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Are Electric Bikes Fun? (What Can You Do With an E-Bike?)

Electric bikes are the future. They are fun to ride, are environmentally friendly, and are good for your health too! Whether you’re looking for a way to commute or just want a fun activity, electric bikes offer something that traditional bicycles don’t.

Electric bikes are fun to ride because they provide many exciting things to do that you couldn’t do on a traditional bike or when walking.

I have used mine for many different purposes but enjoy it first and foremost because it’s fast, easy to ride uphill, convenient to hop on, and helps me burn calories and relieve stress.

But there are other things you can do with an e-bike for fun as well. After all, fun is what riding e-bikes are all about. In this article, you’ll discover all of the things you can do that makes having an electric bike fun!

Woman on electric bike having fun!

Go Fast on an Electric Bike (for Fun and Convenience)

There’s nothing more exhilarating than zipping along on your electric bike with the wind in your hair. Truly, this is the number one reason I ride an e-bike. Not only can I get where I want to go fast, riding my e-bike fast is a way to relieve stress, clear my mind, and have fun!

And the reality is that I could never go that fast on a regular bike.

Although I ride a 750W bike that has pedal assist up to 20 mph, I can get the speed up to 25 mph on most straight paths without lots of pedestrians or traffic. My e-bike odometer clocks out at 28, so I can go even faster if I want to. So, you don’t need to ride a 1000W electric bike to go really fast!

And, even a 250 Watt electric bike can take you up to 20 mph with pedaling.

Think about how fast you go through a typical residential area. The typical maximum speed limit of 25 mph can easily be reached on your e-bike! Therefore, you can keep up with the cars.

Ride Up Hills Easily, No Sweat!

With my e-bike, I can now get anywhere I need (or want) to go. Getting out of my hilly neighborhood is a breeze. No major muscle strain and no sweating are involved!

Electric Gears make riding up hills easy on your e-bike

Going uphill is easy because electric bikes have batteries that send electric power to the bike motor to give you assistance when you pedal. As long as you pedal even lightly, you’ll get the assistance you need to tackle almost any hill.

Keep in mind, however, that the battery may not last long when going uphill because it requires more electric power. But you should still be able to go far on a fully charged battery.

Electric pedal assist gears especially come in handy on steep inclines that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to ride up at all. You’d typically get all but one or two pedal strokes up this type of hill without breaking a sweat!

Take advantage of your regular gears

But you can also use your regular gear shifts to get up steep hills. Many e-bikes have 7 speeds or more. So, downshifting (lowering) your regular gear shift (even 2-3 gears) will make it easier to ride uphill, even without electric assistance.

For example, I find that shifting gears when my legs are starting to get tired makes it easier to continue pedaling at a consistent motion without wanting to give up!

Get Groceries or Run Errands on an E-Bike (Fast and Easy)

Are electric bikes fun for running mundane, daily errands? Perhaps surprisingly, you can have fun while picking up groceries and personal items on an e-bike. It might take longer than going in a car, but you’re adding enjoyment and physical activity that you can’t get by driving a car.

Fun to ride all around town picking up what you need

Seriously, you can go to multiple shops and pick up what you need… without getting in your car! You’ll save money on gas, help the environment, get exercise, and have fun!

For example, I broke my reading glasses while working. Since I felt annoyed and couldn’t continue to see my computer, I decided to hop on my e-bike and go to the local drugstore to pick up another pair. I zipped 2 miles there and 2 miles back (after buying my glasses) in under 30 minutes! I got a much-needed break and my new reading glasses.

Easy to Carry

The best thing about running errands on an electric bike is that the items you buy can be easily carried home. Most e-bikes have multiple ways of carrying extra cargo. You can add accessories to your electric bike like a front rack, a rear rack, a front basket, a bag under your seat, or even a small bag tied to your handlebar (I use this option for my phone and credit card).

Once you have a rack, you can opt to tie your purchases down with bungee cords or, for more convenience, add a pannier bag, crate, or basket to it.

Orange electric bike with rear rack to carry groceries and other items.

Check out the recommended electric bike accessories you’ll need for a fun (and safe) ride.

See Points of Interest You’d Never See on a Traditional Bike (or Walking)

Riding an electric bike gives you the opportunity to see things you might never have been able to ride or walk to before… and see more of it!

I love to ride my e-bike on the same trails I can hike on. I get to see things from a different perspective, yet also know exactly where I’m going because it’s a familiar route.

In particular, I like riding my e-bike on trails because I can take in more scenic views or stop at natural areas for picnics or creature watching. And I won’t have worn myself getting there by walking!

Ride Your Electric Bike All Day

With my electric bike, I can now ride out 20 miles and not fear that I won’t have the stamina to get back home.

Riding an e-bike helps you go farther than you ever dreamed of on your regular bike. You can go on long bike paths and trails for perhaps 3-4 times as many miles as you could’ve (or would’ve) on your old bike. And easily 10 times as far as if you walked.

Travel to More Places

Being able to ride farther is a huge advantage while traveling as well. Take your e-bike with you or get an electric bike rental at your destination. You’ll be able to visit more museums, shops, and sites of interest than you ever would on foot, as well as on a traditional bike.

Plus, you’ll be able to avoid traffic in big cities and having to find a parking spot.

What does it cost to rent an electric bike? Find out!

Ride an Electric Bike for Fitness (and Have Fun While Working Out)

You won’t have to do challenging, hot and sweaty work-outs led by young athletes who never tire. Instead, you can have fun exercising at your own pace and level.

Honestly, I get a great workout anytime I want one, but I can also take it a little easier if I need to. After all, even healthy and physically active people have days where they’re unusually tired or recovering from illness or a stressful event.

