a Rad Power Bikes brand e-bike you’ll get to choose from almost a dozen models with varying features that will make one of the best e-bikes for you. And you can buy one directly from Rad Power Bikes’ official website.

Check out this model chart and you’ll find step-thru and foldable frames, fat tires, cargo features, on-road and off-road capabilities, a variety of wheel sizes, and unique features.

Rad Power Bikes ModelsType of E-BikeMotorE-Bike WeightOff-Road
Special FeaturesApprox Cost (subject to change)
RadRover 6 PlusFat Tire750W73.4 lbYes4.0” tires$2099
RadRover 6 Plus Step-ThruFat Tire/Step-Thru750W72.5 lbYes4.0” tires$2099
RadRunner 3 PlusUtility750W74.3Hard-packedIntegrated Rear Rack$2299
RadRunner 2Utility750W65 lbHard-packedIntegrated Rear Rack$1499
RadCity 5 PlusCity750W65 lbNoIntegrated Rear Rack$1999
RadCity 5 Plus Step-ThruCity/Step-Thru750W64 lbNoIntegrated Rear Rack$1999
RadCity 4 High-StepCity750W Direct Drive64 lbNoIntegrated Rear Rack; Regenerative Braking$1599
RadWagon 4Cargo750W76.7 lbHard-packedIntegrated Rear Rack/Carries 2 kids or 2 child seats$1999
Fat Tire, Hybrid/Folding750W62.5 lbYesIntegrated Rear Rack; 5 lbs lighter; New in 2022$1649
RadTrike3-wheel trike750W82 lbNoFold-down handlebars; 415 lb load capacity; Up to 55+ mile range$2499
Foldable e-bike fits in back of car
This is how the RadExpand folds and fits into the back of our car!

3. Rad Power Bikes Exclusively Sells Electric Bikes

Rad Power Bikes is a Seattle-based electric bike manufacturer that sells electric bikes exclusively, which further lends itself credibility and adds to its large market share. After all, the very first ones were built by just one person whose level of expertise has naturally grown over the years. 

And because they sell only electric bikes, you can be sure Rad Power Bikes is focused on making them perfect for the e-bike consumer, not just your traditional cyclist. So they’re made for fun, utility, and recreation, as opposed to road racing bravado.

4. Sells Direct to Consumer

Here’s a secret… because Rad Power Bikes sells directly to consumers, there aren’t any middlemen or retailers to slow down the purchase or make changes to what you’re getting. When you buy an e-bike, you’ll get it shipped directly to your door from the bike warehouse.

Plus, selling directly to you saves you money… there’s no retail shop to mark up the price!

Rad Power Bikes Shipping Box
Rad Power Bikes ships to you directly in a huge box like the one mine came in!

5. Rad Power Bikes’ E-Bikes Are Affordable

This brings us to the fact that Rad Power Bikes are affordable for a much larger population than some of the other e-bike brands. Not only can you choose the type of e-bike that’ll work best for you, but you don’t have to worry that the one you pick is thousands of dollars more than another model.

In fact, the Rad Power Bikes lineup of e-bikes is priced between approximately $1000 and $2000! Many other pedal assist e-bike brands and shops have bikes varying in cost from $800-$13,000, which makes them very hard to compare. 

This variation leaves you wondering if you’re getting a poor-quality bike if you buy a less expensive one… or if you need to spend more money to get a great e-bike.

6. Rad Power Bikes Offers High-Quality E-Bikes

Because Rad Power Bikes electric bikes all fall within the same general price range, you can expect the same quality among the choices. Thankfully, with an average price of around $1500, you’re getting a high-quality e-bike that will last for several years.

You’ll know you’ve gotten a high-quality e-bike the first time you sit on it… the frame feels solid, the tires provide good balance (and have puncture-resistant tubes), and none of the parts squeak. I noticed this immediately after putting the RadMini Folding Step-Thru together myself (with no bike-building experience mind you).

In fact, if you put your e-bike together yourself like I did (it comes about two-thirds assembled if you don’t opt to have it built for you), you’ll notice that all of the parts and materials are strong and that the electric bike is well-packed and protected.

Woman riding step-thru e-bike model
My Radmini Step-Through, now updated to the RadExpand E-Bike is easy to get on and off of

7. Uses Reliable Parts and Electric Components

There’s another reason Rad Power Bikes have excellent quality at an affordable price… they use quality brand-name components like Shimano (gears), Kenda (tires), Tektro (mechanical disc brakes), and Samsung (batteries).

The use of high-quality parts is what puts them in the $1000 and up price range. If they didn’t do this, their e-bikes would either need to be sold more cheaply or they’d be charging too much for poor quality.

Although you’re not getting the premium parts you would if you spent a few thousand dollars more on an e-bike, you’re getting reliability and assurance of overall good quality from Rad Power Bikes.

Shimano Gears on RadMini E-Bike
Rad uses Shimano Gears & Tektro Brakes!

8. Every Bike Comes with a Powerful Motor and Battery

No matter what e-bike model you buy, you’ll get an electric pedal assist, a powerful rear hub motor or direct drive motor, and a high-capacity battery! With only one model having less than a 750W motor (the single-speed RadMission has a 500W rear hub motor), you don’t have to second-guess if the bike you choose is powerful enough. So there’ll be no regrets!

If you shop outside the Rad Power Bikes brand, you’ll discover a huge variety of motor wattage in different models, many of which are only 250W-500W. And frankly, if you’re going to go electric, you want to make sure you end up with the power you’re expecting.

As for a battery, you’re getting one with enough capacity to give you a range of 20-45 miles (battery range depends on how you ride and recharge). Thus, it’s unlikely you’ll wish you had more, especially if you’re a recreational rider.

9. Valuable Features Added

The price of a fast Rad Power Bike is again exceptional considering that they add cool (and necessary) features to each model, sometimes depending on their main purpose.

In addition to pedal assist, their electric bicycles have a throttle, extra-wide tires (or fat tires on the RadRover), and an LCD controller display, as well as mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes. Additionally, some models have seating for a second rider (RadRunner Plus) or cargo racks included (RadWagon).

Dark green cargo e-bike from Rad Power Bikes
Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Cargo E-Bike with Integrated Rear Rack

10. Excellent Customer Ratings

Take a look at the brand’s customer reviews and you’ll quickly see that Rad Power Bikes models and equipment have customer reviews of almost 5 stars… out of nearly 30,000 reviews! And some individual models have thousands of reviews! Naturally, the bikes with fewer reviews tend to be newer models.

You can read them for hours! They’re in order of date, which helps you see what the current trends are instead of reading old reviews on outdated equipment and e-bikes.

For example, all of their city/commuter bikes have a 4.6-star rating (out of 5.0).

RadCity 5 Plus Reviews with picture of the e-bike
Overall, RadCity 5 Plus customers give it 4.7 stars out of 5 stars!

11. Rad Power Bikes Provides Exceptional Support

Truly, the Rad Power Bikes support is exceptional. Not only did customers have good things to say about the help they received, but you can find the answer to just about any question in their Help Center.

The Help Center easily gives you information on topics including:

  • Before you buy
  • E-bike basics
  • Owners manual and tools
  • Troubleshooting
Rad Power Bikes Support Links
Rad Power Bikes offers multiple levels of support!

But you can also search for your topic as well. Before you start, use the pull-down tab to select your region so that you get the most direct advice: North America or Europe. 

Here’s an example of my search for the correct tire pressure: I simply put “tires” in the search field and in one step found a listing (“Tire Performance”) that answered my question about the best inflation (PSI) for my Rad bike tires (20-30 PSI is recommended, in case you have the same question).

And if you still can’t find an answer, just click on “Contact Us” and submit a question. Or you can call them directly or use their chat feature at the bottom of the screen (a little orange button that says “help”).

12. Rad Power Bikes is Award-Winning

Receiving awards hasn’t been hard for this top brand. They’ve received numerous awards on various pedal assist models from Electric Bike Review and the notable Core 77 Design Awards. Further, Rad Power Bikes was named one of 2021’s “Most Innovative Companies” in a review by Fast Company and one of the “Fastest Growing Companies” by Inc. Magazine.

13. Accessories to Fit Rad Bikes

selection of Rad Accessories
Rad Power Bikes offers high-quality accessories to fit each of their e-bikes!

From baskets, bags, and fenders to security features and cool electric bike upgrades, you can accessorize as desired, all the while protecting and enhancing your ride.

Plus, they always have a selection of optional equipment at a special discount.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rad Power Bikes

Are Rad Power Bikes Any Good?

I certainly think this article has answered this question in general. Rad Power e-bikes are better than good… they’re great! Just read the customer reviews and try out an e-bike for 14 days without fully committing.

You get amazing value for the price and they use well-known brand components to build their electric bicycles, which is pretty impressive considering the cost is on the lower end of the price range.

Additionally, you know a brand is good when they continuously upgrade its models. For example, in the 6 years, they’ve been selling direct to customers, they have produced 6 versions of their RadRover flagship model. That’s an upgrade once every year.

What Are the Disadvantages of Rad Power Bikes Brand E-Bikes?

Generally speaking, there’s only one disadvantage… they’re heavy! With the exception of one model, the RadMission (which weighs 48 lbs), every one of their e-bikes weighs between 64 lbs and 77 lbs (see each model’s weight in the comparison chart above).

Orange RadWagon Cargo E-Bike
The RadWagon 4 Cargo Bike weighs almost 77 lbs… but it also carries a load up to 350 lbs!

So, if you’re a smaller person or not physically capable of lifting 64+ pounds, then you need to plan on either not lifting it at all (fine if you ride everywhere from home) or having a partner on hand to help you.

Of course, this weight issue isn’t exclusive to the Rad Power Bikes brand. Electric bikes are generally 20-40 lbs heavier than traditional bicycles. And many e-bike brands struggle with making their bikes lighter while maintaining quality and a reasonable price.

How Fast Do Rad Power E-Bikes Go?

Every electric bike in the Class 2 Rad Power line-up can go up to 20 mph with pedal assist. The geared hub motor cuts off after you reach that speed. But you can end up riding well over 20 mph downhill because of the rolling force (or if you use your own pedal pumping energy). 

And since each e-bike comes with a throttle, you can actually get a burst of additional speed whenever you need it. This comes in super handy when starting off on an incline or at a stoplight with other traffic.

If you’re like my husband, you can easily go 27-28 mph downhill. But, I prefer to not exceed 22-24 mph when riding down a steep hill.

Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus
RadCity 5 Plus

How Long Do Rad Power Bikes Last?

When well taken care of, the actual frame of the e-bike should last for many years, much longer than the battery which will generally last up to 5 years.

Since most Rad models use a 48V, 14 Ah lithium-ion battery and have a 30 Amp continuous BMS (Battery Management System), you can expect to get up to 800 full charges. 

Of course, most riders won’t ride until the battery is completely depleted. So, realistically, you could get over 1600 bike trips if you typically recharge it from half full. This means that the battery may last close to 15 years if you ride it twice a week, only discharging the battery to half full each time.

Which Rad E-Bike is the Best?

The best Rad Power e-bike is the one that is best for you. Here are the things you should consider when choosing the best one:

  • Will you be commuting, riding with kids, or seeking exercise and/or recreation?
  • Do you want to ride on paved roads or off-road?
  • Do you need an e-bike that folds for storage or travel?
  • Are you a tall rider or short?
  • Do you prefer a step-thru frame, which makes it easier to get on and off, as well as gentler on the joints and muscles?
  • Do you intend to carry groceries, supplies, or pets with you?

