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Rad Power Bikes Radster Road Electric Bike- New Tech Makes it Easy to Hill Climb

Ready to find your perfect electric bike?

In this electric bike review, we’re checking out the all-new Rad Power Bikes Radster Road e-bike that conquers hills with its 750-watt hub motor and 100 Newton Meters Torque. The Radster Road impressed me with its smooth, fast, and powerful ride from the second I took off.

Rad has enhanced the motor, improved safety, extended the range, and used advanced technologies not found in previous e-bikes I’ve reviewed. And, could the Radster Road really be water-proof?!

You’ll find out in this review. I’ll show you the many pros of the Rad Power Radster Road E-bike I discovered. And there’s a con you must overcome. Plus, find out if this is the best ebike for you and what you need to know before buying!

Here we go!

Blue Rad Power Bikes Radster Road Electric Bike
The cool blue color of the Radster Road Electric Bike is only a glimpse of the new tech it offers.

The Pros of the Rad Power Radster Road

I’ve already mentioned how the Radster Road e-bike’s powerful 750W motor with 100 Nm of torque ensures strong acceleration and the ability to tackle steep inclines effortlessly. But how do other features help power up the Radster?

15Ah Advanced Semi-Integrated Battery

The high-capacity Safe Shield 720-watt-hour Samsung battery provides an extended riding range of 65+ miles per charge, ideal for commuting or long recreational rides. And its use of Samsung or LG cells and thermal-resistant technology ensures reliability and safety. Plus, I’m encouraged that the 2271 UL certification guarantees the battery meets strict safety standards, reducing the risk of overheating and other issues. 

I also appreciate that it has a Rad Power Bikes smart charger compatible with many power outlets. Further, its smart features are designed to optimize charging times and battery health, enhancing the lifespan of the battery.

Advanced Integrated Battery
Advanced Integrated Battery with UL certification 2271.

Torque Sensor with 28 Mph Pedal Assist

One of the features I loved most about the Radster Road was feeling in control. The torque sensor provided a more responsive, natural riding experience than a standard cadence sensor and adjusted the assistance based on my pedaling force. Along with 5 pedal assist levels and the zero assist option, I enjoyed customizing my support level and conserving battery life when full assistance wasn’t needed.

20 Mph Throttle

I’m a fan of the half-twist throttle. It provided an easy way to control speed without pedaling and gave me a quick burst of speed when needed.

Hydraulic Brake System

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provided superior stopping power as always. This safety feature is helpful when riding downhill or in the rain. The consistent braking performance was also due to the large 180mm brake rotors and durable semi-metallic brake pads.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes
The Hydraulic Disc Brakes offered great stopping power (as seen in the video).

Switchable from Class 1 to 3 

The ability to switch between different classes allows customization based on local regulations and personal preferences. Class 1 offers pedal assist only, Class 2 includes throttle assist up to 20 mph, and Class 3 provides pedal assist up to 28 mph. This feature makes the Radster Road electric bike versatile for various riding environments and needs. FYI… it ships in Class 2 status.

Rad Custom Color Display

The custom color display was easy to read and provided detailed information about speed, battery level, distance traveled, and other vital statistics. You can even see how much power the motor supplies as you pedal. 

USB Port

I found the USB-C port on the left-side handlebar remote. Charging on the go keeps you connected to navigation tools or communication devices during your ride. The USB charge indicator, located on the display, indicates when your device is charging.

Chain Ring Cover

Woman sitting on Rad Power Bikes Radster Road Electric Bike
Radster Road Chain Ring Cover keeps the chain and your clothes clean!

This is worth mentioning as it’s one of the first things I noticed that was different about the Radster Road e-bike. A dual-sided chain ring cover protects the chain from damage and prevents clothing from getting caught. And, it looks nice!

SR Suntour Hydraulic Suspension

The hydraulic suspension fork with 80mm travel absorbed shocks and vibrations. So I wasn’t afraid to go over potholes and bumps in the road. The bike felt stable and I enjoyed being in control. For even more comfort, add the suspension seatpost I use.

Ergonomic Grips & Extended Handlebars

I liked the feel of the ergonomic grips and the wide, moderately swept-back handlebars made the bike easy to handle.

Rear Rack with 55 lb (25 kg) Carrying Capacity

Radster Rear Rack
The e-bike’s rear rack has a weight capacity of 55 lbs.