And, more importantly, research has consistently found that people will ride longer on an electric bike than a regular bike. It can be so much fun riding an e-bike that you don’t even realize you’re exercising. Therefore, you’ll get more exercise than you even planned on.

Improve your cardio

Let’s face it, we know cardio exercise is important to our health. But it isn’t always fun! Well, I should say that it hasn’t always been fun. But now (I’m being serious here), getting exercise with an electric bike is fun!

And for those of you who don’t like to challenge yourselves physically, you can still improve your cardio functioning just by riding regularly… even if you don’t pedal hard!

Build muscle (and keep it !)

Riding an electric bike for exercise is also fun because you can see results, even though it may be gradual. Building muscle is a huge side benefit of riding an electric bike. And if you do it regularly, muscle gain is happening! This is important no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Read the essential guide to e-bike health and fitness here.

Ride Your E-Bike with Friends

I’ve been taking mental notes on all of my friends who are getting electric bikes. I mean, how fun will it be to ride with a big group of friends?!! I’m imagining a day ride by the coast where we stop for a picnic on the beach and then perhaps for appetizers at a local hotspot at the end of the day.

This is truly something you can do with friends because everyone can keep up with each other. No one gets left behind on an e-bike! And no one needs to get frustrated waiting for others to catch up (although if you’re in a big group, there’s still bound to be one person who leads the pack).

Join an electric bike group

If you don’t have any friends with e-bikes yet (you probably do… just ask and you’ll be surprised), consider joining an electric bike group. These may be limited in your area, but you can always start one.

Go on a bike tour with a group of friends

You’ve heard of cycling tours? Typically, these are for advanced, athletic bike riders that ride hard day after day. However, e-biking tours are generally more suitable for the average rider. And they’re getting more popular because they are less strenuous but still allow tour riders to see so many interesting things along the way.

Fortunately, there are more and more electric bike tours being offered. Check the local area bike shops to see if they offer any that might be more fun in a group.

Or, if traveling to a destination, plan ahead to rent an electric bike or travel with your electric bike. Find out which tours are available and make a reservation. You won’t have any fun if the tours are booked once you get there!

Check out the ultimate guide to traveling with your electric bike!

Get Seniors and People with Disabilities Riding an Electric Bike Too!

Almost anyone can ride an electric bike, which simply isn’t true of a standard bike. E-bikes are perfect for seniors or those with disabilities. Thanks to the electronic pedal assistance, cycling is just easier!

And e-bikes can benefit these groups of people in several ways.

Electric bikes help obese riders, riders with injuries or chronic pain as well as those who have trouble pedaling or have other disabilities that limit their physical activity. And, e-bikes can be used as a means of transportation or exercise, as well as just for recreation and fun.

If you’re concerned about being able to balance on a two-wheel bike, consider riding a 3-wheel electric trike.

It’s helpful to understand that electric bikes give seniors and disabled individuals the flexibility to stay independent. Seniors can ride to visit friends and keep their social lives active. While, for example, those with disabilities can get to work and take care of their own errands.

Senior woman in red dress riding an electric bike for fun.

Discover the pros and cons of seniors and electric bikes.

Electric Bikes are Fun for Athletes Too

Just because seniors and others with physical limitations can ride e-bikes doesn’t mean that they aren’t great for more athletic people as well. If you enjoy getting active or even pushing your limits, then electric bikes can provide the same thrill as other sports or workouts.

If you consider challenging yourself to be fun, then here’s an idea:

Try riding without any electric power assistance (switch your gear off or to its lowest assist level). This is a great way to build muscle and get your heart rate up. Yet, you still have the reassurance that you can increase electronic assistance at any moment.

Because I also like to challenge myself, I often do a multi-purpose ride. Riding my e-bike to get fresh air, relieve stress, get cardio, build muscle, and have fun can literally be accomplished in 45 minutes to an hour, so like many workout classes offered. Even better, however, is that I don’t have to take the time to drive to a class (and wait for it to start) or spend money on gas.

So, as a work-at-home entrepreneur, I hit my “absolutely can’t sit anymore” limit frequently. So, when I feel about to jump out of my skin, I can take a ride that provides many benefits all at once.

This is a great strategy if you spend a lot of time sitting or working behind a computer but are still athletic. Your e-bike is always there for you… and it’s easy (and fun!) to hop on.

Commute to Work or School (Just for Fun!)

Electric bike riding just makes commuting more fun. One reason for this is that you’ll have more energy at work and then again after work thanks to raising your heart rate and getting fresh air (and maybe even time to think).

But you won’t get to work all sweaty (unless you try to by riding super hard or it’s really hot)!

And, not only does it save time by getting there faster but also saves money on gas as well (personally, I think saving money is fun).

What else is fun about commuting on an e-bike? Parking is easy! You won’t have to search for a spot, fight for it, or pay for it. Most office buildings have bike racks in front or nearby. And if you work in a small shop, you may even get permission to bring your bike inside with you.

Just make sure your e-bike doesn’t get stolen by locking it up securely and learn how to stay safe while riding your electric bike through traffic and around pedestrians.

Find out how to stay safe while riding an electric bike.

Are Electric Bikes Fun for Everyone?

After reading this article, I certainly hope your only answer is “yes”! There are so many things you can do with electric bikes that make them fun. They are perfect for exercise, commuting, leisure, running errands, and so much more.

Their versatility is why they’re great for seniors, active adults and teenagers, adults who ride to work or for recreation, and even disabled individuals. The truth is, e-bikes have a greater purpose than a regular bike could ever have.

Make sure to try out several of the fun things you can do with e-bikes that were mentioned above.

For example, join in on group rides or tours with friends (either in person at home or while traveling); challenge yourself to get fit by riding regularly, make a habit of riding your electric bike to get groceries, ride fast when it’s safe to do so, and ride up a steep hill or two (just because you can!).



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