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25 E-BIKE ACCESSORIES UNDER $25 That Will Make Your E-Biking Dreams Come True


You’ve spent a good deal of cash on your electric bike already, so it’s totally natural that you’d want to save as much money as possible on accessories, maybe even doing without them!

Good news! You can enjoy getting some cool things that won’t break the bank. Here’s a list of 25 e-bike accessories under $25. This researched and carefully selected list includes products for safety, comfort, and pleasure.

We hope you love the products we’ve selected here! All of them were chosen by myself and my husband based on our research and detailed reviews from others.

E-Biking Today may receive compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop on them. Prices and items in stock are subject to change after publication.

1. Scratch resistant e-bike mirror because e-biking should be fun and safe

Rear view mirror e-bike accessory

Your e-biking experience will be fun and safer when you can see what’s behind you. This is a high-definition, “blast-resistant” mirror that will give you a clearer view of what’s coming from behind. Its anti-glare makes it easy to see on sunny days and the mirror is scratch-resistant so it’ll stay “like new” for years to come!

Promising review: “I just put this on my RadRover eBike and it has become my favorite of several I have tried. Stiff enough to not be blurry over bump roads I ride on; plus stick out farther to my left for easier rearview glance than my previous favorite. I get a quick glance visual for when I will be riding further out into the road while passing garbage cans or bushes that will push me into the road. IMO: It is way safer to have a mirror on your bike. I ride a motorcycle too, and know mirrors and mirror glancing habits save lives! … like keeping the rubber side down.”Safer Bike Rides

Over 4,000 positive reviews (and “Amazon’s Choice”)
Get it from Amazon $19.95

2. If you prefer a sleeker look (but just as safe) these handlebar mirrors will do the trick!

Flanagan mirror e-biking accessory

These cool-looking mirrors attach to your handlebars. They have a concave surface to make it easier to see what’s coming up behind you. The mirrors are fully adjustable and you can mount them at the perfect angle. These were an excellent purchase for our folding e-bikes and easy to install too.

Promising review: “Absolutely fabulous! Easy to install – I had to slice off the end of my handlebar grip, but that’s not the mirror’s fault! Thought I could slice an “X” into the end of my handlebar grip, but no – still too much material in the way… So what! I sliced the end of the grip flush with the end of the handlebar; the mirror installed flush, covered the hole – it looks like it was always there! These are sold in pairs, but the wide-angle aspect of these mirrors are so perfect, I can see directly BEHIND me, with just ONE mirror on my left side! The OTHER mirror I put on my wife’s bike, left side – and SHE’S just as THRILLED as I am! We BOTH highly recommend this mirror!”Charlie H.

Get it from Amazon $15.99

3. Water resistant bike pouch with velcro straps

water resistant biking pouch for electric bikes

This e-bike accessory pouch is perfect for when you don’t need larger pannier bags. It’s easy to install (there are three Velcro straps to keep it secured during bounces). The straps are adjustable and suitable for most e-bikes.

It’s also water-resistant (not waterproof, however) with water-resistant zippers for better water repellency to withstand light rain and splashing water. Because it’s made of thick PU & EVA, this saddle bag is better at protecting your belongings than cheaply made cloth ones.

Promising review: “I got this for my son and he has his bike seat all the way down because he’s still short so there isn’t much space under his bike seat but I managed to install this under his seat. It’s a bit tight, especially because he has a mudguard for his rear wheel right behind the bag but it works.

I like that it has zippered closure rather than velcro-like other bags I’ve seen and it also has a taillight hanging place since this saddle bag will be blocking the taillight if you have one. It has deep storage space inside and you can easily add and remove things like your smartphone and wallet…”wannabe perfectionist

Get it from Amazon: $15.49

4. Shock absorbing cycling gloves to keep your hands happy

shock absorbing cycling gloves

Because of their extra thick shock-absorbing “3-panel” palms, these gloves keep your hands comfortable without the e-bike rider sacrificing control. You can easily take these gloves off because they have pull tabs on the fingers!

Promising review: “These gloves fit perfect (my palm’s measures between 20cm -21cm) and I bought a large.
The gel pads feel real good on the handlebars of my scooter, lots of grip too.
The little “tabs” on the inside of the two middle fingers make it so much easier to pull the gloves off.
Graphic look kool too…I’m stoked..great deal quick shipping always from amazon Prime…

UPDATE: after a week of wearing these gloves I have found out why they said “shock absorbing” because so after just a short week of riding with these on ( I ride everyday) I have noticed something different when I use my computer to type…my fingers don’t have that tingly feeling and numbness like before…which I am sure came from the vibration of my hands being on the handlebars of my 2 motorcycles…where have these been all my life ?? I just threw out my 2 pair of other riding gloves and they were in good physical shape…buying a 2nd pair of these for sure
.” – Brian J.

Get them from Amazon $15.99:

5. Padded bike shorts for those long rides

padded bike shorts for e-bike

These bike shorts are actually made for mountain biking (here are some padded bike shorts for women). (here are some padded bike shorts for women).. But for those of us who ride our e-bikes long distances, these bike shorts are great! 3D padding is included in just the right place. Plus, the thickness will keep you comfy in your electric bike saddle while riding. The 3D padding helps prevent ride-ups as well.

Promising review: “Pretty great, inexpensive padded briefs.

I never thought I’d end up writing a review for what are essentially padded underwear, but here we are. I recently (within the past 3-4 months) started cycling for exercise. Initially, I had trouble getting used to the rather unforgiving seat on my new bike, so I replaced the seat with a more padded model. This worked for a while, but on longer rides (20 miles+) I noticed that the padding was too firm and actually caused some pretty major pain. As an experiment, I bought these and one other (cheaper) pair to see if they’d make a difference. Boy did they ever make a difference, and because I had another pair to compare them with, I found that these are vastly superior. They stay up and wear pretty much like a normal pair of boxer briefs. They’re so comfortable that I often forget that the padding is even there. Best of all, no more pain while riding. These things are great.”Ryan C.

Get it on Amazon $19.99:

6. A two-in-one bike bag for holding stuff and a handy pocket to display your phone

Bike Bag and Phone Case Holder for your e-bike

Having your mobile phone front and center (instead of in your pocket) while you’re riding is a huge plus. I use my GPS all the time and having an easy view of my iPhone provides easy access.

Velcro straps on the bottom of the top bar grab it firmly, and a Velcro strap on the fork keeps it centered. The straps were too long and I had to cut them. As you don’t want them to unroll, leave them a little long so you can tuck them in. Sometimes the bag shifts because of the weight, but not much, maybe a half-inch or so. No big deal.

Promising review: “.

“This is a great top tube bag! If you like a top tube bag to store this and that and want to see and touch your iPhone screen while you ride and keep your screen protected from water and bugs, maybe you ride in the rain sometimes like me…this is the bag you’re looking for.

It holds a nice amount of stuff besides your phone like a wallet or keys or a bike tube etc…” – Jason R.

Get it on Amazon $20.99

7. These high quality USB Rechargeable Bike Lights

Ascher rechargeable bike lights

This is a small, but very bright LED bike light, to keep every path well lit. Pick white for the front headlight or red for the rear taillight. Of our 25 e-bike accessories under $25, this is our top recommendation for safety.

Charging the lights is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Plug the micro USB cable into the Bike light’s micro USB port
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to an AC adapter (not included) or an active USB port on your computer
  3. When the front light is fully charged, the LED indicator will turn green and the rear light will turn orange.

Promising review: “Just ordered my third set of these [have a few bikes and I will not ride without lights]. The absolute best; and I’ve tried a few. All more expensive by the way. They’re rechargeable,fit most head tubes as well as handlebars and they give you extra straps. They are remarkably bright [can be seen from the side too] with three bulb pattern and the charge lasts quite a while. Lastly, they look cool ~ round chrome like shape. Don’t even think about others…” – PJ jenkins

Get it on Amazon $15.99

8. Classic bike bell (just one ring will get attention)

Accmor Classic Bike Bell

Bells are a must-have bike accessory for any e-biker riding on a path with people

It has a loud warning bell. This aluminum bicycle ring bell is specially designed for mountain bikes but attaches easily to your e-bike. They’ll produce a crisp ringtone that’s easy to hear.

Promising review: ” I ordered the gold/yellow one. It gives a very loud, crisp ring. It’s easy to use unlike some other bells at this price that get stuck. For the price, it’s pretty heavy duty and I don’t think it’ll break easily. It should be simple to install. It looks like I just need to loosen the screw and slide it on. The plastic circle part (second picture) stretches pretty far In case the handlebars are too wide.” – Sarah

Get it on Amazon $6.99

9. A Second Bike Lock– Master cable with combination

Master Lock 8143D Bike Lock Cable with Combination

Your second bike lock! You know I’ve always recommended a U-Lock or heavy chain lock to protect your electric bike. But, this is so cheap, that it can be used as an additional lock simply as a deterrent to thieves (using 2 or more bike locks is always a good idea for your expensive e-bike). Who wants to break through two locks?! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

The Master Lock 8143D has a preset combination and is about 4 ft. (1.2 m) in length. It’s made of “braided steel” for maximum strength and flexibility. As a bonus, the vinyl coating protects your ebike from scratches. There’s a four-dial combination lock for keyless convenience. There’s also a Lifetime Guarantee.

Promising review:Great lock for low-risk areas. Combination is set and cannot be changed. This is an economic but durable solution for situation when you want to lock your bike in a public place. The section of the cable is by no means thick enough to deter anyone who really wants your bike. I would not let my bike with this lock overnight in critical areas, but this lock is fantastic when you stroll downtown and stop for a coffee or lunch somewhere. It comes with a fix combination, meaning you cannot set a more memorable one for yourself. Make sure you mark the four digits down somewhere (phone, maybe?) so you do not look like an idiot trying to steal your own bike!” – Team Leader 100

Get it on Amazon: $5.70

10. Super Bright 5 LED Headlight Set

This bright headlight mounts easily to the handlebars or seat posts of your e-bike. It offers visibility of more than 1500 feet. In addition, there are five LEDs that light up the road for a distance of more than 40 feet, and the handlebar mount doesn’t require any tools. 

It has a quick-release system for removing the headlight from its mount once it’s mounted. You can change the angle and remove the taillight by it’s easy quick-release clip. It’s got up to 80 hours of light! (Batteries not included).

Promising review: “5.0 out of 5 stars Headlight Was Good, But The Customer Service Was Amazing!

I purchased the BV Light Set from Bikepak USA on a recent Lightning Deal. The price was very attractive, so my expectations were not that high. The package arrived a few days later. Installed the headlight on my wife’s bike…it fit well and was bright-enough for night time riding. Tried the taillight……it didn’t work.

I figured it was another one of those “you get what you pay for” things, so I didn’t complain.

A couple days later, I received an email from Bikepak USA, asking if I was satisfied with my purchase. Decided to reply and tell them the taillight didn’t work. The next day I received a reply, along with a tracking number for a replacement. To say I was impressed was an understatement!

Two days later the replacement product arrived. I opened the package to find a complete set of lights. Both worked perfectly.”Racer Randy

Get it on Amazon: $9.95

11. Speaking of bright, how about this Tail Light, (that’s ultra bright) and USB Rechargeable!

This LED bike light is a must-have if you plan on cycling at night. Whether you’re riding on a busy road or a dark path, it’ll make you really visible in an environment of stoplights and neon signs.

Promising review: “Love this thing!!!! Looks amazing on my bike. I was initially dismayed at the rubber clasp was really short and looked like it would not wrap around the bike stem. Took a lot of effort to stretch it but eventually, it barely clasped at the biggest loop. Once it was clasped the light could be tilted upwards or downwards. The light is super bright!!! Love the way it looks and it’s a small thin footprint.” – Mocosonino

Get it on Amazon: $17.99

12. Tail light with turn signals AND a Wireless Remote

Bike tail light with turn signal

Since we’re speaking of safety in this article, I really want to stress the importance of letting the cars, people and other riders around you know you’re around them!

Sending signals as you drive, like having an actual turn signal on your e-bike, is really a must-have. It’s suitable for all types of bicycles, such as e-mountain bikes, electric road bikes, fat tire e-bikes, hybrid e-bikes, etc. You can easily control the turn signals, emergency lights, and warning lights as you ride your bicycle.

The bicycle tail light kit combo can be attached to virtually any electric bike. Another plus… This light has a long battery life of up to10 hours when flashing!

Promising review: “These are excellent, bright, signal lights. As the seller says, they can be paired with another remote by long-pressing the on/off switch. The red power indicator starts flashing until it is commanded by a remote. Then it synchronizes with that remote, and the power indicator stops flashing. Wonderfully simple! Pair both the front and back signal units to the same remote. Works great!” – T. Marshall

Get it on Amazon: $19.99

13. Loud bike alarm wireless vibration motion sensor

With up to 113 dB of loud alarm sound, this anti-theft alarm can help deter thieves, provide additional security, and give you peace of mind when your electric bike is parked outside. The sensitivity can be adjusted from ‘gentle touch’ to pushing! The alarm makes a sound when you press the ringtone key too! Find your bike in the crowd!

Promising review: “I was not sure what to expect for such a low price, but I was pleasantly surprised with it.. I just bought my first electric bike, I paid $1500 for the thing, you can imagine I really want to protect it from thieves. Ebikes are a super hot item for thieves from what I am told.
It is super sensitive, just touch the bike and it goes off. I was able to hide it inside of a plastic box that holds my electric motor controller.
Between having this alarm, a disc brake lock, and a chain/lock set up I feel secure leaving it outside of the mall for a 2 hour movie at the theatre.
People are amazed when they see me activate the alarm… They have no idea how simple it really is.. I love it, and will put one on my next bike too.
” – Mike-n-Kady

Get it on Amazon: $16.99

14. Bicycle repair bag & tire pump

Bicycle Repair Bag & Bicycle Tire Pump

Considering the price, this is a nice tool kit. It doesn’t have the most pieces, and they’re not the best built, but you’re also not forking over $75 for it. The bag has the things you need most if you get stuck on the side of the road, like tire levers to fix flat tires. And you can put your e-bike keys and phone in it too!

Promising review: “Well, this was a pleasant surprise find. The case is well made, even the stitching is finished nicely though I think a 3rd strap on one of the end would help to keep it from flopping on the frame while pedaling, just a thought. A small variety of tools, well.. they cover every need I would have on my bike, so unless you’ve got some crazy custom stuff going on, it’s likely this will cover your needs as well. Tools feel solid, the patches are glueless and the pump is nice and compact with an adapter. Overall, great value for the price, recommend!” – Toddles “OmniFox” D

Get it on Amazon: $24.95

15. This bike helmet with detachable visor & LED rear light

Bike Helmet with Detachable Visor & LED Rear Light

The nice thing about this bike helmet is the goggles! They’ll help eliminate glare, soften the light, and improve your vision all at once. You’ll be able to block wind, dust, and light… and the goggles are easy to put on and take off with one hand.

Promising review: Oh boy! I am so glad I got this helmet! It said with head circumferences 22.44-24.8 inches (57-61 CM), and it fit nicely. Not only that, it was very comfortable to wear for more than 3 hours. I did not have any issues with this. I wear sunglasses and this helmet was perfect made compare to other one I have cause helmet weight down on my sunglasses and hurts my bone on nose. Highly recommend!” – Ron A.

Get it on Amazon: $21.95

16. An Adult Cycling Bike Helmet with Detachable Visor & Pads

LIVLOV Adult Cycling Bike Helmet with Detachable Visor & Pads

This adult bike helmet has adjustable straps and a spin dial that lets you adjust the tightness to fit different head sizes! You can choose from a bunch of colors and styles on Amazon (different styles for both men and women).

Having a visor is a huge plus, as it protects your eyes from branches and light rain.

Promising review: “Fits well, completely comfortable. Straps adjust well.lightweight.well constructed.” – Susan d.

Get it on Amazon: $19.99

17. Skull Cap Helmet Liner Winter Hats Fleece Beanie Ear

Skull Cap Helmet Liner Winter Hats Fleece Beanie Ear

It’s a long-standing problem when cycling in the winter – most cycle helmets have various holes and vents to stop the e-bike rider from wilting in the summer. But when winter rolls around, those same holes let in a deathly chill. If you’ve ever tried to put a beanie hat or a headscarf under your helmet, you know how bulky that can feel.