Take Rad’s e-bike fit quiz and you’ll quickly narrow down the electric bicycles you should look at!

Do Rad Power Bikes Come Assembled?

This is a favorite question as you probably don’t have any experience building bikes and want to know this before you buy one. You might read somewhere that it should take you about an hour, but plan on some extra time if you’re new at this. Just taking the e-bike out of the box and unwrapping it requires a good deal of time.

Fortunately, the company shows you the level of difficulty for assembly on each electric bike they sell. Most of them fall somewhere in the middle between “Anyone can do it” and “Leave it to the pros”, with a few models being harder or easier than the others.

But, what’s great is that they give you the tools you need and have assembly videos and manual instructions for each e-bike. So, you might want to take a look at these before you decide whether to put it together yourself or have a professional do it.

This should give you an idea as to the difficulty, however…

My husband and I put together both our RadMini (now upgraded to the RadExpand) and RadMini Step-Thru, both of which fall almost exactly in the middle of the difficulty level. We had never put together a bike and worked at home on the computer, thus having few actual tool skills.

A hybrid model electric bike
Marc’s RadMini/RadExpand Rear Hub Motor E-Bike

The first bike took us a few hours to assemble and we had to regularly pause the assembly video to figure out what to do next and how to do it. The second e-bike took around 2 hours. A professional would probably have had it done in 30-45 minutes!

However, we saved $200-$250 per e-bike by building it ourselves and gained a better understanding of the technical aspects of our Rad Power e-bikes along the way.

So, you decide!


There are probably hundreds of reasons to buy a Rad Power Bikes brand e-bike vs another, as it’s truly a personalized experience. But I hope these 13 reasons why you should buy from this brand will help guide your e-bike buying decision.

Check out other popular brands of e-bikes in this list.

Himiway’s Newest E-Bikes 2023: From the Rhino to the Rambler

Hemiway Spring Event new ebikes launched
long range eBikes introduced, for every kind of rider

As an electric bike enthusiast and blogger, I was thrilled to receive an invitation to the Himiway Bikes’ 2023 Spring New Product Launch Event.

I’ve been following Himiway’s journey since its inception in 2017 and was eagerly anticipating its latest offerings. The event promised to unveil Himiway’s newest e-bikes and showcase the cutting-edge technology that has made Himiway a leader in the industry.

Himiway Electric Bikes

Brandishing a new rocket logo reflecting Himiway’s mission to help everyone “enjoy the freedom e-bike travel offers”, Himiway aims to “push forward to new heights and accomplishments.”

One of the ways they are accomplishing this is by extending the range of some of their latest electric bike models, as well as introducing new types, including city bikes, beach cruisers, and folding e-bikes. They’re also offering e-bikes that average $225 less than those from competitors.

But, as a woman myself, what I really appreciate is their dedication going forward to focus on the needs of female riders, which few electric bike brands do.

Now, here comes the really exciting part, Himiway’s latest electric bikes!

The Pony

First, we were introduced to Himiway’s compact e-bike, The Pony.

It’s an incredibly portable electric vehicle that’s perfect for city commuting or traveling. The Pony allows easy transportation on buses and in cars and it’s pedal-free, making it a simple electric bike to get around town with.

I like the fact that it’s twice as small as their Escape Pro and over twice as light as their Cruiser, making it easy to store and transport (it only weighs 35 pounds)! It also comes with a 360 watt-hour battery that provides up to 22 miles of range, 20×2.4 inch tires, a rear mechanical disc brake, and an incredibly affordable starting price of only $499.

I was impressed with the Pony and can see it becoming a favorite among young commuters who want an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation. However, I’m not sure I’d really call it a “bike” since there aren’t any pedals.

The Rambler

Next, we were introduced to The Rambler!

This is a hybrid city-cruiser e-bike that’s designed to provide the most comfortable and effortless riding experience possible. With a 720 watt-hour battery capacity, the Rambler offers up to 55 miles of range on a single charge. It also features a 500W rear hub motor, 27.5×2.4 inch tires, and hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes. And it comes with a price tag starting at only $1299.

I’m excited about this ebike because it’s perfect for those who want to unwind both physically and mentally during their free time.

Himiway Rhino Electric Mountain Bike
The Rhino Electric Mountain Bike

Then came The Rhino electric mountain bike with dual batteries

With two batteries totaling 1440 watt-hours of battery capacity, the Rhino electric bike can take you up to 100 miles. It’s the longest-range e-bike Himiway has ever created. It sports 26×4.5 inch new Himiway Brand Tires, and hydraulic brakes, and comes with a starting price of only $2999.

With 4.5″ fat tires, the Rhino is perfect for those who want to go on outdoor adventures, hunting excursions, tackle mountain trail challenges, or do whatever else their heart desires. I was impressed with the Rhino’s range and can see it becoming a favorite among avid outdoors enthusiasts.

The Rhino Pro

Finally, we were introduced to The Rhino Pro with a mid-drive motor!

The Rhino Pro provides the best off-road performance possible with the most advanced mid-drive motor available on the market. It’s equipped with a 1440 watt-hour battery capacity, which can also carry you up to 100 miles on its new 26×4.5-inch Himiway by Kenda brand tires.

With hydraulic brakes, a full-color LED display, and a price tag of $3999, the Rhino Pro offers you the best outdoor riding experience possible.

It’s perfect for those who want to take on their limits and explore challenging off-road riding routes. I’m excited about this electric bike because of its powerful mid-drive motor and ability to tackle rugged terrains.

Himiway electric bikes: standout features

One of the standout features of Himiway e-bikes is their mid-drive motor system. The Rhino Pro’s 1000-watt mid-drive motor is the best e-bike motor available on the market. It has a torque advantage over rear motors, which allows it to deliver greater power than ever before.

Rear motors generally have about 86 Newton meters of force that can deliver. Still, the Rhino Pro’s maximum torque reaches 160 Newton meters, almost twice the force of normal, which is the highest on the market. This means that the Rhino Pro has the fastest acceleration, the best climbing performance, and is the most capable Himiway e-bike for handling various tough terrains.

I was impressed with the power of the mid-drive motor system and could see it becoming a game-changer for those who want to take their e-biking to the next level.

In terms of range, Himiway’s e-bikes really stand out from the crowd.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the new line of e-bikes from Himiway at their 2023 spring new product launch event. As someone who writes about electric bikes, I was excited to see what they had in store for us and I was not disappointed.

Here’s what I thought was the most exciting electric bike option

I think one of the most exciting e-bikes they presented was the Rhino Pro. The highlight of this bike is its 1,000-watt mid-drive motor, which is the best in the industry.

What I really liked about this middle drive system was its torque, allowing it to deliver greater power than ever before. Compared to rear motors which generally have about 86 newton-meters of force, the maximum torque of the Rhino Pro reaches 160 newton-meters, almost twice the force of normal, which is the highest on the market.

This means that the Rhino Pro has the fastest acceleration, the best climbing performance, and is the most capable of Himiway’s electric bikes for handling various rough terrains. It’s truly an e-bike designed for off-road enthusiasts.

In order to maximize the off-road riding experience, Himiway’s product team has equipped the Rhino Pro with a Shimano 10-speed gear shift system. This provides higher precision and smoother shifting, delivering a better riding experience and stronger control performance for off-road riding.

This system enables riders to shift gears easily and quickly in different terrains and environments, adapting to various riding needs and challenges on the fly. Plus, it allows riders to explore more challenging off-road riding routes and provides more control and freedom for off-road enthusiasts.

In terms of range, the Rhino Pro also uses a dual battery system with a total capacity of 1440 Watt hours and a range of up to 100 miles.

Himiway uses 21700 EV-grade battery cells with 21 percent higher energy density compared to other batteries of the same size, enabling them to fit two high-capacity batteries into two slender frames.

This off-road bike is designed for the toughest terrain, so of course, they have equipped it with their brand new 26 by 4.5-inch Himiway Fat Tires, 180-millimeter hydraulic disc brakes, a full-color LED display, and the new v headlight and tail light.

As someone who enjoys off-road biking, I’m excited about the Rhino Pro and can’t wait to try it out on some challenging trails.

I’m impressed with Himiway’s attention to detail in perfecting every aspect of this e-bike. What’s even better is the price tag of only $3999, which is more affordable than some mid-drive e-bikes on the market, which may cost five thousand dollars or more.

Mint Green Himiway Rambler Premium
Himiway Rambler (Premium) in Mint Green

The most versatile Himiway e-bike

Another e-bike that caught my attention was the Rambler. It’s a blend of a city bike and a cruiser bike that can provide you with the most comfortable and effortless riding experience possible. It has a 720 watt-hour battery capacity that offers you up to 55 miles per charge.

It offers 27.5 by 2.4-inch tires and your choice of hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes for only $1299 and up.

Himiway aims to provide you with the most comfortable and effortless riding experience possible with the Rambler, allowing you to unwind both physically and mentally during your free time.


Himiway has been dedicated to providing e-bikes with longer ranges since its establishment in 2017. The company has 100,000 riders from around the globe. With its new brand mission in 2023, Himiway aspires to make e-bikes one of the top daily transportation options for people in the near future. The company wants to help people reach further in their daily lives and enjoy the freedom of e-bike travel.

Himiway has launched some of the most advanced e-bikes on the market. To quickly recap: The company’s new product lineup includes the Pony, Rambler, Rhino, and Rhino Pro.

Each e-bike has unique features and capabilities that make it stand out from the rest. Himiway offers affordable pricing, making electric bikes accessible to everyone. The company’s dedication to providing e-bikes with longer ranges is also evident in its product lineup.

I’m excited to see what Himiway has in store next for the future of e-bikes!

Ride1Up Core-5 Electric Bike Review and My Test Ride Experience

Blue Ride1Up Core-5 E-Bike with tree in the background
Fast, sleek, and sturdy, I love riding the Core-5!

If you haven’t taken a look at the Ride1Up collection of electric bikes, the Core-5 is a great place to start. Thanks to its high value and low cost, it might be just what you’ve been searching for.

Discover the pros and cons, my first impressions, testing results, specifications, and more in this detailed Ride1Up Core-5 review. additionally, see the comparison between the Core-5 and 700 Series electric bikes.

Pros and Cons of the Ride1Up Core-5

Fortunately, the advantages of the Core-5 well exceed the potential disadvantages. Further, after checking out the pros and cons, you’ll discover that most of the cons mentioned can be easily solved.

So, here is the list of Ride1Up Core-5 pros and cons:

Weighs only 49lbsSlightly lower handlebars mean somewhat less of an upright seated position
Updated with a headlightNo taillight (but comes with reflectors)
Looks like a traditional bike with its narrow frame and integrated batteryNo suspension fork or seat post (upgrade to a suspension seat post inexpensively)
Offered in a step-through or step-over frame
Great value for a 750W hub motor
Class 3 e-bike offers a top speed of 28mph
Uses Shimano components
Customizable pedal assist & advanced display features
All-terrain tires with puncture resistance

Ride1Up Core 5 Review: Overview

The Ride1Up Core-5 is meant to be simple and efficient. That is, it’s an entry-level e-bike with all of the essentials to get you where you need to go… and the price is right!

