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Himiway’s Newest E-Bikes 2023: From the Rhino to the Rambler

As an electric bike enthusiast and blogger, I was thrilled to receive an invitation to the Himiway Bikes’ 2023 Spring New Product Launch Event.

I’ve been following Himiway’s journey since its inception in 2017 and was eagerly anticipating its latest offerings. The event promised to unveil Himiway’s newest e-bikes and showcase the cutting-edge technology that has made Himiway a leader in the industry.

Himiway Electric Bikes

Brandishing a new rocket logo reflecting Himiway’s mission to help everyone “enjoy the freedom e-bike travel offers”, Himiway aims to “push forward to new heights and accomplishments.”

One of the ways they are accomplishing this is by extending the range of some of their latest electric bike models, as well as introducing new types, including city bikes, beach cruisers, and folding e-bikes. They’re also offering e-bikes that average $225 less than those from competitors.

But, as a woman myself, what I really appreciate is their dedication going forward to focus on the needs of female riders, which few electric bike brands do.

Now, here comes the really exciting part, Himiway’s latest electric bikes!

The Pony

First, we were introduced to Himiway’s compact e-bike, The Pony.

It’s an incredibly portable electric vehicle that’s perfect for city commuting or traveling. The Pony allows easy transportation on buses and in cars and it’s pedal-free, making it a simple electric bike to get around town with.

I like the fact that it’s twice as small as their Escape Pro and over twice as light as their Cruiser, making it easy to store and transport (it only weighs 35 pounds)! It also comes with a 360 watt-hour battery that provides up to 22 miles of range, 20×2.4 inch tires, a rear mechanical disc brake, and an incredibly affordable starting price of only $499.

I was impressed with the Pony and can see it becoming a favorite among young commuters who want an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation. However, I’m not sure I’d really call it a “bike” since there aren’t any pedals.

The Rambler

Next, we were introduced to The Rambler!

This is a hybrid city-cruiser e-bike that’s designed to provide the most comfortable and effortless riding experience possible. With a 720 watt-hour battery capacity, the Rambler offers up to 55 miles of range on a single charge. It also features a 500W rear hub motor, 27.5×2.4 inch tires, and hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes. And it comes with a price tag starting at only $1299.

I’m excited about this ebike because it’s perfect for those who want to unwind both physically and mentally during their free time.

Himiway Rhino Electric Mountain Bike
The Rhino Electric Mountain Bike

Then came The Rhino electric mountain bike with dual batteries

With two batteries totaling 1440 watt-hours of battery capacity, the Rhino electric bike can take you up to 100 miles. It’s the longest-range e-bike Himiway has ever created. It sports 26×4.5 inch new Himiway Brand Tires, and hydraulic brakes, and comes with a starting price of only $2999.

With 4.5″ fat tires, the Rhino is perfect for those who want to go on outdoor adventures, hunting excursions, tackle mountain trail challenges, or do whatever else their heart desires. I was impressed with the Rhino’s range and can see it becoming a favorite among avid outdoors enthusiasts.

The Rhino Pro

Finally, we were introduced to The Rhino Pro with a mid-drive motor!

The Rhino Pro provides the best off-road performance possible with the most advanced mid-drive motor available on the market. It’s equipped with a 1440 watt-hour battery capacity, which can also carry you up to 100 miles on its new 26×4.5-inch Himiway by Kenda brand tires.

With hydraulic brakes, a full-color LED display, and a price tag of $3999, the Rhino Pro offers you the best outdoor riding experience possible.

It’s perfect for those who want to take on their limits and explore challenging off-road riding routes. I’m excited about this electric bike because of its powerful mid-drive motor and ability to tackle rugged terrains.

Himiway electric bikes: standout features

One of the standout features of Himiway e-bikes is their mid-drive motor system. The Rhino Pro’s 1000-watt mid-drive motor is the best e-bike motor available on the market. It has a torque advantage over rear motors, which allows it to deliver greater power than ever before.