This cap is an extra layer under bicycling helmets. The cap is thin enough to fit under most bike helmets.

Promising review: “Just completed a 2-day cyclocross race weekend with temps just above freezing. This cap was great. It fit my head very snuggly (I have a large head) and never felt like it would come loose, even without a helmet on top. The ear flaps kept my ears from getting cold, without blocking out too much sound, but you can easily fold them up if you don’t need them covered. There is a ponytail opening at the back if you have long hair, which I don’t, but still found it helpful to see where the “back” of the cap was without staring at it for too long.”Greg C

Get it on Amazon: $11.99

18. Womens Skull Cap with a Ponytail Hole

Womens Skull Cap with Ponytail Hole

Wear this thermal women’s winter hat and let your pony loose!

NO MORE NUMB EARS IN WINTER! Running or cycling in winter can be a pain. You’d better grab a comfy, soft, windproof women’s skull cap to keep your head and ears warm. This cap is made of water-resistant and durable polyester and spandex fabric. It has thickened thermal fleece inside to keep you warm and protected. Plus, it has a really nice size ponytail opening!

Hint: This makes a nice e-bike accessory gift for a woman e-bike rider.

Promising review: “This is my first skull cap, and I love it! I didn’t use to like biking in cold weather, but with the right equipment, it’s great to get outdoors and get some exercise! The cap is warm and comfortable, completely covering my ears which is key as I tend to get earaches while biking in cold or windy weather. It fits well under my helmet, it’s not too tight but snug enough to not let wind in. I think it would also work well under a snowmobile helmet although I haven’t tried that yet (no snow yet, luckily!) Actually, it would be a great winter cap to use for any reason, especially if active.” – Luanne I.

Get it on Amazon: $12.95

19. LED bike wheel lights with batteries included

LED Bike Wheel Lights with Batteries Included

You’re going to be cool! Be the center of attention and get compliments everywhere you go. Each box is for 1 wheel so you can mix or match colors. Get ready to ride in style! Front and back lights leave you vulnerable from the sides.

But you’ll be seen from all directions with these wheel lights! This is also a perfect gift for an e-bike rider who is all about having fun!

Promising review: ” Takes about 5-10 minutes to install. We have only had them on for 1 day but they look awesome, very bright and seem to be good quality. Great idea for safety while riding too!” – Justin S.

Get it on Amazon: $13.99

20. This Double Cylinder Foot Pump

Double Cylinder Foot Pump

If you’ve used a regular hand pump to pump up your big e-bike tires in the past, you know how tiring (pun intended) it can get. Try this foot pump instead! It has a large, non-slip pedal with four non-slip bottom rubber pads that make the frame stable.

Promising review: “Wow…this thing is heavy duty. So many of these foot pumps are light weight and bend too easy, but this thing is heavy and tough. Not often do I get an item that I am this impressed with. The gauge is very solid and a nice large size…easy to read. I used the pump to inflate a soccer ball and while most of these pumps with a built in gauge aren’t at all accurate in the low range, this one worked perfectly and registered even at just a few psi.

The design of the “foot peddle” is super nice in that I could use it without a shoe on and it was very comfortable. … I certainly recommend this one.” – Dman7

Get it on Amazon: $17.99

21. Waterproof Cycling Shoe Covers

Waterproof Cycling Shoe Covers

No matter what the weather throws at you, you can be assured that the shoe covers will keep your feet warm and protected so that you can continue your riding adventure. It uses waterproof high elastic PU material fabric and has wind and rain protection functions. This is a way better option than riding long distances with wet feet! Works for most shoe sizes.

Promising review: “A size L fit nicely over my size 44 road shoes. Though the material is thin, they held up very well this winter and they are totally windproof. With a pair of wool socks under my road shoes and another pair of wool sock tips over the top, I was fine with these covers on a one-hour ride in 28 F. 35-50 F and the wool socks under the shoes are enough.” – RScott

Get it on Amazon: $17.99

22. Waterproof outdoor bicycle covers

Waterproof Outdoor Bicycle Covers

This bike cover is designed to keep your bike safe and sound. The durable design gives you protection against rain, wind, snow, dust, and whatever else mother nature may throw at you. A helpful buckle at the bottom stabilizes the cover, keeping it secure even on windy days. It’s easy to pack up and transport with you, as well!

However, if you’re going to be storing your e-bike for a while, make sure to remove the battery first to protect its battery life!

Promising review: “I read quite a few positive reviews on this item before I purchased it but many of them were written by people who received this item free. I paid full price for this bike cover and think it is one of the best $15 purchases I could make. I can’t believe you can get such a nice cover for so little money. I bought a new bicycle while we were spending the winter in South Texas. I wanted something to keep the dust and rain off. This cover fit the bill perfectly. It gets very windy where we were and I was afraid the cover wouldn’t hold up but it did. Also, the black top part makes it easy to see exactly how to put the cover on. Thank you for offering such a nice cover at such a reasonable price.” – Sandeelee

Get it on Amazon: $14.99

23. An anti dust high elastic bicycle wheel bag

Anti Dust High Elastic Bicycle Wheel Bag

With this cover, you’ll be able to completely cover your two electric bike wheels and protect them, as well as the area around them, from dirt marks. It’s perfect for storing e-bikes indoors or for transporting them.

Promising review: “It came in on time. Great quality material. Fits perfectly on the cruiser style bike as well as the mountain bike (I purchased 2). Having these makes it easy to keep the bikes inside the house without the hassle of the dirt. They are easily machine washable also! Great product!” – Courtney

Get it on Amazon: $19.99

24. Hydration backpack for those long rides

Hydration Backpack

This 2L BPA-free bladder keeps you hydrated during long rides and it’s easy to drink from. The insulation layer also keeps the water fairly cool. And bonus! The front pocket can hold wallets, keys, phones, small tools, etc.

This is a great alternative to using pannier bags on a bike rack… and it’s the perfect gift for an e-bike rider who doesn’t have a bike rack!

Promising review: “I have been very happy with this hydration pack. It is lightweight and comfortable. I used it while hiking on vacation in Utah (desert area and very dry) and it was perfect. If you fill the bladder early and put it in the freezer for an hour or so before setting out, the water will stay cold for many hours.
There is enough extra space to pack some snacks and the lacing on the outside is perfect for securing a jacket or extra clothing. The price was definitely great for what I got.

The bladder and hose are rather “plastic” tasting. I just cleaned it first very well before using, letting it soak about 15 min with a light bleach water first. Then followed that with baking soda water. Then I made sure to rinse the bladder and hose out very well
.” – Brenna25

Get it on Amazon: $21.99

25. And the last of the e-bike accessories under $25, this CLIF BAR Variety Pack

CLIF BARS - Energy Bars Variety Pack

Whether you need sustained energy for hiking, climbing, skiing, or a long e-bike ride, CLIF BARS are all wrapped up and ready to go! They’re non-GMO… and, they come in gluten-free options (which I have a hard time finding… check the individual packaging)! Did I mention that these actually taste good (and come in lots of flavors)?!

Promising review: “I love clif bars and honestly I cant say anything bad about then .. if you like cookies and cookie dough textures this is a brand for you“. – earlbuckeymoviecritique

Get it on Amazon: $19.99


There’s our list of 25 interesting and cool e-bike accessories under $25!

I’m sure a few of these accessories will come in very handy whether you choose to ride long distances, take short trips or you’ve parked your electric bike outside to do some shopping or sightseeing.

These ideas can also give you the perfect gift ideas for birthdays or the holiday season!

If you have other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Happy e-bike riding everyone!

Do You Need a Special Helmet for an Electric Bike? (Explained)

Woman putting on cycling helmet

When you’re riding an electric bike, as opposed to a regular bike, you’re bound to go much faster because of motor assistance and/or throttle. Depending on your e-bike, you might even be able to go up to 28 mph.

So, it’s understandable to question whether you need a special bike helmet when riding an electric bike.

In general, you are not required to wear a special helmet when riding your e-bike. However, you should wear the highest-quality safety helmet you can afford (preferably with MIPS technology) due to the higher risks of head injury from riding a fast electric bike.

Truthfully, how well a helmet protects your head has a lot to do with how fast you ride and the type and level of impact that happens when it’s hit.

Find out in this article what you need to know to get the best helmet for electric bike riding. For instance, do you know if you need a MIPS helmet? Or what safety features should you have?

I’ve included a list of the best cycling helmets to choose from below and what you need to look for when it comes to keeping your head safe when riding at fast speeds.

Plus, take a look at my own affordable e-bike helmet… it might be perfect for you too.

What’s Different About an Electric Bike Helmet (is it special)?

To clarify, it’s not that the helmet is somehow different, it’s the electric bike that sets itself apart from a regular bicycle. Riding an e-bike is what’s special.

Because motor-assisted electric bikes are faster and more powerful than standard bikes, you need to take extra care to protect your head from serious injury in a crash. That’s why high-quality electric bike helmets with added protection, such as MIPS, are recommended for most e-bike riders.

Do You Need a Special Helmet for Electric Bikes

What Are Bike Helmets Made of?

Typically, bike helmets are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a Polycarbonate shell (PC), and a durable EPS foam liner (expanded polystyrene).

The difference between an inexpensive e-bike helmet and a more expensive one is in part due to how it’s made with these materials. A higher-end bicycle helmet often has added technologies and increased reinforcement within the EPS foam itself.

Additionally, even hard foam is not created equal. Depending on the density, it can crush by small impacts or only larger ones.

Bike helmets made with thicker, sturdier EPS foam will offer greater protection than a cheaper one with less foam density. Further, added protection in the helmet liner or shell is typical in the best e-bike helmets (see MIPS below).

Ultimately, an electric bike rider should consider what helmet will best protect their brain in a high-speed crash, as that is where the main difference occurs when compared to a regular bike rider.

Do Bike Helmets Need to Be Certified?

If sold in the USA, all bicycle helmets, regardless of whether they’re for e-bikes, are required to have certification from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This means that they all have a minimum standard of handling head impacts.

Many other countries, such as Canada, also uphold these standards or have their own certifications.

For example, the Netherlands has NTA 8776 certification while bike helmets sold in Europe must meet the CE2205 – E10 safety requirements.

If you are buying a helmet online, make sure it is from a country that has certification standards. All helmets sold in the US should be certified by CPSC, but you can never be too careful about protecting your head from harm.

Is a MIPS Helmet Necessary for an E-Bike Rider?

Having a MIPS helmet is necessary if you want to increase the protection of your head and brain in an e-bike accident. Safe e-bike riding should be your first priority.

In a crash, the goal of the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is to reduce rotational forces on a rider’s brain upon impact. 

Shows the Yellow MIPS Logo on Bike Helmet
Shows the Yellow MIPS Logo Bike Helmets like Giro

When there is a crash, the rider’s head typically hits at an angle. Whereas regular bicycle helmets are meant to protect a blow to the front or rear of the head, MIPS helmets technology instead considers that this straightforward head impact is unlikely. 

Thus, having a helmet with MIPS (see the yellow MIPS logo) can help reduce the force of the head rotation.

It does this by using an additional “sliding” layer inside the helmet (you’ll find research and additional MIPS information here), either closest to the head, inside the EPS foam, or closer to the outer shell.

Ultimately, because you’re at higher risk of a harder brain impact in a crash, due to the speed of your electric bike, the MIPS system should be essential to your consideration when buying a helmet.

What Is the Best Helmet for an E-Bike?

Electric bike helmets come in hundreds of different models and prices, making it hard to choose which one is best for you.

To help you choose the perfect helmet, I’ve selected these helmets based on their MIPS head protection, multiple customer reviews (all 4 1/2 stars or better out of 5 stars), and my own brand knowledge and wearing experience:

Best E-Bike Safety HelmetsMIPSCostCustomer
Giro Vasona MIPS Womens Recreational Helmet ( I wear this one)YES$654 1/2 Stars
Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling HelmetYES$704 1/2 Stars
Giro Agilis MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet
YES$995 Stars
Thousand Adult Bike Helmets- Mens and WomensYES$1354 1/2 Stars
BELL Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike HelmetYES$130+5 Stars
E-Bike helmets on Amazon

Generally, the best e-bike helmet will be high-quality and should have extra safety features that you can afford including:

  1. High-quality impact-resistant material (sturdy EPS foam)
  2. MIPS
  3. Bright, easily visible color
  4. Integrated rear light (such as LED lights)
  5. Comfortable straps and closure
  6. Easily adjustable snug fit (with a dial fit system)
  7. Eye protection shield (important when riding at high speeds on an e-bike)
  8. Attached visor to protect your eyes from the sun and rain
  9. Great ventilation (keeps your head cool)

Additionally, a great helmet may have features that make it more comfortable and enjoyable to wear. The best e-bike helmet for you may be lightweight, have an adjustable airflow (some vents can be closed), allow you to listen to music or have conversations, and have a reasonable cost.

Without a doubt, the best e-bike helmet also fits snugly on your head, covering the top of your forehead and protecting the back of your skull.

Perhaps getting all of these features is what makes a truly special helmet for electric bike riders!

But, even if you don’t buy one with all of the best features, you can still get the right helmet for you. If you get one that fits you perfectly and has MIPS, then you’ve done yourself a big favor.

Take a look at my top pics above and you’re bound to find a good choice with a MIPS system.

How Much Does the Average E-Bike Helmet Cost?

Bike helmets that are perfect for e-bike riding typically cost $55-$195. However, you can get a MIPS helmet for as low as $30 and as high as $300. In general, you need to spend $25-$30 more to get one with MIPS.

So, the thing to know is that you can get the best e-bike helmet, with MIPS, for a reasonable price

I bought my new Giro helmet for only $65 on Amazon. And I chose a women’s helmet to make sure I got a good fit for my smaller head, and a bright color to stay visible (the color I received is a little greener than what you see here). You can also check out the other color options.

Giro Vasona MIPS Womens Recreational Bike Helmet
Giro Vasona MIPS Womens Recreational Bike Helmet

I love the bright color, the soft straps, and the adjustable but snug fit! And, honestly, I can feel the higher quality just by holding it, as compared to a regular $25 bike helmet.

And, although you don’t have to spend $200 to get the perfect helmet, you shouldn’t buy the cheapest one you can find! Those are made for casual, slow bike riders, not riders with fast and powerful pedal-assisted e-bikes.

Check out how fast your e-bike can go (watts compared)!

Are Helmets Required for Electric Bikes (is there a law)? 

In most places, it’s not legally required for an adult with a Class 1 or 2 e-bike to wear a helmet. Generally, each country, state, city, or county, has its own set of laws. However, Class 3 e-bike riders and children are typically required to wear bike helmets.

So, for example, in the United States, federal law doesn’t require adults over 18 to wear bike helmets, even if they’re riding an electric bike. But each state (or each locale in the state) may have its own set of helmet laws.

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to understand the helmet laws in your city or state. You can find more information on what’s required in the United States by going to

What is a Class 3 Electric Bike (and why does it require a helmet)?

In the United States and some other countries, there are 3 defined classes of e-bikes:

  • Class 1- This is a motor-assisted bike that goes a maximum of 20mph without a throttle
  • Class 2– This class of e-bike also goes a maximum of 20mph motor-assisted, but is also powered by a throttle.
  • Class 3– A Class 3 e-bike, however, can reach speeds of up to 28mph with motor-assistance

As you can see, Class 3 electric bicycles are able to go substantially faster (with motor assist) than Class 1 and 2. Many local laws, therefore, define riding one as higher risk, which is why these riders must wear a helmet. Additionally, there are other restrictive laws regarding Class 3 electric bicycles.

Discover where you can legally ride your e-bike in the US, based on its classification

So, in some places, there are laws requiring you to wear a helmet when riding a Class 3 electric bike.

Find out more about the three classes of e-bikes and whether you need a license to ride!

Do Stylish E-Bike Helmets Have the Features I Need?

You can choose to buy an electric bike helmet based on how it looks and what added features it has, but you should still put safety first by looking at a helmet’s performance.

Make sure that the e-bike helmet you decide to buy has the greatest level of protection you can afford.

Then shop for the one that has the other features and style you want.

There are a few different styles of good helmets for e-bike riders. You can select from hundreds of these styles on Amazon.