The solid rear rack helped me carry substantial groceries or other items, making the Radster Road electric bike practical for commuting and errands. The bike’s overall weight capacity of 320 lbs allows this extra cargo weight.

Shimano 8-speed Drivetrain & Shifter

The 8-speed thumb shifter allowed quick and precise gear changes, improving riding efficiency and control. I shifted through gears 4 to 8 to climb hills and control my ride.

Kenda Kwick 29″ Tires

The large 29″ X 2.2″ tires with puncture protection offered a smooth and stable ride, while the reflective strip enhanced visibility.

Kenda Tire

Bright Lights & Effective Turn Signals

The auto-on headlight, brake lights, and turn signals were bright enough to be effective. And it was nice to have a clear view of the turn signals on the display.

Rear brake light
Use the bright turn signal lights to stay visible and safe.

Padded Sport Saddle

With an anatomic cut-out and contoured sides, the saddle provided comfort and support and reduced pressure on sensitive areas.

Radster Road Contoured Saddle
Radster Road Contoured Saddle offers a comfortable ride.

One-Touch Security

Use a personal passcode or fob to lock your bike’s controls. 

Additional Benefits

Full-coverage fenders, an adjustable kickstand, reflective alloy platform pedals, and a safe thru-axle front tire top off the featured benefits of the Radster Road ebike.


Finally, to top off the advanced technology of this e-bike… Yes, it’s Waterproof! I’m not kidding. Rad Power Bikes has built its 2024 models to, and I quote “withstand high-pressure, heavy water splashes”. I don’t think this means you can take a high-pressure water nozzle and shoot water at the Radster from every angle. But naturally occurring heavy rain falling from the sky? Enjoy!

Cons of the Radster Road

Bike Weight

At 74.5 lbs, the Radster is a bit heavier than other commuter e-bikes. Perhaps it can’t be helped with the advanced battery and tech. Just keep weight in mind if you plan to lift or transport it. Removing the battery will reduce the weight by 9 pounds.


Although I think the Radster Road is worth its $2199 price, having a sizeable budget is another thing entirely. However, Rad Power offers a payment plan starting at $138 per month and I don’t think it’s even a question of whether this is worth your money if you’re a commuter or replacing your car.

Now, Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Unboxing & Assembly

Radster Road Shipping Box

Rad made unboxing the Radster easy. I removed the 4 white clips on the bottom of the box and the top slid off. The packaging was easy to unwrap, yet the bike was well-secured inside the shipping box. 

Assembly wasn’t difficult and took about 40 minutes. The handlebar was screwed in place, the front tire was put on by removing and replacing the thru-axle, the pedals were twisted on and tightened, and the front light and fenders were attached and secured.

Size & Fit

Woman standing over the Regular size Radster frame
The Regular size Radster Road frame fits almost every rider 4’11”-6’4″” on two frame sizes: Regular and Large

Having two frame sizes, the Radster Road will fit almost everyone 4’11” to 6’4”. The Step-over height is just under 20” on the Regular frame but substantially higher at 24 inches on the Large frame. So, when choosing the correct frame size, compare the stepover height as well as the reach and seat height.

I appreciate that Rad shows you what tools you need and how to measure for the correct frame size (see Specs & Sizing).

Is This the Best Electric Bike for You?

The Radster Road electric bike is an excellent choice for a wide range of riders due to its versatile features and benefits. 

Rad Power Radster Road E-Bike in front of green bushes
This electric bike has several new tech advanced features plus 100 Newton meters of torque and an advanced lithium battery system.

As a commuter, you’ll appreciate the high-capacity 720 Wh battery, which provides an extended riding range, allowing for longer distances without frequent recharges. 

If you are an adventure seeker, you’ll benefit from the powerful 750W motor and SR Suntour hydraulic suspension fork, ensuring strong acceleration and a smooth ride on bumpy terrain. Additionally, if this is you, you might also like the off-road Radster Trail e-bike.

Tech-savvy riders will enjoy the Rad custom color display, providing detailed ride information, and the USB-C port for charging devices on the go. 

Additionally, the pedal assist system with a torque sensor and multiple levels of support is perfect for fitness-conscious riders looking to stay active.

Overall, the Radster Road is suited for anyone seeking a reliable, high-performance, and adaptable e-bike. Whether you’re commuting, exploring new areas, or enjoying leisurely rides, this bike offers new tech features and benefits to enhance your riding experience. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for a diverse range of riders.

May you love the Radster Road electric bike (or the Radster Trail) as much as I do. Enjoy your ride!



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