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Heybike Horizon E-Bike Review (Full Suspension!)

You might have guessed that I have a passion for exploring the latest advancements in e-bikes given all of the reviews I do. And today, I’m excited to let you know about the Heybike Horizon, Limited Sunset-Color Edition. The first thing to notice about this folding electric bike is the incredibly cool design reminiscent of a sunset. But the Horizon electric bike also offers incredible speed and a full suspension system. And that’s just the beginning of its remarkable features.

In the next few minutes, I’ll dive into the pros and cons of the Heybike Horizon and explore what sets this e-bike apart from its competition. By the end of this electric bike review, you’ll have a clear picture of what the Heybike Horizon offers and whether it’s the electric bike you’re looking for. So, let’s get started! 

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Pros of the Heybike Horizon Folding Electric Bike

It’s F-A-S-T… FAST!

With a 28 mph maximum speed limit, the 1200-watt peak brushless geared hub motor decimates hills in seconds while 80 Newton meters torque gives you a powerful, fast start, especially on pedal assist level 2 and up. Riding uphill, you can see how my speed quickly increased with each level.

Fast Charging, Long-Lasting Battery

After only a 3-hour charge, you can ride up to 55 miles on the 692-watt-hour battery. In fact, riding 13 miles didn’t even register a drop in battery life.

E-Bike with Automatic Headlight & Integrated Battery
Automatic Headlight & Integrated Battery

Full-Suspension Electric Bike

To start, you should know that Heybike Horizon’s full-suspension system has 80mm travel with both preload adjustment and lockout. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Suspension Lockout control
Suspension Lockout control

This bike rocks off-road, pun intended, thanks to its horst-link suspension. This type of suspension greatly enhances the riding experience. It provides superior shock absorption over rough terrain, improves traction, especially during uphill climbs or on slippery surfaces, and ensures consistent performance in both pedaling and braking. 

This design not only contributes to a more comfortable ride, reducing fatigue from bumps and vibrations but also boosts bike handling and control. Overall, it makes for a smoother, more stable, and enjoyable cycling experience, particularly beneficial for longer or more challenging rides.

Woman on Full suspension electric bike
Full-suspension 80mm travel electric bike

Hydraulic Brakes That Work in Tandem with the Suspension

The Horst-link suspension on the Heybike Horizon electric bike works with hydraulic brakes to enhance the overall riding experience. The suspension system is crucial for effective braking, especially on uneven or rough terrain. 

I noticed that this suspension system helps maintain consistent wheel-to-ground contact. So, when I applied the hydraulic brakes going downhill on dirt and leaves, the bike had excellent traction and stability. 

Here’s another way to look at it. The Horst-link design minimizes the impact on the suspension’s performance during braking. Thus it allows the hydraulic brakes to work efficiently without causing the bike’s rear end to stiffen or lose its ability to absorb shocks. Together, they provide a safer, more controlled, and smoother ride, with reliable braking and comfortable suspension action, regardless of the trail conditions.

Check out this link for more help understanding e-bike suspension.

Now, here’s another huge pro of the Horizon e-bike… 

24 X 4-inch Fat Tires

These tires are not only unique in a folding e-bike but also amazing on their own. My ride off-road was comfortable and without slipping or sliding, making it feel effortless.

And there’s no doubt that the larger 24” tires helped me travel fast and smooth over bumps and dips. They’d beat out the typical 20-inch folding e-bike tires any day.

Foldable, Step-Through Frame

The 16-inch frame feels solid when folding. The bigger tires and rear suspension add to the weight a bit. But, overall, the frame folded smoothly and should be manageable for average-sized riders. Plus, the step-through frame is a definite advantage, helping every rider get on and off the bike easily.

Horizon e-bike folded
Horizon e-bike folded

Adjustable Handlebar Stem

The fact that the handlebar can be adjusted to the perfect height is a winner. Even though I’m a shortie, I pulled up the handlebars so I could sit fully upright. However, I can put them down instantly if I want more speed and control.