Road Bike Helmets

The Giro Isode Cycling Helmet (Amazon) is a traditional style road helmet but also has MIPS and a very fair price, making it a great choice for any electric bike owner.

Giro Isode MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet
Giro Isode MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet- Amazon

Urban Bike Helmet

Urban bike helmets look a little more like motorcycle helmets with their rounded shell and visor.

Check out this urban style helmet on Amazon. It has the cool look but also has MIPS protection, magnetic integrated lights, active airflow vents, a great visor, and even a “poplock” that allows you to secure it with your u-lock or chain lock.

Thousand Adult Urban Bike Helmet
Thousand Adult Urban Electric Bike Helmet on Amazon

Dirt Biking or Electric Mountain Bike Helmet

This special helmet style (Amazon) is geared towards those who love the sport of e-bike riding, either on their electric mountain bike or dirt bike. Fortunately, it’s still inexpensive on Amazon, includes MIPS, and comes in multiple fun colors, like this bright green one:

Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet
Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet- Find it on Amazon

Snow Bike Helmet

If you’ll be doing some snow or cold weather e-bike riding, you’ll want to keep your ears and face toasty warm. Of course you can add accessories that’ll keep you warm, but this type of helmet makes it so much easier!

A stylish snow e-bike helmet (Amazon) gives you all that as well as MIPS, a controllable ventilation system, and an integrated shield. You can also add a compatible Giro audio system. It’s not surprising that the cost is quite steep!

Giro Vue MIPS Vivid Snow Helmet
Giro Vue MIPS Vivid Snow Helmet on Amazon


Although you’re not typically required to have any kind of special helmet for your electric bike, you may be required to wear one under certain local laws. You should always check the legal requirements wherever you are riding your e-bike.

So, although you don’t need a special helmet for an electric bike, what really makes a helmet “special” is that it will help protect you from head injuries

Buying a helmet with the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) I’ve discussed above will increase your chances of keeping your head safe.

And more importantly, you should always wear a cycling helmet whenever you’re riding your electric bike because it’s so much faster and more powerful than a regular bike.

There are plenty of reasonably priced e-bike helmets that are just $25-$30 more than a basic bike helmet. Plus, you can even find a stylish one with extra features if that’s your thing.

9 Best Electric Bikes for Adults in Their 20s and 30s (Find out why)

Best Electric Bikes for Adults in Their 20's and 30's

Are the best e-bikes for young adults the ones that are the fastest? Or ones that are foldable or easy to lift? Or is it a reasonable price that makes an electric bike the best one?

When you’re an adult in your 20s or 30s, the best electric bike is typically one that is:

  • good for city commuting
  • rideable on dirt and pavement
  • powerful and fast
  • priced on the low end of good quality bikes ($900-$1999) 

Because your lifestyle can change a lot during these years, you may start to think you need a new e-bike that better suits your needs within 1-3 years after buying your first one.  So, you don’t want to spend too much money on the first one. But you also want to make sure you find one that’ll meet your needs for as long as possible.

Here’s a list of the best electric bikes that meet those criteria no matter whether you’re a 20-year-old young adult in college or a 30-year-old just out to have fun:

Best E-Bikes for Adults in their 20’s and 30’sBest for City or Trail RidingFoldableMotor PowerTires (Wheel Size vs Tire Width)Approximate Price
RadExpandBOTHYES750W Hub20”x4.0”$1599
RadRunnerBOTHNO750W Hub20”x3.3”$1499+
Ride1Up LMT’DCITYNO750W Hub27.5″ X 2.4″$1895
Lectric XPBOTHYES500W Hub20”x3.0”$999+
Schwinn MarshallCITYNO250W Hub27.5”x2.3”$1599
Ecotric Leopard Electric Mountain BikeTRAILNO500W Hub26”x2.35”$1029
Magicycle Cruiser Fat TireTRAILNO750W Hub26”x4” (Fat Tire)$1999+
Ecotric Fat Tire Folding E-bikeBOTHYES500W Hub20”x4” (Fat Tire)$889
RadRover PlusBOTHNO750W Hub26”x4” (Fat Tire)$1999

It’s a good idea to look into your future for 3 years or so to determine what will meet your needs until then, so you’re not throwing down money on another new pedal assist electric bike in that short time.

Continue reading and I’ll help you determine which is the right bike for a rider who’s your age and has your ever-changing lifestyle.

Best Electric Bikes for Adults in Their 20's and 30's

What are the Most Popular Electric Bikes for Adults in Their 20s and 30s?

The most popular electric bikes for adults in their 20s and 30s are those that do one of two things:

  1. Help with the commute or getting around town
  2. Offer great trail riding capabilities and ride well on most terrains

These sound like two completely different types of bikes… basically, one that rides on pavement and one that rides on dirt or sand.

But the truth is, the most popular electric bike for a 20-year-old or 30-year-old is a hybrid. A hybrid electric bike can ride smoothly on the road and tackle dirt trails, which is why it’s in demand.

This type of electric bike is best for younger adults who want a little of everything and don’t want to worry about where they might ride next.

Because hybrids generally have wider tires, they can ride over rougher terrain than any electric road bike or electric commuter bike. However, you’ll want to consider the best tire pressure for the type of riding you’ll be doing that day (lowering the tire pressure for rougher terrain and loose ground).

Plus, there are a lot of different features on various hybrid e-bike models, giving you the flexibility to choose the right ones for your age and lifestyle. So there’s bound to be one that’s a perfect fit!

Read how hybrid e-bikes are different from electric road bikes

What are the Best Hybrid Electric Bikes for Adults?

One of the most popular electric bike brands, Rad Power Bikes, also has some of the best hybrid electric bikes for adults. They can cover both your off-road and cargo needs.

Check them out.

RadExpand E-Bike

The most notable thing about the RadMini folding electric bike is its 4.0” wide tires with 20” wheels.

These tires will get you over most terrains easily but also allow you to ride on paved road. And with a 750W geared hub motor, twist throttle, and powerful 48V, 14Ah battery pack, it’s got plenty of power to help you fly up hills!

It comes standard with front and rear lights, mechanical disc brakes, a nice LCD display, and five levels of pedal assist.

For these reasons, it’s probably the best electric folding bike there is that’s affordable (I still ride its predecessor the RadMini).

Plus at a starting price of $1599, every young adult can aspire to have one!

Read my full Rad Power electric folding bikes review

RadMini Foldable E-Bike with 3 inch wide tires
RadMini Electric Folding Bike


Designed as a step-thru electric cargo bike, this one is really so much more. With its 300lb payload capacity and 3.3” wide tires, it can haul what you need it to all while crossing loose terrain and jamming up hills!

I love the idea of this electric utility bike for people in their twenties and thirties because it can provide what you need now and what you might need later. For instance, you can store your groceries on a front or rear rack but easily add a child seat later!

And because it’s powerful on the road and in the dirt, moving to a rural area from a city (or vice versa) won’t be a problem.

Best of all, it’s on the lower end of the price range, costing around $1499 (you may spend extra cash on the numerous upgrades offered, however).

RadRunner Utility E-Bike Rad Power Bikes
RadRunner Utility E-Bike from Rad Power Bikes

What Type of Electric Bike is Best for Adults in Their 20s and 30s?

As discussed above, hybrid electric bikes are popular among the younger adult crowd because of their ability to do it all… on-road and off-road.

But, ultimately, the type of e-bike that’s best is the one that fits your riding style, riding schedule, and needs. Thus, you may be more focused on getting an electric bike so you can commute inexpensively or riding one just for fun, cycling exercise, and sport trail riding.

What electric bike is best for commuting?

In your 20s or 30s, your primary goal may be to get an electric bicycle for commuting to school or work or just to get around town. In this case, then getting one that’s a smooth ride on pavement and is easy to lift and maneuver is essential. 

A foldable commuter electric bicycle is the best solution if you’ll need to travel partway on a bus or to store it while you work for the day.

Ride1Up LMT’D

The LMT’D is a high-quality city bike that’s both affordable and reliable. It’s perfect for commuting to school or work as well as riding for recreation. Although it’s geared toward city riding, you’ll be able to ride a little on hard-packed dirt or gravel when needed.

What’s really cool about it is that it is a Class 3 e-bike! This means that the motor will assist you up to 28 mph (instead of the typical 20 mph for most other models). In fact, all Ride1up e-bikes are Class 3 and the company designs them primarily for city and utility riding.

Plus, the LMT’D has a 750W motor with 100nm of torque and weighs in at only 53 lbs, which is quite a bit lighter than many models. Essentially, this is a powerhouse and gives you great value and high-quality to take you through your 20s and 30s.

Be sure to check it out!

Ride1Up LMT'D Class 3 E-Bike
Ride1Up LMT’D Class 3 E-Bike

Find out more about Ride1Up here!

Lectric XP

Priced starting at only $999, this foldable electric hybrid bike will get you to work or the grocery store quickly! And because it folds up, and has smaller 20” wheels, you can take it on a train or bus as needed or even put it in the back of an SUV or large hatchback if you need a ride home.

But, even though the wheels aren’t full size, they’re plenty capable of riding on the road as well as through puddles or areas of loose dirt or sand. This is in thanks to their 3” wide tires made to traverse different terrains.

You should know that it weighs 64lbs, so make sure you’re capable of folding and lifting it when needed.

For comparison’s sake, I’m under 5’2” tall and my e-bike weighs 68lbs, which is almost two-thirds of my body weight. So I need help lifting it, even though it’s foldable!

If you’re a smaller sized adult (like me!), check out my electric bike recommendations here

Lectric Bikes XP Fat Bike
Lectric Bikes XP Hybrid Bike with 20″ tires that are 3.0″ wide.

Schwinn Marshall

Alternatively, an electric city bike is another perfect option. It’s made just for commuting and riding around town, so it’s easy to manage and ride.

The Marshall is a 250 W geared hub motor city e-bike with a range of up to 35 miles, so you should never lose your battery charge riding around town. Plus, the 27.5” wheels and 2.3” wide tires make it the best for riding on paved roads.

So if you’re not concerned about riding on non-paved terrain, then you can ride quickly and easily to your destination. 

Schwinn Bikes is one of the old and trusted brands that has recently made its way into electric bike production. So you’re in good hands with this pedal assist electric bike which costs around $1500!

Schwinn Marshall City E-Bike
Schwinn Marshall Electric Commuter Bike

What electric bike is best for trail riding?

If, on the other hand, you’re an adventurous 20 or 30-year-old who’s all about riding for sport and having fun, an eMTB (electric mountain bike) or a fat tire e-bike are the top choices.

Ecotric Leopard Electric Mountain Bike

Only the best electric mountain bike will get you over steep hills and tight switchbacks. So if this is your thing, as it is for many adventurous riders in their 20s, the Ecotric eMTB is the best affordable choice at just over $1000!

And with its front fork suspension, it provides for a comfortable ride with good shock absorption for going over bumpy terrain and rocks!

What’s more Ecotric is proud to tell everyone that they’re UL Certified. This means that they’re dedicated to personal safety and good quality. This is important because their pedal assist electric bikes are very well-priced but the quality is still assured.

Ecotric Leopard Electric Mountain Bike
Ecotric Leopard Electric Mountain Bike

Magicycle Cruiser Fat Tire

This incredibly cool fat tire e-bike can take you over any terrain… sand, rocks, dirt, snow, and then some. Plus it has a battery range of up to 55 miles, so you can hit the trails all day, camp overnight, and return the next day.

This may be the best electric bike for you if you’re not quite as big of a risk-taker as mountain bikers, but want to be able to traverse tough terrain.

And with a 750W motor and 52V, 15Wh battery, it has plenty of power for riders in their 20’s and 30’s!

Bonus: The Magicycle has a two-year warranty on electrical components (whereas many brands only offer 1 year).

Find out everything you need to know about electric fat bikes!

Magicycle Cruiser Step Thru Fat Tire E-Bike
Magicycle Cruiser Step Thru Fat Tire E-Bike

What is the Best Value E-Bike for Your Money?

Choosing a great electric bike that doesn’t cost a lot is a challenging task. However, it’s super important because your lifestyle can change drastically from one moment to the next in this stage of life.

For example, you might buy a dog to ride on your bike with you, begin higher education classes, get married, have children, work longer hours, travel more (or less), or start a new career!

All of these possibilities could change your electric bike needs. Maybe you’ll find yourself needing an electric cargo bike with a child seat to carry your toddler with you.

Or perhaps you’ll need a commuter bike that’s easy to put onto a bus when you get your dream job.

And, sure, you might do your best to plan these life events out, but plans can change rapidly.

So, I’d suggest looking for an electric bike that’s a good value for your money but less expensive in general. Keep in mind that most affordable ebikes have a hub motor as opposed to a mid-drive motor. This keeps their cost down but doesn’t make that much of a difference when it comes to pedal assist mode or battery life.

Best Electric Bike Under $1000

One of the best budget electric bikes can be found at Ecotric for under $900!

Ecotric Fat Tire Folding E-Bike

This e-bicycle is a fantastic value for around $900. Not only is it UL Certified (so you know it’s safe and made of good quality), it has 4” fat tires and is foldable, even though it’s cheap. Talk about getting everything in one e-bike!

And what else is amazing, given the cheap price, is that it has disc brakes, a 500W rear hub motor, and a pretty decent battery capacity (36V 12.5Ah). Further, it only weighs 56lbs with the battery attached… this is much lighter than most competitors’ foldable fat tire electric bicycles. 

Ecotric Fat Tire Folding E-Bike
Ecotric Fat Tire Folding E-Bike

What’s the Fastest Electric Bike (that’s affordable for young adults)?

Being young and adventurous, you’re probably interested in riding fast. So you might be wondering what the fastest e-bike is that’s affordable but that you’ll still love as a 20-year-old or 30-year-old.

Here’s my advice: Get the fastest bike with the highest legally allowed motor watts. Although it depends on what country you live in, the U.S. doesn’t allow bikes over 750W to ride on public roads, parks, or trails.

So, if you want to ride wherever you go, without constantly fighting limitations, don’t get one with a motor over 750W and understand the electric bike classification system so you know where you can and can’t ride.

As far as what’s the fastest e-bike for someone your age, but still affordable, take a look at this: 

RadRover Plus

As if the RadRover wasn’t already awesome, Rad Power Bikes added the RadRover Plus to their fat tire electric bike lineup. Although it has fat tires, the bigger wheel size of 26” (say as compared to the RadMini with 20” tires) helps you to get where you want to go faster.

But more importantly, the company says that they’ve redesigned it with a “custom” geared-hub drive motor that’ll give you even more uphill riding capacity. So, it has more efficient power that’ll help you increase speed faster.

It’s definitely worth checking out if power and speed are important to you!

Wish you had that BMX bike from childhood? Check out the new Electric BMX Bikes!

Which is the Best E-Bike to Buy (in your 20s or 30s)?

With all of the variety in electric bikes, it’s no wonder you’re a bit confused about which electric bike to buy.

Of course, you can check out the list at the top of the post of the best electric bikes for people in their 20s and 30s. But I thought I’d offer you a checklist of the features you might want, before deciding which one is the best for you to buy.

With these features, you’ll get a comfortable electric bike that’s powerful, fast, has good range and lets you ride wherever you need to. Further, as life changes happen in the next few years, you’ll still have the best electric bike for the money and the greatest flexibility in riding.

Best E-Bike Must-Have Features Checklist

  • 500-750 watt motor (plenty powerful to get up hills)
  • Minimum 48V, 14Ah battery (this should give you a range of 40+ miles)
  • Extra-wide tires or fat tires (3”-4” wide would be nice, 5” would be overkill for most)
  • Throttle (to help you pick up speed fast)
  • Wide seat (for comfort)
  • Integrated lights, both headlight and rear taillight (in case you end up riding in the dark even if you don’t expect to)
  • Digital controller display (so you can keep track of the battery charge, miles, and speed)
  • Foldable (optional but possibly useful)

Small women: Take a look at some of the best e-bikes for you!


Because life is always changing, the best electric bikes for adults in their 20s and 30s include the styles that offer the most useful features and the flexibility to adapt to changes. 

Hybrid electric bicycles are a great option for many, but you might also have more specific needs such as commuting or recreation. 

You should choose one based on your current lifestyle and riding needs, but also consider how these might change within the next few years.

