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Rad Mini 4 Foldable E-Bike Review

Rad Mini Electric Bike Image

I love my Rad Mini 4 electric bike from Rad Power Bikes because it helps me explore pockets of my city and local nature trails more in-depth than I could ever do before!

-Marc, E-BikingToday.com

Rad Power Bikes are Fast, Powerful, and Fun!

And those are just a few of the reasons we bought two e-bikes from them.

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Rad Mini 4 Electric Bike

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Make sure to also check out the cool accessories like bike racks built just for your model and locks to keep your e-bike safe from theft!

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Did you know that Rad Power Bikes has a low-step Rad Mini?! Get on and off easier!

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Discover the reasons you might want a Rad e-bike and the models compared side-by-side!

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