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Mooncool CG2- Meet the Fun Electric Cargo Bike

Let’s fantasize for a moment. Imagine you could carry anything you need for the day on your e-bike. What if you could carry folders or books, art supplies, groceries, camping gear, or sports equipment… and perhaps even your two kids?! Unfortunately, your bike rack can’t hold much and it’s a hassle to get your goods secured on your electric bike… or is it?

Meet the fun electric cargo bike, the Mooncool CG2!

The Mooncool CG2 electric bike will take you on a long, exciting adventure with its vibrant colors, massive integrated cargo rack, and huge payload capacity. Take your essential cargo with you on every ride!

In this Mooncool CG2 review, I’ll show you the pros and cons of the Mooncool CG2 electric cargo bike, why you’ll want one, and what you need to know before buying it. Finally, I’m excited to show you how the super-long rear rack can carry your important cargo!

Just think… no exhaustion means no sweat! If you rode with 200 pounds of cargo on a regular bicycle for 10 miles, you’d be tired and sweaty by the end. But the Mooncool CG2 electric assist lets you go long distances, climb steep hills, and enjoy every moment of your ride without dread.

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Pros of the Mooncool CG2

Powerful 750W Motor 

CG2 750W Motor
The CG2 has a more powerful motor than many cargo e-bikes with only 500 watts.

No 500W motor e-bike could manage the cargo weight that this 48V 750W electric cargo bike can. If you plan to load up, then the CG2 can handle it. And that’s not all.

Weight Capacity of 450 lbs

Most electric bikes allow 250-300 pounds of payload capacity. But, the Mooncool CG2 offers up to 450 pounds total weight! So, you’ll have no trouble adding both kids and cargo.

Long Range

Electronic e-bike display

Mooncool says you can ride up to 75 miles with the 48V, 20Ah LG lithium battery. After 11 miles of battery testing, the display hardly registered a ding in battery life even though I’d tested the throttle quite a bit during this review.

Ultra Long Integrated Rear Rack

Orange Long Cargo Rack on e-bike
The Mooncool CG2’s extra-long rack is 26 inches and holds up to 250 lbs!

The bike rack alone has a weight limit of 250 pounds and is about 26 inches long. In comparison, other rear racks are only around 14-15 inches long. I’ll show you its cargo capabilities in a few.

Efficient All-Terrain Tire Design

All-Terrain Tire
20″ X 3.5″ fat tires

These 20 X 3.5-inch fat tires were welcomed. They lowered my center of gravity and enhanced stability, while the wide tires took me on off-road terrain comfortably. My test ride was smooth and efficient, even when carrying lots of cargo.

On-Demand Half-Twist Throttle

Half Twist Throttle on e-bike handlebar
Ride up to 20 mph on every pedal assist level!

I was happy to learn that the right-hand twist throttle took the CG2 up to 19.9 mph on any pedal assist level. So, I could pick up speed quickly, without adjusting assistance. Note that pedal assist does need to be on level 1 or higher for the throttle to work.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The 180mm hydraulic brakes stopped smoothly and efficiently, even with a load of cargo.


A Shimano 14-34T freewheel means less maintenance and easy coasting.

Easy-to-Read Display

LCD Display in bright sunlight
LCD Display in bright sunlight

The multifunctional Gray Screen LCD was a surprising feature. I could easily see the stats, which helped me control pedal assist and monitor my speed and distance.

5 Pedal Assist Levels and 7-speed Gear Shift

The CG2 electric cargo bike offers plenty of speed and power flexibility. The Shimano Tourney 7-speed gear shift is essential for toting cargo uphill. Riding on flat terrain, shifting gears improved my ride, protected the motor, and preserved battery life.

Additional Advantages of the CG2

The Mooncool CG2’s adjustable handlebar really made a positive difference in ride comfort. After riding with the handlebars down, I pulled up the stem to discover swept-back handlebars and an easier reach. Plus, the wide foam seat was a pleasure to sit on. But test it out on shorter rides before going long distances to make sure it works for you. The double kickstand is highly relevant for holding a cargo e-bike upright with a big load.

Here’s How The Mooncool CG2 Hauls Cargo

Whether or not you use Mooncool’s cargo carriers, you can haul a ton. Watch the video for multiple ways to carry cargo on the CG2.

Electric Cargo Bike with cargo load

Cons of the Mooncool CG2

The Mooncool CG2 lacks front suspension. Thus, if you occasionally ride off-road, get a good quality suspension seat post to smooth out the bumps. I’ve pointed you to the one I use in the description below the video.

The rear turn signals are hard to see. They really won’t be helpful unless you’re riding in the dark.

And, like any cargo e-bike, the CG2 will weigh well over 90 lbs with all cargo carriers and baskets. After all, it needs to be a very substantial frame to carry a load of 450 pounds.

And, last, the CG2 is around 75 inches long from tire to tire. So, consider room for storage and transportation. It’ll be harder to fit in a standard-size car. However, because the tires are only 20 inches, you can roll part of the bike under a low shelf.

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Mooncool CG2 Cargo eBike

Mooncool CG2 set against hills in the background

Size and Fit

Mooncool recommends a rider height of 5’1” to 6’4” for the CG2 fun step-through cargo bike. Being 5’1” myself, I agree that I had no problem fitting. The important thing to do is check the Size & Fit measurements on the website with your own to make certain you can comfortably reach the handlebars and sit as low or as high as you need to.

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Mooncool CG2 Pre-Assembly

Although assembly wasn’t hard, a couple of steps were needed to put it together. I didn’t find an assembly video, so you’ll need to follow the assembly manual that comes with it. If you need help, contact Mooncool directly.

Compatible Accessories

The Mooncool CG2 works with the MC front basket and rear seat accessory package. Together they have a value of $169, but you can use the E-Biking Today special discount on your total purchase. It also works for any Mooncool electric bike, including the TK1 Folding E-Trike previously reviewed on E-Biking Today.

Mooncool CG2 Kid Carrier
The CG2 also carries up to two kids with the rear carrier!

Who is the CG2 Best For?

During my Mooncool CG2 Cargo Ebike Review, it became clear that this electric bike is a game-changer for anyone who needs to transport heavy loads efficiently. The CG2’s robust design and exceptional cargo capabilities make it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking convenience and practicality. And, it’s a perfect electric cargo bike for riders replacing their car. 

With the Mooncool CG2, you can effortlessly transport your cargo, whether it’s groceries, work supplies, or any other essentials. Embrace the future of transportation and experience a smooth, efficient ride with this fun electric cargo bike! 

Grab all your cargo and enjoy your ride!



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