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Best Electric Bike Accessories (Travel & Camping Must-Haves)

Choosing the best electric bike accessories for travel and camping can be a difficult task. It’s important to know what you need before you go so that you don’t have to worry about it when you arrive at your destination.

And, if you’re new to traveling with an electric bike, it’s helpful to recognize that you may require different accessories than you would for a regular bike.

The best electric bike accessories for traveling and camping are those that make your time away from home easier and safer. These include compatible electric equipment, repair tools, packing essentials, safety gear, and personal items.

As is typical with an electric bike, there’s a good chance you’ll be riding faster and longer distances during your travels than you would on a regular bike. I certainly do! You might also find yourself riding off-road or for miles with no service around.

Therefore, it’s important to take along the best accessories to help you truly enjoy your journey.

In this blog post, I’ll point out the essentials for electric bike riders and why they might be preferred (even if they’re not needed for regular bike riders).

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Must-Have Electrical Accessories (Only for Electric Bikes!)

Thanks to the electricity running through your e-bike when you pedal, you’ll have power assisting you whenever you need it. But this also means that you’ll spend more money on extra, much-needed, electric accessories. Speaking from experience, it’s worth it to have the parts you need to make your journey stress-free.

Here are the must-have ones that you need before traveling or camping with your electric bike:

  • Second e-bike battery
  • Battery charging cable
  • Electric headlight and brake light
  • USB phone cable
  • Extension cord
  • Additional adapters

An extra bike battery, fully charged

Typically, if you’re reading this article, you’re planning on riding your electric bike for most of your trip, or at least as a major part of your travel or camping experience.

So having an extra, fully-charged battery is likely a necessity. Remember, the more you use the electric assistance, the faster your battery will lose charge. And you can bet that if you’re riding 30-50+ miles per day, that’ll you’ll be using this power.

This is why having an extra battery can come in handy. It’s not a cheap accessory, but having one could save the day! Check with your brand of electric bike to make sure your backup battery (paid link) will work correctly and that you can use your charging cable.

If you’re riding less than 20 miles per day and you are certain you have a place to charge your battery each night (like at your hotel), then an extra battery could be optional. Just make sure it’s fully charged before setting out to travel each day.

A charging cable and power adapter

This will typically come with your e-bike or battery purchase. However, it’s super important that you can charge your battery in a hotel room or at your campsite.

So, well in advance of traveling or camping, make certain your destination has a place to charge your battery that fits your power adapter. If you’re traveling in a country different than your home, the outlets provided may be different and will need an additional outlet adapter in order to plug in your battery.

Put this on your trip to-do list!

Electric headlight and brake light

Only electric bikes make having a headlight and brake light (Amazon link) super convenient. However, these are also a must-have for safety reasons. Not only are they useful at night (obviously), they can help you be visible during the day on busy or fast roads.

If your electric bike doesn’t already come with one, contact the shop you purchased from to find out what will fit your bike. Don’t just buy a headlight that has a battery and clips on. With an e-bike, and the right headlight, you’ll be assured of light as long as your bike is in working order and won’t have to worry about replacing a battery.

Phone mount and charging cable

I love that many newer e-bikes have a USB port for your cell phone. So a phone mount (paid link) is truly a must-have! With this feature, you’ll be able to use your phone’s GPS to help you get where you want to go.

And you’ll be able to listen to music or audiobooks, check your stocks, and keep in touch with friends and family back home, at the campsite, or in the hotel.

This doubles as a safety and convenience accessory. And you most likely already have a cell phone and USB cable that’ll work on your e-bike!

However, if you don’t have access to this, make sure to get a GPS so you don’t get lost on your travels.

Long outdoor extension cord (if camping)

If you’re camping with your electric bike, make sure there’s a place to plug-in your battery charger at your campsite or in a central area of the campground. Ask beforehand whether your camping spot has electric hook-ups.

If your travel location does have electric hookups, make sure you have a long outdoor, weather-proof cord that correctly attaches to your battery and reaches the outlet. If not, make alternative plans for charging your battery (nearby ranger station or Starbucks perhaps?).

Outlet adaptor for battery (if traveling overseas)

Because charging your battery is essential when traveling by electric bike, make sure you have an outlet adaptor if needed.

You can carry a small Universal Power Travel Adaptor with your electric gear. You’ll have to make sure you get the right one for where you are traveling to. Most universal plug adaptors will convert to the USA from Europe, the UK, Australia, and Canada.

