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A peaceful ride…that’s how I’d describe my ride experience on the Tenways CGO800S electric bike. If you’re searching for a natural riding experience that’s smooth and relaxing, consider this high-performing, stylish city e-bike. 

I’m Lisa from E-Biking Today and in this electric bike review, I show you what makes the Tenways CGO800S unique and help you decide if this is the urban e-bike for you. I’ll go over the pros and cons, share assembly tips, and tell you what you need to know before you buy.

Plus, keep an eye out for the performance features I love… and you might not want to live without.

So, let’s take a look at the CGO800S.

Tenways CGO800S Review
Tenways CGO800S Electric Bike

Pros of the Tenways CGO800S

There are many benefits worth considering in addition to the sleek frame and clean look.


It weighs only 46lbs with the battery included. Or, if the bike is fully loaded with Tenways CGO accessories including the pannier and rear rack, it weighs around 51lbs.

Quiet Motor

This U.S. model Class 1 e-bike has a Mivice 350W rear hub motor that’s super quiet but will assist you up to 20mph. I only heard a slight hum when riding at high power. Overall, it sounds and feels like a regular bike.

Good Range

With a sleek, integrated 374-watt-hour 36V 10.4Ah) lithium-ion battery, I’m surprised it has a range of up to 53 miles. Your achieved range will depend on body and cargo weight, wind, hills, and other factors.

Upright, Step-Through Frame

The step-through frame makes it easy for riders to get on and off, which I found very helpful when stopping and going in the city. Plus, it is much easier to check out the surroundings when seated upright. You don’t want to miss a thing when riding with city traffic!

However, if you prefer a more traditional frame, take a look at the Tenways CGO600Pro model.

Me reviewing the Tenways CGO800S electric bike.


The CGO800S was comfortable and easy to maneuver, in part due to its lightweight design. Additionally, the suspension fork softened urban street bumps and the ergonomic handlebars prevented wrist soreness.

GATES Carbon Belt Drive

I didn’t feel any slippage or hear any noise on this single-speed belt-drive e-bike. What I love about carbon belt-drive bikes is that they look clean, stay clean, and don’t require constant maintenance like a chain drive. And, there isn’t a risk of grease on pant legs or hands.

GATES Carbon Belt Drive on Tenways ebike
The GATES Carbon Belt Drive is clean and low-maintenance!

Magnetic Torque Sensor

I prefer a torque sensor over a cadence sensor. I felt the intuitive pedal assist and smooth ride as soon as I pressed the pedals. With a torque sensor, this Tenways ebike provides an instantaneous but natural ride, rather than lurching forward without you. 

Wider Tires

I liked the 700 48C puncture-proof tires. They felt sturdy and comfortable. Plus, they’re wider than other 700-size tires (around 2 inches wide) thus offering greater traction and stability.

Other benefits that add to the safety and comfort of the Tenways CGO800S include an integrated headlight and taillight that are a snap to turn on, an SR Suntour Front Suspension Fork, a modern-looking, password-protected Smart LCD, and Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

Cons of the Tenways CGO800S

Assembly tips are coming, but first, let’s check out the cons. While the CGO800S is a fantastic e-bike, it has a few potential drawbacks. 


Although it’s a high-quality cruiser electric bike, the $1999 retail price is high when compared to other fully geared electric bikes. Thus, budget-conscious buyers may feel left out. However, what the CGO800S lacks in gears and throttle, it makes up with a belt drive and torque sensor. So, I believe it is a fair price.

Check out the Current Price.

No Throttle

Some riders might wish they had a throttle or gears for more assistance riding uphill.

Confusing Turn Signals

This might just be me, but knowing which turn signal button to push wasn’t intuitive. I signaled left while turning right more than a couple of times. I eventually got used to it, but you should know which button is which before you ride.

Pointing out turn signals
Confusing turn signals… my brain is thinking these images look opposite to what they should.

Assembly Tips

The CGO800S was well-packaged and assembly was fairly quick. However, it will take longer than it should with only the Tenways assembly directions and images if you have little experience putting together a bike.

So, here are some additional helpful tips and directions.

First, note that you should install the kickstand with the top edge behind the frame. Then you can put the kickstand down to help with further installation.

Assembly Tips

When installing the handlebar, it’s helpful to have someone hold the handlebar in place when tightening the screws. Or, turn over the bike. This step took me longer than necessary because the handlebar kept shifting and sliding out of place. And, the bottom half was hard to hold on while also tightening.

When following the assembly manual to connect the instrument cables, you should connect yellow to yellow and red to red. 

Also, you won’t be able to install the front wheel until you remove the large piece of black plastic and gently pull out the tiny, hard-to-see protector sheet. 

Finally, get help holding the front fender and headlight during installation so you can hold the nut with your 10mm wrench while using the hex key to tighten the bolt.

What To Know Before You Buy

Now, you may wonder whether the CGO800S has enough power to get up hills. Even though it’s designed for city street riding, Tenways states it can climb hills up to 15 degrees. So, I tested it on small, moderate, and steep hills.

After hill testing, I was confident it could get me over small and moderate hills and an occasional steep hill. I had to pedal vigorously using pedal assist level 5 to get up the steep hill and got a workout without a throttle to assist me. So, yes, the CGO800S can make it up hills. But whether or not you choose to tackle hills on this e-bike will be determined by your fitness level and desire to do so.

Step-through Electric Bike Fits Most Riders 5’1”- 6’3”

As a 5’1” rider, I felt quite comfortable on this e-bike. There was about 1 inch left to lower the saddle. I preferred to tilt the handlebars a bit so the brake levers could be more easily accessed. 

I recommend that you check your measurements with the size specs before buying.

woman standing over Tenways CGO800S
Check out how the size is on a 5-foot, 1-inch rider.

Customer Service

It’s also good to know that Tenways offers an active global community nearing 14,000 members, which provides an easy way to get support. Tenways also promises to get back to you within 24 hours and provides batteries and other parts long after your 2-year warranty. They also offer a 14-day test ride to be sure you are satisfied.

Another reason I appreciate the Tenways e-bike brand is that it gives discounts to teachers, students, the military, medical providers, and first responders. This makes electric bike riding more accessible to many.


Plus, the Tenways app lets you record your real-time ride, use navigation, and get support through the integrated help center, among other features.

Tenways app
Tenways app

Color Options

Finally, the CGO800S comes in three colors: Midnight Black, Sky Blue, and Pebble Gray.

Is the Tenways CGO800S the Best Electric Bike for You?

The Tenways CGO800S is ideal for urban commuters, casual riders, and anyone looking for a stylish, easy-to-use e-bike. Its step-thru design makes it accessible for riders of all abilities. 

However, this e-bike might not be the best fit if you’re on a tight budget or you are an experienced rider who prefers a range of gears. And if you plan on riding off-road, this isn’t the electric bike for you.

In conclusion, this Tenways model is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a stylish, comfortable, and reliable electric bike for urban commuting or leisurely rides. 

Thanks for checking out the Tenways CGO800S e-bike review. Here are more E-Biking Today electric bike reviews. Ride safely and enjoy your ride!



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