Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Lisa Sylvester

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Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser E-Bike Review (Value-Focused, Feature-Filled)

How about an electric bike that blends power with practicality? The impressive Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser has performance features that stand out: a 750W Bafang...

Ride1Up Roadster Review V2: Class 3 Belt Drive Ebike (a surprising find)

Looking for a lightweight, nimble ebike that won’t draw attention to the fact that you’re getting electric pedal assistance? Because the frame is so...

Tampa’s eBike Voucher Program sees significant expansion: A game-changer for the city residents

Tampa expands its E-bike voucher program, offering residents up to $750 off the purchase of a new electric bike. Find out how this eco-friendly initiative is making Tampa greener.

California E-Bike Laws: A Comprehensive Guide to Stay Legal on the Roads

Looking to ride an e-bike in California? Learn about the state's e-bike laws, including classification, riding locations, and age requirements. Stay informed and ride with confidence!

Rad Power Bikes Announces Price Drop: Discover the Reasons Behind the Decision

Rad Power Bikes has slashed prices, making e-bikes more accessible and breaking down financial barriers. Discover the reasons behind the drop and join the movement for a greener mode of transport.

Addressing Recent E-Bike Safety Concerns: The Gap Comparable to Car Risks

Discover the often overlooked safety concerns of e-bikes in the urban jungle, where cars play a significant role. Dive into this lighthearted exploration and envision a future of harmony on our streets.


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