Take a look at the list of best electric bike options for your age in this article. You’re bound to discover the perfect e-bike for you at a reasonable cost.

Need more info? Take a look at the best electric bikes for college students here!

How to Take Your Dog on an Electric Bike (Big and Small)

How to Take Your Dog On An Electric Bike- Big or Small

You love your dog! So why wouldn’t you want to take your dog with you when doing something you also love… riding your electric bike? Plus, you know they’ll have so much fun riding in the breeze with you.

Fortunately, there are many ways to bring dogs on an electric bike. It depends on what size your dog is, the type of carrier, and your personal concerns.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of hard decisions to make when choosing how to let your dog ride with you.

With concerns over safety, your dog’s size, and your own riding skills and preferences, I’ll help you find the perfect solution to riding your electric bike with your furry friend, no matter how big or small (start by seeing the chart below).

Watch this video for a quick look at how to take your dog ebike riding with you!

How Can I Take My Dog on an Electric Bike Ride?

I’m not sure who has more fun on electric bikes... the human or the canine? Either way, it’s a close race. So finding a way to take your dog (or multiple dogs) with you, safely and securely, is a must!

Keeping in mind that an e-bike is faster, heavier, and can be harder to maneuver, let’s explore the four different ways you can take your dog on your e-bike ride: In a front bike basket, on the rear of your bike, in a bike trailer, or running alongside you.

How to Take Your Dog on Your E-Bike RideBig Dogs (60lbs+)Small Dogs (under 25lbs)Medium-Sized Dogs (25-60lbs)
Front BasketNoLineslife Detachable Basket (on Amazon)Maybe for a dog 25-40lbs
Rear CarrierNoRear Mount Willow Bicycle Basket for Dogs (on Amazon)Yes, if you can find or make one
Dog TrailersPetSafe Happy Ride Trailer (on Amazon)Booyah Small Dog Bicycle Trailer (on Amazon)Retrospec Rover Pet Trailer (on Amazon)
Running AlongsideYes, but only for a healthy dogNo, not safe!Maybe, for a younger, energetic pup
How to Take Your Dog On An Electric Bike- Big or Small

Can My Dog Ride in a Bike Basket? (Front)

A very small breed dog (under 12lbs) can easily fit in a front bike basket. You’ll have a harder time finding a front riding basket for dogs who’re much bigger but there are some dog carriers that hold up to 22lbs.

Most front pet baskets attach to the handlebars and sit over the front wheel, as opposed to sitting on a bike rack, which is one reason they can’t hold a lot of weight.

Look for a basket that fits your dog comfortably, being just big enough to turn around and lay down in, but not so big that he might flop around in it and make it scary.

Take your small dog on your electric bike with this Small Dog Bike Basket
There are lots of small dog front bike baskets to choose from; Check these out on Amazon!

Problems and concerns with a front bike basket

But the other thing you really need to consider is whether you can properly control the bike with the extra load in front of you.

If you’re new to electric bikes, you should feel confident that you have control of your e-bike before you add a dog carrier or basket. Weight on the front of the basket makes the front wheel more difficult to maneuver and the bike harder to turn.

New e-bike riders should read this before riding with your dog!

Can My Dog Ride in a Rear Carrier?

Putting your dog on the rear of your e-bike is a little bit trickier but can be done. First, you’ll need to have a rear rack attached to your e-bike.

Riding with a small dog in a front basket or bringing your big dog along in a trailer on the back of your electric bike makes a lot of sense.

But what if you have a medium-sized dog that’s too big for a front basket but you don’t want to hassle with a pull-along trailer? Or perhaps you’d rather take your pup with you on the rear of your e-bike, so you don’t have to worry about trouble steering? Or maybe it’s distracting to have your doggie in front of you?

Whatever the reason, bringing your dog along on the back of your e-bike is a good alternative.

Problems and concerns with a rear carrier

The biggest problem with using a rear carrier is that they’re harder to find!

I discovered this really cute rear bicycle basket on Amazon:

Cape May Large Rear Mount Willow Bicycle Basket for Dogs
Cape May Large Rear Mount Willow Bicycle Basket for Dogs (on Amazon)

However, it seems that any of the rear baskets I’ve found have reviewers stating that it’s still only for smaller dogs.

And when you do find one, there’s still the issue of having a rear bike rack installed (check prices on Amazon), one that will hold the weight of the carrier and your pup!

So now you are left to your imagination. Obviously, there are other rear bike carriers, baskets, and panniers that might do the trick. But you’ll need to make sure you fully secure them to the rear bike rack (they shouldn’t slide around or have any chance of coming undone).

Then you’ll want to have a way to safely attach your dog, big or small, to the carrier (I talk about safety issues later on in this article).

And remember, you can get going pretty fast on electric bikes, so securing your pet inside the carrier is super important, especially one that isn’t designed specifically for dogs.

Can I Use a Bike Trailer for My Dog?

Bike trailers are great for larger dogs. And almost all dogs can fit in one as some trailers can carry up to 110lbs. Dog trailers have a wide cost range (check prices on Amazon), as they fit different sizes of dogs (and cats).

But is there a difference between trailers made just for dogs and bike trailers made for kids?

Trailers made specifically for dogs typically have more flat area to lay down in and a door flap that makes it easy for your dog to get in and out of. Plus, you’ll find a place to connect a leash.

However, kid trailers are typically a little less expensive overall (average price of $150-$250) and many dogs can be found riding happily in one. Since many families already had one for their kids who are now riding their own e-bikes, it’s not surprising that many dog owners use regular trailers.

Although more electric bike riders use dog trailers for big dogs who won’t fit in bike baskets, I found this Dog Bicycle Trailer for small dogs who weigh up to 20lbs at Amazon.

Booyah Small Dog Bike Trailer
Booyah Small Dog Bike Trailer

Problems and concerns when using a bike trailer

One problem with taking your best buddy on an e-bike ride in a kid’s bike trailer is that the weight limit might not be as high as a dog trailer (especially one for large dogs). Even a 2-passenger trailer may only have a maximum weight limit of around 80lbs (that means it’s around 40lbs for a single child trailer).

The other primary concern about using a kid trailer is that there won’t be enough flat area inside to lay down. And even though dogs love to sit up and look around, they will get tired and need to rest. Kid’s bike trailers are made for the child to sit up and wear the seat restraint built into the trailer. This leaves little room on the floor for a dog or multiple dogs!

So, you’ll want to make sure that your dog has enough room to comfortably lie down and that your dog isn’t too heavy for the one you’re using, for your safety and theirs.

Here’s another thing to consider: You may need to introduce it to your dog slowly. After all, it may be scary to them initially, especially once they are moving and they can’t see you (because they’re facing out the back). Make sure to put your pup’s favorite toys inside and make it rewarding to get in by offering a healthy treat.

Can I Let My Dog Run Alongside Me While Riding My E-Bike?

That depends. Medium to large dogs may enjoy running next to your electric bike safely. But small dogs can get easily injured and won’t be able to keep up with you.

Problems and concerns letting your dog run next to your electric bike

Large, active dogs will likely love to ride next to you, at a reasonable speed, of course. This won’t be the time to test out how fast your e-bike can go, however. Having your dog running alongside you is already strenuous exercise. Plan on only going at the speed suitable for the condition of your dog.

Medium size dogs may also be able to do this, but keep in mind that their legs are probably shorter and they may have trouble keeping up, especially for along ride.

There are some really awesome leashes made especially for dogs running next to bikes (found this bike leash on Amazon). I strongly suggest you get one that’ll allow your dog to move from one side of the bike to another, even if you think they’ll be trained to stay next to you.

Dogs are easily distracted. Just one sudden leap to another side could pull your heavy e-bike right over on top of you… and your best friend!

Can an Electric Bike Pull a Dog Trailer?

This is an important consideration if you’re planning on using a trailer.

Electric bikes can actually pull a bike trailer much easier than a regular bike because of the motor power. Almost any rider can pull a trailer by simply increasing the pedal assistance if they need it.

However, some electric bikes may need an additional attachment… and there doesn’t seem to be a universal one.

But you just need to know whether you have a quick-release or a thru-axle e-bike (check with your manufacturer).

Most trailers are built to be compatible with quick-release bikes (but you may still need to add a small spacer). However, if you have a thru-axle e-bike, you may need to ask the trailer manufacturer or local bike shop for help with an adapter.

Is It Safe to Ride an Electric Bike with My Dog?

The answer to this question partially depends on your dog having good health and temperament, an adequate activity level, and your skill in riding electric bikes. But there are some other things you should be aware of to make sure your dog is safe while on the ride.

It’s generally safe to have your dog ride with you as long as your dog has the stamina, isn’t skittish or highly anxious, you have good control over your e-bike, and you pay close attention to your dog’s well-being by considering these:

  • Terrain
  • Distance
  • Temperature
  • Thirst
  • Hunger
  • Comfort
  • Security
  • E-Bike Maintenance

Terrain, Distance, and Temperature

Learning how to safely ride your electric bike is as important for you as it is for your dog. And understanding where, and in what conditions, you’ll be riding is essential to both of your enjoyment.

Avoid particularly bumpy or slippery terrain. Riding for a bit on small gravel is one thing, but trying to climb over a mountain or go through mud or snow is another.

Start riding short distances with your dog to see how he does. Gradually build up the distance but take the cue from your dog as to how far is too much!

Heat can be detrimental to a dog, thanks to their fur coat and panting (rather than sweating as people do). Even if you’re not too hot, your dog may be. And this could be in much lower temperatures than you think (check out the infographic below from VetsNow).

So, stop frequently for water breaks and notice if they’re panting heavily or for a long period. Make sure you know the proper temperatures to take your dog out in and the symptoms of heatstroke for dogs and how to treat it.

Vets Now Heatstroke Infographic
Graphic courtesy of Vets Now

Thirst and Hunger

By far the most important safety consideration is to make sure your doggie is getting plenty of water throughout your ride. Even if they’re not running alongside your e-bike, they may become dehydrated due to the weather and the air blowing in their face constantly.

Carry enough water for both of you, and even more if your dog is running next to your bike. Don’t ever assume that you’ll just get them water when you get home. Remember, dogs have a fur coat on all of the time and can easily get overheated.

Don’t forget a dog bowl for water! In fact, Amazon sells collapsible dog bowls that fit inside pockets or your bike pannier.

Also, bring a little snack and some treats… 1. in case you end up being out longer than planned and 2. to offer your pup as a reward for coming to you in case they break free or are in a dangerous situation.

Comfort and Security

Unfortunately, your dog can’t speak to you to let you know how she’s feeling. So, it’s up to you to know how your dog acts when it’s happy or miserable.

So, when you stop to offer food, water, and a potty break, it’s also a good idea to stop periodically and check on your dog’s comfort. Make sure the cushion in their bike basket or trailer is in position and that they don’t have any small injuries from moving around in the carrier.

Then make certain their leash and harness is still secure and isn’t rubbing uncomfortably in any one spot.

E-Bike Maintenance

Finally, it’s important to keep your e-bike well-maintained. With your dog in tow, you’re not just considering the difficulties you’ll face if your e-bike breaks down while you’re riding. Your dog will be impacted as well.

I’d suggest you read our easy-to-follow E-Bike Maintenance Guide before heading out!

Thinking about taking your cat on an electric bike ride? Find out what you need to know.

Can I Get an E-Bike with a Dog Carrier?

It’s hard to find electric bikes that come with a dog carrier (check out the couple I found below). And it’s unlikely that, if you did, it’d be perfect for your big or small dog and personal needs.

But I did find a couple of electric cargo bikes made just for dogs that are worth checking out:

If these work for your dog and situation, then fantastic. If not, you’re probably better off finding an electric bike that fits you perfectly and then adding the appropriate dog carrier or bike basket.

You might like to start your search by browsing some electric cargo bikes that already come with a variety of bike racks to attach a carrier to:


Riding your electric bike with your dog is a lot of fun if done properly and safely. I asked you to keep in mind that e-bikes are heavier and harder to maneuver than regular bikes. Thus, this should be taken into consideration when deciding how to take your dog on a bike ride.

That being said, there are several ways to take your dog, big or small, on your electric bike. And there are ways to do it safely. Take a look at all of the great options in this article to find the perfect dog carrier or other solution for you and your dog!

And may you have many wonderful e-bike adventures with your dog!

How Cold Weather Affects Electric Bikes (Problems and Solutions)

Choose the right electric bike brakes in cold weather

Electric components on an e-bike are susceptible to damage from water and moisture. But can freezing temperatures destroy your electric bike’s motor and battery?

Cold weather, especially below freezing temperatures (32°F), can shorten the life of your battery and motor or even damage them permanently if you don’t take proper care of them. You should never ride your electric bike in subzero temperatures (-0°F).

But how cold is too cold? And can you ride your electric bike when it’s really cold outside without ruining your investment?!

You can protect your e-bike if you follow simple guidelines and don’t get lazy. Read along and I’ll help you understand the problems that cold weather can cause for electric bikes and give you a solution to each.

How Cold is Too Cold for an E-Bike?

Generally speaking, temperatures lower than -5° Fahrenheit are too cold for an electric bike to be ridden in while temperatures below 32° Fahrenheit (0° Celcius) are too cold to store your e-bike in. Freezing temperatures will negatively affect battery range and performance.

The primary concern about freezing weather is that Lithium-ion electric bike batteries are super sensitive to extreme high temperatures and low temperatures. This means that the performance of Lithium-ion batteries can suffer greatly.

And the truth is, even cool weather (whether or not it’s below freezing) can harm the battery capacity without proper care.

One major problem of riding your electric bike in cold temperatures is due to the most sensitive component, the ebike battery. The battery capacity will significantly decrease in range.

For example, let’s say that you’re riding in below-freezing temperatures. There’s a good chance that you’ll lose 30-40% of the battery capacity temperature drops. Thus, it follows that you’ll be able to ride 30-40% fewer miles than on a 60-degree day.

So, if you intend to ride long distances during cold weather, you might want to have a battery backup plan.

Find out if lithium-ion batteries on electric bikes are interchangeable!

Can E-Bike Batteries Freeze? (Problem)

A battery isn’t likely to freeze as long as it’s being ridden in temperatures above 0°F. Just the act of riding will keep it warmer than if it was simply sitting out in the cold.

However, letting your battery sit unused in below-freezing weather will have a serious impact on your bike’s performance. It may decrease its overall life, reduce acceptable range, or possibly damage it beyond repair.

Although these are quite different results, it’s fair to say that storing your battery in really cold temperatures (or leaving your electric bike outside during the winter) is a bad idea.

E-bikes that house the battery inside the frame may offer some additional protection from the cold.

How to Keep My Electric Bike Battery Warm in Cold Weather (Solution)

Keeping your electric bike battery warm is similar to taking care of your cell phone. After all, you wouldn’t leave your phone sitting in the cold unprotected.

Fortunately, there are several ways of keeping your bike battery protected from the cold:

  • Use a battery cover. Thermal covers can be wrapped around the battery like a jacket while you’re riding. You can find a cover that fits your battery right on Amazon!
  • Wrap them with chemical heat packs, perhaps inside the battery cover
  • Store your battery in ambient temperatures above freezing but preferably between 50°-70° Fahrenheit
  • Keep it inside where temperatures are comfortable for you… and then you’ll know your e-bike battery is in good shape as well
  • Make sure your battery is warm before riding your e-bike (room temperature is perfect)
  • Charge your battery inside, or at least where it’s warmer than 32°F.
  • Charge your battery often… in low temperatures, your electric bike battery will lose its full charge more quickly

Learn all of the charging tips that’ll improve battery performance!

One other consideration… e-bikes that house the battery inside the frame may offer some additional protection from the cold.

Can I Ride My E-Bike in the Snow?

Nothing says “cold” like snow.

Riding an electric bike in snow and ice can be dangerous. But it is possible to ride safely when the temperature drops with the right tires, good battery care, and proper maintenance.

Keeping your battery warm, as discussed above, is essential. But so is keeping it dry. Additionally, keeping all of the other electric components clean and dry, such as the motor and electric bike controller, are important as well.

How Cold Weather Affect Electric Bikes

What Type of E-Bike Works Good in the Snow? (Problem)

The biggest problem is that you can’t easily ride just any e-bike in the snow. Not only are below freezing temperatures dangerous, but snow and ice are slippery and harder to ride on.