You’ll get a better idea of what I mean by reading my impressions and experiences during the test rides. And you’ll find the answer to whether this low-cost electric bike is right for you!

First Test Ride & First Impressions

The very first thing I discovered about the Core-5 is how lightweight it is in comparison to many other e-bikes (only 49 lbs)!

Besides being impressed that I can lift it off the ground with one hand, there’s no doubt that it’s easy to stop as well as much easier to get moving than other e-bikes weighing 60-70 lbs.

For comparison, my RadMini weighs 68 lbs and gives me trouble just getting it over a curb or into a doorway… I have to get a “running” start and kind of lift it myself as I go. But since the Core-5 only weighs 49 lbs, I’m able to roll it right up and over. Plus, the tires are narrow and light, making it that much easier.

Further, its lightweight alloy frame makes it feel nimble and quick. Turning is smooth and easy. In truth, it feels much like a traditional bike. My friend even mentioned that she didn’t realize that it WAS an electric bike, I’m sure in part due to the battery being enclosed in the frame.

Woman standing over a Core-5 Step-Through Frame
The Core-5 step-through frame is easy to stand over and makes it easy to get on and off it!

Week One of Testing

After adjusting the seat several times, I noticed that I am more comfortable with the seat at about 1″ above the lowest point. This makes sense since the minimum seat height is 32″ (one inch higher than the Ride1Up 700 Series I tested and reviewed), I’m 5’1″ and the bike is suggested for riders starting at 5’0″. Thus, the sizing seems to be right on.

Now, I’ve been on several sizes and shapes of bike seats. I was a little concerned about the smaller, narrower saddle that came on this electric bike. However, I was pleased to discover that it’s quite comfortable and super easy to pedal on given its narrow width. So you can pedal hard and fast if you choose to! I’ve ridden my typical 12-mile daily ride without discomfort.

And while I was perfectly comfortable in my seated position (with a low seat), my taller husband Marc decided to tilt the handlebars a bit to help him sit more upright.

First Test Ride

When test-riding a new e-bike, my first inclination is to find a steep hill and go up it! Although getting up hills was certainly no problem, I was quite blown away by the throttle. It powered me up as fast as I would drive a car in any neighborhood.

Although doing this regularly would lower the range considerably and decrease the battery life overall, it’s good to know you have it when you really need it (late for work, perhaps?!).

Since the Core-5 comes with all-terrain tires, it was important to see how it handles dirt and gravel. Mind you, this isn’t a mountain bike and isn’t meant to ride over rough terrain (it doesn’t have the suspension to support it). But, I was thankful that it packed dirt and gravel well without any slipping, which makes me nervous.

Therefore, on a typical commute where you need to cross trails or gravel paths, it’ll handle well.

Finally, although this is a great commuter e-bike that can be more easily carried upstairs or onto buses and trains than most electric bikes, I’m looking forward to putting it in the back of my car for a long ride on a distant trail.

light green Ride1Up Core 5 Electric Bike
Ride1Up Core 5 Step-over frame in mint green

Week Two of Testing

After two weeks of exclusive test riding, I’m comfortable in saying that this is a great e-bike for the money. Yes, you could get an e-bike with more features such as hydraulic brakes or a suspension fork, but you’ll pay hundreds or thousands more for it. And if you are a beginning e-bike rider, you will be plenty awed at the fast and smooth ride rather than concerning yourself with these extras.

I’ll admit that I’ve missed my bike rack at times, but you can add one for just $50 from the Ride1Up Shop! This is also true of the Core-5 fenders if you’d prefer to have them (I’d definitely recommend them if you’ll be riding in the dirt or gravel).

Overall, here’s what I’ve enjoyed most about the Ride1Up Core-5:

  • The super lightweight feel and nimble turns
  • The powerful throttle
  • The tall, all-terrain tires
  • Easy-to-step-through frame: I tested the ST (step-through), but you can also get the XR (step-over)
woman riding the Core-5 towards you
Riding the Ride1Up Core-5

Ride1Up Core 5 Review: Performance and Specifications

You can learn everything you need to know about the Ride1Up Core-5 components and performance specifications below.

Check out the review notes in the table for the information on each component that stands out and take a look at the performance rating for each. The Performance rating was determined in conjunction with my expectations based on the $1195 price of the Core-5 as well as the quality and usefulness of each feature.

Ride1Up Core-5
ComponentsReview NotesPerformance Rating (1-10)
Motor750W Sustained Geared Hub Motor (48V Shengyi)Powerful for fast commuting, recreation, and exercise9.3
Battery48V 8Ah Reention Eel Pro with Smart Battery Management SystemSmoothly integrated with the frame9.0
Range25-45 milesThis is a pretty standard range for a commuter e-bike in this price range (and testing revealed that you can get over 45 miles from each charge)8.5
BrakesTektro 160mm Mechanical Disc Brakes w/ Cutoff SensorBrakes are quite capable given the low weight of the bike itself9.6
ForkSmooth Welded AlloyStandard rigid fork: looks nice but there isn’t any suspension to help you glide over bumps8.0
Drivetrain (Gear Shifts)Shimano 7-SpeedEasy to change and make a noticeable difference when climbing hills9.6
Derailleur & CassetteShimano Altus & Shimano 11-32TShifts smoothly9.4
Display & ControllerAdjustable Speed LCD Color Display & 48V22A Lishui Sinewave ControllerBasic functions are all that is needed; however, advanced settings can customize pedal assist levels, strength, and sensitivity as well as turn on/off the throttle9.5
Tires27.5″ x 2.2″ KendaNarrow all-terrain tires ride well on light gravel9.7
ThrottleLeft-Side ThumbReally powerful; a little jammed in on the same side as the controller9.5
SensorCadence SensorPlenty fast take-off on level ground; best to start pedaling before going up an incline9.0
closeup of Core-5 750W Hub Drive Motor
Core-5 750W Hub Drive Motor (& Kenda all-terrain tires)

Rear Hub Motor

The amazing thing about the Core-5 is that, even though it’s offered at a low cost, it still hands you a 750W hub motor that’s quite capable, no matter what hill you’re climbing.

Plus, at this price, it’s hard to remember that this is a Class 3 ebike with a pedal assist maximum speed of 28mph (as opposed to the majority of e-bikes topping off at 20mph)! Like all classified electric bicycles, you’ll be able to speed up to 20mph using the throttle.

It seems that you may be able to get to work or school faster than on comparably-priced e-bikes… or your car if you sit in traffic!

Close-up of the Ride1Up Core-5 Integrated Battery
You can hardly tell the battery is there!

Battery & Range

Although the 48V 8Ah battery is quite capable, you won’t be able to go quite as far as you would with a higher amp-hour battery. But, when compared to the Ride1Up 700 Series, for example, you’re only losing an insignificant 5 miles per charge.

And if you’re a typical rider who pedals and only uses high assist levels or throttle when needed to get up hills, then you should be able to get at least 45 miles per ride. This is quite satisfactory if you don’t commute more than 20 miles each way.

Handlebars with display and thumb throttle on the left side
You can change and view the pedal assistance levels using your left hand.

Pedal Assist and Throttle

Like more expensive models, the Core-5 has 5 pedal assist levels and thumb throttle, so it doesn’t fall short here.

In fact, thanks to its lighter weight, its speed picks up nicely (but isn’t jarring) when you pedal. There is just less metal to get moving, so get moving it does!

But I was really amazed at the power of the throttle. I can easily reach over 20 mph in a matter of seconds while going up a steep hill! You may need some time to get used to the left-side thumb throttle in general… and that it’s pressed up next to the display.

Closeup of New 60 Lumen Light on Core-5
New 60 Lumen Light on 2022 Core-5

Additional Specs and Components

The Core-5 has a lot to offer in addition to its performance components.

Here are the additional features you’ll get:

  • Integrated 60 Lux Front Light (no rear light)
  • 2.2″ 2-tone LCD Display with Advanced Metrics
  • 48V Battery Charger with LED Realtime Indicator
  • Swept-back Ergonomic Cafe Handlebars
  • Ergonomic Rubber Grips
  • Selle Royal Freeway Plush Gel Saddle
  • KMC 7-Speed Chain
  • Smooth Welded Alloy Fork
  • Black Stainless Steel Spokes
  • Powerwheel Rims
  • Heavy Duty Kickstand for Extra Support
  • Two Keys for Removing the Integrated Battery System

Ride1Up Core 5 vs 700 Series

Blue 700 Series Step-Through Class 3 E-Bike
Class 3 Ride1Up 700 Series Step-Through

If you want a nice e-bike at a reasonable price, comparing the Core-5 to the Ride1Up 500 Series makes good sense and will help you decide which is the best e-bike for you.

The 700 Series costs over $500 more than the Core-5, yet they begin with a similar base. By looks alone, you’ll see that the 700 Series is a bit larger due to the bigger battery. But to compare fully, let’s look at what the 700 Series offers that the Core 5 doesn’t:

  • 8-speed gears (as opposed to 7-speed gear shifts on the Core-5)
  • Coil spring front suspension fork with 100mm of travel
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 30-50 mile range
  • Integrated front and rear lights
  • Adjustable stem
  • A more upright seating position
  • 27.5″ x 2.4″ tires (slightly wider than the Core 5)
  • Ergonomic faux leather grips
  • Rear Rack
  • Fenders
  • And, the 700 series is my favorite from Ride1Up.

    Thus, if the features above are important to you and you’re willing to spend a little extra money, then you might wish to check out the 700 Series.
Blue Ride1Up Core-5 E-Bike with tree in the background
Fast, sleek, and sturdy, I enjoyed riding the Core-5!

Ride1Up Core 5 Weight, Load Capacity, & Dimensions

 ST (Step-Through) XR (Step-Over)
Bike Weight49 lbs49 lbs
Load Capacity300 lbs300 lbs
Rider Height Range5′-6’1″5’6″-6’4″
Stand-Over Height (Inseam)19”28.5″
Seat Height32″-40″32″-40″
Seat Tube19″19″
Handlebar Reach & Height18” & 41″22″ & 42″

Once again, this lightweight ebike doesn’t disappoint with its 300-pound load capacity. This is something I’d expect to see on a more substantial e-bike with bigger tires. Thus, despite the sleek frame, it carries up to 50 lbs more than many bikes of its size and cost!

Further, most riders can lift 49 lbs when necessary. And even if you need help, two people can easily handle it.

Core-5 Size Chart showing step-over model
Note: The image is of the step-over frame but you can get the step-through frame as well.


Thankfully, the Core-5 has the standard comfort features that Ride1Up is known for. These include:

  • Selle Royal Freeway Plush Gel Saddle– Just as plush as one of Ride1Up’s more expensive models, the saddle is smaller and narrower, meeting more of a road bike styling. This makes it perfect for rapid and consistent pedaling.
  • Promax 350mm Angle Adjustable Seat Post– You can find the right tilt for your riding style.
  • Ergonomic rubber grips– These are surprisingly smooth and soft.


The Ride1Up Core-5 has basic safety features. The rest is up to you!

Safety features include:

  • Front Integrated Headlight– No more riding in the dark!
  • Thumb Throttle– Get moving fast when you need to match traffic or get out of the way of people or dangerous cars.
Man Riding Core-5 Electric Bike
My husband Marc testing the Core-5.

