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Mokwheel Asphalt ST Review – A New E-Bike Contender

Hey e-bikers! Here’s a surprising find – the Mokwheel Asphalt ST electric bike. Now, Mokwheel might not be the first name that springs to mind when you think of e-bikes. But, the Asphalt ST makes a statement… Mokwheel is ready to compete with the big brands.

In this Mokwheel Asphalt ST review, I’ll show you what makes the Asphalt ST stand out. From its impressive LG battery that promises long rides to its robust ride quality, Mokwheel has packed a lot in for the price… along with a few surprises.

I’m Lisa at E-Biking Today and I’m sharing what I’ve learned about the Mokwheel Asphalt Step-through electric bike. In my Asphalt ST review, you’ll discover the pros and cons and what makes this ebike unique. Plus, find out what I like best about it and get help deciding if the Mokwheel Asphalt or Asphalt ST is for you.

Let’s start with the pros.


1. Battery Performance

Mokwheel Asphalt ST LG Battery
Mokwheel Asphalt ST LG Battery

The LG 48V 14.7 Ah battery offers a substantial range of 50-60 miles per charge, making it ideal for long rides or commuting.

2. Multiple Speed Options 

With 5 speed levels reaching up to 28mph, the Mokwheel Asphalt caters to various riding needs, whether for leisure or faster commuting. In fact, level 5 felt like a thrill ride. Once I started pedaling at this level, I took off fast, without much effort! This surprised me given the middle-of-the-road motor power.

Pedal Assist System shown in display
Pedal Assist System has 5 levels

3. Motor Efficiency

The Asphalt may only have a 500W motor. But it’s powerful enough for moderate hills and accelerates smoothly, making it great for recreation and commuter-friendly.

4. Sensor

Ready for another surprise? This electric bike has a torque sensor, which greatly adds value. It performs well and gives me a feeling of control over my ride. The Asphalt ST doesn’t take off on its own free will as some cadence sensor e-bikes do. 

The Asphalt ST with Torque Sensor
The Asphalt ST has a Torque Sensor instead of a Cadence Sensor

5. Payload Capacity

The Asphalt has a substantial payload capacity of 300 lbs. This allows for carrying additional weight without affecting performance, which is super important if you’re commuting to work or school.

6. Quality Tires

The 27.5″ x 2.4″ tires provide a good balance of speed and stability on pavement. However, I was still surprised that I rode comfortably on packed dirt and gravel.

7. Braking System

The TEKTRO HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes were reliable and responsive. I was always able to stop as quickly as needed.

Asphalt electric bike rear tire and brakes
The Asphalt electric bike has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

8. Suspension

The Asphalt offers a 100mm adjustable front fork suspension. I noticed it immediately when hitting bumps… and combined with the comfortable saddle, it made for an enjoyable ride.

9. Swift Gearing

The Shimano 7-speed gearing system offers flexibility and smooth shifting.

Now, Let me share what I enjoy most about this ebike. But first, please subscribe to e-biking Today if you want more electric bike reviews and helpful e-biking information. 

10. Riding Position & Adjustable Handlebar

Here we go… what I enjoy most about the Mokwheel Asphalt ST is my riding position. Besides the comfortable leather saddle, the fact that I can ride sitting straight up is determined by the Adjustable handlebar stem. I rotated the stem to bring it higher and closer to me and easily gripped the swept-back handlebars.

11. Convenient Extras

Features like an integrated LED display, thumb throttle, and rear rack, add to the overall riding experience.

E-Bike Rear Rack and Saddle
It holds up to 300 lbs, including both rider and gear.


1. PAS Display Controller 

I don’t love that the buttons to change the pedal assist levels are in between the on/off and headlight buttons. This design makes it harder to increase or decrease the PAS level. Further, the cable connecting it is pretty tight. So it doesn’t allow the controls to sit as close to my left hand as I’d like.

2. Rear Tire 

The rear tire was slightly off-center, as shown by the white line and I couldn’t entirely fix it by deflating and adjusting the tire. However, this corrected itself after a short ride.

3. User Manual

Mokwheel’s user manual isn’t updated exclusively for the Asphalt e-bike. So, some details are incorrect, such as the tire pressure and rear rack payload. Thankfully, I emailed Mokwheel who let me know that the Asphalt requires a max PSI of 30. But, I’ve found that having a PSI of 25 is quite comfortable.

Also, note that the Mokwheel Asphalt carries up to 300 lbs, according to the website, whereas the manual says it’s 400 lbs.

4. Lack of Advanced Features 

While it has basic features, the bike lacks advanced technological integrations like GPS and app connectivity. Although I don’t expect to see these features on an e-bike priced at $1799 retail, they’d be nice to have.

7 Shimano Gears
7 Speed Shimano Gears

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Asphalt

At 60 lbs, the Asphalt e-bike is an average weight for a city commuter e-bike. So, that’s no surprise.

The Asphalt step-through comes in 2 frame sizes that suggest it fits riders between 5’2” and 6’6”. However, being shorter than 5’2” myself, I believe it can fit shorter riders as well. I set the seat up a few inches and rotated the handlebars upward. So, I was perfectly comfortable riding at all times.

Mokwheel Asphalt e-bike Size and Fit chart
Mokwheel Asphalt Size and Fit chart

And, it’s also nice to know that Mokwheel offers a 2-year limited warranty when the e-bike standard warranty is only 1 year.

Mokwheel Warranty 2 year
Mokwheel offers a Limited 2-year warranty, a year more than the standard brand warranty.

But here’s what you’re itching to find out…

The Asphalt ST comes in three beautiful color options while the Asphalt Step-over offers a bright orange instead of white.

Mokwheel Asphalt Orange
Mokwheel Step-Over Asphalt in Orange

So, Is the Mokwheel Asphalt right for You?

The Asphalt ST is right if you want to easily get on and off your e-bike and take long, comfortable rides without recharging the battery. If you’re more of a traditionalist, you might prefer the step-over Asphalt.

Either way, you’ll be getting a well-priced electric bike that offers enough adjustments to get you seated comfortably. And, if desired, you’ll benefit from worthwhile exercise while pedaling consistently with the torque sensor and 44T crankset. However, you can always fall back on the thumb throttle when you’ve had enough.

Despite your preference, thanks for checking out my Mokwheel Asphalt ST Review. Enjoy your ride!



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