Further, riding an electric bicycle in the snow increases the chance of rust and corrosion that can cause damage to the bike frame and electrical components. So, it needs to be able to handle the environmental conditions!

Realistically, you should have an electric mountain bike with wide, studded tires or a fat tire e-bike like this one. Both of these types of bikes are built to handle bumpy, uneven terrain. This is thanks to the suspension and wider, knobby tires found on e-mountain bikes and the super-wide tires on fat e-bikes.

If you have a regular commuter e-bike or an electric road bike, you will have a tough time getting any traction in the snow, let alone ice.

Lectric Bikes XP Fat Bike
Lectric Bikes XP Fat Bike with 20″ tires that are 4.0″ wide.

Read this article to find out everything you need to know about fat tire e-bikes!

How to Properly Ride an Electric Fat Bike in the Snow (Solution)

The best way to ride an e-bike in the snow is with an electric fat bike or an electric mountain bike, preparation, and proper maintenance.

In general, the fatter the tire and the lower your tire pressure, the greater traction you’ll have.

If you are trying to ride an electric bicycle that isn’t suited for snowy terrain and winter conditions, be extra cautious!

Make sure you follow these tips for riding your e-bike in the snow and ice:

  • Charge your battery completely before heading out
  • Ride slow…. much slower than usual
  • Don’t ride in the dark
  • Watch for “black ice”, often found anywhere water has had a chance to build up and then refreeze (bridges, gutters, and puddles, for example).
  • Prepare for the most difficult conditions and coldest weather possible on your ride and wear proper clothing: Winter gloves, heated bike socks
    (got mine from Amazon), and a warm waterproof jacket is a must.
  • Clean and dry each sensitive component after EVERY ride to avoid rust and damage… the lithium-ion battery and motor need careful cleaning and drying as does the derailleur gear system (including the chain)

Follow the best electric bike maintenance guide here!

Can I Leave My E-Bike Outside in the Winter?

It’s typically not a good idea to store your electric bike outside in cold winter weather. Even with a protective cover, moisture and cold can damage the electrical parts.

Once again, the lithium-ion battery requires good protection from the elements.

Is It Safe to Store My E-Bike Outside in the Winter? (Problem)

The problem with storing your electric bike outside when it’s very cold is that it can be damaged by rain, snow, and sleet. Even if you cover the bike, moisture and dew can form under the cover or in the bike shed, leading to pulling out a rusty one after a few months of storage.

But, you can safely store your e-bike in a garage or outdoor shed, as long as you remove the battery and bring it indoors.

How to Store an Electric Bike in Cold Weather (Solution)

The best way to store electric bikes outdoors in wintery weather is to put them inside a weather-proof bike shed or outdoor shed. A bike shed will allow more air to move around your electric bike, helping to prevent moisture build-up.

First, always remove and store the battery at room temperature someplace warm and dry (inside is best).

You might like to check out these bike sheds from Amazon.

Avoid just throwing a cover over your e-bike which will collect dew and transfer it directly to the bike.

A shed will provide protection from the ground and decrease the amount of dew and moisture that’ll form on your bike.

If you plan on storing your ebike outside, make sure to read this first!

How Should I Prepare My Electric Bike for Cold Weather?

To get your e-bike ready for cold weather, you should make sure your battery is in good working order, clean and oil every metal part, and make sure your tires are in good condition.

How Do I Winterize My Electric Bike? (Problem)

If you don’t take special care of it during cold winter weather, rain, and snow, you might have a very rusty, non-working electric bike in the Spring.

Getting “lazy” or letting bike maintenance slide will end up causing you a serious headache later on. But there are a few steps you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen.

3 Steps to Prepare Your Electric Bike for Winter Weather (Solution)

  1. Prepare your lithium battery

    Store it partially charged as opposed to fully drained or fully charged. Somewhere between 40% and 80% charged is acceptable.

    This will prevent cell damage, as lithium-ion batteries discharge slowly over time as it is and you don’t want to end up with a completely depleted battery. Only charge it to 100% when heading out for a ride.
  2. Clean the bike frame and all metal parts while making sure they work as they should (but learn how to properly clean electric bikes first)
  3. Lube your e-bike’s chain

    After every cleaning, before storage, or in bad weather, make sure to lube your chain. Just wipe a small amount of bike lubricant on the top of the chain towards the center and make a couple of pedal rotations to spread it out.

Now, just repeat these three simple steps after each ride and your electric bicycle will be ready to go for the next chilly weather adventure.

Pro Tip: Buy a second ebike battery if you’ll be riding a lot when it’s really cold outside. This will double your range and protect you from any sudden Li-ion battery capacity problems (like having your battery die while riding).


I hope you’ve learned how cold weather affects electric bikes and an easy solution to each winter problem.

If you love to ride your e-bike in any weather, then you’d better know how to take care of it, especially when it comes to the battery!

If you do, you’ll keep it in great shape even during inclement weather and avoid the hassles (and expense) of an electric bicycle and lithium battery in poor condition.

Hub vs. Mid Drive Electric Bikes: Which Is Right For Me?

Electric Bike Hub Motor on Rear Wheel
Hub Electric Bike with Motor on Rear Wheel

Until around 2010, choosing an electric bike was relatively easy. You just had to choose your budget, your brand and go with what you liked best. As time has gone on, people have become overwhelmed with the number of options available.

So, today, I’m going to help you narrow down your options and choose a hub or mid-drive electric bike. Then you’ll be ready to pick the perfect model for you.

A hub electric bike will always be the most cost-effective entry into electric bikes and is perfect for you if you’re on a budget. A mid-drive electric bike is the best option if you are determined to get the best performance, handling, and range and are willing to spend a few hundred dollars more.

For the rest of this article, I’ll show you the key differences between hub motor and mid drive e-bikes.

Then I’ll help you choose the one that’s right for you by asking you a set of questions and comparing the two, as well as discussing initial costs and maintenance. So, keep reading.

Hub E-Bike Advantages Mid Drive E-Bike Advantages
Lower CostBetter Performance
Ability to take breaks from pedalingGreater Range
Loads of new brands, models, and featuresLess Exhaustion
Better Handling
Get Help Choosing a Hub vs Mid Drive Electric Bike below
Electric Bike Hub Motor on Rear Wheel
Hub Electric Bike with Motor on Rear Wheel

What Is A Hub Electric Bike?

When the first electric bicycles were released, they came with a hub motor. This was revolutionary when it came to commuter bikes. In this section, I want to explain what the hub motor electric bike is briefly. So, let’s get into it.

The hub motor is an electric motor placed on the front or rear wheel. It provides power directly to that specific wheel. Because of this assistance, you can expend a lot less energy when riding than you would with a normal bike.

Another name for the hub motor is direct drive. Keep in mind that the motor has nothing to do with your drive train, gears, or anything else. It simply works with the wheels of your e-bike.

What Is A Mid Drive Electric Bike?

The mid-drive or mid-motor system was released around 2010. It changed the way that electric bikes work. Instead of providing power to one or two of the wheels on the e-bike, it does things a little bit differently.

The mid-drive electrical system provides power to the gears of your bike. This difference has a few effects on the electric bicycle. It primarily acts as a more efficient power delivery system. Instead of helping the bike to move by providing power to the wheels, it assists the rider with pedaling effort (aka pedal assist).

Mid-drive motors are also known as central hub or mid motors. It’s installed by the e-bike’s pedals and is therefore ideally placed to provide power to the bike’s drive train (which includes the pedals, chain, cassette/freewheel, and derailleur).

Mid drive motors generally give better weight distribution as well, since they’re located in the middle of the e-bike.

The Key Differences Between Hub And Mid Drive E-Bikes 

Before discussing the advantages of both hub drive motors and mid drive motors, or before discussing which one you should get, it’s important to discuss a few of the key differences between front of rear hub motors and mid motors.

The main differences have to do with the motor placement, how each type of motor works (pedal assist), and the range. Let’s take a look at these three things.

Placement Of The Motor

Mid-drive motors are placed by your e-bike’s pedals, while hub drive motors are placed on one of your wheels. It could be the front wheel or the rear. This placement affects something called weight distribution, making the bike’s handling significantly better or worse.

In my experience, a mid-drive motor improves the handling of your electric bike because of its placement. With all vehicles, any added weight is less noticeable the closer it is to the center of gravity.

Quiet Kat mid-drive electric bike
On the Quiet Kat Apex E-Bike, the mid-drive motor is in the middle near the pedals.

Find out how long your e-bike motor will last!

How The Motors Work

Hub motors apply power directly to one of the wheels of the bike. So, for example, a rear hub motor is placed on the rear wheel.

On the other hand, mid-drive motors work with your gears. This makes mid-drive motors a lot more efficient than hub motors. However, you do need to pedal with a mid-drive motor, while with hub motors (that also include pedal assist), you can take short breaks and let the motor power the ebike until it slows down.

The Range Of The Motors

Because mid-drive motors work with your gears, they are generally more efficient than hub motors. When you shift to a lower gear, the motor’s power doesn’t have to provide as much because natural pedaling cadence becomes easier.

At the same time, when you change to a higher gear, the motor has to do more work but the change is less noticeable (the pedal assist feature continues to work smoothly and pedal speed doesn’t change noticeably). Therefore, you’ll get more range out of a mid-drive electric bike motor when in a higher gear because its workload is not constant.

Of course, this is only true as long as there is battery power (find out here what to do if your battery dies)!

Get a better understanding of how gear shifts work on an e-bike!

Should You Get A Hub Or A Mid Drive Electric Bike?

I’d like to give you the facts and allow you to make your own decisions. So, I’m not going to tell you which type of motor-driven bike you should get.

Instead, I’ll ask five questions and give you a recommendation based on each of those scenarios. Let’s jump into it.

What Is Your Budget?

The misconception that I see a lot is that hub motors come on entry-level bikes, but that’s not always true. A hub motor electric bike can be premium, but it’s still generally more affordable than mid-drive motors.

Potentially, you can save a few hundred dollars or more by choosing a hub motor e-bike. That said, I’ll discuss pricing further down in the article. However, if you are strictly looking to spend as little money as possible, a hub drive bike would be your best option.

Take a look at costs for different types of electric bicycles.

Do You Like Taking Breaks?

Because a mid-drive works with your gears instead of applying power directly to your wheels, the motor works when you pedal, so if you want to take a break during a long straight, you’ll have to stop the bike entirely.

But since a hub motor applies power directly to the wheels, you can stop pedaling and still have power delivered to the wheels to keep moving.

Don’t let that fact make your decision all by itself.

Because of the efficiency of mid-drive motors, you’ll feel less tired when riding and perhaps need fewer breaks on longer rides in general. In my experience, this is more useful than having the ability to stop pedaling, especially on long commutes.

Want to learn more about riding an e-bike without pedaling?

How Often Do You Ride Your Ebike?

The maintenance costs of mid-drive bikes tend to be higher than hub motors because more moving parts need to get looked after. However, what many people don’t tell you is mid-drive motors typically need less maintenance in general.

See, the motor is more efficient even with more moving parts, which means it goes through less wear and tear over the same distance. But, if you’re worried about high maintenance costs, hub electric bikes are your best option.

But, if you’re after convenience, then mid-drive motors are the better choice.

What Distance Do You Typically Ride?

The range you get with mid-drive electric bikes is far greater than that of a hub motor. So if you ride anything more than 15 to 20 miles per day, you should consider getting a bike with a mid-drive.

With a 750W motor on a mid-drive bike, you can cover around 45 miles of road with consistent pedaling. 

And, even though you have to constantly pedal, you won’t feel as fatigued riding a mid-drive motor e-bike the same distance as a hub motor bike, especially over long distances.

What Type Of Roads Do You Ride On?

If you ride on terrain mostly made up of straights or even downhills, hub motors will be perfectly fine. And you’ll be able to take quite a few breaks while cruising down the straights. 

If you have a few hills on your route, a hub motor will not be very efficient. Instead, you want to consider buying a mid-drive motor e-bike because it’ll assist you better with pedaling uphill. The minute you slip into a lower gear, the motor will do a great job of making it feel like you’re still going on a straight even though you are on a steep incline.

Advantages Of A Mid Drive Electric Bike

Most of you are looking for the best option available and don’t mind spending a few hundred dollars extra to get the best option (after all, you’re already shelling out quite a bit of cash for an e-bike).

So, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of mid-drive e-bikes to help you make your decision.

  • Performance: Because the motor provides power to the bike’s drive train, it feels like you have more power while riding.
  • Higher range: If you take a mid-drive or a hub bike with two similar specs, you’ll get more range out of the mid-drive bike. Remember, it’s not all about the power that a motor has; the efficiency of a mid-drive is what makes it able to go further.
  • You feel less tired: You can ride further without feeling fatigued because of the increase in power. This is especially helpful if you ride long distances or commute every day.
  • Better handling: A mid-drive motor is placed close to the center of gravity on the bicycle. This placement improves the handling of the bike.

Looking for great performance? Check out the best e-bikes with belt drives!

Advantages Of A Hub Electric Bike

Many people prefer using bikes with hub motors because of the variety of models, styles, and brands. Plus, there are still a couple of advantages when it comes to e-bikes with hub motors.

  • Lower cost: As mentioned in this article, you can save a few hundred dollars by going for a hub motor e-bike instead of a mid-drive one.
  • Ability to take breaks from pedaling: Also, you have the ability to take breaks and still have the electric motor power the wheels and keep you moving.
  • New brands and features: As e-bikes grow in popularity, so do the number of brands, models, feature, and types…so there’s a never-ending stream of e-bikes to choose from.

Because of the variety of features and models, as well as the lower cost, many recreational cyclists still end up buying a hub motor electric bicycle (I have the Rad Mini step-thru with rear hub motor that you see below).

Hub Motor Electric Bike Cost

You can get cheap hub motor bicycles. Still, these usually come with small motors (such as 250 watts) that don’t get you very far and don’t provide great performance. Therefore, when considering the cost of hub electric bikes, I didn’t include them.

For a 500 Watt hub motor electric bike, your entry-level is around $800-$1000. Depending on the brand you go for, you can spend around $1200 for a premium model. A 750 watt motor will typically cost you a couple of hundred dollars more.

It’s important to always look at the wattage of the motor. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to get a bike that doesn’t have enough power for your daily commute. So, try and look for 500 watts or more. Ideally, you should look at a 750 watt hub motor electric bike, like my own RadMini foldable (read a review of it here).

Mid Drive Electric Bike Cost

The cheapest mid-drive electric bike I’ve seen is around $1500. However, in recent times I haven’t seen one below $2000. This is partially because the mid-drive motor itself is more expensive than a hub motor.

Further, because the motors are better, the more premium the e-bike generally is. Thus, the more it’ll cost. You can even end up spending a lot more than $2000; sometimes they reach $8000-$9000.

For a good 500 Watt or more mid-drive electric bicycle, you can expect to pay around $2500 to $3000. 

It must be said that most mid-drive e-bikes are not low-end. They simply don’t put that type of motor on low-end bikes. Instead, $2000 will get you a mid-range electric bike, while $2500 or more will get you a high-end one.

Hub vs. Mid Drive Electric Bike Maintenance Costs

I’d advise you to have your electric bike serviced regularly, at least on an annual basis but likely two or three times a year if you ride daily. Maintenance should include checking and cleaning your electric motor. If any problems are found with individual parts, they’d need to be replaced, and that’s where mid-drive bikes tend to be more expensive.

To give you the best estimate of what you can expect to pay to maintain your electric bike based on what type of motor you have, hub vs mid drive, we need to break down the costs into a few sections:

  • Batteries: $200 to $400 every three years
  • Bike service including motor: $200 to $300 per year
  • Miscellaneous parts: $100 per year

When you break those numbers down to a yearly maintenance cost, you can expect to pay around $350 to $500 every year for a hub electric bike.

For a mid-drive bike, expect to pay $600 to $800 per year.

Read our complete e-bike maintenance guide here!

Conclusion: Mid drive vs front or rear wheel hub motors

I’ve just reviewed everything you need to know about hub vs mid drive electric bikes. Choosing between both types of e-bikes is tough. My goal with this article was to try and make it a bit easier, even though that’s a relatively tough job.