What Other Ride1Up Core 5 Owners Are Saying

On the Ride1Up website, reviews for the Core-5 are excellent! With an overall rating of 4.8, riders had loads of good things to say. In fact (at the time of this writing), the lowest rating is a 3-star, and these account for only 3% of the ratings. Over 81% gave the Core-5 a 5-star review, which is pretty significant.

What Core 5 Owners Like and Don’t Like

Liked by CustomersNot Liked
Price & value for the moneyHandlebar extensions would be nice
Customer support
Pleasing design
Ability to conquer steep hills & wind
Newly added front headlight
Fast and “zippy”
Watch the Core-5 unboxing and start getting excited about this high-quality, affordable electric bike!

Unboxing the Ride1Up Core 5

Unboxing this e-bike model was pretty easy, as it’s around 85% put together. It came out of the box smoothly and I didn’t have to spend a lot of time cutting zip ties, yanking, and pulling (see my Ride1Up 700 Series unboxing video for that)! And I was excited to see the beautiful blue frame as it appeared (it also comes in a dark gray).

All of the parts were there, along with some other goodies! One of the best things to come in that box is a set of heavy-duty Allen wrenches (even sizes you don’t need for assembly). You can keep this in your bike toolkit and use it for other projects!

Assembly Time and Instructions

After assembling the Ride1Up 700 series, the Core-5 was much easier! I completed the assembly by myself in around one and a half hours. To give you a reference point, at the time, my assembly experience included putting together a couple of other e-bikes (with help from my husband).

Thankfully, this e-bike comes direct to you about 85% pre-assembled. However, if you’ve never assembled a bike, there are still a few areas you can get tripped up on.

Make sure to watch the Ride1Up on-site video in advance so you have an idea of what is expected. There seem to be a few minor steps that are missing in the instructions. But, I’ve listed out a couple of things to watch for:

  • Remove the battery from the bike to make it lighter and more manageable. Plus, it can be getting fully charged while you assemble the bike itself!
  • Before sliding the front wheel on, loosen and remove the bolt and washer already attached to the frame.
  • Make sure you solve the riddle of twisted handlebars: You want to make sure the stem goes into the bike so that you can grab the handlebars while making sure the brake line and other cords have a little “give” and aren’t too taught.
  • Apply some bike grease (you can get it on Amazon) to the pedal bolts and the seat post to help them get seated snuggly but not stick.
  • Headlight: This is a new feature and there weren’t ANY instructions. I found a way to wrap the light cord loosely around another cord so it wouldn’t interfere with the front tire. Then I used the long screw, washer, and bolt to attach it. Complete it by tightening it with a wrench.

Ride1Up Brand Overview

The Ride1Up brand has a variety of high-quality e-bikes to offer buyers. And they have great service and support as well (according to other Ride1Up owners).

I think it’s a straightforward purchasing experience:

Service and SupportBenefits
1-Year WarrantyStandard
30-Day ReturnsThis is a great guarantee that you will love your e-bike
Free ShippingStandard if you live in the Continental United States
Affirm Payment PlanChoose from 6, 12, or 36 months of payment

Find out more about the Ride1Up E-Bike Brand here!

Review: Wrap-Up

The Ride1Up Core-5 does what it intends to do: Get you where you need to go quickly, efficiently, cleanly, and comfortably.

Truthfully, the only thing that makes this electric bike “entry-level” is the low price. The quality and speed you’ll get from it are anything but entry-level. It’s simple but still has the basic necessities that make it a great commuter vehicle or weekend ride!

If after reading this review, you still have questions about whether this is the best electric bike or brand for you, make sure to check out the Ride1Up website!

Read more about Ride1Up:

Check out other commuter electric bike reviews:

Typical Electric Bike Battery Sizes (Explained)

Hand pulling ebike battery out of frame.

Are you interested in finding out how powerful the most typical e-bike battery sizes are, or maybe trying to figure out what size your current battery is? Or maybe you’re hoping to upgrade from your current size battery to a larger one.

Either way, it’s helpful to understand the typical e-bike battery sizes available and how they perform.

A 36-Volt or 48-Volt (V) battery is the most typical size for an electric bike, providing 360 Watt-hours to over 800 Watt-hours (Wh), depending on the number of Amps. However, some e-bikes use a 52-Volt battery that produces additional power and speed to assist in climbing steep hills or going over rough terrain.

Since electric bike batteries are often the most expensive component on the e-bike itself, it’s important to get one with the battery size you actually need for your riding adventures. If you get a battery that’s too big, you’ll be wasting money and adding weight to your e-bike. But, if you get a small battery, you won’t be able to ride as far as you need to or ride long-distance on difficult terrain.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how e-bike battery size relates to power and how you can find out what size battery you need, so keep reading!

Be sure to see the table below showing the typical electric bicycle battery sizes.

Back half of an electric bike showing its battery
Large Battery (48V 14Ah) on Rad Power Bikes

What is the Typical E-Bike Battery Size?

Electric bike battery “sizes” are described by either their wattage or battery capacity, which can vary according to the manufacturer’s product or any state, province, or national regulations. 

For example, in the UK, an e-bike’s battery isn’t allowed to produce more than 250W of continuous power, which means in terms of battery “size,” they won’t be very large. They also won’t be as powerful as a 500W or 750W battery.

In contrast, most US states have laws that typically allow electric bike motors up to 750W on public lands.

The size of your ebike battery can heavily depend on what kind of bike you have. Some electric bikes have more watts than others because they’re made to traverse terrains like steep streets and bumpy trails. Meanwhile, other e-bikes have a higher average operating voltage to get their lithium batteries to last longer on each ride.

If you want to know the literal size of an e-bike battery, the industry-standard size that factories use is about 18inches x 6.5 inches, but some

This table provides the common range of e-bike batteries. We’ll be talking about commonly used lithium-ion batteries, as opposed to lead-acid batteries. Further, there may be smaller or bigger batteries than what is presented in the chart below:

E-Bike Motor Size (Watts):Battery Volts (V):Amps (A) Per Hour (h) Half-hour (hh) Quarter-hour (qh):Battery Amp Hours (Ah):Battery Watt Hours (Wh): 
3610/h 20/hh 40/qh10360
250W – 750W3613/h 26/hh 52/qh13468
250W – 900W3617.4/h 34.8/hh 69.6/qh17.4626
250W – 500W4810.4/h 20.8/hh 41.6/qh10.4500
250W – 750W4813/h 26/hh 52/qh13624
250W – 1000W4815.6/h 31.2/hh 62.4/qh15.6750
250W – 1200W4817.4/h 34.8/hh 69.6/qh17.4835
250W – 1200W5213/h 26/hh 52/qh13676
How does the size and capacity of an electric bike battery compare to a Tesla battery? Watch to find out!

Common E-Bike Battery Sizes by Watts

Battery sizes that are organized by their watt-hours will vary based on what type of e-bike you own.

There are three main categories of e-bikes, each with a different lithium-ion battery size:

  1. Commuter e-bikes
  2. Performance e-bikes
  3. Utility e-bikes

Each category has its own sub-types that all have different watt-hours according to their needs.

Commuter e-bikes

Commuter e-bikes are exactly what they sound like. They’re the bikes made for taking you across town to work or school, and then back home. These include:

Commuter e-bikes usually come with 480, 500, or 672 watt-hours (Wh) batteries. They don’t need as much power (watts (W)) as the e-bikes that are meant for rougher terrain in the hilly countryside. They also aren’t normally used to travel far, so they don’t typically have as many watt-hours. 

Performance e-bikes

Camoflauge-styled e-bike with wide tires from Rambo
Rambo Krusader Extreme Performance Ebike with 48V 14Ah large battery.

Generally, performance e-bikes are made for people who train for marathons or ride mountain trails. These e-bikes include:

These are meant to go farther and their owners want power and speed. The typical battery sizes of this category depend on which subtype of e-bike you choose. For instance, electric mountain bikes may have 250, 418, or 500Wh batteries while road e-bikes have either 252, 320, or 500Wh batteries.

Utility ebikes

Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser Blue
The Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser Cargo E-Bike with 48V 15ah battery

Electric utility bikes are the sort you would use for off-roading, carrying small loads, or for multi-purpose use. These types of e-bikes include:

Folding e-bikes come with either 180, 250, or 500Wh batteries, hunting e-bikes come with 672, 720, or 840Wh batteries, and cargo e-bikes could have 374, 400, 500, or 624Wh batteries.

How is an E-Bike Battery’s Power Affected by Watts?

To answer this question, we need to know what affects the power in a battery and how watts are related to power. How much usable energy you get out of your e-bike’s battery and motor comes from several key factors:

  • Amps (A)
  • Volts (V)
  • Amp-hours (Ah)
  • Watt-hours (Wh)


Amps (A) just measure your electrical current. Basically, it tells you how many electrons are flowing through the current. The more amps in an ebike battery, the greater the electron flow. It’s like water in that the bigger the hose diameter you have, the more water you’ll have come out. 

In general, it’s the battery management system that determines the amount of current that can safely go in and out of the battery pack.


Volts (V) measure your battery’s power, but they are not the power itself. A battery’s voltage is the amount of force “pushing” the electron current through the circuit of battery cells. A higher voltage means your electric bike battery has more power and will last longer before you have to replace it.

Amp Hours

Amp-hours (Ah) tell you how long your electric bike will be able to put out its marketed volts at its available amp options. When you want more power from your pedal assist, you’ll be increasing the amps, like when you use a sink faucet. 

So, if you had a 48v battery with 10Ah, it will give 48V at 10Amps for an hour, 48V at 20A for 30 minutes, or 48V at 40A for 15 minutes. So the more amp hours you have, the better battery range and longer battery life you’ll get.


Watts (W) are basically your bike’s horsepower. A watt-hour (Wh) is a unit of power equal to your volts times your amps (Wh= V x A). Battery cells that have 48V and 10.4Ah would produce 48V x 10.4Ah for a maximum of 500 Watt-hours (Wh).

Battery volts multiplied by Amp-hours results in Watt-hours
Easily calculate Watt-hours by multiplying Volts by Amp-hours

The wattage that your e-bike battery discharges will indicate how powerful your battery is. Since a watt is a unit of power, the more watts your battery produces, the more powerful the battery is. For example, if you see an electric bike battery marketed as a 250W battery, this lets you know how many watts the battery is fully capable of producing.

Sometimes the typical e-bike battery size is described in watts instead of watt-hours or dimensions. The range of electric bicycle batteries in watts is between 250W and 750W (just like electric motors), but it’s not unusual to see higher or lower wattage.

Are Ebike Batteries More Powerful the More Watt-Hours They Have?

Watt-hours are a way to measure how many watts of power is consumed in an hour. A watt-hour (Wh) is a unit of measurement for energy that measures power expended over time. 1 Wh would equal 1 watt (W) of energy being consumed on average over the course of an hour. 

For instance, a small battery that uses 100 watts of power in four hours would have used 400Wh of energy.

In the e-bike world, it measures battery capacity and range. The more watt-hours your battery is capable of the farther out you can ride. Thus, larger capacity batteries can take you 80 miles whereas a smaller battery might only take you 20 or 30 miles on one charge. The average range of watt-hours that e-bike batteries come in is 250Wh – 750Wh, but this range is expanding. 