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E-Bike Repair and Maintenance Tools for Your Trip

These are your “in case of emergency” items. These are important to bring along on any biking trip. And, because you’re riding an electric bike, you’re even more likely to need them due to the increased number of miles you can easily travel.

By carrying these essential tools, you’ll be more likely to fully enjoy your time riding the trails and backroads. No fear of being left stranded somewhere due to mechanical failure that could have been avoided if you had the right tools handy!

Tire repair kit (including mini air pump)

Can you even imagine what it would be like to push a heavy electric bike 20 miles back to your campground or hotel… on a flat tire?! You don’t even want to go there, I assure you.

My husband got his first flat about 5 miles from home while we were riding together. We were so thankful to have one of our sons sitting at home who could drive to pick us up. But, then we thought about what would’ve happened when we no longer had “adult” kids around to save us. There would’ve been trouble… and we were only 5 miles from home.

So, please get a tire repair kit (Amazon link) and keep it on you while you’re riding. Better yet, don’t just get it, make sure you know how to use it. Watch a video (or two) and read the directions on your kit before travel begins.

Keep in mind that not all repair kits come with an air pump. You need a mini tire pump in your bag during any bike travel or camping trip.

Spare tire tubes

Repairing your tire with a patch might leave you with a good-as-new tire. However, if you’re traveling long-distances and/or over several days, or on rough terrain, a tire tube (Amazon) is a must-have accessory.

Again, watch a video before heading out on your trip and learn how to replace a tire tube so you’re not stuck figuring it out in the middle of a 30-mile trail.

Make certain you have the correct tube for your specific tire! Contact the brand manufacturer or bike shop you purchased from if in doubt. And, don’t think you can just grab one if your tire pops. Some tube sizes are harder to get and may have to be ordered (like my own fat tire tube).

Bike multi-tool

In general, electric bikes tend to need more maintenance than regular bikes due to the extra electrical equipment. So keep a bike tool kit handy with all of the important tools… or get a bike multi-tool (paid link).

A multi-tool contains all of the tools you might need to maintain or repair your e-bike on the go. It’ll typically include a chain breaker, spoke wrenches, hex keys/allen wrench (multiple sizes from 2mm-8mm), phillips & flathead screwdrivers, and a torx wrench.

This is another bike accessory you should learn how to use before you actually need it.

Extra brake pads

If you’re touring, bike camping, or will be on a several week driving/biking trip, then you should bring extra brake pads (paid link)… and know how to replace the old ones! You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll use them up on an e-bike, as compared to a regular bike.

The extra riding distance alone will create more wear and tear on your brakes, but the added weight of an electric bike can also destroy brake pads quickly. This is especially true if you are using your brakes a lot to lower your speed when riding downhill (this is me!).

Ready to learn more about taking care of your e-bike?

Best Electric Bike Accessories for Packing and Riding

Only you can decide which accessories listed here are best for you during your biking trip. Read to find out why certain ones will work better for your riding lifestyle and travel situation.

Front and/or rear racks

Transport your gear without a big heavy pack on your back. Not only can a backpack slow you down, but it can also get uncomfortable and hot, not to mention make it harder to maintain good balance.

With a gear rack from Amazon (or pannier), you can easily attach sleeping bags and a tent for camping or chairs to rest on at a beautiful waterfall along the bike trail.

A rack will also allow you to take everything you need with you for the day (or on an overnight camping trip), instead of leaving it in your hotel room or campsite unsupervised. If this is something that concerns you as much as it does me, you might like to have both a front and rear rack so you can take more with you.

Racks fit differently and all racks do not work on all bikes. Some bolt on (so your bike needs to have holes ready for bolts in the same place) while some clip onto the seat post (Make sure there is enough room).

Further, if you have an electric brake light attached to the rear of your e-bike, you’ll want to be able to extend and attach it to the back of the rack.

Here’s a tip on using bike racks: Whether using a front or rear rack, or both, make sure they’re padded well to avoid damage from road vibrations.

Take a look at all of the best gifts and e-bike accessories for riders!

Pannier or travel accessory bag

Now that you’ve got a solid rack on your electric bike, attach a waterproof accessory bag to it. There are many different sizes for different needs. You can even get a triple pannier from Amazon if you have lots of gear to take on your ride.

This is a great time to decide what you’ll need during your trip. If you’ll be traveling by car and just taking your bike out of the car for day trips, you might not need as big of a bag as if you’re bike camping. However, if you’re biking a long trail to a swimming hole in the mountains, you might still want a big accessory bag.