The truth is that hub motor e-bikes are a ton of fun, can get you where you need or want to go, and come in a huge selection of styles in a price range that fits many budgets. So, a hub e-bike is a great choice and is what many beginner e-bike riders choose.

However, if you’re serious about riding performance and you can afford to spend a little more on a mid-drive e-bike, then this is what’s right for you. Overall, the performance advantages outweigh the heavier price tag.

I can make a case for both types of motors on e-bikes. But at the end of the day, you’ll be the one riding it! So choose which is right for you based upon the advantages of each I’ve discussed in this article!

What is a Fat Tire Electric Bike? (Advantages and Disadvantages)

What is a Fat Tire E-Bike? Advantages and Disadvantages. Are They Worth It?

You’ve heard about electric bikes with “fat” tires and it sounds like an interesting trend. But what does having fat tires actually mean and is it even something you want or need in an electric bike?

Essentially, if an electric bike has 4″ to 5″ wide tires, it’s a fat tire e-bike. However, tire widths as narrow as 2.8″ and less than 4″ are also sometimes thought of as fat tires because they’re wider than the standard tires on electric road bikes or e-mountain bikes.

When I bought my first electric bike with 3″ tires, I thought I was getting a fat tire e-bike, only to discover later that my tires were not nearly as wide as some bikes with fat tires and that they didn’t perform in quite the same way.

Before you make the same mistake, I’d like to help you understand exactly what is a fat tire e-bike, why you may want (or need) one, how wide your tires should be to meet your needs, and whether buying one is worth it for you.

What is a Fat Tire E-Bike? (Tire Width Explained)

Fat tire e-bikes can come with many different features, tire sizes, and tire widths. Further, the tires can be studded or not, and high-quality or not.

Generally speaking, a fat tire e-bike has wide tires that can be ridden comfortably on a variety of surfaces simply by adjusting the tire pressure.

4.0″-5.0″ Super Fat E-Bike Tires

Any electric bike with tires over 4 inches can be called a fat tire bike. But with the increased variation in tire widths and electric bike styles in general, they’re often considered “super” fat tires.

You might see people riding these bikes on paths or roads, but they’re primarily good for riding on wet surfaces or loose ground. Because these tires are super wide, they contact more surface area on the ground, thus providing better traction on almost any surface.

2.8″-3.8″ Tires (are they fat tires?)

You might not always hear e-bikes with wide tires between 2.8 inches and 3.8 inches being called “fat tires”. However, what’s important is that there is a huge variety of e-bikes with extra-wide tires that get better traction on the ground than standard bike tires which are typically 2.6 inches or less.

Basically, even though the tires may not be as wide as super fat tires, it remains true that the wider the tire, the more it comes into contact with the ground, and the better traction you’ll have.

So, if you buy an e-bike that has tires under 4″, you can expect that they might not have as good of traction as those with tires 4″ and up. However, even a 3″ tire will provide more surface area contact than a standard e-bike tire 2.6″ and under.

After reading all of the details below, you might just decide that you don’t need a 4″ fat tire e-bike but could benefit from a 3″ tire instead. Or check this article if you’re looking for an electric mountain bike with fat tires.

The Most Comfortable PSI for Riding Your Fat Tire E-Bike (how a fat bike is different)

Another important thing to know about a fat tire electric bike is in regards to the fat bike air pressure.

Typically, fat bike tire pressure can be as low as a PSI of 5 when riding over ultra-soft or slippery ground up to a high PSI of 30 for riding on the pavement. The most common fat tire air pressure used is between 10 PSI and 20 PSI.

I can’t truthfully describe the purpose of a fat bike without giving you an understanding of how different tire pressures are needed for total comfort in different riding conditions. And although I’ll give you some recommendations on the best pressure for fat tires, there’s still a bit of personal choice involved.

For instance, if you’re a heavy rider, then you’ll probably want to increase your air pressure by a couple of PSI above what is recommended.

Or, if you plan on riding on the pavement as well as dirt or sand during the same ride, you might want to keep your air pressure somewhere in between what’s recommended for each.

As this is often the case for me, I typically keep my 3″ tires at around 15 PSI so that I can go over loose ground safely but easily ride over the hard ground without feeling like I’m dragging.

Another option is to carry a small portable tire pump (Amazon) with you to change the pressure as needed.

Recommended Fat Bike Tire Air PressureLow PSIHigh PSI
Snow and mud5 PSI8 PSI
Sand10 PSI12 PSI
Dirt, loose ground, or leaves12 PSI15 PSI
Road or Pavement10 PSI20 PSI

Regardless of whether you carry a portable tire pump with you, you’ll want to have a full-size air pump with a pressure gauge to adjust your fat tires appropriately. I use this powerful one from Topeak (Amazon).

I’ll show you some amazing hybrid electric bikes with fat tires that are definitely worth the cost in a moment. But you’ll have a better idea of what you want to get by learning their advantages and disadvantages first.

What Are the Advantages of Fat Tire E-Bikes?

The advantages of fat tire electric bikes are many and include better riding performance on different terrains, comfort, and safety.

Advantages of Riding a Fat Tire E-Bike

  • Less physical jarring over tough terrain or uneven ground
  • Better traction in snow and mud
  • Better traction through dirt and loose ground such as sand, leaves, twigs, and rocks
  • Ability to ride through deeper sand but still remain at the surface, such as at the beach or in the desert
  • Greater e-bike stability and balance (less chance of your tires slipping and falling)
  • More rear-end comfort over any type of bumpy terrain
  • Ability to ride on any surface, not just rough terrain
Riding Fat E-Bike through snow
Fat E-Bike in the snow!

So What is the Point of a Fat Bike?

The point of owning and riding an e-bike with fat tires (also called a fat e-bike), is similar to any hybrid electric bike... being able to ride on the pavement but also riding easily, safely, and comfortably on softer ground.

An electric mountain bike will take you over rough terrain but won’t always provide tires wide enough to stay on the surface of soft ground like snow, mud, or sand, even with the right tire pressure.

If you are never planning to ride on a dirt trail or sand at the beach, or snow, then you’re better off buying an electric road bike!

Get the ultimate list of the best fat tire e-bikes here!

What Are the Disadvantages of Fat Tire E-Bikes?

Although riding a fat tire bike has so many advantages, there are several reasons why you might choose an electric bike without fat tires, many having to do with the extra weight. Electric fat bikes can weigh as much as 80lbs!

Disadvantages of Riding a Fat Tire Electric Bike

  • They are heavier than other electric bikes (60-80 lbs vs 40-60 lbs) due to the massive tires and rims
  • It will be harder to push or lift into a car, upstairs, or onto a car bike rack (here’s one from Amazon that can accommodate fat bikes with up to 5″ tires)(paid link)
  • The wide tires may not fit in standard bike racks for carrying on a car, parking or garage storage
  • May feel more resistance when riding up steep hills, again due to the heavy weight
  • More likely to sink into mud (but this does depend on using the correct tire pressure)
  • Some gravel may be harder to ride on than you expect, especially if they are lower quality fat tires
  • You’ll get noticed… you may love this attention but it also puts your fat tire bike at a greater risk of theft

These cons are most likely to affect a small person or senior who might have trouble with the bulk and weight of a fat bike. Otherwise, it’s really about preference. Do the benefits of having a fat tire e-bike outweigh the cons for your situation?

Hybrid Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Combine a hybrid electric bike with fat tires and you essentially get an e-bike that goes pretty much everywhere you’d want to take it. You can choose a fat bike with all of the features you want, like a foldable step-thru or a massive e-bike with 5″ wide tires.

Additionally, a lot of electric fat bikes are designed with a specific function in mind. For example, specialty bikes are manufactured for winter riding, beach or electric mountain bike riding, hunting, and surfing. They may also be foldable or have a step-thru frame or full suspension system. Many new fat bikes also have handlebars that allow you to sit upright.

And of course, there are different wheel sizes, wide tires, and even wider tires. Foldable fat tire e-bikes generally have smaller 20″ wheels to accommodate folding it up. But other fat e-bikes have 24″ or 26″ wheels. These differences in tire size make it possible for people of all heights and weights to find one that’s perfect.

However, naturally, the larger the wheel and the fatter the tire, the heavier the fat bike will be. Keep in mind that if the tires and rims add 4 lbs of weight to the e-bike, this is in addition to the extra weight of the electronic components (battery, motor, and controller).

How Much Does an Electric Fat Bike Cost?

Electric fat tire bikes with 20″ or 26″ frames typically cost between $900 and $3500. Here’s a list of the cost of good-quality electric fat bikes along with their tire size, width, and weight.

E-Bike BrandFat Tire WidthTire SizeWeightCost
Lectric XP- Foldable4″20″63 lbs$999+
Sixthreezero EvryJourney4″26″62 lbs$2400
Ecotric Fat Tire4″26″69 lbs$1500
Magicycle Cruiser Step-Thru4″26″75 lbs$1600+
Quiet Kat Ranger4.5″26″65 lbs$3200+
RadExpand Folding E-Bike4″20″67 lbs$1500+
Six awesome electric fat bikes

Take a look at the best fat tire e-bikes for sand and beach!

Are Fat Tire Electric Bikes Better?

There are several reasons fat tire e-bikes are better than e-bikes with standard tire sizes. First and foremost, your ride will be more comfortable thanks to increased cushioning and better traction on slick or soft ground.

Better traction and greater cushion are both due to the increased contact of the tire on the ground and the ability of the fat tire to roll over loose leaves, dirt, sand, and snow without slipping. And the truth is, the wider your fat tire, the greater your comfort is likely to be!

And, I may be biased, but the reality is that electric bikes have so many advantages over regular bikes as it is. So, getting an e-bike with fat tires just adds to the flexibility and enjoyment of riding one.

But, given some of the disadvantages of fat bikes mentioned above, you might not need or want 4″ or 5″ wide tires. It’s best that you check out all of the features of electric bikes before deciding what kind to get.

Learn what you need to know about the types of e-bikes and their cost before buying one!


Electric fat tire bikes are totally worth it, especially if you intend to ride on dirt paths, mud, snow, or sand! They don’t necessarily cost more than other hybrid electric bikes and the riding comfort they provide can’t be beaten.

Although the advantages are greater than the disadvantages, you’ll still want to make sure an electric fat bike is for you. Its heavy weight could be a deal-breaker if you aren’t able to lift all 70-80 lbs onto your car bike rack or into your car.

Further, you’ll want to decide what tire width you really need for your intended riding conditions and use the correct tire pressure as well.

No matter how wide your fat tire is (from 2.8″- 5″) one thing’s for sure, fat electric bikes are in a class by themselves when it comes to outdoor fun and functionality!

10 Best E-Bike Brake Pads on the Market

Best E-Bike Brake Pads on the Market

When it comes to heavy electric bikes, good brakes are one of the most important safety features. So even if you’ve purchased a new e-bike, they’ll get worn down over time and you’ll need to replace the brake pads to make certain they won’t fail.

When replacing the brake pads on your e-bike, you’ll need to choose brake pads that are compatible with your brake system. Shimano, Magura, Tektro, and SRAM are among the most popular braking systems for electric bikes.

Generally speaking, you’ll be able to get compatible new pads from your own e-bike manufacturer or from other companies that make parts for multiple brands of bikes.

Take a look at the compatible brake pads for each brand of e-bike brakes (and get the details of each below):

Shimano BrakesMagura BrakesTektro BrakesSRAM Brakes
Shimano brand brake padsMagura brand padsTektro brand brake padsSRAM brand
Top Brake padsTop Brake padsCorki brake padsTop Brake pads
Jagwire brake padsCorki brake pads

From the lifespan of e-bike brake pads to the best options currently on the market, I’m going to break down everything you need to know. Once I’ve explained the factors that influence brake pad wear and how to determine whether your brake pads need to be replaced, watch the video that follows!

Then I’ll guide you through the 10 best replacement options!

Watch to find out about brake pad compatibility and the top brands of brake pads!

The Lifespan of E-Bike Brake Pads 

When it comes down to your electric bike, having the best brakes are a crucial component to help your bike perform optimally and continue to be safe to ride. Therefore it’s important to monitor brakes and brake pads for wear and tear.

The best brake pads generally have a long lifespan. Unfortunately, there isn’t a set rule for when your brake pads should be replaced. It could be sooner or later than expected, depending on various factors like weather conditions (I list these below). 

After all, in many ways, an e-bike is more akin to an electric vehicle than a regular bicycle. Essentially, you’ll need to routinely maintain or replace the components, like your motor, battery, controller, and even the best brakes over time, similarly to the way you would maintain a car. After all, you’ve invested a considerable amount of money in your e-bike! 

Understanding the factors that influence the lifespan of your e-bike brakes is crucial to maximum performance over time. And being aware of these various factors will allow you to assess whether or not your brake pads have experienced substantial wear.

Most e-bikes use disc hydraulic brakes, as opposed to rim brakes, because they have more braking power and thus better brake performance.

Get your step by step e-bike maintenance guide here!

How Long Do Electric Bike Brake Pads Last?

Disc brake pads on an electric bike can last from about 1000 miles to 6000 miles. This discrepancy is because there are many factors that affect brake pad wear and tear.

This list includes several factors that determine how long your e-bike brake pads will last!

  • Weather Conditions

    The weather has a large impact on your e-bike’s braking system – particularly bad weather. In wet climates, disc brake pads are known to wear out faster. In fact, during wet seasons with consistent rainfall, e-bike riders will want to inspect their brake pads once a week. 
  • Road/Route Conditions 

    Weather isn’t the only factor that impacts your brake pads. The condition of the road or routes you travel on will also impact the lifespan of your brake pads. If you enjoy exploring rocky terrain, your brake pads will typically have a shorter life. Hilly terrain is also known to cause increased wear and tear of e-bike brake pads, especially if the rider tends to use the brakes going downhill a lot.
  • Frequency of Riding 

    How often you use your electric bike also plays an important role in how long your components will last. The more you use it, the sooner you’ll need to replace your brake pads. With disc brakes, e-bike riders are looking at an estimated 6000-mile lifespan. However, this estimation will also be influenced by the other factors on this list. 
  • Riding Style 

    Another factor that influences the lifespan of your bike brakes and other components is your personal riding style. Of course, I’m not necessarily telling you to change the way you ride! But here are a few helpful riding tips.

    However, just be conscious that being rough on your bike (such as slamming on the brakes frequently or braking hard while riding down steep hills) will play a role in how long your brakes and other e-bike parts last. Trail riding will be particularly hard on brake pads and will reduce brake performance over time.
  • Weight of the Rider

    In relation to your riding style, it’s helpful to note that, if you’re an obese or overweight rider, the brakes will have to provide more braking torque to stop your electric bicycle, especially if riding downhill at higher speeds.
  • Maintenance of E-Bike 

    Like cars, e-bikes need to be regularly maintained. Improper maintenance can result in increased wear and tear of all bike parts, including hydraullic ebike brakes. Getting your e-bike regularly serviced and maintained by a mechanic will ensure that your components are in good repair and that they last as long as possible! 
  • Quality of E-Bike Components 

    As I mentioned earlier, e-bikes will regularly need to have certain components replaced. Ultimately, the quality of your replacement parts plays a crucial role in the expected lifespan of them.

    For this reason, you’ll want to ensure that you use high-quality replacement parts. Luckily, we’ll be looking at the best electric bike brake pads in this article! 

How Often Should You Inspect E-Bike Brake Pads?

Before replacing your e-bike’s brake pads, you’ll want to inspect them. By doing this, you’ll be able to verify that a replacement is actually necessary. I’ll guide you through this simple process in a moment. However, did you know that you should be inspecting your disc brake pads regularly? 

As a golden rule, you should inspect your e-bike’s brake pads at least once a month. To do this, you will need to remove the brake pads from your bike. When inspecting the brake pads, you’ll be assessing how much the previously discussed factors have impacted brake pad wear and tear in the last month. 

Brake Pad Wear and Tear

When you keep the factors that affect your brake pads in mind while regularly inspecting them (like weather, riding style, riding frequency, and quality of parts), you’ll be able to see how and why your brake pads have become worn over time – and whether you need to replace them.

If you discover that they’re getting worn quickly or the wear has formed a certain pattern, you might need to inspect your brake pads more than once a month. 