Today, it’s not difficult to get your hands on an e-bike battery that has a little more than a kilowatt-hour of power (1000Whs). Many electric bicycle brands, like Juiced Bikes and QuietKat are offering 1000W electric bikes with up to 52 Volt, 19.2Ah lithium-ion batteries, and higher.

If a seller doesn’t state how many watt-hours their battery is capable of you can calculate it yourself. This isn’t really unusual, because if a manufacturer made one that has low voltage, they may try to market it as a “high amp-hour pack.” Watt-hours are calculated by multiplying the volts of a battery with its amp hours: Wh = (Ah x V).

Which E-Bike Battery Should I Get?

The general rule of thumb with e-bike battery replacement is that the battery size (typically lithium-ion) it comes with is the same one you should replace it with. The reason for this is that trying to attach a new one that has too much voltage to your existing motor could overload the circuits and damage the battery severely

You should get a battery that has the same watt-hours as what was originally put on the electric bike by the manufacturer. A battery of a different size can damage your motor and battery, leaving you without a bike to ride.

But what if you wanted to increase your e-bike’s range? Is it possible? There may be battery upgrades from the same e-bike manufacturer you purchased from that will fit your e-bike’s motor. They won’t be able to add much more power because the motor can only handle so many volts. 

Read this article before adding a second battery to your e-bike!

Watch this video to see how you can get more range out of your e-bike, even if it has a small battery.

If you’re reading this, and you haven’t bought an e-bike yet, you can avoid this frustration by figuring out how much power you need to begin with. To do that you first need to figure out how many watt hours you need. Are you someone who just needs to be able to make it to work and back each day or do you want to blast your way through 150 miles on an epic ride? 

At the first pedal assist option, you’ll probably be using about 15Wh/mile. If your commute is 5 miles one-way, that’s 10 miles both ways and 150Wh per work day. On the other hand, if you use the full throttle because you’re running late, that will be more like 40Wh/mile, or even 50 if there are hills to and from. That would equate to 250Wh one way, plus 75Wh one the way home (presumably you’re not racing back after a long day).

So, for the commuter example, you might want to find a battery that gives you at minimum, the Wh that allow you to book it to and from your destination whenever you’re running late without worrying about losing all your juice. 

As for longer bike rides, the average watt-hours you use per mile is 20Wh. If you intend to ride 50 miles, how far does your current battery get you? A 36v battery with 10Ah equals 360Wh. 360Wh / 20Wh/mile = 18 miles of range. At full throttle, a 1000Wh battery would get you 50 miles.


We hope this article made it easier to understand the power you need out of your e-bike battery and the power you’ll get in relation to the typical e-bike battery sizes, whether you just wanted to know the common dimensions or the power of available batteries. Happy riding out there!

Learn more about e-bike battery safety and charging:

Ride1Up Review: The New Turris Electric Bike Experience

Ride1Up Turris Electric Bike
Ride1Up Brand Electric Bikes are sophisticated with their integrated batteries and sleek style

If you’re looking to get an electric bike for commuting to work or school, touring, riding around your city, or just for fun, then I’ve got something you definitely need to see.

In this Ride1up review, I’m sharing my new Turris electric bike experience! You’re about to see how the newest commuter electric bike from Ride1Up can give you just what you’re looking for.

Priced at $1295, you might expect that Ride1Up ebikes had to take away some important features in order to keep the price this low.

But, after reviewing other Ride1up ebikes, like the 700 Series and Core 5, I’ve experienced firsthand that Ride1Up is a leader in offering great value for your money.

Watch the video and then read the article to get all of the pros and cons of the Ride1Up Turris. In addition, get specifications and performance details, and discover the essential things you should know about the Turris before you buy.

Ride1Up Turris Video Review

Get an exciting look at the Ride1Up Turris in my review and ride experience. Watch now!

Ride1Up Review

The Turris electric bike is a stylish ebike that comes with some fantastic features. It has a powerful 750W motor, a 48V battery, and a top speed of 28 mph. I was able to get it up to a high speed of around 26 mph (42 km/h) but no faster. However, this was plenty fast for me.

Additionally, the bike is equipped with a customizable LCD display,  hydraulic disc brakes, and a front suspension that has made my rides smooth and comfortable.

So, I’m not left wanting more here.

Turris Overview

Overall, the Turris electric bike provides an excellent riding experience, thanks to its powerful motor and impressive speed. 

With a range of up to 45 miles on a single charge, I can easily complete three of my typical 12-mile rides without having to recharge. 

The hydraulic disc brakes are responsive and provide excellent stopping power, which is especially important if you’re riding fast, or going down steep hills as I do.

The front suspension absorbed some of the usual bumps, making my ride more comfortable than on an electric bike without suspension.

And here’s another thing I like about the new Turris electric bike from Ride1Up. It has a beautiful, and somewhat unique, design. I’d call it a sort of sleek, modern look with a touch of old-fashioned thanks to the brown sidewall tires. 

Plus there are so many other reasons that the Turris’ low price surprises me. Continue reading to find out what they are.

Ride1up Turris E-Bike
I like the Turris’ sleek look with a touch of old-fashioned!

Pros and Cons of the Ride1Up Turris Electric Bike

Here are the pros and cons I discovered through my Turris electric bike experience. You’ll see that there are many more advantages than disadvantages. But, be sure to see the cons if you’re a speed lover, a cargo carrier, or if you’re on the shorter side like me.

Turris Pros

  • The Turris ebike has a powerful 750W rear hub motor for a fast and smooth ride. For the price, I think Ride1Up might’ve opted to go with a lower 500W motor. But thankfully, they kept this amazing value.
  • A long range of 25 to 45 miles: This means that I can cover my favorite 30-mile roundtrip trail on just one battery charge. Just so you know, I typically ride using the lower pedal assist levels and don’t overuse the throttle.
  • Another advantage of the Turris is its responsive hydraulic disc brakes (see what they are on Amazon). They make it easy to stop. But, what makes them even better is that I haven’t seen many (or maybe any?) electric bikes under $1500 dollars that have hydraulic brakes. Most just have mechanical disc brakes.
  • 7-speed gears: They really make a difference when you’ve found yourself with a low battery charge. I was able to ride without any pedal assist for about 8 miles using the third and fourth gears. This is how I saved up my battery for going up all the hills to get back home!
  • The Turris’s front suspension is another benefit that isn’t always available in an ebike at this price… and it’s got 100mm of travel. Take a look here to learn more about electric bike suspension.
  • The suspension, combined with the Kenda knobby tires, took me over gravel and dirt in style and comfort!
  • And, since it weighs only 55 lbs, I haven’t had any trouble lifting it up curbs or over the doorframe into my house.
  • Then, one of the best things about the Turris is its incredibly comfortable riding position. I REALLY like the swept-back handlebars that don’t make me reach for them or stretch unnaturally far. I’m truly sitting upright on this ebike.
  • Here’s one more advantage when it comes to comfort… I’ve been riding the step-through model (ST) which fits my shorter height, but there’s also a step-over frame (XR) fitting tall riders up to 6’4”!
  • Finally, there are some nice extras, like the included fenders, integrated headlight, and adjustable LCD display. 
Ride1Up Turris LCD Display
Ride1Up Turris LCD Display and left-side thumb throttle

Turris Cons

  • You should know that the Class 3 Turris, with its reported top speed of 28 mph, may not be legal to ride in some areas, including National Parks (read this if you’re not sure what ebike classes are).
  • Although the saddle looks nice, I’d probably replace it. After about 8 miles, I was feeling the pressure!
  • And the Turris doesn’t come with a rear rack… guess they had to save costs somewhere. But you can get one for about $50 on the Ride1Up ebikes website. 
  • Finally, after test-riding the Turris during my Ride1Up review, I’ll revisit the two frame options, step-over and step-through.    

I’ve been riding the step-through ebike, but it’s still been hard for me to step through the frame. The top bar is too high for me to easily step over, which may also be the case for you if you’re petite or if your mobility is limited. FYI… I’m about 5’1”, which is at the bottom of the Turris’ recommended height range for the step-through.

Further, when I slid off the seat, the bar is also too high. But to be fair, I did adjust to this after I rode a bit. Thus, I got used to putting my leg over the seat or lifting it really high to step through. And I learned to slide off the seat carefully.

I show this in the Turris review video.

Woman sitting on Ride1Up Turris electric bike
I’m 5’1″ and fit the Turris nicely, with the exception of dealing with the top tube.

Turris Electric Bike Review: Performance and Specifications

Discover what you need to know about the Ride1Up Turris in the table below. Take a look at its specifications and my ride experience and review notes.

Performance ComponentsReview Notes & Ride Experience
Motor750W Sustained Geared Hub Motor (48V Shengyi)The powerful motor will get you through your daily commute, touring adventure, or a fun ride
Battery48V 12.8Ah Reention Prism with LG CellsA plenty powerful smart battery is cleverly hidden inside the frame (but removable when needed). Although this isn’t the largest battery, it keeps it more nimble.
Range25 (40 km/h)-45 miles (72 km/h)Fairly standard for an e-bike in this price range. However, I think you’d be lucky to make it 25 miles (40 km/h) riding throttle only. Alternatively, you could make it a little over 50 miles (80 km/h) riding on pedal assist 1 and 2.
BrakesZoom 180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/ Cutoff SensorSmooth, capable stopping, especially when braking downhill
ForkMozo Hydraulic Lockout with 100mm Suspension TravelHard to believe a $1295 e-bike has a hydraulic front suspension fork! Absorbs hard bumps and adds to an already pleasant ride.
Drivetrain (Gear Shifts)Shimano 7-Speed ShifterEasy to move up and down
Derailleur & CassetteShimano RD Altus & Shimano 12-32TShifts smoothly with no hang-ups
Display & Controller2.2″ Dual-Tone Customizable LCD DisplayBasic functions and pedal assist settings are easy to adjust; I suggest you read the manual to get the most out of advanced metrics
Tires27.5″ x 2.4″ Kenda TireI was happy that the knobby tires provide a smooth, comfortable ride that allows diversions onto gravel and hard-packed dirt. Plus, they look pretty cool with the brown sidewalls.
ThrottleLeft-Side ThumbEnough power climbing hills if you don’t want to pedal
SensorCadence SensorSomewhat better than average as far as taking off smoothly
Turris headlight and suspension fork
Turris headlight and suspension fork

Additional Specs and Components

There are other features that add value to the Ride1Up Turris as well.

Here’s what else you get:

  • Integrated 60 Lux Front Light
  • Front and Rear Alloy Fenders
  • Upright Handlebars (ST) or Riser Bars (XR)
  • Lightweight Alloy Frame (integrates battery)
  • Ergonomic Grips
  • Ergonomic Gel MTB Saddle
  • Black Stainless Steel Spokes
  • Heavy Duty Kickstand for Extra Support
  • Two Keys for Integrated Battery System Removal
Turris' Alloy Fenders
Turris’ Alloy Fenders, stainless steel spokes, and Kenda All-Terrain Tires

Weight, Load Capacity, & Dimensions

SPECS ST (Step-Through) XR (Step-Over)
Bike Weight55lbs55lbs
Load Capacity300lbs300lbs
Rider Height Range5’1″-6’2″5’6″-6’4″
Stand-Over Height (Inseam)23”30″
Seat Height32″-42.5″32″-42.5″
Seat Tube19″19″
Handlebar Reach & Height15.5” & 44.5″15.5” & 43″
Turris E-Bike 7 speed Gears
Turris E-Bike 7 speed Gears and ergonomic grips

Unboxing and Assembly

Like other Ride1Up electric bikes, the Turris comes shipped to your door well-packed. Thus, it takes a while to get the ties cut and the bike unboxed.