Rear motors generally have about 86 Newton meters of force that can deliver. Still, the Rhino Pro’s maximum torque reaches 160 Newton meters, almost twice the force of normal, which is the highest on the market. This means that the Rhino Pro has the fastest acceleration, the best climbing performance, and is the most capable Himiway e-bike for handling various tough terrains.

I was impressed with the power of the mid-drive motor system and could see it becoming a game-changer for those who want to take their e-biking to the next level.

In terms of range, Himiway’s e-bikes really stand out from the crowd.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the new line of e-bikes from Himiway at their 2023 spring new product launch event. As someone who writes about electric bikes, I was excited to see what they had in store for us and I was not disappointed.

Here’s what I thought was the most exciting electric bike option

I think one of the most exciting e-bikes they presented was the Rhino Pro. The highlight of this bike is its 1,000-watt mid-drive motor, which is the best in the industry.

What I really liked about this middle drive system was its torque, allowing it to deliver greater power than ever before. Compared to rear motors which generally have about 86 newton-meters of force, the maximum torque of the Rhino Pro reaches 160 newton-meters, almost twice the force of normal, which is the highest on the market.

This means that the Rhino Pro has the fastest acceleration, the best climbing performance, and is the most capable of Himiway’s electric bikes for handling various rough terrains. It’s truly an e-bike designed for off-road enthusiasts.

In order to maximize the off-road riding experience, Himiway’s product team has equipped the Rhino Pro with a Shimano 10-speed gear shift system. This provides higher precision and smoother shifting, delivering a better riding experience and stronger control performance for off-road riding.

This system enables riders to shift gears easily and quickly in different terrains and environments, adapting to various riding needs and challenges on the fly. Plus, it allows riders to explore more challenging off-road riding routes and provides more control and freedom for off-road enthusiasts.

In terms of range, the Rhino Pro also uses a dual battery system with a total capacity of 1440 Watt hours and a range of up to 100 miles.

Himiway uses 21700 EV-grade battery cells with 21 percent higher energy density compared to other batteries of the same size, enabling them to fit two high-capacity batteries into two slender frames.

This off-road bike is designed for the toughest terrain, so of course, they have equipped it with their brand new 26 by 4.5-inch Himiway Fat Tires, 180-millimeter hydraulic disc brakes, a full-color LED display, and the new v headlight and tail light.

As someone who enjoys off-road biking, I’m excited about the Rhino Pro and can’t wait to try it out on some challenging trails.

I’m impressed with Himiway’s attention to detail in perfecting every aspect of this e-bike. What’s even better is the price tag of only $3999, which is more affordable than some mid-drive e-bikes on the market, which may cost five thousand dollars or more.

Mint Green Himiway Rambler Premium
Himiway Rambler (Premium) in Mint Green

The most versatile Himiway e-bike

Another e-bike that caught my attention was the Rambler. It’s a blend of a city bike and a cruiser bike that can provide you with the most comfortable and effortless riding experience possible. It has a 720 watt-hour battery capacity that offers you up to 55 miles per charge.

It offers 27.5 by 2.4-inch tires and your choice of hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes for only $1299 and up.

Himiway aims to provide you with the most comfortable and effortless riding experience possible with the Rambler, allowing you to unwind both physically and mentally during your free time.


Himiway has been dedicated to providing e-bikes with longer ranges since its establishment in 2017. The company has 100,000 riders from around the globe. With its new brand mission in 2023, Himiway aspires to make e-bikes one of the top daily transportation options for people in the near future. The company wants to help people reach further in their daily lives and enjoy the freedom of e-bike travel.

Himiway has launched some of the most advanced e-bikes on the market. To quickly recap: The company’s new product lineup includes the Pony, Rambler, Rhino, and Rhino Pro.

Each e-bike has unique features and capabilities that make it stand out from the rest. Himiway offers affordable pricing, making electric bikes accessible to everyone. The company’s dedication to providing e-bikes with longer ranges is also evident in its product lineup.

I’m excited to see what Himiway has in store next for the future of e-bikes!



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