Here are a few examples of why uneven wear might occur…

Has the weather been particularly bad recently? Have you been riding more frequently or in more hilly areas than usual? Did you purchase substandard replacement parts for your e-bike?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then you should inspect your E-bike’s brake pads more frequently than others might need to. 

This is a crucial aspect of maintaining your electric bike. When you ride with brake pads that are worn out, you risk causing lasting damage to your e-bike’s brake rotor and caliper. As your brake pads become worn, the steel backing plate of your brake pads could make contact with the rotor, thus damaging it.

Regularly inspecting your brake pads will help avoid further harm.

How to Inspect E-Bike Brake Pads 

To inspect your e-bike’s brake pads, you’ll need to remove them to get a proper assessment. Once you’ve removed the brake pads, measure the width of the pads. When measuring the width of the pads, include the brake pad’s backing plate in your measurement. 

When it comes to the width of the brake pads and backing plate, any measurement less than 1/8th inch means that you’ll need to replace your brake pads. Fortunately, you’re about to get guided through the best brake pad options available on the market today! 

If you’re not quite sure how to remove your electric bicycle brake pads to inspect them or replace them, this handy video will guide you through the simple process (using Corki Brake pads)! Alternatively, you can always have a bike mechanic or repair shop replace the old brake pads with the best brake pads for you.

Main Types of Disc Brakes for E-Bikes

There are those that are hydraulically operated and those that are cable-actuated.

Hydraulic disc brake systems utilize cables filled with fluid, whereas mechanical disc brakes (cable-actuated) utilize cables with air inside.

Many electric bikes today utilize mechanical brake systems instead of hydraulic brakes. Ultimately, you’ll need to use brake pads that are suited to the braking power that your e-bike uses and the braking torque required. You should see your current brakes marked with the brand name (such as Shimano, Magura, or Tektro).

It’s important to select brake pads that are compatible with your e-bike’s brand of brake system. However, when it comes down to actually replacing your brake pads, the process is rather simple. You can do this yourself with a little help from a video or go to an electric bike mechanic or knowledgeable bike shop. 

Either way, you should make sure to learn what the best brake pads are for your e-bike braking system! Here are ten of the best for three major brands of disc brakes: Shimano, Magura, and Tektro.

The 10 Best E-Bike Brake Pads 

When compared to traditional bikes, e-bikes are a lot more powerful. Due to this, you’ll need brake pads that will effectively slow you down. However, traditional bicycle braking systems, like rim brakes, will not always suffice with the power of an electric bike. For this reason, disc brakes should be considered a necessary component of your e-bike. 

Regardless of the condition of your other braking components, such as the levers of pistons, high-quality brake pads are required to transfer the needed braking force to the discs.

Check out the following compatible brake pads (you can get them all on Amazon… I may receive a commission).

Shimano Compatible Brake Pads

Shimano has many popular braking systems, including XTR, Saint, Zee, Deore, and more. If you’re looking for the best brake pads that are compatible with these systems, these are your top options and you can even get them all through Amazon (paid links).

#1: Official Shimano Brake Pads 

If you’re using a Shimano brake system with your e-bike, then your best option would be to get OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts from Shimano. There are 2- and 4-Piston brake pads, as well as options between metal and resin.

You’ll find brake pads that are compatible with XTR, Deore, Deore XT, Dura-Ace, SLX, Saint, and Zee braking systems. For more information, you can visit the above link! 

Top Brake Disc Brake Pads  

These brake pads from Top Brake were made with e-bikes in mind! Designed to withstand wear and tear for longer, these brake pads are made with a heat-resistant formula. You’ll have optimal braking performance with these brake pads, regardless of the weather outside.

Both a ceramic compound and a specialized e-bike compound are available. 

These brake pads are compatible with many Shimano e-bike brakes, including Saint, Zee, and Deore systems. They’re also compatible with certain Tektro e-bike brakes. For more information, visit the above link! 

#3: Jagwire Disc Brake Pads 

If you’re looking for high-quality brake pads that can rival the performance of OEM parts, you’ll want to check out these brake pads from Jagwire. These brake pads combine the best elements of both resin and metallic brake pads for optimal braking performance. Both sintered pads and metallic material options are available. 

These brake pads from Jagwire are compatible with Shimano’s Alfine, Deore, Deore XT, SLX, Saint, and XTR braking systems. See the above link! 

Magura Compatible Brake Pads

#4: Official Magura Sport Brake Pads  

If your e-bike uses a Magura braking system, your top option might be to get official Magura parts. Their Sport Brake Pads are designed to provide optimal braking performance for ebike owners. Luckily, these are easy to find.

These brake pads are compatible with the 8.P variety of Magura braking systems. Make sure to find the correct size for your brakes.

#5: Top Brake Disc Brake Pads 

Top Brake doesn’t only make pads compatible with Shimano brakes, but also with Magura brakes! These low-abrasion brake pads are designed to last longer. With heat-resistant properties, these brake pads will offer optimal braking performance in any weather condition! 

These brake pads are compatible with many Magura brakes, including MT2, MT4, MT6, MT8, and more. Get more information at the link above. 

Tektro Compatible Brake Pads

#6: Official Tektro Disc Brake Pads 

If your electric bike uses a Tektro braking system, your top choice would be using official Tektro brake pads. Whether your e-bike has a 2- or 4-piston caliper, whether you want a metal or resin pad, Tektro has got you covered!

There are many great OEM brake pads available from Tektro on Amazon. Find the brake pads compatible for your e-bike by visiting the above link! 

#7: Corki Brake Pads 

If you’re looking for brake pads that are compatible with Tektro braking systems, then these brake pads from Corki are a great choice! You can choose between resin, semi-metallic, and sintered metal. There’s even a copper-based option. Regardless of your preference, Corki has got you covered! 

Not only are these Corki brake pads compatible with Magura brakes, but they are also compatible with certain Shimano brakes. Check out the link above! 

SRAM Compatible Braking Pads

#8: Official SRAM Brake Pads 

If your e-bike has an SRAM braking system, you’ll want to consider using official SRAM parts. Not only are these disc brake pads specially designed to work with SRAM brakes, but they’re also high-quality and will deliver great braking performance.

Check out the link above to see SRAM Road Hydraulic Disc BrakePads!

#9: Top Brake Disc Brake Pads 

Top Brake also designs electric bike brake pads that are compatible with SRAM brakes. Not only are these disc brake pads noise-resistant, but they deliver incredible braking performance come rain or shine. There are two pad compound choices: ceramic or electric bike. For e-bike owners, the second compound will be the best suited for you. 

These brake pads are compatible with a large variety of SRAM braking systems. For more information, you can visit the above link! 

#10: Corki Disc Brake Pads

Corki also makes great brake pads that are compatible with SRAM brakes. Whether you prefer sintered pads, resin, or semi-metallic brake pads, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. There is also a copper-based option. These brake pads will deliver fantastic braking performance – even when you are going downhill. 

These are also suitable for a variety of SRAM brakes. Learn more at the above link! 


Using the best brake pads on the market today will improve your enjoyment and safety while riding your electric bike in the USA or anywhere..

You should treat your e-bike like you treat your car! Understanding that your brake pads need to be maintained, and eventually replaced, will ensure that you don’t ignore them until they suddenly don’t work at a bad time.

Consider the lifespan of your brake pads and inspect them regularly. And when they need to be replaced, only do so with the best brake pads for your particular e-bike braking system. Check out the list of ten of the best mentioned above and match your current brake brand with the new pads so that you make sure to get the ones that are right for you.

Repairing And Rebuilding Electric Bike Batteries (Refurbishing Guide)

Black electric bike with battery in the middle under the seat.

Electric bike batteries are one of the most expensive parts of the bike. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever and battery failure will occur eventually. This leaves e-bike riders wondering if their batteries can be rebuilt or repaired safely?

Electric bike batteries can be repaired and rebuilt. Repairing the battery means replacing broken parts, while rebuilding is replacing worn parts before they fail entirely. Refurbishing an old e-bike battery is better than replacing it as it is significantly cheaper and can improve the battery to its former level of function.

An important part of owning an electric bike is properly maintaining and caring for the battery. Without a functioning battery, an e-bike is really just a heavy bicycle!

If your e-bike battery no longer recharges, a full charge cycle doesn’t hold, or you have a damaged battery, there are some viable options available to help you get it running again. Let’s take a closer look at refurbishing electric bicycle batteries by rebuilding or repairing them.

Repairing And Rebuilding Electric Bike Batteries

Can E-Bike Batteries Be Rebuilt? 

Electric bike batteries are one of the most critical parts of the bike. Without it, there’s nothing to supply power to the motor and other electrical components of the e-bike.

Unfortunately, the battery is usually the first component to wear out or fail on electric bicycles, although newer lithium-ion batteries tend to last longer than the old Nickle or Lead batteries.

Fortunately, a broken or worn-out electric bike battery can be repaired or rebuilt. The process of refurbishing includes installing new battery cells and repairing any worn-out or damaged components such as the battery management system (BMS), wiring, or even the casing or mountings of the battery.

Battery Refurbishment

Refurbishing old e-bike batteries may be a simple repair (like fixing a loose connection) or a complete rebuild. It may be done on its own or accompany an e-bike conversion.

Learn about electric bike conversion here!

Rebuilding the battery will entail completely overhauling it and installing new cells, wiring, battery management system, connectors, and any other components that are likely to wear out or cause the battery to fail.

A repair will simply involve repairing or replacing the primary cause of the fault or break in the battery. This usually entails replacing one or two battery components before returning them to the customer. 

This is typically only done if it’s still in good working condition in every regard other than the fault; otherwise, the entire battery will require refurbishing.

All e-bike battery rebuilds, repairs, and refurbishing must be done by a qualified technician with experience and access to high-quality components.

This type of work can do more harm than good to an ebike battery if it’s not completed to a high standard.

multiple battery cells in a battery pack

Can All E-Bike Batteries Be Rebuilt or Repaired?

Electric bike batteries have been around for a good number of years now and there are many brands and manufacturers that produce them. This means that there is a large variety of e-bike batteries.

However, the trouble that comes with such a wide range of batteries is that some are so old and used that they can no longer be repaired, and other batteries are so advanced that they are almost impossible to repair without causing harm to the battery.

However, there are batteries that can be refurbished well and even drastically improved. The trick is knowing which brands and types of these higher-energy batteries are eligible for rebuilding.

Find out if your e-bike’s lithium battery is interchangeable!

Not all bike batteries can be refurbished. 

Very old batteries are sometimes irreparable depending on the technology; if a battery pack is too damaged, it cannot be repaired and should rather be replaced. And there are some batteries that have battery management systems that are too advanced for refurbishment. Bike shop repair technicians won’t work on these ones.

Further, now that lithium-ion batteries are commonplace among the best electric bikes, it’s important to know that, although they can be rebuilt, they may be difficult.

The main two brands of batteries that repairers tend to turn down are Bosch and Panasonic. This is due to the advanced intelligent lithium battery management systems that these batteries are equipped with.

List of E-Bike Battery Brands That Can Typically Be Refurbished

Here is a list of the most common battery brands for e-bikes that can be easily repaired, refurbished, and rebuilt by experienced bike technicians:

  • A2B
  • Alpine Sports
  • Bionix
  • Busettii
  • Currie / i-Zip / TransX
  • Cyclamatic
  • E-moto
  • Easy Motion by BH
  • Evelo
  • eZee / Hebb
  • FLX
  • Gazelle
  • Giant
  • Ital Jet
  • Jetson
  • Juiced Riders
  • Lee laCocca / EV Global
  • Lyric
  • LPX
  • Pedego
  • Prodeco
  • Protanium / Torker
  • Raleigh
  • Schwinn
  • Silver Fish
  • Smarta
  • Stromer
  • Trikke
  • Urban Mover
  • Wisper
RadMini Electric Bikes side by side
It’s a good idea to keep sand and other particles out of the battery connection points!

How Are Electric Bike Batteries Refurbished?

Refurbishing an electric bicycle battery is the best way to bring new life into an old one that’s no longer performing as well as it should be.

Old batteries require refurbishing when the time between each full charge is drastically diminished (even when the battery is low on power). Or if the battery’s performance is poor… thus if the battery is not charging well or is taking a very long time to charge.

The Process of Refurbishing an E-Bike Battery Includes:

  • Checking the exterior casing and mountings for damage.
  • Opening the housing of the battery pack to access internal components.
  • Identifying any damage or faults with the internal workings.
  • Detaching all pre-existing dead cells in preparation for new or upgraded cells.
  • Cleaning the battery pack.
  • Checking all connectors and wiring.
  • Repairing or re-soldering wiring and connectors where necessary.
  • Replacing any faulty, damaged, or old wiring and connectors.
  • Installing new or upgraded battery cells.
  • Checking the Battery Management System (BMS) functionality.
  • Performing BMS diagnostics.
  • Replacing BMS if necessary.
  • Testing all components.
  • Closing and re-securing casing.
  • Testing new battery components with the existing charger.
  • Testing refurbished battery with the bike’s motor to ensure proper function.

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to troubleshoot your battery and repair it:

Keep your motor in as good of shape as your battery with these 5 essential motor care tips.

How Are Electric Bike Batteries Repaired?

The repair process for an ebike battery is different from that of a refurbishment.

Repairing is more focused on replacing components that have been damaged or broken, rather than restoring an old or worn-out battery to full working condition.

3 Steps to Repairing the Battery

  1. This process involves performing diagnostics to identify the broken or faulty components.
  2. The next step in the process is disconnecting and removing the culprit parts.
  3. Once the parts have been removed, replacement parts can be installed to return the battery to full working order. 

If a component of the battery can be repaired rather than replaced, this may be a viable option, depending on how severe the damage to the component is.

The process of repairing an eBike battery is different in every instance, as different components may need to be replaced or repaired depending upon the damage.

Repairing one is usually only done for batteries that are relatively new and thus don’t need to be completely refurbished. Typically, the repair is for newer batteries that have been damaged or misused, rather than those that are worn out. In this case, the repair cost is cheaper than replacing your e-bike’s battery.

Removing Battery From E-Bike

Pros and Cons of Refurbished or Repaired E-Bike Batteries 

E-bike batteries don’t last forever and will require some repairs or refurbishment eventually. Even this won’t extend the battery life for the entire existence of the bike itself.

That being said, there are some advantages and some disadvantages to repairing and refurbishing bike batteries that you may not have considered.

Let’s take the time to go over the pros and cons of refurbishing and repairing them.

Pros and Cons of Repairing an E-Bike Battery 

There are a lot of things to consider before deciding to repair your battery. First, if your electric bike itself is worn down and/or outdated, you may wish to buy a new one, which will already include a brand new battery.

But if you’re sure you want to keep riding your current electric bike, then take a look at the list of pros and cons I’ve put together to help you decide whether to repair or replace your old battery.


  • Any faulty or broken parts are replaced safely.
  • The battery will function normally after repairs.
  • Repairs safety concerns and removes the possibility of hazards such as fires.
  • The battery will not need to be rebuilt if repairs are made quickly and properly.
  • Repairs are a good deal less expensive than buying a new battery.


  • Battery repairs can be costly depending on the type and severity of the damage.
  • Repairs may take a long time to complete.
  • Finding the right bike shop or repair technician can be difficult.
  • If the battery is irreparable, the repairer may still charge you for the assessment even if the battery is not repaired.
  • Repairing a broken part is risky, especially if there are underlying issues causing the fault.
  • If the technician is inexperienced or unqualified, they may ruin the battery.
  • Opening the battery may void the warranty.

Pros and Cons of Refurbishing an E-Bike Battery

As mentioned above, make sure you are happy with your current e-bike before you decide to refurbish it.

Some of the pros and cons of refurbishing an ebike battery are:


  • The battery will function well or even better than when it was new.
  • Refurbishments often include upgrading battery capacity and performance.
  • Less expensive than buying a new battery pack.
  • It will reinstall easily with the original battery case.
  • Using a good repairer will ensure high-quality components.
  • Refurbishing will significantly extend the battery’s lifespan.
  • Refurbishments often come with a 12-month warranty.


  • Refurbishments can be expensive, even more so than repairs.
  • Working on high-voltage batteries can take a very long time.
  • Opening the battery casing may void the warranty.
  • Poor quality work may worsen the condition of the battery pack.
  • Not all battery types, models, and brands can be refurbished.