And, overall, the Turris e-bike assembly takes a bit longer than some electric bikes. However, I assembled it all by myself (with the exception of my son holding the tire straight) in around 1 1/2 hours. You can get it done more quickly if you know what you’re doing and don’t need to rely on the assembly video (but I still recommend watching it).

Each e-bike is a little different, so I like to watch the video and make sure I’m doing it correctly. If you plan on an hour and a half, you’ll leave room for grabbing tools and correcting errors as you go.

However, if you have zero experience putting an electric bike together, you might wish to have it professionally assembled.

Box of the Ride1Up Turris E-Bike
It’s fun to open a big bike box shipped to your door!

Ride1Up Brand Overview

Service and Support
1-Year WarrantyStandard
30-Day ReturnsThis is a great guarantee that you will love your e-bike
Free ShippingStandard if you live in the Continental United States
Affirm Payment PlanChoose from 6, 12, or 36 months of payment

I’ve spent enough time reviewing the Ride1Up brand to be sure that it is truly a value-oriented brand. It has a variety of types of electric bikes that offer great value for the price.

Take a look at my other Ride1Up reviews of the 700 Series and Core-5 to see the value they have to offer.

In general, the Turris is best compared to the Ride1Up 700 Series, yet it’s starting price is $400 less. But the Turris still offers amazing features for its prices. The 700 Series offers a slightly better color display and has a larger battery capacity of 15Ah as compared to 12.8Ah in the Turris. This gives it a range of approximately 5 miles more.

Then the 700 Series has upgraded features like an 8-speed gear shift, rear rack, VELO faux-leather grips, hardened alloy fenders, adjustable stem, and an integrated taillight, in addition to the 80 Lux headlight. Again, this e-bike is packed with features and well worth the money! I think that, even if you choose by budget alone, you won’t be dissapointed with either one.

Ride1Up Turris E-Bike in front of a large tree
The Turris is great for rides through city parks.

Ride1Up Review: Turris Wrap-Up

Overall, the new Turris e-bike from Ride1Up is a great option if you’re looking for a powerful, stylish, and comfortable commuter electric bike. 

It’s packed with features that make your ride safe, smooth, and enjoyable but won’t cost an arm and a leg. If you’re in the market for a new electric bike, I highly recommend giving the Turris a try.

I hope you’ve learned a lot in this Ride1Up Review… Enjoy your ride!

Want to learn how Ride1Up e-bikes compare to other brands? Take a look at Ride1Up vs Rad Power Bikes.

Himiway’s 2023: Anticipating Exciting Releases and Innovations for E-Bike Enthusiasts

woman riding electric bike

Everyone has a reason to move from place to place. From that individual doing a 9-5 to a mother who is trying to shed some postpartum weight. Or perhaps a high school kid who wants to get early to school or a delivery guy who doesn’t want to disappoint his customer. 

Indeed, there are different modes of transportation all over the world. But in recent times, the popularity of e-bikes seems to be on the rise. You realize this more than ever before when you see a lot of e-bikers on the street. 

The reasons for this are not farfetched; more people have accepted e-bikes as a mode of transportation, fitness, and even pleasure. Electric bikes have become so popular that you find facilities and lanes designated for e-bikes in countries over the world.

It makes sense that people are beginning to tilt towards the use of e-bikes because not everyone can afford a car. And those that have cars may not want to drive everywhere. 

Furthermore, e-bikes have proven to be climate-friendly because they don’t emit harmful gases like other forms of transportation. They do not consume fossil fuels and their carbon footprint on the earth is at the barest minimum. 

Also, to a very large extent, they help to cut down on expenses because their cost of maintenance is relatively cheap. Further, there’s no need to buy fuel. All you need is your portable or solar charger, which you’ll need if you are covering many miles.

Undoubtedly, e-bikes have come to stay and stay for a long period because the world is increasingly becoming an e-world. Any innovation that makes things easier for people is a welcome development.

Himiway has built a strong reputation for coming up with amazing e-bikes that suit the needs of customers, and this year is not any different. Himiway has in store for the e-bike industry amazing innovations that will make e-biking a lot easier. 

This article focuses on Himiway’s upcoming e-bike releases in 2023 and all you need to know about them. If you are at a crossroads as to what types of e-bike you should invest in, then you are at the right place. A lot of light will be shed on this upcoming release and will likely inform your eventual decision.

Himiway’s Expertise in Long-Range and Fat-Tire E-bikes

It’s no news that Himiway has built for itself a strong niche in excellent long-range and fat-tire e-bikes, which are specs that are in high demand in the e-bike industry. Time after time, Himiway has proven to be great with its long-range and fat-tire electric bikes. Why don’t we consider some of these bikes and their specifications?

Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike – Himiway Cruiser 

Indeed, Himiway didn’t hold back in coming up with this beauty. A long range and fat tires are not the only exceptional qualities this e-bike has to boast of. It has a lot more to offer. The design of this e-bike brings a perfect balance between adaptability to complex cycling conditions and great comfort. 

It comes with an 840Wh Samsung battery capacity and a 750W motor power. With the Himiway Cruiser, a 60-mile single range is guaranteed.  It also comes with 26 inches fat tires that give exceptional grip and mechanical stability. It has an additional high-quality 6061 aluminum frame, which gives the bike top-notch durability. 

Undoubtedly, the Himiway Cruiser passes as one of the most professional and cost-effective long-range, fat-tire electric bikes on the block. It is indeed a worthy investment.

All Terrain Fat Tire E-Bike – Himiway Zebra

If you thought nothing else could catch your attention apart from the Himiway Cruiser, you might need a rethink. The Himiway Zebra is believed to be an upgrade on the Himiway Cruiser and comes with a 750W gear hub motor and improved inner ring. It also sports a 26-inch Kenda fat tire that helps with its traction, and prevents slipping and being stuck in mud or snow, as the case may be. 

The Himiway Zebra also comes with a removable 960Wh Samsung/LG battery capacity and 52 5000mAh cells. When it comes to its riding mileage, the Zebra effortlessly offers 80 miles with pedal assist and 60  miles with electric power. If you are thinking of upgrading, then the Himiway Zebra is your best bet.

Step Through Fat Tire E-Bike- Himiway Step-Thru

When it comes to e-bike designs, Himiway always ensures sophistication, elegance, and versatility are strong points. This e-bike with a low-step design provides convenience and great comfort while sustaining all the great features present in the Himiway Cruiser.

It comes with 26 inches fat tires that give some great skid resistance and anti-vibration ability. If you are big on comfort and convenience coupled with the excellence of Himiway, this e-bike is a great option for you.

Other great bikes under the Long-range/fat-tire category include but are not limited to:

  • The Himiway Big Dog
  • Himiway Cobra
  • Himiway Escape Pro

No doubt, Himiway has proven that it has a lot to offer when it comes to long-range fat tire e-bikes.

Advantages of Long-Range, Fat Tire Electric Bikes

You’ve probably seen some of the benefits of this category of ebikes from the examples listed above. However, let’s consider some of these advantages:

  • Increased stability 
  • Less rolling resistance 
  • Perform excellently on different types of terrain 
  • Offer great speed
  • Versatile 
  • Great at absorbing shock

Possible Improvement on the Features of the Himiway E-Bikes

When it comes to improvements on features, the Himiway brand is quite proactive and is probably working on improvements as you’re reading this. I’m guessing that Himiway is always improving the battery life of its e-bikes considering the increasing demand for them. This means more people who need to cover more distance will be able to do so.

Knowing that comfort and convenience are core values of Himiway, more features that ensure comfort will likely be included in future designs.

New Himiway Electric Bike Models

Himiway never stops blowing our minds with mouth-watering e-bike models. Indeed, the beauty of innovation is not necessarily coming up with something novel, but building on and improving on what already exists.

Himiway plans to have more bikes in store for us in 2023. At this point, I believe we can make some predictions as to what we want to see in the incoming models.

Quick question: if you had the power to determine what the next set of Himiway e-bike models would look like, what would you integrate into the designs?

There are some possible design changes that Himiway can incorporate that may make its models more modern and sleeker. This is not to say the designs have not been amazing so far, but I think some slight improvements may help with the general appeal.

Streamlined frame and handlebars:  Streamlined frames and handlebars can no doubt help to add to the sleekness of Himiway e-bikes as opposed to chunky frames. As time goes on, people generally tend to tilt towards more streamlined and comfortable models.

New fat tire: New fat tires can also be introduced to ensure more durability and stability for e-bike riders.

New color options: New and more color options can also be a great addition to suit the needs of more people.

Additional items: This is, of course, more tilted to a rider’s pleasure.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea if items like helmets, jackets, and gloves could come together with the new bike models. Thus, each model would have its custom helmet and jacket, among other things. That way, e-bikers don’t have to get those items from other brands. They can be fully Himiway-clad.

Furthermore, other interesting features that can be added to the Himiway collection include an upgraded motor and battery capacity for more longevity and durability.

Also, considering the constant need for technological advancement, smart technology, for instance, a GPS tracker and Bluetooth will improve the outlook of their e-bikes. Finally, an improved sensor and braking system is a welcome addition considering the different terrains and adventures that riders are eager to embark on.


Indeed, Himiway has shown that it has a wide variety of options to offer when it comes to electric bikes.

The brand seems to have a constant and relentless dedication to ensuring that customers are able to enjoy an amazing e-bike experience and meet up with the constant technological wave hitting society. There are many options for you based on your particular needs, so why haven’t you gotten that e-bike?

If you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest news, promotions, and special offers, don’t forget to follow Himiway’s official Facebook for even more benefits and rewards.

21 Best Electric Fat Bikes: USA-Made Brands?

Rad Rover Plus Electric Fat Bike from Rad Power Bikes
Rad Rover Plus Electric Fat Bike from Rad Power Bikes

With so many fat tire electric bikes coming on the market in the United States, it’s become much harder to decide which brand and model to buy. Further, because you have to look up each brand and sort through all of their e-bike models to find the fat tire bikes, it’s even more challenging to compare them. 

And, once you do this, you’ll be left with wondering which USA models are the best.

Overall, the best electric fat bikes in the USA have 4” to 5” wide fat tires, a front suspension, a 500W to 750W motor, and a minimum 48 Volt battery. They should be able to ride relatively smoothly over off-road terrain.

What you need to know first is that most fat e-bikes are not 100% USA-made. Parts are typically sourced from overseas and ebikes are typically only partially assembled in US warehouses.

Additionally, each fat tire electric bike may or may not check off your desired features. This article includes a curated and researched list of the USA brands, their models, cost, warranty, and purchase benefits. Plus, you’ll discover the most important features of each model, helping you decide whether it’s the best electric fat bike for you.

Further, I’ll let you know about product return guarantees, trial periods, and warranties so that you know exactly what to expect when you buy one.

