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Top 6 Best Electric Bikes for Sand: Fat Tire Beach E-Bikes

The best electric bikes for sand riding will have a powerful motor and battery, pedal assistance, wide fenders, and fat tires that can traverse...

Ancheer Electric Bike – The Ultimate Review

This review discusses the pros and cons of buying an Ancheer Electric Bike and the features of different models, including both Ancheer electric mountain bikes and Ancheer commuter bikes.

Is Cleaning an E-Bike Chain Different Than a Regular Chain?

Bike chains tend to deteriorate quickly when they’re not properly maintained. As such, it’s crucial to clean them often to ensure they’re in good...

Best Mini Electric Bike for Adults (& Alternatives)

E-bikes allow you to enjoy greater speeds and better navigate uneven terrain than your regular pedal bike. However, you might assume that mini e-bikes...

Rad Power Bikes vs Lectric XP (Brands Compared)

Rad Power Bikes and Lectric XP bike brands both have great e-bikes, but they have some key differences you should consider when deciding which...

What Types of E-Bikes Does Ride1Up Have?

Ride1Up, a relatively newly formed electric bike brand, is rapidly gaining popularity. The company, launched in September 2018, offers a range of e-bikes.  Ride1Up has...


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