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Aventon Ramblas eMTB Review-Best Choice for the Money?

Ready to explore the path less traveled? Aventon’s inaugural electric mountain bike is designed for adventure! 

I’m Lisa from E-Biking Today and today’s Aventon Ramblas eMTB review is about having it all. Built for durability and dependability, the Ramblas is a hardtail, all-terrain ebike featuring a sophisticated mid-drive motor. A first for Aventon, the Ramblas e-mountain bike is designed to offer riders customized tuning via the Aventon app. 

During testing, the Ramblas delivered exceptional comfort in navigating both mountain trails and city streets. Follow along as I show you all of the advantages… and a couple of disadvantages that could put a hold on your adventure. Find out what you need to know before you buy and check out a comparison of the Ramblas e-mountain bike to the Aventon Aventure 2 to help you choose the best off-road capable electric bike.

You may also be wondering, do I need to be an experienced mountain biker to ride the Ramblas? Or is this an entry-level mountain bike? Keep watching to find out.

Aventon Ramblas eMTB
Aventon Ramblas e-mountain bike

Advantages and Features of the Aventon Ramblas e-Mountain Bike

SRAM D88 Mineral Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Four pistons and large rotors (200 mm in the front, 180 mm in the rear): These brakes were powerful and reliable, so I always felt safe, a top priority. Wanting to control downhill speed, I used the brakes often on dirt and gravel, without slipping.

Hardtail Frame

Lightweight and Durable: It was made for off-road terrain and helped me keep in control on rough paths. I wouldn’t want a rear suspension on this eMTB.

Maxxis Recon Tires

29 x 2.4 inches on most frames: However, on the Small frame, they’re 27.5 x 2.4 inches. These tires provided excellent traction and stability, enhancing ride comfort and control on trails.

Ramblas Mountain Bike Tires
Maxxis Recon mountain bike tires

RockShox Front Fork and Suspension

35mm Silver R front fork with 130 mm travel: Along with boost spacing, the suspension gave me superior shock absorption with excellent bike stability and responsiveness. I easily rolled over rocks, dips, and branches.

Ramblas Front Suspension Fork
Ramblas RockShox Front Suspension Fork

Pedal Assist

3 levels: Eco, Trail, and Turbo. Eco gave plenty of power on flat terrain & light trails, while I used the Trail assist over 80% of the time on more bumpy, rocky trails. And the Turbo assist helped me fly up hills!

Locking Rubber Grips and Dropper Seat Post

Ergonomic design and adjustable seat: The grips were easy to grab and the seat was totally adaptable. The dropper seatpost, at 150mm travel for size M-XL or 125mm travel for size S, added to the comfort and security in tackling steep descents. Although I’ve heard some complaints about difficulty dropping the seat, I had no problem. 

I’m also short and the seat didn’t have a long way to drop.

Alloy Platform Pedals

Feet stay in place: It was reassuring having my feet well connected to the pedals, especially on bumpy terrain.

Alloy Platform Pedal
The Alloy Platform Pedal has little spikes that keep your foot on the pedal over bumpy terrain!

SRAM NX Eagle 12-Speed Drivetrain

Wide gear range: Gear changes were precise and smooth like butter, making it easy to adapt to inclines, terrains, and speeds. I liked that it takes only a tiny push to move to a higher gear.

Customizable Aventon Display and App Integration

Full customization via the Aventon app: You can tailor your ride settings, including pedal assist levels and motor tuning. The display is compact and well-protected but still easy to read.

Ride tuning on the Aventon App
Ride tuning on the Aventon App

Removable and Rechargeable Battery

Aventon 36V 19.2Ah lithium-ion battery: The battery provided a long-lasting power supply. After my first 10- mile ride, I still had 90% remaining power. So getting up to 80 miles on a single battery charge should be no problem! 

Safety Certified

UL Certification: Certified in Accordance with UL 2849: The Ramblas meets the Standard for Electrical Systems for e-Bikes. I appreciate that Aventon takes an interest in safety standards.

Integrated Lighting

Front and rear lights included: Enhanced visibility and safety during night rides or low-light conditions. You can opt to put on the front headlight or not. 

Aventon A100 Mid-Drive Motor

100 Newton Meters of torque and up to 750W peak power: The 250-watt sustained mid-drive motor was my favorite Ramblas feature… and a huge advantage! It delivered strong and consistent power output on long rides. Yet with its 100 Newton meters of torque, it accelerated quickly when needed. And it did it all quietly and smoothly. 

Aventon’s in-house design ensures everything works seamlessly together, making the Aventon Ramblas a technological wonder! And, the mid-drive motor enhanced the natural riding experience and customized my ride, making it the perfect ride.