Here are the best electric fat bikes in the USA:

USA BrandFat Tire Electric Bike ModelsApproximate
Best FeatureUnited States Shipping, Trial Period, & Warranties
Rad Power Bikes (Seattle, Washington)RadRover 6 Plus

RadRunner 3 Plus

Semi-integrated Battery

Passenger Package Capability
14-Day Free Trial + 1-Year Warranty
Juiced Bikes
(San Diego, California)

RipCurrent S


Knobby 4-inch all-terrain tires
1-Year Warranty + Free Shipping
Sixthreezero (Los Angeles, CA)EvryJourney Fat Tire

EvryJourney Step-Thru


Accommodates short & tall riders
90-Day Test Ride +Free Return Shipping
Ecotric (Oakland, California)Hammer Beach & Snow

Dolphin Fat Tire Portable & Folding

Vintage motorcycle look

30-Day At-Home Trial +Free Shipping 
Quiet Kat (Eagle, Colorado)Ranger


3 sizes to fit all riders

4.5” fat tires
30-Day Risk-Free Test Ride
Lectric Bikes (Phoenix, Arizona)Lectric XP 3 Foldable

Lectric XPremium

Low-cost & fully assembled

Dual 48V lithium batteries
Free Shipping + 1-Year Warranty
Ancheer (Los Angeles, California)Speedrid 26” 4.0 Fat Tire$1010Low cost & weighs less than many fat e-bikes (read below) Free Shipping + 7-Day Returns + 1-Year Warranty
Green Bike USA (Coconut Creek, Florida)GBI 750 Mag Folding E-Bike$150048V, 15Ah lithium-ion batteryFree Shipping + Bike Berry 30-Day + 1-Year Warranty
Aventon Bikes (Ontario, California)Aventure 2$1899Torque Sensor; Top Speed of 28mph; Multiple frame sizes to fit all ridersFree Shipping (Best Buy) + 1-Year Warranty
Hurley (Huntington Beach, California)Mini Swell$1999Unique utility flat seatFree US Shipping + 14-Day Return Policy + Limited Warranty
Emojo Bike (Irvine, California)Ram Sport Step-Thru

Wildcat Pro Mountain

Caddy Pro Fat Tire TRIKE


Step-Thru & Foldable Frame

500W or 750W

3 Wheels!
Free Shipping (Bike Berry) + 7-Day Returns + 1-Year Warranty
Sondors (Malibu, California)Sondors X*$2259
*Get $50 off Use this link!
48V, 17.5Ah extended range batteryFree US Shipping + 1-Year Warranty
FattE-BikesMajor T Cargo Fat Bike$2799+“Built in the USA” & fully customizable$199 Flat Rate Shipping + 2-year (components)/ 1-year (battery) Warranty

Now that you’ve checked out the list above, continue reading below and I’ll answer your questions about each electric fat bike model, its brand, and why you might choose one over the other.

Ready to find out all about the best electric fat bikes? Watch the video overview first:

1. RadRover Plus – Rad Power Bikes

Always one of my personal favorite e-bike brands, Rad Power Bikes includes wider-than-normal tires on most of their models. But their flagship electric fat bike model, the RadRover, has been given even greater refinements to become the RadRover Plus.

Rad Rover Plus Electric Fat Bike from Rad Power Bikes
RadRover Plus Electric Fat Bike from Rad Power Bikes

Features and Benefits

With new hydraulic disc brakes for greater stopping power (super important on a fat tire e-bike), 26” X 4” puncture-resistant tires, a custom 750W geared hub motor, and a 48V, 14 Ah lithium-ion battery, you’ll have plenty of power to get over any rough terrain. 

Further, the improvements such as automatic lights, sleek covers for wire cables, and preloaded suspension, will get you up to speed faster, let you ride in a wider range of terrains, and enjoy a smooth ride.

Best Feature

Although the RadRover Plus has so many new and refined features, I think that the most noticeable one is the semi-integrated battery. 

They’ve designed it so it blends into the bike’s frame seamlessly for a super sleek design. But it’s also easier to remove with only one hand, making it easy to stop anywhere and take your battery with you. 

Check out this model and price!

2. RadRunner 3 Plus – Rad Power Bikes

Now with 4” wide tires, it deserves even more attention. Plus, it meets a completely different need than the RadRover… it’s a utility e-bike with an optional passenger seat!

RadRunner Plus E-Bike showing back seat option
RadRunner Plus has options for a back seat or full cargo rack

Features and Benefits

The step-thru design still boasts a 750W rear hub motor and powerful 48V battery, as well as 4.0” wide tires and hydraulic brakes. The long-range battery will take you up to 45 miles with the average use of the electric motor assist.

Just a thought… I have a RadMini that has the same battery capacity but can get well over 45 miles by staying on the lowest pedal assist levels (1-3). However, I’m a small adult and more weight can drain the battery faster.

Best Feature

You can easily have your adult friend or grownup child ride on the back. They’ll have to hold onto you but they can sit comfortably on the extra-wide platform seat and rest their feet!

This easy on-and-off makes it super ideal for shopping and running errands.

Check out this model and price!

Need more reasons to buy a rad bike? Take a look!

3. HyperScorpion – Juiced Bikes

Another Juiced Bikes model that’ll take you up to 70+ miles on a single battery charge, the HyperScorpion has 4.25” wide tires on its 20” wheels. 

Juiced Bikes Hyperscorpion in silver
The Hyperscorpion uses both a cadence and a torque sensor!

Features and Benefits

Pegged as a moped-style e-bike, it doesn’t fall short on what makes it an amazing fat bike. Not only can you throttle without pedaling, but it also has both a torque and a cadence sensor, hydraulic disc brakes, dual suspension (both front and rear), and a powerful 1000W retro blade motor.

Thus, it can zoom down the streets at up to 30 miles per hour or tackle off-road terrain easily.

Best Feature

The dual suspension really is the most impressive benefit of this electric fat bike… because it’s not an electric mountain bike but rather a moped-style e-bike with only 20” wheels!

Check out this e-bike on the Juiced Bikes website!

4. RipCurrent S – Juiced Bikes

With a 52V battery, this upgraded Juiced Bikes favorite has power and torque that lives up to its name.

Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S Step-Through
Juiced’s RipCurrent S comes in a step-through model as well!

Features and Benefits

With a 1000W hub motor and both cadence and torque pedal assist, you can ride anywhere, on-road or off-road! As if that weren’t enough, this Class 3 e-bike gives you powerful motor assist right up to 28mph, a 70+ mile range, and a thumb throttle.

Plus, you’ll get hydraulic disc brakes, a 9-speed transmission, and a front air suspension. You can also set your own parameters in the advanced display and get real-time metrics.

Best Feature

Although it’s a toss-up with this powerful fat bike, I’d say the best feature is the “true” knobby 4-inch all-terrain tires. After all, all that power wouldn’t go anywhere without tires that can conquer every rocky bump, dirt, and even sand!

Check out this model and price!

5. EvryJourney Fat Tire – Sixthreezero

What I love about Sixthreezero’s electric fat bikes is that they’re designed for comfort, first and foremost. So, if you’re looking for a comfortable ride that still gets you where you need to go fast, this could be one of the best electric bikes for you.

Sixthreezero EvryJourney Fat Tire E-Bike
The Sixthreezero EvryJourney Fat Tire E-Bike weighs slightly less than other fat bikes

Features and Benefits

The EvryJourney Fat Tire is essentially a hybrid cruiser e-bike perfect for leisurely rides, cruising, and commuting. With a 500W rear hub drive motor plus throttle, you’ll have enough power to get you up to 20mph (but you can still relax while you ride).

The battery will take you 20 miles to 40 miles depending on how much pedal assistance you use. For a cruiser-style e-bike, this should be more than enough.

Plus, Sixthreezero states that “sitting has never been so comfortable”… yes, it’s like sitting on a cloud.

Best Feature

Although this fat tire electric bike doesn’t have as much power as those with 750W motors, the throttle can get you moving fast and give you a break from pedaling if needed.

Check out this model and price.

Not sure of the advantages and disadvantages of a fat tire electric bike? I tell you here!

6. EvryJourney Fat Tire Step-Thru – Sixthreezero

This e-bike is essentially the same as previously mentioned. However, with a low-step frame, nearly every person can fit on this fat tire bike. In fact, it accommodates riders from 5’0” to 6’4”.

Features and Benefits

You’re getting a 500W rear hub motor and simple thumb throttle, just like with the regular frame EvryJourney fat bike. 

The main difference is that it has a step-thru frame, making it ultra-easy to get on and off. This is especially important for shorter riders, as it makes it easier to contact the ground at a moment’s notice.

Being a 5’2” woman, I have never regretted owning a smaller e-bike with a step-thru frame. I can quickly jump down off my bike seat and don’t have to swing my leg up and over a tall frame.

Best Feature

You’ve probably guessed that the best feature here is the step-through frame!

Check out this model and price.

7. Hammer Beach & Snow – Ecotric

The name of this fat tire electric bike fits it perfectly. Its sort of retro look will remind you of a powerful motorcycle, but it still maxes out at 20mph.

As its name implies, it’s built to master rugged terrain and loose ground, making it an affordable electric fat bike to ride in the snow or in the sand.

Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire E-Bike
Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire E-Bike

Features and Benefits

A 750W rear hub motor, 48V battery, 26” X 4” fat tires, hydraulic disc brakes, and throttle give you everything you need to ride away on this cool-looking electric bike.

Just note that their size guide doesn’t tell you what size person can ride this bike. However, take caution… the reviewers note that only a tall person can fit on it (over 6’).

Best Feature

Its vintage motorcycle look really makes this model stand out!

Take a look at this model and its price.

8. Fat Tire Portable & Folding -Ecotric

A versatile little fat bike with 20” wheels, it can conquer tough terrain but still let you ride through town to pick up groceries.

Features and Benefits

It has a 500W brushless geared hub rear motor but only a 36V, 12Ah lithium-ion battery. This means that you won’t be able to ride quite as far as if you had a 48V, 14Ah battery. But, you still have an average range of 20 miles, which is more than enough for many riders.

Further, this 56-pound e-bike’s speed still tops out at 20mph and you’ll have more than enough power to ride the distance.

Best Feature

Without a doubt, the foldable nature of this fat tire e-bike is what makes it so ideal. It’s easy to throw in the back of a car, bus, or train and ride on rough trails.

Check it out here!

Compare Ecotric to Lectric XP!

9. Ranger – QuietKat

QuietKat is known for its line of rugged e-bikes. And the Ranger won’t let you down. It’s built to ride smoothly, even when you’re off-roading.

Ranger Fat Tire E-Bike from Quiet Kat
Ranger Fat Tire E-Bike from QuietKat

Features and Benefits

This powerful e-bike comes in 750W and 1000W options and gives you a range of up to 48 miles from just one battery charge. With 26” X 4.5” tires, it can carry a load of up to 325lbs.

It comes with an integrated battery and rear rack so that you can stash your gear during your adventure. Plus, I like that it comes in 3 sizes to fit just about anyone!

Compare QuietKat brand electric bikes to Rad Power Bikes in this review!

Best Feature

This tough e-bike has a lot of great features but having the additional ½ inch wide tires than most fat tire bikes really gives it an edge in riding over rough terrain.

Take a look at this model and its price.