Learn more about typical ebike battery problems and solutions BEFORE you need to refurbish your battery.

Back of an electric bike showing a close-up of the battery

How Long Do Repaired or Refurbished eBike Batteries Last?

E-bike batteries typically last for 2 – 4 years, depending on how well the battery is cared for and maintained. But can repaired or refurbished batteries last for the same length of time and use?

Refurbished batteries will last as long or longer than new e-bike batteries. This is due to advancements in technology, meaning that the new components may last longer than the original parts. 

Repaired batteries may not last as long, depending on the type and severity of the damage that had to be repaired.

The lifespan of a repaired, refurbished, or rebuilt battery is entirely dependent on the quality of the new components that are installed, the quality of the workmanship, and the type of battery. Lithium-ion batteries generally last for about 1000 charge cycles, while Nickle batteries and Lead batteries only last for about 500 and 300 charges respectively.

A lithium battery that has been worked on or installed by a bike repairer with experience, and who used high-quality hardware, will last for as long or longer than a brand new electric bike battery pack.

If the components and workmanship are not of good quality, the battery may not last at all, and it may well wear out or break significantly sooner than a new battery would.

For this reason, it’s critical to be sure that you use a qualified bike repair shop to work on your battery issues, regardless of the work that must be done.

Get these e-bike battery charging tips to help your battery last longer!

Why Refurbish an E-Bike Battery Rather Than Replace It? 

If the option is available to purchase a new battery to replace the worn-out or damaged one, why would you rather rebuild or repair the battery?

Refurbishing a battery is significantly less expensive than purchasing a replacement. Refurbishing one may include upgrading it or replacing the old battery cells with more efficient modern technology that will serve the bike better.

One of the best reasons to refurbish an old battery is to convert a lead or Ni-based battery to a lithium-ion battery. This will significantly improve the power, performance, and battery life. It’s also far better for the environment and less likely to cause fires or other hazards.

Refurbishing a battery rather than replacing it may come with upgrades. This will bring it up to the same specifications as a brand new battery without the higher costs of purchasing a newer, modern battery.

When an old one is refurbished, the original case is maintained, which ensures that it will fit onto the bike properly. There is no such guarantee with buying a new battery.

However, a defective battery should be replaced if it is too severely damaged or if it’s too old to be fitted with new components.


Electric bike batteries are not designed to last for more than 4 years or so. After this time, they will have deteriorated significantly enough to warrant a replacement battery or a complete rebuild. 

These batteries are quite rugged, but they can be damaged if they are knocked hard enough or treated incorrectly, such as attempting to use a car battery to charge it incorrectly. Then they will either need to be replaced or repaired.

Both refurbishing and repairing them are viable options for a battery that isn’t working properly, has been damaged, or has started to wear out.

These processes will return it to full working condition and may even produce an upgraded battery, making it even better than when it was before!

So, the good news is that if your electric bike battery is broken or if the full charge isn’t lasting as long as it used to, you might not need to purchase a replacement. Rather, a qualified bike shop may be able to fix it for significantly less cost than buying a new one.

15 Best Gifts for Electric Bike Riders (List from an E-Bike Owner)

Best Gifts for E-Bike riders

If you have an electric bike rider in your life or are one yourself, you know that riding an e-bike is all about fun, recreation, good health, and exercise. So when you’re ready to give a gift, you want it to be meaningful and reflect what the rider gets out of e-biking.

To make it easy to find the best gift for an electric bike rider, I’ve curated a list of gifts that focus on safety, health, comfort, and/or fun. Choose from the list below to find the perfect gift for the e-bike rider in your life.

Use the table below to get some gift ideas. Then read below to find out more about why each gift may be the best one for the electric bike owner you know:

BEST GIFTS (in no particular order)USEPRICE
MIPS Helmet- Bontrager SolsticeSafety$65
Circuit Full Finger Twin Gel Cycling GlovesComfort$40
REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HDFun$99
Hafny Handlebar MirrorSafety$17
FEISIKE Handlebar Bike Mirror and Rear View CameraSafety$60
FYRE glassesComfort/Safety$220+
Garmin Pro Heart Rate MonitorHealth$129
Bikeroo Padded Bike Seat CoverComfort$20
Recycled Chain Bottle OpenerFun$7
Whale Fall 360° Rotation Bicycle Phone MountFun/Safety$23
PR Muscle LotionHealth$20
Hiplock Chain LockSafety$130
Ibera PakRak Quick-Release Bicycle BagComfort/Fun$80
Bicycle Repair Bag and Tire Tool KitSafety$25
Polar Breakaway Insulated BottleHealth$15
*Commissions may be earned on all product links in this post

You won’t find a typical t-shirt or mug with a canned quote on this list, but if that’s what you’re looking for, Amazon has t-shirts and mugs like this one for e-bikers (paid links).

But if you want to get an e-bike gift that’s useful and helpful, take a look at this list of the 15 best gifts for e-bike riders:

MIPS Helmet- Bontrager Solstice

Bontrager Solstice MIPS Bike Helmet

Safety should always be at the top of the list when it comes to riding an electric bike, especially due to the increased speed at which an e-bike rider can go. So if your friend or loved one doesn’t have a high-quality MIPS helmet, make sure to get them one.

MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. It adds a level of protection over regular bike helmets by reducing injury from angled impact, which is typically what happens to your head in a crash.

And the Bontrager Solstice MIPS Bike Helmet at Trek Bikes is probably the “safest” gift you’ll ever give.

Besides the head protection, you can choose your gift in six different colors and two sizes, so you’re sure to find the best one for the gift receiver. As a bonus, there’s a removable visor and it’s easy to fit. Plus, it’s one of the more affordable quality MIPS helmets out there.

Give the best gift for riding safely for just $65.

Cycling Gloves – Bontrager Circuit Full Finger Twin Gel

Cycling Gloves - Bontrager Circuit Full Finger Gel Padded

The Bontrager Circuit Full Finger Twin Gel Cycling Gloves from Trek are a great gift to provide comfort while riding an electric bike. Temperatures get really cold fast when you’re racing against the wind (which is so easy to do on an e-bike!).

These gloves give your hands warmth while providing ventilation, a secure fit, and non-bulky, easy-to-grip-with an extra layer of gel pads over the palms for a comfortable handlebar grip. They’ll keep hands warm while keeping the fingers free to chime a bike bell, use a smartphone, or pull on the brakes.

And they come in 2 colors and 5 different sizes, so they’re sure to fit everyone (men and women ). These are an especially welcome gift for e-bike riders who have cold hands like I do (and I can’t ride without them under 70 degrees Fahrenheit!).

Give the gift of warm, comfortable cycling gloves for $40

Bike Camera – REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD

REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD and 12MP Waterproof Sports Action Camera

You can’t go wrong with gifts that entertain! The REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD does just that. This gift captures the adventure and fun of every e-bike ride... and those reviewing it are loving it for the great customer service and the price!

And, the receiver of this gift is going to love you (if they don’t already)! With 21 different mounts, you can attach it to an electric bike and just start riding. It’s waterproof to 98ft, anti-shake, and wi-fi enabled. Plus, it captures wide angles, burst photos, and has a remote control, among other things.

This is such a fun gift, you might just want to buy it for yourself… and at this price, you can (The famous Go Pros start at double the price of the Remali HD camera!

Best price for a super cool tech gift at $99 from Amazon!

Rear-View Mirror – Hanfy

Hafny Handlebar E-Bike Mirror

A bike rear-view mirror is one of the top safety devices I recommend. I use mine every time I ride my e-bike, and it’s saved me from veering in front of cars and on street corners on numerous occasions.

This is one of the best gifts for safety-conscious electric bike riders… and may be something they haven’t even thought of, especially if they’re a beginner e-bike rider.

Most mirrors adjust to fit most e-bike handlebars, but I can recommend the inexpensive Hafny Handlebar Mirror from Amazon… it’s worked great for me and my husband.

Buy this e-bike gift on Amazon for $17.

Rear View Camera -FEISIKE Handlebar Bike Camera

FEISIKE Handlebar Bicycle Rear View camera with Night Vision

Ready to step up your gift-giving a bit? How about giving a rear-view camera as a gift, instead of just a rear-view mirror? The FEISIKE Handlebar Bike Mirror and Rear View Camera is a cool and useful gift for its relatively small price.

Why is a rear view camera needed? Not only will it help the e-bike rider to see what bikes or cars are approaching from behind (on a color screen), but it also provides evidence of an accident! And it can see what’s going on at night as well!

This gift can reduce a lot of stress for a bike rider… they can stay safe without looking over their shoulder constantly!

Check out this cool rear view camera with 4.3” HD Night Vision for only $60 on Amazon!

Discover other ways to stay safe while riding

Cycling Glasses: FYRE by Ryders Eyeware

INCLINE - FYRE Glasses for Cycling

Super high tech, these glasses are what’s needed to protect an e-bike rider’s eyes. Using electric assistance gives e-bike riders the ability to travel fast! Besides the chance of bugs flying in your eyes (I’ve definitely felt them hit my glasses!), FYRE glasses are resistant to impact, anti-fog, color-enhancing, color-changing, and actually reflect light.

So, not only do they make it easy to see while riding, they protect cyclists’ eyes from anything that could be blown in them.

I also love that they aren’t the typical thick, ugly cycling goggles. They’re so cool that you can wear them on your e-bike and off. Plus there are three unisex styles to choose from.

Give one of the most essential safety and comfort gifts for cyclists and e-bike riders for $220+ from Ryders Eyeware

Heart Rate Monitor – Garmin HRM-Pro

Garmin HRM-Pro Heart Rate Monitor

When giving a gift to a health-conscious electric bike rider, you want it to be meaningful, and not some silly little item they couldn’t care less about.

That makes a heart rate monitor an essential gift to many electric bike riders. Just strap the Garmin Pro Heart Rate Monitor to your chest and heart rate data is sent to any compatible app, fitness equipment, or Garmin device.

Users can compare various training sessions or simply make sure their heart rate is in the appropriate zone.

Garmin uses ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity with other devices and has a rechargeable battery.

Gift a high-quality heart rate monitor for $129 from Trek Bikes

Padded Bike Seat Cover – Bikeroo E-Bike Seat Cushion

Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion - Padded Gel Wide

Here’s the truth about electric bike riders… we ride longer and farther thanks to our e-bike’s motor, long-lasting battery, and however much pedal assistance we need! So having a comfy seat under the bum is a real treat!

And the cool thing is that you don’t need to buy an entire bike seat post. Instead, a Bikeroo Padded Bike Seat Cover is the perfect gift of comfort.

One note of caution: You will need to know the size of the bike seat you’re buying for. If it’s for an electric road bike or an e-mountain bike, a narrower seat pad might be needed. Otherwise, it’s likely that you’ll need somewhere between 8 inches and 11 inches to fit most wider seats on commuter electric bikes, cargo bikes, and hybrid e-bikes… like this one!

Buy the bike seat cover mentioned here for only $20 from Amazon

Bottle Opener – Recycled Bike Chain

Boxer Gifts Chain Bottle Opener | Perfect Bike Gift for Cyclists

Looking for something that costs less but is a truly meaningful and fun gift for favorite cyclists? A Recycled Chain Bottle Opener, made from a recycled bike chain, makes the best gift because it’s one of the tools needed to get refreshment and have fun!

It’s bicycle-themed and promises relaxation after a long ride on an electric bike! But, of course, a rider can also take it with them and use it during a riding break.

Gift the Chain Bottle Opener for only $7 from Amazon!

Phone Mount – 360° Rotation Bicycle Phone Mount

When giving a gift, basic is just not enough. The Whale Fall 360° Rotation Bicycle Phone Mount goes above and beyond a simple smartphone mount… it’s actually a very compact storage bag that also protects your phone from rain and breakage.

The phone bag has a waterproof zipper and sun-visor, as well as comes with an additional waterproof cover. You can rotate it 360 degrees for easy viewing. Plus, it has a TPU Touch Screen and holds small items such as cash, credit cards, electric bike keys, or even a small power bank.

This phone mount and bag has all the necessities for any bike rider! It’ll protect your phone and make it easy to store other items. And it’s small enough to remove from your e-bike to keep it safe from thieves.

Whale Fall 360° Rotation Bicycle Phone Mount with TPU Touch Screen

Buy it now for $23 on Amazon

Muscle Lotion – PR Lotion

PR Muscle Lotion is a “miracle” lotion that releases the essential electrolyte bicarb directly through the skin to the fatigued muscle. It claims to reduce acid build-up from high-exertion during exercise.

So, it’s a great gift for those who use cycling as a form of serious exercise or who are often combating soreness from electric bike riding.

Although you’ll get the best value for the dollar buying a 10.6 oz bottle for $35, getting them in a box of 5 packets (20g each) makes them easy to take on-the-go!

Amp Human PR Lotion Box of 5 Packets

Treat your friend or loved one to a healthy gift of 5 packets of PR Lotion for $20 from Trek Bikes.

“Wearable” Chain Lock – Hiplock

Chain Lock example for an e-bike

Many people are tempted to get an inexpensive bike lock, thinking it’ll keep their electric bike from being stolen. However, bike thieves have many tactics for breaking and cutting locks.

But you can help out by gifting a sturdy chain lock (or two)! The Hiplock Chain Lock is a high-level secure lock made of 10mm hardened steel covered by a sturdy nylon sleeve. What really makes it unique is that you can wear it around your waist until you need to use it!

The wearable feature is actually super functional when it comes to electric bikes… it won’t harm sensitive electric components by moving around while you’re riding! This is because it’ll be worn around the waist instead of hanging on the e-bike!

Most of the reviewers said they hardly noticed it once around the waist. Wearing it with a snug fit also distributes weight evenly instead of affecting the bike’s balance.

Give this super useful bike gift for $130 from Amazon.

Get these other tips for preventing theft!

Pannier Bags – Ibera PakRak

Ibera PakRak Clip-On All Weather Bike Panniers

Every cyclist loves a nice pannier bag! So, it’s not surprising it’s one of the best gifts for electric bike riders! There are a ton to choose from but the Ibera PakRak Quick-Release Bicycle Bag gets top ratings when it comes to an all-weather double-sided pannier that doesn’t break the bank!

Not only does it make it easy to ride to the store, work, or school, but you can also remove it from the bike rack in as little as 3 seconds with its strapless clip-on system! And its multiple compartments each carry up to 20 lbs (so 40 pounds total).

Great gift for both men and women at a reasonable price of $80 on Amazon!

Bike Tool and Tire Repair Kit – All-in-One

Get all of these tools and tire inflator in one kit from XCH Robots

Every electric bike rider needs a few tools on hand for basic repairs, in case they get stuck far from home. It’s a matter of safety and convenience! So, if your e-bike lover doesn’t yet have one of these, then this Bicycle Repair Bag and Tire Tool Kit is one of the best gifts you could give.

It comes with tire repair patches, an air pump, and a tool kit for basic maintenance.

You can watch a short video to find out how to use these tools or change a tire tube... or there might even be another cyclist on the road willing to help out. Many times, the tire just needs a simple patch, which comes in a tire repair kit.

This is one of the best gifts for cyclists safety while on the road… $25 at Amazon

Insulated Water Bottle – Polar Breakaway

Polar Bottle Breakaway Insulated

This is the best gift to use as an add-on to another gift for an e-cyclist. The Polar Breakaway Insulated Bottle has a cap that self-seals and a high flow nozzle… it was actually made by cyclists who understand hydration needs!

An insulated water bottle is a healthy gift to share, especially when it’s BPA-free and easy to sip from, without any spills or leaks. Polar brand water bottles are dishwasher safe and even come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Add this to your e-biking gift for just $15 on Amazon!


I hope you’ve found the perfect gift in this curated list of the 15 best gifts for your favorite e-bike rider.

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t need to be hard. Just consider what the person you’re trying to find a gift for enjoys or values.

You already know that they love riding their electric bike. Now think about what kind of gift they’d like most. Would it be a gift for safety, health, or comfort? Or maybe it’s just for fun!

The gift options above have you covered! Come back anytime to find another one of the top gifts to give an e-bike owner… for their birthday, a holiday, or just because.