LCD Display with App Sync

First, you’ll see real-time speed, distance, pedal assist level, and battery life updates on your LCD display. Then, the Heybike App helps you reach your cycling objectives through detailed tracking and analysis of your rides.

Heybike Horizon LCD Display
Heybike Horizon LCD Display syncs with the Heybike Android and iOS app

Other Benefits of the Heybike Horizon

The Horizon includes fenders and a rear rack holding up to 120 lbs, an integrated brake light that alerts others you’re about to turn, and a headlight that comes on automatically when it gets dark. If you watch the Heybike Horizon YouTube review, you’ll see that the headlight came on as soon as I entered a dark tunnel! There are also Shimano 7-speed gears that allow you to pedal easier and preserve your battery when shifting down.

Further, you should check for a free gift package and custom plaque showcasing your unique Horizon electric bike.

CONS of the Heybike Horizon Folding E-Bike


This powerful, substantial e-bike is just over 79 pounds. The slightly larger folding ebike tires (24” vs 20”) add to the weight as does the horst-link suspension. If these added features are essential to you, then this isn’t a big deal. But if you’re hoping for a lightweight folding bike, you won’t find it here.

Limited Edition Heybike Horizon with Horst-Link Suspension
Rear suspension adds to the heavy weight of the Horizon e-bike


One thing I don’t love is that the throttle is tied to the pedal assist level, rather than being on-demand. I want to be able to take off fast when crossing a street or get throttle help when starting on a hill. That being said, the powerful throttle increases in speed as you turn up the pedal assist power.


Assembly was of average difficulty and there were several pieces to attach. I would’ve liked to see the front fenders, headlight, and rear rack already connected to the bike. You’ll need to use the included tools as well as pliers to grip the back of the headlight bolt while tightening the front. Further, the included bolt was too short, which made it more difficult.

Heybike Horizon before assembled
Heybike Horizon before completed assembly

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

First, understand that there are only 500 units of this Limited Sunset-Color Edition! So, if you love its unique look, get it now (I’ll point out that my Horizon e-bike is number 358 out of 500… hmm, does this mean there aren’t many left?).

You should also know that this Heybike has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, which includes the e-bike, rider, and cargo.

Heybike Horizon Size and Fit

This electric bike is designed for riders 5’5” to 6’3”, which is on the tall side for a step-through. So, a large number of people may be excluded from riding comfortably. However, I say “may” because I’m only 5’1” and am quite comfortable riding it. 

Be sure to consider the bike’s measurements, such as the handlebar reach of 25.6”, to ensure that you’re a good fit. Check out the size & fit table on the Heybike website.


Finally, you need to know that full-suspension electric bikes are more expensive due to the cost of extra moving parts. The Heybike Horizon’s retail price of $1999 is a bit higher than a comparable e-bike without a rear suspension. Yet, it’s still a great price for this feature-filled e-bike package.

Woman standing next to Heybike Horizon
The Heybike Horizon is a beautiful Limited Edition sunset-colored e-bike

Is This the Best E-Bike for You?

Do you want to ride technical terrain, simply be more comfortable while riding, or ride faster off-road? Then the Heybike Horizon may be the best e-bike for you. This is, in large part, thanks to its full suspension.

If the e-bike’s weight of 79 lbs is too heavy or you don’t need a folding e-bike, then you’ll probably want to choose a different electric bike.

Heybike offers many other e-bikes just as cool as this one. You can find exactly the features you want in e-bikes like the Heybike Ranger, Tyson, and Mars 2.0. Check out my reviews of the Heybike Mars and Heybike Tyson! Plus, be sure to search for other detailed electric bike reviews at E-Biking Today.

Well, that’s it for the Heybike Horizon review! Now, take in the sunset on your Heybike Horizon and enjoy your ride.



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