10. Apex– QuietKat

Likely the best fat tire electric bike for hunting and sport as far as power goes, the Apex comes with a 750W or 1000W motor. So, it doesn’t leave any need for speed behind.

Features and Benefits

In addition to a powerful motor, it comes standard with a 4-piston hydraulic disc brake system, 48V 16Ah battery, and 26” X 4.5” tires! These power-hungry upgrades help mark up the price to a hefty $5499-$5799.

But, if you want the ability to ride over any terrain for fishing, hunting, or just for fun or sport, the Apex is one of the best fat electric bikes for you.

Best Feature

The best overall feature for this e-bike has to be a tie between the 4.5” fat tires and the specialized sport trailers you can add on.

Take a look at this model and its price.

11. Lectric XP 3 Folding E-Bike – Lectric Bikes

Although this brand is relatively new (since 2018), it was quickly recognized to be an affordable, popular electric bike for just about anyone.

Now, the newest and most-featured packed Lectric 3.0 is here. Check it out in my full Lectric XP 3 electric bike review here.

This USA company began in Arizona and originally featured only 1 primary model with two variations, the Lectric XP. These both had fat tires and a range of up to 45 miles. Now, they have multiple models but the XP 3 is still the favorite.

Woman standing next to white step-thru Lectric e-bike
Riding My Lectric XP 3.0

Features and Benefits

The XP 3 comes as a standard bike frame or as a step-thru model, either in black or white. This cool folding e-bike has an 850 “peak” geared motor, “adjustable” front fork suspension, 28mph top speed, mechanical disc brakes, throttle, and five levels of pedal assist. 

Plus, it’s foldable, thanks to its design and 20” wheels. Note: The XP comes with 3-inch “fat” tires, so these are a little narrower than standard 4.0” fat tires. However, this makes it easier to fold the bike and may be quite satisfactory if you won’t be riding hard in the snow or mud.

Best Feature

The price-to-value ratio of this versatile fat tire electric bike is definitely the best thing about it. Starting at only $999, you may also be able to get a special bundle offer. And, you can add a passenger seat so that two of you can ride!

Take a look at this model and its price.

12. Lectric XPremium Foldable Step-Thru – Lectric Bikes

The XPremium is essentially the same electric bike as above, but with a huge punch… it has a dual battery system and a mid-drive motor to give you power when you ask for it.

Lectric XPremium Black
Lectric XPremium Black

Features and Benefits

The XPremium fat tire electric bike gives you everything you want and more, starting with a low-step frame that makes it easy to get on and off. This makes it a lot more comfortable for many riders who want to have greater control over their e-bikes, or who have a hard time lifting their leg up and over to mount them.

It also comes in either black or white with a 500W (850W “peak”) geared motor, 160mm hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension fork, throttle, and five pedal assist levels. 

And, of course, it’s foldable, even with 4.0” wide tires.

Best Feature

By far the best thing about this e-bike is the 100+ mile range, which is practically unheard of in an electric bike under $2000! Plus, it comes with a rear rack.

Take a look at the XPremium model here.

Find out more about folding electric bikes!

13. Speedrid 26” 4.0 Fat Tire – Ancheer

Ancheer is a USA discount brand that is sold through multiple retailers, as well as its own website. Prices can be found for around $1000 and even lower for a variety of different types of e-bikes.

So, it’s pretty awesome that you can get a fat tire electric bike for this amount, although it won’t be of the highest quality.

Blck Ancheer Speedrid 26 Fat Tire E-Bike
Ancheer Speedrid 26 Fat Tire

Features and Benefits

What’s important to know is that their electric fat tire e-bikes have mostly the same features as more expensive fat e-bikes.

For example, it has 26” X 4” fat tires along with a 500W rear hub motor and 48V battery. However, it has only 10Ah, which is slightly less than many e-bikes in this category. This just means that your battery capacity is lower and thus won’t take you quite as far as a battery with 12Ah or 14Ah.

Further, its maximum speed is 15mph, instead of the typical 20mph (let me assure you that this is an adequate speed in most situations and for many riders).

Still, it claims to offer a range of 22 to 40 miles and has other nice features such as an updated LCD display, mechanical disc brakes, a front suspension fork, and a 7-speed transmission system.

Best Feature

At a net weight of 59 lbs, this is less than most fat tire electric bikes, which is what impressed me!

Check out this model on Ancheer’s website.

14. GBI 750 Mag Folding E-Bike – Green Bike

Well, the name says it… it’s got a powerful 750 Watt brushless motor and it folds up so you can take it wherever you want to go.

Green Bike E-Bike from Bike Berry
Green Bike E-Bike

Features and Benefits

From Green Bike USA, this 4.0” fat tire folding model has quite a bit of power and battery capacity. Along with the 750W of power, you’ll get a 48V, 15Ah lithium battery which will take you up to 50 miles.

It even has a color LCD display showing speed, pedal assist level, distance ridden, battery charge, and more.

Best Feature

What’s amazing about this model is that it has full 4.0” fat tires but is still a foldable electric bike!

Check out this model and cost at Bike Berry!

15. Aventure 2 – Aventon

Here’s a fat tire electric bike with an ultra-powerful 48V, 15Ah lithium-ion battery and 28 mph top speed to get you where you need to go fast!

Aventon Aventure 2 Electric Fat Bike with step-through frame in Cobalt Blue
Aventon Aventure 2 Electric Fat Bike in Cobalt Blue

Features and Benefits

With 4” tires, a 750W rear hub motor, and a high-capacity integrated battery, and a torque sensor, you’ll be able to climb hills and ride over rugged terrain. This e-bike also comes with fenders, a front suspension fork, a throttle, and integrated lights.

See my full Aventon Aventure 2 review and ride experience!

What’s really great is that there are 4 different frames. The step-over version (in Regular or Large) easily fits tall riders up to 6’4”. The step-through (in Regular or Large) fits adults as short as 4’11″… so it fits pretty much everyone! Plus get three color choices for each version.

Best Feature

Its power plus its Class 3 top speed of 28mph make this sturdy e-bike stand out above many!

Check out this model and its cost!

16. Mini Swell – Hurley

Like so many other brands, this one is full of adventure (being based in Southern California)! However, this company isn’t exclusive to e-bikes but you can tell about the quality of their bikes from all of the other amazing products they sell.

Hurley Mini Swell Electric Bike with Fat Tires
Hurley Mini Swell Electric Bike with Fat Tires

Features and Benefits

A 500 Watt motor and 48-volt pedal assist and throttle will take you along the streets, while the 4” tires will get you quickly over the sand at the beach. This is a perfect electric bike for anyone cruising the beach, city, or off-road trails.

Best Feature

By far, the coolest thing about these fat tire e-bikes is their flat and long utility seat. It gives you the feeling that you can just hop on and off at every fun stop, wherever you’re cruising.

Take a look at this e-bike model!

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17. Ram Sport Step-Thru – Emojo

Emojo is a brand that carries multiple fat tire electric bikes, which gives you a lot of options to best meet your e-biking needs.

Plus, they often have added specials on their site, so be sure to check out what you can get with a purchase (at the time of this writing, they’re offering a free bicycle lock).

Emojo Ram Sport Step Thru Fat Tire E-Bike
Emojo Ram Sport Step-Thru Fat Tire E-Bike

Features and Benefits

With 5 levels of pedal assistance, 7-speed gears, a 48V, 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery, and an LCD display, you can be sure you’re getting what you need in this 750W, 4-inch fat tire “street edition” e-bike.

And, thankfully, it weighs around 55 lbs which is a lot more manageable than 70 lbs.

Best Feature

The fact that this is a foldable step-thru makes it a perfect electric bike for ease of getting on and off.

Check out this model and its cost.

18. Wildcat Pro Mountain – Emojo

A lower-priced option than the Ram model, it still has what you need but comes with a 500W  DC brushless motor instead of a 750W one.

Features and Benefits

In this fat tire e-bike, you’ll get 26” X 4.0” tires, disc brakes, and a battery that’ll take you up to 25 miles. You’ll also get 7-speed gearing and a 48V, 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery. Upgrade for about $70 more to get hydraulic brakes for true electric mountain bike stopping power.

Best Feature

Choose one of these fat tire electric bikes with a 750W motor or 500W motor. Recommendation: Get the 750W if you’ll be riding up steep mountain trails with this fat tire bike.

Check out this model and its cost.

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19. Caddy Pro Fat Tire TRIKE – Emojo

There are few top USA electric bike brands building 3-wheel tricycles for all ages of adults. Fortunately, this is one of them!

Features and Benefits

The combination of being an electric trike and having fat tires makes the Caddy Pro genuinely unique. So, you can still get over rough terrain but don’t have to concern yourself with losing balance.

Plus, this trike has a 500W motor and greater battery capacity than the others (48V, 15.6Ah). This is nice because the heavier 90lb weight of the trike will make it lose battery charge more rapidly. The battery range will take you up to 35 miles. 

This fat tire electric trike is all about comfort and ease of riding!

Best Feature

Obviously… the best thing about this model is that it has three wheels so you don’t have to worry about balancing or knowing how to ride a bike.

Take a look at this cool tricycle!

20. X – Sondors

Located in Malibu, California, you can only imagine the adventures Sondors can take you on. They have a sizable selection of e-bikes and price ranges. What I love about the X model is that you’re getting a fat tire electric bike for a reasonable price.

Features and Benefits

This 500W e-bike will get you through the mud, snow, sand, and then some with its 4.9” super fat tires. You’ll also get everything else you need including a throttle, high-capacity battery (see below), and 7-speed gears.

Best Feature

Although I’ve mentioned the battery as being one of the best features in a couple of other e-bikes (that had 15Ah batteries), this electric bike wins hands-down at being one of the best electric fat bikes made in the USA when it comes to going the distance… literally. 

It’ll be hard to beat its 48V, 17.5Ah extended-range battery (up to 60 miles) if taking long rides is your thing!

Take a look at the Sondors X model here.

21. Major T Cargo – FattE-Bikes

Built in the USA with loads of customizations, this massive fat cargo bike has an extended frame with a long rear rack.

FattE-Bikes Major T Cargo E-Bike with bright blue paint
FattE-Bikes Major T Cargo

Features and Benefits

Its 750W motor and choice of 48 Volt battery (16Ah or 21Ah) give you a range of up to 80+. Plus, you’ll get a top speed of 26+ mph and a huge weight capacity of 400 lbs. So, you’ll be able to carry pretty much any load you need to!

To carry a passenger, it comes with foot runners (running boards) and a cruiser seat on top of a wood deck. You will also get mechanical disc brakes, Shimano 7-speed gearing, and an LCD headlight.

Best Feature

But the coolest thing about this e-bike, and the FattE-Bike brand itself, is the ability to customize it to your personal taste. Choose frame and fender colors from around 15 options. Then choose options among tires, handlebars, batteries, grips, seats, and pedals (some options include an increased price)!

Check out this model and price!


There you are… the ultimate list of the best fat tire e-bikes “made in the USA”… or rather, from a USA brand.

If you haven’t already, the best way to use this article is to check out the long list of fat tire e-bikes at the top and choose the ones you’d like to look further into, depending upon the brand, price, best features, and purchase benefits.

Then you can use the table of contents to jump to the electric bike you’d like to get more information on.

You’re sure to find the perfect fat tire electric bike for you and your riding partner.