Find an affordable hitch mount car bike rack for your travels!

Consider everything you might pack for a day trip:

  • Extra layers of clothing for elevation changes
  • Swimsuit and water shoes
  • A windproof, waterproof jacket for unexpected weather changes
  • An extra t-shirt to replace your sweaty one
  • Full change of clothes if you start out in the hot morning and end up riding back in the cool evening
  • Tire repair accessories discussed above
  • An extra, fully charged battery for a long day ride (or overnight bike camp trip)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sunscreen, bug spray, and medications
  • Water (lots of it!) and snacks or meals

As you see, you can fill your accessory bag pretty quickly… and you can easily be out all day when riding an electric bike!

Bike hauler/trailer (best for overnight camping or traveling)

Although you may have heard complaints about the difficulties of pulling a bike trailer (Amazon) along for your trip, remind yourself that you’re riding an e-bike now! Having a motor to assist you makes a world of difference when pulling extra weight over bumps and debris. And the benefits might actually make your trip a whole lot easier.

Planning a long camping trip or taking your family along? You’ll be very thankful you have a cart to haul all that gear (think bike helmets, bike tool kit, food, cooking pot, tent). A pannier or accessories bag just won’t cut it.

Of course, you can double up by adding a front or rear rack that holds still more gear and essential accessories.

When looking to purchase a travel trailer, decide what type of terrain you’ll be riding on. If you’ll be mostly off-roading and/or want a lighter trailer, consider getting a single-wheel hauler. It can navigate narrow and bumpy roads easier that a two-wheel trailer. Plus, the risks of tipping over are lower.

However, a two-wheeled cart may be able to carry more weight and fit more gear. So, if you’ll be riding mostly on paved road, this could be the perfect accessory for you.

Where is it legal to ride in the USA when traveling or camping? I’ll tell you!

E-Bike Safety Essentials and Personal Accessories

The best electric bike accessories for travel that we’ve discussed thus far are important for planning any bike travel or camping trip.

The following safety essentials and personal items should be taken with you any time you ride, even if you’re just going on a 5-mile ride to the nearest community bike path. However, they are also must-have gadgets and accessories you absolutely don’t want to forget to take when you travel with your electric bike.

So, use this as a checklist to make sure you have everything you need;

  • Bike helmetPreferably one that’s MIPS rated since you’ll be going extra fast on an electric bike
  • Bike locks– Consider getting a U-lock, which is easy to carry and can’t be cut with bolt cutters like cable locks or chain locks; But it also doesn’t hurt to use a second, heavy-duty chain lock to double-up the security.
  • Rear-view mirror– Yes, just as with a car, this is essential! You will keep yourself and others safe by knowing who and what is coming up behind you or to your side. This is my fave and the one I use from Amazon: Hanfy Rearview Mirror
  • Plush bike seat– You might think replacing your bike seat is a luxury. But after you’ve ridden 20+ miles on a gorgeous bike trail but realize you have to travel 20 miles more to get back to your campsite or hotel, you’ll be thankful you upgraded to a high-quality bike seat!

    The truth is, most manufacturers include standard (which means “hard”) seats on their ebikes that just won’t cut it for long-distance rides. Check out these ones on Amazon!
  • First Aid Kit– Take one wherever you ride. Small injuries are more likely to happen on long trail rides!
  • Water- You probably need way more than you think. If you’re cycling hard, you should have 16 oz per hour… and, in addition, you should take a few big swallows often to stay hydrated.
  • Laundry bags– If you’re bike camping or traveling where you won’t have access to laundry facilities, you should take a few extra bags to place those dirty, sweaty, or wet clothes in after a long-distance bike ride.
  • 3 other must-have personal items you should accessorize with while traveling or camping with your electric bike– Sunscreen, lip moisturizer, and cycling glasses (Amazon). Wind and sun are your worst enemies while riding fast and furiously on your e-bike. Thank me later!

Check out my safety tips for riding an e-bike!


If you’re planning to travel or camp with your electric bike, make sure that it’s equipped with all of the best accessories. This includes everything from e-bike headlights and locks for safety in unfamiliar territory to a tire repair kit, bike racks, and accessory bags.

With a few smart travel accessories, your journey will be more enjoyable and easier. Planning to go on an adventure soon? Check out the list at the beginning of the article of the best electric bike accessories for travel and camping before you head out!

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