Aventon Ramblas eMTB in color Aurora
Aventon Ramblas eMTB in Limited Edition color Aurora

Disadvantages of the Aventon Ramblas


The Aventon Ramblas, like other e-mountain bikes, is heavier than a traditional mountain bike due to the motor, battery, and additional components. At 54 pounds, this extra weight can make it more challenging to handle in technical sections and may be a drawback for riders seeking a lighter mountain bike for easier maneuverability. But, compared to electric bikes in general, it’s lightweight.


The Ramblas has a higher price tag than the average electric bike, reflecting its advanced features and technology. Selling at $2899, the investment is justified for electric mountain biking but may be out of reach for those on a tighter budget.


With its advanced components like the mid-drive motor and hydraulic disc brakes, the Ramblas might require more maintenance to ensure optimal performance.


The integration of the Aventon app and various customizable settings, while beneficial, adds a layer of complexity. Riders may need time to learn how to effectively use these features, which could be daunting for beginners.

What You Need to Know Before Buying

Size & Fit

The Aventon Ramblas eMTB fits riders from 5’1”- 6’5” with four different size frames to perfect the fit. Being 5’1”, I was comfortable on the seat but had ZERO extra room standing over the bike. So, check that your inseam measurement is at least as tall as the 26.9-inch standover height on the small frame and use it to determine the best frame size.

Additionally, confirm that the Ramblas’ weight capacity of 300 pounds is sufficient for you.

Dropper Seatpost

Ramblas Dropper Seatpost and Saddle
Ramblas Dropper Seatpost and Saddle

Why Use a Dropper Seat Post?

A dropper seat post allows for the best saddle height for climbing and descending. For efficient pedaling, the saddle should be at a height that maximizes power transfer. 

When descending, a lower saddle height lets you position your weight over the rear wheel. It helps in handling obstacles and reduces the risk of crashes. 

Despite the benefits, dropper posts are a bit heavier and add to the cost. However, for determined off-road riders, the benefits can outweigh the drawbacks.

Mountain Bike Saddle

It was an easy ride on the narrow saddle. Prepare to take time getting used to it if you don’t already ride on one like it. Although I was comfortable on the first day, I noticed some discomfort when I sat on it the next day. Plan on riding in small increments at first.

Comparison: Aventon Aventure vs. Ramblas Electric Mountain Bike

Woman standing next to Aventon Ramblas Electric Mountain Bike
Me next to Aventon Ramblas Electric Mountain Bike. I had fun riding it on trails and off!

If you’re already enjoying the fat tire Aventon Aventure, but you crave more technical trail capability, the Aventon Ramblas is your step up. The Ramblas offers a slimmer tire design and a smooth, responsive feel with its mid-drive motor. This makes it ideal for mountain biking on narrow, mountainous trails. Further, its tall tires are nimble on all terrains.

As much as I love my powerful Aventon Aventure 2, it doesn’t have the responsiveness needed for narrow, technical terrain. It’s much heavier than the Ramblas and doesn’t turn as sharply. But, it’s still a champ on both wide off-road trails and paved roads.

Woman Riding the Aventon Aventure 2
I’m Riding the Aventon Aventure 2… my favorite fat tire e-bike!

Essentially, the Aventure’s 4-inch wide tires provide stability and comfort, while the tall and narrow Ramblas tires are nimble and quick. The Ramblas is the ideal e-bike to ride technical trails or any terrain if you desire a smooth, nimble, adjustable ride. The Aventure electric bike, on the other hand, is suitable if you get queasy thinking of challenging mountainous trails and appreciate having more contact with the ground. 


If you’re still unsure, consider the price. While the Aventon Ramblas retails at $2899, the Aventure 2 retails at $1999, a difference of $900! I still think the Ramblas is the best choice for an entry-level electric mountain bike at this price. And, it’s also a great option for an avid mountain biker needing pedal assistance due to injury or physical condition. 

Ramblas Review Verdict

In this Aventon Ramblas eMTB Review, I discovered robust features combined with advanced customization options that make it versatile and capable for mountain trails, paths, and city rides. And you don’t need to be an experienced mountain bike rider to enjoy the Ramblas. I had a ton of fun riding on and off-road and am convinced the Ramblas is a top choice for new mountain bikers and casual riders. 

And every e-bike rider will benefit from the 2-year warranty, riding up to speeds of 20 mph, exploring long distances, and experiencing the thrill of every adventure. Enjoy your ride on the Aventon Ramblas electric mountain bike!



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